BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) issues

BlackBerry Messenger problems happen a little more now seeing as it’s a cross platform application, millions of new customers poured in overnight when BBM was released on the Android and iOS platform. But huge impacts happen when servers go down leaving millions without the ability to contact anyone.

BBM now on multiple platforms means more people are offline if servers have an outage issue; especially now they are on Apple and Android devices. Even if it isn’t as big as the servers going offline, users still experience issues with sending and adding new contacts etc.

Are you having BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) issues right now?

Weallow you to provide us and other readers your personal service status report, you can connect and reply to other users comments as well. If you are not getting any answers from the official BlackBerry support sites then bookmark this page because here you will find all the latest issues that are occurring as they happen.

BlackBerry Messenger status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if BlackBerry Messenger is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with BlackBerry Messenger? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Amber

    I am trying to add a contact to BBM because this is a new phone and i cannot seem to do it. Help please.

  • Bentley

    BBM services are not working for me, i am hooping its a small glitch and not a major thing. Is anyone else having BBM issues.

  • Mendez

    NO BBM problems my end, working with now nastiness at all. Keep it coming all.

  • Piper

    Does anyone have any ideas why I cannot connect to BlackBerry Messenger?

  • Lisa

    BBM on Android not working.

  • Simone

    Messages are not going through BBM on iPhone, what is happening?

  • Alan

    Is BBM playing up for anyone today? I could not login so had to create a new password.

  • Bob

    BBM chat seems to be a little weird today on Android, tried it on iPhone and all good.

  • Jimmy

    I have to keep uninstalling and then reinstalling my BBM iPhone ap because when i open the app it just crashes all the time. But after installing again it works for a few times then back to square one again of not working.

  • Alan

    BlackBerry is dead, RIP and never arise. You had your good days and it is time you stopped suffering, its not fair to BBM.

  • Blanche

    Not just yet, I still use a BlackBerry Bold and still love it. Such a shame BBM will one day be gone or WILL IT? I have had no issues.

  • Amy Slater

    I updated my BBM today and last night and it’s doing the same thing not loading and going slow

  • Kharsa

    My BBM is working only in WIFI,
    When is switch to 3G or 4G audio is out , and for messages is used GPRS …..