CenturyLink Internet problems

CenturyLink provides home security, phone, television and Internet services. The TV service is offered over the Internet through DirecTV under the name Prism TV. But when we talk about CenturyLink being down or problems arising it is the Internet that suffers the most.

Its services are offered in 37 states, with its every growing capital such as purchasing the likes of Savvis, Embarq and Qwest the more growth the company gets. If CenturyLink is down right now! then it will mainly be to do with the Internet, as this is the most common issue with the company when it comes to problems or outages.

On occasions customers will come across CenturyLink login problems, down in my area is a common message people share as well. So if you have any CenturyLink Internet outage reports or anything else please do share below, this will help other ‘Is Down Right Now’ readers. Remember to use the Centurylink Internet outage map to see what areas are the most affected on the day.

CenturyLink status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if CenturyLink is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with CenturyLink? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Shauny

    My Internet was down yesterday for around about 2 hours, i am in Licking County in Ohio and Centurylink offers a very unreliable service. hopefully ATT U-Verse comes to us soon then it is goodbye Centurylink.

  • Chrissy

    I am having major speed issues with my internet on Colorado, not happy one little bit especially I have to wait for a webpage to open up.

  • Penny

    Is anyone having internet outage problems today, if not then its my end.

  • Christine

    Not happy at all, not only has my phone been out of action for a few hours, it looks like CenturyLink business Internet is down too. Why do i even bother.

  • Ron

    My Internet is extremely slow and has been all weekend.

  • Blaine

    I am having issues connecting to the server and also not able to send emails.

  • Kathy

    CenturyLink was down in Portland but is now up and running again. Total downtime was about 1 hour.

  • Vic

    Very slow internet, so slow in fact I am sending this message using my data. How bad is that CenturyNotLink

  • Brad

    Is anyone else having CenturyLink DNS issues?

  • Lorrie

    Internet seems to be hit and miss at the moment, yesterday it was down for about 3 hours and today 1 hour so far. What the hell is going on?

  • Mel

    My Internet is down for now, it will no doubt come back up soon but not sure how long for. Seems to be a little sporadic at the mo.

  • Mylene

    Internet seems intermittent, trying to watch a movie and it will stop, then play and then stop. I now its not a netflix problem so its got to be CenturyLinks issue.

  • Tammy

    No Internet in 34482 area.

  • Randie

    CentryLink is down in area 98392.

  • Jacky

    Internet down in Wallace, Hertford.

  • Joe

    Centrylink is offline in Jacksonville NC, why is it down?

  • Serenity

    I need the Internet for work, this is very important to get back online. Down in Lowland and Williamston, NC

  • Terry

    CenturyLink Internet is down, my Aspen phone is not working either, does anyone have a clue what is going on?

  • Rebecca

    I am in Missouri and got not Internet..

  • Jamie

    Me too, been down like 2 hours now.

  • Michelle

    Nothing but hassle with CenturyLink lately, i think customer service is not good at all.

  • Gayle Hammon

    Internet down since about 10 p.m. last night and still out now @ 6 a.m. in Licking, Missouri.

  • Gayle Hammon

    Me too.

  • Sid Vranes

    No net in Salem OR

  • Drew

    No Internet service in Warsaw MO, what is happening Centrylink?

  • Alice

    Got no service in Missouri, and just called my friend and CentryLink os down for them too in Warrendburg.

  • Melody Varner Holsten

    I have a business out of my home and talked to tech support this morning. Internet has been down since yesterday in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. It was expected to be fixed yesterday but now they are saying today. A road crew cut a fiber optic line going to a main trunk that has taken out service in those 3 states.

  • Amy

    Its been down since November 6 at 3:00 and its still off..

  • Jarod

    I live in Iowa and have no Internet.

  • David

    I reside in Beaufort SC, I decided to go with CenturyLink and so wished I chose again, The internet is either getting too slow or not getting anything at all.

  • Stan

    I am able to access the Internet but not letting me watch TV because it keeps on freezing on me.

  • Alex

    The internet is lagging real bad today, basically video streaming is non existent today.

  • Tom Edword

    centurylink customer Support number +18444440101

  • Robert B

    Internet in Florida panhandle has been down since 12:30 Monday morning and Century Link says it won’t be up until 10:00 AM on Tuesday. There is absolutely no excuse for this in this day and age. I have had enough of Century Linkless.

  • Vaughn

    Down right now, Turney Missouri, north of Kansas City.

  • Kd

    Centurylink Internet is down in Prosser Washington. Very unhappy!

  • Silverkarn

    Wisconsin here, upload speeds are so slow right now it makes anything other than basic internet browsing impossible

  • Mir

    Centurylink is down in Hinesville ga right now ughh

  • Shawn Hansen

    NW Arkansas. Ping is 1483ms, dwnld is 2.14mbs and upld is 0.24mbs. Pathetic at best…

  • My Internet service is not working. I’ve unplugged the router, reset it, replaced the phone jack and still the dsl button is red. It stays solid red for a while then goes off and blinks green for awhile and then back to solid red.

  • Simone

    Down in the last hour, Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 17, 2016, 8:07 0pm

  • Joe Adams

    Down in Cooper Texas Been down all day and there saying not fixed till 11 tonight

  • Typical CenturyLink

    Elizabeth City, NC.. Century Link is out… been at least an hour.

  • Wolfy King

    No Home Page in Orlando, FL. Can surf the Net, though. All my regular web sites working.

  • Greg

    Internet down in Freeport Florida

  • Wayne

    Down in Denver since 1/14/17 at 14:00. 800 number says there are not outages, but the tech who came today said there is an outage.

  • Jeanne Vernon

    Phone and internet down since 1am 3-14-17 in Peralta NM
    Corporate drone said they would prorate my bill 1.26 a day ,WHOOPEE! that will make up for the hundreds of dollars I have lost. Century link is the worst

  • Ken Joseph Wahlert

    Sioux Falls SD is out

  • Machismo

    North Minneapolis (Blaine MN). April 23, 2017 service for internet and Prism down all day!

  • Shell Cooper

    Out all day in Henderson Nevada

  • LeAnn Jones

    Out in BOONEVILLE, Arkansas

  • tried2adopt

    It’s down in Salem, OR

  • Sys Admin

    We pay $140 for a DSL that is down again and $900 for a direct fiber. It get’s real old when CenturySucks cannot keep their crap going and they never offer a refund. This is real old and it sounds like its time to get our legal team involved. With the internet down today we cannot complete the customer orders again and the numbers are now into the seven digits of monetary loss. Get with it and get it fixed CenturySucks !!!

  • levibarnes

    I dont care how much anybody pays for any whatever they have. We are all paying customers that deserve to get the service we were promised and pay for. Why is it that none of these companies seem to have any issues when it comes to transfering money from our accounts to theirs?

  • Deborah McCorkle

    Out in Waynesville, MO..AGAIN

  • Caleb Fortner

    Down in Gilbert, AZ for the 5th day this month (July 2017)

  • Ron Parrish

    Down in Warsaw, Mo

  • Steven Clark League Jr.

    It is intermittently down here in McMinnville/ Sheridan Oregon since yesterday afternoon… Down as I type….

  • Angela Peedin

    Is centurylink experiencing internet problems in the Clayton atea?

  • J Alfred Prufrock

    Very slow download, faster upload speed, is is 3 in the afternoon, north of Grants Pass, OR

  • Terran B

    Down in Dublin OH. Again…

  • Eric Carr

    Down in Marshalltown, IA AGAIN… Happens at least once a week where I’m at… and Centurylink is the ONLY provider for my area-and they take full advantage of it with their prices and lack of internet service-it is literally ALWAYS the customer’s fault; reboot/reset the router 10-12 times, eventually their techs have the actual issue fixed… At this rate I’d take AOL again-at least when they had issues, it wasn’t immediately the customer’s fault…

  • Joseph Woodruff

    Internet down for 3 hours and counting in daybreak UT. I wish CenturyLink would stop having me log in with a phone number I’ve never used. Just have us create a user name like the rest of the internet!!!

  • Edmund C

    Down ALL DAY again… Emigration Canyon.. Absolutley worthless provider and technical support.

  • whatwhut1234

    Literally killing my rent and other bills, $140 a month for over 40 breaks in service in just the last 20 hours.
    Thanks, CenturyLink
    You are worse than satellite service in a hurricane
    NC, here, btw

  • Kevin LaPearl

    Internet down in Socorro, nm why?

  • Don Williams

    Thu Dec 27 2018 12:29 (Mountain Standard Time)
    Thu Dec 27 2018 19:29 (UTC)

    We sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to work to resolve this service issue. We have identified the cause of the incident affecting External Cloud Network in the AU1, CA1, CA2, DE1, DE3, GB1, GB3, IL1, NY1, SG1, UC1, VA1, VA2 and WA1 data centers, which is related to a wider, upstream event occurring in the CenturyLink Internet backbone. Our engineering teams are currently monitoring the investigation being executed by the CenturyLink teams, who are focusing their efforts to restore services to normal operating status as quickly as possible. We will continue to provide incident updates every 60 minutes, or immediately upon receiving a material change in the status of the investigation

  • John W Castman

    up and running again Albuquerque

  • Frustrated in Idaho

    This is a crock of s**t. We pay for a service and should get what we pay for. I understand s**t happens, but for it to be down this long is utterly ridiculous.

  • Sherri Powell

    We have not had phone or internet since before Christmas. Piedmont of North Carolina.

  • Theresa

    Nothing in Phoenix, internet went out like 30 minutes ago and not returned yet. Wonder if this is happening anywhere else!!!!

  • lauro arias

    It’s also going on n off in college place wa

  • Joe Allen

    Can you tell me where and who cut the line that impacted the Kansas City Airport 2 days ago?

  • Art

    80918. Reduced speed and regular downtime intervals for the last 3 days
    Colorado Springs