includes many services such as Internet, email and online website offering lots such as news and much more. But now and then problems will arise such as email not working, website goes offline or users not able to login etc. Server downtime normally brings the email service as well as the website down for a period of time, leaving customers in the dark.

Sign-in problems can occur when the servers are down, but this can also be down to password glitches. AOL email problems is one of the most problematic when it comes to issues, and when any of the above or anything else happens with your AOL service please do share then below.

If you do have AOL problems please share below with you location and what browser you are using, as this helps all understand where the problem lies.

AOL status reports for Monday 18th of June 2018

To find out if AOL is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with AOL? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • s.

    I’ve had problems with AOL mail for at least a month! I’m in northwest Washington state. It might be hours before I get mail or as much as a day and a half later according to when the sender sent it!…. What’s the problem???

  • TA

    Tuesday 2/6/2018. Not receiving any aol emails. Is it down.

  • Dolores

    Looping issues on user ID/password also, then I get in, but see 67 pieces of mail, and get booted off with a red notice my password is incorrect. Today is day 7 for me! happens on all Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc as
    well as 6 office commuters besides my personal laptop. Level One said I need level two tech or senior, now
    when I call in again, they say they are ‘working on it’ and won’t pass me to Level 2 techs

  • Brett Golightly

    Getting in or signing in?!?!?!?! Hell, I can’t even get the main page to load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exhausting and I have important emails to handle my business and this is playing around with some of my programs for my survival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it isn’t broke, then DON’T fix it!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand AOL was just sold to someone else and then THIS happens!???!? To notify each and every person would be a ridiculous effort in futility! We NEED a DATE this will be back up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brett Golightly

    Are you able to share that number here so I can call in? I have been looking everywhere online for it and nothing!

  • Brett Golightly

    That down vote was for the topic at hand. . . Not getting any feedback at all and can’t even find a telephone number for them to call. Been down here for a week and half now!!!!!!!!!! Main site won’t even load

  • sandy weil

    Main page won’t load. Been since 5am. SF, CA

  • John Simmons

    been trying for 3 days now, unable to load anything AOL, Little Rock, Ar

  • Jim Moore

    Same here. Strangely, I can connect through Chrome but not Firefox and IE.

  • Stephy vault

    Unable to login…Please try again

  • LoveHistory

    Cannot get AOL on my desktop but it works on my iPad and iPhone???

  • RandyM
  • RandyM
  • RandyM
  • RandyM
  • A0L Care 18OO-585-2492

    AOL Live

  • Samantha jones

    Having issues with AOL?

  • Jamie Milsap

    Login issues with AOL mail today, April 2, 2018!!! What is wrong???

  • Just Asking?

    Down again is South Florida-Palm Beach County!!

  • AoI Care 1-8OO-585-2494

    Email sign in problem.
    password recovery.

  • Tammy Bee

    Down in Arlington, VA (doesn’t work on WiFi either)

  • wzimmerman

    Consistent difficulty signing on to AOL Mail, for the past two hours at least. I get a picture of a cute mixed-media doll-like creature, with the unhelpful message — GAAK — down with an unspecified error. Someone got paid to make that cute little doll. But it doesn’t help me access my email…

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Send & Receive problem
    Account Login Problem.
    Email Sign in problem.

  • jearmy walsh

    Email Login Problem.
    Password Recovery.
    Send & Receive Problem.

  • Peter Swanson

    E-Mail for Compuserve users – now by default AOL customers is screwed up and has been for THREE days – As of Friday Morning my wife could not get into her e-mail account – Got a prompt: “Uh oh You must meet certain age requirements to be able to perform this action.”
    “Please visit our Help Center for more information.”

    She’s in AARP, so age shouldn’t be a factor. Reporting the trouble on Friday, and again on Sunday has generated a case number, but no resolution. My CompuSmurf ID works fine. I only keep paying CompuServe/AOL to have dial-up backup when our IP goes down out here in the boonies. Anybody have and suggestions?

  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Account Login problem ??
    Password Recovery.
    Send & Receive problem.
    Aol desktop not responding.

  • A0L Helpline 1-855-777-1707

    Account Login problem ??
    Password Recovery.
    Send & Receive mail issues?.
    Aol desktop not responding.

  • Cristiana Wilson

    @@disqus_4m5A6OTwEf:disqus AOL tech support told me they have only one main server and it’s in New York and NO distributed system of backup servers….really! She then went onto to tell me, “Don’t worry Ma’m, our engineers are working on it!: Told her not to say, “Dont worry” when she just told me they have NO backup distributed servers Please fix the issue i have reported it to you.

  • Vanessa Bright-Myres

    been off for the 2nd week now. Temecula CA browser is safari

  • Kim Berner

    cape cod, ma – happening multiple times a week now … about to drop kick the service. this really is too much. have held onto it bc of not wanting to loose people but this is ridiculous

  • Deb

    Cannot send to an aol email address I have been sending to is there an issue today message returns undeliverable no such aol account

  • Michelle frances

    Aol mail not working today

  • AoI Care 1-8OO-585-2494

    Is anyone still having Email problem??

  • D Buse

    Mail is down today

  • AOL Care +1-855-777-1707

    still having problem in getting emails.

  • Linda Mchall George

    @@michelle_frances:disqus Repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
    Unfortunately, that seems to be true. I was going to comment on how incompetent AOL is (Florida down again). But it’s time I change providers.Have not been able to retrieve email on my smartphone for a week. Error messages indicate there are issues connecting to server to check my credentials. AOL offers no resolution time period.

  • Linda Mchall George

    @@michelle_frances:disqus AH!
    STMP Service Error timeout
    There was a problem handling your request. An unspecified error has occurred.Please resolve the problem

  • Tyler

    I’ve been experiencing the same issue. I have contacted help center several times. I continually receive same response. “We are working on it”. They explain that techs can not find solution to the problem, it’s only scattered accounts that are affected. I asked if the issue was “regional” and if so I would ask relative to attempt logon from a different state. I was told it’s not regional and techs have no estimated time for fix. My software contains many folders – which on not available on WEB AOL. Some of these folders contain medical reports/files and business transactions. I travel and rather than download email containing these many documents, it had been easier to locate info sent to me stored in these folders. I no longer have original emails. AOL seems to be unconcerned. I’ve made several more attempts within the past couple of days do reach Help Center. I can no longer contact Center to chat. For each attempt I receive response. “Your connection was lost – check your local connection”. There is no problem with my internet connection, router, wifi etc..

  • Michael E. Ferguson

    AOL mail Problems??

  • Frank

    YEP. My mail disappeared from my Inbox. I only can see new mail coming in, not saved/unread mail sent previously.

  • AOL Care 18OO-585-2494

    Is anyone still having Email problem?

  • lisa timberly

    cant access aol for 3 days now

  • Sarah Johnson

    @@lisatimberly:disqus please resolve the problem.

  • Renee N

    Can see my emails listed but keeps wanting me to sign in, and just keeps coming back to sign in. Web suggests going to the AOL Facebook page where there is zero information and a bunch of tabloid posts about celebrities.

  • James Bernaud Jr.

    I am having problem with my AOL mail

  • Samantha Nisthana

    @@jamesbernaudjr:disqus #aolsupporthelp i did this but it’s still not working so this is no help to me at all – please fix this problem properly

  • Mark

    Verizon dumping email to AOL has been a disaster. 3 days this week unable to access emails for hours & hours, been “told” password is not good, had to change password and told still not good, this morning unable to access emails again. Of course no access to a real person at AOL via telephone or a credit for no service. At least Verizon keeps our phones working. Get your act together AOL.

  • Wilson Mecth

    We’re on the east coast (long island) and AOL locked us out. Said our passwords were no good & we never had an AOL account. we have them written down & these non-English speaking people in another continent are telling us we’re incorrect. Verizon you really failed us with this move !!!

  • Pooja

    Have been told by a techie friend that it is a major AOL problem. AOL told us that we were using the incorrect password & the answers to “their” questions were incorrect. Since we are Verizon rollovers we never provided information to AOL in a signup procedure. They are totally messed up.

  • Heldie

    I am losing the will to live now with Aol. There is no telephone number that works to call AOL UK. When I email my query AOL say they will respond in 72 hours. It’s over a week and not even an acknowledgement. I cannot send emails for over one week and since 1500 today I cannot receive any incoming emails on any of my devices and unable to correspond with anyone from AOL.

    I need to reset my password. The two step verification the numbers are old and I do not have access to the telephone numbers. Also I do not recall setting up a two step verification. Grateful if you could be so kind as to respond and let me know how to resolve my issue. Many thanks.

  • Manel Though

    504 gateway timeout with America (although 95% of our employees are in Asia) Online in Florida. For pure profit reasons, AOL uses often unintelligible mostly ESL third world types. Lunatic Trump’s single biggest favor to Americans would be demanding and coercing US corporations into returning their call centers to CONUS where staff will actually be able to go off script without becoming incoherent and baksheeshing allah.

  • AOL Care 18OO-585-2494

    A0L email sign in issue

  • Maithly


  • A0L Support 1-800-585-2494

    Support can be gained through the contact listed