Boom Beach problems

Are you having Boom Beach problems right now? Just like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is a stunning strategy game where you can plan attacks on PC-based bases as well as on other players. The game developed by Supercell is free but does have in-app purchases.

Boom Beach problems

Known as “Free Premium” or “Freemium’ the mobile strategy video game does come with its problems now and then. The mobile game was released on both Android and iOS platforms, meaning millions of people are playing Boom Beach right now, and a percentage of them will probably be having issues.

Some may have issues downloading the Boom Beach app from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Other main problems with the strategic combat game could include the game not loading at all, updates not working or you could be having boom beach problem with Chief Pat or something.

No matter what the issue is please share with the community below, if you play Boom Beach on a regular basis bookmark this page. It is where you can add your problem or read others from other players.

Boom Beach status reports for Friday 28th of April 2017

To find out if Boom Beach is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Boom Beach? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alfinso

    Boom Beach has stopped working for me, each time i open the app it just closes on me again.

  • Sinbad

    When I update Flame Wars I have been unable to play Boom Beach since, is this a Supercell problem or what?

  • Larry

    I cannot download at all, this is getting silly now because this is the game i play to pass time by and to stop thinking about the negatives in life.

  • Shia

    Game is working all good for me, do not know why people are having issues, for those that cannot play it – ITS AWESOME lol.

  • Jills

    Keeps crashing on me, I love playing Boom Beach but flipping heck its a nightmare at the mo.

  • Fergie

    I try to open Boom Beach on my smartphone but it will not load, I have tried on both Android and iPhone and nothing.

  • Henretta

    Not loading, Boom Beach is awesome when it is running.

  • David Kerr

    Getting message. Unfortunately, Boom Beach has stopped. What’s going on I’m starting to go through withdrawal.

  • Gertrude

    Boom Beach is not opening for me, each time i try the game just crashes on me. Seems to be mainly on the iPhone 6.

  • Janet

    My app keeps closing down on me, always happens when i am in the middle of something which is blooming typical.

  • Galespi

    I have the SGS5 and my Boom Beach game keeps freezing on me, can anyone help on how to fix this issue. Thank you.

  • Liu

    Boom Beach is not loading, was there a maintenance yesterday or is that happening today on August 6?

  • Jack

    I have hassle trying to open my app to play this game. I have the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Jane

    I have downloaded the new Boom Beach update and now the game will not play for me, not happy at all Supercell.

  • Manny

    Loving the fact the new Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell Boom Beach update comes with the new Headquarters Level 21, along with Armory level 21 with new upgrades for gunboat and troops abilities.

  • Jedward

    I downloaded the new update and now Boom Beach is down, its not working October 21, 2015.

  • Lunkki

    Boom Beach new updates, is not loading.. Android s4.. =(

  • haxxxor

    Unfortunately boom beach has stopped wtf

  • Daniel Garza

    Ive been having problems with boom beach since yesterday.I thought it was my phone messing up,so i reset it and redownladed that game and it still says login failed try again later. Ive done all i could to get my game back but no luck. Any help

  • Daniel Garza

    And not even 10 min after i posted this I turned my phone off and back on. Then i try boom beach once again and now it just automatically pops up with connection error. It won’t do a thing.

  • Nilesh Gode

    Unable to download new update of boom beach using google play. It only keeps installing since last 3 days.

  • vivek charipally

    unfortunately boom beach has stopped working, always while scouting a player named CORBYN DA LOZER

  • Gilles

    Boom beach not starting for the past 2 days. It stops when progress bar is at 80%

  • Adam T. Calvert

    Boom beach is not loading for the past two days… It stops when progress bar is at 1-5%

  • Ollhamnic

    Boom beach will stop loading at about 80%

  • Dave West

    For the last 2 days Boom Beach hasn’t been loading. The black screen with the SuperCell logo appears and that’s it. Even checked for updates (it’s up-to-date) and left it in that screen overnight to see if it would load. Having withdrawls. Need my BOOM BEACH FIX!

  • Mike A

    It still wont go past the supercell black screen, been that way since 01/14

  • Beshar

    Boom beach stops at supercell logo

  • that guy

    Any time I’ve been raided… it appears as new, this won’t update so it looks like I always have new updates on my account and I dont.

  • Joseph Kulhavy

    Boom Beach has been going down intermittently for the last week. Now it won’t go past the load screen, started at around 1:00 p.m. today (CST).

  • Bob Bryant

    Is boom beach up or down?

  • morten

    Hey. My boom beach will not load. I play every day but after i go to Bali Indonesia yesterday my game will not load. Please help me… player name The Ruler. Thank you

  • Peter

    ..just today.. App store update says that my device is not compatible with this software.. But it was playing for few months until this update, which I can’t even start..

  • Guest123

    Same here i really liked this game until now been playing ten months and now ill lose everything just for thus stupid upgrade

  • Bob Bryant

    Ya, mine stop loading in early Jan, loaded ones in Feb and never again. Did the update, no help. Nice game but no support.

  • Hawgchaser

    My wife always complains the computer and phone are always acting up. I remind her to turn them off once in a while to update. My BB app stalled during the last upgrade. I turned off my phone, back on and every thing is fine.

  • Bob Bryant

    Again Boom Beach is down again. Came back up for 3 weeks and now it is down again and has been down for 3 weeks. Does not load. Same problem. When I did get in 3 weeks ago found I was attack and everything was destroyed. Rebuild but know can not get back in. So not everybody is locked out. No support to talk to. Sucks……….

  • Bob Bryant

    Wow……….. It came back up and lasted a whole hour then down again. Just long enough for me to see how much of my iland was destroyed.

  • Christopher Penafuerte

    Error message says “connection error. Unable to connect to the server. Check internet connection.” Been like this for days now.

  • Grace

    Today on June 6th a new Boom Beach update is going to be released, please tell me that there will be a few changes in the Taskforce searching system please please.

  • Daviv

    Login failed
    Please try again later. (-752518625)
    What the F*ck is this message???

  • Jamie Moore

    My boombeach app won’t load after update can I fix this??

  • Art DeMarco

    My boom beach gets to loading screen and stops? For three days.
    I have rebooted my iPad, I have latest software, I have plenty of free space, I have deleted and reloaded the app?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Dman

    I took out 2 players our and the attacks were successful. I got the rewards screen and it stop loading. The game wouldnt go pass this point and it didn’t give me the loot and it killed all my troops and in the actual attack I only lost like half of my troops. Any idea whats going on?

  • Kareem

    Boom beach late loading then stops at the end the whole day

  • Ooffee Ooffee

    I am having the same problem and waiting from Supercell to fix it.

  • Abijith

    This is because you lost your internet connection for 1 or 2 secs at the beginning of attack and your attack will be automate. So you lost all your troops

  • Abijith

    Why boombeach startup page comes with pop up news and reconnect button and not loading to game

  • Anomy

    New update does not let me play just says connection error. I have perfect internet. Something’s wrong with the update. Using iPad Air

  • Grant Headrick

    Getting same error message

  • GR700

    Error server give yu wrong Error msg saying ur webconnection is bad.

  • Hasan J

    i have the same problem. connection error message! is server hacked?

  • Adam

    Keeps telling me check my internet after manitence break come on

  • Robert Barwick

    Connection error. System here good . please advise

  • JOhn

    it keeps telling to update the app but when I hit update there is no update there to download.

  • STEch

    Same here, hitting open on App loops back to update available….

  • Bob Bryant

    I just start to log on and then it freezes. Time and time again. Then a update came. Did the update and it ran once. Then back to the old freeze up on log in.
    No support help. This has been going on for close to a year, so I have had it and deleted it. Stay far away from this game. It is a fun game, but not worth the trouble.

  • David

    Start game Update 9+ Pops up tap that goes to the update tap that goes straight back to the game telling me to update ?

  • Mike

    Update keeps looping back to update screen after you launch the app. Tried clearing all app data and cache. Still no fix.

  • chuck

    LG G4 is having same problem with Boom Beach Nov. update. Samsung J7 took update fine and is working. G4 firmware is up to date.

  • Andy

    Boom beach down has been for 2 days

  • Bill

    Is boom beach down now?

  • P

    Its down now..justv in time for initation games and worse i us3d power kegs n then i couldnt attack

  • Joe

    These guys r idiots do a update that do t work just like last one why they don’t test before idiots

  • Ali

    after today update I could not login

  • Roger Riggs

    Updated this morning, now says login failed try again? But it happens each time.

  • Daniel Holmes

    Downloaded the update and now cant log in

  • drapes

    I cant connect either after update

  • Jerry Kalbaugh

    I just updated and cant login, looking for a fix.

  • yukesh s

    Even I can’t open my account it’s telling login failed please tell me what to do supercell or anyone

  • lawrence

    3rd online maintenance since 5:00 am EST

  • lawrence

    correction 3rd Maintenance Break……and also experienced the same issues others had.

  • Rob

    Will not download. Redirects to App Store then after hitting button, the cycle starts over. Can’t download new update

  • sky

    I hope the folks at Boom Beach know many of use are locked out due to the update loop error!

  • Joel Santos

    Its been 2 days that new update not working for IOS

  • Adrian

    When I try to load Boom Beach it tells me there’s a new update. I have to click on Update as I can’t get in to the game. When I click on Update the update timer just goes round and round and won’t update. It’s been like this for three days now and whatever I try and do I get the same outcome. I don’t think I will be able to play the game again. Ideas anyone apart from uninstalling it and play something else!!!

  • verplow

    My game was recently updated and now it won’t load on my iPhone – help!

  • barre

    just got notice to update. Hit update and it goes to a screen to open the app. Open it and it goes right back to the original update screen. Cannot use the game.

  • Joe Barrett

    same here, happens occasionally with this game

  • Scott Holbert

    What and how long is boom beach gonna be down. Will not load. Keeps saying loss server connection