C Spire Wireless

C Spire Wireless is down right now? If this is the case being it the website being offline, signal is weak, Internet is down, or anything else to do with C Sprire Wireless please do use the area provided below as your service update page.

Problems do occur from time-to-time such as C Spire Wireless Internet going down, or customer service might not be available because the website Is currently unavailable. Whatever the issues is this is where you can share it with your location.

They are the sixth largest wireless provider in USA, and they supply telecom, Internet services as well as a full-service provider of transport. And have around 1.2 million customers in Mississippi, Memphis Metropolitan, Alabama and Florida Panhandle.

Please do use share with the C Spire community your problems, no matter how big or small they might be.

C Spire Wireless status reports for Monday 18th of June 2018

To find out if C Spire Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with C Spire Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lin

    My signal is down at the moment in Florida, a little strange considering my friends is totally fine, and we are in the same house.

  • Kaz

    I cannot get any messages with C Spire, pain it is.

  • Gary

    Sometimes my phone is playing up or C Spire is playing up, either way im stuffed.

  • Malinda

    I have 4G with C Spire yet i only get under 1Mbps download service.

  • Alexandra

    Think it is about time i moved over to Sprint or someone, trying to get C Spire network on a regular basis is somewhat of a struggle.

  • Goodbye

    My cspire signal is so poor.

  • Taylor

    C Spire service is not really good, I have learned this the hard way by using them.

  • Markie

    Is anyone having issues with C Spire today?

  • Julie

    My C Spire Wireless Internet is sporadic at the moment, one minute it is super quick and then the next its offline and i get blank pages. Not good service at all if not fixed within the hour.

  • Raine

    Internet seems to be very slow indeed today, is anyone having issues with C Spire?

  • Locke

    C Spire network must be down, i am starting to learn how bad this service is getting. Come on guys help fix the issue.

  • Shanna

    I keep getting a fast busy signal with every outgoing call I make.

  • Lauren Pursley

    We have 4 cellular devices at our house. 1 house phone module, and 3 cell phones. ALL HAVE STOPPED WORKING!!!! This started Wednesday and continues now. We have data, but no voice service. Unless we drive 1.5 miles south of our residence. We have had cell service with C Spire/Cell South for 21 yrs. The techs in Ridgeland are CLUELESS to the problem. If you are experiencing problems in the Poplarville to Hattiesburg area right now, please shout out!

  • Debbie Allgood Britt

    Is anyone else having problems with cspire service today. ? Slow internet !

  • Pops Rush

    Yep…today in ms. South of jackson ms.

  • Pops Rush

    Down today on my celphone…south of jackson…simpson county…mendenhall. Ms.

  • Pops Rush


  • Teresa Duncan

    I have days when I can’t get on the Internet, send a text, or even make a phone call. Yesterday through all of last night for a matter of a fact. I’m just considering canceling my account. There are 4 phones on my account. I’m sick of paying full price for having half service.

  • Teresa Duncan

    I’m about 5 miles from a tower too. I’ve been begging them to come check it since a tornado came through. That’s when our main issues started. They claimed to have checked it. I don’t believe a word of it. Everybody is this area agrees.

  • Ron

    Service is very slow almost unusable on hwy 84 east Laurel Ms. Between Jeff Byrd Rd and pleasent Grove Rd. Me and my neighbors have been calling and complaining for months and have gotten nothing but the run around.

  • bamminer

    From NE Central MS. It’s very, very reliable, but very, very slow for 4g lte. There’s no way that when I do a test that I should be getting well below 2 MBPS. When you download something, I’m getting speeds around 100K-400K for the whole download(and usually it’s about between 100K and 250K). It’s leaps and bounds over 3g, the last phone, but you still like to get what you pay for. To be honest, it seems like the old phone was the same way: very, very reliable, but it was dialup speed with that old connection.

  • bamminer

    Like I said, it’s very, very reliable, but they need to do something about that speed. It’s like your getting about 25% of the internet that you should. If you are on 4G LTE network, then you should be able to get online and do pretty much anything that you need/want to, almost. Sad.

  • Marcus Small

    I use my mobile hotspot on my phone for my firestick and xbox but it is giving a week signal now and always disconnect from tbe devices. Whats going on with the service?

  • chrisish80

    Since about lunch time yesterday our cspire mobile internet has been sporadic between snail pace slow and non existent.

  • Heather Stanton

    My phone has switched my 3G to LTE this week and Internet and social media, email, everything is extreeemmeelllyy slow! It’s super frustrating… is anything going on with the towers?

  • Zachary Cupit

    mine is on LTE and wont connect to anything

  • Ken Campbell

    Wayne Co. MS. I’ve had 8 dropped calls (system failure messages) in the past two days in areas that have normally had good reception. Is there a problem with the system?