2K server problems

Is 2K down right now for you? If you are having 2K server problems or your games are not running the way are intended to run, please do use the comments below to vent out. Your 2K service status reports will help us and other followers of this community determine what issues there are, as well as what location is the most problematic.

When a 2K server not available message pops up on your screen this is the time you can come share your problems with the community and us. 2K games on its servers include WWE 2K15, NBA 2K15, XCOM, NHL 2K, BIOSHOCK and so many more. A when 2K servers go down gamers will be affected, other problems that happen include trouble with logins, error messages and many more.

If any 2K game is not playing the way it should or you have any type of 2K problem please do use the comments below. Add your issue as well as your location.

2K status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if 2K is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with 2K? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Yusef

    2K is not connecting me when trying to play NBA 2k15, funny that considering I have Internet at home.

  • Kathrine

    NBA 2K15 not letting me play online career mode.

  • Ruben

    People keep saying 2K is a rubbish company, OK there have been a few issues lately but nothing too serious that lasts like forever.

  • Ruben

    Might as well throw my 2k14 basketball game in the bin, servers are always down.

  • Rubennumber2

    Please do not mistake me for the Ruben below, I am a different one lol. Maybe he is not having problems but I am. I will call myself Rubennumber2 from now on.

  • Marlon

    Down in New York AGAIN. Come on now 2K

  • Mile

    Fifa 15 is a nightmare today, web app down and can’t play game online.

  • Jude

    How come my player is not saving, is this a 2K problem or is it my end?

  • Bernie

    Not able to connect to the 2K server, which means i cannot play NBA 2K15 or WWE.

  • Benny

    2K games are really bad for me now, not doing me any good at all. No matter what i play being it WWE, NBA etc i just keep getting booted from gameplay online.

  • Chevy

    I am in Missouri and I cannot get any of my 2K games working online. Is there problems or something?

  • Wesley

    2K is still down for me even though it came back online for me a few hours ago for about an hour.

  • Detroit Chemeleon

    2k kicked me offline many times get ya servers right 2k Smh

  • Lee

    2K servers are down, I have no idea what is wrong. The official twitter page is not providing any news.

  • Keith

    I have paid a lot of money and it is down. Not able to play my NBA game.

  • Dave

    I’m so tired seems like servers down all the time bad service. Can’t even play my game offline because connected online but server always down do I get refund for this bull.

  • Danna

    2K servers keep crashing, its not even funny anymore. I keep ending up at the menu page, i get back online then it happens again. Nightmare.

  • Lenny Dejesus

    I cant get into my players closet in NBA. 2k server is down. Wtf?

  • servers down cant play online games or earn VC

  • Kelvin

    Why are the servers still down? Thought maintenance was over or is it still going.

  • Jamie

    NBA 2K16 maintenance from 2-3 AM PST. So looks like no online play for a while.

  • Mally

    I entered my VC and got nothing back, how do i get a reimbursement please?

  • Tobias

    Server nicht erreichbar das spiel versucht seit 20 minuten meine VC zu speichern

  • Gregory Hicks

    I have a black screen right now

  • T.J. BossHog Johnson

    I’m still “waiting” for my bc earning to be added. I’ve been waiting for the past 3 days

  • Aj


  • Aj

    NY, my park isn’t loading up neither is the join friends menu

  • AL

    I turn on my game to play my career mode and when the game loaded up it says My overall was a 69 and I’m a 72 and my guy was invisible and everytime I push it to advance it brings me right back to the same stream I really don’t no if I am miss vc cuz I can’t see that either ani started an new my career an I can’t play on that either

  • BiggRobb972

    Been playing blacktop, 2k15 all morning. Now here at 12:30 the muhfucking server goes down. Wtf!?

  • BiggRobb972

    They pay them tech muhfuckers all that money, and we spend all that money on the 2k franchise. At least keep the servers up

  • Bee Dizzle

    Dum ass servers down again

  • Bee Dizzle

    Pull me up 2k i spend 100s on this game and cant even see nothing i earn the game broke

  • C. Roy

    Cmon son with the server I’m seeing some VC coins right all this money we spend on games by 2K

  • Jordan305

    My game is not loading up

  • Louis Vitali-Voglino

    Are u kidding me

  • Louis Vitali-Voglino

    I hate this game

  • Tae Thomas

    How long is it going to be down

  • Tae Thomas

    Is your server still down

  • Marcus

    Mine is

  • Hash Tag Justsayin

    1-11-17 @817am central. 2k15 is not connecting to the server, connection is good to go. All other games are working i.e. madden first person shooter etc. Time frame on fixing this?

  • Grant

    whenever I start my game up I can’t get past the screen with all the team’s logos pulled up does anyone know a solution

  • Peyton Laney

    You gotta clear reserved space. But after that it will glitch you offline and you gotta find some method to get you back on. Unfortunately, sometimes it won’t work. I have a friend who got glitched offline, and none of the methods will work and now he can’t get on. But he’s he only person I know that it’s happened to, so it should be safe

  • Cc

    My game says that the servers are not available right now

  • Trevor

    It won’t connect to the internet but for all my other games the internet works perfectly fine HELPS!!

  • Zae Parsons

    Says it can’t connect to 2k servers and making me re sign up.

  • Shawn Cl

    Today it keeps kicking me off in the middle of my career games all day

  • Ty

    Seriously ? Double xp weekend and I can’t even get a win streak everytime I get to 6 or 7 wins it lags me out and of course we’re gonna lose with the computer why haven’t you fixed this? A year into this game .. it’s sad I have hundreds of loses from this bs and yes I have XFinity internet one of the best …

  • D’Angelo

    My 2k16 been down for like 2 months…what’s goin on

  • Riddle

    2k17 has been down for days…please fix asap

  • Davon Trent

    I’m a big fan of if 2k have every game from PS3 to now PS4. I play all of them sometimes but recently I’ve been playing NBA 2k14 and it’s not allowing me to access certain features like locker codes my team NBA today or the my player feature like the locker room were you edit your my player clothes sneakers an accessorys I was wondering if you could help me please.

  • Joe

    My nba 2k network inst working….it started with corrupting my created player file…all money ive spent on my player is gone…none of my file would open…i cant play the game without being about to be on 2k network…the rosters arent even right now…

  • Pepper

    2k17 says servers are temporarily unavailable, for like 5 days now

  • Mark

    Why the hell I have anything to do with 2K is beyond me, oh yeah i like the games that need its servers. Oh yeah the ones that never work, darnnnnnnn.

  • Emmerson

    2K servers are back up again but been off for a while before the fix. I kept getting Error Code: a21468b6 – what is this code?

  • Colin Piselli

    My server been down for 2 weeks and every time I go to update the game it continues to say server down. So then I uninstalled the game and once it was finish it says I need create online account so I did that again it still says my server down….

  • Mitch Johnson

    It’s. it allowing me todo my face scan , before I was just screwing up , but now it’s not even allowing me to get to the 2k17 part of the app after I do my username and password. Everything was ok before I updated both my 2k on my PS4 and the app on my iPhone

  • Justin Wozniak

    Still cant get on 2k servers for nba 2k17. Been days now. Up in hamilton ont canada.

  • TheGift of7™ MUSIC

    I’m in the USA and I don’t even EVER play online and the game won’t boot up properly. I got the 2K17 on the 1st day it released and it worked fine up until around mid December, January 2017′ I exchanged it for a new one at GameStop because I thought it was broken.

    Nope, 2K fix your servers and stop making us have to “log in” to play a game offline. This is stupid and redundant.

    Platform: XBOX ONE
    *like it would make a difference which platform when being required to play a offline game forces you online. SMDH


  • Jamie Snow

    My 2k servers down cant play wwe2k17 careers mode how long it will take for servers to be up cause i was playing fine this morning

  • Howard Starr

    I was trying to go online to download some characters just the other day and I get a message saying “cannot connect to the server right now, please try again later” anyone know when the server will be back up and running or is this just permanent? Thanks.

  • Nick

    WWE 2K17 servers been down for a few days now

  • Dylan Larde

    Server worked fine on Friday today is Monday this past weekend the servers been down can’t get online no Xbox live No community cations this B.S. 2k fix your damn issue my platform is 360

  • Steve Wade

    Can’t join Pro Am now. Always something!

  • Dakota

    Nba 2k 15 I haven’t got to play online 2k sports servers are not working fix them

  • Rob

    Server down, cant play. Sucks

  • French Dollars

    My is 2 an I just got 2k18 man this sucks

  • Nathan Tasker

    Fix the servers now I have been waiting for 2 hours and it keeps saying 2k sports servers are down

  • Tone Love

    Refund.. Never been down for over 24 hrs

  • Donovan

    What’s going on with 2k servers 3/23/2018.. down for 3 day????

  • Manny

    What’s wrong with server it’s saying my online career is down because of the server and I can’t play

  • Rob

    2K servers suck ass. Want to play NBA 2K 18 and servers always down. Paid $59.99 for game and cant play half the time. Never have problem with Madden.

  • Chad

    2k sports servers have been down since yesterday! What’s the issue?

  • jacob

    Fix the problem right now.i want that 99 rating

  • Seth

    My wwe 2k16 sever is down can you please fix it

  • Darryl Rounds Jr.

    WWE 2k17 and 16 servers are shutdown.

  • £łîjãh

    My 2k19 won’t update and it says my profile is corrupted

  • Tone

    My 2k18 been down 3week

  • Tone

    Can anybody get on 2k18

  • Terrell Talbert

    My 2k server has been down for three weeks as much money as I pay in this game y’all have to tell me something

  • ij

    what console do you have

  • Jeff Panzer

    Can’t ball do I can’t buy 2k anymore

  • Jeff Panzer

    2 hrs? Hell been down for over 2 months now

  • Randy Tiffany

    Wwe 2k18 servers down on ps4.. still..

  • Anya Wells

    2K19 server not available for 4 hours today

  • jaylyn thompson

    I play 2k19. And everytime i try to hop on the 3v3 court it says i dont have the required account privileges. But i have ps plus and internet so im not getting what the issue is this has been going on for 2 days now this needs to be fixed.

  • Paul Vivien Piba

    2k19 server down for 2 days now, whats going on?

  • Jamar Kingsix Rucker

    Are the 2k server’s still down

  • Jeff Panzer

    2k told me it was an internet problem on my end, ok , so I played baseball on line without any problem, it’s a 2k problem and they will not fix it

  • Kush

    2k servers already down when it game out a day ago smh

  • Hunter steel

    2k19 servers still down

  • I love Mascot in adding google

    Is not. Me create my MyCareer player