Amazon Prime streaming problems

Amazon Prime video streaming problems and connection issues do occur, and if they do use the comments area provided below as your personal online Amazon Prime video Instant Video service status page. The on-demand Internet video service by can run into difficulties, this is why Is Down Right Now is here so you can share your complaint or concern when there is a problem.

Major Amazon Prime problems can be to do with membership, login, videos being way too slow, videos not even loading, streaming is stuck in buffering mode etc. The service provides TV Shows and Movies for rental or purchase; it is totally free for any customers with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Maybe you are having issues with Amazon Prime video streaming on your Roku, your smartphone or even iPad. Whatever device, browser you are having Amazon Prime problems please do share them and your locality.

Amazon Prime status reports for Friday 29th of May 2020

To find out if Amazon Prime is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon Prime? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Todd

    Streaming down for 4+ hours in WA. Very frustrating. Amazon needs more core services infrastructure investment.

  • Kerry O’Sada-Mendez

    Down in Michigan all night now it’s 1:00 am. Very frustrating. I quit.

  • mrcrustycrab

    Birmingham AL – various (3) playback error msgs. 7243 code on one.

  • leelee

    it’s back up in central NC

  • cjplay

    Back up in LA. Played Suits. Had a Veep ad in front of it. Was this a software update gone bad then good? Here’s a tip-cloud services don’t need to go down for playlist adjustments!

  • fit

    in nj mine is back up!

  • Jessica Manfredonio

    Back up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  • RulesOfAcquisition#10

    It was down in NY at about 9PM last night, but it’s back up now as of 10:15AM.

  • Louis Jones

    Back up in Florida, first time it’s ever been down… Not to shabby…

  • HandyMomma

    I have Netflix and Hulu. I don’t have any problems with them either. Perhaps it’s because I mostly use the iPad apps or smarttv. I used to use roku almost exclusively and don’t recall a problem there either but that was a while ago, I could be wrong. I find them all comparable. The worst are the individual network apps. USA is the worst of the worst.

  • paul

    all choppy keeps stopping audio is out of sync with the video. They send me a mini-questionaire asking about my current experience with amazon prime video and I told them it sucks and what the hell is going on with your service. Three days later its still the same. Their help page only offers to solve hardware problems with your equipment…oh no it couldn’t be Amazon at fault has to be my equipment right??? B.S., B.S., B.S., and B.S.

  • Cassie Taaning

    I have never been able to stream an Amazon film without constant buffering interruptions. I have satellite internet- speed is 25 Mbps. I do not have this problem with Netflix or YouTube. I live in Northern California. Problem has been persistent the past year.

  • Robert

    Amazon Customer Care Toll Free +1-800-608-5160

  • margoharris

    Here in Central California, 35 miles south of the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park.
    We have been having a lot of problems, buffering, reloading, freezing up almost every night. I love Amazon but Hulu might be our next move.

  • Connie Schneider

    I have been have issues for weeks now. Have been blaming it on my internet but I really don’t think that’s the problem.
    Here in La Monte,Mo.

  • Tracey Kellough

    Amazon used to be fine but lately there is constant buffering. Netflix is fine. I’m in NE Texas.

  • Nikki

    Contacted customer service yesterday. They said there was an issue with the amazon video app on the ps4

  • We’ve experienced problems with streaming for more a week now and it’s driving me nuts. What’s the problem?

  • Thecuteone

    This is happening to me all the time. Sometimes I have sound but not picture. Most of the time, nothing. Why?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Because of this site or because having read this site people won’t buy the Amazon product?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Not having any luck with my firestick. The last 3 times I tried I got First: Just the Home page with no response to my remote; second, a procession of scenic pictures about every 3 secs, and finally, a black screen. Is this just me?

  • Jay Lambiotte

    Still nothing 24 hrs later. Does Amazon monitor this web site?

  • Patricia Dodge

    Streaming Amazon video worked fine until 2 days ago. All other apps work, just Amazon…black screen with the spinning circle. Does anyone know what’s happening?

  • Patricia Dodge

    Hope this helps, was told to reset TV after updating and disconnecting. Best advice came from TV manufacturer.

  • Scott Page

    Cannot connect to amazon on roku…goes back to main screen. Everything else works fine. I have 50MB internet. Currently watching sling and just finished watching netflix. It has to be an amazon issue.

  • Michelle Anghel

    Amazon video problem. Voice and video are not in sync. Netflix works fine, YouTube is fine, so I believe is an Amazon problem.

  • MaryAnn Crossman

    Amazon prime video streaming shut down last nite and have not been able to reconnect. all other internet services working in the household. Vancouver Washington area. Any other out there having issues

  • D47

    It’s ALWAYS screwing up, constantly. Extremely frustrating to say the least. We pay for movies, watch for 5 or 10 min and boom “problem occurred” we’re seriously thinking of dropping prime all together

  • Michelle Stelly

    Amazon instant video is not working right now, but all other instant video programs on our tv are working fine right now.

  • Susan

    Oct 9, 2016 – no sounds on Prime movies. The Hulu app is working fine.

  • Ramon Quiles

    try playing movies for the past 3 days and all i get is snow on my pc screen. Worse of all.. it does it on Firefox, Chrome, IE and MS Edge.. im not going to install anymore browsers because its not my PC but this crappy service I just payed 100 bucks for. Prime video is a major disappointment.

  • Susan

    I was able to resolve my issue within the audio settings menu. It was set to a default setting – once I declined that default, movie audio within Prime itself is fine. Wish I could be more specific – I found the solution in another thread so perhaps you could keep searching there.

  • Cr8zyC8tL8dy

    Tried play now on tv and it skips to “overview” and won’t play?

  • Alicia Nolan Mcpherson

    Prime is not working on my firestick, but I can get Iceland films but that’s it. East Indiana

  • fred zepellin

    Severe framing in Kansas City (Google Fiber connection), all content.

    This stinks. I expect a rebate.

  • Susan

    My remote doesn’t work – hasn’t in a few weeks. I thought it was the battery so I changed it….still doesn’t work. Then I tried by TV remote – and that works thankfully. Not sure what’s up!

  • Helen Solomon

    I have a Samsung “smart” TV and I am able to stream everything else but Amazon Prime video. Why? Anyone else? Any ideas? I’ve turned it on and off. Yikes!!

  • Chip Mosby

    Severe audio sync problems with Goliath. So far the first two episodes are having audio issues, with levels and dialogue synching.

  • Meredith

    Ditto! I don’t know what to do, but it’s frustrating!

  • anina300

    Can’t connect to amazon on roku, but all other channels work. Problems on mac, too. New York state

  • anina300

    I did everything “help” said, still no luck.

  • I swear, Prime never works for me on my PS4. It used to work at least a little bit, but now it doesn’t at all. #Worthless

  • Steven S Saltsman

    Vizio TV app is no longer doing HD, for the last week. My NETFLIX app give me great HD video but not my Amazon Video App.

  • Stephanie S Tackett

    Cannot stream anything at all from Amazon Prime.

  • Danny

    Amazon Prime can not connect on PS4. All other streaming services are working! (Netflix, HBO Now and VUDU).

  • Kathleen M. Tripp

    Helen have you tried to uninstall the Amazon app. on your Samsung and reinstall??? 🙂

  • Kathleen M. Tripp

    Hi Margo we used to live in Coarsegold Indian Lakes Estates… 🙂 Don’t know if your problem has been resolved yet, but we have purchased a range extender that can be plugged directly to your tv if it has ethernet or if you have Firebox? So it can act as a wired connection but wireless to your router/modem….. Let me know if you want and can give more advice….

  • Zeke

    If I use blue ray on one tv set while my fire stick is still plugged into another set, I get constant buffering. If however, I remove the stick the other set works fine, No more. repetitive buffering. The broadband is not wide enough for both. If you take other devices off line there is more room in the broadband.

  • Jedd

    Right now loading is very slow and showing in lower res… router was rebooted

  • Sue Marquis

    Amazon streaming not loading at all today, cut out about 5 hrs ago

  • Jen

    Suits season 1 major streaming/viewing issues over course of last 4 days. Hasnt been an issue with other Prime shows, just this one so seems more of an Amazon issue as opposed to local internet.

  • Tom

    Up until yesterday Amazon was streaming great but that was then. Now, even after doing the Samsung update, I get constant buffering and a less than great picture quality. Do they not test their updates?

  • Beth

    Having trouble streaming Goliath. Why?

  • Roger

    Our Amazon Prime video service through or Samsung SUHD TV has been frozen for over 24 hours now. Cannot navigate at all. Our other streaming services are all still working fine. Very frustrating as we were halfway through an Amazon series.

  • Hartley

    Can’t stream anything tonight. Glad I’m paying for something that doesn’t work. Very frustrating, considering dropping membership.

  • Pia Payne

    Amazon stops literally every minute or less and goes back to the loading screen. Making us craaaazy!!!

  • Pia Payne

    Amazon is stopping literally every minute or less to reload. We are watching (or trying to watch) Amazon prime via Roku:

  • Alex Donaldson

    Constant buffering…

  • mamastitch

    Yes, circle of annoyance for the last hour or so. Thank goodness, it was AFTER we finished watching the Grand Tour!!

  • Kwantum

    I’m trying to watch Amazing video on my Samasung tv and the app won’t even start… super annoying!

  • Funkski

    Yes and flickering quality issues

  • Andy Cooke

    i have updated my firmware on my LG smart TV, and now Amazon instant tv will not load up correctly. Is there a problem with the Amazon Prime streaming?

  • Jan

    Can’t watch my Fire Tv on my Samsung smart Tv anymore.

  • Anne

    Haven’t been able to access Amazon Prime on my Samsung Smart TV for a week now. Very annoying.

  • sarah

    I am trying to stream video on a new vizio hdtv. I can log into my account and the tv is registered with amazon, but when i play any video the screen goes completely black. No sound, no pic, not even the little spinning “thingy”. If I press the back button I get the message “are you sure you want to stop playing this video?” Any suggestions?

  • Joann Azevedo Moran

    My Amazon Video will play for a few minutes then it stops and and says to check my internet connection. This only happens on my Roku, It plays fine on my laptop and on my Kindle Fire. This just started a few days ago. Previously I had no problem whatsoever

  • D Puller

    Is this just a “gripe” page or will I find help here? I’ve been trying to watch Amazon Prime on my Visio TV for 3 days now and it won’t load. I click on the app and it loads the menu. I then scroll to the movie I want to watch and click on it and it starts to load but then just buffers forever. The movie never starts. I restart it with the same result. After restarting several times it stops even loading the menu. Ideas?

  • Comicbook Degenerate

    Keep getting Internet Connection Error when I try to open Amazon Streaming through my Roku. I can’t even get into it. I know there’s nothing wrong with my internet connection, so Amazon Prime Streaming must be down. I’m searching on Google to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

  • MJ

    Amazon Instant Video app on my Samsung Smart TV won’t stream videos anymore. Keeps coming up with a window that says “Problem Occurred” and suggests I contact amazon for help. Nothing has helped to fix it yet.

  • MJ

    I’m having the same problem with my Samsung Smart TV. Let me know if you find a solution.

  • ks

    On my Roku, purchased movies will not play. Amazon Prime tries twice then errors out. Other apps are fine, and Amazon free movies are fine – just the purchased movies.

  • Elisabeth

    Roku TV won’t stream videos from Amazon Prime. Keeps saying a problem occurred.

  • Jason

    Amazon Prime Video for Movies and TV Shows will not buffer enough to watch without locking up. This is on mobile devices with data plan and on PC with direct internet access. Thought at first is was just our mobile device but now that I see it on my PC I know its an issue with the Host, possible a bad server cluster? Or maybe its a Peak Hours issue.. on my lunch break today it ran fine, not that is past 5pm I can get anything to play for more than 2 seconds with a 8-10 second pause. Netflix never has this issue on the same devices.

  • Susan Wynn

    Amazon will not download movies on my Roku tv since 12/2/16. What’s the fix?

  • Mike Kelly

    Having issues with roku and Amazon.

  • Melissa Hafer

    Cannot load any Amazon movies on Roku. Keeps saying there’s an internet connection problem. But Netflix is working fine on the same device. Not happy with Amazon at all right now.

  • Jason Gardner

    Same here, cannot load even menus without the app erroring and restarting on the roku, the new layout is terrible, previously when you would complete searches you could see the price or if they are free while searching, now you have to click into each listing to see its price

  • Ryan Short

    Crashing constantly for me too, it was working fine a day or so ago when I last used their app on my roku, but that was before this update.

  • James Lanclos

    I hate new menus too old ones where fine and easier to navigate

  • Bill Dithers

    Chat with help desk at Amazon useless. Kept saying it was problem with my roku.

  • Psmudge

    Horrible horrible horrible, can’t watch anything, constant crashes. Sometimes doesn’t get past the menu, What a joke.

  • birdy

    Yep Amazon on roku is toast. It’s been down for the last 30 minutes or so.

  • Nunya Bidness

    my dead too.

  • Nunya Bidness

    More than ab hour and 10 minutes of error messages.

  • Nunya Bidness

    Roku says it is working on the problem

  • Dan Zimmerman

    A while back every time I tried to watch Amazon on my 2016 LG Super UHD TV an Menü popped up to update or launch. Tried to update and not enough storage, need to clear out memory. So, I hit launch and all was well. Now it only launches Amazon logo. Amazon says they are working on it and should update my firmware. I’m already updated. Then they said I could try reset TV to factory settings, but then you have to redo passwords,etc. and I’m worried I’ll end up in worse trouble. So they gave me $10 credit. My old LG in my bedroom plays Amazon fine. Unfortunately, I like like to watch the new 4K TV I BOUGHT FROM AMAZON and listen to 5.1 Audio sitting in my favorite chair. Anybody else have the same issue occur on their 2016 LG with webos 3.0?

  • Chaul

    They say:”I
    greatly appreciate your patience and understanding on this. However, you
    can try to stream after few hours this may be due to the high volume
    flow and it will be fixed within 12 hours I hope you understand my limitations on these systemic functionalities” I hope it’s really 12 hours!

  • teufelhunden76

    Amazon video won’t load on my Samsung smart TV. Netflix, hbogo,YouTube
    … all work fine.

  • Logan Hancock

    It keeps saying that everything for purchase is unavailable, please fix the problem soon

  • PamGale

    I’m having the same issue, everything is currently unavailable for purchase. This is a huge issue for amazon and they need to work to fix this.

  • Johnz

    Same problem for the last WEEK. I can start the amazon app on our roku. Select a show. Start show. After 2-3 minutes it starts to stutter and then finally freezes. Then I notice the wifi is gone. Kaput.


  • John

    Having issues this morning In Philadelphia using my Xbox one and unable play anything on the app. Nothing will play at all.

  • Melanie Lawson

    Gets stuck loading on my roku tv. I have no idea what to do but I hate the new platform.

  • Melanie Lawson

    Maybe I should disconnect from amazon for a month till they get things fixed. It erks me to pay for things that don’t work.

  • Robin

    Unable to load Amazon on my roku, since new version of Amazon was added. Im able to watch netflix, hulu HBO etcetera. But not Amazon anymore. Frustrating that im paying for subscription im unable to use, in the last week or so.

  • b

    Baltimore MD – 24 hours of nonsense with Amazon streaming on my Sony box and Visio smart TVs. Other serices (Netflix, Youtube) are all fine. Amazon either won’t open, gives network errors, says connection speed is slow, completely freezes, or halts every 90 seconds to download. Have been watching Downton Abby series since last weekend – no issues. This crap started Tues night and continues to Thurs AM. They have a serious problem! Good thing I didn’t BUY anything I want to stream!

  • Lori Glenn

    Michigan – Unable to stream Amazon Prime video for the last three nights on my Roku. Its not my TV as I can still get Netflix and Vudu. Anybody know what’s going on and when it will be fixed?

  • John Mikrut

    I’ve been having the same problem. It started about 3 days ago. I noticed that the site has changed – layout is different, there is no bar indicating a connection. That seems to correspond to the problems. I appears they “Upgraded” their site. Tried several times. Video will play for a bit them freeze. Pause button doesn’t worked. Locked up the Roku several times to where I had to power everything down. Now I can’t watch anything on Amazon. Like you all my other channels work just fine.

  • John Mikrut

    I’ve called Amazon and talked to a tech. There is an ongoing problem. Best to call them and report it. The more people who do the more priority it will get.

  • deniseyarbrough

    I’ve been having problems with Amazon Prime Video all week. Trying to watch episodes of The Good Wife on my Mac Book Pro or iPad and they constantly stop to buffer – audio goes first and then the video freezes. Takes almost 2 hours to get through a one hour show. Not impressed with this. I use Netflix all the time and rarely ever experience this.

  • ed diaz

    Amazon not working on brand new Roku TV
    Netfliz and hulu work fine but amazon gives me a no internet connection error which is bogus.
    I called amazon and before hanging up i had to explain to some guy in India what a smart tv was.

  • Bob Pacl

    Amazon is like Trump. ” I’m too important to bother with petty details “. They have all sorts of garbage superimposed on the full screen video for Inspector Lewis and Whitechapel, not there for other shows or all of Lewis. Tech problem. They won’t address it.

  • Mildred Jovanovich

    Same here. Did you learn anything new?

  • Mike55

    amazon is the only channel that doesn’t work on my Sharp ROKU smart TV. From this forum It looks like I’m not alone. I expect a nice refund from Amazon this year. Prime with out the movies or TV isn’t really Prime is it! Maybe next year should be free for those of us who are paying to watch the buffering circle spin instead of movies.

  • sailor john

    In Florida since last week. In New York we watched Prime using Tivo. No problem. Here we have a 12 mbit Comcast service and a VSIO smart tv. We are using the recommended brand new Netgear modem/router/wifi. Amazon loads and stalls with the network bandwith error. I loaded the andoid app on the Samsung tab pro tablet and had the same problem. I ran the speed test while stalled and the bandwith was 12 mbit. Looks like they have a problem. Seems to be worse at night so maybe and overload problem

  • Andrew William Smith

    We are addicted to Amazon Prime content but it keeps dropping signal & messing up the internet connection on our Insignia Roku TV.

  • Andrew William Smith

    We are having the exact same problems in Tennessee.

  • Chris Jones

    We shift back and forth between Netflix and Amazon streaming, and for the last week or so Amazon’s streaming has been horrible in Chicago. Of course, Amazon has no place to complain about poor service.

  • Haley

    Amazon prime on TCL Roku tv keeps crashing my network connection… I have to reset the network and the TV to reconnect to the internet… really pissed right now 🙁

  • channonh

    It’s amateur hour again with Amazon. They’ve sold Prime to too many people than they can support.

  • Marissa

    In New York city three nights in a row it takes 20 minutes to get on to watch a show. Is this because everyone is on vacation using it? And when I contacted Amazon they acted like it was my machine, which makes no sense when it starts and stops like this.

  • Kasdrow Jalalj

    Boise ID, won’t get past the Home screen tonight.

  • Johnathan

    network error. argh…. get it together amazon

  • Colleen

    Phoenix no better, haven’t been able to watch This is Us the last three nights. Why purchase anything from prime if you can’t watch it when you want?

  • John Rossi

    Completely down last two days. Seems shitty that you can’t access video you purchased!

  • Suzanne Howell

    I can hear it but screen is black. Old movies I have seen play correctly

  • Wahoo233

    anyone have a Samsung 4K Smart TV from this year that wont load amazon when you click it? Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now all load but Amazon won’t. Any tips?

  • Steve Bates

    Brand new (one month) Samsung 4K smart tv with exact same issue today….all day

  • Judy heath

    Day 2 of no Amazon prime….does amazon respond to this page? If not, how do I contact a human?

  • Judy heath

    Iowa here, completely down

  • Lin Munroe

    Amazon streaming sucks in magnolia thx. Keeps re buffering and no sound. Netflix no problem. What’s the problem?

  • Tom Taylor

    Amazon streaming sucks compared to Netflix. Keep getting network errors, Netflix is fine. Seems to be happening more frequently. CT

  • Isaac

    Same problem with a new Samsung 4k. Sometimes it loads after being off for a while, but it eventually stops loading again later.

  • Darlene

    I can’t ever watch a full episode on my insignia Roku TV. It drops the whole internet connection and I have to do a system restart to get it back up. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Bob Pacl

    I get an overlay of the options and symbols when I go full screen. Not there when I’m on normal view. This only on some of the vids. The rest no problem. I think there’s some guy with a grudge working there. They can’t be that stupid, can they?

  • Bob Pacl

    On Inspector Lewis and Whitechapel, on half of the episodes, when I go full screen, the symbols and words for selections stays there. The timeout doesn’t work. For the other half and a sampling of other vids, no problem. Not full screen!! No problem at all. They really are techno-idiots to have so many different problems that nobody else has. They get a good idea, turn it over to somebody who doesn’t have a clue, and forget about it.

  • Tim Razik

    I am having the same problem on my new Samsung 4k tv today. Just amazon, all other apps work. I tried a reset and that didn’t work. I’m waiting for Samsung to call me back. My tv is only a few weeks old.

  • sick of this 1

    This sucks , as soon as the free trial is over it all stops working, just when I start paying. I have had it one more week of this and I will be cancelling my subscription

  • Tom Pnoid

    I just watched the grand tour yesterday n now it says internet connectivity issues wtf?

  • W.M.M. M

    I have not been able to play any of my Amazon Prime free programs nor any of my purchased Amazon Prime Video Library movies. Everything worked fine until about December 15th, then nothing yet all other Roku 4 channels stream perfectly with my highspeed broadband internet –Amazon and Roku have no clue what the problem is–rarely respond to specific inquiries.

  • Stephanie S Tackett

    We’re having intermittent Amazon streaming issues for 5 days now. Netflix works fine, internet in the rest of the house (devices) ok.

  • PeggyBurnley

    Trying to watch The Night Manager and it keeps buffering and now it froze?!?! What’s up with Amazon?

  • Kathy

    Amazon prime is down

  • Burgundy Bearden

    Amazon Prime…TRIED watching Goliath…CONSTANTLY BUFFERING!! What’s going on with Amazon???

  • Amazon Prime Customer Care

    Amazon Prime Contact Support 1855 955 6617.Free Helpline Number.

  • Mary O

    I have not been able to stream amazon video on my Samsung tv for two days now.

  • Mick

    I have a hard wired system with great speed. Netflix and others stream beautifully to my Sony TV, but Amazon Prime is unwatchable. I may cancel in protest.

  • Kimberly Evans

    Started a movie last night and got halfway through… screen went black
    Now I cannot finish the movie I paid for! Trailers etc play fine
    Now what?
    In TN

  • Susan

    AP had an update notice that I clicked on, now blue screen. Have rebooted tv, but still dark blue screen. AP still works on another smartv
    And iPad.

  • Ashley

    Same here! Did you find a solution? My screen just goes black.

  • m willijo

    Posted for Tucson 1/22 7pm network is down. What is the problem and what is Amazon doing to correct it? A page acknowledging what the problem is and an estimated time for recovery would go along way.

  • Serge Small

    Amazon instant video is down AGAIN with network error

  • Bii High

    This is weird, I can log on to Amazon Prime Video in the morning, using my Sony Blu ray player. I know I am getting enough data at 22.5mgb at night. No problem with Netflix, YouTube etc. Just Amazon. At night I get “network error has occurred” I can log on through my laptop, my big computer, and iPad but not on my Sony player which I have two of; both players give me the same error. Bother player are wired to my router, not wifi. The problems started a few days ago. Of course I finally got in touch with Amazon Prime Video Tech support. Of course it has been out sourced to India and I could not understand the person on the other end. His English was horrible. The player are registered and work with all other networks, except Amazon. I believe that the problem is with Amazon’s servers

  • Displaced Yankee

    Install update to amazon video on my Xbox One on Jan 24 and now everything works up until I select a video to watch. The audio for the video plays but the screen is black the only way to get out of it is to hold the button on the xbox until it shuts down. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but still the same. All other apps on Xbox work fine including directv streaming.

  • Kate

    Amazon instant video is down again! It buffers and tell me there’s problems/ weak bandwidth, but I use an Ethernet cable with 30 mps download speed. Its so frustrating!!

  • Ann

    We have had issues for a while. About two weeks ago, nothing but black. Everything else works. Then it fixed for a few days. Now for the past week, it buffers constantly so everyone on videos talks staccato! Tried using captions to attempt to get through a program but too frustrating. I’m calling the customer care line but no idea what help they will be…

  • Tim Keeler

    z the beginning will not load

  • Tim Keeler

    z the beginning will not load on my Vizio smart TV. Other Amazon prime programs will load, but not this one.

  • Terry R. Thomas

    Purchased a Samsung blue ray player from Costco just 4 months ago specifically because it could stream Amazon Prime. Worked for 2 months and then suddenly it would not connect to the Amazon Prime url. Works fine for Netflix and Samsung claims there is no problem. Been a long, long term Amazon Prime member and feeling cheated.

  • Ann Sparks

    Amazon prime video has been messed up over 24 hours. Movies won’t load. Netflix, Hulu etc work fine. It works on my iPhone but not my smart TV

  • Amazon Support

    Amazon Prime Customer Care Number Toll Free @ +1844-551-3555

  • Frankie65

    New roku TV won’t play HBONow; it keeps “loading, please wait”

  • Carol

    While watching Goliath, the program keeps pausing and will not restart without exiting from amazon and then restarting.

  • Yolandi

    Streaming Amazon series on my iPad. Pauses every 5mins or so. All my other streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc) streams fine without any hiccups.
    Any help from anyone to stream more smoothly via Amazon?

  • Jen Conrad

    Trying to watch Boardwalk Empire, keeps killing at same point. Freezes the app. Loading slow and keeps kicking me out to a black screen or restarting other shows at different episodes after the circle of death and black screen fades

  • Seeker

    You, displaced yankee, are not alone.

  • Gotchaback

    What TV do you have?
    Amazon is also discontinuing streaming access to a number of Samsung and LG televisions. These older model televisions aren’t really that old, some being as recent as 2011 or newer, but Amazon has decided it’s no longer in its best interest to keep making HD streaming available to certain models. In addition, some newer models might not immediately be compatible with Amazon streaming and may require a software update later on.

  • Gotchaback

    Amazon is also discontinuing streaming access to a number of Samsung and LG televisions. These older model televisions aren’t really that old, some being as recent as 2011 or newer, but Amazon has decided it’s no longer in its best interest to keep making HD streaming available to certain models. In addition, some newer models might not immediately be compatible with Amazon streaming and may require a software update later on.

  • Gotchaback

    Amazon is discontinuing streaming access to a number of Samsung and LG televisions. These older model televisions aren’t really that old, some being as recent as 2011 or newer, but Amazon has decided it’s no longer in its best interest to keep making HD streaming available to certain models. In addition, some newer models might not immediately be compatible with Amazon streaming and may require a software update later on.

  • Displaced Yankee

    I got mine working on Sunday, its a 50″ Pioneer Professional Plasma Display about 6 years old. Originally I had my Xbox one connected to the DVI-D jack on the plasma and it was working fine until Amazon did an update on Jan 24. All the other apps, games and DVD player worked fine after the update except amazon. This past Sunday I switched from the DVI-D input to one of the HDMI inputs and played around with the X-box video resolution, finally selecting 720P which gave me the best aspect ratio. I always had audio out via optical connection to my amplifier. Everything is working fine now. I talked with Amazon and they were no help except they knew about the problem their update caused and said they were working on it.

  • screwliberalism

    Constant crashing during the HBO movie Eddie the Eagle, not remotely watchable; cashed at least 2 dozen times in the first 15 minutes. Also watched Allegient without any playback issues, so it would seem the problem is with the video, not my device or connection.

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Customer Care +1855-315-3657 Call Toll free

  • Sheila London Cline

    When I select Amazon video on my tv it goes to a black screen. It has been that way all day. My tv says there are no updates available.

  • Tracie Amburgey Young

    Movie is constantly buffering but internet is fine.

  • Sheila London Cline

    I have tried the Amazon prime customer care number listed on this site and keep getting a recording telling me to try again later

  • Penny

    Prime music down? All my playlists have disappeared. Account is up to date and just signed up for the additional 7.99 per month unlimited music…

  • Heidi

    I think it is. I have Prime and was just listening to music, all of a sudden it stopped without error and now occasionally it’s throwing the error regarding I have reached the max amount of devices for streaming. When looking at my devices, I only see my phone and several “Available” spots for additional devices. The downloaded desktop app isn’t working for me either.

  • TheUsualSmearGame

    Down in panhandle of Florida
    Can’t stream and internet is fine

  • Deanne Smith

    San Bernardino, for about the past ten minutes. I’ve restarted, account is up to date, Wifi is fine, not getting anything but spinny buffering thing.

  • Larry

    Fire stick not connecting. Called Amazon, and the tech told me that their system is down and to try again in about an hour. Just check AMZ music, and can’t stream there either.

  • Tivali

    Amazon Prime Video App on the PS4 down, and only that. Netflix working fine, works on Laptop too, only problem on the PS4. Germany

  • Rich

    Streaming service seems to be down on PC
    11:47am Mountain Time.
    Netflix and other services work.

  • Lindsay Ross

    Same in Cape Town….. it gives a 1066 error code but there is no 1066 error code that I can find

  • Linda

    It is not connecting with Amazon. My internet is fine. Apple TV works fine.

    It’s been fown for about an hour. By the comments looks like it’s down everywhere.

  • Videos won’t load on my smart tv (Panasonic Viera) or laptop.

  • Sean

    Down in NY as well. Called the Amazon Prime Customer Support number and they said they’re working on it and as of 5 mins ago told me to expect ~2 hours downtime.

  • Da “Gnusborgobb” Mn

    Same here: “Internet Connectivity Problem” on my Samsung TV. Germany/Dresden

  • Kristin

    Videos aren’t streaming in Colorado either. Internet is fine and Netflix is working but Amazon instant video is not.

  • rikki gee

    Down in MN

  • Gordon Waite

    Sacramento area down. Even the “Amazon Prime Down Detector is DOWN! WTH!

  • Kendyll Rose

    Amazon video is also down in Clarksville TN. I just want to watch Chicago Fire 🙁

  • Jake Le Pelley

    Down in the UK as well

  • Kurt Graller

    Down in Austria

  • Jim Sanders

    Down in Sarasota Florida as well. No firetv or Amazon music streaming……

  • Daniel Maurer

    Working on my FireTV Stick but not on Smart TV application. (In Austria)

  • Jonathan Garlinghouse

    Amazon Prime Music Down in Traverse City, Michigan

  • swanja

    ps3 app as well. “website temporarily unavailable” … “make some improvements”…

  • John Bijarney

    HOME not available. Apps are. Binghamton NY

  • swanja

    down as well on samsung smart tv app.
    greez from germany.

    “website temporareliy unavailable” … “while we make some improvements to our service”

    @amazon: please handle your “improvements” without impacts on customer interfaces.

  • Jennifer Fuqua

    It’s down on my smart tv here in Louisville, Kentucky >..< any eta on when this is going to be fixed?

  • John Bijarney

    Can’t get to HOME(HOME not available message) for movies but APPS work!

  • Ally

    amazon web services has an outage that is affecting the accounting software I work in- and my Prime Video…
    Accounting Software says they are working with AWS diligently to resolve the issue so hopefully it will be back soon
    “Amazon Web Services (AWS) have identified an issue with their S3 Service and will get us back up and running as soon as possible. We are continuing to work on this as high priority.”

  • Dee Dee Sands

    home not available in Laguna Niguel, California

  • Kayla Ditter

    Home page is down on 2 of my 3 firesticks, although applications are working. WI

  • Dennis Eckermann

    down in germany on ps4 … web-player doesn’t load successfully..

  • Scot

    Down in Milton Keynes, East anglia, UK. 2 different houses,4 different tv’s samsung and lg and ps3, on 2 accounts. All other Internet and apps work fine.

  • Donna Miller

    Prime video down in Philadelphia

  • Scot

    It’s working fine on my smartphone though.

  • Juli McKinney

    Prime Music Down in Durham, NC

  • reonimation

    Down in Orlando, Fl


    No home function in Philly, PA metro. All Fire TV boxes down since around noon today.

  • Robby Sears

    Amazon video down on our Samsung TV for at least a week now. Started going downhill for at least a month. Would stop in the middle of a movie but now won’t work at all. Says it’s our connection but we ran a speed test and are at 12 megs. Netflix works fine…Lewiston michigan.

  • Bob Blaschke

    down in Santa Cruz, ca….2 days now

  • Chuck

    Prime down Thurs morning 3/2 on my TV app. Pasadena, CA area.

  • Rick Kovalcik

    Can’t sign-in on new blu-ray player in Boston, MA area …

  • Down in Edmond, Oklahoma on all TVs. Been down at least 3 days.

  • Phenyx Ravensfire

    Can’t access Amazin Video going on 24 hours now in Tampa.

  • Gela Yung

    I tried this number, it says “Your call did not go through. Please try your call again.”

  • Kevin Hippen

    All videos show as unavailable 03-07-17

  • Jn

    Down for three days

  • Conservative Artists

    Down in MA. So sick of Amazon never workng right.

  • jo

    down in tucson

  • Tyler Phoenix

    Down in Tampa FL, hell even Netflix isn’t working. Nor is any streaming website.

  • Annie

    Irvine, CA-Amazon Prime won’t connect. Netflix is okay.

  • SlumBum

    Amazon Prime not loading — NM However, NetFlix is Ok

  • Paula

    Kent, WA Amazon Prime not loading, keeps buffering. Netflix is okay. 🙁

  • Donna

    Amazon Prime not loading in NJ, everything else is ok

  • James

    Orlando Fl
    Won’t stream or load the menu. 3-16-17.

  • Carol Swenson

    Down in Denver CO 3-16-17. Won’t even open the menu. Netflix is okay.

  • Karen

    All apps on roku work fine. Amazon prime video wont stream says insufficient bandwidth. Down in Moore, OK

  • Yellen Fan

    Amazon Prime video will not stream over ATT 4G. Netflix streams perfectly.

  • Margaret

    Amazon Prime in Benton City WA not loading on 3/21/17. Netflix working fine.

  • Rebecca

    Is anyone else having issues with Amazon Prime or is it just mine?

  • BlueRick

    Amazon prime on demand video is down 3-26-17…anyone know why?

  • Felicia

    i’m having trouble with Amazon not load on my roku

  • GTB

    amazon prime video app won’t download on my android. message: not available in your country. I’m in Wash DC.

  • Kelly

    Amazon Prime won’t load on my t.v., I keep getting the error message: check your internet connection. I know my internet is working because my netflix works.

  • Jamie Craft Halye

    amazon prime member..its charging for prime movies and it should be..i think there is a problem

  • Jamie Craft Halye

    Amazon prime video is messed up’s trying to charge for prime movies..

  • Courtney Tucker

    Amazon Prime is behaving strangely. Asking me to re-purchase stuff I already own.

  • Skeeborb Blibblefop

    Can’t access seasons I paid for

  • Deniece

    Asking me to purchase prime shows when i am a prime member.

  • Katie

    Nothing will play on my prime account.

  • Carina

    Have HBO subscription on Amazon App. Check amazon, subscription is there, paid and ok. But pulling up HBO on Amazon is showing I dont have a subscription. Says I need a subscription to watch HBO shows. I already have one…If I try to resubscribe it says im not eligible for an HBO subscription. Wtf?!

  • Toffeenosed

    I can only access up to episode 3 season 3 of halt and catch fire. I was watching episode 7 but nothing happens when I click it. LG smart tv.

  • Kevin Jaggars

    Just rented “Miss Sloan.” My credit card was charged. Now Amazon won’t show it to me. Alternates between “Buy It” and error code 9068. Was on hold with Amazon for 30 minutes and they finally said they would have their tech department call me back.

  • Deniece

    Family night and prime not working. It would be nice to have a credit for this!. We will have to get together anouther night to finish our show.

  • Claire

    Trying to play videos of seasons I’ve bought. Says I can’t access any of the episodes right now. Annoying considering I paid for them….

  • Deniece

    Mine is back on

  • Carina

    Seems to be working again.

  • Nancy

    HELP insufficient Bandwidth. ????

  • Jerry

    Audio only, no video in Placerville, CA

  • Lindsay Ross

    We cant get further than the error screen that says contact Amazon . Not able to stream right now. Cape Town

  • Too

    No audio or video but sub titles work on samsung Smart TV. Common denominator? Other streaming services work.

  • Krista

    I can’t get anything to stream. I press “resume playing” or “play from beginning” and neither of them respond. I also cannot watch trailer.

  • GailD

    No video or audio; tried various browsers, tried various computers. Prime streaming not working at all, regardless of show, as of 11A Eastern on 4/4/17.

  • Biscuit Nguyen

    OK, just chat with Amazon support. They know about the issue and hope to fix “soon”.
    Here is something interesting. I tried on 2 separate laptops on Chrome, same problem. Tried it on Safari on Ipad, same problem. Safari did returned with an error message “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”.
    BUT when I opened it in Ipad using Amazon Prime Video app, it worked.
    Reported that to them. They said they will pass it on.

    Looks like they upgraded their main webpage this morning and the URL on the video got messed up. Will have to wait.

  • John Bijarney

    No access to HOME. Upstate NY. Wireless network doesn’t show up on Amazon! Works fine on i-phone. Just keeps scanning for wifi and doesn’t find it.

  • Kim

    The past two days Amazon Prime has been unwatchable…choppy, stops every few seconds, mutes. Very frustrating!! Hoping they fix this soon…it’s killing my Vikings binge.

  • Timothy Noyes

    Trying to watch UHD content. Tried many different programs and movies. One of them I own. I get an “internet connection error” try again later”‘ but all non-UHD stuff plays fine. What’s the problem?

  • Timothy Noyes

    Oh yeah, I have 200 Mbps Ethernet connection to TV

  • Dennis Kniat

    Haven’t been able to load amazon streaming for the last 2 days.

  • Ray Anderson

    Can’t stream Amazon or get into any of my ad ons

  • Le

    1: My Mbps is 70 Mbps, much more than 3.5 Mbps.
    2: My router is less than 6 months old , uses Ethernet cable wired direct to TV.
    3: Netflix works with no errors.
    4: Amazon on TV- passes speed test, starts to load and stop with screen saying loading video, has done since April 9 Sunday, still has the same problem on April 10 Monday.
    What gives? Why can’t Amazon fix their problems, too cheep to add more servers??

  • Rich Tessier

    Thought it was just me! Everything of Amazon’s is borked right now for me. Echo is down. Can’t stream on Roku3. Can’t open the Alexa app when connected to wifi.

  • Michael Marshall

    I have a Roku Streaming Stick. Amazon either: 1. Reboots, 2. Says I don’t have enough bandwidth, or 3. Lets me watch, but with 20 seconds of hiccups for every second of video. Please help!

  • Bryan Schmidt

    Prime won’t load on the tv. Neither will Netflix from my firestick

  • Chris Kinniery

    Cannot open Amazon Video app on my Samsung TV. It just went black and “disappeared”. Now when I try to activate the app it is just a black screen.

  • Donna Nelson

    Me too same thing

  • Dian Darr

    Cannot stream Amazon movies or series. Stopped in middle of movie now black screen.

  • Terry Bonneville

    Watching Amazon Prime show last night and screen went black. Episode will launch but then screen goes back to black. Was able to watch YouTube & Netflix but not Amazon.

  • Amy Gabriel

    Was watching a tv show on my Kindle an hour ago. It now says that video and every single other video (including those I have purchased as downloads) is “unavailable”. I checked my laptop to see if the issue was just on my Kindle, but I can’t stream any videos on my laptop right now, either.

  • Heidi Niggemeyer

    My roku cannot load Amazon Prime either. Just gets stuck on the Amazon screen (Samsung)

  • Nancy Barton-Body

    My iPad Air can’t play purchased or prime video. Cannot stream Amazon movies or series. Stopped in middle of movie now black screen.
    2 Reply

  • Hilary Bonbright

    Amazon movies that I have purchased are all freezing, losing sound, so frustrating. Please advise how to rectify the situation. This is on my smart tv.

  • Noo

    Amazon prime not loading up on my lg TV. Screen going black

  • Renee Gipson

    I was in the middle of watching a tv show on my Roku when it just froze. I’ve tried turning the whole thing off, but when I go back, it’s still the same. Won’t even let me change to netflix. Any ideas?

  • Elmer120

    Why can’t I see the replies?

  • Elmer120

    I have enough bandwidth to rule the world. Netflix is fine. Amazon keeps telling me I done have enough bandwidth.

  • Katy

    Ok I’m having issues, new lg tv worked fine streaming shows for month and then just quit can’t get it back over a week now! What’s up?

  • Jane Galloway

    AP not working…I’m connected, but nothing will load.

  • Russ Patterson Sr.

    Amazon has changed something that eliminates a lot of Samsung or LG TVs and anything that uses Google. If you go to Amazon’s site and look for a list of compatible devices and your TV is not on it, you may have to use an alternate device such as a bluray drive.

  • MartiniTime

    Same error message for me as well..

  • Danny Long

    No amazon prime video here in north Carolina. Anyone else?

  • Danny Long

    I can access apps, but not videos.

  • Orca

    Can’t get amazon prime video in Tacoma, Washington

  • Belinda Cornell

    I am trying to stream a series titled Miranda. Nothing happens when I push the start button on any of the episodes. I am not having this issue with any other show.

  • S.E Green

    I have audio on all cable tv stations, but when we go to Netflix or Amazon Video/Prime there is no sound. I checked all settings and nothing is muted.
    It is Sunday 5-14-17 at 4:3pm EST. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Janine Therese

    I can’t get audio or video for Amazon since saturday

  • Peter Keesal

    Orange County Ca. Streaming Bosch, always buffering. My wife’s Kindle, she can’t access some of her books.

  • Hope Vincent

    Ventura County, California. Can’t get any videos to load.

  • Badon

    Baton Rouge,La streaming Bosch. It was buffering over and over again. This is season 3. Season 1 and 2 worked great.

  • Julie Acepilot

    Harvard, MA Can’t get videos to load.

  • Gavin Cobb

    Wayne, Maine and Samsung tv and it keeps saying insufficient bandwidth.

  • Nick Prosser

    Just rented Lone Survivor and can’t get 5 min of straight video without it stopping. Got a message from amazon saying my bandwidth can’t support it but I have 10mbps wifi. 5/16/17 @7:53pm

  • Sue Flaksman

    can’t get amazon prime in eastern Washington….anybody else having this problem?

  • Tammy Nickerson

    Can’t in Reno either

  • Jake Zahurones

    Amazon app hasn’t been working all day on my Samsung Smart TV here in MN. 🙁

  • Martha Wertz

    just tried to access Amazon Prime in Charlottesville Virginia and cannot get it

  • Tammy

    I can’t get it to work on my Firestick. The network connection says very good and all othe apps work. I keep getting a network error.

  • Sara Zaremberg

    Amazon prime cut off 38 minutes into the movie we were watching on our Samsung smart TV. Everything else works.

  • Brad

    Just finished watching Lincoln Lawyer on my TV. It stopped to buffer every 12 minutes, and I eventually resorted to turning the TV off and on and restarting the movie. So every 12 minutes it added about 2-3 more to continue.

  • Theresa Ream

    Was watching the movie Denial on Amazon Prime and it froze on a frame and would not continue playing

  • Paula Padget

    Prime is down. Why?

  • Brandon Burk

    Prime is also not working me me. Smart tv. Everything loads for forever then network error. Roku is working fine though.

  • Brad Ramsey

    Why is it I can watch Netflix without any interrupting problems. But due to insufficient bandwidth I can’t watch Amazon? Now I just became a member with Amazon lat night, and am already thinking Amazon isn’t for me. I rented the change up last night, which I was lead to believe was free on Amazon cause I’m a prime member is costing me $3.99 And whatever other hidden charges on a movie I couldn’t even watch. I tried watch it tonight, but the wanted an additional $3.99. Is it me or does Amazon seem to not be worth any money at all? Smfh

  • Dale W Downey

    Same problem in Pendleton kentucky. I have the hisense tv with roku tv and Amazon prime is not working.

  • Pete

    Leander, TX. Amazon prime was pausing and buffering last night. Some shows worse than others.

  • tom

    Prime will not load at all here in Western North Carolina . Was find last night but now it will not load

  • mark casper

    Major buffering issues tonight … too many free trial users on prime day???

  • Monique

    Here in Southern California cannot see Prime video. Nothing will load

  • John

    I am so angry! I’ve gone on line and this is a common problem. Netflix, Vudu, etc. load fine not Amazon Prime. I’ve tried to fix the issue by constantly restarting my streaming device, my ISP router it never ends. Whenever I try to get answers it’s always the same reboot your device, your router. If you are thinking about Amazon don’t try them nothing works.

  • Kathleen B

    having same problems in austin texas. roku is fine with all other streaming channels except amazon prime. constantly stops and starts. very annoying.

  • Marisa

    Yep, here in Austin. Was working fine and then all of a sudden it started freezing. Netflix is fine, so I know it’s not the internet.

  • Lynn

    Experiencing the same problems for the last week here in New York City – I watch Amazon on Roku – Constant buffering every 30 seconds – failure to respond at all to remote control or very slowly respond – is Amazon aware of this problem? Is there anyway to contact them?

  • Sheri Anderson

    My Amazon prime on the roku seemed to start the buffering issue when school let out. Everything else starts up just fine.

  • Bobbi Felton

    Prime is down again. Keep getting internet connection error, but
    Netflix, Vudu, Hulu and google play all work fine. Houston, TX

  • Sandi Proctor

    I started experiencing buffering and contacted Amazon about 2 weeks ago re: this issue. I was on the phone with customer support for about an hour, unplugging, resetting, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. Nothing helped. They blamed my internet. However, none of my other streaming services are performing badly. With enough people complaining about it, maybe they will actually fix this.

  • Jeff Russell

    I just purchased amazon prime with movies and am experiencing the same issues as all writers below. My question is why do people keep the amazon prime package? I can cancel, but there must be some other value or why the continued complaints without just deciding to cancel the subscription? Am I missing something here?

  • Jeff Russell

    I just wanted to add that I have a pretty respectable bandwidth and have even tried to use Amazon Movies after disconnecting Amazon Alexa, two I pads, and both of our cell phones. I have a smart TV, I have Tivo but it works fine with Hulu and other 3rd party internet pers.

    Can someone convince me (HEY YOU AMAZON) why I should keep Amazon Prime. I don’t really buy much.

  • Susan Shelby

    For the past three days amazon prime streaming via Roku not working properly, freezes then unfreeze, etc. Netflix and all other apps working fine. I’m in Dallas, TX

  • gabe

    amazon nor netflix are working for me

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Chattanooga, TN. Called Amazon last evening – it is a known issue that Amazon Prime Video is down, and their engineers are working to resolve it. Still out this morning. I am able to access my other streaming apps through my FireTV, just not Amazon videos. First time I’ve seen this issue.

  • Nancy

    Having trouble downloading movies here in Westerly RI 02891

  • Ange Medwid

    Mine too. NorthWestern NY. Since Friday July 21 pm. Hope the engineers figure it out!

  • Ange Medwid

    Yes, same here. upstate NY…not going to go through uninstalling & re-installing when I know the source is Amazon. Probably tweaking something & now it has backfired. to be honest, this is the first time any problems….hope it gets resolved.

  • Ange Medwid

    Nothing opens on Amazon Prime Vid. for the last 3 days. Upstate NY Very frustrating. Fix this Amazon. Stop changing a good, working platform.

  • Veronica Olvera

    Having issues downloading Game of Thrones Season 7 and I am a paying customer…Located in Houston Texas.

  • Veronica Olvera

    Nothing is playing. This happened two days ago and I had to uninstall the app, re-install the app and then update other areas…

  • Dominic Ciccolini

    Just downloaded “Lion ” but keeps buffering and saying I do not have enough bandwidth.What do I do about the video charge not having watched video ?

  • Timothy Crouch

    In the middle of a game of thrones episode sound went then completely shut off and will not load

  • Bryan

    went to grab a bite in between episodes of “suits” and came back to “this content is temporarily unavailable”

  • Randy who doesn’t have a band

    I feel your pain.


    Same with me

  • Jo from Noth Oregon Coast

    Unable to watch my purchased tv series. Says error and to call customer service but customer service is unavailable. Tablet app says episode not available yet but we purchased the entire series last week and watched an episode the other day just fine.

  • Mary from Texas

    went to watch newest episode of Masters of Ink and no audio, only video. Brought up previous episodes I have already watched, and now they do not have any audio. Other recorded shows, like Blindspot have sound, but not Masters of Ink?

  • Amazon Prime Customer Care.

    Contact us on Free Helpline.-I 855 955 66I7.
    Login issues
    Amazon Prime Problems
    Contact us.

  • AMA

    Video down right now – 02492 – tv says Unable to Connect to Amazon video

  • AMA

    Down AGAIN in 02492 – get it together, Amazon!

  • Lili Añel

    I am an Amazon Prime member and just started watching movie and it just stopped. UGH. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! It gave an error code which stated I was not connected to the internet (no network connection). I checked and I AM connected; I am connected on 3 TVs in my home. Sucks.

  • Donna DeJordy

    Netflix is fine but Amazon Prime Video keeps freezing and giving broadband width message. I’m ready to cancel my subscription. I cable company was here and they said my modem, router and cable connections are fine. I haven’t been able to complete one episode of Transparent!

  • Moz Bourne

    Amazon Music stopped playing Fri. Afternoon, Aug 1, 2017, and is still down. No music just a dashed line.

  • Pbarone

    Here I thought it was my new smart tv but I keep getting the “insufficient bandwidth” error when starting to stream video on amazon app. I am a prime member so that isn’t a problem. Don’t know if it’s the app for the Hisense tv or what. Never had the problem with the app on our Tivo Bolt but have had it the last two nights on the new Hisense.

  • Margaret Keinath Karmazin

    Constant trouble in the past month or so loading Amazon Prime, no trouble with Netflix. Takes AGES to load, Search won’t load at all. We just had our internet connection upgraded and nothing changed. Why does Netflix work so well and Amazon doesn’t?

  • Despina

    Can’t connect to prime tv. Screen either goes black or turns tv off completely. What’s up?

  • Bob

    Completely down for me now. Just a spinning circle on my smart tv. I have several others working fine. Fandango, Netflix, You tube, Hbo Go, Showtime Anytime etc and they are all streaming fine. I have a 300mbps connection for my wireless as well.

  • Amanda

    Amazon instant video just stopped working. Everything else works, Netflix, internet connection is good, just will not load all of the sudden. Keeps buffering or says a message: having trouble loading. I’ve trouble shooter everything. Very frustrating. And there’s a 1-855 number I called trying posted in this forum that rings once and then the call fails. Please help!

  • Maggi

    Amazon instant videos is down, as is Vudu. Don’t know why but seems widespread. Try watching a movie trailer and it shifts from loading to picture of movie jacket and back repeatedly. Rigby, ID

  • Sadbutnotshocked

    I get all channels via Roku EXCEPT for Amazon. This has been happening for over a week now. The error says to check internet connection, blah blah blah…says to contact Amazon. Would if I could, but A says it’s Roku’s issue.

  • Jan Robin

    Amazon Prime Music quit working yesterday, 9-3-17. Worked great ever since we got firestick 2 months ago, now quit. Msgs “sorry, try again later” on all options of Prime Music. Prime music works great on my iPhone, just not coming in on the Firestick. All other apps on the firestick working great, Prime Video, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu
    Any suggestions?

  • dima


    When you try to connect Prime membership I got the error:

    “Oh no! We can’t enable Prime on your Twitch account.

    Please try again in a moment. If you see this message again, contact customer service for help.”

    Help me please!

  • Angela Stucker

    Can’t connect to Prime Music when using my firestick, I get “service error” message. It was working fine yesterday.

  • Bob Hacker

    My prime showtime live isn’t working. Every week it is SOMETHING with is company. I don’t feel like they have worked out their kinks. Netflix always works,If they had showtime and hbo ,good bye prime.

  • Bob Hacker

    This is an online going issue for me too.I am getting fed up

  • Bob Hacker

    If netflix had showtime and hbo I would kiss amazon goodbye

  • Bob Hacker

    Happens to me constantly

  • Bob Hacker

    I am so fed up with prime,I tried to make a yelp page but yelp would not let me open a page on them.I could not add them as a business. Shows how powerful they are.

  • Bob Hacker

    They are the worst!

  • Jo Jones

    Amazon Prime constantly buffers! So frustrating! What is going on?

  • Kathryn

    Amazon Prime keeps kicking me off of my videos with a message that I’m not connected to the internet (not true). Netflix works fine. This has been happening consistently for a 3 days.

  • fatchoy8

    I get the message no network connection when I try to launch amazon where I also purchased the cinemax and hbo channel…i do the check network test, everything is fine. I can watch netflix and youtube so what’s up w/amazon’s no network connect? that my complaint, paying for channels I can’t watch tonight, wtf

  • Janet Gill

    I get a black screen with three dots in the bottom right corner. I can search and scroll through the top menu but that’s it

  • Arlin Hill

    In Wichita KS on Cox internet/cable. This is the third day that Amazon freezes after clicking on episode that I want to watch. I have a half circle frozen in center of screen. This via LG smart screen.
    Huluplus and Netflix are accessible.

  • Yolanda Castillo

    Amazon keeps buffering since yesterday. Started with no sound and staggered video. Live in San Angelo, Tx. Anyone know when problem will be resolved?

  • Lesa Harrison Kurk

    Keeps buffering. What’s the solution? St. Pete, FL.

  • Jodi

    just got a new sony bravia 4k uhd tv. amazon video does not stream but netflix etc does. however amazon video works just fine on our other devices. so is it the tv or amazon??

  • Allen Brady

    amazon prime video on roku buffering LIKE A MOFO. not my internet speed. its very high

  • jlt85215

    Phoenix az-
    same buffering problems

  • Deanna Washburn

    Firstick worked great before work now the ratio display is all messed up. Is something going on?

  • Politics_Nerd

    Video Unavailable
    We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to our help pages.

  • LoriAnn

    I’m also getting We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to our help pages. on every video. On hold with customer support but they’re estimating 17 minute waittime.

  • Wm Smith

    I hope they fix it soon

  • Randy P

    Problems playing any video right now in SoCal but was working fine an hour ago.

    All I get is , “We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to our help pages. “

  • Vinothkumar

    Facing same issue in India also. Getting -” We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to our help pages.” for all videos

  • Arun Devanathan

    Are you from India? I am facing the same issue.

  • Thomas Underwood

    My Streaming audio is cutting off a lot. USA Mass

  • Kevin Margolin

    Not able to log onto any content related to Fullscreen App

  • John A

    happening here, cannot get through a full moving on Amazon , everything else, Sling, YouTube etc all fine. Firewall does not report any issues.

  • Jason Thomas

    Horrible video streaming, my vhs run and look better than this crap. Music streaming STILL NOT WORKING!!! Why am i even paying for this?!?! Why Amazon? Why, your THE biggest company, your CEO is beyond rich….and you cant even setup streaming correctly? I mean even the free streaming apps, whether it be music or videos, work better.

  • Kat

    Can’t stream a movie today….The “Amazon” opening icon won’t even come up at this point. Started with “not enough bandwidth”.

    Murrieta, CA

  • Di

    Exact same problem as Kat.


    we can’t watch movies either today. It won’t load them

  • Sean Monahan

    Anyone having issues streaming Suits season 6?

  • Viki Crays

    can’t log in, tried everything, deleting app, upgrading ipad, reloading, rebooting router, now can’t even get logged in. i’m in beaverton, or ipad air2 dish service

  • dfp

    iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, safari. All down – and have been for 2 days. Really Amazon.

  • Movie, please

    Constant streaming problems with Prime via Roku. Not the internet because Netflix via ATV has no problem streaming. This is constant and ongoing to the point of not being able to watch anything.

  • Tracy Dillery

    Blank screen- Not a prob with netflix. Ugh

  • Rohan Carrette

    amazon prime is constantly freezing and it has nothing to do with internet/service provider. Netflix works without issues…this makes it very difficult to watch anything on Amazon Prime

  • Becky Strawder

    We just bought a highsense tv yesterday. Gpt it all hooked up and everything working great. Go to continue a ahow I was watching on Amazon Prime and I get a notice that that webaite is temporarily unavailable or the site has been permanently moved. What? Tried off and on and day and keep getting the same message. What’s going on?

  • Ralph Costa

    Amazon will not load, just goes blank…….no problem with Netflix or any others. Very frustrating. Amazon
    needs to fix this! I’m in Lodi, Ca.

  • Susie Maxwell

    In STL, screen goes dark and Amazon won’t load. No problem with Netflix, just Amazon.

  • Armand Braun

    yesterday and again today continued problem with watching amazon prime downloads- it freezes, and not any better today than yesterday. I contacted customer serviced they refund the rental movie but do not admit there is anything wrong on their end. My internet speed is great and no problem watching Neflix. Are we seeing the signs of typical corporate success cancer starting to affect Amazon.. .what a shame.

  • Miranda Seymour

    4 days now, Amazon video and Netflix both stopped loading on my laptop but work on my ipad mini. Tried clearing browsing history on laptop but it didn’t help. Not sure what to do. Have an Amazon tech contact # but haven’t called yet. Anyone know what’s going on? Since everyone seems to be having issues it can’t just be my laptop??

  • Kami888

    In Denver. Problems suddenly started 3 nights ago. Everything rebooted, all ports and connections checked. Internet fast and everything else is working. Even put new batteries in Roku remote! Where are you Amazon? This is insane.

  • BethKCMO

    Two days ago, Amazon Prime stopped working on my Sharp TV in Kansas City, MO, area. It’s still down (1/20/2018)

  • BethKCMO

    Netflix and YouTube stream just fine. Just tested my AT&T download speed and it’s 15 Mbps. WTH, Amazon?

  • glenn child

    My Amazon Prime streaming video, stops and goes every few seconds, I can’t figure it out. Does anyone have a idea to fix this?

  • Kb

    I’m getting netflix fine but amazon prime just goes black when I make a selection and tell it to play

  • john

    i can stream netflix fine but when i stream amazon prime video it stops and says low band width. have not been able to stream prime video at all on my tv but i can stream prime on my laptop.

  • Massimo Strino

    Like many others have posted, Amazon prime streams keeps buffering, every 2 or 3 minutes of play 5 to 10 seconds of buffering…very annoying! Not an ISP problem , with exactly same setup and connection Netflix and Youtube are streaming just fine. Time for Amazon to face reality and do something about it!

  • Kami888

    This is getting very annoying. It played fine in the middle of the day when I tested it. But during prime time, it just won’t work for the last month. Why isn’t this fixed? It’s on THEIR end, not ours.

  • solomonpal

    Exactly my issue. It’s netflix. Maybe they want you to buy the stick

  • I was hoping to relax with a Hallmark movie before the game since I’m still paying for a Hallmark subscription. Not a chance. Can’t get any of their movies to load. Really not that into watching on my computer or hooking it up to my TV at this point. I thought after all these months, this would be fixed. I just Amazon is too busy dealing with finding a new headquarters rather than solving low hanging fruit. It’s interesting to read of all the similar issues. Sorry to hear everyone. I really thought they would have their act together by now.

  • Dan Caudle

    Had that issue on a Kindle Fire, reset the Fire to original and it solved that problem. However now ( 2 months later) my Prime Movies act like they are on fast forward. Note it all works great on Roku, Phone and Laptop

  • Teresa Koop

    Prime won’t load. Yes Netflix, Yes Hulu, No Prime.

  • Patricia Burkhart

    mine is not working – Netflix fine – not prime

  • Brian Holmes

    All streaming services on my TV are up and running except Amazon. 55318. 12 hrs. +

  • jerry

    Amazon support 8558440388 is always busy why? I cant login to my account from last three days.I tried the helpline number since evening always busy

  • harry

    Amazon Prime not running?

  • Charlie McNatt Webster

    all my apps are streaming except Amazon, I noticed it wasn’t working yesterday, March 12