4chan is a simple but vast website where people can post anything they want, such as sharing images and posting comments etc. There are many boards in different topics such as games, Japanese anime, music and much more, and when the site goes down this can cause somewhat of a stir.

There are sometimes 4chan problems with loading pages, 4chan.org can now and then go down with a temporarily offline message on the home screen as well. There are so many reasons why 4Chan could go offline; these can be down to server issues, too many people on at one given time, or even issues with DDOS.

The site is prone to hack attacks as well, so if you see 4chan.org down for any reason or you are having any other problems with the website such as being slow or things not uploading, please do let us know below.

4chan status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if 4chan is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with 4chan? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Ronald

    Fr some reason the site is running a little slow for me, the homepage comes up rather quickly, but the subpages are the ones running at a snail pace – I am in Florida.

  • Sol

    Is anyone getting the error 522 message on 4chan today?

  • Joyce

    The only 4Chan problem i had was like 5 months ago when o got the 523 error code.

  • Jager

    I am in New York and 4chan is working ok for me.

  • Jacky

    I am in Florida and the site is perfect, no problems at all. Click and opening with ease.

  • Nathan

    4Chan is working fine on 3G, but for some reason its not working on wifi. Pages just not loading up yet other sites are fine.

  • Bobby

    broken pages all the time today.

  • Liam

    Seems to be really slow opening pages today.

  • Rubie

    4Chan doesnt seem to be working on mobile platforms for me.

  • Kerry

    4Chan is too temperamental for me, it works ok on laptops and desktops, but on mobile devices it is slow and not really good at all.

  • Jerry

    I cannot seem to open the 4Chan website, is it still going or has it been banned?

  • Robert

    4Chan is official offline even though you can access the website. This is thanks to CloudFlares technology, which is why you can still see content.

  • Danny

    The live version of 4Chan is down, you can still see the website online but no new updates will show. Is 4Chan down for you?

  • Jamie

    4chan seems to have server problems, not sure whats happening but i cannot open the website.

  • Pauline

    4chan seems to be having a few issues when trying to open pages.

  • Ollie

    Just woke up and then went onto 4chan and get issues with loading.

  • TheAngel

    4chan is a great site, when it is up and running smoothly, I think it is secretly the devil in disguise.

  • qqq

    it is down and i want to kill myself

  • antiscamdis

    The /co/ board on 4chan was down for over 2.5 hours about an hour ago, now working. 4chan sometimes suffers partial outages not reported on their twitter and not shown on these isitdown sites. The live outage map on currentlydown dot com slash 4chan dot org indicates a rise in the number of problem reports.

  • Larry

    The 4Chan website is down, when you try to open the browser circle just keeps on turning.

  • Suzy

    4Chan website is offline, is this a temp thing or permanent?

  • Yung

    Is 4chan down today? I have tried on multiple browsers and the site is not opening for me.

  • Chrissy

    Yes Yung, 4Chan is down for me also. Not sure what is happening but its been like this for a few days now.

  • Jenny

    When i try to open 4chan all i get is a message online saying, “Something is wrong with our server(s) and the site is temporarily offline. We’ll have things back online as soon as possible.”

  • Harry

    My 4Chan status is that the website is down.

  • Larry

    Is 4Chan servers down once again? Seems to be a few issues with opening website for one and the other when the website does pop up i cannot login.

  • Suzy

    4Chan was down for me but is now up and running again.

  • Mike

    Can Shkreli save 4Chan? Not today because servers keep going down lol.

  • Jake

    My 4chan current status is down and not working, whats going on, bet a certain man has something to do with this hey John.

  • Peter

    Strange how John Oliver calls upon 4chan and Reddit and both go down or run slow for most.

  • Martha

    John Oliver guides users to the Restoring Internet Freedom with the redirect of Go FCC Yourself dot com site and he called out to the likes of 4chan and the site broke a little.

  • Clenny

    Is anyone having issues getting onto the 4chan website?

  • Cory

    I am. All boards are blank. Looks like everything has been scrubbed.


    4chan is half on, half off right now.