Amazon Prime streaming problems

Amazon Prime video streaming problems and connection issues do occur, and if they do use the comments area provided below as your personal online Amazon Prime video Instant Video service status page. The on-demand Internet video service by can run into difficulties, this is why Is Down Right Now is here so you can share your complaint or concern when there is a problem.

Major Amazon Prime problems can be to do with membership, login, videos being way too slow, videos not even loading, streaming is stuck in buffering mode etc. The service provides TV Shows and Movies for rental or purchase; it is totally free for any customers with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Maybe you are having issues with Amazon Prime video streaming on your Roku, your smartphone or even iPad. Whatever device, browser you are having Amazon Prime problems please do share them and your locality.

Amazon Prime status reports for Tuesday 18th of June 2019

To find out if Amazon Prime is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon Prime? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Charlie McNatt Webster

    My amazon has not run for two days

  • Quib

    D.C. area has been down for days now. WFT, new season of Sneaky Pete is out.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Down in NY too.

  • Ari

    Possible work-around while they patch it: web is working but app is down. Adding the movie you want to your watchlist on PC will make it appear on the app, in the 3 lists that are still coming up.

  • Vin d

    Connecticut down too my seal team is on tomorrow and looming tower WTFFFFF!!!!!!!

  • Agenda21

    Streaming is down in PA

  • joseph

    Walking Dead Instant Video for TV is NOT loading in Austin 78613.when will it ever be resolved ?

  • Rachel

    Prime isn’t loading on my tv when other services are. It is streaming on my iPhone fine though. Southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Dan Barth

    new amazon firestick does not load home. TV loads netflix and hulu fine. same tv the firestick is on so not my network issue. both wifi

  • Dean

    I had the same problem with amazon within the roku stick device. Someone suggested that I reset the roku device by pressing the reset button on the outside of the device. This caused Roku to reset everything. I had to initialize both amazon and netflix again, but amazon began working and so far so good.

  • dean

    I had the same problem with amazon within the roku stick device. Someone suggested that I reset the roku device by pressing the reset button on the outside of the device. This caused Roku to reset everything. I had to initialize both amazon and netflix again, but amazon began working and so far so good.

  • Love Cosmos

    Watching Sopranos season 4 on Apple TV. ALL KINDS of Problems. 1. No sound. 2. If I pause it starts the episode over. 3. Screen black sometimes or won’t play. I HAVE NO PROBLEM with other APV movies or shows. Netflix working fine. I have restarted The Apple TV. I have deleted and reinstalled the APV app. This is ridiculous.

    On a side note;
    When Bezos kills off competition in many sectors, this is the quality we will receive from this goliath of a company.

  • gloria wood


  • Linda

    Not getting image in thumbnails on Amazon video with Roku for 2 weeks. I can watch the video but a hassle trying to see what is available. Any one else with same problem ?

  • Bill Mack

    Cannot get movies circle keeps rotating , getting pissed off,. Today Thursday at 4PM May 10th

  • Steph Zito

    Amazon Prime Video wont open. Get message there isn’t enough space, so I deleted a bunch of other apps on Roku. Still won’t work. Worked fine until yesterday so I don’t understand…

  • Celeste M

    Movies hanging up – white circle keeps spinning then goes away – screen then remains black. Only command I can use at this point is to exit the app. Then I have to reload Amazon video to watch another episode. This has been happening for 3 days now; today is Friday, May 11th. Never had problems before and I’ve had Amazon for 2 years. I have a 4 year old Samsung Smart TV.

  • A. B.

    We can’t pull up anything on Amazon prime in our home. Nothing is working, not even the trailers.

  • buffee

    This has happened three times between 8-11 PM PST. Circle just spins. Not on HULU, NETFLIX, CW etc JUST Amazon Prime video. If it were free I’d blow this off. But these are FULL SEASONS I have paid for. Over 300$ in the past few months. If I want to staY UP until midnight it usually comes back. It is May the 12th. It has happened twice in the last 10 DAYS.

  • Jack Hanson

    Like many others, spinning circle when trying to watch a movie on Amazon Prime. Started 3 days ago. Netflix works fine, no issues. The movie plays fine – no buffering issues – just that damn spinning circle in the center of the picture….

  • Phyllis Bates

    I’m having trouble with Amazon Prime too. Never had trouble before. Just a spinning circle now. My wifi works fine; Netflix works fine. What is going on?

  • Phyllis Bates

    Fixed it! Here’s how: Go to Settings/then Applications/select Manage All Installed Applications/ select Amazon Video/select Force Stop/select Clear Data/ select Clear Data again. Then it says restart the device, but mine is WIFI, so I just went to the home button and started the show again. If you have a device, you would need to unplug and plug back in. Works fine now!

  • PhredG

    Stopped in the middle of The Expanse on my Samsung TV. Now nothing will stream from Amazon. All the others work fine. Can stream from my computer but…

  • rosierosecat

    I haven’t been able to watch Prime Video for several days on my TV. It’s OK on my laptop and iPad. On the TV the remote works for “resume” and I get one bar of movie choices, but once I hit “resume” or another selection, they pop up on the screen but nothing happens. Things are frozen. Hulu and Netflix are working fine.

  • Michael Landers

    My fire stick won’t load prime or Hulu and home is unavailable my wifi is working fine I read about a malware that’s been affecting fire sticks and the only solution is to factory reset your fire stick I did this and it still won’t work this is getting ridiculous I contacted Hulu and got a credit on my month but they need to put out an update on Hulu and on the home screen

  • guest

    I can watch on fire stick but not roku devices.

  • Hummingbird

    Using Roku, Prime movies won’t load, keeps crashing and restarting my Roku.

  • Amazon 1855-888-1706 Toll Free

    Call us for any kind of help

  • John

    Can not access Amazon video through TV will not load post clicking on app. My bandwidth is excellent .Working fine previously also can’t load mobile app onto my Huawei p20 pro !! What to do ?!

  • Brian Borchers

    Same problem here with a Roku Premiere. Tried removing and reinstalling the Prime Video channel, resetting the network connection, but neither helped. I can stream Prime Video easily on my PC.

  • Buzzeroo

    Can play prime movies on TV. Cannot put them on or take them off watch list. Cannot rent movies either………Sign comes up “Bad connection” but I can load and play any prime movie that I click on so the connection is OK.

  • ree

    Same here. Customer service said it is a known issue and they are working on it.

  • Ginger

    Amazon Prime freezes every time I try it.use. It won’t load. It works on the other TVS in my home. Just not the one in the den. My Hulu and Netflix works great with no issues. Any suggestions?

  • kellydawn325

    I was watching earlier today, but now my ROKU just says “contacting Amazon”, then nothing. It’s just the Prime Video words with the smile. Won’t connect with Amazon. I can get any other channel with my ROKU, but not Amazon.

  • kellydawn325

    Same here. Interesting thing….I was watching it earlier.

  • James snell

    Amazon prime is down for me.

  • Crystal Ballew

    I tried to watch jumangi on starz 7 day free trial but it says service unreachable cdn error code.besides tonight i have had a problem with buffering or slow internet speed for a month and a half.after it played perdect for the first 5 days or so i wish it was working good i have only watched 7 movies in last month

  • forestman52

    The last two days I get “The network is down” error message when trying to stream Amazon Prime video. Like others my Netflix works perfectly. Is there anywhere on Amazon to get this fixed or addressed?

  • Scott Marano

    I’m trying to watch a movie it’s one minute at a time and buffering what good is it.

  • Ken Shelley

    After the first few minutes of looking Prime Day deals, I can no longer get on. I only get the “Uh Oh” message — with pictures of dogs — saying “Try Again”

  • Sonja

    Im getting the 9068 error message and, from researching that code, I’ve gathered it’s a server issue with Amazon . I’m sure it will be up and going soon. Hopefully. 🙂

  • Randy Knight Shandle

    Can’t access deals on prime

  • Rick O’Hara

    Lots of halting when streaming Prime videos. Don’t have the problem on Netflix.

  • Sophie

    They were hacked by the same gang that hacked our government, coincidentally on the same day Trump had a private meeting with his master, Putin. Trump has made it very clear how much he hates Jeff Bezos and he’s been raging against Amazon for several months. Prime Day was scheduled long before the “summit;” two hours after it concluded Amazon was hit, on the exact day it would mean the biggest $$$loss for Amazon. Imagine a man so immature and vindictive that he thought nothing about the millions of Americans he’s screwing over just to give the finger to Jeff Bezos.

  • Laura Raadgep Johnston

    Ended up doing a factory reset on my roku and started from scratch and logged back in to the channels including Amazon and now it works

  • Joe386

    what a bunch of ridiculous conjecture lmao

  • living detroit

    please stop drinking the kool-aid

  • Debbie Lapeyrouse

    I have had problems today but I have the same problems of Amazon locking up and I can’t view anything unless I reboot my Smart TV and hope it works then. None of the others like Netflix do this. This happens to me all the time, not just today.

  • Veronica

    My amazon prime keeps kicking me off, it has done this for the past couple of days.

  • walcon

    Amazon Prime keeps resetting or rebooting my apple receiver every 30 minutes or so of watching movies. It does not happen on Netflix or any others. I’ll give it a few more days then I’m dropping Prime! That means I’ll drop Amazon all together!

  • Latinsongbird78

    It won’t start playing the video.

  • Davey Sunshine

    Have Prime thru my Fire stick…..some movies and TV shows have sound…..some don’t????????

  • MonarchPass

    Never post during a bender.

  • Jean Peters

    I see all these comments. So when will Prime be fixed?

  • meggy8868

    All this time I was getting help from amazon people and they told me the problem was with my HP computer and connected me with a guy from India who managed to get inside my computer before I realized what was going on. why didn’t the helpers realize that it was the Prime site itself? Weird.

  • David Cassino

    What the deal, is Amazon Prime Video still out of order. Using Firestick, but nothing happens. All my other streaming shows are working. What gives?

  • Michael Arnaud

    Same issue here, David: all other channels but Amazon work fine. I press the Amazon button on my Roku remote, it looks like it’s going to sign in, and suddenly I am at the Home screen. Amazon is not even listed in my channels, nor is it available as a channel. Yet I can watch Amazon Prime on my computer or laptop any time. As you say–What gives!?

  • phil

    the sound on amazon is terrible, have to constantly reset sound when watching amazon prime on my smart t v

  • Kiefer

    I can’t pause, ff, rw or stop any amazon prime videos without turning off my smart Blu-ray dvd. The progress bar is at 0:00 for everything I watch even if it is 30 min into the show. Netflix and other streaming services work just fine. This has been going on for 2 days, wtf.

  • Michelle Gardiner

    My rok u won’t play Amazon videos. it plays for 5 sec then kicks me out to roku home screen. Amazon said it was my roku I had to reset it and my internet connection. I did this even took my roku to factory settings. Still does not work. What is up. BuT Amazon streams on my kindle?

  • Streamer1

    Same exact issue here. Have removed device from my Amazon account, reset Roku to factory, still the same issue. Prime video works fine on iOS.

  • Angry

    Exact same issue here but only when I try to watch shows on amazon. Movies work fine

  • Pfryan

    Same problem here. Since yesterday afternoon.

  • David

    An watch episode one of Goliath but other episodes won’t finish when the screen says downloading?

  • Not A PC Guy

    3 PM West Coast, hit the button to Play on Prime but no movies, nothing works.

  • glasser72

    Are you retarded or something????

  • Christy Petty

    don’t know if me or thee. Trying to play on laptop, it worked great till today. But I also recently upgraded to Mojave. Amazon keeps telling me there is a problem with the player.. blah blah. it will stream and start for 2 seconds then gives me message of problem with player, go to amazon link that is absolutely no help.

  • bookish1

    Still Saturday, October 6, 2018 in USA.
    Amazon Prime Video will not play.

  • Ramblingal Bun

    Amazon Prime movie froze. This has happened a few times this week. When I go to close down the page my pc says Google has an error. Which company is at fault? Amazon or Google?

  • Rima49

    7:25 PM EDT Cant watch Prime Videos wont start

  • Richard Parker

    Friday Oct 12th, 2018 and Amazon Prime will not even load right now. I love the streaming here, many hard to get videos are online here and a few I follow every daily When watching just about any SciFi video and it takes some time for the next video to load. What do you know, Prime Video just started up. Its been trying to load long before I posted this. I know the difficulties you must have but try to let us members know something. PLease..


    Amazon’s fault, their servers suck and they ignore it. I cancelled my prime today!


    It won’t, dump the lying MFers!

  • Bee Pep

    Monday, October 15, 2018. Amazon Prime app on Roku won’t open. Load screen appears, then it goes right back to the main Roku screen. Tried deleting/reinstalling the app and rebooting the Roku. Nothing. All other apps are fine.

  • Bee Pep

    I was having the same problem many of you seem to be having. If you are watching Amazon thru Roku you may need to deregister the Roku at Amazon. Go to Your Amazon Prime Video section from your computer. In the right hand corner of the screen there’s a menu button. Click it and open Settings. Then select Your Devices. Select whichever Roku you are having issues with. Then when you try to log into the Amazon app at Roku, it will give you a code to re register the device. After that you might be good to go. I hope this helps someone.

  • crismahn

    I was having the same issue. Suddenly whenever I clicked on my Prime Video icon on my TCL Roku TV, I immediately got shunted back to the home screen. First I tried turning the unit off and on a few times. No joy. Then I tried unplugging it an plugging it back in. No joy. Then I tried removing the app, turning the TV off and then back on and then adding the app again. No joy- still shunting back to home screen. Finally, for lack of any better idea coming to mind, I unplugged and re-plugged in my modem/router. That did the trick. When I clicked on the app icon I was taken to a log in screen. After logging in- all is well.

  • Raymond Sturgis

    The Amazon Music is also down

  • yoopergram

    I watch Amazon Prime and Netflix on a Roku 2. The last week to 10 days, Amazon Prime is constantly buffering, I mean it will run OK then after a few minutes stop to load again. It takes an hour to watch 45 min of video. On the other hand no problems with Netflix. I have Charter broadband. Is the issue with Amazon, the Roku, Charter or what?

  • Lauren Elizabeth Theis

    Seems like we are experiencing something similar to other users. On Prime Video when we click on anything to watch it plays for a few seconds and then sends us back to the home screen of our tv. However, everyone mentions that after they try logging out then back in, reregistering the device, unplugging and plugging back in the router things seem to work again….we’ve done all of these things and are still having the issue. Anyone have any other ideas?!?!!?

  • Kansas Gal

    It seems to be down right now too.

  • Pegan

    For the last few days certain Amazon Prime shows won’t load (ex. Ambassador).
    Tried all suggestions re: device, modem, etc. Other shows (ex. Americans) will load, albeit slowly. Everything on Netflix will load so no problem on my end.
    What’s up w inconsistency of Amazon?

  • Minneapolis.started Dec 1 with a 20sec power outage still being a pain Dec 4 slow to get to video main selection, episodes wont load. No netflix some will load poorly. I get connection problems and Banwidth too low WTF is going on ?

  • Stuttering movies have always been a problem with Amazon. They lie when they say its your inet connection. Everything else works fine. I wish they would fix it because we’ve had Prime for several years, order loads of stuff, yet have to put up with this crap. Good thing I have Netflix and others.

  • Kathi Schlee Markan

    We are unable to watch movies – keeps stopping. Our internet speed is 100% fine at 27 MB D/L speed!

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Number 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Refund Support 1.800.343.7179

  • Derek

    Amazon services problems. Fix now.

  • NetG

    amazon is aware, they’v been getting numerous calls. i’ve been added to a massive ticket as of 827pm cst 1/15/19

  • Michael

    Amazon app loads but wont play videos. No load icon either. Reinstalled and same thing. Netflix streaming works. What the hell

  • Justin


  • Justin

    Evrytime I try and watch a movie on my Amazon prime account on my TCL series 5 4k tv I get buffering. This doesn’t happen on any other app I use .

  • Dan

    Network error occurs every 10 to 20 minutes during streaming, resets to beginning of video everytime then crashes again. Only streaming program with these issues that I have. Started yesterday.

  • GrumpyHighlander

    Use the PS4. I’ve had Prime for years and no problem. The last couple of weeks it’s been sporadically buffering. When it does buffer it keeps doing it for a while. Rebooting doesn’t help.
    My internet is great and I can immediately go to Netflix or Hulu and have absolutely no problem.

  • Jerry

    Resolve problems now.

  • Tanya Lewis

    The trailer would play on my tv and the audio, but not the movie… Please fix now

  • Michele Engel

    We have not been able to stream from our Roku for days now. Just keeps saying “contacting amazon” and sits there.

  • Carl Lewis

    Problems with Amazon prime. Fix now.

  • TheBattman

    Constant buffering tonight. 44mb service that works without a hiccup for YouTube, Netflix, and other video services, even for 4k. Just Prime Video having problems.

  • Mmt0503

    I click on Prime Video and it brings me to Roku main page. Won’t let me log in to

  • Jack Beddows

    What’s annoying is the dishonesty. The constant playback interruptions of Amazon always played off as connectivity issues due to bandwidth, yet Netflix works just fine. Fix it already and stop lying about it.

  • This morning, 2/15/2019, I checked as It wasn’t working on my Wii last night. Still nothing. Two weeks ago it worked just fine. I can pull it up on my phone or computer, but not on the Wii. I get an error99 code, and then something about removing the information. Is it me or amazon prime video on demand? Thanks.

  • Joe Grober

    For a couple of days now Prime only plays for a minute or two then goes back to the Roku Home Main Menu.. 2-16-2019

  • KB

    Amazon Prime keeps freezing on my tv. Will not let us get through an episode without buffering and freezing. 2-19-19

  • Carol

    I was staring a movie then it froze. Now when I click on Prime Video I just get a blank screen. I have done all the suggestions, for e stop, clear data. Clear cache, restart TV. Nothing has worked. I’m sure they aren’t in any hurry to respond since they’ve already taken subscription money for the year. I don’t like paying for something I don’t get, I believe this is called a breach if contract. I won’t be signing up for another subscription with this service.

  • Michelle Dougay

    This is also happening to us. Started yesterday and is still doing it today. Is yours still going back to home screen after 30 seconds or so of video with only audio continuing to play?

  • Roy Rpger

    for some reason it is doing two things….1. It double speaks everything and 2. after about 10 or so minutes it says server problem and cuts off….Netflix works perfectly as does normal tv….

  • Becky Clancy

    Trying to watch Man in the High Castle, season 3, episode 8. We keep getting “An error occurred. Try again later or contact customer service.” We’ve not had any problems until today.

  • Judy

    Trying or load a movie on my TV. The blue line stops about 1/3 of the way and it says loading too slow .. Contact your internet.

  • Nunyourdam business

    Amazon prime. You suck been trying for 2 days to get connected and keep saying connection error. It not my internet but it work on everything else but Amazon Prime
    What the hell are y’all doing there
    Apparently nothing but a scratching your ass because you don’t know what your doing

  • Deb Sanders

    Watching a Prime movie. Shuts off every 10 minutes or so. Really aggravating.

  • Vhonda

    March 13th around 8 pm CST Amazon Prime on our ROKU won’t load at all.

  • William Markel

    I can’t watch Amazon video app as it needs updating and it won’t update on my LG TV I thought maybe my TV was the problem but no other apps give me problems

  • Hernandez Jason

    I have a roku. I have uninstalled and reinstalled amazon prime app on the roku twice. Time is 2027 mountain standard time. I’ll click on the amazon prime app say connecting and kicks me back to the roku loading screen.

  • William Perea

    Prime videos just stopped loading this morning. Was kind of glitchy last night. Kept going to the main screen on my roku 3. Now wont even load up the Prime menu.

  • Jackson Lini

    Prime videos not loading in Michigan. I have Rokus set up using a wired connection and non-wired connection. Both are failing to load. Worked this morning and was a little sketchy last night but worked. I have unplugged and reconnected my modem and Roku and I am still having issues. My wired connection Roku comes back and says there may be an Internet connection issue. Other streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube are working just fine. Hopefully this is just temporary?

  • Stacie Fuste’ O’Neal

    I’m in Michigan as well. And having same problem. I’m on the phone with Amazon right now .

  • Tomper

    Streaming Prime through Roku. Program just randomly stops, resets to Roku home page?

  • NC Redneck Girl

    My prime video is not working at all. I have roku tv, and am a prime video member, I can not even get prime video to come up, just reverts back to home screen…wsup

  • Gwen Romine

    I cannot watch Prime Video at all on my Smart TV. It’s not my internet because I can watch Netflix just fine. It says slow bandwidth. I am in Kansas.

  • Bumpy

    Prime Video is not loading on Apple TV. My internet connection is fine. It acts funky sometimes, but it always kicks after a few minutes. Not Tonight. Bummed.

  • Chris

    Amazon Prime Video on my Smart TV stops loading from approx. 1:00PM to 4:00PM everyday. Why?

  • Matt

    Prime video gets stuck on the load screen and then eventually tells my my connection is bad. I’m using a Roku Express. There is no connection problem as I am streaming YTTV just fine.

  • Elizabeth Cowey LaCause

    Amazon Prime just buffers and eventually shuts the system off. Netflix works fine so it’s not the internet connection. We use Blu-Ray (in Staten Island, NY). Any suggestions?

  • Matthew Jarrett

    Would that be with Amazon music too

  • Catherine Ellison

    As of April 10, 2019 Prime Video is acting funky on my TV. The Prime Video app works fine, but trying to start a movie from the Cfinity On Demand screen won’t work. The movie buffers then goes to a grey screen. It’s not the internet because Netflix works fine.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    April 13, Amazon prime will not load on my ROKU, fine on my Amazon Fire tablet, and ROKU will load other streaming services, however the Amazon prime opening screen lacks the “Amazon is connecting to the internet”, and just reverts back to the homepage.

  • Dennis

    Hulu working great. Internet speed good. Amazon Prime videos are only audio with no picture

  • Lana Lorenzen

    The episodes of some of my programs (Cats 101, and Too Cute) get near the end and then just cut off and go to another episode. This has only started happening after having my grandchildren view all seasons and episodes of these two programs many times. Didn’t happen when we first watched them.

  • joeinpepperell

    it will not start it actually shuts my dvd player

  • deltaroo

    When I was clicking on fast forward or rewind during an episode there would be a 5-10 second delay in registering the action. Not the biggest issue though. I turned off my TV in the middle of an episode a few hours ago then when I turned it back on, loaded up amazon prime and went to my show and “resume episode” the screen just completely froze! Wouldn’t come unstuck so I eventually just turned it off and won’t bother going through all that again until I figure out what’s going on. Yes, I’ve tried turning off my router and turning it back on again!

  • Michael James Baer

    My Amazon Prime on my TCL Roku TV is still down and I am close to cancelling my Prime account.

  • Science Guy

    Prime is currently down April 25, 2019, 6:40 – 8:00 PM. Will update if problems cease. Many sign in problems, however primary video streaming problems. Check for updates.

    Edit: Now back up, at least for me! Have fun watching!

  • dirtbikegirl

    Not only will Prime Video not play, my Amazon account is saying I do not have Prime! Untrue!

  • dirtbikegirl

    Me, too! Thanks for the update which led me to check and voile, success, here , too!

  • April 25th 7pm Pacific time – Last 24 hours of so can’t access Prime via my roku but can watch on laptop. Other roku services okay. Weird.

  • Beavis Monkey

    Some of us in my household have been watching Empire Boardwalk, and it has been way more difficult than it should be to keep track of which episode we’re watching and which one is next. We missed a whole season because it got skipped in the “queue”. So we’ve started putting a sticker on the remote that we write the season.episode to watch next. I blamed it on a decline in mental acuity due to aging (which isn’t that big of a stretch of the imagination). Well on Wednesday night we watched S2E10, and last night when we tried to pick up where we left off…things got rather heated because the continuity was all off. So it was decided to go back to the previous episode to pick up the chronology of the story line. Something is screwed up with the servers or whatever the term is for their equipment because Nucky was getting the advice which led him to devise a plan to crush his enemies… Well it’s a great series and I don’t want to give away any details (spoilers suck!. But this was the episode which set up a really killer episode that we saw earlier this week, and which definitely wasn’t the one we just saw the previous night. I’m not going to say that I’ve never been wrong about something which i knew I was right about. Memory can be unreliable etc…. (eyewitness testimony which is later shown to be untrue: such occurrences are a well documented fact).
    OK here is the smoking gun; that which affirmed my own sanity and crushed :any fears of dementia in the near future: right there on the screen was indisputable proof positive of malfunction, technical issues, bugs in the system. Whichever way you slice it there is no way to explain away why season 3 has two episodes labeled ” EPISODE 0″ that came before EPISODE 1 !!! That’s right, EPISODE ZERO!! Even if you’re going to try and take the computer nerd/geek route and insist that with the way files are organized in computer languages, where the first element of an array can be indexed as the “zeroeth” record, you will never see TWO ZEROS!!!
    I realize this isn’t of any universal importance in the grand scheme of things, but for the purpose of entertainment and leisure time services , this is first degree inexcusable incompetence. Would anyone tolerate a movie where one off “reels” is played out of sequence? Would you enjoy a sporting event if the outcome (score) was announced at half-time? (don’t pick that apart, I’m familiar with live broadcasting… these are just examples. Some in my household have floated the idea of jumping ship on the Boardwalk Empire series. The experience has been soured for sure. !%$@#EYT^R&UR^WEUJY#UEF

  • Kim Lucchesi

    My prime won’t load its been down since 8pm it’s now 1:39am April 30th 2019

  • Tressa Stevens

    My amazon prime keeps kicking me off. What should I do? My internet connection is fine.

  • Tressa Stevens

    My amazon prime on my Roku tv keeps kicking me off before I can connect. It works fine on my Kindle. What should I do?

  • James

    For the last week, everyday at 7pm my my Roku TV just stops. Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc.

  • Lee

    Amazon prime won’t load on Roku. Started today

  • Jan Corbin

    My Amazon app on my TV just quits & goes to the next episode. I have to catch it so back to the previous episode. It happens about every few minutes. I am close to my router & no one else in my household has any issues. Never had this happen before. Any ideas?

  • Will

    Nothing loads, just says it’s “experiencing a problem playing this video”

  • KARL

    Amazon video stopped working. Also music stopped working. CHAT AMAZON IS USELESS!!!!!!!!! Amazon doesn’t know whats going on, says its googles fault, HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • pahogg

    Ours is doing the same thing with Sony Video Player… Sony checked the unit out with no problems so it’s definitely Amazon… took it to a higher level and then we never hear back from them… Not sure what to do now but Amazon is no help.

  • DragonBlade Talon

    Mine isn’t workin rn either 🙁

  • Catherine

    My Amazon Prime video was working earlier, but now it says “We’re experiencing a problem playing this video.”

  • Catherine

    Sorry — I’m in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

  • Lisa Romano Miller

    i updated my prime video at home (Smart T.V.) and now it wont play on my computer at my office. says

    VIDEO UNAVAILABLE for everything. East Bridgewater Mass

  • Reloading every few seconds

  • Goldie Owens

    Amazon prime video is failing to launch on my Roku device. Bandera, tx

  • Ev

    Video won’t load on smart tv.

  • Right in the middle of the movie , Prime Video stopped working. Also throughout the movie, it kept making these obnoxious clicking sounds. All my other services are working fine on my HD TV, like Netflix, YouTube, and VUDU. Extremely annoying.

  • Cindy

    Amazon prime video won’t load on roku. Worked fine yesterday….not at all today.

  • William Culver

    Prime on Roku is down

  • Dennis Dingmann

    Prime will not connect in northern WI

  • Catherine Newton

    Have not been able to turn pages on prime in Canada for the last three days. Only will; open movie/TV shows that are on its main page.

  • Sharon Moore

    Can’t connect to Prime for last two days in Northern AZ. Able to get previously just fine. Other Roku channels connect so it’s not Roku. What’s going on?

  • Dawn Roosa

    amazon prime buffering most days, today its over 1.5 hour

  • D. W.

    Prime video service down in NE Missouri. Strange I can place orders on Amazon market though.

  • Dixie Ebright

    Can’t sign into Prime Video today. Not getting any replies back from emails about the issue either.

  • Cathy

    Prime not streaming, netflix and hulu work. Any suggestions.? Surfside Beach, SC

  • Muffy Williams

    Prime streaming is down.

  • Ann Taylor

    Prime is down in we Montana 6.8.19

  • rapidhandler

    Prime is down in Durham, NC 6/8/19, 10 PM

  • Linda Douglas Hauck

    Prime is down as of 6-9-19. in Metamora MI No streaming, can’t reach the home page, ask for router password but then won’t accept it. Tried restarting firestick to no affect. My network is fine.

  • Betty Elzey

    Prime is down in Conway, AR 06/10/019 9:30 AM

  • rapidhandler

    Prime video won’t launch on my TV thru Roku for the past week in Durham, NC (6/4 thru 6/11/2019). It DOES launch on my laptop, though.

  • YP

    I have sent 2 days with someone who can hardly speak asking me to place orders to fix my Amazon Prime which has been down since Sunday. It is unacceptable for a company like Amazon not to have technology to fix their streaming remotely and asking customers to spend hours on the telephone helping.

  • My Roku fails to load content from Amazon Prime and has been out since Sunday, 06.09.2019 through today 6.12.2019. Westerville, Ohio.

  • Mad

    Amazon Fire TV won’t even load to my home page because it is “currently unable to contact our servers”