Amazon Prime streaming problems

Amazon Prime video streaming problems and connection issues do occur, and if they do use the comments area provided below as your personal online Amazon Prime video Instant Video service status page. The on-demand Internet video service by can run into difficulties, this is why ‘Is Down Right Now’ is here so you can share your complaint or concern when there is a problem.

Amazon Prime

Major Amazon Prime problems can be to do with membership, login, videos being way too slow, videos not even loading, streaming is stuck in buffering mode etc. The service provides TV Shows and Movies for rental or purchase; it is totally free for any customers with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Maybe you are having issues with Amazon Prime video streaming on your Roku, your smartphone or even iPad. Whatever device, browser you are having Amazon Prime problems please do share them and your locality.

Amazon Prime status reports for Thursday 8th of December 2016

To find out if Amazon Prime is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon Prime? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Todd

    Streaming down for 4+ hours in WA. Very frustrating. Amazon needs more core services infrastructure investment.

  • Kerry O’Sada-Mendez

    Down in Michigan all night now it’s 1:00 am. Very frustrating. I quit.

  • mrcrustycrab

    Birmingham AL – various (3) playback error msgs. 7243 code on one.

  • leelee

    it’s back up in central NC

  • cjplay

    Back up in LA. Played Suits. Had a Veep ad in front of it. Was this a software update gone bad then good? Here’s a tip-cloud services don’t need to go down for playlist adjustments!

  • fit

    in nj mine is back up!

  • Jessica Manfredonio

    Back up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  • RulesOfAcquisition#10

    It was down in NY at about 9PM last night, but it’s back up now as of 10:15AM.

  • Louis Jones

    Back up in Florida, first time it’s ever been down… Not to shabby…

  • HandyMomma

    I have Netflix and Hulu. I don’t have any problems with them either. Perhaps it’s because I mostly use the iPad apps or smarttv. I used to use roku almost exclusively and don’t recall a problem there either but that was a while ago, I could be wrong. I find them all comparable. The worst are the individual network apps. USA is the worst of the worst.

  • paul

    all choppy keeps stopping audio is out of sync with the video. They send me a mini-questionaire asking about my current experience with amazon prime video and I told them it sucks and what the hell is going on with your service. Three days later its still the same. Their help page only offers to solve hardware problems with your equipment…oh no it couldn’t be Amazon at fault has to be my equipment right??? B.S., B.S., B.S., and B.S.

  • Cassie Taaning

    I have never been able to stream an Amazon film without constant buffering interruptions. I have satellite internet- speed is 25 Mbps. I do not have this problem with Netflix or YouTube. I live in Northern California. Problem has been persistent the past year.

  • Robert

    Amazon Customer Care Toll Free +1-800-608-5160

  • margoharris

    Here in Central California, 35 miles south of the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park.
    We have been having a lot of problems, buffering, reloading, freezing up almost every night. I love Amazon but Hulu might be our next move.

  • Connie Schneider

    I have been have issues for weeks now. Have been blaming it on my internet but I really don’t think that’s the problem.
    Here in La Monte,Mo.

  • Tracey Kellough

    Amazon used to be fine but lately there is constant buffering. Netflix is fine. I’m in NE Texas.

  • Nikki

    Contacted customer service yesterday. They said there was an issue with the amazon video app on the ps4

  • Cathy Kennedy

    We’ve experienced problems with streaming for more a week now and it’s driving me nuts. What’s the problem?

  • Thecuteone

    This is happening to me all the time. Sometimes I have sound but not picture. Most of the time, nothing. Why?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Because of this site or because having read this site people won’t buy the Amazon product?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Not having any luck with my firestick. The last 3 times I tried I got First: Just the Home page with no response to my remote; second, a procession of scenic pictures about every 3 secs, and finally, a black screen. Is this just me?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Still nothing 24 hrs later. Does Amazon monitor this web site?

  • Patricia Dodge

    Streaming Amazon video worked fine until 2 days ago. All other apps work, just Amazon…black screen with the spinning circle. Does anyone know what’s happening?

  • Patricia Dodge

    Hope this helps, was told to reset TV after updating and disconnecting. Best advice came from TV manufacturer.

  • Scott Page

    Cannot connect to amazon on roku…goes back to main screen. Everything else works fine. I have 50MB internet. Currently watching sling and just finished watching netflix. It has to be an amazon issue.

  • Michelle Anghel

    Amazon video problem. Voice and video are not in sync. Netflix works fine, YouTube is fine, so I believe is an Amazon problem.

  • MaryAnn Crossman

    Amazon prime video streaming shut down last nite and have not been able to reconnect. all other internet services working in the household. Vancouver Washington area. Any other out there having issues

  • D47

    It’s ALWAYS screwing up, constantly. Extremely frustrating to say the least. We pay for movies, watch for 5 or 10 min and boom “problem occurred” we’re seriously thinking of dropping prime all together

  • Michelle Stelly

    Amazon instant video is not working right now, but all other instant video programs on our tv are working fine right now.

  • Susan

    Oct 9, 2016 – no sounds on Prime movies. The Hulu app is working fine.

  • Ramon Quiles

    try playing movies for the past 3 days and all i get is snow on my pc screen. Worse of all.. it does it on Firefox, Chrome, IE and MS Edge.. im not going to install anymore browsers because its not my PC but this crappy service I just payed 100 bucks for. Prime video is a major disappointment.

  • Susan

    I was able to resolve my issue within the audio settings menu. It was set to a default setting – once I declined that default, movie audio within Prime itself is fine. Wish I could be more specific – I found the solution in another thread so perhaps you could keep searching there.

  • Cr8zyC8tL8dy

    Tried play now on tv and it skips to “overview” and won’t play?

  • Alicia Nolan Mcpherson

    Prime is not working on my firestick, but I can get Iceland films but that’s it. East Indiana

  • fred zepellin

    Severe framing in Kansas City (Google Fiber connection), all content.

    This stinks. I expect a rebate.

  • Susan

    My remote doesn’t work – hasn’t in a few weeks. I thought it was the battery so I changed it….still doesn’t work. Then I tried by TV remote – and that works thankfully. Not sure what’s up!

  • Helen Solomon

    I have a Samsung “smart” TV and I am able to stream everything else but Amazon Prime video. Why? Anyone else? Any ideas? I’ve turned it on and off. Yikes!!

  • Chip Mosby

    Severe audio sync problems with Goliath. So far the first two episodes are having audio issues, with levels and dialogue synching.

  • Meredith

    Ditto! I don’t know what to do, but it’s frustrating!

  • anina300

    Can’t connect to amazon on roku, but all other channels work. Problems on mac, too. New York state

  • anina300

    I did everything “help” said, still no luck.

  • Walter Kolo

    I swear, Prime never works for me on my PS4. It used to work at least a little bit, but now it doesn’t at all. #Worthless

  • Steven S Saltsman

    Vizio TV app is no longer doing HD, for the last week. My NETFLIX app give me great HD video but not my Amazon Video App.

  • Stephanie S Tackett

    Cannot stream anything at all from Amazon Prime.

  • Danny

    Amazon Prime can not connect on PS4. All other streaming services are working! (Netflix, HBO Now and VUDU).

  • Kathleen M. Tripp

    Helen have you tried to uninstall the Amazon app. on your Samsung and reinstall??? :)

  • Kathleen M. Tripp

    Hi Margo we used to live in Coarsegold Indian Lakes Estates… :) Don’t know if your problem has been resolved yet, but we have purchased a range extender that can be plugged directly to your tv if it has ethernet or if you have Firebox? So it can act as a wired connection but wireless to your router/modem….. Let me know if you want and can give more advice….

  • Zeke

    If I use blue ray on one tv set while my fire stick is still plugged into another set, I get constant buffering. If however, I remove the stick the other set works fine, No more. repetitive buffering. The broadband is not wide enough for both. If you take other devices off line there is more room in the broadband.

  • Jedd

    Right now loading is very slow and showing in lower res… router was rebooted

  • Sue Marquis

    Amazon streaming not loading at all today, cut out about 5 hrs ago

  • Jen

    Suits season 1 major streaming/viewing issues over course of last 4 days. Hasnt been an issue with other Prime shows, just this one so seems more of an Amazon issue as opposed to local internet.

  • Tom

    Up until yesterday Amazon was streaming great but that was then. Now, even after doing the Samsung update, I get constant buffering and a less than great picture quality. Do they not test their updates?

  • Beth

    Having trouble streaming Goliath. Why?

  • Roger

    Our Amazon Prime video service through or Samsung SUHD TV has been frozen for over 24 hours now. Cannot navigate at all. Our other streaming services are all still working fine. Very frustrating as we were halfway through an Amazon series.

  • Hartley

    Can’t stream anything tonight. Glad I’m paying for something that doesn’t work. Very frustrating, considering dropping membership.

  • Pia Payne

    Amazon stops literally every minute or less and goes back to the loading screen. Making us craaaazy!!!

  • Pia Payne

    Amazon is stopping literally every minute or less to reload. We are watching (or trying to watch) Amazon prime via Roku:

  • Alex Donaldson

    Constant buffering…

  • mamastitch

    Yes, circle of annoyance for the last hour or so. Thank goodness, it was AFTER we finished watching the Grand Tour!!

  • Kwantum

    I’m trying to watch Amazing video on my Samasung tv and the app won’t even start… super annoying!

  • Funkski

    Yes and flickering quality issues

  • Andy Cooke

    i have updated my firmware on my LG smart TV, and now Amazon instant tv will not load up correctly. Is there a problem with the Amazon Prime streaming?

  • Jan

    Can’t watch my Fire Tv on my Samsung smart Tv anymore.

  • Anne

    Haven’t been able to access Amazon Prime on my Samsung Smart TV for a week now. Very annoying.

  • sarah

    I am trying to stream video on a new vizio hdtv. I can log into my account and the tv is registered with amazon, but when i play any video the screen goes completely black. No sound, no pic, not even the little spinning “thingy”. If I press the back button I get the message “are you sure you want to stop playing this video?” Any suggestions?

  • Joann Azevedo Moran

    My Amazon Video will play for a few minutes then it stops and and says to check my internet connection. This only happens on my Roku, It plays fine on my laptop and on my Kindle Fire. This just started a few days ago. Previously I had no problem whatsoever

  • D Puller

    Is this just a “gripe” page or will I find help here? I’ve been trying to watch Amazon Prime on my Visio TV for 3 days now and it won’t load. I click on the app and it loads the menu. I then scroll to the movie I want to watch and click on it and it starts to load but then just buffers forever. The movie never starts. I restart it with the same result. After restarting several times it stops even loading the menu. Ideas?

  • Comicbook Degenerate

    Keep getting Internet Connection Error when I try to open Amazon Streaming through my Roku. I can’t even get into it. I know there’s nothing wrong with my internet connection, so Amazon Prime Streaming must be down. I’m searching on Google to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

  • MJ

    Amazon Instant Video app on my Samsung Smart TV won’t stream videos anymore. Keeps coming up with a window that says “Problem Occurred” and suggests I contact amazon for help. Nothing has helped to fix it yet.

  • MJ

    I’m having the same problem with my Samsung Smart TV. Let me know if you find a solution.

  • ks

    On my Roku, purchased movies will not play. Amazon Prime tries twice then errors out. Other apps are fine, and Amazon free movies are fine – just the purchased movies.

  • Elisabeth

    Roku TV won’t stream videos from Amazon Prime. Keeps saying a problem occurred.

  • Jason

    Amazon Prime Video for Movies and TV Shows will not buffer enough to watch without locking up. This is on mobile devices with data plan and on PC with direct internet access. Thought at first is was just our mobile device but now that I see it on my PC I know its an issue with the Host, possible a bad server cluster? Or maybe its a Peak Hours issue.. on my lunch break today it ran fine, not that is past 5pm I can get anything to play for more than 2 seconds with a 8-10 second pause. Netflix never has this issue on the same devices.

  • Susan Wynn

    Amazon will not download movies on my Roku tv since 12/2/16. What’s the fix?