Candy Crush Saga problems

Candy Crush Saga crashing on iOS and Android is a common occurrence because more people play the game via mobile devices through an app. But when people get home they open Facebook and start playing Candy Crush Saga online.

Candy Crush Saga problems

The most popular game on Facebook and on mobile devices is Candy Crush Saga with over 100 million players and 76,169,848 likes on its official Facebook. The main problems with Candy Crush include in-app purchases, levels not being able to load properly, issues with crashing happens now and then. But, worst case is a complete candy crush saga outage.

Many users report the game crashes on iOS and Android devices the most, playing on Facebook via desktop / laptop is a lot more reliable than playing on a mobile device. Nether the less you can report your own Candy Crush Saga problems right here.

Candy Crush status reports for Friday 28th of October 2016

To find out if Candy Crush is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Candy Crush? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Cliff

    I get to level 255 and when I get two bombs (Chocolate Ones) they do explode, but when they do the game freezes on me. Then after a few seconds it goes back to the beginning of the level.

  • Clint

    I just wish candy crush had a complete outage never to be fixed again. It is one of the most unsocialable games in the world. No matter who I turn to they are playing the dreaded life sucking game.

  • Pam

    Get this, I install the new Candy Crush Saga update only to find the game will not load up anymore. Yes i have tried deleting the game and reinstalling onto Facebook but no joy. Please do help me if you have any answers.

  • Barry

    I am having issues connecting to my game via iPhone 6.

  • Monica

    Why has my candy crush game account been suspended? When i go to play on my PC it says i have been suspended. strange.

  • Rita

    Totally annoyed with candy crush at the moment, every time i try to open a game it crashes on me. Lucky my phone was expensive because the game would have been me launching the phone.

  • Judy

    I would like to say a fair few swear words here but because i am rather respectful to other people coming here i will refrain. But **** me this is really P*****g me off. I was on level 289 and because of issues playing kept happening i decided to delete Candy Crush and then reinstall the game, now i am back on level one f*** sake.

  • Marie

    Game keeps freezing, always works fine on mobiel, but play on the laptop an problems occur.

  • Laura

    I am unable to open Candy Crush on my Windows device at the mo.

  • Danny

    Candy Crush Soda Saga is not connection to Facebook, I have great Internet connection and good 4G signal so its not my end.

  • Liza

    I cannot connect Candy Crush Soda to Facebook.

  • Suzanna

    can’t connect server, this is a common thing at the moment. Logout under profile and then log back in, this should sort the issue.

  • Julie

    Constantly getting the wheel spinning all of the time but never ever connecting. I have uninstalled and the re-installed and yet still the same old rubbish, even turned my laptop of and on again and still nothing. KING you are not in my good books.

  • Lucy

    Are there any Candy Crush Saga alternatives out there not by King?

  • Joe

    Tried to load Candy Crush Saga on iPad and it keeps stopping.

  • Muriel

    Candy Crush is not opening for me, keeps getting stuck when trying to open screen. Basically just sits there trying to open.

  • Cassy

    I am on level 902 and cannot get past this level, been on it for weeks on end. Are there any more episodes past 920?

  • Sandres

    Candy Crush Saga crashed on me, I was half way through level 328 and then the app shut on me. I have the iPhone 6.

  • Lauren

    So I was collecting the chain reaction candies and I got 24/24 and when the prize page came up it just froze and nothing happened. I had to exit the game and it did not even give me the prize.

  • Julius

    I play candy crush soda on two different devices, my phone and a tablet. Normally it’s all good, but today my tablet isn’t tracking the progress I made on my phone, it’s 3 levels behind. I’ve tried logging out and back in, no change.

  • Anne

    My Candy Crush saga app is not opening for me, there must be an issue the server end.

  • Colson

    I have the Amazon Kindle and Candy Crush is not opening on it, it works on my laptop and phone though.

  • DavyD

    Mine acts like the app doesn’t load correctly and the display is messed up …like something is missing during the load… I have reinstalled several times with the same results.

  • Sandee

    I am getting so frustrated now, Candy Crush Nightmare Saga more like. Game will not load and hasn’t for two days now.

  • R.Ryan

    I have over 100 gold bars. .since yesterday I am unable to access. Keeps saying that store is unavailable. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Vunivasa

    Playing the bonus game and it keeps shutting down and I have to start from the beginning again. I loose a life each time. Almost to winning the game and loose it all. Talk about a pain.

  • Rob Block

    I’m on level 376 and when I starts to play this morning, I have to start again from the beginning ( level 1) it sucks when you playing for a long time and waste money then i loose everything.

  • Jackie Bressette

    I paid for 100 bars and didn’t get them help!!!!? Anyone

  • jo

    I win the game and then it goes to load new numbered game and it takes forever to load. Just shows loading, sometimes my iPad shuts down, it takes so long. Help.

  • Charmaine


  • Kim

    I’ve tried to play on my phone, my tablet and my desktop, it pops back out before it loads all the way on the hand held devices and On the computer it stays blank!

  • Kelly McMillan Algera

    Candy Crush down on facebook right now but can play on mobile

  • cwr

    flash player crashing. Music portion missing (when you loose the game)

  • cwr

    Pepper Panic…….lagging in upload/setting up game. : (

  • cwr

    One of my fav games of the King series.

  • cwr

    Also lags at the end……..

  • cwr

    Thinking “FLASH” needs to update their software to keep up w/Candy Crush “King Saga” games.

  • Lucille

    Candy Crush Saga is not loading correctly so I can’t continue to play. Can someone guide me? I am able to retrieve it on my iPhone, I don’t want to uninstall & reinstall all over again on my iPad because I don’t want to start from the beginning again. HELP!!!

  • janesca54

    I haven’t been able to play on my ipad for a week, it keeps crashing

  • Teedy Smith

    Gets to orange loading screen and shuts off android need help

  • v ford

    Open app on PC only loads to 68%

  • Nancy Yuan

    I play my candy crush(CC) on iPhone/iPad/PC with the same FB account. The CC on my iPhone got stuck for weeks so I removed it but then failed to re-install again. I used the same apple ID for my iPhone and iPad, that could be the reason why I can’t re-install CC on my iPhone. Now I can only play CC from iPad and PC. Does anyone know if I remove CC from my iPad, can I still get my record from my PC? How do I re-install CC on my iPhone under this situation? I don’t want to lose my existing CC data. HELP PLEASE! Thanks. Nancy from Dallas

  • CyD

    Keeps Quitting..And Taking A Life With Each Quit It Performs.. I Load It Again..another Life Down..Deleted And Reinstalled..Still Doing It…Oh Well!..Cookie Jam Did The Same Thing..The Blossom Saga Game From Kings Does Not..

  • Jody P

    Candy Crush has been down for a couple of weeks. It loads and then the screen goes dark. Is this every going to be resolved? I have read hundreds of complaints about this. The same thing happened to Farm Hero’s a few months ago and it never came back. You spend tons of time and money to get to higher levels and then King just shuts it down.

  • GSGMum

    Candy crush saga – I keep having connection problems. Says can’t connect but all other games including Soda and Jelly have no probs neither any other game on my iPhone that need Internet have any issues. This prob with Candy Crush saga has been off and on over weeks, but today completely down all day and night. I’ve lost sugar drop rewards where the prize drops but says I can’t claim it because of no connection but no other games have connection problem. Please get it fixed instead of just bringing out more games.

  • Joanna

    Made a purchase for more bars Candy crush not opening! Not happy. happened February 10th. Tried re-opening. Nothing happening. What is going on? At the very least I want my money back!Made Valentine purchase and now won’t open. But I was charged no problem

  • Barbara

    Candy Crush will not load on my iPad. I just bought a 4.99 pkg and it immediately locked me out. Cannot play at all. No problem with taking the money though

  • Margie

    Candy Crush keeps cutting off. when I think it’s loading it just turns off won’t open then asks me to sign in to iTunes Store but nothing happens after I sign started feb 12th .. Please fix the problem thanx

  • Ilene

    On 2/10 I purchased package for more gold bars. CC crashed and I have not been able to open it since then. I was on level 1375. It still word on my iPhone and my other iPad, but I am on different levels on these other devices. I use the App.

  • Patty

    What ismgoing on with candy crush?? Will not load on my i-pad pro. Can’t upload as of early Saturday morning. I’m so frustrated.

  • Gina

    Loaded bars on feb 11th and haven’t been able to open since! I’m so mad! Wasted money!

  • LK

    Our shed the $20 Valentine’s Day special snd now it won’t load! iPhone keeps closing the app when it tries to load.

  • CJ

    I spent $30 on package deal. Can’t access CC . Feel like I’ve been ripped off & I’m NOT HAPPY. This problem needs to be addressed & fixed.


  • cS

    Just bought the $6.99 package and cannot access CC at all. I was on 1370. Sooo convenient that my purchase went through.

  • Marna Gatlin

    Hi – I can no longer access Candy Crush on my IPAD or IPhone. I bought a 6.99 package and it the game crashed and its not accessible anymore. My payment went through. Now what?

  • L

    Still cannot access CC on iPad/iPhone. It has been this way for 5 days!

  • Lynn

    Bought the 6.99 package and CC immediately shut down. Haven’t been able to access since. What is going on? My charge sure went through! How nice for them!

  • JMSM

    I am having the same problems with it crashing since Feb 12th on both my iPad and iPhone. On level 1375 I think and like everyone else I purchased the special package. I’ll dispute the charge with Apple through iTunes, but I just want it fixed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no luck. I even tried removing the Facebook connection (on one device only just in case!) but this also hasn’t worked.

  • Debvanw

    Playing the game on my iPad and it will not open. Purchased 9.99 package to extend play…hasn’t opened since. Has been inoperable since Feb 15th.

  • K

    I have not purchased a package that most are speaking of. Android app keeps crashing.

  • christine

    Candy Crush Soda seems to be out of order. What is the problem

  • Yvonne Adams

    I purchased 50 gold bars to continue game & it took 9 to continue but I couldn’t continue play & then it took another 15 gold bars (on the same game) & just “froze”. I did hit “continue game” twice, but it shouldn’t have taken 15 the second time I hit to continue. I restarted game & i’ve lost 24 gold bars. I’ve had issues with candy crush taking gold bars when I accidentally hit to continue instead of end game there should be an extra “are you sure you want to continue” or something.

  • mashahvostov

    When I try to connect my candy crush saga it is telling Sorry, you dont have access to the Kingdom, right now. Please try connecting again later?? And i cant play it in facebook either on my desk top? Whats with that?????

  • Suz

    CC Jelly Saga suddenly disappeared. The next day the icon was back with installing under it. It’s been several days and still hasn’t installed it. Any suggestions?

  • Sav

    Mine did the exact same thing. Now it’s a darkened icon I can’t click on. I wonder if these people ever even get back to anyone on here?!

  • Betty Jerome

    Candy Crush has been down for two days, will not load. What do I need to do?

  • renea

    The candy crush game I play will not load nor do anything. But the candy crush jelly and soda games are working right. Anyone know what is wrong

  • S g

    Candy Crush has been crashing for 4 days on my iPad. I get to the screen where you pick a level to play , choose a level, then it crashes. Any solutions known?

  • Kazzie

    I have the same problem! The other candy crush games r ok but not the jelly one which I had recently downloaded. . It’s sooooo annoying and frustrating when it crashes am thinking of giving up on this one.

  • DebsIn

    candy crush crashed an hour after I had a six hour play. I have not been able to load it since.

  • JET314

    Candy Crush won’t load at all, Xoom tablet running ice cream sandwich. It has been locking up for months when you push play on CC and I had to do a reboot virtually everyday, sometimes more than just once a day. Now, the screen shows KING and doesn’t say “loading” then goes back to main tablet home screen. Zilch…nada…nothing.

  • Patti

    Ready to quit playing. Level 1625 won’t drop 80 licorice on iPad Pro, iPhone 6+, or desktop. Had similar prob with chocolates on 1601 on pad & phone so downloaded FB on desktop to finally complete 1601 but, no-go with 1625 on desktop. What is the prob with u people?

  • Georganne Burke

    Can’t go beyond level 240 in candy crush jelly. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Kathy

    I have had level 1627 freeze on me everytime I collect all the stripped and wrapped candies regardless of how many moves I have left.

  • Kathy

    The licorice will drop if you knock out 2 of the hibuscus hazards.

  • Linda

    My boosters were gone missing last night. How can I earn mine back? I purchased more treats last week… Very disappointed

  • Stevereno

    Some friends and I experience CRASHES every time we send or accept lives, extra moves, etc. This is on mobile not sure about DT.
    Level 1625 doesn’t drop licorice like DT version videos I’ve seen. Also every CRASH takes a life,,, and a wee bit of my soul. Jk

  • Alice

    All my king games keep crasuing not one but all can anyone help?

  • Susan Kerr

    Got to 242 and when I logged in again I am back at the beginning of 240 again. Maddening as 241 was a hard level.

  • Firethornefarmer

    Since update on 5/22/16, CC goes to black screen on tablet during the game. Annoying.

  • Allison Bandy

    I just got the galaxy s7 edge in April. Redownloaded candy crush today. Everytime I open it, it gets to the play screen then closes down to my home screen. It’s not up long enough to even press play. What’s up???

  • RichmondMel

    I got CC update today on my kindle, and I can’tclose Candy Crush without shutting down the Kindle.

  • Cecilia Roybal

    I play candy crush everyday and for some strange reason today I opened it up and all my boosters are gone, wtf

  • Mary Farrell Gardner

    I have the same problem as RichmondMe. I can’t close candy cruh without shutting down the kindle. I tried to reload the game and lost all my boosters and about 100 games that I had been sent by friends.

  • Mary Farrell Gardner

    Did you ever figure out wbat is going on?

  • Enough of candy crush

    Having the same issue can’t close candy crush without shutting down my iPad. Losing lives and my boosters. What a rip off!

  • Heather

    Same thing happens on my LG V10 it’s annoying!!

  • Carol

    I can access Candy Crush Saga on my laptop but not from my smartphone, this has been going on for a week now.

  • Tricia

    Not loading on Facebook or Phone, but can play app on the phone.

  • Tina

    Since i installed the last candy crush update the app has stopped working on my mobile. Keeps saying not connected to Facebook.

  • Timmy

    My devices don’t show the hexagon levels right now. On the web version, I can’t send lives, and the Sugar Chests keep coming multiple times. The sugar drop feature is messed up.

  • Penuel Ellis-Brown

    Anyone else experiencing a freeze at the end of playing Level 253? Each time I play this level, the game crashes and freezes so I have to quit the application. I am playing on my Samsung tablet running Android 4.2.2 and this seems to have happened today since the game is now loading with phrases on the loading page.

  • Sara

    Does anyone reply to these posts?

  • Bee

    Every time I try to puchase 10 gold bars it asks me to confirm it, and I do, and then it says it’s restoring my purchase for free, and it just keeps spinning and doesn’t take my back to the game, so I can finish with one move!! Lose all my moves. Every time! What’s going on?

  • Rayna Greene

    It says I have to download the update and it says I downloaded it on the App Store but when I go to it it says it’s still downloading

  • Dawna Brown

    The last couple of days when I went to collect my present it just keeps giving me day 4…what’s up with that..I live in Canada?

  • Karla Richardson

    Unable to connect with. FB. Game crashes everytime I play. I’m on LG tablet.

  • Marya Graciana StaMaria Lozada

    Candy crush exits whenever I play. Wasting my much awaited lives & took longer to open again the apps. So, to avaoid at least 1 games without interruption, I have to reboot my phone for the nth time so that I can play the game. Well, which still exits in between. Its irritating though. Really? I have to reboit my phone now & then? WhaT’s the best solution for this? Stressful much huh?!

  • Pegjan

    Whenever I go to use the frog or whatever it is, it shuts off. Or it says it cannot connect to iTunes. What is up? Frustrating

  • Jane Greenwood

    Having problems with using the frog ! Please fix, I am wasting lives and candies

  • Jane Greenwood

    Having same problem

  • Ilana Masad

    Yup, frog is making things crash, so can’t get past a certain level where it’s an essential tool. What’s going on?

  • Jane Greenwood

    Happened to me also

  • Bonnie

    UGH All my Candy Crush games continually crash mid- game. I’ve ‘won’ a few levels so many times and it crashes while using up my extra moves – or they crash after i’ve made only a few moves. So frustrating!

  • Mary

    My candy crush stopped connecting to Facebook
    I am not happy about this and I am on level 668

  • Glenn Mok

    When can it resolve the fb syncing and level progress.after the updating why candy crush always have such problem

  • Glenn Mok

    When can candy crush solve this syncing problem.why king care no reply our comments or any update.are we hanging on air or what?

  • Stacy Hayden Horelka

    Wth… Mine says it will be over 9,000 hours before my lives are refilled. That’s crazy. They just want you to spend money on more lives I guess.

  • Lissete Quintana

    Hi. For the past 2-3 days my Candy Crush hasn’t been working properly. I’ve been on the phone with Google support since last night and they haven’t been able to help me. They said they checked my account and everything seems to be okay with it, the payment method and actual Google account. What seems to be happening is that I cannot make any purchases on my Candy Crush account although I’ve made some on other games and also it put me down to level 1894 when I was already on 1910. We’ve tried deleting my Google account, re-adding my Google account, uninstalling Candy Crush, reinstalling Candy Crush, trying it from a different device and it’s still not working so Google Play services had me email you. They said it must be a developer issue. I know how silly it may sound that I’ve been lowered some levels but it’s hard getting to level 1910 and I don’t want to be dropped down to 1894 again, plus I can’t make any purchases of boosters or anything. Please help.

  • Rindy Retrossa

    Sync issue with Android. A couple of days ago was on level 1918 one minute next minute back down to 1909 and all boosters had disappeared. King advise me not to play on Android until issue is resolved. Tried again today made it to 1917 on Android but issue has not been resolved. Haven’t closed game out in fear of losing all of my gains. Hopefully King will get issue resolved soon.

  • Snow White

    Myself and several other people I know are having these same issues. I’m thinking this is their way of getting people to pay for extra items.

  • lblak2

    Every couple of purchase crash and the game doesn’t give me the purchase advance to continental the game causing me to have to start over. I believe I am owed a number of refunds.

  • Gail Fox

    Yesterday I lost all the boosters I’ve earned n I had a lot why has this happened? This is second time this has happened. I would like the answer. Why did u take them for no apparent reason???

  • Annie K

    I have also had this problem and believe i have had deductions from my account with no boosters recieved and the game crashes completly. V annoying and powerless to do anything . It started late 1500’s and continues.

  • Jane

    On level 496 I am only getting 15 moves to pass the level when I should be getting 45.

  • Melissa Mills

    I am on level 1969 and it is in slow motion. I have uninstalled and reloaded and it works well for about 5 minutes and starts again.

  • Nyb Kumad

    My candy crush is working in slow motion…I uninstalled and installed it again…it worked for a short while and it’s in slow motion again…I use a Samsung note 4…Kindly assist.

  • André Goujon Maucher

    My Candy Crush is working in slow motion too. If I uninstall the app and then reinstall all works smooth until one life is remaining and the slow motion problem occurs again.

    If I wait for the lifes to being refilled more than 1 the problem dissappear until one life is remaining and so on.

    Please fix this. I’m using an HTC 10 phone that is more than capable of this simply – in terms of graphic – game.

    Anyone experiencing this problem?

  • André Goujon Maucher

    Same happens here.

  • André Goujon Maucher

    Same happens to me

  • t

    Candy crush saga keeps crashing as soon as i start to play it turns off :( i have updated my android and reinstalled the game i have plenty of space on my android as well

  • Suzanne

    I won the jackpot just before the latest update (yesterday) and then after the update it crashed. I had to uninstall and reinstall it and now have lost EVERY SINGLE BOOSTER and all the lives from friends I had built up… i am on level 1924 and have never purchased anything ever and now it is working in slow motion? Not impressed AT ALL…

  • Kathy Morrow

    my candy crush shuts down moves in slow motion I am having the same issues that all of you are having and i am on level 1181 this is aggravating they need to fix this or im going to quit playing and i love the game but loosing lives over this or almost win or do win and then im back to where i was FIX IT.

  • somanchi pramod

    same problem ,it is hanging when playing. Initially I thought it was my space issue on my android phone but it is still happening when I cleared space.

  • Crystal Ketcham

    I’m having the same issues as everyone here. At first i thought it was due to the Webview updates but that isn’t the problem..Getting frustrated!

  • Yvonne Fletcher

    I’m really pissed off with it! King ain’t even acknowledged that there is a problem! We all should stop playing!

  • Leogona

    The thing that I have noticed with King’s games is when they change their design, it crashes…I am playing CCSoda and every time one of the timed “side contests” ends, or is going to end, the game crashes, when they add something new, the game crashes….It is great that the game’s developers are making it more entertaining, improving the UI of the gameplay, but the UX needs just as much attention.
    Don’t wait until you open the game, click the level, wait for the level to open, choose a booster, then wait for the game Board to open – then crash…-_-
    Because of course since that’s your time in your day to play the game, you go immediately back to see that you have n-1 lives #noBueno.
    I am recently learning if it crashes on my LG GPad (Android), I will close all open windows on device, check the play store to see if its needing and update, reset my device, then play it…of course if you’re on some sort of a break from your daily routine, this suggestion will take up most of that time, so its best to play it at home…
    btw….I stopped playing CC a long time ago…#tooFrustrating #tooManyCrashes #lostTooManyItems

  • judith lentz

    Is candy crush down mine is froze and I have try ed everything ?

  • Peggy Ray

    King should give us back all the boosters we lost starting a game then having it black out. This kept happening to me
    Lost lives, lost boosters and games i was just about to win. Will not play anymore!!!

  • san

    I have galaxy 3 phone I play candy crush on..last weeks have lost boosters…lives and patients to play …what is going on with candy crush and is king fixing issue

  • nancy

    on my laptop candy crush will load to 100% but will not open the game to play. 2days ago my computer (windows 10) did an update, I have backed them out and still don’t work

  • Nana

    I try to play Candy Crush on a Samsung Galaxy S3. I load the game, click on a level, and watch the game crash. I have just started having this problem in the last few months. Is there a solution?

  • Daisyjane

    Playing on an iPad. If I can get a game to start, which is rare, it will crush toward the end of the game. Done for now.. Hope they can get this figured out.

  • Nico

    Same for me, I have noticed that it’s getting worse with every apple software update as well. I can’t seem to play any King game as they all crash however the other brands work just fine! I love this game but given up, time for a change as clearly King aren’t in any rush to fix their issues.

  • Jenny Johnson

    I’m having same problem for past week

  • Jenny Johnson

    I haven’t been able to play in a week. Every time I click on my level to play it closes the app. Anyone else having this trouble? I’ve tried restarting phone, updated phone, updated app, uninstalled and reinstalled app. Nothing has helped. Can anyone help me? I can spin the wheel for my bonuses and stuff. I just can’t play my level. I even tried to play a previous level and it does the same thing. Just shuts down on me.

  • Meket

    I’ve been having the same issue as everyone else. Candy Crush Soda moves in slow motion, crashes in the middle of a game, or my screen goes black. I, like everyone else on this forum have done all the fixes we can. They need to fix this, or at least let the players know what is going on. Bad public relations.

  • malayika

    I used to play Candy Crush on a Samsung Galaxy S3. I load the game, but won’t load and crashes. I have just started having this problem
    in the last few months. Restarted phone, uninstalled and reinstalled app but to no avail. Very annoying. I think it’s a sign to move on to other things, like reading the news and watching shows during my commute, or find other games. I think they’ve gotten to big for their own good — which is always the problem with companies and services.

  • Tricia Hill

    Also have the same issues as everyone else over the last month or so, slooooow mo, lost lives and bonus items then crashes mid game, and now totally crashes as soon as I press play – dreaded black screen, so can’t even get in now. From comments read, it does not matter what device one is using so it must be a King problem. One would think that after so many obviously loyal fans comments that the issue would be addressed promptly.


    Right after todays update on iOS (iPhone 5S), Candy Crush crashes upon every startup.

    I believe this might be regional issue. It seems like Candy Crush is trying to bring up some local content which causes the crash.

    Please help


    Correction, update on iOS version of Candy Crush, not the iOS itself

  • Jay Mehler

    I play on a IPhone 7 and didn’t have any issues today until I installed the update that came out.

    It loads but as soon as start screen appears it crashes out to my home screen!

  • nancy

    I have the same problem as everyone else. Candy crush saga keeps shutting down after the game starts IF it starts at all. I’m also unable to contact them to see if there’s a solution or something i can try. It’s very frustrating because i enjoy playing candy crush. I hope this is a temporary problem and it gets strightened out.

  • Jay Mehler

    For anyone having issues with Candy Crush crashing upon loading, I was able to get past this by going into “airplane mode” and could play without it crashing immediately.

  • Lise Trudel

    I lost all my boosters and when upload candy crush it kicks me out.
    Nothing on their site to remedy problem
    AM at the 800 plus level

  • Kris

    I have been trying to open the app and it immediately crashes! Tried several things and nothing works. Never had this issue before.

  • Margaret

    Both candy crush and saga will not open what’s happening X

  • Edana Salisbury

    On my computer, I get the CCSaga background with a message “couldn’t load plugin.” I’ve tried entering the program from saved links, new links, Facebook links, but I get the same message. The game works on my iphone.

  • jean

    Samsung phone and tablet can’t play now and haven’t for almost a week. Crashes on opening. Have uninstalled and reinstalled…no help. Rebooted, stopping all other apps, nothing works. I’m tired of trying, I don’t play on Facebook and won’t.

  • Jay Mehler

    I was told an update was coming in the next 2 weeks that would fix the crash issue.

    Whatever you do, do not uninstall and re-install the app, you will lose all your boosters.

    I’m on level 2025 and lost hundreds and hundreds of boosters I’d been saving up.

  • Lisa McGuire

    Keeps crashing Samsung galaxy grrr I hate this I miss my game its the only game I play knocked me off level 2024

  • wei

    I was at level higher than 1230 yesterday (10-18-2016), but when I opened the game this morning, I was put back to the very begining (which is Level 1). Anybody know how I could get back to where I’m supposed to be?

  • Tamikia Foster

    My candy crush is connected to FB and I use to be able to see all my friends who were playing and their progress. For months now I can no longer see anyone’s progress and I can only get 5 lives at a time when before I could get many lives at a time. How can I fix this?

  • Tracy Lynn

    Same thing happened to me and I tried to restart my phone then I tried to restart the game no luck Then I deleted the app and put it back. Still no luck. Same thing happened to me.

  • Nick Schmitz

    Wife and I both have iPads. We use to be able to play candy crush together using one Facebook account, not anymore. Also I can be playing and the screen goes blank and I lose a game.

  • m

    I’m unable to purchase gold bars for the next level + unable to accept a new life that was given to me

  • Brett

    We try loading candy crush on our IPad minis and it starts to load and then it crashes, been doing this for weeks now and seems to be getting worse.

  • Brett

    When will the constant crashes be fixed?

  • Bonnie Hawkins

    Since I updated Candy Crush, I have been unable to play one game. My iPad keeps crashing!! When will this end???? I am tired of King Games, if nothing can be done to correct the problems!!

  • Greg Shoults

    Candy crush keeps crashing on my samsung s3. When will they fix it?

  • Debbie

    Mine has also been crashing for a few weeks…..brought it to Apple Store where they cancelled and reloaded it…..yes I lost all my boosters……and it still crashes!
    They even tried loading through Facebook……same problem!
    I feel less “addicted ” Already!

  • Paula

    Candy Crush keeps crashing on me. I play on my android phone, I haven’t been able to play for about 3 weeks now. When will this problem be fixed?

  • Tracy

    I’ve been playing for years this game is my stress reliever..unfortunately the last 2 months its been crashing crashes in the middle of you playing..the game is taking the tools i need to proceed to the next level.I’m losing money because I’ve bought different tools to help clear boards and they’ve all now this is adding to my hectic day instead of helping relax my day ..and no one from Saga seems to care enough to reach out to the public with a liable explanation.

  • Karunya

    Candy crush not connecting to facebook.candy crush app is not opening once opened again it comes out.please fix this issue.