Charter Spectrum Internet problems with outage report

The latest Charter Spectrum Internet problems and any outage with their TV service can be reported on this page in a couple of ways. You can contact Charter Communications directly by using the support channels provided along with an official map, or report your Charter outage and detail the problems to other Is Down Right Now readers.


Charter Communications deliver services to businesses and homes in around 25 states, also the services vary dependent on the area you live in and whether you want cable TV, phone, or Internet.

Common reported issues include a total blackout, TV glitches, and Internet outages. The latter tops the list by far for most reported problems by Charter customers. If Charter is down right now, or having any type of outage you can see status updates below.

Charter status reports for Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

To find out if Charter is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Charter? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Aaron

    Out for 3 hours now in Hampton ga glad I pay u guys

  • Kathy Boisvert

    Service down need To say more?? Many complainting


  • Crystal Buchta-Jones

    My Charter internet and TV is down. Hollister, CA. What the heck is going on? I see that it’s down for a great deal of people, but charter won’t admit it?

  • BoomEZ

    Jackson, WY is down.

  • AnonHuman

    Jackson Hole, WY is down

  • Deb Stoltenberg

    No Internet in sauk city wi. Wow. How can you be in buisness#!!!

  • Charter

    Charter Customer Care Toll Free @ 1855-315-3657

  • Susan

    Tv and internet down in Calera AL

  • Britt

    Out since 9am today. Unable to run any transactions in our store. Will ask for money. S Lake Tahoe

  • Aaron Reali

    Out in Morgan Hill since 2/17 @ 10am, $170 per month and I can’t work from my home office? Losing $ by the minute=Lawsuit.

  • Aaron Reali

    Why? So you can tell us there is no fix eta? Called three times and I continue to get brushed off. #TerribleCustomerService

  • Tamara

    Janesville, Wisconsin is down as of 10:30 am on 2/17/17. Utility Company severed line while trimming our trees. Was suppose to contact Charter and Charter was suppose to contact me. No one has contacted me.

  • jane Cottrell Henifin

    Lincoln City Oregon is own again. Been down for an hour already.

  • Jake Johnson

    Charter is diwn in horicon wi…..

  • Jake Johnson


  • Donald McMahan

    Charter sucks five hours without TV Internet and phone

  • Donald McMahan

    Do it

  • Ilse K. Outcalt

    Out in arroyo grande ca

  • Ramani Thinakaran

    Down Mansfield, TX 4:20 PM

  • Mike Desirey

    Cable & Internet Down in Lake Ozark, MO for approx last two hours

  • Hammad Ghori

    internet down since last night and it is frustrating

  • Remy Karillion

    Been having problems the last few days in Norwalk, CA

  • Charter sucks

    Internet down in Long Beach Ca. Cant even log in to their website. This has been the worst internet provider I’ve ever had. Why pay for something that always has a problem I must have rebooted my router atleast 100 times in the last few months

  • David Longren

    Total system is down in Nisswa MN, no data on the outage map & I cant figure out how to get it properly logged in

  • Catlink

    Cable and internet both down in Portage, Michigan after the wind storm ended. It’s been 4 hours now. Get your act together and tell us how much longer it will take to fix THIS TIME!

  • Megan Holben

    Still out since yest! NJ!

  • Kyle Lei

    Livonia Michigan Internet has being out since wendnesday nights. I called and none of them have clue when will be fix. Thanks spectrum. All I asked is estimates.

  • Tammy Boggs

    My cable , internet and telephone to

  • Stan’s Better Half

    My internet just got really slow and unresponsive. I’m in NYC.

  • Brenda Holm-Bilkey

    No internet Negaunee Michigan

  • Chassity


  • Chassity

    No internet in Riverside, CA

  • Daryl

    Internet and phone down in Tillamook

  • joy

    No phone or internet in Lincolnton NC.

  • Logan Young

    Auburn Alabama Internet is out and has been out since 3 am

  • Nick Fleet

    Roswell GA internet down

  • Tina

    Internet down in Elizabethton Tennessee!! Don’t know about anything else, luckily all I have is their internet..

  • James Smith

    Down in irving Texas. Went down sometime during the night. So much for telecommuting

  • Sarah Holl

    Internet issues in green bay, wi. Been 3 days and still not fixed. Poor service…

  • Truly Splendid

    Internet and phone connection has been very sporadic for the past two days. I’m lucky if I can get email to load. Businesses in the area are reporting issues with phone and credit card transactions. Seymour, TN

  • Ef pc Bs (LNC)

    No interned node 11 La Grande, OR. just return out

  • atomikblondee

    Cable totally down, Internet lagging. Union SC

  • Kelli Drum Scronce

    Cable is down. Internet, too.

  • Jeremy Webster

    Down in Fort Worth also. Anyone know when it will be back up

  • Liz Coley

    No internet since Wednesday 0200.

  • Phil Kehler

    Internet down since midnight

  • Ramani Thinakaran

    Internet diwn since 5:45 AM Mansfield, TX.

  • Mark Weslock

    Tree has fallen down on Charter Service line in St. Charles,


  • Ron Ramspott

    TV service down during the NCAA championship game. Aargh!

  • TripleHBK

    Internet down for over 14 hours in Lincoln NE.

  • Jerry Campbell

    Tends to be down more during high demand special events. Should tell FCC they are selling more capacity then they have. Out in Saint Louis. 7pm, Apr 10, 2017. Anybody care at Sectrum/Charter, call me so I’ll know.

  • Gene Tracy

    No DVR access and no channel selection in Medford, Or, 97504 from at least 1:00 am > 5:00 am. Still out as of 5:00 am., 4/12/17.

  • Kay Lewis Doolittle

    No cable TV in Klamath Falls, OR this morning even though phone & internet are working.

  • Michael Knight

    No WIFI in Wenatchee, Washington

  • Dirk Dodson

    Going up and down in Fort Worth

  • Kim March-Force

    Up and down all day in Guntersville Al. Down including phone since 415 CDT on charter

  • JazzyWazzy

    No internet or cable in Havelock, NC SOMCE 10pm 04/14/2017

  • SL

    Do you have internet today? I am in Lincoln as well and have been down since 11am

  • TripleHBK

    Internet is fine today. ended up needing to call spectrum last week. After a 2 hour service call where every connection was replaced but it made no difference. Eventually ended up needing to replace the modem. I had several neighbors that needed to switch modems as well. I feel like something happened that rendered all our modems faulty but have no way to prove it. Purchased a new modem at best buy (my last one was only 2 years old) Since then no issues.

  • Helen M.

    No internet or Cable in Lower Manhattan, NYC since 8am 4/49/2017

  • MrRobot2


  • mr steve

    spotty, slow, laggy, and “off and on” these past few days

    Near the traverse city area, Michigan

    and swapping modems will not work, i already did that..charter is just sucky

  • steve

    slow, and “in and out” here near the
    traverse city area….been like this the past few days…since the 24th
    of April at 6pm til now


    No email service for 2 days EAU CLAIRE WI

  • joy

    Internet and phone keeps going off for 5 to 10 minutes at a time in NC.

  • Gary Boyer

    Tv & Internet down in Ellensburg, Wa

  • Robert Smartt

    Manchester Tn has been down few hours now. No phone, internet, or tv.

  • Josh Jacobs

    Hillsboro tn been down a few hours. Whats wrong

  • Michael Parker

    internet up and down NRH TX

  • rmhaney38

    Charter down again.. almost not worth paying for.. midland mi

  • steve

    same up and down crap the past 8 days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is bulls*it

  • joy

    Service has been pathetic for the last few weeks. Internet and phone service has been down almost as much as it has been up.

  • Kristopher Priestley

    Constantly going in and out. Out more than it’s up…about to just switch. Its cheaper, seeing as the price keeps going up and all I use/have is internet. Bull…why I have to pay 70$ for crap service is beyond me.

  • Mr. Mott

    South carolina columbia it down. No internet and no cable.

  • Art Hurt

    Mayland Heights MO, no internet.

  • Mr. West

    No Spectrum Internet in California.

  • Jerod

    Oconomowoc Wisconsin no Internet and no cable

  • yuhanz

    Charter down Alhambra, CA

  • Richard Zemel

    Charter tv and internet down in farragut, tn

  • Caitlin V

    Charter Internet down in Fernley nv

  • Donn Sheldon

    Charter Internet down again in Fallon, NV.

  • Robert T Canipe

    Charter Spectrum Internet down, but Alexa and Roku working great. No phone or computer connection at all.

    Hickory NC 28601

  • Pamela Nelson

    Internet has been down in Newaygo Michigan

  • Jeremy

    Internet out in Birchwood Tn

  • Dody

    Service has been out for 2 1/2 days in Madison, WI

  • Mary Tollerton

    I just got switched from Verizon (DSL) for phone and internet this morning (6/8). Apparently the “entire state” is down for phone & internet, so I dont know if it will work> They cut my Verizon line, so I have no phone or internet until they fix the problem. Not a good omen. I left Verizon because I lost service whenever it rained and DSL would drop whenever the phone was used. Now I have nothing – how is this better?

  • Tom Lamb

    Spectrum in down in NW Montana.

  • David

    Spectrum Internet down for at least 2 hours, so far, in Lake St Louis, Mo. Down since ~noon.

  • Chris McDermott

    Cable Service has been out going on the 3rd day in western Massachusetts. This is why I won’t transfer to their internet and phone service! Have no choice on cable only one in our town!

  • Chase

    Down for the third day in a row in Milwaukee, WI. I don’t understand why Spectrum bought out TWC if they weren’t ready to handle it. We only have one other choice and that is AT&T and they are too slow.

  • Chase

    Here in Milwaukee too. Class action suit anyone?

  • Chase

    We just bought a new modem this winter.

  • Steve Vandeveer

    Internet been down all day I’m paying for 100 and my Xbox says I’m barely getting 0.21 download 5.3 upload California guess they will tell me it’s the weather

  • Renee Herbert

    is there a issue with spectrum cable in St Louis mo. I have some channels, but am missing some. The message says one moment please SO0008.

  • Rick Venghaus
  • Rick Venghaus

    I have no Internet in OFALLON MO

  • Sara Jill

    I have no internet in Saint Peters

  • Steven Moore

    Jun 23 2017 Livonia MI still experiencing weird download/upload speeds. and my post from yesterday does not show in the ‘newest’ listing. 1:50pm shows 2.11/5.90

  • Daniel Anderson

    Will the effected area’s be compensated financially for the HUGH lost ?

  • Delbert Smith

    76119 FOREST HILLS, TX. no internet, tv, computer. Dvr recordings is all you can watch!!! Fix it Spectrum Charter Spectrum money mongrel or what ever the hell you call yourself FIX THE DAMN THING NOW!!!!!!

  • Todd Kuikka

    Is charter down again in St Cloud, MN?

  • Deanna

    Charter is having problems in fort payne al yet again

  • K

    There are a lot of people without internet in St. Louis City and County. I know a few who have had their internet down for a few days. What’s going on, Charter?

  • BamaSteelMagnolia1

    Charter has been down in the Birmingham/Trussville/Springville area. No cable, phone or internet for over 24 hours. Charter is lying telling a down Alabama Power line cut their fiber optic line in Trussville. But the outage extends beyond that and into other states. They are covering up the real situation.

  • Deanne

    Dardenne Prairie has been down since 2:30. What’s the ETA???

  • Steven Moore

    2 Jul 2017 Livonia MI Internet dropped out again 3.16 download 0.23 upload – was on phone with tech support then they called my cell after they did modem reset phone call dropped to cell and no call back. speeds no better. first occurred at about 7pm, now 7:30pm with no change in speed. an ongoing problem for over 3 weeks with 3 sets of service staff coming out to home. ping -t is displaying varied ms from 3 49 for local and 23 to 151 for with an occassional timed out.

  • Sheridan

    Charter services (both TV and internet) has been down in Hawthorne, NV 89415 since 6:30 PM on July 3rd. 49 hours and counting, as the future doesn’t look promising. Will likely be switching back to 25mb AT&T from the 100mb Charter, for the sake of it actually WORKING.

  • Jordan

    Out in southern Oregon 1:23 am

  • amarebare

    Oh thank goodness for another Michigander. It’s not exactly out but it’s being strangled and slowed to a crawl. is googles dns.
    Same thing happening here in Monroe. I guess we just wait for whatever outage is causing this problem, since it’s obviously not a direct problem or we would probably have a complete outage.

  • Suzan

    Internet out in Lonf Beach, Ca for two days. Reset attempts did not work. Come on Charter!

  • Rick Sears

    When will internet and phone be restored in Norwalk? Been out since 10:30 this morning.

  • Choton

    I seen yesterday an article that spectrum internet filed for bankruptcy.So there is no chance to get service back.Everybody should cancel spectrum service

  • Choton

    Service down in everywhere

  • Balance_314

    Charter internet has been down in zipcode 63033 since 21jul17

  • Geese Howard

    Down in 48750

  • John

    Down in 53094…. Again…

  • Brian

    Connection unstable here in columbus ga 31903. Get it fixed charter.

  • Madison

    Down in 48706

  • Karen

    Pay a lot of bank for a service that sucks.. hostage to this company since there is no other alternative.. wish I got paid for never providing a service.. super sucky for me as I am trying to submit graduate work to my professor

  • James Lovell

    Spectrum internet is out in 75002.