Bluehost Server Outage, Website Problems

If you are using the services of web hosting company Bluehost and experiencing a server outage or any other problem here is where you can complain. This is where you can report any issues that you are having, such as website not opening, login is down etc.

There are many web hosts online and Bluehost is one of the 20 largest and owned by Endurance International Group, they now have just under 2 million domains with the likes of sister firms iPage, HostMonster and FastDomain.

Some of the main Bluehost issues inlcude not being able to login, servers are completely down leaving you no access at all to anything. Having troubles with sending, receiving or forwarding emails, subdomain not working or FTP timing out or maybe you have a question.

Bluehost status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Bluehost is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Bluehost? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Grace

    Bluehost website is down for maintenance, sept 14, 2016.

  • Jacob

    Bluehost servers are down for maintenance according to the website, but when you look on Twitter they are saying servers are down and trying hard to restore services.

  • Phantom Four

    If it was planned and it causes downtime without bluehost notifying customers in advance, that’s bad. If it’s something else and they’re not honest about it that’s just as bad. We’ll wait to see what they have to say but are seriously considering changing hosts as it looks like we either can’t rely on them or can’t trust them.

  • Phantom Four

    We were down for about an hour but are back up. Hope they have a good explanation for what happened.

  • MC

    I got used with this.. not the first time and it wont be the last. The only thing u will get is .
    We are sorry…

  • everything is down. cant log in to bluehost, cant see any of my sites.

  • dpagonis

    My client’s website has been down for 16 hours. Stunning really – there was no notification, and the server status page says nothing is wrong. I’ve had multiple tech support folks tell me different things.

  • Heather Marie Harrison

    I’ve been with them for years. They are under maintenance constantly and my website aften crashes due to their negligence. I’m officially switching to Godaddy. We have a large organization and can’t afford this.