AT&T network outage

It does occur when the AT&T signal is bad, or in worst cases the service is completely down. Users do come up against problems such as an ATT Uverse outage, or Internet issues, and this is where ‘Is Down Right Now’ community can list what ever problem they are having with the service.

AT&T outage blamed on fiber optic issues

If you have an AT&T outage report to share, or you have no network signal, Internet or any other AT&T service please do list them below with your issues and location. AT&T is one of the largest phone services in the USA, which also offers mobile phones, broadband Internet to individuals, businesses and services.

AT&T also has the U-verse brand, which provides its Television service. This is delivered through IPTV. Local phone and Internet are run though selected areas using either Fiber (Uverse) or DSL.

Many will ask the question “Is AT&T down in my area?” and below is where you will see many comments coming in, if you are having problems such as an AT&T network outage please do use the area provided below with your issue and location, this will also allow others to learn more.

ATT Network status reports for Thursday 23rd of March 2017

To find out if ATT Network is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ATT Network? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • sheri

    Didn’t have service this am in Dallas, TX

  • Tina

    Hot spot not working. Data issues?

  • Rebecca Knowlton

    No cell service in Smithville Texas

  • John

    No service in top of Indiana

  • Ryan N Miller

    No Internet in NW Kentucky.

  • Bill Guidry

    At&t ćell phone service is out in the 70706 zipcode. What about Baton Rouge and other areas. It’s been out 16hours now

  • Marie

    No internet or U-verse in 76182 since last night

  • Bartt Horton

    I can’t dial out from 20747. Offices closed and automated help keeps transferring me to closed offices.

  • Mike Ackerson

    no 4G LTE service for my sons Note 3, my Note 4/5 and S7 work fine. No internet as well in 76002

  • hayden

    no 4G LTE in arlington tx 76017

  • anne

    No AT&T in Decatur Ga for 3 days now. Zero help.

  • フリカケ

    landline not working, kept saying line in use. unplugged it from the land line was still the same after plugging it back in. used landline to call my father’s wireless number, no respond other than the normal doot doot sound. but a moment later my father’s phone rang, but the caller was not the landline but my wireless phone number. (my Landline and wireless phones are from ATT) California, Rosemead

  • T.c

    Cell service has been out since the 1st of January here in eastern panhandle of West Virginia

  • Roy Carver

    No internet uverse service in Cleveland, TN

  • Tom Walters

    AT&T website appears to be down.

  • kimmie

    at&t mobile network down in Nevada as of Yesterday

  • Rock

    problems in Syracuse – started about 1:30 – not LTE, 4G network

  • rock

    sorry NO LTE or 4g, could only use if wifi was available

  • Claire

    No Internet service since January 27 in Burleson Texas. 76028. What’s up?

  • Brett

    No internet or Tv for 2 days in Jacksonville, Fl. 32256.

  • David MacDougall

    No internet or TV from U-Verse for almost 24 hours in Charleston SC 29412 Support tools say there is a confirmed outage but I have no idea how widespread it is or when service will be restored.

  • Geoff Pritchard

    No cell phone service for the last 5 days here in Deary, ID 83823 and no relief in sight. Nobody at AT&T knows what’s going on or is willing to give a crap so our business is in communicado. I wish we had other options as we’d dump this service in a heart beat but they are THE only provider in our area. So much for the free market.

  • Christian Jones

    Service down in Orange Park, FL since around 4 pm.

  • Ron

    No cellular and LTE service. Uverse is working fine. Oakland, CA 94611

  • JC

    No service phone or LTE
    wifi is thru comcast
    Whats going on.
    News did not mention this issue!
    Appears to be wide spread

  • Shannon trimnell

    No tv, internet for the last hour here in Indianapolis, Indiana on the Southside!

  • Joe Boise

    I have had issues all morning with cell phone service Strafford, Missouri

  • Iona Horn-Hallstrom

    No TV or Internet on the southwest side of Indianapolis for over an hour.

  • FedUp

    No Uverse TV, Internet, or Phone Service in Hampton, Ga since 4:15 yesterday. How do you shut down Everything less than 10 min after tech installs TV service. Phone and Internet was working Just fine until then. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Jacquie Hatherly

    There was not Uverse or phone data service in Texas in the early hours for several hours. What’s going on? Even had trouble getting a personal hot spot going. AT&T had a recording saying they were aware of the problem and their call volume was high so it was very difficult to get a real person. Also got a recording that AT&T had gotten hacked into and we needed to change our passwords.

  • Brenda Straub

    My phone, TV and Internet service has been down since I turned TV on @ 5 am, today February 9, 2017. I get a recording that u-Verse is down.

  • Soon to be TWC customer

    No internet or tv on att uverse in El Paso 79911 since mid-day 10Feb.

  • Ale Noriega

    79932 what are we supposed to do??? I work from home!!! 79932 over 48 hours without phone and Internet!

  • Karen M

    second sunday uverse goes out last sunday they claimed it was our router today they claim its and outgage in san antonio and now once again i can’t do my work and well i can’t go in to an office since it isnt a local company. So out money yet they want their money still even with me not getting what i pay them for

  • Jojo

    No att service from morning until now here in jacksonville, texas. Why?

  • Ananda Card

    ATT DSL internet outage in San Diego area for a WEEK now. A WEEK!! Can you believe it? In contract so can’t change providers.

  • Henry Ngo

    Horrible connections in San Jose for a couple days now. I my ping is up in the 1500s and my download speeds are Kbs Help!

  • Joey

    Down in Atlanta for at least the last hour. What the hell is going on and what exactly is AT&T doing to fix it?? Have rebooted modem THREE times with absolutely NOTHING happening except to say it’s currently not available…no kidding it’s not available

  • Zyzz December

    77407 outage!!!

  • JB

    Down everywhere in Brenham.

  • upset

    AT&T mobile down yet again.. has been down or spotty coverage since afternoon of feb the 17th here in TN (37355) This is stupid. no calls or text not even emergency calls!

  • ERIN

    Down since yesterday in Springfield Illinois

  • Kenny Brister

    Down in smokey mountains tn no phone signal at all

  • Victoria Steele

    Was down last wk 6-7 hrs, on again today 7 hrs so far, it’s ridiculous

  • Fr. Thomas Rowland

    Down in El Paso.

  • Nadine Ochoa

    No service in El Paso!

  • Myrna Villareal

    Still down in El Paso, TX

  • Bo Garrigan

    Down in Miami

  • Tc

    Cell service still isn’t working in 26836

  • Dulce Guillen

    Internet service had been spotty for a few days. No internet Service since last night. Kendale Lakes Florida 33183

  • Jennifer Jimenez

    No internet service since last night Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Mike Zimmerman

    No data service at Ocean Center Daytona Beach, FL

  • Kathleen Cram

    No cell phone service in Interlochen MI. A couple hrs. Need to have two carriers, so if one lines down have one working, next move.

  • Vickie Sewell Preece

    No cell service on my iPhone. It says “No Service” Cannot call in or out. Been out since yesterday. Will this be fixed soon? Down in Catlettsburg KY.

  • Courtney Grant

    Cell service is out in Erin,Ny since yesterday!

  • lu who

    No internet since 2/28. N.w. indiana. Spoke to service rep said it was going to be back up this morning (3/4)….nope…they just lie to you to get you off if the phone. 4 days without internet is unacceptable. Demand 50% reduction in your bill for being inconvenienced.

  • Jennifer Worley

    When is it going to come back on? What’s the point in paying for service if we can’t use the phones?

  • Amy Romero

    terrible connection in South Louisiana for the past 2 days, we have had to reset our modem several times this is getting to be ridiculous

  • Jennifer Worley

    U guys need to fix this now how is it fair that we have to pay for phone services but we can’t use our phones mine has been out all day so fix it and fix it now I have missed important calls today do to this bs

  • tdsmith43

    Is the Russians OR are you guys just inept!!

  • tdsmith43

    It seems to be Nation wide! What a MESS. Dumping AT&T ASAP!

  • Martha Bennight

    No service in kerrville texas

  • Joey Lawrence

    No service on my iPhone Fort Worth, Texas

  • 3on23

    No internet service since about 3 p.m. Wednesday. Called that evening they said it should be back 8 tonight and they just pushed that estimated another 24 hours. Glad I have C-Spire for cell.

  • Marijo Weissgerber

    No service for the last hour on Marco Island, Florida.

  • Greta Doggerson

    Cannot make or receive calls in Bloomington, Indiana right now. But can still get text messages

  • Nancy Shoemake McLeane

    Can text but no calls in St. Louis, MO

  • WeeWillieB

    Cannot make or receive calls in Louisville, KY. Text seems to be working.

  • judy

    cannot make calls in Olympia, Wa for over 2 hours now

  • Jenna Danielle Toland

    Can’t make calls in denison tx

  • Oxford Market

    At&T net work is down completely in Mass also

  • David

    Can’t make calls in Battle Creek, Michigan.

  • Lauralee Yalden

    Att not working nj

  • SF

    Can’t make calls Bossier City, Louisiana

  • Linda_LaScola

    So far, the only information on this service outage I’ve found is from customers. I also expect ATT to officially announce what is happening and what they are doing to fix it.

    If anyone has a link to official ATT info on this problem, please post it here. Thanks.

  • Connie mitchell

    Outage in inkster, Michigan since Wednesday.

  • Melani Sander

    Have had no service for 2 days is anyone at work AT&T

  • Brian

    calls dropped for past week in Farmington,CT

  • Urs

    I was down tonight, Sat, 3/11…..about 1130pm…..for about an hour…..and now again 148Am Sunday……What the heck is going on? I was on the phone blaming my home internet service provider all night, when it’s AT&T

  • claylane13

    No cell service here in NJ

  • Sue Jozefiak

    No cell in Clermont fl for 6 days

  • kcunning

    No Internet or UVerse cable TV since last Wednesday & no notices from AT&T as to when to expect repairs. I’m in Berkley, a suburb north of Detroit. There was a major windstorm last week. An update would be appreciated.

  • Shelia McCutcheon

    NO phone service with our cell phones in Mannington, West Virginia,but what is odd is that we still have internet service. We live in a rural area and have our phone and data plans through Net 10 which they use att towers.

  • Anna Scheller

    No phone service in Del Rio, TX

  • Krystal Edwards

    No DSL service in Morse, LA

  • Kate S

    no service – Durham, NC

  • Leticia Hall

    No internet phone or cable in 6 days when you call customer services no one speaks English I work from home and this is costing me $1000 of dollars

  • Wendy Williams Wallace

    internet running slow ohio.

  • Domenic

    No cell service in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Shay

    Internet hasn’t worked since Thursday March 16th @2pm in Poteet, TX and I’m posting this using my cricket hotspot.

  • Ron lopp

    We live in Ocean Shores, WA. We suddenly have had no service for the past week. We either show No Service or Emergency Calls Only. Calls to ATT worthless. Switching to Verizon.

  • Ranata Denise

    Outage in San Francisco since I guess around 3:30. BULL FECES.

  • Victor

    Still down in SF…going on 3 days now!!!

  • Byron

    Correct. In SOMA and going on day 3.

  • frank

    Same here in mission bay.

  • Jermert501

    Southeast Indianapolis area DSL has been down since 1953 on March 9th, 2017. Received promise repair tech would be out Saturday between 0800 and 2000 this was a no show, complained again new appointment was set up and then received call back that the problem is a line outage and I would be notified when it is repaired. That was two days ago…….I am paying for two ATT services I am not receiving not to mention, unable to work from home and Netflix>>>>>>

  • Scott Dunham

    Cocoa fl no Internet since 11am

  • Chris Prince

    Gilmer County Ga cell service out for about an hour now.

  • Guest

    Internet down in San Diego for 24 hours! Shocking that AT&T is rated worst company in America year after year.

  • madbotboy

    No service in Snoqualmie, WA, specifically the Snoqualmie Ridge area.