AOL outage fix by switching off WiFi

Customers are experiencing an AOL outage at the moment, leaving them complaining about the service being down for far too long. AOL users have contacted us letting us know of the issue and as far as we can there does seem to be a problem.

Majority of AOL users have tried gaining access on their smartphone and tablets but to no success. One users said, I can’t get onto AOL on my iPhone or iPad in New York City, this has gone on for way over an hour now.” It seems the main area of concern is New York; we will elaborate on that when we hear anything else.

Looking into this a little further it seems if you turn your WiFi of your smartphone, tablet etc you will then be able to access AOL. If you want to access AOL Mail it may be worth switching off WiFi on your device and see if you can gain entry through the cloud.

Are you having AOL problems today? If you are please do comment here letting us know the issue and the location you are situated.