AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Mail, Login Outage

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a fantastic messaging application where users can use either PC or mobile phone to exchange messages around the world, but when there are issues this can be a cause for concern. Is AIM mail, login or website down for you?

If you are having problems with AIM, apps, website etc then please do come forward and report your service status right here on this page. Let us and other users know what your troubles are along with your location and what platform you are using, being it Mac OS X, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Windows Mobile or Windows.

Main issues include you operating system not allowing you to download the app, AIM mail is down, global login/sign in and sign up not going any further than those particular pages. website not working, messages not showing or sending or iChat won’t connect to AIM.

AIM status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if AIM is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with AIM? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Rachel

    AIM is working on my smartphone, but when I try to access on my computer I keep getting a message basically saying, missing required parameter.

  • Ruben

    AIM keeps saying reconnect, but I do not know what is going on as never had this issue before, just keeps doing the same thing when I try.

  • Carlos Jearmy

    AIM Customer Support 1855 777 1707 Toll Free Help.

  • Aol Customer Care

    Aol Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Toll free Helpline.

  • Aol Customer Care

    Having issues with Aol?
    Contact us. 1 8557771707 Toll Free Helpline.