Bittrex Server Outage and Login Errors

There is nothing worse than going to open up Bittrex only to find out the servers are down or you are having login issues. Of course these are only a couple of problems that can happen with the service, but where do you go when you wish to find out about the troubles you are having?

Some of the main Bittrex issues include not being able to login or sign up, when opening the website via desktop you get an error 1002 pop up or the app itself is not opening on your mobile device. But the most common would have to be when Bittrex gets an update / upgrade, maybe for minor things or bigger ones such as upgrading with two-factor authentication for all withdrawals and API usage.

Please do report any problems you are having with Bittrex being it with the above or maybe something else such as $XRP withdrawals or user registration being switched off etc.

Bittrex status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Bittrex is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Bittrex? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jose

    For some reason they still haven’t verified my account, I have so much money in my account and cannot do nothing.

  • Anthony

    I am getting error 1002 when opening and also i would like them to verify my account, my supper ticket is 516352

  • Sorin C Avram

    For some reason they still haven’t verified my account for 1 month almost.My ticket number is : #506676.Maybe somebody can help me.Regards

  • Qasim Malik

    550k$ half million stuck in Bittrex Account verified already enhanced. Yet blocked reason ? I don’t know . Support replies = 0 . Gonna sucicde soon # 623855

  • Orion Ling

    same here 1002 error

  • Orion Ling

    its back to normal now.

  • romain coudoin

    i wait my request #652109 for manually identification …. please help me !!!

  • Joe Caravalle

    It completely amazes me that people still post on twitter and reddit and disqus about support tickets.
    Look – they changed the rules. If your account was closed there is a reason for that.
    If you can’t properly fill out the verification details HONESTLY, then you won’t get verified.

    BITCHING AND COMPLAINING about support tickets here or on twitter will get you nowhere.They ignore them.

  • Hunt stone

    Loved their Service-Complaint-Support-Desk 1888-234-2999

  • yarplease kisi ko bahi apna bf

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