2K and GTA V servers down on March 11

2K and GTA V servers have gone down on March 11, 2015; gamers are already letting us know that they cannot access GTA 5 online at the moment. This has been an issue now for a few days, yesterday it went down because the new Heists update was released, and so what is happening now.

Thousands of players are somewhat angered of the amount of time 2K and GTA servers are down; gamers have already said the 2K server status page is not loading properly. Is this still the case of too many people still trying to get the new Heists DLC?

No one is sure why GTA 5 is down again but as soon as we know more we will update you. If you have an answer as to why the 2K and GTA V servers are down on March 11 please do so on our brand pages, click on the relevant links – 2K / GTA 5. You can comment on both.