The main problem to transpire would have to be when the website goes down due to server issues or something else. But Amazon login problems could be a factor, along with pages not loading properly, or maybe it’s an order issue etc.


Main complaints are down to outages; maybe it is not as bad as the shopping site going down, because now and then Amazon problems with sellers do arise and this need to be tackled with care. This is why we are here, so you can list below what ever is wrong.

If you are having any type of Amazon online store problems being it if the site doesn’t load, if you have login issues or anything else, please do share them below with your location.

Amazon status reports for Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

To find out if Amazon is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sylvia

    The site is not loading properly and I am really getting frustrated because I need to purchase a gift before it is too late. All i am getting today is “Sorry something went wrong.

  • Nancy

    I cannot post any reviews today, weird because I was doing them yesterday. I like to send in a review to a product I purchased because this helps potential buyers.

  • Deidre

    Amazon login issues for me, maybe it is a slight glitch because i have had no problems for months.

  • Brad

    I have ordered my Apple iPhone 6 and still not received it. Been like 2 weeks and they still haven’t dispatched it. I called and cancelled my order and buying somewhere else who actually cares.

  • Donnie

    Best Buy is normally really good, but the last two products or ordered i had to wait a lot longer than normal for delivery.

  • Judy

    I have tried changing my shipping address so many times and it is not letting me, how do i do this on Amazon?

  • Julian

    Is Amazon down is Kansas as I cannot get it working my end?

  • Babara

    Is anyone having issues with their amazon login after installing windows 10?

  • Kerry

    I cannot buy anything on Amazon, I have tried to but when i click buy then go to the basket thing no products show up.

  • J

    App won’t update on my iPad. Works fine on my iphone

  • Mary

    I can get to the login page on Amazon but all other pages are showing blank for me.

  • Kaicey

    O ordered a couple of shirts for a concert, and guess what? The t-shirts came 2 weeks after the concert ended even though it said i would get 3 days prior.

  • Fared

    I have a kindle and am trying to download a few magazines, but it is not letting me do so. It says I am not connected which is strange as I know I am.

  • Jordan

    Amazon error message Error message CS3 is what I am getting after trying to open app and website.

  • Zimon

    Down for me in Germany.

  • Paul Walker

    Amazon Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160

  • Jan

    I have orders to ship and they have to get out asap but for some reason I am not able to log in to my account to ship them. What’s going on?

  • Mike

    I cannot seem to login for some reason, must be an issue with servers even though the website opens.

  • Ann Sparks

    Down in central Texas

  • Josh Pacheco

    Is Amazon seller app is down right now ?

  • Kelly John

    Amazon Customer Care Number Toll Free @ +1844-551-3555

  • DJ

    Any idea, how we connect to Amazon Support?

  • Deb

    All six of my smart home devices connected to Alexa all went down this evening. TP Link devices. Is this due to Smazon being down? Alexa still plays music, tells weather, does skills like jeopardy.

  • njtrapper

    When I try to log in ,it says they are sending me a verification number. I got it ,entered it and it was not accepted. What gives?

  • Jim Grosvenor

    Amazon did not recognize my password. I asked to have the password reset. The website said it sent me an activation code. No code arrived. I requested another code sent, and still no code has arrived.