Charter Spectrum Internet problems with outage report

The latest Charter Spectrum Internet problems and any outage with their TV service can be reported on this page in a couple of ways. You can contact Charter Communications directly by using the support channels provided along with an official map, or report your Charter outage and detail the problems to other Is Down Right Now readers.

Charter Communications deliver services to businesses and homes in around 25 states, also the services vary dependent on the area you live in and whether you want cable TV, phone, or Internet.

Common reported issues include a total blackout, TV glitches, and Internet outages. The latter tops the list by far for most reported problems by Charter customers. If Charter is down right now, or having any type of outage you can see status updates below.

Charter status reports for Saturday 17th of April 2021

To find out if Charter is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Charter? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Tony

    Cant get internet, looks like a total blackout.

  • Emily

    If I had internet on my laptop then I would be telling Charter how bad their service sucks, can’t get through on the phone lines.

  • Will

    I have reset a number of times, but no luck. Internet down in Taylors sc.

  • Ron

    Internet down once gain in Marquette. Come on Charter, this is a joke now.

  • Nathan

    Charter is down, no internet at all today.

  • Amanda

    I am in Midland, Mi and Charter is down, then it is back up, no its down again.

  • Rory

    I am also in Midland, Mi and I am having no problems at all. Maybe you should try restarting your console and try again.

  • Katey

    Charter Internet is down yet again, typical seeing as i have just paid my bill.

  • Blanche

    My Internet keeps going down, is there a major problem with Charter?

  • Lotty

    No internet in Dublin GA.

  • Li

    Charter is down in Glendale CA

  • Eddy

    My Charter is down in Glendale in California.

  • Ross

    My charter internet is down in Victorville, CA.

  • Jim

    I got no TV in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

  • Po

    In Nebraska and no Internet, Charter providing a poor service.

  • Tiff

    Charter is down in Glenwood MN.

  • Micky

    I am down with no service in Nebraska.

  • Chas

    Charter outage in Tullahoma Tn.

  • Skip

    Charter Internet down in Rochester MN.

  • Hunter

    Charter emails are down, error message popping up.

  • Jillian

    All I am seeing when trying to access Charter emails is – Unable to connect to database server.

  • Amerie

    In Duluth MN and Charter’s Internet is down.

  • Marcus

    Not internet in Warrensburg

  • Andrea

    I was right in the middle of doing something when Charter decides to go offline and kick me out from what I was doing. I am in Redding, CA.

  • cathcapall

    Internet is super lagged in Cleveland, TN to the point of time outs on most websites.

  • Scott

    In Oregon and no service at all, my Internet is suffering leaving me with no emails etc. Guess Charters servers are down or something.

  • Carrie

    I have very fast internet, well that’s what i am paying for. I am down to 1mbps instead of the 60 i pay for. Super slow today.

  • Misty McManus

    Charter Internet down in Grand Junction, Co

  • Demie

    My Charter Internet speeds are so sluggish its unreal, one minute it is all fine and then the next my internet just slows right down, then speeds up then down. Had enough of this service now its just not fair.

  • Jeremy Butler

    Both TV and Internet are out in Marquette mi

  • Amy

    Both TV and Internet down in Long Beach, Wa

  • Debbi Johnson

    internet up and then slow for 3 days. no streaming or xbox even tho it shows there is internet just spools constantly fix this Charter! OFallon,MO

  • Charles

    We are having problems with cable out on carling drive in Anderson, SC.

  • DeeAnn Roberts Ruff

    I’m in Anderson and cable is in and out and no sound.

  • Greg

    No cable in Ashland, Nebraska.

  • eskimojon

    No internet or phone in Colorado for 3 days now

  • Sarah

    No cable in Springfield, NE. This is the second time in two weeks it had gone out, and no one seems to want to fix it after hours.

  • Dana Sarver

    No internet Athens GA

  • Ashley Bilyk

    Our Internet is coming in and out. I’m getting sick of this! It’s messing with my chrome cast too so I can’t watch netflix. Kalamazoo, MI

  • Jeanne & David Wright

    Our internet is EXTREMELY SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW tonight in Swartz Creek, MI 🙁 Can’t watch Amazon Prime 🙁

  • Janet Robinson

    Internet out in Ripon, CA

  • Roy P Smith

    Our internet has been down for over 8 hours now in Collinsville, Illinois. 12 October, 2015 @ 4:40 am CDST.

  • down to 700 kbs download speed

  • janinepeterson

    Our tv cable connection is down in roswell, georgia 30075

  • Out here in Helena, MT since at least 2:30. Confirmed with a Charter rep.

  • John D. Mullen Sr.

    Internet cutting off in Opelika Ala

  • Rita

    Internet cutting in and out in Gillette WY

  • Glenn Nava

    Service down in Portage MI both internet and cable.

  • Kristi Chaffin

    Down in Great Falls, MT on 10th Ave S

  • Deathwader

    Massive packet loss isssues, extremly slow speeds. Just like what was going on sunday after 530 pm to monday around 1pm. Charter still will not admit something is wrong. Wish we could get better service in town.

  • Aniwaya

    Down in Gaston North Carolina.

  • msmith7894

    Internet down in Birmingham.

  • Sean Haddy

    Down in San Bernardino, CA

  • J kendall

    Phone and Internet intermittent in Westport, MA

  • robford37

    Up and down in Lincolnton NC. When up YouTube is horrible, but Netflix, etc is fine. Power cycled modem three times tonight. What’s the problem?

  • Jetrunner

    Out at my place for well over an hour now in Walla Walla, WA.

  • Carmen

    Internet hasn’t worked all day in roseburg (green ) oregon

  • Dennis

    Unable to process credit cards for 5 days with sync payment systems and Charter
    Charter has been called 5 times and come out twice.
    High Ridge MO

  • Clint Maas

    Option two is to share your outage with others? Really? Will it make me feel better knowing others have issues as well? Does Charter not even know if the service is not working?

  • GDugg

    14 Nov 2015: 1 PM–Charter cable is out in South Denton/Shady Shores area going on 6 hours now. They have no information to share except “we’re working on it.”

  • sdfsdf

    Central MA was down last night (11/15) – appears to fine this AM

  • Rdm42

    DOwn RIght NOw, Duluth Georgia.

  • Down in Gainesville GA

  • NrikeCalderon

    Internet is down in Reno, NV.

  • Terri

    Charter down Manchester Tennessee

  • Huseyin Umek

    When is this fut going to be fixed

  • Josh

    Down in Sevierville, Tn

  • Brandon

    Down in Hickory, NC

  • DR

    Charter down in McDonald, TN

  • disqus_fXxRaoVKuj

    Charter down in Suwannee GA

  • hank

    Charter down in Cameron, NC.

  • Don

    Several HD channels with heavy pixelation or cutting out completely. Been doing this for the last 48 hours now. Grand Junction Colorado 12/11/2015 11PM

  • Zoobin Zales

    11:50 am Charter Down in Roswell Georgia

  • Jeff

    3:30 and Roswell is still down

  • Gary

    Complete outage in Mauldin SC

  • marlena

    2:01am charter down in greer sc

  • Blanca

    11:47am..Internet is down in Gainesville, has been 16 hours with no internet

  • M River

    Charter down in Roswell, Ga since yesterday.

  • Need_better_internet

    Charter internet down since 830pm, tv is fine, carrollton, ga

  • The Angry Turtle

    Internet is down in Long Beach, California. It’s been spotty all night and now it’s down for the count.

  • Michael Cutway

    Internet down Owatonna mn

  • Simon Petrikov

    Internet has been extremely slow and sporadically down for 20 hours in St. Louis, MO

  • moving soon

    Charter TV and internet down in McDonough, GA

  • Mason Livingston

    Charter down in Decatur alabama my mom pay for it so fix it or else charter jerks

  • Rick Reicker

    Charter down in south Lake Tahoe California.

  • Mike Howell

    Tell ya mom to climb the poll

  • Tim

    No service Albertville Alabama

  • Tommy Voodoo

    extremely slow internet for the last 3 days in 29376 area.. barely hits 6 on download, and 0.3 on upload.. also dropping calls… at least the damn tv still works, for now.. yeah, i’m looking for a different provider

  • Adrian

    Service down for 4 days now, call and they say they don’t know where the issue is, b.s. I know people that live 5 miles away and there service works, get someone out here and fix it. Sandlake, MI

  • half-pint horror

    St Louis: sporadic brief outages all thru yesterday, woke up to zero service today. even called to pay my bill yesterday morning just to be sure! there are some major weather & flooding issues throughout the area (but nothing more than occasional rain where I live). would be nice if Charter would acknowledge this on their weather outages page.

  • Jared Rice

    5 days without Internet in Northeast alabama

  • Linda Halverson Retrum

    Charter down in Holmen Wisconsin.

  • Kim

    Charter is down and has been all day in Clatskanie Oregon.

  • Michael Christopher Ladson

    Charter is down in Taylors has been all night

  • CharterIsGarbage

    Jan 14 after midnight speeds dropped to 20 kbps….nothing works..cant stream netflix and amazon (obviously) no gaming, no phone, and smart phone barely works. 8th day in last 2 months where they drop speeds to little of nothing and do maintenance or whatever is causing this.

  • CharterIsGarbage

    forgot to say im in flowery branch, georgia.

  • Randy

    at lake in Milledgeville GA 600 ping losses 50
    50% of data lol 5 mins later it will load yahoo page

  • Adrian Grigor

    Down right now in Suwanee GA. Some channels on cable and internet. Since last Christmas the service has been fluctuating and slow. Considering alternatives.

  • Alan Curtis

    Good ol reliable Charter. Cable down again, twice this week Oxford GA. Awesome service Charter!!

  • Justin Newport

    Internet has been going on and off yesterday and today in Louisville, TN.

  • Dave

    Been down now for 7 hours in MA.

  • J Bennett

    1 Mb/sec download speed. It is faster to upload right now in St. Louis.

  • Jd

    Charter cable internet signal went down today at around 11:45am and is still down at this time.
    San Bernardino, CA.

  • Lynn

    Down in Duluth GA 30096 going on 16 hours.

  • debgolson

    No Internet or TV I’m Toppenish WA

  • Gail

    No internet since early this morning

  • Amanda Luzzo

    No internet, since 5pm, in Kearney, Ne

  • Hf

    No internet in Auburn Massachussets

  • Internet went out for half an hour or so. Came back on. Went out again. No internet now since about 2am in Leeds-Birmingham AL area.

  • Bobby Lynn

    Owatonna Minnesota 1;30 am Internet keeps dropping the signal and coming back

  • Rick smith

    st.Louis Michigan out at 1230

  • Ken R

    Walhalla SC video erratic 36 hours now they say they are working on it??? Last night when I called the system said it would call after 8am when it’s fixed I got the call but the issue resurfaced again tonight they said it’s a large area? A line is down? 1 copper cable takes down 4 States?? Fiber maybe quit lying Charter! We are not all stupid and have no idea how the system works, either there’s a fiber issue or a major failure at the headend! Did someone spill their coffee on something?? There’s no excuse you should have backup systems at least 1

  • Dawney

    lebanon tennessee last 2 nights it has done this pathetic service waste of money, time for a new cable co and internet to come in and give better service, we the people are why your in business and have jobs how about taking care of your bread and butter

  • katiebugwho

    I feel the same way. I was so upset when we moved to Lebanon and found out Charter was our only option. It’s been down at our house all evening.

  • charter down

    Monrovia, ca down

  • The Scoop!

    Glendale, ca charter down. Piece of crap. I pay $60/month for slow internet. I have a red light on my modem since last year. The tech who came didn’t know what it meant and just walked off. He said I should check the manual, which I don’t have.

  • Kimberly Townsend

    My cable, phone and internet all down for at least an hour and 45 minutes. St. Louis, MO.


    In covington LA Internet off any body els

  • Dd

    Holland mi down

  • S.W. – Wisconsin

    Internet down in ALBERTVILLE MN

  • Jenna Contillo

    Brighton mi down

  • Bethani Rodriguez

    Kalamazoo Mi down

  • Richard Gaudet

    Yes …I’m in Covington…. Internet down…TV working….

  • MW

    Internet is down in Apple Valley MN

  • LR

    Down in Stevens Point wi

  • Rissa

    Down in weyauwega, wi

  • T

    Charters DNS servers are down. Switch to static DNS. Use google’s and and your internet will work

  • Juan Frank

    Morristown TN is down also…

  • AR

    Out in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Mad town

    Madison wi is out

  • CP

    No Internet in St. Cloud, MN. Tech support line is busy.

  • Yank174

    Internet down in jacksonville nc…



  • GD Nix, Charleston MO

    Crappy service and exorbitant prices. Now that’s value. Oh, and try to call their 888 number to report. Conveniently and continuously busy. If I were those crooks I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone either

  • John Patton

    WiFi down in Inman South Carolina

  • Sucks

    Charter sucks Internet down Austin mn

  • Lauren McCracken

    How do you do that?

  • Chad Fouss

    No internet in Minneapolis… Customer service is busy?? Did Charter go out of business?

  • Paula Fann

    No internet, Weaverville, NC



  • LadyMidnite

    Down here in Plattsburgh, NY. Not a happy person!

  • KG

    Internet down in Hortonville, WI

  • James Moody

    Down in Taylorsvill, NC… As T said below, if you modify the DNS settings on your router (wait about 2 minutes after chaning primary and secondary to and, respectively) and try again, it should start working again.

  • Charles

    Coldwater. MI. Down

  • sickofliberailmedialies

    Don’t bother calling. There are 26000 and climbing reports across the US in 30 min of outage. No way to get through and no need to try with tens of thousands calling across the us. The outage map is growing as if the whole us is down. Maybe a computer issue or cyber attack

  • Pedro

    Internet down in Simpsonville, SC

  • David St.Louis

    Shiloh il…no internet/cable

  • David St.Louis

    Shouldn’t have to when I’m paying $130 month!!

  • Nathan Kemp

    Caledonia mi down

  • CharterBS

    Down in Austin, MN… soooo frustrating!!

  • Mm

    Internet down in Mankato, MN.

  • Jake Lamers

    Well at least we have this discussion board to talk about nit having internet!

  • Ice Dog

    Down northern Wisconsin

  • Warflog

    Marengo Illinois NO Internet… AGAIN !!!!!

  • Coleen

    Did that once before years ago…cant remember where to go to change it???

  • Lynn

    Down in East Tennessee

  • cristopher gonzalez ruiz

    No internet in Worcester ma wow

  • Tony

    Vass/Southern Pines NC internet saying DNS error…

  • James N

    The problem seems to be with DNS. Ping any address from the command line and you can get to it. Change your DNS severs and you should be good to go.

  • Jen

    Down in Eastern Wisconsin.

  • Nox

    Rock County Wisconsin down for hours

  • William Murray

    Out in Livingston parish Louisiana

  • get_real_6

    Network and sharing,click on connection, properties,internet protocol, properties,select use DNS. Thanks T!!!

  • Warflog

    Thank you T for the info, I could kiss ya !!

  • Frank

    Your an idiot


    Down for at least a half hour in Hickory NC. Thank goodness for 4g!

  • FC

    This worked immediately for me. Thanks for the tip!

  • Gigi

    Charter internet down in Duluth/Atlanta GA


    I wonder if we get reimbursed for this garbage

  • Steve Covieo

    Saginaw/Bay City MI down


    Wautoma WI down

  • Internet’s being a pain here in Chicopee MA.

  • Tim

    Down in buffalo MN

  • Ash

    How do I do that?

  • nate_CO

    down in fort worth, tx

  • Janice

    Thanks! It worked 🙂 If I check the box that says automatic from ISP, will it go back to the Charter server? I didn’t write down the numbers before changing it.

  • christine

    Lawrenceville /Ga down

  • Michelle Lundin

    Down in Wausau, WI for almost an hour now.

  • james breaselton

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  • MikeF_57

    I changed my DNS to Google and was able to connect. Clearly a problem with the Charter DNS.

  • Roadking cory

    Wausau wi is down phone lines to charter have been busy for hours. Wtf

  • Rob Lichner

    Down in Rochester MN.. but can change DNS settings on your router to and and you can get the internet back

  • Rhonda McGarity Anderson

    Charter internet down in Greenville, SC!

  • Nate

    Down in Janesville, Wi (blips in and out constantly)

  • james braselton

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  • claude

    I had to change DNS servers to googles DNS servers to get my charter working again. Had to do the same last time this happened a year or so ago. Give it a try.

  • Bryce

    Change your router’s primary and secondary DNS to and and your problem will be solved! Google how to do it on your phone – 2 mins tops!

  • Stacey

    Rutland MA back up

  • mslady269

    Like $0.90/day. I work from home and hey don’t care they are costing me money right now.

  • claude

    Try this. Thats what i did right away. It solved the problem. Looks like charters DNS servers are down.

  • james braselton

    no solar flarrs cussed a emp solar flar its global repring unsc pilar if atumnn inifinyt farward until dawn all reporting solar faltaeds

  • Down early afternoon and again since 9:43pm in Asheville and Western North Carolina to present (11:26pm EST)

  • Alison Johnson


  • Alison Johnson

    I did it on my iPad just but clicking the wifi and changing the dns… I used the first and it’s working great

  • John Krumm

    Just in the first two boxes? Keep the other numbers the same?

  • james braaselton

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  • Jen

    Charter internet out in Duluth MN. Lame.


    Back up Covington LA

  • james braseton

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  • Jen

    No internet in Duluth MN.


    Changing to dns does no good for people with tablets and who are gaming

  • james braselton

    thats weere i live masrter chiefs spartan 117 we descted solar flar animlues created emps cuase if outages i am useing unsc oilar if atomes emercay chanel wi-fi on clissifed servers

  • Important Customer

    Internet down in Tawas, MI

  • Vera Eleganza

    God I hate charter, but have no way to switch, they monopolize and not provide reliable services!!!! 8th time down in a week and I am pissed in WI

  • claude

    Changing my DNS servers from charters to googles DNS servers fixed it here.

  • james braselton

    mastee chief solar flars emp anilmyes deted bu unsc pilar if atumn unsc infity unsc farward till dawn

  • It did for me

  • stephzadu

    No service in Ennis tx either

  • james braselton

    yes roswell mexico areea 51 down too from inteel unsc giving master chief there sre 51 ufos in the area but they too dont have interrnet or tv eatterr there emdagerdd soaxes went triliins down too 1,500 poppulatiokn of nukaluar war 99.999990999999900999999999% deaths too nukes weapins iver war agenda they cant even aford even few deaths is much

  • claude

    You would have to change it at the router.

  • Mo Way

    No Internet Superior Wi

  • alan mar

    Louisiana? Cause iam in Mandeville

  • alan mar

    Mandeville, Louisiana 70471 still no internet

  • Rick

    How do I change this DNS that some people are talking about? That is on the router not the modem? How would the wireless router have anything to do with internet down? How is access to the internet possible with the internet down? Are you talking about what some people have is a modem with a bulit in router?

  • David J. Zdenek

    No Charter internet in Northfield MN 55057

  • Magwheelz

    Down for 12+ hours in Walworth County WI

  • Ice Dog

    Wrong. It can be done on tablet. But without u on there faster speed for me. Ha

  • Ice Dog

    Me too now stop telling everyone !

  • Mark

    Charter is down for about 15 minutes now in Hickory Creek Texas (Dallas Suburb): 00:38 5/13/2016

  • Jim Dylla

    If I connect my computer straight to the cable modem then I can get to the internet. However, it does not work with my router. The router can not get an IP address from the cable modem.

  • Sue Clark

    Why has Charter stopped running General Hospital on Demand since May 10,2016

  • Jim Sidney

    Internet is out cold in Owatonna, MN again. Has been dropping for two weeks and short outages. Speed tests have been .025-3 Mbps since last Thursday when paying for 60 when up!

  • Josh Simonson

    Charter Internet is currently out in Janesville WI.

  • Joseph V Russo

    Laramie up then down, rinse then repeat. Same thing last night.

  • Jameson

    Charter is down in Fernley, NV, seems to go down at night more than anything this week. Unhappy is the polite word i can use here but i can think of other words.

  • Amber

    I do not have any Charter service in Ionia.

  • Tim

    How come service drops at midnight? I am in Holland Michigan and this is a common occurrence lately.

  • Lorraine

    I am not getting any emails coming through, is Charter having issues again?

  • Brent

    Charter Communications outage in Dallas, Texas.

  • Annette Madrigal

    No internet for 2 days. How much longer? West Bend, wi

  • Brendyn Jacobs

    Same here in West bend, WI… Friday night at 10:10pm

  • Misty D Austin

    3 days down in Hartford WI. This is bogus! Anyone getting any answers as to WHY?




    Sevierville TN no Internet now for almost 24 hours!!!!!!

  • Sevierville TN

    Sevierville TN!!!!!!! ON DAY FOUR OF NO INTERNET!!!!!!!

  • nelson snipes

    Riverside CA out all day

  • Southbury Joe

    Charter….no TV / Internet in Southbury CT

  • Lizzi B

    No internet in Dallas Oregon. Been down since this morning and looks like it’s gonna be a long wait until it’s back up. Fabulous..-_-

  • High Ridge, MO. 100 Mbps internet very slow, barely getting over 2 Mbps speed, with a LOT OF LAG. I’ve changed to OpenDNS and performance improved dramatically, but still not at full speed. Charter… FIX IT!

  • mark

    Im in High Ridge, Mo as well and I clocked my PS4 at 412 KBPS today. Im up to 1.2 MBPS now.

  • Ryley

    I am located in Wenatchee and have no Internet at all, i thought i was the only one but it seems like the whole area is out.

  • Christyne

    Me too, been down for like an hour now and i need to send some important emails.

  • Steve

    In Anderson, SC the main channels (ABC, NBC, Etc) have been disrupting (pixels going crazy, picture freezing etc) . This has been going on for several days now. Anyone know what’s happening?

  • Mav

    Mount Pleasant, Michigan….issues yesterday (speeds dropping below 6mbps) and major lagging. Restarted everything, updated cleaning programs, seemed fine. Nothing but issues today, now no internet at all.

  • Arnie Santori

    Alpena, MI Last few days, both internet/phone off and on at the same time. Usually 11AM to 1 PM.

  • Allen Sipe

    Charter internet down in St. Louis (Bridgeton) MO. Since 1:00 PM.

  • S.W. – Wisconsin

    Down in Otsego Mn since 6pm. Charter website is terrible, no place that you can find estimated restoration time.

  • Marnie

    Internet down in elk river mn too. About 3 hours now.

  • Bryan

    Charter is down in St Michael, could be related to the power outage in the area. A number of power lines down in Hanover so they could have aerial fiber or power related issues. Hopefully it won’t take to long to fix.

  • S. Reynolds

    Hickory nc down 9 hrs

  • Andrew Silk

    Down in Pasadena, ca, was down last few hours , but as of 11:40 am it is working

  • IrritatedInGA

    Down in Dalton, GA. Getting Less than 1MB DL speeds when supposed to have 60MBPS. A constant problem with this company.

  • Sallysue

    Its down in Arden nc, been out since yesterday

  • Mallissa Wells 3742

    I haven’t had any internet for about 15 hours, I’m located in Fletcher North Carolina, does anyone else have issues and when will it be back on????????

  • Sallysue

    I’m having issues as well, its been out for about the same amount of time give or take a hour or so, I’m in Arden south Asheville and we had bad power serves yesterday and then no power the day before and now no internet or phone yesterday and today and I need the internet for work

  • Mike McCarthy

    Internet down in Clayton township Michigan since about 1:45 pm today

  • Jennifer

    No cable or internet in Taylorsville, NC

  • Steve

    No internet Greenville sc

  • Sherri

    Cable and internet down Ionia Michigan

  • bbbmf

    Internet is dead…again. Prattville, AL

  • Travis Lethcoe

    Total blackout on all services in Elizabethton,TN since 5pm on Friday afternoon

  • Jacque Flory

    Phone has been out since Wednesday 6th, internet sporatic at night down in day time. Somerville, AL

  • shadeed stringer

    Internet and cable is down Hoover,Al

  • Derrick Crumpley

    Down in McDonough, GA

  • Dan

    Blackout in 63021. Again.

  • Shana Upreti

    Anyone having issues in the 56303’zipcode, reset everything and still no cable or internet

  • james Choi

    No Intenet connection in McDonough, GA 30253 for 3 days

  • Bscott58d

    As much as internet goes out I feel like we should not be paying 60+ a month for crap service.

  • Susan WhoDat Fischer

    No internet Abita Springs, LA

  • Robert Jones

    Charter Internet down Simpsonville SC

  • Mark

    Down for the past 30 minutes

  • Justin Cash

    Also down in Spartanburg, SC. Wonder if we will see a pro rata balance reduction on the next billing statement?

  • Justin Cash

    Also not working for the past hour at least in Spartanburg, SC. Will we see a pro rata reduction on our next billing statement?

  • Rob

    Down in Marquette Michigan….can’t believe I pay as much as I do, just for it to go out, hasn’t been on since about 1:30 Pm

  • Amber Petralia

    Internet been down for a couple hours in Riverside, California.

  • Kelsey

    Charter internet down in Easley SC

  • Timothy

    Down in paris tn. Does it every night at 12am
    Pisses me off

  • Melanie Janes

    Charter internet down in Thomaston Georgia for an hour now and counting.

  • Jon

    It’s down in campobello sc

  • Becca Starr

    Internet down Gaffney SC

  • robynsing

    No internet long beach CA from 1 am to present 2:12 am

  • A Lusher

    What we want to know is when will it be fixed???????
    We are in UK trying to communicate with friends and family in CA

  • blake kersey

    Down in New Boston MI.

  • David Majkowski

    Charter down in Lewisburg, TN. Pfffft!

  • David Majkowski

    Cable and phone

  • taguit

    Fairview, Nc down

  • DGames89

    Internet Down in Covington, GA

  • Drew Harris

    Hey, I’m in Lewisburg, too! Yeah, pretty annoying. I get off work, and simply wanted to watch a movie, but noooope!

  • Damien

    Down him hickory nc

  • Damien

    Down in hickory nc sry

  • Sneads Ferry Elf

    Charter down in Holly Ridge NC

  • Megan Gilliland

    Down in Spartanburg SC

  • Jaynie Powers

    Down again Wilkesboro NC why haven’t I cancelled this service yet?!? Always having problems and way to often!

  • Ken b

    Down in Piedmont SC

  • Ann

    All of Athens is out right now

  • Chris

    Google Fiber is in Atlanta now but Please Come to Covington GA

  • Ridge Robert Ryerson

    It would be nice if charter would advise us of the nature of this problem & when we might expect service to resume !

  • Shelley carrigan

    Conover NC Internet has been out!

  • Josh

    Grand junction Clifton area

  • J

    Down Smyrna ga 1020 a.m. 081916

  • B. Richards

    Down in Helena, Montana as of early morning of 20 August 2016. Please advise and fix.

  • Disgusted

    Internet down 2nd day! Sorry excuse for an expensive cable system. I hate them. Incompetent nincompoops.
    It’s not rocket science, I worked in cable for 25 years. Saw a few lu lu,s but this one beats them all
    For shame.

  • Beardog_05

    Charter phones down in Missoula, MT 59801


    Martin Tn out

  • Chip loves freedom

    Deforest wi. Very slow Uber high ping time. Charter sucks again

  • 80sGuy

    Been down with no internet for more than 6 hours now. What the fack Charter!!!!!

  • Carl

    My Internet has been out all morning. I guess I will get some kind of refund or credit

  • Carl

    Internet has been out all day

  • Marvin

    Internet/tv out since 10:00 pm Monday, … Cleveland, Tennessee… tv reference code S0600

  • Cc

    Tv internet down scottsboro al

  • Dennis

    Charter internet down in Los angeles CA

  • Ted Thompson

    Dead in Burbank all afternoon.

  • Diana

    Out since yesterday evening about 5pm in Ventura CA

  • EB

    Not out altogether but super slow in Pasadena. Can surf news (badly) but no streaming and no logins to game sites.

  • Phillip

    Down in Tullahoma, TN

  • Jeremy

    Down here in shelbyville as well.

  • Dave

    Down in Cheyenne Wyoming

  • Kerry Schmidt

    Two days of wifi issues in Manchester, TN. Staying connected but MAJORLY slow in downloading anything and page loading on any/all devices.

  • Debra mojarro

    Down in Los Angeles

  • Warren Adams

    Ft. Worth, Tx. down yesterday and today. Came up a little while this morning and down again. This means no VoIP phones either.

  • Bob Plunger

    Down again sagola mi 49881 been down ovr an hr

  • Patricia Keegan

    I lost my cable box in my bedroom tv started flashing no signal and my box won’t respond and reads all 8888 I live on South side of Madison Wisconsin

  • rachel

    The cable / internet is down in Richland WA I swear it is down more than it is up pay for it and only use it half the time cause it keeps messing up

  • kelvin lear

    In Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco Washington it was down for the longest I’ve ever seen so far-at least 15 hours. If anybody’s business depended on internet access today, they were screwed in a bad way.

  • Jamie

    Charter Spectrum is down in Long Beach California.

  • Kerry

    Charter Internet is down in Glendale’s.

  • Brianna

    My TV and Internet are both down in Hurst, Texas. Charter outages are too frequent lately.

  • Matt dom

    Internet down in rancho

  • Matt dom

    My internet hasn’t worked since 5pm last night it’s now 630 am the next day. It’s never been down this long before in Rancho Cucamonga

  • Katherine

    Los Alamitos, Ca. Entire bundle is down, third time in four weeks. Frontier may be more expensive however it works.

  • rachel

    Internet out in Richland Washington

  • Don

    Too much tiling on Charter. Too often audio goes out for about 3 seconds. Too often advertisements to “get this or that channel” appear in the middle of a program, I ALREADY HAVE THAT CHANNEL. It seems to me that Charter doesn’t care, all they want in your $$$$.

  • Na Wilks

    Whittier, CA
    internet down to rain. Any kind of rain. Has been a problem day one with the original carrier, Salmon Comm.
    Never been resolved, must wait one or two days for lines/outside equipment to dry out

  • Donna

    Hilmar Ca, strange that cable service on only one of our two tv’s is out

  • Christopher

    I’m in Greenville and it seems we go out every two months and honestly don’t get
    Me wrong it says we run 125 mgs but really the internet is slow and unreliable

  • Infidel

    Walker, la blackout for 5 hrs now, only way to get in touch with these jakals is to call the sales line and talk to mamoud. Service is sketchy at best on good days anyway, so I’m not so suprised. If you have ANY other options for service i’d look into it!

  • Dixie

    Internet down in San Luis Obispo, CA at 1:30 pm. Oct. 20.

  • Gina Jackson

    Cable +Internet down in High Desert California since A.M Oct 31

  • Ganondorf Dragmire

    Keeps going down every other day for the past two months in Sedalia, MO. Random internet slowdowns too

  • Jeni

    My internet worked great when it was TWC. The last last 2 days it’s so slow I get kicked out of everything. Arlington, TX. I had 6 friends drop Uverse this week and move to Spectrum. This is terrible. What is the problem??????

  • Tony

    Charter down in SW Decatur, AL

  • Laur

    Charter (internet) not working in central MA. Been this way since 5:30 pm Nov. 10th 2016.

  • Greg

    Internet and cable out Jackson WY. It’s a business account and can’t do my job.


    Charter Spectrum Internet and cable television still down in Jackson WY after nearly 5 hours. Most businesses are “dead in the water.”

  • Shelly Morden

    Internet down since the weekend in Midland Michigan

  • Josh

    Internet down in Greenville, SC – Cable still working though.

  • Tiffany562411

    wifi down in willimantic CT. I think charter does this intentionally cause it happes a few times a month…I hadn’t counted how many & now I it’s not only in CT but it’s also occurring in every state AT DIFFERENT TIMES

  • Nicole

    This is such BS! The day I found out I’m working on reports (which have deadlines), I decided to work from because my Internet was faster than the wifi at the office. Guess I was wrong! This needs to be fixed and fast! I’m fed with Charter and their stupid outages!

  • Carol

    Cable down in picayune miss since 730am

  • Tahoe461 .

    Internet, phone, and TV down in Slidell, LA since approximately 8:30 am CT.

  • Jana

    They suck. That’s the problem. Worst cable and Internet I’ve had yet. Constantly cutting in and out, etc.

  • robertc

    All services down in Greenville SC 29605 as of 7:45 pm, Thursday, November 24th.

  • Beverly

    Internet is down in Mansfield, Texas

  • Mark

    Internet is down in Fort Worth ,Tx

  • stephen Ross

    Charter down in Morgan Hill CA. Guess no black Friday this year

  • Valerie

    Our office phone has been out since last night in Taylors/Greenville, SC. We have rain, but no reason to be out that we are aware of. We are a Doctor office, SO IT’S URGENT!!! Please call 864-292-1961 for further info. Phone is being forwarded to emergency calls for Dr. Cell phone

  • Jared

    Outage in Gillette, WY

  • Quinton

    Internet down in the woodlands/spring, tx

  • James

    Internet is Down in roscoe Illinois

  • Kevin

    Internet tanked in Plano, TX. Paying for 100/100 and only getting 5/10

  • Jerry Campbell

    Charter Spectrum over extended with Dallas vs Minnesota + Big Bang Theory.
    Money for mergers, lobbyists and stock holders, NOT for adequate equipment.
    They did the math and do not care.

  • Surfer Tom

    ONCE AGAIN…Charter Spectrum is down in Long Beach, CA. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • Aaron

    Internet terribly slow, Buffalo Minnesota.

  • Denise Foutch

    My internet has been down for at least three days, and worked only a couple of hours Thursday evening. I have been trying to access the Internet all day today, with no luck. I am in Maryville, Il.

  • CitizenBA

    Only intermittent sound for cable and S-L-O-W internet speeds on the Central Coast of California.

  • Jason LaMar

    Intermittent issues for several days, Redding, CA. Box has reset multiple times and Internet service is hit or miss.

  • kathlyn knight

    Internet has been down for past three hours. I live in Austin, TX

  • Rosemary Signa Babikan

    ESPN and all the sports channels are down in Grayslake, Illinois. Noticed it at 7 PM tonight.

  • Shandra Gaiter

    Internet down yet again
    Saginaw. Mi
    Shandra Gaiter

  • theothersean

    Internet is down in Kalamazoo

  • Bob Heck

    Internet down Midlothian, TX 76065 less than 3mb down. Intermittent.

  • brandx01

    Cable TV is still down since Monday 8pm in Burbank CA. Reps say “We don’t know what’s wrong and we don’t know when it’ll be fixed.” Shameful of Charter to not let their customers know by email or phone about what’s happening. But…I’ve had Charter for over 10-years and the service has always been reliable. The DVR-receiver needs to be rebooted every now and then but that’s been about it so I’m being patient right now and hoping they get the problem fixed ASAP.

  • ltd777

    awesome, xmas eve and no tv or internet! what another waste of my money. merry xmas everyone!

  • bob eisele

    Walla walla WA Internet/tv out

  • Jeanette

    Charter Internet, phone & cable down in Gilroy CA. I wish we could get Comcast here!


    All cable and local channels are down! Nada!!! (Reno, Nevada)

  • Courtney

    Wifi down! Usually I can reset it and it will start working but this time its not working! Ugh! Taylorsville NC

  • Donald Lingenfelter Jr

    TV and Cable down in Howell MI 48843

  • Susan Lile

    My Spectrum service for my TV is out. I live at 617 Valley Dr. East Alton, IL 62024. My apt number is 408. Can you please fix this. If you need to come by to check it, please do. I will be home. Thanks, Michael Dossey

  • Jon Applegate

    Is the service down in socal?

  • Jeff

    They’re no better

  • Cassidy Dorman

    Out in City of Grayling, Crawford County, MI

  • Karli Kalila

    Down in Lawrenceville GA

  • Julie Gale

    Down in Arlington, texas

  • Jennifer Murphy

    Down in Sylacauga Alabama

  • Len Rayburn

    out in Fountain Inn SC

  • George

    Is there an internet outage in Pasco?

  • Clive

    I am paying over $60 a month and all i keep getting is connection loss. There seems to be another Internet outage today and its not even funny anymore. I am down and out in Kennewick, is anyone else having Internet issues?

  • Ben

    Hell yeah! The whole state of Washington is down. I checked all the comments to see where ppl are experiencing failures and so I assume it’s statewide. I live in Hermiston, OR and we’re down as well

  • R Thinakaran

    Down in Mansfield, TX since morning

  • Steve Stroben

    Charter internet is down in
    Richland,WA. Anybody else out in Tri-Cities.??

  • Jonathan Hernandez (TheNESTLEH

    Spectrum (Former Bright House) was not down, but it was slower than usual.

  • Matthew Cortez

    Out in bay city Michigan

  • Richard Gaudet

    Internet is down and several channels are down Covington,La.

  • Darren Dean

    Roswell, GA no cable tv since Friday. Area outages in Sugar Hill, GA & Roswell, GA. No ETA on restoration of services.

  • Anthony Maske

    Out in Riverbank, CA…. been out since 12 pm and no indication of why or when it will be back up… however I’m sure I will get my bill on time and expected to pay it on time….

  • Teresa

    Out since around 12 noon in Waterford, CA. When calling the only thing the recording says is there is an outage but offers no timeframe for repairs and no options to speak to a live person. I’m thinking AT&T is looking promising by the minute

  • steve

    Out in Norco, ca

  • Eudez Narvaez

    Yes don’t have internet…is outage

  • Yolanda Pilecki

    92345 Complete blackout 02:30 to 03:00