The main problem to transpire would have to be when the website goes down due to server issues or something else. But Amazon login problems could be a factor, along with pages not loading properly, or maybe it’s an order issue etc.

Main complaints are down to outages; maybe it is not as bad as the shopping site going down, because now and then Amazon problems with sellers do arise and this need to be tackled with care. This is why we are here, so you can list below what ever is wrong.

If you are having any type of Amazon online store problems being it if the site doesn’t load, if you have login issues or anything else, please do share them below with your location.

Amazon status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Amazon is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Amazon? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sylvia

    The site is not loading properly and I am really getting frustrated because I need to purchase a gift before it is too late. All i am getting today is “Sorry something went wrong.

  • Nancy

    I cannot post any reviews today, weird because I was doing them yesterday. I like to send in a review to a product I purchased because this helps potential buyers.

  • Deidre

    Amazon login issues for me, maybe it is a slight glitch because i have had no problems for months.

  • Brad

    I have ordered my Apple iPhone 6 and still not received it. Been like 2 weeks and they still haven’t dispatched it. I called and cancelled my order and buying somewhere else who actually cares.

  • Donnie

    Best Buy is normally really good, but the last two products or ordered i had to wait a lot longer than normal for delivery.

  • Judy

    I have tried changing my shipping address so many times and it is not letting me, how do i do this on Amazon?

  • Julian

    Is Amazon down is Kansas as I cannot get it working my end?

  • Babara

    Is anyone having issues with their amazon login after installing windows 10?

  • Kerry

    I cannot buy anything on Amazon, I have tried to but when i click buy then go to the basket thing no products show up.

  • J

    App won’t update on my iPad. Works fine on my iphone

  • Mary

    I can get to the login page on Amazon but all other pages are showing blank for me.

  • Kaicey

    O ordered a couple of shirts for a concert, and guess what? The t-shirts came 2 weeks after the concert ended even though it said i would get 3 days prior.

  • Fared

    I have a kindle and am trying to download a few magazines, but it is not letting me do so. It says I am not connected which is strange as I know I am.

  • Jordan

    Amazon error message Error message CS3 is what I am getting after trying to open app and website.

  • Zimon

    Down for me in Germany.

  • Paul Walker

    Amazon Customer Care Phone Number +1-800-608-5160

  • Jan

    I have orders to ship and they have to get out asap but for some reason I am not able to log in to my account to ship them. What’s going on?

  • Mike

    I cannot seem to login for some reason, must be an issue with servers even though the website opens.

  • Ann Sparks

    Down in central Texas

  • Josh Pacheco

    Is Amazon seller app is down right now ?

  • Kelly John

    Amazon Customer Care Number Toll Free @ +1844-551-3555

  • DJ

    Any idea, how we connect to Amazon Support?

  • Deb

    All six of my smart home devices connected to Alexa all went down this evening. TP Link devices. Is this due to Smazon being down? Alexa still plays music, tells weather, does skills like jeopardy.

  • njtrapper

    When I try to log in ,it says they are sending me a verification number. I got it ,entered it and it was not accepted. What gives?

  • Jim Grosvenor

    Amazon did not recognize my password. I asked to have the password reset. The website said it sent me an activation code. No code arrived. I requested another code sent, and still no code has arrived.

  • Bunny Davis

    SERIOUS problem with Amazon in recent weeks…Not updating credit card; not responding to order problem and further, seller not responding to order never received. I’ve tried THREE TIMES communicating with EACH: SELLER and AMAZON direct. Something is very wrong but? I’ve got a life to and? I’m done here and have sent off a letter today to State of Washington Attorney General Ferguson with a detailed account of all this. Yeah. It was a pain to do but guess what? If you can’t rely on Amazon anymore? Some of us need to know that…I have no doubt I’ll get a reply.

  • Eric J. Martindale

    Amazon is having issues today. I’m a pro Amazon seller, so I am on all day, and the site has been having problems since about 1pm EST. The site comes up, but when you attempt to route to a product detail page, an error page comes up (the Dogs of Amazon). If you keep refreshing from the error page, sometimes the page eventually opens.

  • Randeep Singh

    Facing the same

  • Shawna Beals

    same problem here many times when clicking on a product page. Doesn’t happen when doing a search though, only when clicking on a link to a product page or reviews attached to a product etc

  • Julie Daniels

    Currently the individual item pages aren’t loading about 95% of the time, with a reported 503 error with a screen that says “Sorry. Something went wrong on our end.” If you’re persistent & keep trying to reload, they usually will. It will, however, do most anything else, like let you return to the home page, see your lists, go to your shopping cart, look into your account… It is only the product pages that seem to be effected. However, with this going on, I wouldn’t recommend trying to make a purchase at this time. This has been happening since approximately 11:45 pacific time June 7th, 2017 & has continued for over an hour.

  • Susan Slomski

    I am having the same problem today as reported by many already. Amazon does come up but when I click on some (not all) books to read the details of what they are about I either get the error saying something went wrong on their end or just a blank page. It doesn’t just happen to books either, it is happening to other products as well.

  • D P

    This exact same problem is happening to me right now.

  • william

    Amazon Customer Care Free Helpline- l 85595566l7.

  • frank hudson

    Thanks for help.Good services

  • Amazon is down!

  • riggedreality

    same here Romania

  • riggedreality

    Down for me Romania

  • Elizabeth

    I live in New Jersey and I can’t get on the site. I could access it a few hours ago- what’s going on?

  • New Hampshire

    It’s definitely down in New Hampshire

  • whatever

    i agree…same here from NH

  • aileverte

    Down in New Hampshire for me too.

  • Northern Vermont

    Northern Vermont on Comcast down

  • sjs92

    Central Connecticut down (Comcast)

  • hank lawler

    down on Cape Cod

  • Judy

    Down, no pictures just little text

  • Karin

    Amazon had product prices and information about an hour ago. There were no pictures, so I tried updating the app, which made it even worse. It looks all scrambled and still no pictures of any products. We are in Elk River, MN.

  • Steve

    Amazon wont let me add stuff to my wishlist. On the actual website, it keeps showing me my list with nothing added as if it was already there. On the app, I keep getting “Amazon has encountered an error. Try again later.”

  • Kathy Lahiff Woods

    nothing but a white page with blue scrambled crap words Wisconsin Gurrrrr

  • Free Helpline.+(1)855-844-0388

    Contact us for problems and issues.
    Thank You.

  • wizkidweb

    It’s down in northern NJ

  • Brad Christensen

    Park City UT, page won’t load.

  • Marilou Jones

    Tried downloading books, nada! Down in Brooklyn New York…

  • Ruby

    Does anyone know the name of Amazon’s old certificate?

  • Debra Jones-Price

    Amazon can’t be reached via my computer on chrome or Edge. Mobile works fine. Not sure about Roku at this point

  • Get Human

    Services are up and running
    Contact them at (1)855-844-O388
    Free Helpline and support staff
    Thank You.

  • Amazon User

    Anyone else having issues listing items on Amazon right now? Everytime I try to list an item, It shows a window that simply reads the following: Website Temporarily Unavailable. Hopefully it’s not just me.

  • Ender

    Down in Oregon can’t add items to cart, get a website with text and white space

  • jcfesc59

    Can’t get my fire stick to update. Amazon says they are trying to work on it.

  • Leeann

    I was on my Kindle Fire HD and won’t let me sign in to any apps. It’s saying something went wrong and try again later.

  • Shaun

    I got my problem fixed by Amazon support +1-855-844-O388. Thank You

  • douglas

    Having problems with amazon website?

  • Miah

    I have tried 3 browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome and for some reason I get a message saying Amazon is not secure. But yet on iPhone it works fine strange hey!!

  • Samantha Atkins

    Down in Silicon Valley

  • Rosy Wilson

    Amazon Services are running.

  • Jenn Sutton Lloyd

    Trying to view or load anything outside or too layered outside of the prime day items causes crash – error” Sorry something went wrong……” message. Tried it on various computers.

  • milt burton

    been trying for 3 days, it comes up but does nothing else. located in ohio

  • Kol

    Amazon services are up and running.

  • Mr Amazing Jr

    Login issues here in Ohio. Password does not work and no code sent to email to change it.

  • Opera billy

    Fix Amazon problems.

  • Frank DePastene

    Is Amazon AWS S3 down?

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Number 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Refund Support 1.800.343.7179

  • Derek

    Amazon problems . Resolve issues now.

  • Albie Morkel

    Cancel Prime Membership 1.800.343.7179

  • Albie Morkel

    Amazon Prime Number 1.800.343.7179

  • Amazon Support 1.800.343.7179

    Get one-on-one with Amazon Support Expert

  • Get One-on-One with Amazon Specialist to get Instant Support

  • Jerry

    Get help from Amazon prime support.

  • Michael R Feldman

    my order will not process

  • Nikkish Prabhakaran

    Fyi your specialists say 24-48 hrs to fix the problem.. during which the deals would be gone anyway

    Worst experience ever with Amazon

    You should refund everyone’s prime subscription money

  • n1kk1a

    I keep getting pics of dogs saying oops.

  • Rich

    Unable to connect to Amazon, today 7/20/19.

  • Howie of St Benedict, Mn

    7/26 220 am is down

  • Alice Olson

    Trying to reach Amazon from my VPN placed in Atlanta. Can’t reach the server. I’ve been trying for about 10 minutes. 3:25 p.m. July 29/19

  • Jerry Southward

    8/25/2019 11:22 AM Login issues in Indianapolis, IN. Keeps saying ( We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.) I never had login issues until now.

  • Beth Romanetto

    Unable to login to my apps on my Kindle. Wants me to register my Kindle (it’s already registered) and asking me to provide the expiration date on my credit card.

  • mary calpin

    are workers protesting at Amazon?

  • Michelle Pham

    Amazon has been spotty for a few days. I’ll be on, then suddenly the next page won’t load.

  • dragonfly

    I have been having problems with Amazon since August 10 2019 I cant log in to my Amazon account it keeps telling when I try to log in to Amazon it cannot access my email is any one else having this problem its now September 20th 2019 and I still cant log on to my Amazon account does any one have a fix for this problem

  • William H Carver

    Works fine when I turn my VPN off

  • Bob Jesus

    When I try to open Amazon prime video is just stays on Amazon screen and will not open

  • Lisa Ticer

    I am able to login but my account doesn’t show my past orders or anything saved. It’s also asking if I want to join prime which I’m already a member.

  • Everette

    Pages are not loading. Very slow

  • Eryhka

    I cannot log in it makes me put in my info sends me a log in code then makes me repeat the whole process…beyond frustrating!

  • Tanya LaPointe

    I can’t seem to apply gift cards – I keep getting the “Something went wrong on our end” message

  • 702pr

    Apps not loading in Las Vegas

  • Anastacia Garcia

    I keep getting a “Malicious Website ” message and its blocked for my own protection. And a lot of the pictures are not coming out.

  • Jo Mahoney

    I can’t purchase items from my cart.

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Oshkosh, WI

    I can’t purchase MP3 singles. The page just has a spinning circle that never quits,

  • J Taylor

    I can’t play fishdom today. Constant message about Amazon app store & then it quits the game. Is it my Fire tablet or is it Amazon App Store?

  • Tom Dollman

    My Amazon shopping app has been down for 3 days. Says “There is a problem. Try again later”. Really? 3 Days? No-one is working remotely at Amazon???

  • Mikey

    I get a dog in the upper right corner, and it says “sorry we couldn’t find that page”. And I can’t get rid of it. I wanted to watch a prime movie, but that friggin’ window won’t go away.

  • jan beard

    Was watching tv and all of a sudden the tv was turned off and we can’t turn it back on

  • Varenda Townsend

    I cannot log in it makes me put in my info sends me a log in code then makes me repeat the whole process…plus I made orders last night, but I get a message that my account has been closed! I

  • Christie

    amazon wont pull up on the internet?

  • Roxsizl

    cannot log on to AMAZON for nothing. Thought I would have to reset my whole computer…what is up?

  • Michael Goldshteyn

    Amazon is down for the count at the moment, it’s not just you!

  • Ernest E. Breau Jr.

    Amazon down – from PA

  • Andrew Young

    Amazon not loading, Seattle

  • El

    omg… i just wanted to buy some ferret hammocks LOL

  • Jennifer

    I am not able to process a return, been trying for over an hour, — VA

  • XP fo LIIIIIIfe

    duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “click here to upload your drivers license if you ARE UNABLE TO RECEIVE A TEXT MESSAGE CODE FOR 2-STEP VERIFICATION”



  • Malina james

    Problems with @amazon @amazonprime
    A͎m͎a͎z͎o͎n͎ C͎u͎s͎t͎o͎m͎e͎r͎ C͎a͎r͎e͎ +1͎-3͎I͎5͎-2͎O͎I͎-O͎5͎O͎5͎ F͎r͎e͎e͎ H͎e͎l͎p͎l͎i͎n͎e͎