AT&T network outage

It does occur when the AT&T signal is bad, or in worst cases the service is completely down. Users do come up against problems such as an ATT Uverse outage, or Internet issues, and this is where Is Down Right Now community can list what ever problem they are having with the service.

If you have an AT&T outage report to share, or you have no network signal, Internet or any other AT&T service please do list them below with your issues and location. AT&T is one of the largest phone services in the USA, which also offers mobile phones, broadband Internet to individuals, businesses and services.

AT&T also has the U-verse brand, which provides its Television service. This is delivered through IPTV. Local phone and Internet are run though selected areas using either Fiber (Uverse) or DSL.

Many will ask the question Is AT&T down in my area? and below is where you will see many comments coming in, if you are having problems such as an AT&T network outage please do use the area provided below with your issue and location, this will also allow others to learn more.

ATT Network status reports for Wednesday 8th of April 2020

To find out if ATT Network is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with ATT Network? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • sheri

    Didn’t have service this am in Dallas, TX

  • Tina

    Hot spot not working. Data issues?

  • Rebecca Knowlton

    No cell service in Smithville Texas

  • John

    No service in top of Indiana

  • Ryan N Miller

    No Internet in NW Kentucky.

  • Bill Guidry

    At&t ćell phone service is out in the 70706 zipcode. What about Baton Rouge and other areas. It’s been out 16hours now

  • Marie

    No internet or U-verse in 76182 since last night

  • Bartt Horton

    I can’t dial out from 20747. Offices closed and automated help keeps transferring me to closed offices.

  • Mike Ackerson

    no 4G LTE service for my sons Note 3, my Note 4/5 and S7 work fine. No internet as well in 76002

  • hayden

    no 4G LTE in arlington tx 76017

  • anne

    No AT&T in Decatur Ga for 3 days now. Zero help.

  • フリカケ

    landline not working, kept saying line in use. unplugged it from the land line was still the same after plugging it back in. used landline to call my father’s wireless number, no respond other than the normal doot doot sound. but a moment later my father’s phone rang, but the caller was not the landline but my wireless phone number. (my Landline and wireless phones are from ATT) California, Rosemead

  • T.c

    Cell service has been out since the 1st of January here in eastern panhandle of West Virginia

  • Roy Carver

    No internet uverse service in Cleveland, TN

  • Tom Walters

    AT&T website appears to be down.

  • kimmie

    at&t mobile network down in Nevada as of Yesterday

  • Rock

    problems in Syracuse – started about 1:30 – not LTE, 4G network

  • rock

    sorry NO LTE or 4g, could only use if wifi was available

  • Claire

    No Internet service since January 27 in Burleson Texas. 76028. What’s up?

  • Brett

    No internet or Tv for 2 days in Jacksonville, Fl. 32256.

  • David MacDougall

    No internet or TV from U-Verse for almost 24 hours in Charleston SC 29412 Support tools say there is a confirmed outage but I have no idea how widespread it is or when service will be restored.

  • Geoff Pritchard

    No cell phone service for the last 5 days here in Deary, ID 83823 and no relief in sight. Nobody at AT&T knows what’s going on or is willing to give a crap so our business is in communicado. I wish we had other options as we’d dump this service in a heart beat but they are THE only provider in our area. So much for the free market.

  • Christian Jones

    Service down in Orange Park, FL since around 4 pm.

  • Ron

    No cellular and LTE service. Uverse is working fine. Oakland, CA 94611

  • JC

    No service phone or LTE
    wifi is thru comcast
    Whats going on.
    News did not mention this issue!
    Appears to be wide spread

  • Shannon trimnell

    No tv, internet for the last hour here in Indianapolis, Indiana on the Southside!

  • Joe Boise

    I have had issues all morning with cell phone service Strafford, Missouri

  • Iona Horn-Hallstrom

    No TV or Internet on the southwest side of Indianapolis for over an hour.

  • FedUp

    No Uverse TV, Internet, or Phone Service in Hampton, Ga since 4:15 yesterday. How do you shut down Everything less than 10 min after tech installs TV service. Phone and Internet was working Just fine until then. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Jacquie Hatherly

    There was not Uverse or phone data service in Texas in the early hours for several hours. What’s going on? Even had trouble getting a personal hot spot going. AT&T had a recording saying they were aware of the problem and their call volume was high so it was very difficult to get a real person. Also got a recording that AT&T had gotten hacked into and we needed to change our passwords.

  • Brenda Straub

    My phone, TV and Internet service has been down since I turned TV on @ 5 am, today February 9, 2017. I get a recording that u-Verse is down.

  • Soon to be TWC customer

    No internet or tv on att uverse in El Paso 79911 since mid-day 10Feb.

  • Ale Noriega

    79932 what are we supposed to do??? I work from home!!! 79932 over 48 hours without phone and Internet!

  • Karen M

    second sunday uverse goes out last sunday they claimed it was our router today they claim its and outgage in san antonio and now once again i can’t do my work and well i can’t go in to an office since it isnt a local company. So out money yet they want their money still even with me not getting what i pay them for

  • Jojo

    No att service from morning until now here in jacksonville, texas. Why?

  • Ananda Card

    ATT DSL internet outage in San Diego area for a WEEK now. A WEEK!! Can you believe it? In contract so can’t change providers.

  • Henry Ngo

    Horrible connections in San Jose for a couple days now. I my ping is up in the 1500s and my download speeds are Kbs Help!

  • Joey

    Down in Atlanta for at least the last hour. What the hell is going on and what exactly is AT&T doing to fix it?? Have rebooted modem THREE times with absolutely NOTHING happening except to say it’s currently not available…no kidding it’s not available

  • Zyzz December

    77407 outage!!!

  • JB

    Down everywhere in Brenham.

  • upset

    AT&T mobile down yet again.. has been down or spotty coverage since afternoon of feb the 17th here in TN (37355) This is stupid. no calls or text not even emergency calls!

  • ERIN

    Down since yesterday in Springfield Illinois

  • Kenny Brister

    Down in smokey mountains tn no phone signal at all

  • Victoria Steele

    Was down last wk 6-7 hrs, on again today 7 hrs so far, it’s ridiculous

  • Fr. Thomas Rowland

    Down in El Paso.

  • Nadine Ochoa

    No service in El Paso!

  • Myrna Villareal

    Still down in El Paso, TX

  • Bo Garrigan

    Down in Miami

  • Tc

    Cell service still isn’t working in 26836

  • Dulce Guillen

    Internet service had been spotty for a few days. No internet Service since last night. Kendale Lakes Florida 33183

  • Jennifer Jimenez

    No internet service since last night Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Mike Zimmerman

    No data service at Ocean Center Daytona Beach, FL

  • Kathleen Cram

    No cell phone service in Interlochen MI. A couple hrs. Need to have two carriers, so if one lines down have one working, next move.

  • Vickie Sewell Preece

    No cell service on my iPhone. It says “No Service” Cannot call in or out. Been out since yesterday. Will this be fixed soon? Down in Catlettsburg KY.

  • Courtney Grant

    Cell service is out in Erin,Ny since yesterday!

  • lu who

    No internet since 2/28. N.w. indiana. Spoke to service rep said it was going to be back up this morning (3/4)….nope…they just lie to you to get you off if the phone. 4 days without internet is unacceptable. Demand 50% reduction in your bill for being inconvenienced.

  • Jennifer Worley

    When is it going to come back on? What’s the point in paying for service if we can’t use the phones?

  • Amy Romero

    terrible connection in South Louisiana for the past 2 days, we have had to reset our modem several times this is getting to be ridiculous

  • Jennifer Worley

    U guys need to fix this now how is it fair that we have to pay for phone services but we can’t use our phones mine has been out all day so fix it and fix it now I have missed important calls today do to this bs

  • tdsmith43

    Is the Russians OR are you guys just inept!!

  • tdsmith43

    It seems to be Nation wide! What a MESS. Dumping AT&T ASAP!

  • Martha Bennight

    No service in kerrville texas

  • Joey Lawrence

    No service on my iPhone Fort Worth, Texas

  • 3on23

    No internet service since about 3 p.m. Wednesday. Called that evening they said it should be back 8 tonight and they just pushed that estimated another 24 hours. Glad I have C-Spire for cell.

  • Marijo Weissgerber

    No service for the last hour on Marco Island, Florida.

  • Greta Doggerson

    Cannot make or receive calls in Bloomington, Indiana right now. But can still get text messages

  • Nancy Shoemake McLeane

    Can text but no calls in St. Louis, MO

  • WeeWillieB

    Cannot make or receive calls in Louisville, KY. Text seems to be working.

  • judy

    cannot make calls in Olympia, Wa for over 2 hours now

  • Jenna Danielle Toland

    Can’t make calls in denison tx

  • Oxford Market

    At&T net work is down completely in Mass also

  • David

    Can’t make calls in Battle Creek, Michigan.

  • Lauralee Yalden

    Att not working nj

  • SF

    Can’t make calls Bossier City, Louisiana

  • Linda_LaScola

    So far, the only information on this service outage I’ve found is from customers. I also expect ATT to officially announce what is happening and what they are doing to fix it.

    If anyone has a link to official ATT info on this problem, please post it here. Thanks.

  • Connie mitchell

    Outage in inkster, Michigan since Wednesday.

  • Melani Sander

    Have had no service for 2 days is anyone at work AT&T

  • Brian

    calls dropped for past week in Farmington,CT

  • Urs

    I was down tonight, Sat, 3/11…..about 1130pm…..for about an hour…..and now again 148Am Sunday……What the heck is going on? I was on the phone blaming my home internet service provider all night, when it’s AT&T

  • claylane13

    No cell service here in NJ

  • Sue Jozefiak

    No cell in Clermont fl for 6 days

  • kcunning

    No Internet or UVerse cable TV since last Wednesday & no notices from AT&T as to when to expect repairs. I’m in Berkley, a suburb north of Detroit. There was a major windstorm last week. An update would be appreciated.

  • Shelia McCutcheon

    NO phone service with our cell phones in Mannington, West Virginia,but what is odd is that we still have internet service. We live in a rural area and have our phone and data plans through Net 10 which they use att towers.

  • Anna Scheller

    No phone service in Del Rio, TX

  • Krystal Edwards

    No DSL service in Morse, LA

  • Kate S

    no service – Durham, NC

  • Leticia Hall

    No internet phone or cable in 6 days when you call customer services no one speaks English I work from home and this is costing me $1000 of dollars

  • Wendy Williams Wallace

    internet running slow ohio.

  • Domenic

    No cell service in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Shay

    Internet hasn’t worked since Thursday March 16th @2pm in Poteet, TX and I’m posting this using my cricket hotspot.

  • Ron lopp

    We live in Ocean Shores, WA. We suddenly have had no service for the past week. We either show No Service or Emergency Calls Only. Calls to ATT worthless. Switching to Verizon.

  • Ranata Denise

    Outage in San Francisco since I guess around 3:30. BULL FECES.

  • Victor

    Still down in SF…going on 3 days now!!!

  • Byron

    Correct. In SOMA and going on day 3.

  • frank

    Same here in mission bay.

  • Jermert501

    Southeast Indianapolis area DSL has been down since 1953 on March 9th, 2017. Received promise repair tech would be out Saturday between 0800 and 2000 this was a no show, complained again new appointment was set up and then received call back that the problem is a line outage and I would be notified when it is repaired. That was two days ago…….I am paying for two ATT services I am not receiving not to mention, unable to work from home and Netflix>>>>>>

  • Scott Dunham

    Cocoa fl no Internet since 11am

  • Chris Prince

    Gilmer County Ga cell service out for about an hour now.

  • Guest

    Internet down in San Diego for 24 hours! Shocking that AT&T is rated worst company in America year after year.

  • madbotboy

    No service in Snoqualmie, WA, specifically the Snoqualmie Ridge area.

  • Annette

    No service in Danville Illinois!

  • Clay Garcia

    No service Gladewater Texas

  • Carly Gernstetter

    No service University Hts Ohio

  • Cass Smith

    No service in Eudora, Arkansas

  • DEAN

    no cell service Dushore, PA

  • Katerwriter

    Service out 6 hours so far in OC California, 3/31/17.

  • Ben

    No service of any kind or ability to connect to wifi on iPhone in mnpls for entire night

  • Shila

    Still no Wi-Fi which means no internet, no tv and no phone 24 hours now in Troy, MI. Really?

  • Chrissy gilbert

    No service morrilton ar

  • jo

    no service in Morrilton, ar

  • Andrew Romero

    Still no sevice in Kansas City MO

  • guest

    no bvoip in Lincoln NE

  • dp423

    No BVoIP in Buffalo, Rochester or NYC

  • Rich Buckley

    N0 BOVOIP in Danbury CT since 11:30am EST

  • Javontae Lowe

    No internet connection in Douglasville Ga since 2:30 am EST is you guys working on it or

  • Rosita South

    houston texas are u still down and no flights

  • Rosita South

    hey if u are alfredo cruzz this is rosita i no its. all down no flying to but as soon as its back get ahold of me

  • Rosita South

    hello world is the dam at&t still out in houton texas

  • Dom jacoby

    Still no freaking service in clarksville tn. It needs to be fixed or a lot of us will be switching this Is ridiculous to be waiting almost 9 hours with no progress made towards bringing it back

  • Jenna Campolieto

    Anyone in Seattle having issues?

  • Kristy Bohling

    I have AT&T and have service in Sango. My boyfriend on the other hand in the same house and plan does not. The whole Clarksville/ Nashville area is without service so I have no idea how I still have service. I’m afraid if we do get hit with the storms they say this issue may be longer. I didn’t get a clear answer on a time frame for the issue to be resolved when I talked to AT&T this afternoon just techs are working on it

  • Belltower

    Knoxville TN, Hardin Valley area, no internet service on UVerse for 1hr.

  • Hamburg PA User

    No Phone Service in Hamburg PA… been like this for over a week…

  • Nakia Thompson

    No cell service in 28434. I feel like I am wasting my money with this company.

  • Christine Whiting Hefner

    No cell service for 3 hours in Rappahannock Co, VA

  • Karyn Hodge

    No uverse or internet connection in Tracy Ca

  • ddmacpp

    No uverse or tv in morrisville, nc 27560. ATT says no outage on their side. Out for 3 hours. Say no tech visit until tuesday! Asking to speak to supervisor but said they are busy and will call me back in 15 to 30 minutes. Its been 30 minutes no call. This is second time last 2 months ago where service went out suddenly. Last time techs had no idea. Swapped out everything and finally it started to work again. Why does ATT not know what is going on?

  • Kay Davenport

    Uverse phones and internet down

  • Kay Davenport

    When will we get service again my area

  • Kay Davenport

    Two days without tv uverse or house phone. Or internet.

  • Khoa Tran

    All day no internet,78233

  • Stephanie

    Have had no phones since Friday 4/7/2017, how can we run our business

  • Stephanie

    Whitsett, TX 78075

  • Tim sullivan

    No phone service for the last few hours in Norcross, GA. I drove around in an 8-mile radius but still no service. There are 3 bars on my phone but still no service. Also, no internet service off the satellite, only local wi-fi. Can’t even call 611 to report the problem.

  • Tim sullivan

    It’s OK now

  • Chris Muldrow

    513 in Oakley area is having problems

  • Stephhh

    entire town of Oxford, MS 38965 internet and inverse is down

  • Mad in TN

    This is stupid, cell service has either been down or drop calls if you can make or get any call since Feb. 17th in Manchester, tn 37355 …. Fix it or undo what you’ve done on feb 17th! NOT EVEN EMERGENCY 911 CALLS CAN GO THROUGH!!!

  • Jeffrey Mastio

    Oceanside CA 92057
    Uverse; Internet, phones, & TV’s down.
    The family relies on me for all things electronice so obviously it’s my fault and get all the blame anytime something goes wrong.

  • Domenic

    04/14/2017 6:46PM EST.
    No mobile network, no cell service. Unable to send/receive calls, including 911, unable to send/receive text messages, unable to retrieve voicemails, unable to use apps on iPhone without WIFI (from another provider.) Problem sporadic for last few weeks, but worst today. First reported at 9:55AM EST. Cleveland, OH.

  • Lola Pate

    Text messaging is not sending messages properly. Some send and some just say sending. In Houston, TX

  • B Mallette

    No cell service in Richmond, VA

  • Sherri

    No cell service in Marion, MT ~ service has been out since late Monday.

  • Christina Klatt Sailer

    Internet down, Montgomery, IL

  • MD

    Ferriday, LA 😀 No cell service since 4:30 pm…. Bae said his phone been goin in and out all day in Natchez, MS. I guess he off the hook this time

  • Dr. B

    No cell phone service Greensboro, NC

  • Avea

    No cellphone services in Bridger, MT. This is my only phone service and my spouse is at work. If something happens to him or me, I can’t be reached, nor can I call for help. Sadly, I switched from Verizon because I was only getting at best 10% of my phone calls, that would actually ring to/on my basic phone at the time. In Montana, you basically have a choice between at&t or Verizon, which given the service issues on both providers in Montana, it isn’t really choice but more settling for which issues are less bothersome for your situation. Sad, especially with how much money you spend on the “promise ” of service.

  • homie_cat

    Very slow internet data on LTE in Phila area.

  • Paula Jones

    I think this is ridiculous major communication company that can’t keep its service running but don’t pay the bill and they will shut you off but do you think they give us any free serve for the time system was down but the people who own the company I bet they have access to at least a TV who wants to be at home not able to watch TV NO ONE ATT I hope you loose a lot of customers over this I think the sad part is you can’t even notify us when it’s working again nor tell how long it will I’m done can’t wait any longer

  • Searching for hours in NYC. Ugh.

  • Andrea

    No cell service in shell Knob, MO

  • Tony Morgan

    No cell service in Winder, GA.

  • Brittney Vithous

    No service in Athens, OH

  • DkCrusaderX

    No dsl Nelsonville Ohio

  • Christy Bibb

    No cell phone service or home phone service in Elkton ky. It’s been this way all day

  • Donna Kainec

    Can’t access email in Garfield Hts, Oh. Since 8am.

  • Supercharged95

    No network access outside Ellington Mo on Hwy H Reynolds county. Had it closer to town but I’ve always had it at my house, till now.

  • Wanda Burson Gregarek

    Att is out in Ridgcrest Ca!

  • Rose Andrews

    Ty Wanda I wonder how long it will be

  • Rose Andrews

    Is that for May 1 2017 Wanda

  • Myra Grantham

    Everyone has no servic in Andalusia Alabama

  • Jenn E

    There is barely half a bar of service for the past 2 weeks in Sacramento, CA. Phone only registers 4G, not LTE anymore. No info on why, or when it will get better.

  • Kim Muehlbauer

    No service 56258

  • Jeannie Perez

    No cellphone service in Honolulu Hawaii since yesterday!

  • Huey Ohmer

    No cell phone service in Amelia, La. all day.

  • Lisa Rock-Landry

    No cell service in amelia, Louisiana all day.

  • Lisa Rock-Landry

    Again today no service

  • Bonnie L Patterson

    No phone service in Ridgwcrest, Ca. Only service I have with ATT, so don’t know about the status for the other services…

  • Eyes To Fly With

    Very sporadic DSL in Berkeley, CA. Went to a cafe since I need to get work done. This has been happening for several days. Absurd. I am switching to cable internet as soon as I can.

  • Kathey Kat

    No service in woodbury Tn 37190

  • don

    7 hours down in McKinney tx and a lot of Dallas. Terrible Service !!

  • Jan Smith

    No service in perry Oklahoma.

  • Elaine M. Zeman, Ph.D.

    Assorted cell phone connectivity issues in Chapel Hill, NC since Sunday morning…either the wireless network goes down periodically but then is restored after a few hours, or else, it appears to be working at my end, yet out of state callers are told “this subscriber is not in service”.

  • Gregory Allen Porter

    No AT&T service in Mountain View, MO. Going on 12 hours. Phone shows a few bars occasionally and the 4G symbol some times but nothing received or transmitted.

  • Tammy Sanders

    A week and 1/2 no internet. Kids are not able to turn in work due to not having google classroom. I also run a business with this account and have not been able to access important info. My neighbors have all had the very same issue plus their phone service doesn’t work. Some have had their service fixed by a simple changing the wires around on the main box up town, Why can’t they check all while they are their.

  • Ruth Ellen

    Mother’s Day takes out AT&T! So sad, because service outage less than a week ago. Poorest service provider in 15 years using cell phone.

  • Linda Marten

    no service in Kona, also less than a week ago – reported Case ID: CM20170514_124574016

  • grabthar

    No internet service in Sacramento this morning.

  • Lori

    No cable or internet since 9:30 am in Melbourne, FL

  • Kristina Fredericksen

    no cell service in Scottsdale AZ

  • Logan Stewart

    I get cell service but no internet in Elizabethtown, Ky

  • Fred

    Internet service has been out for 16 hours. No answer on cause or ETR. What gives.

  • John Bender

    No service outside of Talkeetna Alaska for the past 12 hours. Case # CM20170520_124744862

  • Sandra Browne

    Anyone in Melbourne Fl without service?

  • Sandra Browne

    are you still experiencing outage?
    Mine started on Sunday night about 7:30pm

  • Kenneth carter

    No service in Sandy Hook ky

  • michael galindo

    Carlsbad NM is not in service!

  • Jake D

    Data in Vancouver WA has been randomly going in and out for weeks now. What’s the issue here

  • Juner

    You suck 😉

  • Regina Burson-Chinn

    My stepdaughter cannot call/text or do anything on her AT&T phone. My Sprint phone is working fine. Katy, TX

  • Andrew Floyd

    No service in Cedar Lake, TX. Has been down since 3pm or so today.

  • C

    No internet, day 2. Aliso Viejo CA

  • Jocelyn F. Ancheta

    No cell phone service dallas tx

  • Cheryl Unger

    ALL of a sudden my work “On Call phone” is cutting in and out and dropping calls not, to mention my husband’s and my personal cell has only 1 bar and it has been that way since yesterday. Davenport, FLorida (Central Florida near Disney)


    poor service in Columbia, MD for the past week

  • John Klitsch

    No cell service in Palmerton Pa. since 6/31/17 @ 7:30pm

  • Tara Parnell

    AT&T better get it together. This is my 2nd outage in 2 weeks. Ugghhh

  • Tara Parnell

    My location is West TN.

  • Angry

    No service YET AGAIN in Charlotte NC. I’m tired of this. Back to Spectrum I go … Signing up TONIGHT

  • Shari Murphy

    No dsl in Godfrey IL

  • Jeff

    Intermittent cell/data service in Dallas TX

  • Brent

    7 days no internet Dallas. Ead ATT

  • Shari Murphy

    No service in st Louis metro area…dsl

  • Joan West

    No INTERNET _AT&T DIAL_ 4 days now TOLEDO,OH

  • Sean Russ

    No service in mountain home Idaho!

  • Brent

    8 days no fiber in dallas

  • Joe Davila

    I live in winter haven and also have the same issue

  • Sabrina

    have no signal on any of our cell phones it Tomball Tx.. have to drive 5 miles to make a call… been this way for 3 days now

  • David

    Dallas Texas 75243 no uverse

  • gina graves

    Day 3 of no internet and texts that won’t go thru, randomly I can make a call and then if so reception is horrible. Northern CA 95632

  • Quidzark

    Fourth day of no DSL in 77484 (TX) , and no estimate of when it will be restored. Sadly, no real alternative for ISP here.

  • Tanya Woodson

    Im in Marlin TX no internet for last 3 days 76661

  • Caitlin

    Can’t make or receive calls or voicemails. Texts occasionally work. Home wifi through a different provider works. In Boulder, CO.

  • Rick Eisenring

    Internet and home phone out since Thursday night (June 8) due to broken fiber optic line at new construction site. Still down as of Monday morning (June 12).

  • Devon

    AT&T u verse is not working in New Matamoras, Ohio. Mine and couple other people I called on my cell phone can’t load anything or make house phone calls.

  • sojourner88

    Down in atlanta as of a couple of hours ago

  • Montie22

    McVeytown Pa is down at the moment.

  • Peggy Hannis

    Parts of Paterson NJ have been down (on and off…mostly off) for more than a week. Everyone in my building that has Iphone 6 or above is having problems. Cannot get on websites, cannot get emails, cannot get on social media, cannot sent imessage, and most of the time cannot make call calls. I have called ATT several times and they keep telling me nothing is wrong. SOMETHING CHANGED as of last week. How could nothing be wrong. Can’t seem to get anyone to pay attention to this problem.

  • Jeff Lee

    No phone’s in Coloma, Ca

  • Charles Russell

    I’m hearing at&t has fiber down in Houston,TX.

  • Jamie Holbrook

    No phones in Grand Junction, CO

  • Joan West

    DIAL internet still not working TOLEDO OHIO…at&t says outage…its going on 3 weeks now………………….

  • Danielle

    Is any one out in Michigan?

  • Marilyn

    Internet down in Illinois. Can’t get through to at&t by phone, either.

  • Amber Lyons

    Cannot connect to at&t ISP for DSL on my router, it was working fine earlier now internet won’t come back on even after unplugging etc. It said PPP for at&t was down on my router when I checked WAN status so it might be. Coming from Frankfort, Kentucky

  • Elecia

    No Internet Memphis TN 38118.

  • Richard

    Recently I have only been getting 1 bar LTE and it takes forever to use the internet or social media on my phone, I used to get 2 to 3 bars and it worked no problems. Newnan,Ga 30265

  • Mary

    No cell service Stockholm NJ 07460

  • Scott Brown

    AT&T cell service down or sporatic in middle Tennessee 37179/37174. Emergency calls only.

  • Milton kidd

    Atlanta 30318 At&t internet has been out for days I’m going back to Comcast

  • Alicia Butler

    Is Comcast better than spectrum? Because I am done with att?

  • Alicia Butler

    Bye the bye, Fort Worth, no service since I woke at 5:00am , so 8 1/2 hours, but I think it was probably out before I woke up.

  • Marilyn

    No internet connection in sterling il. June 27, 3:00 pm.

  • Tadams

    No phone service in Festus, Missouri at 9:00 pm and on.

  • scubarichie

    No fiber service for at least the last 12 hours. Two switching stations in Durham not working, on South Roxboro Road and on Hope Valley Road. Any idea when services will be restored?

  • mark

    website for bill pay ‘DOWN’. ‘sorry for the inconvenience.
    So typical of ATT…
    seconds count slogan marketing is ironic given that they can’t deliver on it.

  • Diane Bender

    SAG HARBOR, NEW YORK HAS NO SERVICE! when is it estimated that service will be restored????????

  • Theresa Welker

    Having issues making calls. Can not contact customer service. Phoenix, AZ

  • Robin Mitchell

    No phone service Avon Indiana

  • Dottie Derewicz

    I have had a real problem with no signal for the past two weeks. I have to go from room to room to have a signal. I live in Clayton Delaware. Very frustrated as the reason I changed to ATT is because Sprint could never get a signal out here. I am beyond frustrated at this point.

  • ryan camplin

    martinsville, in – cell service has been out 12+ hours now – no warning or explination

  • Peter

    Internet service down in Bloomington, IN

  • D1rocker

    Uverse appears to be down in DFW TX area.

  • CHAD

    Down when not using WiFi in Rancho Cordova, CA.

  • Janet fanger

    No service in Monroe Oregon area.

  • Vivien Monaco

    Internet and U-verse down in Orlando since 2:45 pm July 5th. So much for working at home.

  • Judy Ann Durham

    No internet/ phone York SC

  • Charlotte Redwine

    No cell service all day, July 6th. Rocky Face, GA

  • Matt Gilbert

    No 4g in North Central Indiana! They said there is a tower down still not back up.

  • Michael

    ATT (straight talk) is down at the Jericho-Underhill border Vermont. No signal for the past couple hours

  • Michael Keaton

    No AT&T or Cricket Wireless in Greenville, SC or Tryon, NC

  • Michael Maloney

    No internet, phone or uverse service since 20107080930

  • Cindi Reese

    Internet service down. Email still says last sync at 7:44pm July 9th. Today is now the 12th of July. What’s going on?

  • Cindi Reese

    Internet service down in Allen Park Michigan

  • cft576

    No service in Bloomington, Indiana

  • Enebula

    I can’t even get service. I signed up for the Directv bundle and have been put off for over a week. Now AT&T is telling me not to expect installation till after the 18th of July when I was told everything would be installed by the 7th. Now after reading how AT&T techs can’t get connection signals with their own equipment I’m thinking of jumping ship.

  • DaSarge

    My phone service and 4g access to the Internet is completely down. My Wi-Fi is working, thankfully. But I can’t even call at&t repair about it! Thank God I still have a voip home phone, and a land based dsl. Putting all my eggs into one at&t basket? I don’t think so.

  • DaSarge

    Go with a local land based (baby bell?) dsl line for your internet. At&t as cell provider isn’t bad, and you can still get their tv service. But you should shop around for local providers. And you can use Vonage for your home phone. Its much cheaper than your baby bell. And as cheap as at&t’s version of a home phone.

  • DaSarge

    Think about an antenna that can pick up digital tv and 3rd frequency signals. No phone service can account for where everyone lives. And in all fairness, your geography may be against you, if you are more than 10 miles from the nearest antennas.. Your home’s construction may be working against your Wi-Fi signal, if that’s a problem. Fortunately, you can purchase a Wi-Fi signal booster for under $20 that will probably help your problem. They’re very powerful as they are plug-ins to the electric sockets in the house, the farther from your router the better. They will pick up and amplify your Wi-Fi signal very well. I had that problem here in Idaho.

  • Tony Blastow


  • George Dalme

    7/13/2017 ATT internet down again today in central Kansas glad I no longer have the landline, it seem to be on going problem happens once a month

  • Brandon

    Internets been down for two days straight, in round lake park,il. Tired of at&t shitty service.

  • Cybil Jackson

    Internet and U-verse been down so since 07/12/2017 in Akron Ohio. They told me some cables that went down had to be ordered and the ETA is 07/17/2017.

  • Renee

    Internet not working since Friday (7/14) afternoon in Charlotte, NC. I’m connected to the internet but have no broadband service, so I can’t get online. AT&T told me I can check online for outages in my area using my cell phone, but I’ve tried several ways of doing that, including through AT&T’s website, and none provide up to date information on my area. So I have to keep calling AT&T to see if the area outage is fixed or if the problems I’m experiencing are on my own service. I’m frustrated because I need the internet for research on my doctoral dissertation.

  • Mia L

    I was in Ogunquit ,ME- a major tourist area from 7/9-7/12. First day there cell and data fine . Subsequent days – no cell no data ! Home now in WMASS. Normally decent cell /data coverage. Can’t make any calls and very spitting data coverage . Yes, I pay a lot for the service and it’s my business phone . Not happy .

  • Rebekah

    No cell service in Lancaster/York PA area.

  • Denise Slowinski

    No internet in Hillside Illinois 7/20/17

  • Gio

    Internet is down since 8:00 in Bocas raton Florida well at least I think???? HELP!!! 7/20/17

  • Dan TheMan

    DSL down hard in my area of San Francisco. This is the first really long duration outage I’ve experienced. 7/20/2017.

  • Donna Kainec

    No email in Cleveland, Ohio since 8:56pm. Pop up continuously states “cannot verify server”.

  • Kathy March

    No cell phone service for 3 days in Salinas CA

  • Linda Deef

    ,63114 Vinita Park MO internet down since 7-22-17 . No idea uwhen it will be up per ATT . Neighbors say TV down too.

  • Gary L’Hommedieu

    down now use 32804 zip code

  • Riesa AndrukaŦ

    Network down 79423

  • Danielle Young

    no service in 10976 ’emergency calls only’

  • nashville123

    no dial up in Nashville since 7/1/17. It takes an hour to get someone that can assist with dial up. They have you update your computer & then tell you it is an outage in the area-give it 72 hours…It’s almost 4 WEEKS!!!! That’s a long 72 hours

  • Karl

    Is the network down in 85653 Tucson/ Marana, AZ?

  • mstmompj

    Cell problems in Magnolia for sure.

  • Cienna Crosson

    Problems in Baton Rouge today?

  • Chris DeAngelo

    I am from Knoxville,Tn anyone on here also from Knoxville I two am exp…problems with my phone service,As for Internet I have Comcast i pay it separate from My families Att family plan,So no At&t uverse or DSL problems just phone issues cant talk or text,Sorry for you folks with your internet problems I have that at least.

  • Shawn

    Its down in miami dade dsl broadband

  • Sandi Hardesty

    No network in Windsor ca

  • Ariel Barham

    Atoka ok no service at all no calls text nothing had to leave freaking town to report I want to know when the service I PAID for will be back?!

  • Alexis Malania Walton

    Hey AT&T….I have no service ONCE AGAIN in Magnolia,Tx!!!! This has been happening off and on since Friday 7/28/17! As much as I pay for my service every month, this should not be happening!!! I know one thing, you’ll be deducting money from my next bill or I’ll happily move on to a different company!!!

  • Mel Miller

    Down since noon. South Ft Worth. Don’t think it is home equip. Lot of construction nearby.

  • Anna B

    Yup. Just east of Baton Rouge.

  • El

    No network since yesterday morning in Stillwater 74074…

  • Juliana Kemp

    No AT&T service on iPhone since yesterday. Its 8/2/17 and still no service on my iPhone 6S plus, but my husband does have service on his 6S.

  • Juan C.

    No dsl service in Brownsville TX 78526

  • Brooklynn

    No cell service, no calls coming in or out….Mobile, Al

  • Juliana Kemp

    No service for three days. what is going on? Monroe, LA 8/3:17

  • Sai

    No service since at least 2200 on 08/03. Storm could’ve knocked something out?

  • George Hayhoe

    No mobile service 08/04 in Fletcher, NC at 12:34 pm

  • Roxann

    Landline down in Laurel Maryland. Try to call the landline and get a message saying there is a network problem. Is AT&T aware of such a problem? Sunday Aug 6th 4:00pm

  • Rosa

    Third week of inconsistent internet in 64772

  • Roger

    Internet down since 10 am in La Grange, KY (Louisville)

  • Dr.Stevil

    Mobile service on s4 off most of the time for almost a week. It goes from zero bars to 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. If im lucky its just enough time to send a text in que. Should i send a partial payment for partial service?

  • Calculus IV

    People consider the AT&T dates to the Bell days, copper wires. Me thinks, AT and T was the victim of a clandestine electro magnetic pulse experiment, at their expense. Question is who? On the other hand thank you AT&T for the years of great service but 8 days of no landline service is unacceptable. Dumping AT and T and cutting their wire from the house as it’s a liability.

  • Larry Meyers

    Fix is…. Settings: More: Cellular Networks…Click CN and ‘turn on’ on next page.

  • wtf

    can not connect to at&T at all

  • Wes Robinson

    AT&T is having issues with a tower near Brackettville, Texas.

  • Robert Keith

    No Cell or internet service since about 1pm- Ft. Stockton, Texas

  • Jay

    Issues in Santa Barbara this morning. Dropped calls and inability to sign onto Skype.

  • Mary Brock

    Keep losing signal for over a month. This is getting old 92870

  • Susan Cox

    No cellphone service since this morning in Red Bluff, Ca 96080..Called customer service and they “didn’t know anything about it.” Tested phones and said it was a tower issue. They would work on it to get it resolved ASAP. So in the meantime, can’t make or receive calls or texts. Will see how long this goes on. Sounds like it’s been going on all over the country for several weeks now.

  • D Glen Martel

    NO DirectTV NOW service, or website access “Looks like something went wrong on our end. Please try again later.” Starting to see people from East Coast to West Coast reporting issues

  • Rick Nale

    service out in st pete florida and NO way to get a hold of ATT NOT GOOD BUSINESS, been getting “no Service, No internet for an hour now

  • Brianna

    Glasgow, Ky. I have been without phone service since 1pm CST. Still cannot make or receive calls

  • Michael Nugent

    Western MD/Eastern WV Suddenly lost AT&T cell signal at 7:18AM this morning. Has been down ever since!

  • Maraluna

    8/20/17 I have AT&T wireless (Samsung go phone) and have had trouble receiving and making calls for the past month in Orange, VA. My friend has tried to call me for the last 5 hours and has been unable to get through.

    What’s going on?

  • Paul J Secore

    8/22/2017 My cell service has been pretty much no insistent all day today. Is there a tower down, as I am use to being pegged on the signal.

  • Les Kalman

    AT&T cell service in Hinsdale, IL (specifically the area around Elm Street & The Lane) has always provided 4-5 bars of cell service. However, service has consistently been at 1 bar for the last 1-2 months. Is there a plan to restore service here?

  • Springfield, MO area – beginning Wed 8/23/17 down to one blip on signal on our cell phones. Trouble getting one phone to call the other. It’s like they took down a cell tower or antenna. If they are replacing an antenna, they could have at least texted everyone to let them know. I know ATT is replacing an antenna in Cassville, MO, so maybe they are doing that other places? On ATT website, chat is in busy mode, so can’t use that to inquire or report.

  • Angela Vaughan

    Parkersburg, WV area – 1-2 bars on Iphone 6s.Trouble sending texts…no issue receiving them. Unable to access data on the phone, but no trouble using WiFi at home. Have been having this trouble on and off for about a month, but it’s solid today. Is there a tower down or some plan to restore service?

  • Karen Shay Dunn

    College Station, TX area. Full bars on phone. Can send and get texts, and data works fine. Unable to make or receive phone calls. Have restarted my phone twice.

  • Jade Bertagnolli

    Had an outtage in West Sacramento CA Aug 26th & 27th. No internet but had phone service


    No internet, text or ap access on wireless, only voice in zip code 60440, 60439, 60446.
    And limited phone, in zip 60404. Perhaps it’s time for AT&T to acquire one of the providers that provides consistent service in the Chicago area.

  • Confused

    Been fighting all night to get more than 1 bar of service. Is something happening to the service in Michigan?

  • Gina Coons

    No Bars, Cannot text or make phone calls, I called ATT Customer Service they said there are no problems Pretty Sure Something is going on. Bandera, Texas

  • A Shelton

    AT&T Business internet is down now for the fourth day in a row. Absolutely no service. No help from them. They won’t even tell us what the problem is or when it will be fixed. My business and others near me are losing a lot of money.

  • A Shelton

    The above outage is in Springfield, MO.

  • Rick Johnson

    AT&T down in DeMotte, IN no service what soever

  • Shannon Crum

    DSL service went down about 8pm CST last night in Louisiana (71373) but cell service was uninterrupted.

  • Dixie Pixie

    No internet service since last night due to storm in Dacula, Ga. Tried rebooting motum but it didn’t work. I’m going crazy with my house alarm going off every couple of hours. I’m disabled and have a hard time getting to alarm system to turn it off. HELP!!!

  • Paul Chrostowski

    We have been without U-verse now in my little subdivision since Monday. Now I know that 400 homes in this isn’t even a drop in the bucket but when it doesn’t even show up on the outage map makes you wonder what’s up. We had service almost all the way through Irma which I thought was amazing, but since it’s gone down I can’t see where ATT has been doing anything in my area, oh except when ours went down another area with about 3 times as many customers came back up. Could be a mistake, maybe, sure is strange. It’s all underground too, hummm. I haven’t seen an ATT truck in days ANYWHERE in Jacksonville fl. All the power is back on here, WAY TO GO JEA! Maybe you can teach ATT a thing or two!

  • Mary Whitman Few

    No u-verse or internet in 27707 Durham, NC.

  • Dan

    No Internet or uverse for 1 week in Delray beach, FL 33444… have had power almost the entire time. Any timetable for when it should be back up?

  • Eric Ervin

    Sourth Florida UVerse customers –
    What ATT is not telling you is this outage is not hurricane caused (I guess you can call it related). This is a software/hardware problem. When the DLECs (neighborhood boxes) went down for lack of power they did not come back up correctly.
    I have spoken to multiple local techs and they are having to escalate to Engineering. And there is not a lot of Engineering to go around. So what we have is non-damaged/fully power boxes that will not communicate. Sometimes everyone one on the box is down, sometimes only some of the connections are down.
    If I were to guess, someone did not test what happens when a box loses power since they always have about a 2 day battery backup.
    The Customer support line is worthless. They are telling everyone it’s on your side. I even had a friend get a new modem shipped to them with the power to the box still off.
    Local techs are helpless. These guys are trying their best but the issue needs an engineer. And there are not many of those around.

  • citygal

    Live in Newnan Ga and landline has been down for almost 4 days. THey keep telling me that they are working on it. But it’s good-bye at&t as of tomorrow.

  • Barry Booth Sr.

    Landline and wifi has been out since last Monday. Unable to talk to a human. I wonder if ATT will credit my bill for the time we have been unable to use the service?

  • Kathleen Smith Zorn

    I live in Coral Gables, Florida.

    My electrical power was restored a couple of days ago, but I still have no AT&T land line nor internet. I can see a neighbor’s tree wrapped in wires out my back window, possibly hazardous. I have reported this to AT&T three times since the power was restored & continue to get the same response: Your repair ticket says, “No dial tone, and you’re scheduled for for repair service on Monday, September 25. Thank you for being a valued customer.” Clearly, they are reading from a script and they really couldn’t care less about anything else but getting you off the line.

  • M.K. Staffeld

    I live in IA and I’ve not been able to make a phone call or receive any phone calls since 10:00 pm on 9/1//17. There’s a diabetic in the household and a person with a heart condition in the household and not having phone service is not a good thing. Since I’ve a prepaid phone trying to chat with a human service agent is useless as they won’t speak to you. I like my phone but with this I’m going to be looking for a more reliable provider.

  • Jill Odermann

    Miami. Internet cable n power went down on 9th.power restored on 15. ATT came bk for four hours 3 darlys ok and has been bk off since!!.12 days!. The worst! ATT better be offering credit for what looks to be a half month of no service.considering chaning service to basic thru xfinity n just use apps! Im done paying hundreds a month for this situation.i want my internet bk!

  • Jill Odermann

    Wow! Thanks for that insight! Mb best to switch carrier at this point!

  • T. Wyatt

    T. Wyatt
    Atlanta: AT&T landline been out since 9/03/17. AT&T’s excuse is ‘THERE IS A MAJOR CABLE OUT IN YOUR AREA” and their representatives (1) claim to not know the location of the cable problem (2) and 3+ weeks later they have NO KNOWLEDGE of when service will be restored. Wish their REPAIR SERVICE was as prompt as their billing service – it NEVER suffers an outage!

  • Patty

    In Miami, not one agent for ATT can tell the truth. Service won’t be back for DSL until Halloween and doubt that is true. So I recommend changing services now.

  • Joan

    Plantation Key MM87 we have not had Internet or phone ( uverse) since before Hurricane Irma. No amount of resets, rebooting help. Any idea when this will be restored? Hope we will not be charged during this outrage for services.

  • JenH

    Frustrated in Northern Virginia. I use AT&T Prepaid, and there’s been “no service” for almost 24 hours. And NO WAY for prepaid to report a service outage without a phone. They don’t do chat, and the app just reroutes to internet site where there is no way to report outage.

  • Gillaman Beats

    Is the service down in Eureka,Ca?Im not getting any service

  • Brett Thacher

    Service is down in Canton, NY

  • Stedman Peters

    10/ 11/17, ATT Fiber optics down Northern California due to the “Santa Rosa” fire effecting Coast Central Credit Union, Any update on repairs??

  • VR Mom of Four

    No cell service in 78739 Austin TX

  • Sharon J

    No service in Buffalo NY

  • E.

    Channels are down, can’t watch any local tv or any channels I actually care about. Only junk channels are coming in. Internet is working sporadically at best.

  • Sandra Ray

    We have Direct TV and AT&T bundle here in Hutchinson Kansas, the internet/wifi has been very slow the last few months, and just recently it’s “hit and miss” which is very annoying to say the least! Now on top of this issue, as of Monday a.m 10/16/2017 the home base wireless “landline” has stopped working! Phone has a dial tone…but is useless!! Can’t receive or make calls….this is day 3! What is going on??

  • Michele Adams

    No service in zip 42452…two days now. Slow service for over a week.

  • Barbara Cabler

    No cell service in 76849 Junction, TX

  • CSavage

    no mobile network in Las Vegas, but can place and receive calls

  • Tony Slater

    No cell service Brazil In 47834

  • Rachel Graham

    No cell service chehalis washington but 4g lte. Unable to send text messages but can do everything else on my phone.

  • Unknown

    Are we going to get anything off of our bills for not being able to use what we are paying for??? This is stupid !!!!

  • Jason Eade

    Complete service down in Worcester County Maryland and Sussex County Delaware. The in store rep was unable to call out or receive calls at all but Verison next door is up and running. The kid working was taking a verbal lashing from hundreds of disgruntled customers especially those who lost money because of lost service and people lossing contact with loved ones who they were to meet or pick up and its now been down for hours. Angry contractors verbally assulting poor kid working. AT&T has lost all contact with even their own business fronts. I wonder if they will make it right by reimbursing those who lost money or had to scramble today to catch up with family they try to find. But I saw a lot of people walking 2 doors down to visit Verison. As did I.

  • Jay Adams

    I called and they advised, 25 dollars would be taken off the bill. They also advised the service will be down until 2pm 10/26

  • Lynn B

    no service in Amsterdam, NY. They told me it will be down 24 hours and will be compensated on my bill. If you are having issues call! Otherwise they won’t just be nice and credit your bill.

  • Yv

    My broadband att service has been down for 2.5 days! Whatvis going on?! Also, why does att not have around the clock technical support! I had a lot of computer work to get done this weekend and this obviously did not happen..nor could i get through to someone who could help! Very, very frustrating!

  • Belinda Elias

    Can’t make any calls, can’t receive any calls, only texts – Los Angeles, CA

  • kapgar

    Texts only- Chicago western suburbs

  • Cyndy Tolbert

    Unable to make or receive calls for approximately 2 hours in Atlanta area

  • Lisa Eskew Grande

    Down in GA, AL and TN

  • Shelley Wright Holicki

    Unable to make or receive calls in Michigan and Oklahoma for 2 hours.


    UNABLE TO MAke Or receive Any calls Fort Worth texas 76122

  • sNiZzY

    Down is spfld mass. I wonder what’s the issue and when it’ll be fixed

  • Keith

    Not able to make it receive calls but text works. Little rock arkansas

  • Rudy Navarette

    we”re down in NM No calls text only.

  • Sherry A. Harris

    Down for several hours in southwest Arkansas. Only text messages will go or receive.

  • Sherry A. Harris

    We can still call through the phone option on FB messenger. If you need to make a phone call, try it that way.

  • Rudy Navarette

    AT&T should give us a report here.

  • Steven

    There is a work around Go to iphone Setings>Cellular>Cellular Data Options>Enable LTE>Choose Data Only>Reboot phone.

  • Rudy Navarette

    turning airplane mode on and then off solved my problem

  • Lee Pickard

    This also worked for me in Albuquerque

  • Paul

    Worked for me also, north branford CT

  • Richard Nelson

    DSL down in Wando, SC

  • Lee Pickard

    After looking at the comments it appears that my problem involved ‘airplane mode’. Somehow the ‘a mode’ has been set without its status being posted in the settings display. Rudy Navarette below discovered the solution of “setting ‘airplane mode’ on then off” corrected the problem. Thanks Rudy!!! Airplane mode stops voice calls but lets texting and voice messaging still work which was what by phone was doing. Albuquerque, NM

  • Kieron

    Unable to receive or make calls on phone or iPad, both using AT&T cellular. I have bares on Android S8+ bit when making call says.. out of area. iPad states No service. Alpharetta, GA

  • Honest Commenter

    My landline is down all morning. Using Astound internet I tried to report the problem but AT&T web site is stuck. FFFF AT&T.

  • Tracy

    can’t receive calls or make calls. texting works. just started on both my phone and my husbands a few hours ago. We are in Orange County, CA. My husband called AT&T customer service and was told that they are having problems with their service in this area today and “should” have it fixed by TOMORROW EVENING. Whats up with AT&T, looks like somethings going on all over the US, not just our area.

  • Jean Ray

    Wireless down 49892

  • Best Paging

    “your call cannot be completed at this time” in Monroe, NC 28110

  • Machiavelli

    Wireless down 25271

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  • George Louis Smith

    I am having the same situation in Hialeah. They said they have been working on a line. Not sure what they mean. Its been down for a long time.

  • Steven Grogan

    an entire subnet of ATT addresses are unresponsive –

  • Susan BetzJitomir

    My husband’s phone is down in Ft.Lauderdale, FL. We get “emergency service only” then nothing. It worked 20 minutes ago or so. If he restarts he has bars for a second or so then they go away.

  • Yami

    DSL network outage in Boynton Beach, Florida since Dec 9, ATT help center play a message the issue will be fixed by Dec 16.

  • Hollywoodswim Fund

    No cell service in seaside oregon

  • FredEX2

    *No service here on the northern Oregon Coast since around 2:pm today. As of now there’s still no service. Good thing I have another cell phone with Verizon.

  • FredEX2

    Still complete outage w/*no service from Astoria to Tillamook as well as Seaside & Warrenton, Cannon Beach etc. Called AT&T from a Verizon phone. Spoke with several people, kept getting transferred bc they had no info. Person in customer service was very helpful finally. She said there are 3 towers out with cut fiber optics here that service this area on the north Oregon coast. She said crews have been sent out to repair the problem but service may not return until sometime tomorrow 12/22/17….hopefully.

  • Christine Ynastrilla

    No internet miami since noon 12/23

  • Richard L. Horton II

    This does no explain why service in Kokomo, IN is down. Trust me on this…..They are LYING to you.

  • Last Straw

    I have had no AT&T service in St. Charles, MO since December 26 at 7:00 am. I have been disconnected from phone calls and chat rooms. Every person I talk to has a different story to tell. They even dispatched a tech and he called to ask why because there was still an outage – no reason for him to make the trip but he did anyway. Was very a nice honest guy. The rest are a bunch of liars. I have no telephone, television or internet and because of no wifi, used up all of the data on my iphone. I have been told a half a dozen times someone will call back and never has. Worst communication/service company ever. I will be cutting the cord. Bye at&t.

  • Evan Wilbanks

    No AT&T internet City wide in Tulsa,OK. UVerse, DSL and ATT Fiber is down. Cell data is really weak.

  • Betty Ganaye

    Due to N. Calif. Wild Fire we have had no phone service since Oct. 9 until today Jan 6. Were given 3 different supposed start dates but none so far. Was kept on a cell phone for over an hour trying to get any information and sent from one dept. to another. Disgusting service, for a company of this size you would think they could provide better customer information, if not service.

  • Stephen T Mills

    The internet is down in Oklahoma City. According to their web sight they have an outage. However when you are lucky enough to get a live person they say there are no outages. And don’t have a clue what’s happening.

  • Jimmie Baker

    Down in clover SC. Smh

  • R Swisher

    Ours has been out 3 day and later today the service guy is coming. It came back on 2 hour ago now what. Should I cancel the service call.

  • Kathleen Vaughn

    No Internet and land line in 94801 since 2pm today.

  • Janet

    Hayward, CA – No land line or internet service since about noon on 1/15/18. Call Customer Service and they did the usual unplug and then they check the lines. Said that it was an outside issue and they would need to send a service tech. Estimated date for service 1/30/18, that is 14 days of no land line or internet, totally unacceptable. The Customer Service person said that when the problem is fixed to call and request a credit against my bill. Still no service and a college student who needs the internet to complete his assignments. Possibly looking for another providers, this is not good customer service on AT&T part.

  • William Stooksberry

    Southern Tennessee is up and down, what is the true issue. A fiber optic cable snap wouldn’t cause this much problems across the nation.

  • Ilene Ivey

    AT&T WiFi down in Royal Pines, NC two days so far.

  • Kathy Feher

    at&t tv out over 4 hours