BitConnect Webiste and Login Issues

If you are part of the BitConnect community and the service is down for you please do report your status right here. Two of the main issues that occur include website not opening up and login not working.

Is BitConnect Down for you? Sometimes when you try to open the BitConnect website you may see a message saying, We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always contact us at [email protected], otherwise we’ll be back online shortly! But of course maintenance is not always the issue, the site can go down for other reason and when they do they will be reported on this page.

Maybe you are not having issues with the website but just wish to discus more about BitConnect or bitcoin scams, if this is the case please do start the conversation below.

BitConnect status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if BitConnect is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BitConnect? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lisa

    The website is down right now for maintenance, this was scheduled though.

  • James

    I think it is about time they decided to fix the robot to pay more interest lol.

  • Delphi Dell

    hope it will be really back again…. not BEP yet….

  • Jason

    I think they finally decided to packup and scam us all of our money. I’ve invested over 100k USD

  • carlos campos

    down in mexico city right now

  • Bruce

    Wow the website is still down, has the site gone for ever or just a server update?

  • V COE

    12/17/17 Bitconnect is down. I feel a website such as this should not be down at any time consider it is dealing millions hundreds of millions of dollars invested of peoples money. Very fishy.

  • Osama Mamdouh

    yup its down . just on THU there was some maintenance …so how come again its down…

  • Smell Me Not

    down for me as well for the last 30 minutes. it’s 820 pm in Texas

  • Smell Me Not

    down for me as well for the last 30 minutes. it’s 820 pm in Texas, and still trying

  • Smell Me Not

    please post if you’re not able to log in also

  • Cryptojuggler

    Site is down still

  • Arjay Pedron

    bitconnect is up..

  • Tommy Blakka Blakka

    still down

  • Tommy Blakka Blakka

    wanna buy some tron, put up more servers please!

  • Ravi Kant

    I have opened account with Bitconnect and have bought bitconnects.
    However, since last 2 days, I am facing Login issue.

    Even though, I am entering the right login and password, it shows login id/password incorrect.

    When I click on the link of Forget Password, it prompts me to enter my login id mail.
    After entering my login mail id , it displays message “Unable to send an email”.

    Why is this happening?

    I will appreciate, if you can help me with this issue. I am really very worried.

  • R E

    Bit connect is down for me as well.Joined in December,but now told pass w or email incorrect.Anybody else?

  • Debra

    Is anyone else experiencing login issues with Bitconnect, right now?

  • ohyeah10456

    Still down and my account is locked because I clicked Texas by accident.i live in NY. I put in tickets and docs.2 weeks now and nothing..

  • Juandre

    Yes cant get on the site showing error

  • Chad Travis

    Sometimes I’m getting a 404 Not Found and sometimes the login page comes up but when I try and sign in it just keeps saying signing in but does not sign in…

  • Kelvin Cheung

    site not loading dafuck

  • Kelvin Cheung

    I got Error 502

  • Kelvin Cheung

    same i got 503

  • Pezylvania 813

    your in texas tho…………………

  • Pezylvania 813

    i love it, i start with usi tech hype it up to people a week later No more business in the united states. i start hyping up bitconnect to people get 5 personal referals. was gonna do 1st investment on 1/16/18 and now im wondering if i should even bother. seems like everytime i get involved with something it shuts down

  • Akh4445

    Bitconnect is not loading up error 552

  • Akh4445

    Shows error 552

  • Akh4445

    Error 552

  • Kelvin Cheung

    guys whats happening

  • Kelvin Cheung

    are u sure it shut down

  • Kelvin Cheung

    we’re all egtting scared lmao

  • Kelvin Cheung

    pray to the cryptolords

  • Kelvin Cheung

    Don’t worry guys

    @bitconnect .co website is currently down due to server issues. We apologize for the inconvenience

  • Kelvin Cheung


    38m38 minutes ago
    We are still working to resolve this disruption within our service. Thank you for your patience during this time. Will update you once its done. @bitconnect

  • Pezylvania 813

    usi tech has stopped the affiliate program in the us and canada. i also cannot see the purchase option to buy more packages. I AM still accruing my daily interest though.
    Bitconnect just has me worried. its just ironic for me everytime i go near something or hype it up to other people , shortly after i look foolish, just hoping bitconnect doesnt do the same.


    Hi ohyeah10456
    You have to reregister put in all your personal info again : ID, pic holding ID and name and address, and proof of your address! It happened to me waiting now for their response!

  • Pezylvania 813

    bitconnect is saying they are having server issues on twitter

  • ohyeah10456

    Thx I did a new ticket yesterday but only attached a photo of me holding the I’d, I will add everything else tonight. I hope all works out for us.i was really starting to enjoy this program never did anything like this.

  • Abe Borad

    LOL. Please stay away……sorry. thats just wrong. it should all be well soon

  • Ugochukwu E

    is this down in texas only or is it all USA?

  • Red Ryder

    Texas–been down all day, this is Saturday 1/13. It’s almost 7pm.

  • Red Ryder

    Saturday 1/13 bitconnect still down in Texas.

  • Pramila Kamat

    Still down..FL..

  • Alexis Miller

    Still down Sunday morning SOUTH AFRICA !!!! 🙁 What about there?

  • Kelvin Cheung

    its down everywhere…

  • Kelvin Cheung

    We are still working to resolve this disruption within our service. Thank you for your patience during this time. Will update you once its done. @bitconnect

  • Ugochukwu E

    How long this will continue, this is discouraging new investors.

  • Musa Mind

    Still down in Arizona

  • Robert Flick

    Still down California

  • Michele

    Still Down in Central Florida. I have tried since 8am Saturday morning EST and its Sun afternoon 2:30pm EST. Whats going on?

  • ohyeah10456

    I think they are not just working on the attack but trying as well to solve tickets. Because at 3am I woke up log in and got through, I noticed my ticket for accidentally clicking Texas was case close so I make a reinvest and it went through . I was happy I logged out 5 mins later I said let me make another loan of 20$ just to make sure I didn’t just dream up the reinvest but the maintenance page popped up again. So I hope they permanently fix my problems and helping everyone else as well

  • Kelvin Cheung

    BitConnect is still DOWN

  • Fireguard

    Don’t be afraid; I was able to log in about 2 am eastern, do a reinvest and check interest rates, then went back down…


    Good to hear that. Thanks for the info. Did you store anything in wallets other than lending wallets, such as bitconnect wallet and bitcoin wallet, and are they all safe? Thanks.


    It is 15/01/18 , 17h00 in South Africa ,and we still cannot login to Bitconnect

  • Kelvin Cheung

    Site down for maintenance again!

  • scoope2112

    down in New York New Jersey

  • Ugochukwu E

    What is happening for days now site is down, ur interest getting worse, let me know if i can get my capital back.

  • KL Q Ags

    Was able to login last night to reinvest after my buddy told me that it was back up. Got a call from him today that he was watching “the” video where, I guess, the company or a spokesman of the company was explaining that the site was being taken down because they couldn’t keep up with all the attacks. Was told that all our $ was going to be deposited into our bcc wallets and to transfer them from our bcc wallet to elsewhere that accepts bcc. So, that’s what I was just trying to do in the past hour but haven’t been able to login much less find the site.

  • Phondara Ith

    Can anyone help me? i cant log into my account! Is there a way i can get my money back? Please Help!

  • Robert Flick

    Everyone is locked out

  • Monroe Schmidt

    Website still down. Is there another forum with any new discussions ?