Candy Crush Saga problems

Candy Crush Saga crashing on iOS and Android is a common occurrence because more people play the game via mobile devices through an app. But when people get home they open Facebook and start playing Candy Crush Saga online.

The most popular game on Facebook and on mobile devices is Candy Crush Saga with over 100 million players and 76,169,848 likes on its official Facebook. The main problems with Candy Crush include in-app purchases, levels not being able to load properly, issues with crashing happens now and then. But, worst case is a complete candy crush saga outage.

Many users report the game crashes on iOS and Android devices the most, playing on Facebook via desktop / laptop is a lot more reliable than playing on a mobile device. Nether the less you can report your own Candy Crush Saga problems right here.

Candy Crush status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Candy Crush is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Candy Crush? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Darlene Miller

    Hate these changes. Can’t see which friends (or me) are the champions of each level. Don’t get double value for winning a game with c’s on laptop and don’t get the other goodies (magic helmet, contests, etc) available on mobile version. Fix it or I’m done. No fun if I can’t compete against friends!

  • txprowriter

    Mine did the same for Papa Pear. It ran a ‘different’ version, as if they were trying out a better version )and it was better fr about 2 hours!). Everything was larger BUT they were also charging MORE money for extras. Maybe they are updating to a newer version…

  • Elle

    Happening to me now. Won’t connect to fb so i reinstalled the app on my iPhone. Still failed to connect so i’m back to level friggin’ 1!!! All that hard work and boosters gone… Sucks…

  • Ecerad

    Has been a week for me. Just as others are saying it appears like it is loading and the goes back to my home page. I won’t reinstall because I’m afraid of losing all my lives!! Help Candy Crush!!

  • Elizabeth Hopwood

    Been put back to level 1 from level 2515 on my iPad but iPhone ok . Rebooted several times but still no good . Not happy

  • Jada

    Can not open “Candy Crush” since yesterday afternoon 2 Jume ’17
    The orange screen never says “loading”. Also same problem with “Farm Animals”
    Been playing these games on my iPad2 for a few years….never had this problem until now.
    What’s going on ??? Please fix this problem!!

  • Tracy Harrell

    Same here! Been doing it for over a week and because of level I am on, I’m afraid to delete it and reinstall. Spent too much time and money to get there! ha ha Just wish knew how to fix it.

  • Alicia Chavez

    Has been a week that is not loading

  • Kamicka L. Anthony

    I cannot make purchases in the Candy Shop!

  • MikeK7

    When I double click on the home button of my iPhone, I can see that a version of Candy Crush at the latest level seems to be running. But when I try to load, I have the orange screen, then the loading page for a moment, then cuts back to home screen of phone. I don’t want to go back to level 1.

  • Janice Turner

    I have not been able to get Candy Crush to connect to Facebook on my Galaxy S7 for the past few days. Went on my PC tonight and even though I’m having this issue it seems to have synced at some time since it was on the same level as my phone. I had gone forward 2 levels while not connected to FB!

  • Tracy Kirtland

    level 680 won’t load properly. I can’t play it or get past it. How do I get this fixed?

  • JB

    Starting July 5th and currently, Facebook Candy Crush is crawling.

  • Bob Robert

    Issue began about July 4 2017. Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda both take forever to load and then trying to play it is like the game in slow motion. I am using windows 7 and google chrome browser (and yes the browser is up to date). Tried clearing my cache,deleting my browser history,removing the game from Facebook and re-installing it and nothing helps..So now it’s time for you to help me KING games.

  • Abby

    I’ve exceeded all the necessary standards to pass level 110 (several times at that), but it still won’t let me advance

  • Gwen

    My friends no longer show on my game board, I can’t give them lives and they can’t give me any …. what’s up!?

  • grandmateri

    The daily treat calendar resets to zero and never gives out treats, the Emoji Movie contest is resetting to zero-no levels passed, even though I passed several this morning. Backing out of as in closing Candy Crush Saga using the back navigation Arrow does not work anymore. Now you have to go to the settings button and then back out from there. This has all happened within the last week when I noticed an upgrade. Oh also no longer able to enlarge the screen for my 61 year-old eyes and when you get into levels in the thousands the numbers are pretty small.

  • Meg

    The game gets to the first loading screen and crashes after about 30 seconds/a minute, immediately exiting back to the home screen. It’s been doing this for about 5 days or so now.

  • Al

    Iam on level 2049 and it’s a time level I have reached and went way over the 450,000 needed. My last score is 1,024,000 and have had higher and it keeps saying I failed to remove the bomb.

  • Heather Jacobson

    The people I’m playing with are gone. It’s stuck on saying it’s contacting Google store. I’m not ordering anything!

  • Kitsy Powers Bridges

    Just finished level 2705 and can’t advance. I see new levels but It won’t let me proceed. I have restarted and reinstalled. On both iPhone 6 and ipad2

  • AngNTex

    I can’t start a game at all, it says Closed For the Season???

  • Janet Johnnie Reese

    I have bought the piggy bank when it is full and the 60 bars post … I use less than 10. And then they are all gone. I just purchased them again today and lost them. Is there anyway you can check what is going on. I’m not buying anymore til this gets corrected.

  • Anne Liddell

    Candy Crush Soda wont load properly….starts ok, then the orange square goes black and nothing! Anyone else having this problem?

  • Karen Paumen

    When I tap play nothing happens.

  • Bonnie Hopkins-Caroprese

    Candy Crush won’t let me sign in to facebook.

  • Paulette Fillar Dolen

    Candy Crush Saga bank problems. I am unable to open the bank, which is full and will expire this evening.

  • Yvonne Atwell

    I should b on level 168

  • Davida Gaines Lawler

    I can’t connect to facebook

  • Affan Mir

    Having problem connecting to facebook

  • Agnes

    Candy Crush won’t open on my IPad, have been playing for about 2 years but over the last two weeks can not get it to load, any suggestions

  • Summer

    I hate the new update. Get the scores outta my face.

  • Leslie

    Candy crush won’t open. Keeps saying that the amazon app store is out of date I’ve run all updates don’t know what to do.

  • Teddy

    Bought a new iPhone. Candy Crush game transferred but I lost all my boosters that I had accrued and purchased! Unfair!!!

  • ted

    tells me i need to download firefox,internet exl,tinder before will play.this just started.i been playing on here foe years,now that pops up

  • ted

    ipdate the game and lose all my bonuses,extra candies

  • Patricia A Ryan

    I was at game 1610 .org more when .org put .net back to game 1,I have tried everything king care says,tried loading and reloading,please help,I am .org stsrting over again.I am .org on facebook.

  • Mary

    I am way behind just started this fad with candy crush a few months back, at level 439 don’t laugh, but that level should be 50 moves, I only get 28 and I am just going to have to uninstall I cant go any farther, what’s up with that

  • Riitta Chabra

    I’m on level 2719 and when I open that level the game actually opens level 26. I have tri to log in and out of facebook and also restarted my iPad. It still opens up level 26 while everywhere it shows that I’m on leve 2719.

  • tlmac

    Signed in to facebook / candy crush on Chrome and Opera on a Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1 but it’s not loading the correct game level. Both are starting me back at level 1. On my iphone 7 running IOS 12 the game is loading correctly on level 3730. Both browsers are compatible and up to date.

  • Elizabeth Vinje

    I’m giving up on playing Candy Crush. All of them started lagging at minimum 5 seconds behind the sound. Nothing I do makes it better. That’s just my PC. Face book is loading ridiculously slowly. My ios KEEPS CRASHING WHILE PLAYING on my phone. King is none responsive and not fixing the problem.

  • barbara

    My score is 126 over 60. It does not reset. So I’m not getting any items like bombs or hammers. My score just keeps getting higher. Help

  • Janice Roberts

    There is a problem with Candy Crush level 4496. On the right side of board where more candies fall on the board….the candies continue to drop and you cannot move forward.

  • Susan Tripodi

    my Candy Crush just shows a blank gray screen…whatsup?

  • MJ

    i was on level 2030 on my iphone 6 and logged into facebook from app and it set me back to level 109. what’s up? I won’t start over. any ideas

  • Dougla

    My boosters were there yesterday, and this morning they are not. I am seeing how many I have, but I can not use any of them. I normally play on my android phone. This is nonsense, I need my boosters.

  • Brianna Miller

    Same here my wifi is still down. On candy crush soda and I cannot use my boosters. since like omg Monday my mr toffees boosters

  • Lauren

    I am trying to play Candy Crush Saga through Facebook and the page will not complete its loading.

  • Gooby

    I have had problems for a few weeks and it is getting worse. I have written to Candy Crush three times and have not gotten a response. I had 55 messages from people I didn’t know and then that disappeared and there are now 11 from different other strangers.

    I also have a drop down every time I start the game that states some many people have had to use help on this level.

  • Craig Frank

    None of the King games will finish loading on Facebook!

  • Shirley p

    Why won’t my free spin stop spinning?

  • Shirley p

    Why won’t the booster wheel stop spinning?

  • linda

    Not getting the spinning wheel and no requests from other players for two days. I have put in requests for help opening the next level and I get nothing at all. I usually get at least 20-30 requests from others for help but not the last couple of days, nothing.

  • Lynn Anne Gould

    I logged out and lost my stats

  • Debbie

    I have a kindle Fire with candy crush app. Once it gets past the orange screen on starting the game it goes to a green screen with white lego looking like building blocks appearing. The candy crush home screen never appears. Yet it works fine on a second Amazon kindle my daughter gave me hers. IS it some tiype of hack or virus on the kindle of the app?

  • Kathy

    I am having this same problem…It’s been going on for a couple of days…losing my time one my helpers. I can reboot and it’s ok for a while.

  • Judi Roe

    My app is down again. Same problem , jumbled screen. It seems this happens when I get a free spin…

  • IrvB

    I get the same problem. Only way to get back to normal is to reboot my tablet.

  • heidi

    my dad is on level 5000 or some crazy number like that.. he hasn’t been able to get on candy crush for a month or so now.. he logs on to fb from a laptop.. any suggestions on why it isn’t loading and just sending an error?

  • Tina M Bowen

    Candy crush down,fix

  • Ronald Rosquist

    I have not been able to send help to friends, nor recieve help to move on, stuck at level 455

  • Raymond Carson

    Why did Candy crush take all my chocolate balls and everything away from me? I had hundreds of stuff and now nothing. Happen yesterday but this is the second time they took it away.

  • Alyssa Rose

    They only have 3000 something levels.

  • Alyssa Rose

    My apps been glitching for like a week now smh.

  • Linda Basaldua

    Anyone else having issues today? 8-28-19
    I lost my collection of boosts.

  • Barbara Wiltsey

    Again today my candy crush saga stopped working . When I go to the next level my game will not load, a bunch of squares and no game. I shut it off and hope it will start the next time i play afraid to loose my level. This game is so popular there should be more people working in this problem as I see the same thing has happened over and over. I am playing g on a kindle Fire 8. Please help as this is my favorite game!!!!!!!!!!

  • anita

    i’m having the same issue- did you get it resolved- i thought i would delete and restart but afraid ill lose my progress

  • linda

    My Candy Crush Saga when playing under King, doesn’t show helps from friends, so cannot continue unless I buy my way into the next episode. I am not longer doing that. I did go to Facebook and sync’d it with my other and it seems to be working. I never did get an answer from the Candy Crush people.

  • Don Hopkins

    YEAH!! Same thing happened to me. I lost boosts and I lost special items! I was so discouraged.. and then now today it’s like my Facebook account isn’t able to sync correctly with the app. 9-5-19 wth is going on with this damn game lol

  • Kelly

    I have completely lost the use of all my boosters for 4 days now. It does not show which boosters can be used for the level you are about to play. It’s just blank.

  • Welleh Ats Kun

    Am at 2000 plus but is not seeing any number again like, my exact level, how many bonus I have, my target, how many moves……. pls I need help

  • Yhup


  • Yhup

    Me as well. Any updates?

  • Patti Veith

    It’s been a week and I have not received any help from from friends to move to the next level. I should have moved automatically after 3 days. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks

  • earlene sawyer

    can’t load my game. I get the orange screen, then it goes to the game screen but it’s blank in the middle. can’t play. I have been playing the candy crush soda saga on my Iphone and the computer with no problem. now i can only play it on the phone, computer one won’t no longer load. any suggestions ??

  • Skye


  • Lib Roberts

    I haven’t been able to connect to Facebook on a couple of my games in over a week what’s going on!

  • No boosters, no friends. Stuck on same level for 3 weeks. Is it an Adobe Flash issue? Also, words are garbled and you cannot read text.

  • Judy Brittain

    Haven’t been able to play candy crush in over a week. Pink square cover bonuses and candy.

  • Judy Brittain

    Same problem with squares and no game.

  • Linda N

    Candy crush saga will not load on my PC on FB today. Anyone else having problems?

  • Karen

    Same here and with Farm Heros Saga 🙁

  • Petuniadog

    All Candy Crush games won’t load except for Candy Crush Saga. This has been going on for 3 days now. I can play on my iPad but not on my HP desktop

  • Game will not load on my Windows computers nor will I received purchased lives. I have been stuck on one level for over one month….What a scam.

  • Jeanne Van Arsdale Hauschild

    Candy Crush Soda Saga frozen for two days

  • Michele Gittings

    Won’t load my boosters

  • Leaynn Dalton


  • Michelle Palma Larkin

    CANDY CRUSH SODA owes me money!!!!! I played several times today and every time I get right to winning it freezes on me!!! I used my gold bars on moves and lost them to this!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Wood

    I restarted my android phone last night and today candy crush saga will not allow me to backout of new game board to reset without subtracting a life and a bonus! It is a huge problem. What happened?

  • Deb Owens

    Don’t know but happening to me too! Don’t like it.

  • Laura Amanda Allen

    Candy Crush will not do purchases for more gold bars. The purchase screen just freezes and never comes on. Finally, it says “Purchase Unsuccessful”. It’s not my card because I just bought other stuff on the same card. CC has made a LOT of money off of me, and, now, all of a sudden, it doesn’t want to make more? ????

  • JR

    they’ve screwed us over again


    My piggy bank is gone! Anyone else?

  • Sharon Brown Daley

    Is there a problem with Candy crush today? Not hooking up to Facebook and not allowing you to purchase.


    Candy Crush i bought gold now I can’t use. Say I cannot connect to store. I am connected to the internet!! I want my money back!!

  • cherylnyen

    I play on my computer and it is not connecting with the server, frustrating all my other games are playing fine!

  • Cindy Conrad

    Yesterday and today (2/28-29) keep getting the “You have experienced an error that we are working hard to fix. Please try again in a moment” Obviously after two days the issue is more than a “moment” .

  • Stacey Smith

    Mine keeps freezing up in the middle of a game, I have to completely come out of the game & lose a turn! Not cool 🙁

  • Denise

    It doesn’t give me my rewards and doesn’t let me collect the coins in any level.

  • K-lee

    I am unable to receive coins.

  • Judy Childs

    I was unable to get due bonuses, even daily bonuses…Right now, this game sucks!

  • Bobbye Grove

    Why are bonus gone?

  • Judith Davenport

    I can’t get my “C’s to show up. It’s been going on for 2 days

  • Deena Hathaway

    New levels 4-1-20?

  • Deena Hathaway

    They were discontinued. Guess they need our money. Grrrr

  • rubaas

    candy crush not open

  • Cheryl

    Let’s get back 2 the old playing with bonuses earned.

  • Linda Ponak Gillman

    candy crush freezing on my Mac and freezing up my computer

  • Lisa

    Same here can’t purchase lives, coins etc. states purchase was unsuccessful.

  • Janice Boyd

    keep getting an error message saying to refresh…doesn’t help

  • Brendan Arries

    There is a glitch with level 6765. When is this going to be corrected? There are too many orders (43) while there in actual fact are only 29 available.

  • Brendan Arries

    There is a glitch on level 6765. There are too many orders that must be delivered (43) while in actual fact there are only 29 available. Please sort out this problem.

  • mascarita1974

    me too

  • mascarita1974

    whats going on with candy crunch I play it on facebook gameroom Thank you

  • Joan Wilson

    Why can’t I use the booster wheel? It says downloading but doesn’t stop!o

  • Shahzad Randhawa

    Candy crash saga can’t update on Facebook account..?

  • Linda

    Can’t play either crush or saga. The game freezes my computer and I have to force quit.

  • c4lildabwilldoya

    “This app can’t open” Says check the windows store & has copy to clipboard…. So let’s paste it & see WTH. BS! You always lose your gold, tools & 1 time I had to start from level 1 again. Never once got reimbursed or credits for anything…. Time to find a new game I think! No answers here just questions. PASTE: Check the Windows Store for more info about Candy Crush Saga.

  • Ann

    So I updated my candy crush saga and when I open it it comes on for a second and then dissapears

  • Patricia Louis

    Just loaded CC. Game loads; got my current level; screen looks live. Press on square nothing moves.

  • Patricia Louis

    Looks like tons of similar questions, and NO ANSWERS! Lol, huh!

  • bonnie k davis

    Why can’t I play candy crush saga press on site then it goes right back to the icon been going on for over 2/1/2 weeks I spend lots of money please help me

  • Paula

    My mother plays candy crush saga she has finished level 2810 the next level showed a spanner & a msg came up saying uploading New levels until then play old levels & try & get higher scores that happened at the beginning of June 2020
    The issue has not yet been resolved she has sent messages threw facebook with no response and a email that got rejected
    How can we fix this problem??

  • Pat McNees

    Can’t make any purchases. The confirm page never opens.

  • Sandy

    Some of the levels are extremely difficult to solve. I play candy crush to relax but how can I when I can’t solve a level. It is very frustrating.

  • Heather Harvey

    Not working here in greece & the uk


    Suddenly reset to level zero from level 2230. This is horrible and not acceptable. I quit this useless and irresponsible game

  • Marry

    Dark Silicon issue…Not fixable…Your cpu is too slow to handle later levels. The newer your processor is, the more problems you´ll get with this game…

  • Haar Jaani Aa – Mehtab

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  • Barbara Mathias

    Can not open candy crush saga

  • Connie Nicholas

    I can not get into candy crush saga what is wrong?

  • Ida Hodgkinson

    I can’t get into Candy Crush saga WHY??

  • Roberta

    I play on tablet and cell phone. Phone not advancing levels with tablet. Tablet says not connected to wifi on choc box, no spins also can’t send lives.. But level advancing…phone not catching up..won’t replay these horrible levels 6457 and up. What is going on? Need fix

  • mere surat

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  • Karen Bumgarner

    Candy Crush will not load on my Iphone!

  • mere nafret bangai ab tu nika

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    articles on Bing?

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  • Dana Kaempen

    Candy Crush Saga will NOT load at all this morning on my iOS 14.4 iPad. Been trying many times, checked for updates, rebooted, toggled airplane mode, but nothing helps: it hangs at the startup splash screen.

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  • Angie

    I can’t get in, it’s been down for the last 4 days


    Why can’t I get my candy crush saga app to download ? It’s been one week. My game level all ready 2735+ . Please help me

  • Wendy Sanchez-Morales

    Why can’t I pass the loading page on candy crush on my iOS 14.4 iPhone device?
    How can I fix this?

  • Sonia Booker-Wallace

    I’m having trouble also, candy crush is stuck in loading mode

  • Debby Ingoldsby-Baillargeon

    All my boosters are gone. All the UFOs candy bombs, helping hands, everything that I have carefully cultivated and saved are gone! I’m at zero for everything!