Call of Duty (COD) problems

Call of Duty known to gamers as CoD is a highly popular video game, played by millions on multiple platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. When there is a Call of Duty server outage the impact is immense and players question what is happening.

Are you having Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, WWII, Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare or Black ops 3 problems right now? When multiplayer gaming goes down for any reason being it for maintenance or just glitches, gamers will look and ask for questions and this is where ‘Is Down Right Now’ can help you.

If you see any type of CoD issues no matter how big or small please do leave comments in this community, the good thing about sharing is how it can help others try and fix crashing or any other errors that arise. The Call of Duty server status is always being kept up-to-date, and daily updates will be shared below.

Call of Duty status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Call of Duty is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Call of Duty? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Jeff

    Not sure if it is me or not, but I cannot log in my call of duty account. I do the normal where i use my email and password and nothing. Is this happening to anyone else.

  • Connor

    The most funniest thing I have ever come across when it comes to playing CoD Advanced Warfare is, are you ready for this one. My neighbor and myself have the same game, the PS4, same internet provider, and we even share the same WiFi but yet his server is available and mine isn’t – how the hell does that work.

  • Alex

    Call of Duty online server not available, come on now this is really pi**ing me off.

  • Anthony

    so annoying, server is once again not available even though the the Call of Duty Advacved Warfare service status page says all servers are online for Xbox.

  • Daniel

    I ahve also been getting call of duty service unavailable since yesterday

  • carrie

    I have PS4 and CoD AW is working fine, oh yeah.

  • Jake

    CoD can just go do one now, always down, time i went to Battlefield.

  • Fred

    Is anyone getting call of duty error code ce-34861-2?

  • George

    server now has been down for over a week, wtf is happening with them. People are saying to me it could be down for another week what the hell is happening.

  • James

    Not able to get in any games when searching to connect to find a game online, anyone else having multiplayer issues on PS4?

  • Glenn

    Call of duty advanced warfare service is not working for me once again, this is crazy stupid.

  • Eric

    I actually tried paying COD Ghosts and I cannot get online gaming with that game not alone AW, madness.

  • Kyle

    I spends too much money on these games and its starting to annoy me now that i cannot get to play them online most of the time. Might as well just get my money and throw it form a building and let someone else have it, at least that way someones getting use of it. WTF PSN, you belong in rehab to sort you life out.

  • Seb

    Three nights and running and still cannot play CoD, the call of duty is for the people to call out Sony to sort its PSN out. If not how about handing it out to a profession to handle it for you.

  • Nicola

    This game on the Xbox One is a complete and utter pile of crap, time to blow the dust of the 360 has never had trouble on that one.

  • Gordon

    I have not turn on my PS4 for ages in the fear of smashing the thing up. Gaming is about stepping away from the stresses of reality and being drawn into another world, but how can you do that when CoD AW never wants you to play.

  • Barry

    Loving the new zombies, it’s a great upgrade, although I keep getting disconnected. Is this others leaving the game or server issues?

  • Nathan

    Sledgehammer need to fix the advanced warfare servers, they keep lagging.

  • Keane

    Servers down yet again, guess no multiplayer.

  • Daniel

    So what is the problem now, trying to play AW and yet again a kick in the teeth. I have thins week off work and was looking forward in playing games.

  • Alsa

    CoD AW not available in WA.

  • gary

    It is also down for me in Texas, cannot get online to play this game. Can play other games online though.

  • Keane

    I got the season pass and could not download the new ascendance dlc.

  • Darren

    When I tried to download the new Ascendance DLC on my Xbox One and it will not, it gets to like 98% then goes down to 0% then back up to 98%. In the end it says i cannot download. This is crazy seeing as i have paid for the season pass.

  • Qing

    Why do I need to by the Ohm again after I have bought the ascendance map pack?

  • Rik

    Cant download ascendance yet i have season pass and now its saying i need to buy season pass again i have a case with xbox and with activision and they still cant help me i loved Aw until now well cheesed off

  • Crossley

    Not connecting in any zombies game in AW. Just not right is it!

  • Pat

    When is the new AW ascendance DLC coming to PS4?

  • Nicolas

    I cannot get online, Black Ops 2 problems all round this morning.

  • miguel

    How come I am not able to redeem my Black Ops 3 beta code?

  • China

    Unexpected error when I tried to redeem beta code for black ops 3.

  • Nigel

    CoD server error once again, always keeps saying try again later. Well i do not want to try again later. How about I say come back later for your money Sony, would you take that on the chin and be happy with sorry for the inconvenience of me not paying you! Of course you wouldn’t.

  • Beenie

    PS4 is not going online for me, not letting me sign-in to play AW.

  • Jake

    Call of Duty is down for me. What is happening? There doesn’t seem to be any maintenance going on.

  • Scott

    I am getting Error 8224, when trying to connect.

  • Malcom

    I am getting a different code, error 8240 for me.

  • Tommy

    Call of Duty AW servers are down in Michigan.

  • Larry

    I not able to connect my PS4, other games work it just seems to be Advance Warfare. Is there a new update coming we do not know about.

  • Ashers

    I’ve been having issues with CoD AW for a few hours now, especially with supply drop. Just seems to be a glitch with this, is anybody else having the same problems?

  • Bobby

    people keep saying to me if your PSN is down most of the time I should leave the PS4 and get the Xbox One. How the hell does that make sense when you have nothing but issues with Xbox Live, all i see is people monaing about connectivity. End of the day we all pay for a service we are not getting.

  • Mark

    There was over 200o people online yet my CoD game could not find one single match. Funny that hey.

  • Robster

    Unavailable server each time i try to login to Call of Duty Advance Warfare. Is it down again, happening too much now isn’t it?

  • Jeremy

    Everything seems to be running well today, I had one slight glitch during the week when I was unable to play CoD AW Zombies with others, i could play on own though online. But all is fine now and working smoothly, knocking on wood people so I do not jinx it.

  • Jessie

    Half way through a game on Advanced Warfare and i get kicked from a game, because i hosted it people then started slagging me off for leaving. All ended well when i explained. PSN can get people into trouble now, trouble makers.

  • Tony

    Keep getting knocked off the server, i have the ps3 and my mate has the ps4 (Yes he can afford it I cannot at the moment as i am a student and he works lol) he said he has not been booted from a Call of Duty game but i do. How come there is a problem with the PS3 and not the PS4?

  • James

    All I want to do is play zombies online, I got the new map pack ASCENDANCE on my PS4 and have only managed to play online twice in two weeks.

  • Christina

    Since I have had the PS4 i have had more problems signing in to play CoD than i ever did when i had the PS3, how is this possible when it uses the same PlayStation network? Please explain to me.

  • Lamont

    When I try to play the new zombies map on AW it keeps kicking me out of a game. My friends and i do so well getting up to our record level and then we get booted. This is not fair.

  • Fuller

    Is anyone getting any sort of gun glitch when playing online? This is happening a lot in CoD Ghosts. I choose a gun and when i enter a game its the wrong gun, then half way through the gun changes on its own.

  • Molly

    I tried to play the new Zombies map on Call of Duty AW, and when in burger town i keep getting booted, only happens at a certain point of the game in burger town.

  • Cobbs

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare servers are ridiculous, keeps going down for no reason at all with no explantion as to why over on Twitter. No active bonus, being kicked, sometimes cannot login.

  • Mokio

    Three of us in a house wanting to play CoD AW new zombies map pack, so we buy the game as dlc as alreay had another hard copy, two of us in one room on a projector screen playing split screen yet the third person in another room had trouble joining game, any ideas people?

  • Lisa

    The new supremacy map pack is going to be good today, are you excited Xbox gamers?

  • Mark

    I love playing call od duty zombies, and i installed the new map pack on my Xbox One and love the new map it is by far the best to date with some awesome new features and weapons. But did anyone have any lagging issues?

  • Amy

    Call of Duty!!!! I really miss you, AW is the best you have ever been especially on the Xbox One with the new map pack for zombies wow. But lately you have made me rather angry when you will not allow me to turn up to your online house. Upset and heartbroken, i might have to split up with you if you do not sort this out.

  • Kerry

    Call of Duty AW is fine when playing, but for some reason when play CoD Ghosts its terrible, connection is very weak sometimes where it boots me from a game.

  • Rozza

    Connections to Ghosts is really bad, AW seems ok which is weird as on the same server im guessing.

  • Simon

    I go to the PSN Store and I cannot find any games, the list is not showing up for me.

  • Russ

    I got all the new map packs downloading, you know the one for Zombies. This it is called Supremacy and it says 6 hours to install on Xbox One, surely this is not right.

  • Mark

    Playing the new zombies supremacy map is so frustrating, me and my cousin got to level 28 and then died, that was our record. I know this is not a down problem but would be nice to here from others to learn what level they have got to in LAN play two people.

  • Levi

    I have the PS4 and finding it rather difficult accessing online gaming, not letting me login for some reason or another.

  • Raul

    I keep getting messages saying go to the status update page, what is this all about? Server is down i am guessing.

  • Kristy

    Call of Duty is not playing because Xbox Live is down.

  • Leona

    PSN service for me is saying unavailable. This means I cannot play Call of Duty.

  • Chancer

    Both Black Ops and Ghosts are not working.

  • Tony

    Is Zombies multiplayer working for you? This is an honest question and would love some honest feedback. I havebeen having issues trying to play Zombies with friends.

  • Mark

    Not able to login to call of duty aw, are the servers down?

  • Jimmy

    PSN servers are down that is why no one can get online with CoD.

  • Nigel

    I am in Indiana and cannot get online, i have the ps4 please help.

  • Maccy

    New York PSN is down

  • Laccie

    I know there was a maintenance update, but my PS4 is still down.

  • Henry Rojas

    Played fine on Sat June 27 in the morning but since then I could only play five or ten minutes before the server would drop the connection. Playing PC on Steam

  • Kane

    When I want to play it goes offline, how bloody typical is that.

  • Roberto

    CoD AW zombie map, the latest one in not letting play with friends on LAN.

  • Cook

    CoD is still offline, come on now this is like 4 hours and ridiculous. Not very happy at the moment.

  • Pritchard

    I keep loosing connection online and even when online it is a little laggy at times.

  • Misty

    Is call of duty down or is it PSN? I cannot get online.

  • Jimmy

    Not working for me on the PS4.

  • Mike

    Ghosts is down in Virginia on my PS4.

  • Frazer

    I cannot find any matched players on PS3.

  • Luis

    Seems to be down in Indiana, or is it just a glitch seeing as I cannot get online?

  • Clayton

    It was down, then it came back again and now im offline. Its like a roller-coaster ride trying to Play CoD Zombies online.

  • Hale

    I have tried to find games and i can only find one at the moment. But when i got into the game i got kicked. Are the servers playing up again.

  • Travis

    Black Ops is freezing on me for like 20 minutes at a time. It can never seem to find a game most of the time.

  • Jonesy

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is having connection issues with PS4, so at the moment online gaming is not happening.

  • Janette

    I have issues signing into PS4, so cannot even get online to play AW Zombies.

  • John Bubello

    I cant connect to multiplayer on any cod game i have a xbox.everytime i go to play xbox live on cod it says”connecting to xbox live ” then it pops up “call of duty is not Available at this time please try again later.”


  • Violet

    I cannot seem to find any other Call of Duty AW players online. I want to play but cannot because everyone has disappeared.

  • Randall

    Call of Duty services not available apparently, this is the message i get. I wanted to play a little zombies but cannot now.

  • Ameil

    I have to apparently increase my override pool size because i cannot add override materials. Dont get it?

  • Kate

    What is going on, i cannot get online to play Zombies.

  • Kate

    PSN is not down so how come i cannot get online with Call of Duty, i just got booted from my games. Someone please explain.

  • Harry

    I tried to download the zombies map pack called carrier and it will not. Says like 12 hours but doesnt move even though its been going 12.

  • Crow

    I can play online, but for some reason the only thing i cannot connect to is multiplayer. I am getting sick and tired of CoD AW online.

  • Darren

    I got my early copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 i wanted to play multiplayer before Treyarch wen t live, but for some reason I had issues. I got an error code starting with A.B.C.

  • Bobby

    I am having issues connecting with servers when trying to stream Black Ops 3

  • Jonnie

    Is anyone having problems with a Black Ops 3 server Error cod?

  • Mike

    What is this Black Ops 3 A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.-.-.X.-.- error code?

  • Sniper

    I am having problems getting online with multiplayer gaming with black ops 3.

  • Dan

    I might as well play the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 campaign for now, trying to get online is just not happening.

  • Johsie

    PSN has had some downtime just a moment ago because it looks like there was a surprise Black Ops 3 maintenance. The outage was only for a few minutes but still.

  • Simon Mulvillr

    Same issue in Dec 15!!!!

  • Aimee

    My game is not letting me play fright now I have the play station and when I try to play it’s not connecting me with anyone it keeps putting me in a match all by myself and it says I am in a local area network and when I try to connect online it says the PlayStation network is undergoing maintenance please help!?!

  • chris healey

    Is cod aw down today crmt access any lobbys

  • chris healey

    Any one

  • Mubarak

    Me too i cant find any games in the lobby it been past a week

  • Josh

    Call of Duty is seriously having bad connection issues with its servers. I am on my PS4 happiliy playing away and then BOOM offline.

  • Mark

    Playing Zombies with friends is seriously have the case of lagging issue.

  • Charlie

    My zombies game keeps end out of nowhere nobody know why nobody quits we all just get kicked

  • Ginger

    I am not seeing any lobbies, this was after i downloaded the atlas map.

  • Jed

    I see that the Atlas Gorge map is free, so I got it and the same happened to me.

  • Bruce

    What is happening with the Call of Duty servers today, saying I am not connected.

  • Corey

    Call of Duty is just as bad as Battlefield servers, ALWAYS DOWN.

  • Roy

    I am so hating the PS4 right now, have been for a few months now. Either the PSN servers are down or they are doing maintenance on The Division. Either way I am not playing.

  • Todd

    I cannot seem to download CoD Black Ops 3 or any packs for my Xbox One game. What is the problem?

  • Mitcham

    When is the release of call of duty black ops 3 dlc 3?

  • Robert

    Is anyone having issues since downloading the new call of duty black ops 3 update 1.12?

  • Ben

    isnt working for me

  • Maxxy

    Call of Duty Black Ops zombies is not playing the way I want it too, which is smoothly. There seems to be so much lag and jumpiness.

  • Simon

    I am down in San Francisco, the Call of Duty release better be so much better this year.

  • crooklyn

    I am getting connection problems on my BO3 Xbox One. server numbers in the top right corner. wont let me play any online games. in oakland, ca

  • Michael L Clark

    I Can get on Advanced warfare but there is no one playing anymore. I could only join 4 or 5 groups most selections has no players present. I don’t know Maybe these punks using cheats and viruses are taking a toll on the server. That’s what happens when ignorant people cheat.

  • Mark

    Is call of duty black ops 3 under maintenance right now for the new incoming dlc?

  • Billy

    I am not able to connect to a game in Texas

  • Harry

    Are both call of duty black ops 3 and warfare servers down right now?

  • Mike

    The Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC is coming that is why the servers are down.

  • Josh

    Be prepared for the CoD Infinite Warfare Beta today, it will start going out today apparently so i am guessing this is why servers are having issues.

  • Rachelle

    I am on the PS3 and I am down and out, server troubles yet again.

  • Belinda

    Typical, Xbox members, we’re currently experiencing an issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back for updates. this was from xbox live status page.

  • Christopher

    I think the main issues lies with Xbox and not Call of Duty, what do you guys think?

  • Robert Owens (Robert Del Owens

    What happened on call of duty advanced warfare Cod issues

  • Shane Shouman

    down in baltimore 1;29pm

  • Shane Shouman

    activision says they are having issues

  • Tiffany

    I am getting troubles with black ops 3 on my PS4. It was working fine earlier and now it’s not. Resetting my whole PS4 because I heard Thisbe has worked for a few other people

  • Skitts

    How long has this been going on because it just tasted with me. I have black ops 3 and it won’t let everyone join locals?

  • Pissed off an mad about it

    Tired of all the crap with Activision games cannot play any Call of Duty online games.

  • Kevin Sacobie

    call of duty infinite warfare keeps giving me an error Message “a required network service has failed, then under it says status DPPAV1A. Im in New Brunswick Canada, a city called Fredericton, if anyone else is having this problem or anything similar please let me know

  • Zach

    3 weeks I have been having Call of Duty issues, and my major one is lag. Each time i play online the lagging is getting worse. I have tried changing internet providers and routers and still bad so that was a waste of time and now realise its server issues.

  • Jenn

    I have the PS4 and play CoD Infinite Warfare on the PlayStation VR obviously in normal mode but you just get a big screen. The lag in there is very bad, but still awesome, when will they come out with a full CoD VR game?

  • Amber Clain

    Is anyone having issues with ps4 call of duty

  • Ruben Green

    fl down

  • Jed

    I am so waiting for Call of Duty WW2 but I am so considering if I should buy or not, current games are having issues playing because the servers are so bad.

  • Carl

    Is anyone having issues with call of duty black ops prestige edition? Mine will not play online games.

  • April

    Booted out yet again thanks to servers going down. So now I cannot play Infinite Warfare due to required update which i know is not the case.

  • Peter

    Call of Duty Infinite is down for for me.

  • Greg

    Call of Duty Infinite servers are down, not been able to get online for a few hours now.

  • Danny

    Also Black Ops 3 server down as well, so must be all CoD games.

  • Alan

    I am so hoping that when they release WW2 game in November the servers can handle the pressure because at the moment gaming online seems to be hard on the current games.

  • Eric

    I so cannot wait for the new Call of Duty: WWII release on November 3, but you watch as soon as we get the game online the servers will crash.

  • Chris

    The new Call of Duty WWII release date is November 3rd, but the servers having a total outage is also the same date lol.

  • Zombie

    Can not load COD BO lll will not load. Says server is not available

  • Minty

    Get ready for the new Call of Duty: WWII on November 3rd, plus also get ready not being able to play online because the servers ate going to explode.

  • Erik Campbell

    All titles of cod down on the 360. They have been down all day. When will this issue get resolved

  • Michael

    The lag is so bad im like 3 to 5 sec behind the game pleas fix

  • disqus_GqcjHddH0C

    What is going on with the COD Black Ops server for multi-player? I’ve had issues getting into games for 3 days now

  • Chris

    Cod WW2 is Showing error code:32 and is down in Michigan what the hell? I pay for this and can’t even play on line? Thanks Playstation! I don’t even get why I bother anymore!

  • Eric Miller

    New Call of Duty Modern Warfare is down.
    Error code: 262146

  • Mark

    So, who is having issues with Call of Duty? Some are not able to get onto the menu – please let me know if you’re having issues with the game servers…

  • Simon

    So not happy at all, I was playing the house map for a while and now there are new maps with the house one gone… This is crazy…

  • Calvin

    Damn, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers are down.

  • Shazzy

    Servers are down for the NEW update, which is being released for the PS4 and Xbox One. One question, Is any of this true? The following modes will be replaced with other modes as of 6pm on January 28, 2020: – Shoot House 24/7 
- Gunfight 3v3 
- “Same Day Delivery” Playlist – Cranked and Drop Zone!

  • Clive

    I am so ticked off that they decided to take away Shoot House, is there any chance that they will bring this back..

  • George

    Unable to access servers is a message I get to see only too often lately.

  • Hdjs


  • Hdjs

    Bo3 servers down

  • Stevie

    I had an update and when it got to 100% I was really excited, but sat there watching it stuck in the same place for 1 hour.

  • Dann

    Since I downloaded the 865mb update it now says 100% I am experiencing really huge lag. Getting into a match seems to be an issue in itself, once in a match you just get kicked out.

  • Shane Willsie

    Every game from bo3 to modern warfare all say cant connect to server, played last night and it was fine. Been doing this all day in michigan at least and im on ps4