Apple Store Problems

The Apple Store is down for me right now! If this is the case for you then please do report it here on our community status page. When there is an Apple Event you can bet your bottom dollar the Apple Store will go offline worldwide, this doesn’t mean the main servers will be down.

Majority of the time Apple will show its Apple event live stream, and in some cases viewers are now able to see it because of minor problems. The Store downtime normally occurs when a new product is being released, but this is a maintenance check.

Is the Apple Store down right now for you? If the answer is yes or you are having other problems, please do list them below. The two most important things to remember in the comments area below, is number one: Let us and the community know what your problem is, and number two please comment your location as well.

Apple Store status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Apple Store is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Apple Store? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tony

    The Apple Store is down for me in Michigan.

  • Carla

    I know the store is down, and i know the Watch will take center stage. But will we be able to preorder the Apple Watch today after the event.

  • Marlene

    Is the live stream happening today? Sometimes they don’t so just wondering.

  • Charlie

    The Apple Store is under maintenance at the moment, all users are affected worldwide.

  • Manka

    Guess we have to sit back and wait to see more details about the new Watch. I have a feeling a new iPod or new product is going to be released.

  • james

    I do not think you will be able to preorder the Apple watch today.

  • Kilie

    Just in case anyone forgets in the UK, the Apple event with live stream will be starting at 5PM, our clocks went forward over the weekend.

  • Danny

    Apple search for me seems rather slow today. probably my end because their site is normally very good indeed. On well, it least it will stop me spending.

  • Sofia

    Bet the Apple Store will go offline because too many people trying to pre-order the Apple Watch.

  • Mark

    We can all pre-order the Apple Watch tomorrow, but you can bet that the store will go down and some will be ticked off they cannot get their little piece of tech.

  • Jake

    Apple Store is down, so looking forward to the new Watch, are you going to pre-order your one today?

  • Matilda

    I am so impatient waiting for the store to come back online so I can pre-order my new Watch. I am going for the Sport model what one will you be getting?

  • Peter

    I have this feeling I will not get to preorder my new Apple Watch, bet the servers will go down or site will be too slow because of the traffic.

  • Mark

    How annoying, to be fair i am livid to the bone. I was going to order the ‘Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band’ but shipping is in June, are they serious. They should have had batches already made, what is this – Made To Bloody Order’?

  • Santa

    The Apple Store always goes down when there is a new product release, so when is the next product release and what will it be?

  • Jules

    The Apple Store keeps kicking me off every time i try and purchase something.

  • Janette

    The Apple Store is really slow for me, I went in the to buy some iPhone accessories like new cables etc and when i clicked on buy my Firefox browser crashed. Is this Apple or Firefox issue?

  • Clive

    I had an apple store appointment but forgot the time i need to be there. How do I find out the time so i do not miss it? Thank you in advance.

  • Daniel

    And in just over 2 hours the Sept 9, 2015 keynote will begin, and already the Apple Store is down in preparation for something.

  • Benji

    Why is the Apple Store down? I cannot see any new products being added today. We will no doubt get numbers and figures as well as iPhone refreshes and hopefully a new Apple TV.

  • Malcom

    The Apple Store is down, and yet it begins for the fight to get your new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.

  • Johnny

    I am sitting here waiting like an idiot, but worth it because i really want the rose gold iphone 6s. I will clicking the refresh button on the apple store like its going out of fashion. so excited but worried at the same time stock will run out and have to wait like another 3 months.

  • Mark

    I took my iPhone 6s plus back to my local Apple Store because it will not start up, but they said I have to take back to O2 because that is where my contract is. This is an Apple product so surely they have to sort out the issue, how can it be O2’s problem, it would be if there was signal issues etc but its a phone problem.

  • Simon

    I am so looking forward to todays apple 7/9 event. Got to be the day they announce a new iPhone, yes the iPhone 7.

  • Larry

    Is the apple store down today for you? Its not showing for me.

  • Janet

    The Apple site is still down for some it looks, but its up for me and working ok now. I am in Florida.

  • Fernando

    The Apple Store is not working via my phone, it just keeps saying it cannot connect to the Apple ID servers.

  • Steven

    Not working for me, tried on hone and laptop and the store is offline for me.

  • Joe

    I enter my login details and it keeps saying password is incorrect. There seems to be an issue connecting to the servers.

  • JayHutchG

    12:04 PST and Apple Store is down. No pre-order I guess? Or have they been hacked?