Bright House Networks

Bright House Networks provides home security, cable TV, home phone and Internet services across the United States, and has tech advanced systems in five locations including Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and California. Main concerns with Bright House services include Internet speeds, outages, no cable TV showing, and home phone not working.

Bright House Networks

In the past customers have seen error codes 100, 104, 105, 33024 and many more when trying to login or access a service online. If you are having issues with your Bright House login please do elaborate below.

If you are living in Lakeland, Tampa Bay, Central Florida, Indianapolis or any other area where you are using Bright House Networks, please do use this service status page for all your problems. Bright House Networks has way over 2.5 million customers on its list, and problems will surface; if they do the community would love to hear from you.

Bright House status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if Bright House is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Bright House? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Easton

    Bright House internet keeps dropping off at around midnight, why?

  • Hayden

    I live in St. Petersburg and am having nothing but problems with the internet, its ridiculous to be fair.

  • Paige

    Both cable TV and Internet are down in 34744.

  • Micah

    All I am getting on my cable box is flashing lights and nothing else. I am in zip 32114.

  • Sienna

    Been like two hours now its been down in 33837 Florida, darn you internet.

  • Sarah

    Bright House Internet down in Bloomingdale.

  • David

    In Pensacola and got no Bright House service, probs be up soon.

  • Benny

    Got no Internet please do come back when your ready to be happy again.

  • Jill

    Brighthouse Internet is down in Florida.

  • Darrell

    I have rebooted the modem and still no joy, my Internet is still playing up.

  • Caroline

    Got no Internet which is so frustrating. Really bad that i have to use my phone to read emails but its using all my data up.

  • Nadia

    My Internet went down a little earlier today, but the funny part was customer services sent me o the speedtest and it was fast. But when i used speettest .net it was really slow.

  • George

    Yeah my internet and tv were both down. The outage lasted about 45 minutes for me.

  • Tameka

    My Internet is down in Orlando, so not happy right now man. Even my phone service is down as well.

  • Edward Chu

    Down now in Indianapolis

  • Rbblack

    No service in Carmel, IN. System reboot since 3:00 this morning???

  • Peg Nelson

    No internet on St Pete Beach right now, 11/4/2015

  • Jon

    I’m out of everything but basic cable citrus springs

  • Guest

    Down. Orlando. Walden circle. Happens every day sometimes for hours, never less than 60 minutes. Your service Sucks. No where have I ever experienced such consistency with horrible network outages.

  • sitar Indian restaurant

    down in zip code 35233

  • Kim

    I am not getting great service with my phone or Internet.

  • christopher

    internet down in 34428 in crystal river florida

  • Yolanda

    Internet down again, in Tampa 33613. I’m so sick of dealing with Brighthouse

  • Yolanda

    I’m back, Internet down once again
    Tampa 33613….

  • A Ruiz

    Cannot sign in to BHTV app.
    Explain please.

  • B

    Brighthouse completely down in St. Petersburg area

  • margot reid

    No internet connection for over 48 hours merritt island 32952. Needed for work!

  • Johny Appleseed

    My Brighthouse has always had problems, and yesterday/today it’s been terribly slow and often down. 33813

  • AJohann

    Riverview 33578 No cable no phone no internet…

  • Trista

    Trying to login to my services on website getting error message 104. Has been happening for months. So annoying…how can I resolve this?

  • DJ G

    Brighthouse was bad – Spectrum is worse! We’ve had speeds 0.42 to 15.08 or NO connection at all! Unacceptable for what we pay for internet service. It’s unreliable and speeds are sporadic!