Apple TV update

The little digital media player gives users direct access with movies, music, TV Shows, Netflix and so much more. Because millions use the little black box at once, servers can see a little bit of a struggle.

Users have the ability to stream content from multiple sources so they can watch on a big screen. Many Apple Events do occur and when they happen Apple holds a live streaming video directly through its Apple TV box.

Main Apple TV problems that can occur are to do with either connecting to iTunes, network, and updates to improve or add new features. People have also had streaming issues as well. Please do leave your Apple TV server status problems below.

Apple TV status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Apple TV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Apple TV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Fae

    The new Apple Events channel has shown up on Apple TV, oh yes I am watching this.

  • Colin

    I really want to buy the Sports version of the iWatch as I think this would fit in with my fitness, cycling etc. This is the only reason I will be watching the live event today. Needs to be more than a day charging.

  • Minnie

    Wishful thinking about the battery life there Colin. I also want the Watch, but I have already said in my head its a lost cause.

  • Barnett

    Will the apple TV crash later because there will be too many people watching, if not crash surely there will be some lag.

  • Pisces

    Cannot get Apple TV today, April 11, 2015. Happens every single time my grand daughters visit.
    Farmington, CT.

  • Mark

    Apple TV locked on a certain screen for me last night. All I did was turn on like normal and then head on over to the purchased, when trying to play a movie the rolling circle thing just kept turning and sticking like that and not playing.

  • Jamie

    My apple tv keeps getting stuck on me, how do you do a hard reset on these things. You know like you do on the apple iphone.

  • Mindy

    My Apple TV movies seem to take a long time to all show up on the main movies page. All I want to do is scroll through the noteworthy movies.

  • Dawn

    How to turn off the apple tv seems to be confusing me. How the hell do you turn it off or even restart it?

  • Bruce

    At the moment we are Apple tvOS 10 Beta 2, when will the general public receive this update?

  • Altamisal

    Well I am at least glad to see this confirmed that it is down right now and it is not just me. I’m getting “unknown error.” And I can’t turn off Apple.

  • Janice

    I have the latest Apple TV with the Bluetooth controller, lately for me iTunes has been acting a little weird and not opening all the movies on the page. It seems to be fine on my Apple Mac Air and iPhone.