Bank of America Online Banking Login

Some of the most common Bank of America website problems are to do with customer service, as well as the Android and iPhone mobile app not working properly. Customers have also had troubles with the online banking sign in page where they sometimes have Bank of America login issues.

The Bank of America website is great for business and individual customers who wish to access services, such as savings accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages and much more. Online and mobile banking is being used more and more these days and when Bank of America goes down it can have a major impact, and if this happens to you please feel free to leave your report of happenings below.

If you have a login, outage or any other problem with your Bank of America account, please provide your details of the issues you are experiencing.

Bank of America status reports for Monday 14th of October 2019

To find out if Bank of America is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Bank of America? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Gaby

    Is Bank of America down or something because it will not allow me to sign in, which means my transactions are not going through.

  • Tessa

    My credit card statements are not showing up.

  • Elena

    I cannot seem to login to Bank of America, it keeps asking me for my ID all the time.

  • Khan

    Bank of America login seems to be temperamental at this given time, one minute it works and then once it it crashes on me – i am going through Firefox.

  • Jose

    Did Bank of America make an update to its credit card or something yesterday?

  • Melissa

    I was actually wondering this Jose, because I couldn’t access credit card to pay.

  • Stein

    For some reason BofA didn’t put a hold on my bank card when i lost it. It has all been sorted now, but they never put a block on lost card, which they should have done.

  • Adlington

    Bank of America has bloked my card because it could not verify payments.

  • Garry

    Each time i try to login to BoA I keep getting locked out, I tried like three times and now I have to wait a week for verification its me. This is a blooming nightmare to say the least.

  • Jade

    checking account login seems to be a problem at the moment over on Bank of America website. Is this to do with maintenance or something?

  • Janey

    I am having issues with my checking account login, this seems to be the main problem at the moment with many customers. Please do come forward and reply to my comment if you are having the same issue.

  • Lynnette

    Login issues with Bank of America, this happened on the 4th of this month and then it got sorted. But now i am having problems again.

  • Amanda

    I have been trying to use my card and its not working, please fix asap because i need to use my card.

  • Elders

    I have tried to access my checking and savings account and had trouble getting online, but now i am in for some reason the credit cards are grayed out.

  • Belinda

    My normal regular account is showing but i am not able to transfer money to my credit card, all grayed out as well.

  • Mark

    Having a few problems with the bank of america website opening.

  • Barry

    Is the Bank of America site down for you? It seems to be having issues when using certain browsers.

  • Simon

    I did notice that when you visit the website they had a warning there were a few issues when opening the site in certain browsers, they also added a link to show you alternative browsers.

  • Joel

    Currently seeing “We’re sorry, but we are temporarily unable to show credit card account information. Please try again later.”

  • Bonnie Harris

    I ca I login tie boa on my iphones. Today us Sept. 8, 2016

  • Lana

    happening to me right now…

  • Dan

    Having the problem

  • Bob

    think its time leave bofa. Direct deposit held to get over draft fees every payday. They knowyour getting your direct deposit. But don’t post. have checks out so they can hit you with $35 feebeen with bofa for 20 yrs.

  • Bob

    They did not alert there customers about what’s going on. Now that’s customer servie,yeah right.

  • L.

    4/22 & can’t access. Why???

  • Lisa Cowen

    For three day the login page will not load, the home page will, but that does not help to login to. it keeps saying the page is taking too long to load.

  • Cavell Armstrong

    September 25, 2017 at 10:23 a.m.. Site has been down since at least Friday. This is via my laptop. However, I can access through my phone/tablet app. As I am out today will stop by the bank and see what is going on. I tried to call but the wait time was going to be two hours. Something major is going on.

  • Paula Campbell

    Updated iOS, bofa app all current as of 12-20-17. Cannot access using safari, chrome or apps.

  • Rebecca Petrone

    Thought it was just us… Every time we try to log in, prompts to enter account number & SSN, then create new password. Follow the prompts, create a new password, same damn thing all over.. Tried for Chrome, secure Avast browser & android phone, same damn thing!!!!

  • phil erup

    I can log in, but I can’t access my Checking Account or Savings Account page since yesterday 12/21/2017. Just comes up as a blank white page!

  • Tim Stevens

    I have had huge problems with accessing my online banking for weeks. Total time lost amounts to over 5 hours. I try again and again sometimes 20 or more times with no success. Repeatedly entering the captcha or trying different methods that appear like resetting my security questions and I am going mad. Definitely I am leaving Bank of America when I return home from travel. If It cost me money in wasting many minutes on hold with high costs of mobile talk time from abroad and wasted time. They can’t seem to fix the problem. It happens every time I try to login. Since 5 weeks that I have been gone. They are a rich company and they won’t hire enough staff to reduce customer service wait times and enough technicians to fix whatever bus are affecting the system. I feel absolutely toured of and unappreciated for being a long time customer.

  • Connie Driver

    I can’t log in at all says service not available

  • Don Lobel

    last 24 hours can not log into bank of america it prompts me for sign in inf icluding restting my passcode then lopps-starts over same process never getting access

  • Denise Smith

    I have been trying for the last two days to sign in to one of the Bank of America accounts online and it allows me to sign in and see my balance, but it will not allow me to transfer money online – the site keeps showing the same commercial ads to download the mobile app over and over again and that ad will not get off the computer. I was able last month to easily access the site and transfer money but now it is not working. When I call Bank of America about this technical issue and ask them to speak to an IT person or the technical department, the person will say we can’t help you with that but let me transfer you over to our funds department and they can help you transfer funds over through them. I don’t want to talk to their funds department or go through them to transfer money to another bank, I want to be able to use the transfer function the way I have been using for year and just last month. They know their site is not working properly or they are deliberately doing it for their own purpose and they don’t want us to know – they have gotten to be a dirty bank and are getting worse.

  • mary littlejohn

    I have for two days tried to sign in to my mobile Bank of America and cannot it keeps saying stopped working report feedback?Also updated it still say same think.

  • Jaclyn Hudson

    i cant log in to my account for anything this is so annoying

  • Yuhang Cai

    cant log in to both online banking and mobile banking(android), keep trying and keep failing, the website keeps telling me “online banking is not available to you at this time” or “incorrect password”

  • Jeremie Weldin

    Could not login today, kept going through the reset password workflow. Realized the issue was that I had VPN software running on my iPhone. Worked once I turned off the VPN.

  • Sang Wong

    On May 31, 2019 Bank of America Online Banking responded with “Verify Your identity” during login, could not receive the verification code despite multiple tries. This comes on the heels of another login problem that appeared at the end of last week (May 24, 2019), which lasted through the weekend.

  • Sang Wong

    1. Click on this link: “Having trouble receiving your code by phone?”
    2. Enter the authorization code was sent to your email.
    3. Enter your ATM/Debit Card PIN

    It took me an entire morning to figure this out and I feel really stupid, that I chose Bank of America.

  • Asmareh Aklogh

    I couldn’t access mine too. I think bofa is hiding something. It is not clear. It took me now almost two weeks. I guess, the problem that happened in Baltimore city government might have been happening in bofa. If DOS happened I am scare my money for the bill and apartment rent is all in all there.

  • ajit kundu

    I can not login in bank of America . Tried dozens of time since june 1 . In response to very identity I get code by email…punch that in and all I get repeatedly is the message “we are sorry but we are currently unable to complete your request. please try again later ! ” Whats going on B of A ?

  • Jim Schlitt

    6/19/19 I can connect to Merrill Edge but not to Bank of America. I tried numerous times

  • Victoria L

    6/25/19 – Cannot login to BOA online banking no matter what page I try to log in on. After I type in my password, it prompts me to identify myself and change my password. Changed password and still cannot get in.

  • Finally_an_Intellectual

    Cannot access online banking site

  • Trotskysdiaryinexile

    Cannot access online banking site on web browser or mobile app

  • a

    Cant access online banking

  • Nelson

    Requesting but not receiving authentication code text message. Talked to BofA tech support. They said the system has been down for about an hour and there is currently no ETA tor return to service.

  • Simon Huang

    Also had same issue with web and mobile sign on. Support says they’re still down. Only workaround is to visit a financial center to get the access code.
    Does BofA have a website to post status?

  • jake bryant

    Sucks man..really need to see what im spending..system still down

  • Tip Roberts

    For the last week + I have had to change my password everyday to access my accounts. Anybody else had this problem and how to stop it. Called bofa 5 times and each time I was told it would not happen again. BS it still happens every day.

  • Roberta Donahue

    9/3/19 – Trying to do a mobile deposit (for the last 5 hours) and keeps telling me unable to process my request at this time. Please try again later.

  • mike hein

    have they been hacked?

  • Mary

    Trying to get my credit card information on line, I was due a major refund and I can not see anything regarding my charge card. I can see checking and savings. I am concerned that credit cards have been hacked. I keep getting they are working on the problem. So why only the charge card?

  • Joshua S

    Same.. been that way since I woke up on the West Coast.. however, everything was working fine last night at 11pm…

  • strangefyr

    i have been trying all day since 8am eastern time. Why don’t they have some sort of message about why we can’t access our account info???!!!

  • Linda

    Bank of America’s mobile app has been down since 11:00 last night. It is now 9/25/19 (the next day) and still when you try to login, it replies with, ” Exit or Retry”. It also states there is a connection issue. I thought it was an issue with my phone. It is not. I can connect fine with anything else. It would be nice if they’d post they are having an issue and they are working on the problem. Emailed from Fort Myers, Florida.

  • RightOnGuest

    Now 2:19pm ET… Haven’t been able to access online banking in Howard County, MD all day. Help?

  • Tom Prucnal

    App won’t let me sign in. I can get on by laptop, just app not working. I saw they just had an update, so I deleted it on my iPhone and reinstalled it, but still negative results. My wife says she couldn’t get on yesterday either.