AT LAST: Fortnite Patch Notes 5.10 and New Skins

Happy Birthday Fortnite players, today is the day you get to grip your hands around the new update 5.10 patch notes. Before we get into that you may be happy to know many players have discovered new skins within the update such as the Wreck Raider costume and Sun Tan Specialist skin.

Epic Games have released the all new update 5.10 patch notes, that actually now confirms they have released Playground mode, which has been re-introduced with some improvements. As from July 25 this mode will let players whilst-in game switch teams so they can practice fighting.

Countdown timers have been changed to show more useful information, the background of the loading screen has changed. An increase in bounce and launch pads have been added as well as more floor loot and supply drops and not forgetting faster respawn timer. There are new golf carts added, ammo cans spawn even more ammo and aim assist works when using a gamepad, matches no longer end if one player leaves the server.

For the FULL Fortnite update 5.10 patch notes please visit Epic Games – we would love to hear from you about the new upate and what you think comment on our dedicated Fortnite page here.