AT&T network outage

It does occur when the AT&T signal is bad, or in worst cases the service is completely down. Users do come up against problems such as an ATT Uverse outage, or Internet issues, and this is where Is Down Right Now community can list what ever problem they are having with the service.

If you have an AT&T outage report to share, or you have no network signal, Internet or any other AT&T service please do list them below with your issues and location. AT&T is one of the largest phone services in the USA, which also offers mobile phones, broadband Internet to individuals, businesses and services.

AT&T also has the U-verse brand, which provides its Television service. This is delivered through IPTV. Local phone and Internet are run though selected areas using either Fiber (Uverse) or DSL.

Many will ask the question Is AT&T down in my area? and below is where you will see many comments coming in, if you are having problems such as an AT&T network outage please do use the area provided below with your issue and location, this will also allow others to learn more.

ATT Network status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if ATT Network is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ATT Network? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kathy Feher

    we are in pittsburgh area techs have no answers

  • Marla Sims Anderson

    In Houston Texas zip 77055 and no phone service for third time in month

  • Susan Dahms

    3/3 Is service down is it just my cell

  • Ruemom

    No U-verse in Atlanta suburb for last two hours.

  • Kevin Rizley

    No service in western OK

  • Carolina Mayda Vargas

    No services or internet in magnolia tx area cell date so weak !

  • Liberty Bell

    Internet down in Colorado Springs, CO

  • No service in Cleveland Texas

    No service in Cleveland for the last 6 days. up 10 seconds down 2-3-minutes

  • Frances Ferrell

    No mobile service Watkins Colorado

  • Elizabeth

    Intermittant, slow, sluggish, awful terrible service in Beverly Hills, CA right now. ATT sucks. And they deserve that comment.

  • RJ

    High Speed Internet outage reported in Plantation,FL since this morning 11am EST still no fix or ETA

  • Eddiefortner

    At&t cell service almost completely gone in byhalia mississippi

  • Monica Hesse

    I haven’t had internet service for a whole andtbey just told me that I wont have ser

  • Linda Young

    I have straight talk service and my phone uses AT&T towers in Harpursville, NY. The last 2 days it has been saying “No cellular connection” Techs at Straight talk can’t even fix the issue. Has to be the tower. I think I am going to get a phone that uses Verizon towers.

  • EF

    Still poor or no service in byhalia. Only 2 bars in olive branch,ms.
    Reported it friday night and still no change Wednesday

  • Rob Stokes

    No cell service on Jasper Florida

  • bernie

    no service here in mauckport ind or Brandenburg ky for the last 2 hours or so service was spotty then went out all together

  • wog

    No service in Orlando

  • sailndayz

    Down in Sparks ,NV. Error 775

  • Sandy Shirley Rain

    We have 2 phones with no cell service in Jasper, FL as of 6/29/2018.

  • Sandy Shirley Rain

    No cell phone signal on 2 phones in Jasper, FL as of 6/29/2018. Is the tower down?

  • Emmet Dene

    no service in 24523 bedford va

  • Cassidy Prestidge

    No cellphone service in Hawkins, Tx. Unable to make phone calls or send texts, or use data in general.

  • Yvonne Meakin

    No cell service right now in Borrego Springs, Ca … emergency calls only. Can make calls on wi-fi only, but cannot send or receive text messages. So … no data usage allowed (no service).

  • matt

    Have had problems with the landline phone here in McDonough, Georgia 30253 ever since the 4th of July. It came back off and on yesterday up until the evening, and as of right now, it has been down for more than 24 hours. WTH is going on?

  • Sean

    No cell service in Andrews, North Carolina to Robinsville, North Carolina. Went down yesterday around 5:00pm and still isn’t working. Our area has been experiencing a lot of rain and thunder storms. But all other cell phone providers are working.

  • Mike

    No cell service still in Robbinsville NC since last night.

  • Adam Rivera

    Same here. What is going on?

  • Adam Rivera

    Same here. What is going on???

  • Adam Rivera

    No cell service in Robbinsville,NC or Andrews,NC for 3 days now!!! SMH.

  • Ruth Lewin

    No cell service in Lexington NC for over three hours what’s going on

  • JRR

    Still down one week

  • JRR

    AT&T went down 07/06/2018 at about 3:30 PM and has been down for one week now. I have called Cricket (my carrier) and put in a work order on 7/7/2018 and told it would be up by Monday. Tuesday Talked to my neighbor and he had called AT&T and Straight talk on Sunday and they were putting in a work order. Thursday a week after it went down I Chatted with AT&T and all they were interested in is selling me a phone and service. When I said what good is buying a new phone and AT&T service if it is not going to work in my area. At that point the chat magically ended. So I guess were at the mercy of AT&T here in western North Carolina until they decide to repair whatever is wrong.

  • AT&T Service 1800-343-7179

    Call us fr any kind of help

  • Paul Miller

    Scam ! Scam ! Scam !
    Real number for AT&T is 1855-888-1706

  • Joshua Brooks

    Broadband service is down in 27603, Raleigh NC. Anyone else affected?

  • Mel

    My att internet is down. Can get a few local sites but anything not close is down. 79007

  • JHW

    No service in Outer Banks NC. What’s the expected time for it to be back working??

  • Matthew W

    In Avon NC, no 4g for past 6 hours

  • Sean Mosby

    No service in Elizabeth City, NC

  • Annette Bell

    OMG are we getting credit for this down time.. If I had a choice they would BE GONE.

  • gatorz

    AT&T fiber optic is down in Gainesville, FL

  • Dustin Rains

    Has your service in Robbinsville, NC returned?

  • Tony Simpkins

    No cell service in Buda Texas

  • Felicity

    No service all day in Frisco tx.

  • Jim Coyle

    No ATT cell service or Internet service in Steubenville, OH for at least the past several hours.

  • Tom

    No cell service in Blue Ridge, GA right now

  • darkanser

    I live in South Florida, North Miami Beach. I just got off the phone with AT&T, and this operator is telling me there’s been an outage from 24-29 Aug, today. So this latest operator is telling me it was resolved today. However, I called on the 25th and another operator told me of an outage but it had been resolved. Yet I didn’t have internet. That operator concluded I needed to replace my gateway. The new gateway arrived 28th. Looking at the connection to my house, I had a suspicion there might be a wiring issue. And the new gateway did not provide internet either. Hence I scheduled a home visit for today. I had to call AT&T because no one showed up. Now this latest operator is telling me that they just resolved the outage and had to reschedule the home visit. I asked if there was ANOTHER outage and when did it start? She’s telling me the outage started the 24th and just got resolved today, the 29th. So this outage that I was told about from the 24th never got resolved on the 25th but only today the 29th? FIVE DAYS LATER??? I’m getting conflicting information and no straight answer to my queries. So I’m not sure what’s going on. Is/was there an outage? Is the problem at my home? It’s more than a bit frustrating. Thankfully I have unlimited data on my smartphone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to share this glowing experience.

  • Brian

    Seems at wireless network is still down and has gotten worse woke up today to no internet on my wife’s phone

  • Anonymous

    No towers is Stephenville Texas we have no date service right now. At&t needs to think about their customers and not there cable company and leave us hanging. We had a bad ice storm and they will not fix the towers. I’m going to switch to Verizon If this doesn’t get fixed soon at least there is a tower nearby in my location.

  • Ciri

    Two of my TV’s are not connecting to the cable, only internet. When I check the connection, it says cable not connected but I am still able to go on line and view Netflix.

  • George

    Hi, I had a similar issue and it may actually be a setting between the TVs and your router when it’s just the TVs. Google 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz settings to see if it’s something you want to troubleshoot/ get into.

    Currently we are experiencing no service at all on any devices and as such is an ATT issue.

  • George

    We have absolutely no ATT service in rural Kendall County IL, and ironically we are 1 block from the main hub for town. Haven’t called yet because often this is resolved on its own by morning and the service technicians can’t find anything. If not I will call… For what they charge we should not have this so often!

  • Ingrid Abram

    Bay Village, Ohio. No service for two days and cell phone is not working. I am 86 and this is most annoying.

  • Amber Starrett

    Our At&t cell phone service is completely out. No service cant make calls we live near Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Tammy

    Mid-east Tennessee here – For the past 3 or 4 days, around 8-8:30 pm (sunset), my dsl and voip line goes out until about sunrise. ATT service tech says problem on their line, sent bucket truck, service working during day when work done, but went back out at night again. Service coming again this morning, but really ATT?? Are you going to refund me for the service I don’t have about 10 hours per day????

  • Donna Kainec

    Unable to get/send mail since 9:51am in Garfield Hts, Oh. This happens at least 1-2 times a week, sometimes more often and I am getting extremely tired of this. Maybe it’s time to switch my isp!!

  • Debbie Jones

    We have no service at all since around 10:00 cant make any outgoing calls and not recieving any incoming calls

  • MW

    No Internet – again- 76367. Two to twelve hours,-at least once a week, for months.

  • Lillian

    No service currently on my phone. It’s 1:12am PST.

  • AT&T Email Help 1-844-899-6006


  • Jaci Long Woods

    I have been without cellular service, all day today, and off and on, most of the calls out or incoming, and no, are we going to get reimbursed for the time we have lost?How long before this nonsense is fixed?!

  • Donna Kainec

    unable to access/send email again. Second time in 3 days. Garfield Hts, Oh, 44125

  • Donna Kainec

    Unable to access/send email again today..Garfield Hts, Oh. 44125. Getting really tired of this AT&T!! You’d think that with what we pay each month, service would be much better!!!!!

  • Donna Kainec

    Once again, unable to get/send mail, Garfield Hts, Oh. This is getting ridiculous!! Time to start looking for a new ISP!!

  • Peter George Tomaro

    no service right now10 4 2018 506pm why

  • Wondering

    No internet service at 71655 for a week now 10/5/2018, 1:27 a.m.

  • Me

    24 hrs without internet let’s start shopping around. South Sacramento California

  • jim taylor

    ATT signal disappeared here in Perry FL 32348-9 three days ago. Hurricane Michael passed 130 miles west of here. No hurricane damage around Perry. How long will ATT be down ? Should I switch to Verizon….which continues fine signal in the Perry area. —-jim taylor 479-206-9193 (after ATT wakes up)

  • No internet today, 10/15 in Dallas, TX. Customer service number does not work either.

  • Katherine Davis

    So about 45 minutes ago I was told that there’s an active fire at the Richardson data center & they flipped that switch to shut down all power to the entire center and were evacuating the building. I work for ATT in Irving and I’m at home in farmers branch now and I’ve got no internet connection either. Theirs redundantancy built in so I’m not sure if this is causing the issue or maybe making it worse but I’m looking into it now.

  • rintintin09

    Ditto. Internet connectivity via phone personal hotspot only, no broadband. Blinking red light on NVG599. Fails the Authentication test: servers must be out of action.

  • JC of Dallas

    Hmm, Uverse internet service went out at about 11am cst. Tried to call main AT&T support number bubua recorded Verizon Wireless voice came on and said “the wireless customer you’re trying to reach is no longer available” or something like that. I have Verizon for my phone but I’m calling AT&T, not Verizon. I called twice to be sure and same outcome. I’m in the Dallas Ft Worth area .

  • Ernest Jones

    It is down for me too. Same story

  • Dan Benedict

    217 area code has no service. I have two phones on ATT and they both say no service. Been down for about 20 min

  • Donna Kainec

    Again, can’t access/send mail for 2 days now. Garfield Hts, Oh.

  • Fonda Auldridge

    Thanks for theinformation

  • Fonda Auldridge

    Been out everywhere 24 to today

  • Larry

    Complete bundle for TV, landline as nf internet down this morning. First time since I’ve been a customer almost 4 yrs. Robot phone help is the same as NO HELP. I hope this doesn’t last all day.

  • Donna Kainec

    Unable to access/send email again, Garfield Hts, Oh.

  • Donna Kainec

    Unable to access/send mail for 3 days again, Garfield Hts, Oh.

  • Renee Travis

    My work fax has been out since Monday and no one can give me an idea when it will come back

  • Bill

    1/30/19 internet down over 11 hours today!! No help from tech support except to verify it’s down. Maybe a day or two before service again. I better be compensated for this. No customer service. Luckily many other providers!! I will not use ATT after this nationwide outage with no help

  • Stephen

    1/31/19- Have been with out TV/Internet for two days. Everyday it’s it will take 24 hrs. Manager calls me yesterday and assures me I will be up and running today.(Still no internet or TV). Customer service is no help. Both my wife and I work from
    They don’t care. Meanwhile Comcast is up and running and providing great service for there customers. Very frustrated, typical company with false promises. My family has missed out on 2 days of work which is not awesome.

  • Kurt Jacobs

    3rd day without Uverse services for internet or phone in Lake Bluff, IL. AT&T blamed on cold weather but no other service provider has had an issue. -25F during a Chicago winter should not be a surprise. Besides electronics typically work better when cold. Given the widespread nature of the outage, one can only assume it is the quality of the network design or equipment used.

  • Michael Kurtz

    never had this type of problem with any other carrier…2nd time in a month, down now for a day…going to another carrier today when stores open

  • Inez Inez Bob Martinez

    ATT Cell service is down again this month and last month as well, in Brackettville area

  • Kim Chatman

    ATT cell phones towers degraded here since 2/4/19. No cell service at my residence and killed land line 2 years ago. Medical issue for us..not just inconvenience. I understand a day or two to fix, but going on 2 weeks is ridiculous !!! Using 3rd party carrier that uses ATT towers and they say their hands are tied and cannot do anything. I had to go purchase another cell phone and service plan with different provider just so we have phone service from the house. I cannot afford to pay for the dysfunctional phone service and new phones and service. Quite disgusted. You would think the 3RD party cell retailer would press ATT to provide for their customers. Do not want to change carriers, but if no service many not have a choice. Had ATT internet years ago trying to also homeschool a student and horrible internet service ..worked when it wanted to, not when my student needed it for her assignments,

  • Susan Clark

    7 days with no internet at our clinic!!!! Got the best usual run Around from AT&T. Something has to be done NOW

  • Susan Clark

    They always say it’ll be fixed by noon tomorrow….heard that for a week now heard it again today

  • Karen Best

    I was assured this morning that or cell tower that services the Lord senior community and military family would be up and running by this evening. It is not. We are the stepchildren of Douglas County Nevada. Pick your ZIP Code 89410, 89444, 89423… I can see the cell tower from my house and there has been no truck up there

  • Daniel

    My AT&T mobil network is down and has been since before 7pm last night???
    West Allis WI 53227 ….Customer service was no help on the phone for way over 30 minutes finally just hung up still nothing this morning, what if there was a fire or a medical emergency???
    I tried to log on and send an email but the website wanted to verify my identity via text message
    Hello my network is down no email option given, finally got on the website No live chat available really that icon pops up every other time I log in, The contact us (help portion) Gives phone numbers not email option that I can see again… HELLO…My phone is not working, I have had a internet problem since I switched fro Roadrunner that they can’t fix and can’t or won’t give me a discount Customer service issues, billing issues, since I switched to DirectTV and UVERSE …I can’t tell you how many times and hours I’ve called and spent on the phone with them only to get the same issue or problem the very next billing cycle!
    I’m breaking up with AT&T…It’s not Me it’s you AT&T, Netflicks here I come!

  • Denise Goodson

    When AT&T joined with Direct TV, everything went bonkers. I have been trying to speak to a real person for weeks. no way jose’. What happened to the people who once worked there? Seems as though the entire company is being operated and maintained by robots. Ugg.

  • Pat F

    I have had AT&T for years. This is the first and only time I have had an issue. No cell service, just since 9:30 this morning. My home internet was working just fine. I am not usre if it is my currant location or this whole area. 53209. Will check when I get homw though. I had Spectrum and other carriers at work. i would never switch from AT&T. Best and most reliable service I have used.

  • Blossom89

    No AT&T cell service in the Cumberland Kentucky 40823 area..

  • June

    St Louis MO 63146 data connection 5G is not connecting, it is going to 4G with no service at all. I have the iPhone 10 and have the latest iOS update.

  • Sheila Walker

    Yeah having issues again today with hardly no service in the 45123 area of Ohio….

  • Martha Burnette

    Still have no cell service in Midway NC near Winston Salem. 2 days down

  • Stephanie N.

    NO SERVICE ALL MORNING IN ST. AUGUSTINE, FL. no word on the problem, why its down, when it will be fixed….nothing.

  • luvbears

    No service since yesterday am in Northern Nevada

  • Cee Carteaux

    Internet off AND ON all morning, cell signal fine. Not showing outage in 46818 but we sure have one

  • Matt williams

    No internet service 30016 all day

  • Gary Hardwick

    Cell service is awful all day no bars or only one bar and I have to stand still in the spot where I can get a signal. I used to have 3-4 bars of signal strength all day long. Direct TV has been spotty too lately

  • Nancy Messina

    phone is running soooo slow ! Internet is not wanting to load, 2nd day dealing with this ! Anyone else I Nashville having issues ??

  • Diane Talley

    phone will not work in my household started yesterday ,will work about a mile away but not in home. All 3 phones


    We’ll I see no many person care about how much they pay in they bills and those persons are super wrong because when you buy to any where and you have to make a payments every month if you make this payment after 1 day you have to maket those companies they make you pay a late fees so if they do that wy no wy make to they give to as a reduction payment when they have a mistek or like right now the network is bad if yoy guys see is no wy problem is they problem and wy dont pay 5 or 10 dollares for those services like cell. phones like home Internet so wy no wt cant make a complain and get reductions and wy bills I left this to those person’s they know I am no wrong to what say

  • Jeanette Roberts

    att uverse in middleburg fl. has been acting up for months now wow as much as we pay u would think they would fix the issue

  • Diane Kunz

    Austin area, phone not work at home but 30 miles away yes, called was lied to 3 times from ATT. Day 6 outage, lies range from scheduled tower, Iphone issues, saying shows working fine.

  • Norwich NY 13815 3G is working, but 4G is not.

  • Cherell Triggs

    Internet still not properly working

  • Sean Edelman

    The internet is very stupid in a way as in it works for 2 mins and then has the slowest but still there feeling for 10 min. I was finishing a assignment for an online class and internet slowed way down and stopped me from working on it and turn back on after it was due. and I am now sad and mad and very sad.

  • Lorie Randall-Marcus


    My cell phone won’t call out and when I receive a call it drops when I answer. My home phone is also att home and it will not connect either. I have rebooted my cell phone and on my home phone I unplugged and reset the box, it goes to green and drops back to yellow. I am getting a dial tone but nothing happens when I try to call out.
    I am able to text with no problems

  • Doug Ketchmark

    No phone service in Ely zip 55731

  • Vicki

    We live in East Troy Wi and our cell service is getting worse by the day! Our phones don’t even show a call coming in or a missed call 50% of the time. Messages are not delivered or received 80% of the time. What’s going on AT&T AND HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE? WE ARE DEFINITELY CONSIDERING SWITCHING CARRIERS.

  • Michael Soothing

    Cell service down in Florence Oregon , no signal for my phone, no signal for any other users.

  • Book keeper

    I wish my man would go down as much as at&t does.

  • Deborah

    This is ridiculous! I am trying to work and getting nowhere because of the lag with service. I live in Inez, Tx and this has been off and on now since last week. Will you please get it together & fix the issues.

  • Muirne Thomas

    I had exact same issues on Aug 14th… Latency so extreme I was unable to work.

  • Student

    What is going on with the outages? It is out at 25820 and it is really sad there was no warnings or nothing. Get the issue fixed, people need their phones especially with disabled elderly people in the household.

  • stephanie wykof

    lakewood ohio 44107 here its been down almost 4 days. broadband not working but wifi found.

  • Alan Corrigan

    It’s funny. I haven’t had service just about all day and I’ll still have to pay the entire bill. Lol

  • Patsy Purefoy-Reynolds

    I had no directv service from Aug 2, 2019 until Aug 12, 2019.
    I’ve had no at&t internet service since Aug 2, 2019 and as of today Aug 22, 2019 my internet is still out and at&t had no progress report when I called today.
    Friday Aug 23, 2019 Xfinity will be installing new service in my home…. I’ve had enough of at&t lackluster service..peace out at&t

  • Balboamom

    My AT&T Uverse Fiber Internet has been down sun 8/20. The “earliest” expedited service appointment was 8/23 2-4pm. They never showed up. I looked on MyATT & the appointment was no longer list. Poof it was gone. I was pissed, and assumed I’d be scheduled for 8am the next day. No, if THEY NO SHOW, you loose your place in line. The next date they had available was 8/29 8-12. Mind you, at this point I’d spent in excess of 2 hours since the 20th on the phone/chat with them escalating, berating doing whatever I could to get this moved up.

    During this whole time, they’ve consistently out right lied to me. Somehow, a manager got on the line and said he’d schedule the appt on 8/29, but had the authority to override it and I’d be next in line 8/24 between 9-10am. This was at 9pm. I saw 8/29 appt on MyATT. They finally made the change by 2am 8/24 & I confirmed on MyATT.
    Shortly after 9am, I checked MyATT and the appt was gone, poof. I called and was told I was still on the schedule & a tech would be texting me. By 10 am, no tech, no text. I called and was told he was running late ( the only answer they ever give) I asked for the tech’s name & phone #. They actually had the gall to give me the wrong phone #. Well, it’s now 7pm & add another 2 hours on the phone, still no internet. Pretty amazing that an the tech’s 1st appt never was completed. No , just another lie. So now, we’re rescheduled for 8/27 1-3pm. I’ve had many cable/phone co’s Provide horrible customer service, but nothing close to this. The fact that they don’t have techs available for repair w/in 24 hours shows AT&T’s utter CONTEMPT FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS would be amazing, but they have a monopoly in our neighborhood, we can’t just switch providers. Stay tuned, we’ll see if they actually show up on the 27th.

  • Balboamom

    Direct TV used to have the best customer service. They’d even offer take the time to understand what you really needed from your overall CATV experience & actually would offer a solution even if it required non DTV products. Well you can kiss those days goodbye. Once AT&T acquired them, it takes days to get them out & the knowledge of the techs went from expert to low level skills. They’ve removed functions…oh what’s the point.

  • Shelli Waters D’Souza

    Cellular data not working September 5, 2019
    In Vinita Oklahoma 74301

  • Nikki Marshall

    It’s funny how my DSL work all weekend and now having the same problem that I’ve had for the last month. Friday they said outage in my area but it worked fine this passed weekend and now service is up and down for 2 days.

  • Barb

    EVERYTHING IS DOWN in Lakewood, Ohio 44107 September 15…has been since midnight September 14…was supposed to be back up at 4 am yesterday

  • Patsy Wheeler

    No DSL internet service in Homestead, Florida. Broadband light blinking read since around 7 am, have reset several times still not working.

  • Eman

    Live in Los Angeles CA zip code 90008. My internet has been buffering real bad for the past couple of days.

  • AJaxx

    Mobile network completely down in Cumberland, MD.

  • Danrobin Yates

    ATT constantly losing signal and data in Annapolis, worst service provider to have if you work or live in Annapolis

  • Jim Ford

    Total blackout 30135! Its been 15 hours now!

  • Diane

    My service has been out since Monday October 28th. They keep saying it’s a cell tower outage 70072 Marrero, Louisiana

  • Kristin

    I keep getting dropped calls and fewer bars of service than normal. It seems to have gotten bad all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago. I usually have full service in my house, and now I have only 2 bars and it drops my calls frequently. My husband, mother in law, brother in law, and even the plumber I was talking to when it dropped my call last week – all have the same issues with crappy service and lots of dropped calls, all over Utah. I live near Park City, UT. It’s getting ridiculous.

  • hilda

    I am having problems making and receiving calls I cant text also

  • Windchill

    at&t is down on outer banks 27936 – been down – already checked that…..

  • Keith Coley

    We have had no cell service for days here in Forks Washington

  • Kari Martinez

    No cell service in Tehachapi California since last night at 11PM

  • Junior Anderson

    No cell phone signal in Glasgow, Ky since 7pm yesterday.

  • Nancy

    At&t service is terrible. More outages then ever known in Mibile, Al. Thinking of looking for new service. My land phone and tv is out for hours now.

  • Nancy Therrell

    At&t service stints. My land phone and tv had been out for hours and this happens a lot. Looking for new service.

  • Jack Chris Killough

    ATT, both phone and internet went down Friday about 3:30 PST. Still down Sunday March 8 12 noon.

  • Tanya

    Internet down for hours

  • Benjamin Matthews

    I live in Lexington Mississippi and I have horrible if any AT&T cellphone service today. What is causing this ? As much as I pay for this AT&T cellphone service they ought to keep their system up and running. I called AT&T technical support and talked with a technician with a deep Asian accent and I barely understood anything she said .

  • Tina Johnson

    ATT Internet is not working. Who do you have to talk to to find out why?

  • Hic Svnt Dracones

    My DSL dropped off at about 7:30 pm pacific, and been off since. I checked AT&T and it says it’s a 200+ user outage in San Francisco

    AT&T services
    Hide details
    Reported on: 09-30-2020, 07:34 PM PDT
    Customers affected: 200+

    We’re trying hard to fix this issue by 10-01-2020, 02:05 AM PDT

  • L Norris

    On a work call Monday, Oct 5 around 11:15 a.m. PST when ATT broadband service went down. It’s now almost 2 full days later and I’m using my landlord’s COMCAST ext to continue working, thankfully. No outage reported on ATT app but my daily calls to support give me no info. other than to say they’re working on it. What the heck happened? Are they rebuilding the broadband infrastructure? Did something break? When will this be resolved? The last ETA was 8:00 p.m. last night but woke up this morning and it’s still down. All outage maps indicate no outages. I don’t understand what’s going on.

  • Consuelo Wertz

    ATT has been down on and off since Wednesday in a rural area in Middleburg PA . Can not text, call or no internet.

  • Phones are anti-traitor.

  • Maddie Preston

    Unable to use data on my phone and reception here is terrible!!

    I am in Kalamazoo, MI, and this outage has been going on for 4 hours.

  • Bella

    Down (no internet) for 7 days!

    Houston TX – 77084

    Please fix as I need to work!

  • Marylin

    No internet service in Marietta GA 30008 for over 24 hours. No decent or detailed update. Problem resolution- no time frame..

  • Tracey L. Kennedy

    Still no internet signal in Akron Ohio this am. What is ETA? Text message stated 5-6 hours for repair and we are beyond that. I work remotely so this is not a great situation. Kindly advise