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Internet-based online gaming and digital distribution company was launched back in 1996, it was then they released Blizzard’s RPG game Diablo. But since then many more games have been added to the list, and of course because of the popularity with some of the games the servers do take a beating now and then. This can lead to servers going down for unknown reasons as well as for maintenance updates. now has popular games on its servers such as World of Warcraft (WoW), Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and many more. When these games cannot be accessed online this is when gamers take to social media networks as well as forums and communities to vent their anger.

We here at Is It Down Right Now are here to let you know when is down, and of course the community can also use the comments area below to let us know when they are having problems with or any of its games. Please do share with the community below if your server status is down, or if you are having any problems.

Battle Net status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Battle Net is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Battle Net? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Zach

    I am getting kicked out of WoW and D3 often, but when I search the status page there seems to be no problems at all. Is anyone having problems at the moment?

  • Royce

    I have been able to play my games with no problems at all, is running smooth as silk at this given time. Le’ts hope I can have another 2 weeks of continuous play without any server down time.

  • Owen

    Battlenet matchmaking is a pile of trash for me, when i log into my Battlenet account for some reason it asks me to upgrade to play. They really need to get it right.

  • Sam

    Battle Net client is not working and i cannot login, this is seriously becoming a pain in the brain. Please let me know if there any known issues because i cannot find any official updates.

  • Dom

    There are no Battle Net US problems, all is well people.

  • Eddie

    Why are people still getting Battlenet problems, there is nothing wrong my end and a few of my friends said all is cool as well.

  • sinbad

    No problems signing into battle net.

  • Shaquel

    Battle net login seems to be a little crazy today, Not able to see website or play online gaming.

  • Sinita

    I keep getting booted from games.

  • Mark

    Blizzard has just reported that are addressing an issue with Hearthstone, and games may not be accessible.

  • Sebastian

    I cannot connect, even to any Blizzard page. If it is related to Blizzard then its offline i think.

  • Nickie

    So, the the US Realm Thrall is down and being investigated. This was like 8 hours ago it was reported on Blizzards Twitter account, so do we really know what went wrong then?

  • Doreen

    It is so slow for me today, am i the only one this is happening too?

  • Lisa

    My Hearthstone is down and not able to get back in to play online.

  • Billy

    Battle Net is not working, something wrong with servers i think.

  • Sandy

    I have just looked over at BlizzardsCS Twitter and they are aware there is an issues with Battle Net, it seems to be mainly the app so logout and then try again.

  • Darren

    Since the Battle . Net maintenance between 8am and 12 pm PDT there seems to be trouble getting online.

  • Jamie

    Battle Net website is totally down, even Blizzard have no idea what is causing the problem, do you?

  • Marcus

    People have taken to Twitter to ask BlizzardCS questions, one said that they could look into HTTP status code 418.

  • Noel

    What does this mean “game client version mismatch with selected region”? This popped up when i tried to play Starcraft 2 – and before anyone asks i have the right region.

  • Kalib

    Overwatch gets released and things go a little mental trying to stay online with other games.

  • Maxxie

    I start to win in Overwatch and then i get lost connection to server message pop up – frustrated much.

  • Irwin

    Battle Net servers are having issues due to Overwatch disconnects.

  • Tobyios

    There is an Overwatch and WoW maintenance right now. So Battlenet servers will be down for a while.

  • Phil

    There are bad problems with Battlenet at the moment, seems to be mainly login errors and failed slow logins.

  • Chelsea

    There are many issues with Battlenet login right now, but maybe i will let it slip if they sort of clear the last game of HotS from my account.

  • Marcus

    I am getting mad with battle net servers, and whats more whats the point of having the @ PlayOverwatch Twitter account if they never answer anything. All they ever say is that is not staffed at all times. Why have it then?

  • Kelvin

    Surely hackers have got to Battle Net servers!!!!!! They are still having issues affecting its authentication servers, which means login problems are occurring.

  • Josh

    If you wish to earn a new card in Hearthstone you have to reach rank 20 before the end of June.

  • Pauline

    I tried to install Overwatch but keep getting a patch error, no idea what to do next.

  • Kyle

    BattleNet is down in Greenwich, cannot access no online gameplay or websites.

  • Jamie

    I was sitting here wondering why I could not get to play Hearthstone, but now i know why. It is down to battle net being down and out.

  • Cathy Hoyns

    Yep Texas here. Can’t get on. Can’t even get onto the forums.

  • David J Morse

    ct down… says i am in queque, resets and does it again over and over and over…

  • David J Morse

    Ive tried that 6 times now

  • James

    Is anyone else having issues logging into their Blizzard account?

  • Casey

    By turning of my broadband security made a difference when trying to login to my account, once logged in turn the security back on and hey presto all running again. Darn you Windows Defender.

  • SuperBeautifulNoise

    It is down right now. This is a good reason for Diablo 3 to have an offline mode. Just got into the game in 3-4 years and I am in the 5th act on my way to deal will one bad lady. This game isn’t big enough to justify the lack of offline play!

  • Marcel

    Battle Net servers are the worst, the option for paypal credit is not working for me.

  • Jeff Holly

    Down in Australia too