AT&T network outage

It does occur when the AT&T signal is bad, or in worst cases the service is completely down. Users do come up against problems such as an ATT Uverse outage, or Internet issues, and this is where Is Down Right Now community can list what ever problem they are having with the service.

If you have an AT&T outage report to share, or you have no network signal, Internet or any other AT&T service please do list them below with your issues and location. AT&T is one of the largest phone services in the USA, which also offers mobile phones, broadband Internet to individuals, businesses and services.

AT&T also has the U-verse brand, which provides its Television service. This is delivered through IPTV. Local phone and Internet are run though selected areas using either Fiber (Uverse) or DSL.

Many will ask the question Is AT&T down in my area? and below is where you will see many comments coming in, if you are having problems such as an AT&T network outage please do use the area provided below with your issue and location, this will also allow others to learn more.

ATT Network status reports for Friday 20th of April 2018

To find out if ATT Network is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ATT Network? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • John Doe

    I lost connection today in Massuchusetts
    John Doe

  • Guest

    No signal in Fairfax, Missouri since May 31

  • The New Spirit Oasis Communti

    No signal Cincinnati Oh 6/3 /2016 starting about 5 pm. Can’t make or get voice calls.

  • Hamburglar

    Phone service down. Mobile phone not making calls and shows no signal

  • DC guy

    No service in Nashville. Guy at store said AT&T said outage in five states

  • Chris M

    no service in gaffney, south carolina

  • Lora S

    No service in Independence, Missouri

  • Kimberly

    no service Long Island NY

  • debv

    No mobile phone service in Castle Rock Colorado since 4:30 p.m.

  • William Douglass

    Pittsburgh PA is out too

  • Terryll Rex

    No service all the way from Newark, DE to home in Kirkwood, PA. Been trying to get in touch with my husband the whole way to let him know I was on the way home from work. What if I had broken down and couldn’t call for help?

  • Jim

    None in DC either, up and down right now

  • Tiea

    No cell use in Kingsland, Georgia.

  • Winston Smith

    No cell in western WA

  • Tnich

    Cleveland/Akron area down

  • Shawn Bowen

    Its a lot more than five states. Google cellphone outage maps. Its every state

  • Fm

    Haddonfield NJ (South Jersey 15 minutes from Philadelphia, PA) down!!!!

  • Isela Mason

    No phones lines in Houston, Texas

  • Sabrena Gearhart

    same in buffalo new york.

  • Camerin Smith

    Clovis California

  • Tom eagerly

    Zero bars in Philly!

  • Bernadette Kreidel

    No service in Kingman Arizona

  • Mark

    Nationwide Outage

  • Mayra Camden

    No service in Annapolis/Kent Island MD area since 5pm EST. Very disappointed that there’s no explanation from Cricket/AT&T as to what is going on and no ETA on when service may be back up. Definitely lacking in customer service skills. Do better!

  • Ebson Asura

    Emergency calls only in Independence, MO!

  • Bob Simonson

    No service except emergency calls, maybe, from Grand Rapids, Michigan metro to Kalamazoo, MI about 60 miles south. No word as to WHY this is this massive.

  • Cheryl

    Houston, TX – down since 6:30 p.m. 3 1/2 hours with no service!!! Had an emergency situation with my child and he reached me via email. He has ATT as his cell phone provider and I have Cricket, a subsidiary of ATT. With all the flooding in Houston and in Texas in general… REALLY!!! No explanations as to why there’s a nationwide outage. However, this was posted on both the ATT and Cricket websites, “We apologize for this inconvenience. We are aware of a service issue affecting some Cricket customers, and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.” Not surprising… they most likely will do nothing for their customers to make up for this… what did they call it? Oh ya; an inconvenience! My son was stranded at his friends house with flood waters coming inside the home. Everyone had ATT service! Luckily they had wifi and the friend’s parents were able to get out an emergency message!

  • Katharine Acevedo

    No service at all in Staten island ,ny I use cricket company and let me tell you this I’m afraid because it’s late at night and someone without service can get hurt so please fix this situation. It can be very dangerous

  • WalkerPAranger

    Issues in Harrisburg. My phone & wife’s phone no service with Cricket on AT&T network yet daughter’s phone has service. Makes no sense

  • Desi_Princess

    No service for my friends in Los Angeles for the past 3 hours. Goodbye ATT, hello TMobile.

  • CricketsLastHope

    Still got my cricket service here in NC But my wife does not. I’ll place calls for y’all at $2.99 a minute Lol

  • Ordeith

    2 of my 5 cricket lines are working. It’s so strange that it would be so selective.

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile is also down.. so….

  • Dawn Nicole Billington

    No service in omaha neb

  • CricketsLastHope

    Selective like where I have to stand in my house to get service haha

  • Ordeith

    It’s like being back on T-Mobile all over again. 🙂

  • Melissa Jenkins

    My mom in Chicago has been without Internet and phone service for 4 days but I bet you they want full payment at the end of the month.

  • Desi_Princess

    Not for me. 😉

  • Clennon Everett

    Just paid my bill because I use them for my business and now my contractors can’t even get in touch with me and I lost over $1,500 due to this inconvenience as they call it.

  • Rodger Dodger

    Oh yeah….good luck with the TMobile coverage 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Baile M.

    Does anybody know when it’s gonna get fixed?

  • katrina hill

    When is the service gonna be fixed?

  • Diane

    Seem like Neverary

  • Diane


  • Christy Mena

    5 days now no service! No cable or Internet since last Saturday. Been given run around by customer service personnel. From supervisors to escalation techs! Got network outage clearance last night for the 3rd time. Waiting on tech who is so far 17 minutes late. They knock off $5 a day only what a letdown AT&T Uverse!!! Last chance today to get restored services or I am quitting this terrible provider. ….

  • Laura

    I have 5 lines of service; live by Altus AFB, Oklahoma. Service went down around 2:00-2:30 p.m. yesterday. Big inconvenience when it happened; was on my way to look at a house in another small town, also meeting family member to pick up grandkids & had no GPS & no way to call anyone about the meeting & no one could reach me. Found out about 4-5 hours into the outage my daughter’s service wasn’t affected. But she still couldn’t reach any of us as all the other lines were without service. When it first happened I thought it was just my phone. Very odd that I received a text from Cricket before the outage letting me know they received my payment….. and only 4 out of 5 lines were affected. I’ve really been happy with Cricket Wireless service, so I hope something like this doesn’t happen again. I could care less if I couldn’t get on any social media for 12+ hours, but not having a way to make calls or even send a text if an emergency was to arise, not cool. My line of service came back on around 1:00-1:30 a.m. but the rest of the lines weren’t restored until roughly 6:00 a.m., and not at the same time. Last line was restored close to 7:00 a.m. It would be nice to be compensated in some way for this. But I’m not gonna throw a “hissy-fit” if we’re not. I do want to know what the cause was though for sure. (With my phone, all the lines, could not call 911 even or customer service.)

  • Em

    mobile, al down

  • Kelly

    We’re in Maryland, without any phone service now since Friday evening!!

  • Arlene

    I am getting so mad!!!!!! It has been almost 2 and half weeks! I refuse to pay the bill with no service! In Greenville, Delaware

  • David

    it was very hard to get help. i got the number for help i.e 1-844-444-0101 and all my problems solved.. by the AT&T suport team..

  • Barbara Huskey

    I’m on Alligator Point (Franklin County) Florida and our cell svc has been down for the last few hours. I just discovered that I can receive text msgs but cannot call or send msgs. Called the CS/Cell Tower Down number on our land line but tho we put in our cell number several times, it either disconnected me or kept saying “Please enter your cell phone number.” I did contact AT&T via email and was told to msg them with our info, which I did but that was around 11 a.m. and have heard nothing since. Would at least like to know when cell svc will be up. Or do I have other problems. Help!! And Tks!!

  • David

    it was very hard to get help. i got the number for help i.e 1-844-444-0101 and all my problems solved.. by the AT&T suport team..

  • Stacy

    No cell service in southwest minnesota

  • br

    Uverse out in Round Rock texas area.

  • Paul

    No cell service in Apple Valley and Lakeville, MN and near by cities.

  • AJ

    spotty service at best in Chaska, Victoria, Mayer areas in MN

  • Roger Rogers

    5:40pm CST. No cell service in Apple Valley, MN

  • Kathy

    Large area in central Texas has been out for a few hours. No one at ATT seems to be able to provide any info or general estimate of recovery time except to say it “may be 24 hours.” Seems as though this isn’t a constructive or efficient way for a major US corporation to handle customer service. They need to formulate a better communications system.

  • Chris

    Was hung up on by tech support twice after the same amount of time, the a retention operator called them and was hung up on after the same amount of time. Appears they have a timer for calls if they don’t answer it disconnects after a set amount of time. Quality customer service AT&T

  • Sandy

    Still no uverse service in Round Rock, TX. Out most of the day. Productivity zero when you work from home and rely on internet service. Blessing in that I now know not to ever get uverse TV.

  • Melissa Gonzales

    Does anyone know if the internet is still out in E Lansing, Michigan. It’s been out since Tues.

  • Brooke

    Logansport, IN. Can’t make or receive calls. 4GLTE is really weak too. Didn’t have any service Thurs last week. Thought the issue was fixed?

  • Jack

    Internet and U-Verse has gone out 4 times today. Starting this am around 9:30am.
    Called ATT to see if there was an issue here in metro detroit. All I got was a person in Singapore who seemed more interested in my account info than to answer my outage question. Had to hang up after 40 mins of nothing. These periodic outages have been going on for about a month with increasing occurrences and lengthier offline time with each occurrence.

  • Laura J Vazquez

    Internet and Uverse has been down for 24 hours!!! I pay my bill on time EVERY TIME!!! WHAT IS GOING ON????

  • Eyes To Fly With

    Very spotty service in Berkeley, CA. Uverse internet keeps going down. It’s been so challenging to get work done today. AT&T has been very hard to deal with over billing issues, and now this….

  • Marcia Templeton Eubank

    no signal, no tv, no phone, no internet in Coventry ohio by linda street in akron, ohio. storm took them out this morning.

  • Lisha23

    No service in Chillicothe Ohio

  • pissedoff

    it’s been down since 9 am yesterday here in los angeles. Me and my cats can’t watch Pornhub!

  • Sara Becker

    This is so ridiculous AT&T!!! Get it together!! :{

  • Phil8656

    Up and down since yesterday in Oklahoma.


    Down in Quinby and Florence, South Carolina since this morning before 6a.m.

  • No Name

    Well been down in big lake, TX several times last week. Once this morning and currently down again about 11:30 tonight. Seems to me like if you pay for a service and don’t get service you’re entitled money back in my opinion….

  • Chaz Allright

    Somerset KY service is down

  • tim

    Intermittent at best. Ever since U-Verse started their service here, DSL has taken a nose dive. Here in Lawrencville, GA.

  • Joe A

    All ATT inverse and network is down in Raleigh NC. Intermittent network and TV quality issues for the past 3 days.

  • Dieti

    Have been trying to call the doctor all day only to get “Your call cannot be completed at this time”. Cannot seem to get an answer as to whether or not wireless phone service is down in SE Michigan right now. Honestly, have had AT&T wireless for 25 years, never had a dropped call, although do have some weak signal issues from time to time. However, not being able to get an answer when you do have a problem is infuriating enough to make me want to look around for a new carrier.

  • Chaz Allright

    Still down in Somerset, KY I cant get any answers from AA&t

  • Crystal Swanson

    Cell phone not working since ota update last night. Have to send texts at least 2 times sometimes 3.

  • patiencepie

    No service in coastal Maine

  • patiencepie

    Down for three days in Rockport Maine — had one blip for 3 seconds yesterday — nothing since

  • Randy Van

    I have had no service on my cell phone in Saint Charles Missouri since 7am this morning…

  • Tim Reiter

    mobile at&t down last several hours in pagosa springs, co

  • Boogaloo Jones

    North Pole, Alaska – no bars most of the time on my cell phone for two days now. Only an occasional single bar appears once in a while, and not long enough to place a call.

  • Kiera F

    No phone service in Greenwich, CT today.

  • Eddie Moreno

    Minimal cell service during and after storms yesterday. Still having problems with cell connectivity. Becker, MN.

  • Jim Henning

    My dsl is so slow I can’t do anything in Woodsfield Ohio. It has been this way for at least 4 hours that I know of.

  • MM

    no ATT service for internet, TV, and DSL.

  • Christina

    Area code 76226
    Have not been able to text or make a phone call for the past three days!!!
    Please fix this

  • Kellie

    Rosamond ca 93560 unable to use uverse or access anything att for days

  • Rick Splint

    Tried all 3 of my cell phones and my tablet. No data service only wifi. Pretty inconvenient considering I was handling important business that is now as good as at&t cell service. I love paying money to companies that cost me and my family money. Only been down for about 8 hours now. Unlike At&T every customer is make or break for me. Surely I’ll be allowed out of my contract free of charge. I mean hell I only give them around 600 dollars a month. No email no acknowledgement whatsoever. Very professional but what do I know about professionalism I mean I had to end a conversation cause my phone doesnt work. What a confidence builder for a potential client. Anyone know whe services will return. I mean it’s almost 6 am. No sleep and still no service.. Hmm

  • Victoria

    Woke up to find I have no cell service in Williams urg, KY! Anyone know why!

  • Alex Hummel

    Just got internet back after 3 hours (1hr+ spent restarting everything with tech support). And they already have a new box on it’s way…I just know it’s going to be all kinds of painful return the new box and make sure they don’t charge me for it.

  • Yuri céspedes

    Att service is completely down in centra florida. What happened???!!!!

  • Sybil

    I have no AT&T service at all, totally down for me.

  • Derek

    ATT is down for me in 49015

  • Markie

    I have total AT&T outage in Gainesville FL

  • Sam

    Central Florida no internet!!

  • Guard Duck

    AT&T Uverse has been EXTREMELY S=L=O=W all day today in So. Calif.! — with cursor/screen flash/flicker several times EVERY DAY!!!

  • jdougs

    No TV in St Louis (63123). Internet works (as well as AT&T ever does).

  • GDief

    No TV or Internet since June 13, 2016 in Wilbur Park, 63123. Received a message this morning saying it was restored but guess what? You guessed it…. it is still not working.

  • Nydia

    no service on our cell phones either, Matthews NC

  • Steve

    Johns island sc 29455. Down all day Internet and tv. Does this with every little rain storm. No customer service assistance on Sunday’s

    and their web site is denying account access for no known reasons.

  • Mikey

    7/18/2016 -7/19/2016 Houston TX ATT cell service been down most of the day.

  • Zack

    I am having increasingly worse signal at my home for the past month or so; often times no signal at all. I used to have 3-4 bars consistently. I am located about ten miles north of Emory, TX.

  • Deanna58

    No cell service for 4 hrs so far in Cass City, Mi 48726 in the Thumb area of Michigan. Not good! We do not have landlines and rely only on cell phones with Net 10 on AT&t network. Praying we have no emergency arise where we need the fire dept or ambulance. This area is very rural and neighbors are stretched out a distance away. What is going on?

  • RJ

    Have cell service, no data able to be used in Minneapolis, St. Paul Area (3-4 hrs now).

  • Lynn Loring

    Can only make calls…no messaging and no internet. Richmond, IN

  • Terry Delaney

    In River Ridge Louisiana I have not had service since 6:00 PM 7/20/16 (last night) I called twice last night and was told could be down 24 hours. I called today and told now it could be down 48 hours I recently switched from Cox to At&t and about to switch back. I have never had this issue with Cox the many years with them other than Hurricane Katrina. This is unacceptable service. The must of incompetent linemen. Told they are working in my area, but if you drive around you see nobody working in the area. Bad service.

  • Jordan C.

    Sullivan, Indiana has not had any service from the at&t towers since July 20th. I have always had good service in this town. Only one other issue and that was from my carrier.

  • Pauline

    No service At&t July 22 , 23, Caliente Nv, and Panaca Nv. It is still down .

  • Zach

    No service light is on in Springdale, AR since July 24, 2016.

  • Jessy

    No service in Charlotte mi all morning

  • Stacey

    No cell service 33327

  • Dee

    very limited reception all thru 56537 and 56528 areas in Fergus Falls, MN and surrounding area!!

  • Phillip Reid

    Looks like it is down in Oklahoma no with no cell service

  • Fred

    Internet services are completely down in western Oklahoma

  • Chris

    Can’t send text but can recieve in central california.


    No phone service in VA

  • Jenn

    no phone service or direct tv no network at all in Orange City FL

  • Andrew

    Reset your network settings it fixes it

  • Margaret Manzi

    Except for momentary success once or twice, I have had no reception to send or receive texts or phone calls. Southern NJ, near Philly.

  • JM

    Wireless service and data down near Hollywood Florida.

  • Livvy M

    No service ~ 06001

  • Teresa hcg

    No service all day…uverse, phone, Internet. Zip code 46176 in Indiana. We have had AT&T service for less than 90 days…notherwise happy thus far.

  • Andy

    Service is completely down since 12:15 cst
    North Dallas, Suburb Little Elm, TX

  • Rita

    Internet service has been sketchy for 4 to 5 days–am only able to connect online for two or three minutes before it goes out again (Northeast Georgia area). The message that appears gives a phone number that puts on hold forever, and then you though recordings before reaching a live person. Seems as if its technology would provide a phone number on the message to call only for checking outages–and allow you to enter your zip code for local information.

  • Rita

    In addition, I was told service would not be restored (outage repaired) until the 7th–two more days.

  • Antonio

    No service in Coral Springs FL….service was in and out for 5 days…no uverse

  • Rita

    NW Georgia still has outage–6th day. First was told it would be back up Saturday the 6th, then by noon today, and now they say by 5:00 Monday.

  • Rita

    Even had a technician reset everything–didn’t work. That was before ATT finally said there was an outage.

  • Kathy

    Sporadic service of Internet, TV and phone all weekend. Out for hours at a time. We are paying top dollar for this poor service and no texts/emails to let you know what’s happening just some ridiculous instructions on the TV screen. I am so angry I’m thinking of doing something I swore I’d never do- go back to Xfinity/Comcast.

  • Patrick Groom

    No cell service at all in barstow ca. I’m a tow truck driver and in need of extra equipment on a current call I am on. I’m unable to contact my dispatch. I’m in for a long solo night. Thanks AT&T………NOT!!!!!!

  • Dudewhy

    down for haysville kansas feels bad rip my top 500 overwatch, harambe didnt die for this

  • Jaime Marie Heath

    No connection at all in Hemet, CA. I usually have LTE or even 4G at work, it’s never done this. Frustrating because I can’t contact my kids unless they’re on wifi and they don’t usually use the school’s wifi.

  • Carla Bradley

    Down in Morriston Florida can text but can’t call out to other cell phones

  • BeautyToLove

    AT&T cell network down in Youngstown Florida. Have not been able to make any outgoing calls for 30 minutes. Very upset because my mother is at the hospital and I can’t even get ahold of her to find out if she’s ok. AT&T is the worst!

  • Lilly

    No service in East Pa.!

  • Tracey Pinelli

    Very weak service in Bronx NY

  • Melissa Sharma

    AT&T DSL in Peoria Heights, IL is now on day 5 of a network outage. Aside from a $20 credit on my account (so far) they have no word on when it will be back up & I haven’t been told as to what the problem is, just that it’s a network outage & they are working on a resolution.

  • S

    I think and thought that my router had gone out over the case Kama it tested bad and had a tech schedule for today. ATT called and said they had to cancel the appointment because there is an outage in our area, not specifying what area that was. So evidently they had to cancel home ticket cases because their network is out there for they can lock troubleshoot specific issues with customer connections. The service has been out since this time yesterday and there’s no ETA on completion. Metro ATL

  • Shelly

    Same with us today…”spontaneous modem failure” per AT&T… I believe it’s an outage! Dacula, Ga. (North of Atlanta)

  • Rita

    Consider yourself lucky–ours has been out since August 3rd. They give a different restoration date every day. This morning it was August 16th. The exact time they give is laughable–12:54 am, not an even number such as 1:00 am.

  • Rita

    I’m north of Atlanta as well–been out since August 3rd. We are only able to go online for a few minutes before being disconnected.

  • bigame

    I can not receive or make calls right now in Northwest Missouri

  • Bob G

    I can recieve calls but can not make calls to other at&t phones. Outside Pittsburgh, PA

  • Traci

    I can’t make or receive calls Columbus Ohio

  • Linda Burkhart

    Dallas, TX, total outage and after 34 minutes on hold am told my whole area is out for the next 2-4 hrs. Has been off and on for 2 days though

  • Helen Senia

    No landline service in Commerce, Michigan, “Can you believe”, the people overseas (after an hour on my cell) told me to call back in 4 or 5 hours!! Well I found an old number that got me to a English speaking rep. told me we have an outage. WOW

  • Diana Baker

    Cell phone service in St Louis, Missouri has been out all day (Saturday). It’s 11:09 pm on Saturday and it’s still out.

  • curious

    Calls out failed in Western Colorado earlier this evening; couldn’t even reach voicemail. Strange.

  • Josh Tate

    No service of any kind in Baton Rouge, LA where we are also flooding so this is a very bad time for ATT to be down.

  • AT&T Tech support

    No cell service will continue until further notice. Once the high water resides, matenence will begin. Hang in there folks. This is linked with power outages and flooding in 60% if south Louisiana. Expected outage time 3-4 says in most areas. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • AT&T Tech support

    Update: AT&T service will not be online for two weeks on to three.

  • disappointed

    Dallas- Cannot access e-mail.

  • Richard Lowe

    I’m in Baton Rouge right now I have AT&T I have LTE service with my data but I do not have the ability to make voice calls.

  • DR

    Missoula, Montana – Unable to receive calls on any AT&T phone (tested 4 different numbers on 4 different phones). Goes directly to voicemail. Can receive texts, and make calls though.

  • SmallBusinessOwner

    Out in Montrose, CO. We have had up and down service for over a month now.

  • Susan Ricks

    It’s more than an inconvenience because your cell service was literally the Life Line for at least 7500 people that were stranded because of the flooding. When you’re sitting on a roof top hoping you’ll be rescued because you can’t call anyone to come and get you it is MORE than an inconvenience!!!
    When I recover from this disaster I will be visiting another cell carrier!

  • Rod

    As much as they charge and now with data caps service should never go down ! AT&T has really gone down hill !

  • Marva

    Is there an AT&T tower down in the Ponca City area in northern Oklahoma?

  • Ivar

    No service in Manati, Puerto Rico. Can’t make or receive calls and no access to the internet.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    Northbrook, IL. No internet. No U-Verse. Yeah, it’s storming outside. Which is why I switched from DirecTV to U-Verse so this wouldn’t happen!

  • Bill Pittman

    If we cannot depend on AT&T service when we have “problems”, we cannot depend on it at all. It has been obvious for the last few natural disasters and for the man-made death and destruction of 911 that there needed to be an emergency response capability. I have had an AT&T cell phone account since 2001, when it was “Cingular”. I have been using a “bundle” for the last few years with my internet, TV service, and cell phone service as the bundle. I am going to at least split my service because AT&T has not been reliable. The TV and internet service has been down for 22 hours and still down. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809 zip code area.

  • Tina

    Neodesha, Ks no internet. …been most the day.

  • Tina

    No U-verse at home. No data on phone.

  • tyler1489

    no internet in walnut creek, CA?

  • aa

    “No network found” ~ Hyde Park, VT
    Have had trouble on and off all day.

  • Ameda Colburn

    I’m in Gallatin,TN and around 8pm last night Wi-Fi Internet signal just dropped on my laptop and cell phone. When it came back up, it shows I’m connected to internet but pages will not load. It tells me it can’t load because I’m not connected. In order to access internet by phone I have to disconnect from my Wi-Fi which makes it very slow but when I’m connected to my Wi-Fi it doesn’t load at all and says I’m not connected

  • J Rly

    In south jersey and cell signal keeps going in and out completely, at&t, it’s a hit or miss if and when I can make/receive calls or texts. As of 8:43 am 8/19/16, are there any known problems??

  • Sev

    No service since midnight last night, 8/19. Northern NJ, 07874. Odd I’m on a family plan with my husband and I’m only getting affected.

  • Tammy

    Phone say I can’t connect in Cincinnati Ohio

  • chantel

    Mankato Minnesota and Garden city MN is without data connection

  • Julia

    At AT&T in Castleton Square Monday August
    22nd trying to activate a new Samsung s7 and pad. Customer service was not answering g when associate tried to contact them about the problem. Very frustrated!

  • Bob

    Our Uverse in Atlanta has now been down for 6 hours, today August 23rd! When will it return?

  • Karen Louise Lewis

    AT&T mobile network down in OKC presently and has be down/up/down since around 11 this morning. Bad news! I need it for work and I’m losing money because of it.

  • Yabdiel Dalia

    Att uverse and internet out in el paso tx
    When will it return

  • Michelle

    Northern Atlanta blinking in and out of service

  • bri

    North Carolina the mobile network is down and been down since this morning

  • Malicant

    Service down in Lake Jackson, Texas.

  • wbm

    AT&T DSL down in Montgomery,Al for 4 days now.

  • Gordon Jackson

    Northeast central Indiana. U-verse DSL down since 8/26/16. Intermittent problems on 8/25/16. ATT recording keeps stating there are network problems and that they are working to correct.

  • wbm

    Att DSL is still down, this is day 7, eta for repair is 9/3/16. This is f#$% awful. montgomery,Al

  • Lauren

    Hi, AT&T — my wifi is down and I cannot call to check if there’s an outage because I am deaf and need the Internet to make phone calls!!!!!!!! Cartersville, GA

  • ZS

    No cell reception Yermo CA stopped working during blue cut fire I can see a tower from my lawn told there’s no network problem. It’s not just the two iPhones also blackberry it’s a paperweight! WIFI home phone have been up and down, we pay too much to be told it’s in our head!

  • J

    Cell service down in Taylorville Il

  • michele simoni

    Cannot call out or receive incoming calls. Texas City, TX 77590. Is there an outage in this area?

  • The Burk

    Yes, ALL DAY!!! they don’t even know when it will be fixed. Should be REFUNDED, AT THE VERY LEAST!!!

  • Michael Powers

    No tv reception or internet service, San Diego.

  • Taniesha Wright

    Is at&t down in Woodstock VT right now

  • J

    It’s NOT flooded anymore. It hasn’t been for 1 1/2 weeks. Internet is still down south of Lafayette.

  • KIM

    Fremont, CA 94539 – Down since this morning. Chat with AT&T technical support. They reply will be resolve within 24 hours and my account will be credited for the outage/inconvenient. Hope they meet their promises.

  • Joseph Nagy

    Anyone experiencing outages in NE ohio?

  • Claire Masterson

    Yep. Since about 1:30 am

  • Kelly Mara

    Been out in Columbus Ohio since 930am

  • goldy ruth

    No outgoing or incoming calls the whole day 7th sept in detroit michigan and experiencing rhe same again now..a very much inconvenient service ..please try to fix this fast and anyone facing the same in this area???

  • ncgma

    North Carolina. No outgoing or incoming calls. Attempting a outgoing call, phone reads “emergency calls only”. This has been going on since Labor Day week-end.

  • sal

    down in ashland, ky

  • Jason

    Having problems for last 2 days in Owensboro, Ky (Friendly Village area)

  • Alison

    We got at&t u verse installed today in our new home, only to be told we had an outage that would last no more than 6 hours. That was 8 hours ago…I called and explained to them we had just had service installed but we’re never asked to sign anything, never given paperwork, shown anything about the equipment and just told that it would work in no more than you hours…then they informed me because of the outage the install wasn’t even completed and I have to wait another 3 days for a new tech to come out. I hope they don’t think I am paying for these 3 days of no service. This whole thing seems pretty ironic…I asked for time Warner but my husband said at&t was the best in town hahaha. Either Internet in this town just doesn’t work or he was way off. (Findlay ohio)

  • zachariah

    McKinleyville, CA is down.

  • Karen

    Thank you! I thought I was losing my mind. Can’t find any announcement or info anywhere.

  • Marlene Toney

    Jonesboro GA. Uverse internet has been out since 11:30 am sat. Sept. 10, 2016…my new service just started Friday night st 10:45….is this the internet service I can expect from AT&T

  • miggy20

    Unfortunately lamely yes. I’ve been with them for 1 month. And I’m starting to regret it.
    It’s been down 5 times since then.
    That’s not reliable. Specially for my ebay business. So yeah. So far not good.

  • megan

    willmar MN service is has been down since 11am

  • Anon

    These outages are ridiculous and constant. I was trying to make two pre-orders for the iphone 7 at the store and the representative was unable to do it due to the service being down. Then I come home to try and do it hours later and it still is an issue. This is ridiculous and a great way to lose business. The customer service representatives aren’t any better because they seem completely clueless as to what is going on. UGH.

  • Just wow….

    I worry what would happen if all cellphone and internet went down together.. Complaining isn’t going to fix the issue. Things happen and it’s called life. Deal with it. Talk to your spouses or kids or parents. Communicate with your loved ones. Turn the tv off, put your phones and computers away and be creative!!

  • Baseballguy2001

    Been trying to activate a new iPhone SE to upgrade one of our lines. I’m sure you all have seen the “ACT102 : Looks like we’re having some temporary system trouble right now, but we’re working to fix it. Check back in a couple of hours, or give us a call at 800.331.0500.” It’s been over 12 hours now, and no resolution in sight. I’m in IT, c’mon ATT, GET ON THE BALL!!

  • chris

    my cell phone works but I’ve been trying to pre-order Iphone7 all day and their systems have been down all morning/afternoon. I called a store and they are having the same issue and told me to keep trying and it should be up in an hour… That was 4 hours ago and still nothing.. I just want to order a new phone because my old one fell last night and shattered.

  • Sylvia

    At&t keeps messaging us to return our Note 7s like omg they’re so dangerous scaring the public, go in the store they send me away cuz svcs down. Well call you when they’re up, I never got a call. I’ve tried calling them yesterday and today ,they’re still telling me they can’t help because svcs are down. How are they so expensive and top of the line but they’re own svcs don’t work? Houston Tx. Btw

  • Kaydee666

    Needing to change my number bc personal information was stolen but oh well! Thanks AT&T!

  • Arriel

    Me and my mother are both unable to get or make phone calls it is very frustrating paying for service you can not even use ! Please fix

  • Samantha Schaefer

    In St. Louis, Mo I tried having a conversation with numerous people on the phone and had numerous problems. A few days ago, my speakers weren’t working right and I woke up to them working (it seemed to be in earbuds mode). Earlier today around 4ish I tried to call my boyfriend and apparently he can’t hear me but I can hear him. Earlier this was fine and I didn’t have any problems. I call a friend to go over homework and she kept telling me that my phone was cutting out numerous times and barely was able to hear me, even though the volume was up. I went to Best Buy in the mall and told them about my problem. They tend to tell me a few options to try and that it might be because of the network outage for AT&T. This is by far the worst I’ve had any problems with the company. Don’t know if I want to get another iPhone or switch if I keep having these problems. Hope that it gets fixed soon. Can’t contact anyone and I hate texting when I don’t have too. Plus the only way to get my phone to work at the moment is by taking on the speaker button on my phone. Yet, my direct tv through the same company on DVR won’t play back any shows I’ve got recording. So aggravating.

  • C. Brown

    Larose/Cut Off/Golden Meadow Louisiana Area: Mobile iPhone seems to work; however, all text messages have been wiped. Screen shows in colors where messages were; but text is gone. In addition when I attempt to compose a text message digital keyboard shows no letters; therefore I am unable to compose and send any text messages.

  • B

    Winchester Kentucky area unable to make and receive calls with AT&T service

  • m

    Unable to make calls, text and no internet most of the day

  • Carolyn Zuzworsky

    staten island NY, my home cell and business cell are all down! NO BUENO!

  • Zach

    I need to know why my AT&T service is experiencing an outage right now, what is going on please?

  • Kenny

    I cannot get any AT&T service at all, no internet or calls etc. Is there an outage right now?

  • Alex

    I live in Philadelphia and i have not had any net for like 2 hours now, whats wrong?

  • Julie

    Staten Island NY still no service since yesterday. What’s going on?

  • jonette goodrow

    Auburndale, Fl-no phone service today?

  • Saltycadet

    West Point, NY

  • Britt Hinkle

    No Uverse anything in Orlando since I got home at 15:30. Whats the deal, happens at least once a month. The technology has been around for a few years now seems like they would have all these problems worked out and provide a more reliable product.

  • Richard Wall

    No phone service, or Internet in Rockport, Tx, really getting tired of this, happens too often, I think I am going to dump AT&T.

  • Melina

    No phone nor internet service in Livingston, AL since this morning. My service is AT&T but no one else has service either.

  • Casey Byrd

    No uverse and no phones service at all since three p.m. In Rockport Texas. Second time in a week now. Getting old for sure as I need connection to do business. I’m using my wife’s phone since sprint works with no issue.

  • noname930

    No land line service since 11:25am CDT. Location area code 913, NE Kansas. Service estimate restore time 8am to 8pm 10/1/2016, how widespread ?

  • Andrew Rappard

    65807 AT&T signal is two bars in 3/4 of the town. Why?

  • NP

    I live in Memphis. I have been without Uverse TV and internet service all day.I have had problems with outages since we got together, almost two yrs. ago. I thought the problem was me, partly because of my location but this a very large and ongoing issue almost nation wide. Although I love my Uverse services ( when they work) My bill is continously increasing and the service is increasingly decreasing, yet I pay my bill faithfully on time very monthly… but this is “too much!”. I have expectations too, when I come home from work I want what I a pay for. I know this must read like a break up letter… it is. I’m relocating soon and At&t you will not be comig with me.

  • Rebecca

    Rochester, ny

  • CJ

    I live in Atlanta, I have not had service since about 7 PM tonight

  • Chris Dickens

    No internet service in Watertown, TN on my phone. I haven’t had service all day.

  • Margaret

    Recurring problem where the person I called cannot hear me and hangs up after saying “Hello” several times. I thought a phone problem, took it to AT&T store, and was told its a network problem because of recent launch of the new Apple I Phone. I was given a new sim card and told to take out my battery, wait 5 seconds, and then try again when it happens. It’s still happening to me randomly. Happened 2 times today. I use my phone for business so it’s becoming a problem.

  • Kelly Newstrand

    No service in Lindstrom, MN. Is Stacy tower affected?

  • Melanie

    No internet since Monday! What’s the deal AT&T?! In Tifton GA

  • Abatman17

    No uverse tv internet or home phone the entire day


    South florida

  • Dani

    No tv or internet all day. I live in boynton beach, fl please fix asap

  • John D

    Olmsted Falls 44138 since Thursday night

  • Brian Gafford

    No Internet in Owensboro, KY seems like a constantly growing issue.

  • disqus_pypypyFMOK

    Good to know it’s not just me. I need to use my phone to login securely from home to work. Can’t connect.

  • David Wallace

    Power outage in Florence, SC. AT&T wireless is a crawl.

  • Al Smith

    No internet in Beaumont Tx for two days. Att wants to send a techy on Tuesday. This is the third time this happened in two years and they never find a problem but can only give me a 5 dollar discount for each day it’s down while they figure out out. You are interrupting my business

  • Mibi Astron

    Very intermittent phone service and very weak signal here in Kingsland GA. The calls either do not connect or the calls drop. This has been going on all day! ATT please fix this soon!

  • Mike

    In Arcadia, WI I went from 4 to 5 bars of connection last week to maybe 1 or 2 this week. That’s not usually the case this week because I seem to get “No Service” more often than not.

  • Cindy B

    No phone, Internet or tv since Friday in indialantic florida. Thank goodness I have Verizon on my cell phone or I would really be sol

  • mark

    Cable and internet out for Jacksonville, FL been down since 10/7/16


    U-Verse tv and internet out since 10/7 (over three days). Equipment stands outside the neighborhood has had caution tape around since. No techs onsite since. Claim they are on-site. Being forced to seek other options…

  • Jimmy Alton Prevatte Jr

    Robeson county NC no service since Mathew hit. When I do get service it’s not long or strong. What’s going on with this we need our phones so our families don’t worry!

  • carolyn creech

    In southwest Raleigh, No tv, phone or internet since the storm Saturday. Have reported the problem but no fix as of yet.

  • Deb Davis

    Lamesa, TX – no service all day

  • Eliza G Romero

    Garnerville ny no service since 1:30am today 10/11/16 and yesterday.

  • Mac

    No Cell phone nashville.

  • T

    Palm Coast, FL no internet or TV service since Matthew hit last Friday…. no explanation, no ETA for restoration, and no service vehicles in the area. Time to switch carriers.

  • T

    Other internet providers and cable TV carriers are up and running for days.

  • bruce lenzi

    Goodbye u verse and a lot of people following me Comcast loving this

  • disqus_Q8ZyOLlijM

    ATT Uverse doesn’t have an ETA on when we will have internet or cable service but they are sure to be right there when it comes to paying them on the due date. Every other company has their service up and running.

  • Candi

    ATT Uverse is horrible service, I had fiber installed into my house. They have had 5 techs come to fix the lines. Saturday it will be my 6th tech. I have only had the service for 2 months. I also had to have the lines buried and they tore up my yard and haven’t come to fix it. Every tech has reported it but no one has come. So beware of their service

  • Secoura

    No internet since Thursday, AT&T says there is no outage and won’t have a technician check the lines before Monday. I’m having to pay for Xfinity wireless access to get on the internet. Thanks AT&T, at least Comcast is working.

  • Alex

    Same here! They told me someone cut the fiber lines so that’s why my internet is down. Funny thing is they told me 2 days ago that they fix the outage.

  • deb

    DFW area: My wireless phone has worked about 45 minutes over the last three days. Each time it briefly comes on, there is a dump of texts and voice mails, then the phone goes out for another 24 hours. I am self-employed, and so far this weekend I have lost about $400 in business because I had no ability to make or receive calls—so, to whom at AT&T do I send a bill for my lost income, she said sarcastically….

  • eyelashviper

    Landline out in n. Central Florida, was out for days after Hurricane Hermine, though we had no damage here…ridiculous.

  • Mattes Cog

    In SoCal area Manage Features page will not load properly for landline phone. Called AT&T customer service last night and the tech agreed that the page doesn’t look right. Call Screen and Call Block don’t work. They won’t stay on. My blocked numbers have been deleted. Have also twice now completely lost U-Verse connection in past 24 hrs.

  • Suzan Mason

    Not down but intermittent in Stuart, FL. Can’t do anything for more than 15 minutes on the internet and watch TV??? Forget about it! U-Verse is sucking. But you are correct…the bill comes in on time!

  • Beth

    Trying to look at my bill online is a nightmare today

  • Beth

    Anyone Else having problems viewing their ATT bill

  • NS

    No outgoing or incoming calls. No 4G. Fairfax va

  • Tracy Lynn Usea

    I turned on wifi calling in the settings and that’s the only way I have service!
    Galliano, La 70354

  • Kat

    Just heard there are three towers down in Louisiana. And could be a couple of days before it is fixed. Came from a pretty reliable source. Hope I’m wrong but……

  • C. Brown

    Do you know how to contact and converse with AT&T Mobility Support by email?

  • C. Brown

    I have Cellular Data and wifi turned on. Still not able to call or send text or call 611. I don’t have a land line and I am tired of jumping through hoops trying to contact AT&T Mobility. Galliano, Louisiana.

  • Tracy Lynn Usea

    Yeah I only have wifi. I dk what’s going on but grr!! It’s aggravating

  • Tracy Lynn Usea

    Go to settings – click the phone and look for wifi calling turn it on.

  • Tracy Lynn Usea

    My service just came up. Galliano la

  • Thunderhoof82

    Service completely out in st Augustine, Florida. Anyone know if this has to do with the cyber attacks?

  • Beth Bruce

    Haven’t been able to use cell phones x3 since storm on Wednesday nite. AT&T says maintenance issue. Can go to next town over and phones work fine. Can’t be that hard to fix! Martinsville, Indiana

  • Connie McGee

    i have not had a land line for 24hours. the repair guy came by yesterday and said he was checking it out and would call to confirm it was fixed….instead i call and he has closed the ticket like it was fixed. i had to get a new ticket startend today. it was down part of the day on Sunday. it used to be just static all the time now its completely gone. No Line

  • Ryan kaleo

    Can’t make any calls here in Hawaii how the hell can this happen can’t even get through tech support

  • Ryan

    I’m having the same problem right now too

  • Selina Benjamin

    I’m in California and I cannot make any calls too. They are having some network issues in the west coast.

  • ed

    not working in san gabriel , ca for the whole working day. tech center is not helping at all except provide some useless “test”s.

  • Melissa

    Internet connection hasn’t been working in the last 12hrs here in Sacramento,CA.

  • putthisinyourpipeand .

    Nothing working. Phone calls, data, text, nothing. Northwest Suburbs Chicago.

  • Jerod Chadwick

    Down in Madison Wisconsin nothing working

  • Bella Rhule

    have net just no cell single paducah ky

  • Melissa

    WV nothing is working

  • Karren P.

    No cell or landline service in Gurnee, IL. Internet working.

  • Candy

    Can’t make any calls in Chicago and Springfield, IL

  • Yolanda Turner

    I can’t make or recieve calls in the Chicago area

  • Laramy Lacy Montgomery

    Outage in Duncan, OK

  • Michelle

    Atl, GA can’t make or receive cell phone calls

  • Brandi Walls Harper

    Hebron, OH can’t make/receive calls or texts

  • Jaime Graham Spiering

    Can’t make wireless calls in Leechburg, PA.

  • Jessica

    Franklin, PA can call land lines and text but can’t recieve any calls

  • Shannon Anderson – Hammond

    We cant make phone calls…Cincinnati, Oh

  • Erhyth

    Can’t make calls chicago area

  • Quinn

    CAnt receive or make cell phone calls in Indianapolis. It’s been 1 1/2 hours now. We can text though????? Wth is going on?

  • Cap

    Can send and receive text, but cannot call out or receive calls, northern indiana

  • Missy Dougherty Anthony

    My cell and landlines are all out, in poplar bluff missouri

  • Jamie

    Can’t make call or receive and no texting in Cadiz ky

  • Margaret Petrisko Wiley

    No call service in Fort Wayne IN

  • Bob H

    Can’t make or receive calls on cell network, Duluth Mn
    I am able to make wifi calls to landlines

  • Kim Barber

    Can’t make any cell calls in Kansas City, to local people or to my family in California and Florida.

  • Cheri Dougherty

    Minneapolis, MN. Family can not call out from AT & T phones but can receive texts.

  • larry

    No call service in midland michigan

  • MJ

    Chicago area – Uverse Internet and Voice was down about 30 minutes ago. Now seems to have recovered.

  • Cap

    Phone calls going through now, northern Indiana.

  • Bett

    No phone service here in Troy Ohio .. making
    Sure to ask 4 a bill reduction..

  • Whitney Cox

    Problem with my internet on my cell going in and out here in Elkhart indianna

  • Christine

    No calls in or out, spotty texting. Wish they would have sent a text out to let us know about the outage. I spent time trying to reach them on the computer. Owensboro, Ky

  • Jesse Ogg

    Can’t call or text in Mayfield Kentucky

  • Elizabeth Underwood

    No calls in/out in Chicago, but able to call customer service. I waited in hold for 30 minutes for the agent to tell me I cannot get a credit for the service interruption. I asked for a manager and was hung up on.

  • Hildegarde Ernst Pile

    No cell service in Breckinridge County KY.

  • Izzy

    No internet Service from AT&T UVerse as of yesterday (Oct.27th, 2016). Still patiently waiting for the fix. I’m from South Texas

  • Jake

    Cell service comes and goes.
    Pittsburgh, Pa

  • Mojo

    No cell service, Stillwater, OK

  • Steve

    New Orleans cell service works, and texting… but no internet at all on the phones

  • Stacey Seidl

    my time is off an hour in allentown pa I have tried to fix it, then the text messages get screwed up it is on network time, which is one hr different…text are out of order, if I manually switch it then text is really bad. please help

  • Danielle

    No phone calls are able to be sent or received in Evansville, Indiana.

  • jujube993

    No calls in or out…Houston, Texas.


    Unable to make outgoing or get incoming calls to other ATT users. Calling other service users works.
    New Orleans.

  • abbyinokc

    Been having issues with the internet for at least a month. Constantly having to unplug the wifi, wait, plug it back in. It will work for a while, then it starts again. Several times a day. And pretty much the ONLY time it does it is while on Facebook. Thought it was a Chrome issue, but it’s not. What is going on??

  • Sunshineinc

    3:10 pm California…. Can’t call out, iphone internet slowed to a crawl if the connection stays. What is the issue. Was working 15 minutes ago.

  • Jessica Marie Holmes

    I can’t make or receive calls my phone keeps saying restricted access changed voice service blocked I live in Gillespie IL please fix

  • Roses

    Signal strength on cell phone very weak. People telling me they called or text me, but phone ain’t ringing or texts missing and not coming through to me. Internet on phone sluggish. Family members also having same issues. Please fix. San Antonio, Texas areas.

  • C B

    I can use my wi-Fi on my iPhone, but where the a,t&t symbol usually is, it’s been saying “searching” since late last night. Since I’m using my wi-Fi, I can still play my games and get online, but it’s annoying seeing “searching” on there for so long.

  • Kimberly LaFleur

    Anyone out of service inLake Charles,LA??

  • Cstagg


  • Cody boudoin

    Att Uverse is completely down for at least two hours now in Jeanerette la

  • C B

    Still can’t make or receive calls, it’s been over twenty-four hours.

  • Nancy Gale Werner

    u-verse internet goes down all the time. Phone service goes down at least 4 times/day. An att-tech came out and took away the wi-fi and used ethernet. Ethernet disabled my printer. Could not get a hold of att-tech.

    I recooked up the wi-fi and disabled the ethernet.
    This service is a real disappointment.

  • Ashley

    Out in lafayette since yesterday

  • Destiny Staggs

    Out in knoxville ar

  • Trent Poling

    Out in Gastonia nc for two days straight now

  • Cassandra Antes

    Nashville cellular network down for the last 5 hours

  • Eric H.

    Out in Hayward,CA now

  • laurelj100

    Been real spotty service for two days. Now out completely over night. Union City

  • John

    In Atlanta using Thunderbird have been able to receive email, but NOT SEND for approx. 24 hours

  • Cayla

    Internet crashed at 12:30pm in oklahoma. Nov 14th
    Second time in two weeks
    Very frustrating

  • Adam Puentes

    Uverse Tv and Internet have been down for 3 days and I work 7-7 when I get home to cancel this horrible service they are closed. it is just a circle of dissatisfaction here in Winston Salem NC

  • Shivzane

    In the Dallas area.. Have had signal in and out since 11/14. Getting upset as ATT website is not providing any information on what the problem is, or when it will get resolved!

  • Julia Lanning

    no internet tulsa about 5 hours now

  • Jennifer

    Our company in lansing is completely down. We have been told there is an issue in battle creek that is causing our outage in Lansing. However, no ETA has been shared and no information on what it was. Anyone know anything about this?

  • Naveen

    Unable to make ATT outgoing calls. Incoming works. Data is also down. In Morrisville, NC

  • Ricardo Soria

    there has been no cellular data in pomona, CA since wednesday

  • Isabeau C.

    Haven’t heard from anyone via text since the 16th. Would be nice if the company could notify persons effected by their outages with a TV commercial in areas effected.

  • Makayla King

    Cannot open phone app , phone automatically crashes . Cannot answer imcoming calls . Cannot make outgoing calls . Phone shuts down everytime in Orangeburg , SC

  • alexis

    i’ve had no service for over 24 hours now. live near chicago

  • Tommie Majors Gillam

    I have 3 bars cell signal but cannot get a call out. Near Jasper Arkansas

  • Eyes To Fly With

    Internet service down throughout the day, yesterday and today. Had major problems with UVerse throughout the year. Don’t get UVerse! AT&T sucks.

    East Bay, California.

  • Barttros

    Evansville, IN-3 bars than two bars. Unable to load app’s like Facebook for the past 6 hours. Can still make calls and texts though, just internet and apps not loading.

  • John

    Internet public wifi down at mc donald`S 10350 Reseda Blvd Northridge ca 91326

  • santiago

    My wifi in ukiah ca is gone from today whoever is from around this area please let me know

  • santiago

    Is it still down or its up n no w?

  • Payjon Nathen

    I have no data or cell reception. Owensboro, KY 8:45 a.m. CTZ

  • Lola Bellato

    No cable / Uverse reception – Lodi, ca

  • Luke

    Memphis, TN No internet

  • Tracey

    texting issues in Glens Falls, NY for 4 days now

  • Judy

    Talk, text and internet connection issues since 11/23/16 Farmington, NM

  • Rmur

    Call fails and constant searching for signal. Wilkes-Barre pa

  • Angela

    Been down since 4. They said it would be back on in 24hrs guaranteed and it better be because there’s a football game on tomorrow. They did give us 20 off the bill and free movie channels for 3 months.

  • Susan Johnston

    It has been an hour and DSL is down in western North Carolina. Of course by the time I call, they closed 5 minutes ago and they say they are closed so go online for support. Their website is having issues too. It let me log in but when I go to troubleshoot the connection, it says it cant find my account even though I am logged in when it happens.

  • Renee

    Wireless phone is down in Morristown, Tennessee. Has been down at least since early this evening, possibly longer. December 2.

  • Lisa pupo

    My wireless internet has been down and I have homeschooling for my kids, this is very frustrating, I live in Macon ga!!!!

  • Keisha Dominguez

    Texas panhandle- no data no calls all-day

  • Wyrick

    East TX – No data, only emergency calls. This sucks.

  • Kara

    No service in WV

  • Victoria

    Having this same issue right now. Trying to use cellular data. Not working. Frustrating.

  • Chelsi


  • Jonathan

    No data in WV


    Not able to send multimedia file in youngstown Ohio region. Able to send and receive basic texts. Is there an outage issue?

  • ACommentator

    Wifi or U-Verse TV down for us in Fremont CA on Dec. 14 2am-4am and still down. No idea why. The Internet usually cuts ay least once a day for a few minutes but never this long.

  • CueWallace

    My home internet has been down since Sunday in New Orleans, La. Can’t talk to anyone on the matter. Not even management. Get transferred 10x to the wrong idiot. Then finally gets an automated person saying to log into Microsoft website for some ungodly reason. I’m so sick of this company.

  • Tam Luu

    My phone and internet, u verse, out since Friday noon time. Zip 77041. What’s going on?

  • Kristin F

    Att cell phone service intermittent. Text messages fail to send, calls are unable to be made on the AT&T network. AT&T wifi picking up here and there. Service is essentially unusable right now. West Loop neighborhood, Chicago.

  • Nina Nichols Ray

    No cell svc 34759. Ongoing since Saturday night

  • Julia

    How long will it take to fix the outage in Austin/Texas? It’s been over 36 hours. Don’t have tv, internet or home phone.

  • Hung Wey Lo

    AT&T Outage in Yucca Valley CA, 92286…really guys? fix it!!!

  • jason

    94952 zip code – TV, internet and phone out since 12/18 around noon, only news article I’ve found claimed “AT&T spokesperson Fletcher Cook said Thursday that normal service was restored to the customers on the West Coast who had been impacted by a hardware issue that briefly affected VoLTE services overnight.

    “We quickly worked to resolve the issue and we apologize for this inconvenience,” he said.”

    I haven’t found this to be true at my house

  • Tom

    Almost no service in certain areas of Hibbing, MN. Been this way for almost 2 days now

  • Dunkizle

    No internet for 2hrs, mobile Alabama

  • Ben

    Uverse Internet has been out for about 11 hours now. Pensacola, FL.

  • Mario Gordon

    cailifornia valley stockton, merced say fiber lines were cut.

  • Mario Gordon

    If the whole us is down in spots someone is a busy beaver in line disrepair

  • M Teague

    92648. Can’t get my phone to dial out.

  • Marielle belanger

    No signal on my phone this morning, Bradenton Fl, anybody else????

  • Danielle Stansbury

    I have signal and data is on then off over and over! Jesup GA

  • Nannan Neptune

    I am in Massachusetts in I have not have internet signal on my phone since 3:30 am. I will be driving soon and rely on the gps, please fix it.

  • Ian

    This is crap my internet has been down for 2day now you would think a billion dollar company could have this issue fixed but know they do not have the knowledge to fix this issue and are lazy I swear if I call att again today and they feed me some bull bout it can take 24 hours I’m done because it been over 48 ….way to take care of your customers att

  • Danielle Stansbury

    My data went out Friday the 23 about 4am! This Christmas has not been a good one I had planned to get on Grand theft auto online this week end for the new update and snow with my friends. I am not able to use my data as hotspot or use eny of the online features on my phone but for some reason all the advertisements are able to come threw! There something ring here! AT&T please let us know what is going on and when it will be up again! Jan is coming and there are bill I pay over my phone!

  • Daniel K.

    Fremont, CA and the issue of the red blinking broadband still persists. This is skme bull. This has been going on since Around 6 pm yesterday so im hoping this gets resolved soon

  • ih8jello

    from comments, if i wanted to bring the U.S. to its knees forget killing people just cut a few fibre lines.. my goodness some of you are just going off the wall here. you would think they cut your legs off.

  • eh

    AT&T cell service down since about 9:30 this morning. What has happened?

  • eh

    Is the cell phone service for the S. F. bay area down all day today?

  • Gideon

    At&t not working in plainfield NJ since January 3rd.

  • Bristol

    I haven’t had service for three days. I’m in Portland, Oregon

  • No one on my plan has service. Central Maine

  • Mindee Brown

    Salem, OH. No phone or internet since 8am. Not the first time. Ready to drop them

  • John

    Monett mo is out

  • Charmaine Hopkins

    76711 no phone service