Atlantic Broadband problems

Are you having any issues with Atlantic Broadband? Atlantic Broadband has over 600 employees with around 250,000 customers, and operates in four primary locations including Central Pennsylvania, Maryland / Delaware, Florida and South Carolina. It was in 2012 when Cogeco purchased the company for US$1.36 billion.

Atlantic Broadband problems do happen and these can include internet speed problems, login page not working, when customers try to use their email login they cannot access their emails, but worst case is if there is a total Atlantic Broadband outage.

If Atlantic Broadband went down this could affect customers Internet, phone or TV services. Maybe your service is all up and running with no hitches but yet you cannot access Atlantic Broadband’s website

Is Down Right Now is here as your up-to-date service status page, if anyone has anything to say about the service etc please do so below.

Atlantic Broadband status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Atlantic Broadband is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Atlantic Broadband? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Wilkinson

    Atlantic Broadband is a little too expensive considering i see more down time than i do up time. Happening far too often.

  • Bas

    I am in South Beach and I must say Atlantic Broadband is the worst ISP ever.

  • Shaz

    Anyone have Atlantic Broadband problems in Pennsylvania?

  • Ron

    In Chesapeake City, MD and since the Atlantic Broadband outage I have still been having problems with it, either not working or very slow indeed.

  • Julie

    Is the an internet outage at the moment? The reason I ask is because I am sending this comment via my phone because i have no network on my laptop. My end is all working fine.

  • Cynthia

    Internet connection is not brilliant, keeps slowing down for me. It has only happened today, normally get really good Internet.

  • William

    I live in Chester and I do not have any Internet service. My TV seems to be getting stuck on channels as well.

  • Melissa

    Atlantic Broadband is get getting rather terrible now, the service is just poos and i have no more words to type unless i become irate.

  • summer sparks

    Is there an outage in Graniteville, SC today,June 17th?

  • Ane

    Both TV and internet service are on an off every 20 min in the South Beach area in Miami, Florida. It is a joke, I heard they are migrating to optic fibre, but there was no warning, info in advance. When is this going to go back to normal?

  • Jennifer Spencer

    I have cable in my living room none in my extra rooms no internet not phone my account is in good standing but I’m getting a message on my extra TV saying service must be activated

  • Myke Lyons

    Service has been up and down in Waterford, CT for the past 4 hours. Support line has me on hold for over an hour. Chat is unresponsive as well.

  • doug

    Same in Montville, CT

  • U happy

    I’m dropping atlanta broadband because I cannot get service, cannot get anyone to return the call, and can’t get anyone to come out to check my system. I keep being placed on hold and no one return my call. System has been out for seven days. And no one at their office knows anything. Worst service I’ve ever.

  • Jacqueline Greenfield

    We haven’t had email for 3 days now. This is getting too frequent. We need to be restored asap. Or it’s time to look for another provider. We’re in Cumberland MD>

  • Hollie

    So slow in Hollidaysburg, PA, keeps going in and out but when online its just super slow service.

  • Dan Ferrell

    while watching amazon prime movie will freeze and the circle spins. Only way to fix is reset internet.