Chase bank login problems

Chase bank online login problems seem to be the main point of concern with users, but other issues include customers having hassles with their safe deposit box, search not working. Another nightmare is when the Chase bank website is not working.

They offer banking to businesses and individuals, which include credit cards, checking, mortgages, savings and loans. But when the website is down or customers cannot access their online accounts via web or mobile app this is when things are upsetting, and this is why we are here so you can have you say and join discussions with others having the same issue.

If you are having Chase bank problems via Web or your Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Windows device please either use the links on this page for support or add your comment of complaint below.

Chase bank status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Chase bank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Chase bank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Patrick

    I got an error 3256 when i tried to do a transfer online, what does this code mean?

  • Sarah

    How is it possible that password manager is unable to detect or connect to Chase.

  • Tony

    I have tried to login to Chase but its not accepting my password sign in.

  • Eugene

    I am still waiting on messages on my account balance, been waiting for days now. Seems like they are down.

  • Paul Brundage

    Have tried to log into Chase credit card account using four separate browsers, none of them will connect. June 16, 10`6 1145 PM PDT

  • David Burgett

    online accounts Not Available right now… no notice of scheduled maintenance…

  • Richard Rice

    I re-set the settings in Chrome, which cleared all my extensions. I then enabled my extensions one at a time until I found the offending extension. For me (oddly enough) it was “Audio EQ”. Once I disabled it, everything ran fine. I was able to recreate the problem by enabling “Audio EQ”. I can’t imagine why that extension would have that effect. I wouldn’t think very many people have that installed on their computers so I do not think it is a solution for everyone and am very curious why it is that way on mine. Anyone have insight into that, I would be happy to hear it.

  • Jackie

    Cannot seem to access the Chase website, app is fine web is not.

  • Maria

    Chase bank is down, cannot login at all October 18.

  • Jodie

    Chase website outage right now, not letting me login at all. Not letting me put in my username and password.

  • Maggie

    Chase online website is down for me also, whats going on because I need to access my account asap.

  • Deb H.

    Can’t log on. tried to reset password. Called and was told I don’t even have an online account….wrong!

  • Maritza Gonzalez

    I can’t log on

  • John Smith

    I got my card just 2 days ago and I set up an online account. Logged in and out 2 times and haven’t been able to again ever since. Called customer service and they gave me a temporary password to get back into my account and create new password. I got in and entered my new password preference and clicked “Next” and nothing happens. Now I’m locked out completely because my temporary password will expire. Now I have to call customer service again. So much fun!

  • Takiwa

    Tried to log in to pay my bill, just get the blue screen with the chase symbol spinning over and over and…

  • Jen I

    Cannot login to Chase Mobile. When I try to enter my ID, my phone just makes a noise instead of letting me type in the field. Is anyone else having this problem? I am on an IPhone 6S+.

  • taenhago

    A Chronic Problem. I have always found that unless you login from every computer or APP at least every other day, CHASE claims they do not recognize your computer. I spoke with IT at CHASE about this and they know it is a problem, but seem not to be able to fix it. Asked more times than I can count for a “code”to login, but that never happens. They are a real mess.

  • Amy

    Unable to log on to Chase from Firefox. Site works fine from phone but have not been able to log on from PC for 3 days now.

  • Marie Elaine

    I can’t transfer between my accounts. Orlando, FL

  • Kimberly Scheiwe

    I have been trying to login and transfer my funds into 2 different accounts since 830 a.m. this morning. It is now 1 p.m. and I’m still having issues!!! Now I have to find the nearest bank to get cash! This puts a cramp in my travel time! I hope this issue is fixed soon!

  • Sherry Bernier

    This is months down the road from your post here and I am having the same exact problem and have done the same thing you did….tried to access my credit card from other browsers. I can log in but I get nothing but a blank screen. Did this ever get resolved for you? I’m very frustrated!! I haven’t been able to access my account for more than 2 days now!

  • MChi

    Unable to use credit card (Visa) or get account information online, checking account fine.

  • kyle thomas

    Have had to change passwords several times, over the last week. this is absolutely crazy, with a financial institution of this size to have ongoing issues with their site. is anything being done?

  • Russ C

    Definitely a problem. Several times they don’t recognize my computer. It’s easy enough to fix. However after going through their procedure and entering new passwords, the system froze and wouldn’t accept the new password. I did that three times with totally different passwords that I entered into Excel and subsequently copies/pasted into their system . . . it still didn’t work. Their technical staff didn’t have the ability to see what I was doing on my computer so that they could report a problem to the computer department.

  • Christel Bethea Coleman

    I can get the home screen but when I hit log in…..just get a spinning circle for 3 days now

  • Shell John

    Unable to login on ititial Web page, after a few attempts my account was locked. Although locked, I was given the option to unlock on another page. Tried to enter information needed, but characters kept disapperaring before I could finish. Thought it might be the device so I tried another to the same avail.

  • Pat cares

    Chase has so many issues lately it is time to transfer I think! Logging in is a common issue. I try to log in, get a blue screen, log in the blind, shut down that session and then bring it back up and I am logged in. SO WEIRD! Also, I know they ‘upgraded’ their website months ago and in my humble opinion they made it a lot harder to use. A few days ago I went to use their in bank kiosk and I found that too was ‘upgraded’ and it is also harder to use. All the functionality is still there, just much harder to find with more buttons to hit to get there. WHO IS Chase’s IT designer? Do they try to irritate customers? It is working if that is their intent!!

  • Margie Rikert

    Have tried to get into our accounts from both the Chrome and Safari Browsers… After entering Id/Passowrd the screen turns blue, and then stays there with a spinning circle.

  • JnF

    I am a ditto on the blue screen login and long hang time. I have been a chase customer since the beginning of time and now realize that technology and reliable banking is not compatible with the IT people they employ. This new website design is a PR disaster and speaks to the trust we place in their hands to manage our money when they can’t manage their on line presentation. This is a BIG PROBLEM for the big bucks guy at the top of this company to show why he is worthy of the big bucks he is getting.

  • Robert Mayer

    Just bought an item on e-bay with my pay pal account which is linked to my Chase checking account. So I went to transfer money from my Chase savings account to my Chase checking account and guess what the site has been down for over 6 hours now. I made a phone call and after a long wait on hold I was told that they were having issues and should be resolve shortly.
    Please try back in 1-2 hours. I can’t take out my frustrations on the poor lady on the other end of the phone because she knows little or nothing of what’s going on.
    However I’ll bet that the CEO will still get his (or hers) bonus check on time.

  • Nicole

    trying to login to chase all week, wont let me, says change password. then when i try to change password hit enter for the new, it wont let me.? this is rediculous.

  • Shirley Kerr

    Last month I could not log in to my credit card account to pay online. After trying several times It locked me out saying log in and/or password was incorrect. Changed my password and was finally able to access the acct. This evening I tried to log in and had the same problem and was immediately locked out. Verified it was me with my social security number and credit card number twice and still not able to log in. Very frustrating that this continues to happen. They need to fix their website so customers are able to use it. Although it shows that it is supposed to be a secure sight, I still don’t like having to enter my social and credit card numbers each time to verify my identity and then can’t log on anyway! What is the problem!?!?

  • B Mac

    Exactly word for word the same problem! Apparently the only people they are keeping out by not recognizing our computers or iphones are you and me. bmac

  • Cynthia Hill

    my daughter and grandson are out of town and need me to send them $ but i cant since when i sign in online to send it there was a message saying certain details were not available but i was able to go to the send money and fill everything in but it refused to send it because it showed my checking balance as
    $ 00.00 !! When will this be corrected?

  • Ruben Bonilla

    This is rediculous imagine if in an emergency lord forbid. I’ve been trying to log on for about 3 hrs and I haven’t been successful either.

  • Just Combs

    Im so damm sick of chase and t problems. This is so inconvenient!!!

  • Charlie

    It is up now

  • Charlie

    Finally works!

  • Cynthia Hill

    It works now! finally

  • Richard Perez

    I am so sick of Chase. From the system going down last month to my online not letting me log in and making me change my password every time. I’m done. I

  • Linda Queen

    Can not get into online banking, what is up? Are problems after hurricanes etc. back East affecting this or what.

  • Larry Banks

    Four days the on-line has been down?? With no news out there about it?? How is that?

  • Onyx AD

    I type in my correct username and password, and no matter how many times I click sign in I get no reaction from the page. It doesn’t even try to check if it’s the correct login, the button doesn’t work at all

  • Patricia

    Yesterday and today Chase (JP Morgan) has been down, you would think a company of that size would have their act together. It’s time for them to hire new Techs, it’s too frustrating to try several times during the day for access to your accounts. Time to revamp Chase!!

  • Pat Larsen

    I have bills to pay when is the online going to be up and running? how do I know if my accounts are safe?

  • Anne Rouse Schulman

    As far as I can tell, I haven’t been able to log into my accounts online for 3 days now. Also when I got on the phone with tech support, the gal didn’t own up to it, said she wanted to do troubleshooting with me and that I needed to delete my cookies and history. Absolute poppycock! Why did it take a friend of mine from across the country to tell me that these problems were nationwide? Chase Bank will be getting a visit from me very soon. Their tech support is deplorable for a company of this magnitude.

  • Anne Rouse Schulman

    I was able to get into my accounts using my phone. I set up my credit card payment that way and received an email confirming it. The setup is different from banking online. I wonder when we will hear about a solution? I know I will be visiting a Chase branch soon, but I’m retired and this is the first day after a holiday and I wasn’t in a rush since I could see my accounts using my smartphone. I figure, let others who have business to take care of get the first shot. I can wait.

  • Gurmej Singh

    When this problem will be fixed?

  • Nicolyne Joy

    i cant access my Chase account online x(

  • Dennis Teel


  • Rita Sheppard

    My husband has tried to log onto the website for 3 days now and still can’t get in. We can’t find out any reason for it.

  • Fran Fontana

    I have tried many times,to reset on line login for banking. Following directions is a joke. 3 days and,still not working.. Got new
    Device Sunday

  • Gloria

    For months we have been unable to sign into our accounts online. Have contacted chase internet support always told system down,problem with chase bank logins , and today I was given a step by step process changing settings in my browser and told to try this see if you can then sign in online..guess what can’t sign in!!! Husband doesn’t believe me chase online is a nightmare… wish he’d check this forum out…. I see in black and white it states chase status report for Wednesday 7th of March 2018 chase is down right nownUSA…

  • Jen

    Chase mobile app keeps crashing !

  • Emilien Mayunga

    Can’t access my chase account online . What’s wrong ?

  • Missy

    Can’t access by Chase online accounts today, 3/17/18.

  • Rita

    Can’t get into my account with or without the app.

  • Ivy Ngan

    same here

  • Not happy

    Cant login to my account with finger print, nor with my password. It just reloads login screen on phone and laptop. Try to request temporary password for password change to login, but it says that function in unavailable too. I suppose chance banking is just unavailable for use at all? So helpful..


    Cannot access online banking tonight!

  • Shawn Brown

    Stuck in email intercept hell, I can logon but can’t get past the Email Verification. Tells me the email bounces but they are able to email the temp code to logon. Been that way for weeks!!

  • Peggi Wolfe

    I have tried to login to Chase a few of times in the last 2 days. I get some offer, but I can’t read the offer. There’s just two buttons showing on the page: “No Thanks” and “Call to Apply”. When I click “No Thanks”, nothing happens, it just sits there. I finally did get in yesterday from my home computer, but I needed them to send 3 access codes before it let me in. Is there something going on with Chase website?

  • stalex26

    Hello, I keep trying to log in my chase account and it keeps telling me my password is incorrect. It can’t be. I have had the same password for years! whats the problem?

  • CamH

    I think there’s something wrong with Chase Online and Chase Mobile App. When I tried to sign into my account 2 days ago, it tells me that my username and password are incorrect, even though I didn’t change it. After several attempts, I finally decided to just go ahead and click “Forgot Password” and change my password. Right after I did, it brought me to my account. But, when I logged out and then tried to log back in an hour later with the new password that I just created, it gave me the same error message again! Anyone know what’s going on?

  • jgarfield

    I’ve been trying to login to the website for 2 days. Quicken can download transactions, so I know it’s not a password problem.

  • CamH

    I found a solution to my issues with logging into Chase Mobile App. I called Chase Customer Support and they had me go through multiple password changes with them using my mobile device, and each time, even though I had just created a new password, I still couldn’t log on. The customer support rep said that on her end, she was seeing that her system did not recognize the new passwords I was creating. She transferred me to Technical Support, and I went through a password change with him as well, but this time, he suggested I use my laptop instead of my mobile device. That did the trick! The password change went through successfully, and I am now able to log into Chase Mobile App and access my accounts. Now, as to why I even had experienced the initial issues logging into the app, no one could tell me. But at least, I can now log in.

  • jgarfield

    Thanks. Changing my password worked for me, too. Actually, I used the same password. And my mobile never stopped working nor did Quicken transaction downloads. I just couldn’t log in on the web site. One of their authentication servers must have gotten out of sync.

  • Randy Elmore

    Internet Explorer problem when logging into Chase website. I can get to the login page, but before I can login an error pop-up states that: “Internet Explorer has stopped working, A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. This has been an issue for at least the last four days. After Closing the pop-up, Explorer restarts in the website address, but he same message is received. After the second attempt, Explorer defaults back to the Explorer home page.
    I have checked to ensure I have the latest version of Explorer and I have EE11. I have no issue with accessing other websites via Explorer. I can access Chase website via Chrome.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • jtom

    I have the same problem. Fortunately, it will load correctly on my iPad, otherwise it would be a major problem. Frustrating. I go to 7 other financial sites, and 11 store accounts with no problems at all. Can’t find anything online re this.

  • john

    Same problem – no solution yet.

  • Holly

    Have not been able to login to Chase website for past 3 days, either on my laptop, desktop or iPhone. Called Customer Service…no help. Said everything’s fine. I get the same error pop-up message that reads, “Internet Explorer has stopped working…” Rep told me to use another search engine….nothing worked.

  • Chris Weingarten

    2 days I’ve not been able to access to my pay on my account.

  • Dr Downtown Jon

    I think Chase is working for Google, now. I too get the error pop-up message that reads, “Internet Explorer has stopped working…” Rep told me to use Google Chrome…Chase is infiltrated by the same company the government is investigating…scary.

  • Kate

    I have tried logging on to Chase Mobile app for two days now with no luck. I can sign in online but not on my phone. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Bob H

    same thing is happening to me.

  • dtxtc13

    I have had enough of Chase bank. I cannot get on. It is Dec. 4, 3018. I would love to give them the finger.

  • Rocky Alvarez

    I can login from a desktop but not from my smartphone. When I try logging in from my phone the form resets and does nothing. No error or login the form just keeps resetting when I submit and does nothing

  • Robert Papa

    What’s the future like. Sorry had to

  • Robert Papa

    Safari says chase is an invalid certificate. Mobile app gives me an error as well

  • Curtis

    From what I can tell it seems to be AT&T that’s blocking chase app and website sign-in. If I get on WiFi the apps works perfect but when I turn off my WiFi and use cellular it doesn’t work. Tried this on my girlfriends phone also and got same results.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Buck Rogers!

  • Gloria I Del Castillo

    I’m unable to log in through my laptop or phone. Annoying, since I want to check if i got my refund.

  • Jimmy

    Chase mobile does not work. I can’t login for the last two hours.

  • Mar

    I can log in with my regular checking account but not with my business account

  • Mar

    I did log in with my regular checking account but not with my business

  • Joshua Lee

    The same thing with me not a single thing works i dont know how to go about this at all

  • Juslv374

    Can’t login onlin

  • 1Channel 4All

    Not able to enroll for the last week kinda pathetic for a bank this size they need some good IT

  • Soydelicioso

    Have never been able to sign in using my smartphone, only my desktop.

  • Soydelicioso

    Never been able to sign in using iPhone. Only with windows pc.

  • George

    I’ve been trying to access the app for two days! To no avail! This is upsetting, I’ve never had issues with it before yesterday. Please fix the issues of the app.

  • Leon

    Front main page comes up as usual, but completely ignores sign-on attempts on desktop. No response at all. I’ve been going in this route almost daily for years, but now I get nothing. This is day two of same issue.

    If anyone needs to instill confidence in clientele, it’s the banks! I have been with Chase for many years and done a lot of biz, but I won’t put up with this sort of thing very long no matter who they are.

  • Carol

    I’m in the middle of a house purchase and the site has been down for more than a week. This outrageous failure to provide service for a period this long is inexcusable.

  • Triathlete

    Why is chase online not responding? The page is not loading information.

  • Mattes Cog

    Online account left side scroll bar is missing.

  • Mattes Cog

    Now I can’t sign in at all.

  • Lee Baker DeVore

    Can’t log in as of 1 pm Friday 3/22/2019. Non-responsive screen, then erases my user name. MULTIPLE tries.

  • Maria Franco

    Can’t log in as 3/26 I have to paid my bills

  • IYJordan1

    The online site AND App always take so DARN long to even log in and the Quick View thing on the App is also SUPER S-L-O-W. Wells Fargo is much quicker. I use both. One for personal and the other for businss respecitivly of course.

  • A S

    The Chase app crashes and closes on the new Android Q (Android 10) beta release. Who is responsible for fixing that?

  • Dale Husar

    My Chase mobile app pops up no internet connection last 2 days. No problem with any other apps or connecting on my laptop.

  • Natalie Britton

    My chase app keeps telling me we are unable to access right now please try again later

  • Shannon Myers␌

    Pissed rn cuz I cant check to see my balance. Also chase just lost $50 of mine >:( gonna probably close my account and go somewhere else because customer service is complete by here

  • Confused

    Can’t long in via app. Won’t let me access for days saying error with accessing. Finally managed to login via browser after changing password. And it says I have to call to inquire account information because their web is down. What the hell is going on? Why isn’t there more news feed on these? Seems like lot of people are having same problem?

  • Jennifer Wentland

    There’s technical issues with atms. I experienced this at the Schaumburg Chase. On Wise Road. Also it happen to my Boyfriend. We did get are money. Took a couple tries.

  • Sandy Lee

    April 15, 2019. Chase ATM was down, not able to withdraw money but they still deduct from my account. I also cannot get through to a phone representative until after 3 calls attempts waited for at least 30 minutes on April 15. In addition, IRS cannot debit from my account via direct pay website stating my account is invalid.

  • Kim Bates

    May 1- can’t pay my bill WTF

  • Peggy McGough

    I couldn’t pay my bill either. Since 1:00 PM 4/29/19. Talked to 3 badly misinformed customer service reps, one of which had me clear my cache and cookies since the initial set up of my laptop………..which disabled ALL my user IDs and passwords……….. They suggested it was my Chrome browser and use Internet Explorer…
    Spent the entire day talking with these people and in finally at 8:00 their supervisor admitted they were “having problems and that it would be resolved by morning.” That was 2 days ago, and they are still down. Time to find a more efficiently run credit card system. I understand computer issues and understand that it happens, but DON’T LIE TO ME, and assure me everything will be fine. It wasn’t then, and it isn’t and definitely not now!!!!!

  • Gail

    I have recently cleared my cache and still can’t get in.

  • menotq

    can’t log in AGAIN!

  • menotq

    Had to uninstall app on phone as it was terrible! this is unacceptable with such a huge bank!

  • John

    cannot pull out money using my debit card at drug store to get my meds. I also cannot get money from ATM, although it will show my balance.

  • Ashley

    This really bothers me. The very reason why i have had thought of banking out of shoe box

  • Teresa

    Love to know if I am the only one having sporadic issues with the Chase Mobile App!!! I have been trying to transfer monies and it’s not letting me, keeps getting stuck on a certain point.

  • Alicia Thomas

    I had chase before but never had this problem before but why this keep continue to happened they really need to update thier chase apps , thier website people have to pay thier Bill’s, rents and so much more this need to stop I left citybank because of bad things

  • Khor

    If you use a password manager, watch out for the password manager inserting your username into the identification code input when it autocompletes.

  • Gabooba

    Ty so much!!!

  • Barbara W

    I cannot get into my mobile chase app at all, is it down?

  • Theresa Miller

    Almost every month I have problems logging into my account. Changing browsers worked for awhile, but now that’s not even working. So frustrating that I have to take the time to call customer service so I can get into my account and pay my bill. Even the mobile app won’t let me log in.

  • Gerald Wolff

    Anyone having trouble with linking Google Pay???

  • Holly Hetzel

    Mobile app seems to be glitching again. I’ve had to reset my password twice now in the last month. I just reset my password this morning, logged in just fine, then an hour later my new password wasn’t accepted. This is so frustrating. I’m tired of being locked out of my account!

  • roxanne sutton

    Can not login to the Chase using latest chrome on MacOS Mojave. this has been ongoing over a week now. Called Chase, customer service states they have no knowledge of a problem. This is only fro Chrome login.

  • Shana Ellen

    I am having this issue today with both the app and website and had this issue multiple times over the last month or two, very ANNOYING!!

  • Beehive

    This has been happening to me…I found out that a someone has been trying to login to my account and keeps locking it. Call Chase and find out.

  • Beehive

    .I found out that a someone has been trying to login to my account and keeps locking it. Call Chase and find out.

  • Shariff Booker

    I just tried to use my card to take some money out at a Chase ATM branch and it keep on saying ATM error and when I left Chase I went to a couple of the stores with ATMs I tried to use my card and it says the same thing what’s going on

  • Fred Mulvey

    Can not login from desktop or mobile. 8:31 AM PST?

  • Derek Robertson

    Just tried to use my card at an atm to get money out said due to technical difficulties unable to process try again later

  • Ryan Bautista

    This is really annoying. I’ve changed my password a good 10 times in the past 2 weeks. Seems like every time I change my password, it only lasts a few days until it says wrong user/pw. I am fortunate enough to not have any problems with the ATM, but seriously Chase, this needs to be fixed ASAP!!

  • Derrick Marshall

    For the past 3 days I haven’t been able to log into the mobile app , it’s just telling me that they can’t connect to chase at the time and to try again but it’s been 3 days

  • Joyce Stoudemayer Shealy

    touch id in mobile app works, but not login/password on computer.

  • Rosie Vaughan

    August 16,2019 Riverview Florida
    Can’t connect to Chase thru app

  • Rosie Vaughan

    Ok now

  • Bill

    Chase pay by phone is down. They say to use online services, but my account is “Not Available”. Makes me think there is a system-wide ‘problem’ as opposed to an update going or some such.

  • Felicity

    Is the worse service on line ,each time trying to access with my correct password dont recognize it, try to get a new one, dosent recognize my ss number.
    I use chase only for my credit card, it is worthless service.
    Takes me hours ..

  • Angela

    Me too! I’m going crazy

  • Jocelyn Banks

    this has been going on for a month now and its really annoying. I’m about to cancel my account and go somewhere else.

  • Michael P.

    I used to be able to login to the Chase mobile app via fingerprint scan, but when I reset the unlock option on my phone it reset it on the Chase app as well. Now, I’m trying to turn on the fingerprint login option, but the app keeps logging me out because “I was idle.” Does anybody have this problem or a solution for this?

  • Kevin

    Yes same problem here.. they keep telling me it’s my service which is a lie because I don’t have va problem using my phone for any other applications

  • Kristy

    I just signed up online and now it wont let me log i.
    I got the email saying i signed up and to start setting up my account but nothing, it wont lwt me log in?

  • Natalie Cecilia

    I can log in on my phone app but can’t log in through the website and when I tried to reset my password (figuring maybe it was me) it doesn’t recognize me as having an account at all.

  • Log in via online (computer) is the issue right now. phone app works fine.

  • Anna Smith

    I try to log in by the phone app and it tells me “We’re temporarily unable to connect to chase. please try again later’ this has been happening for weeks now its ridiculous. I have to keep logging in through the actual website.

  • WCC

    Same here, for over a month already! Called and was given reason may need to update my iPhone:( Very very disappointed!

  • WCC

    I agreed!

  • PMc

    Try to log in. Chase says does not recognize my username/password. Use link to reset password, going through process using SSN, etc. Upon completion website takes me to my account. Log out & try to log back in with new updated password…. not recognized again. Good thing that Chase is not a financial institution that deals with money and sensitive personal information or I might be very nervous as to their competence!

  • Anna Smith

    Yeah it’s ridiculous now! I’ve just updated my iPhone and it still won’t log in what is wrong with the stupid thing

  • Ian Hubbs

    Everytime I try to do a mobile deposit it logs me out? It captures the picture then automatically logs me out

  • PMc

    It was my fault. I take it back. Spelled my username wrong repeatedly because I had entered it wrong at signup. Doh!

  • Su-Spence

    I’m trying to activate my card and it keeps saying “This part of the website is down, please try again later “.

  • Chase does not recognize my computer and keeps asking to send code for login even though Chase cookies are saved in my Firefox browser. Only have this problem with Chase and not other Banks. Very annoying!

  • Tarez Tarez

    Cant sign into account today, says does NOT have me in system, I know I’m putting info in correctly, what’s up.with chase?

  • Cesar

    I deposited my cash and I dont see nothing in my bank a little worried it might not be in there

  • Barbara Jones

    deposited $1652 in cash and got a receipt that states my available balance is $1886.81 but my app and by calling they aren’t showing a deposit. Says my available balance is $26 and I’m freaking out! On hold for a claims specialist for over 40 mins

  • Jay

    It happened to me also

  • Kaziah Taylor

    Deposits cash at 3:09 eastern standard time and at 3:10 my bank account was negative the amount I deposit! I’m in the office waiting on a 30 minute hold to talk to claims! Pissed!!!

  • Jan

    I’ve been trying for several hours now, since around 10:30 this morning to login to my online banking account… Each time I try and login, it gives the message that my login is not recognized and gives option to reset my password

  • Apf

    I’m having the same issue! Also trying to get a claim payment through chase pays and all the website says is it works! Ironic cause it doesn’t!

  • Nathalie Espinosa

    Trying to make a payment online and it’s not showing in statements, and I’ve been trying to call customer service for hours now, and continue to say that the calling line is temporarily unavailable. The online payment I’m trying to make is for rent and chase is the only bank I have, after I get this resolved, I never want to bank with chase again.

  • Kevin Thompson

    Same issue as everyone else it’s been months now since I have seen my account.. can’t login from internet or the app like I need my documents!!!!! Asap

  • Linda Pettigrew

    Same here… What the gell is this … Ia xhae on vacation or sick leave huh?..???

  • Jess Bannon

    Need to open another account they need to fix this ASAP people need to open their accounts

  • Jess Bannon

    Same I’m tryin to open a new account and get a new card it said the same thing

  • same as below: Each time I try and login, it gives the message that my login is not recognized and gives option to reset my password, this is true to both computer access on on the iphone app 🙁

  • jimmybon

    Yes exactly my problem and the technical support hotline is down as well

  • Carole Anderson

    I was able to log in no problem. But I have to do banking by international phone once a month (American expat in Europe). Today, Monday the 4th of November ’19, I get the recorded message that the office is closed. This is the first time in 9 years of calling (at whatever hour of whatever timezone) that nobody answers. So I can’t make a transfer without which I can’t wire myself this month’s budget. Problematic.

  • Roger Carroll

    Chase is telling me to update browser but it IS updated; cannot log in from Chrome on Nov. 17, 2019


    The Chase app is down way too much. Can’t get in this morning again. They must work on this. Never have a problem with Bank of America…..

  • Connie Newcombe

    Can’t log in. Username and password not recognized. Can’t log in with fingerprint it’s been Days! I need to know my balance!
    When I checked my Google saved passwords, it was changed to my Social security number!!!!!!
    Please Fix ASAP. Than you

  • alex

    You can get your balance the old school way, calling the toll free number on your card!

  • MsGor

    So frustrating, you would think a huge corporation like this would get this issue resolved sooner than later!!

  • LaVonne Riley

    I can not login into my chase mobipe app. The option to sign in is not available

  • MaryJo Thompson

    I cant with draw no money technical problem 10068

  • V TRAN

    Having same issue.. this part of the system is down try again later ????

  • Michael Wright

    Having same issue.. this part of the system is down try again later (12/14 and 12/15). Can’t pay bills.

  • Mary Shepherd Ellison

    Went to use my card today it was declined that was embarrassing. Went to check online to see why and I can’t even sign in.

  • Winona Adams Watkins


  • Brad Ruttan

    as of Jan 2 2020 at 3:30 pm EST this is the response i get when trying to login -” It looks like this part of our site isn’t working right now.
    Please try again later. Thanks for your patience.”

    DDOS? site is comprised? security issue?

    You would think that chase would be all over this…

  • Ed

    Have 2 accounts and when I try and view information on 2nd account the app just disappears. Has happened since 1/1/2020 Today 1/4/2020.

  • Joe

    Getting a black screen on my Android phone when logging into Chase app…why?

  • Joao Marcos Ramos

    Since last week I have problems to access my Chase account. On my lap top the site does not even open. On my cellphone, it opens, but it does not log in. Does anybody know what is happening ?

  • breenyc

    can log on to account through cell phone (iPhone)
    but not on my Mac

  • CJC444

    We have online accounts with three banks. US Bank is the only one that is reliable. We received an alert about ‘suspicious activity’ and after many efforts with different menus, finally talked to a live person…although heavily accented. I wanted to know which transactions were declined and she proceeded to name them. I had to ask her to spell out the places since I could not understand her.
    The other banks allow me to SEE those declined transactions while Chase does not. Two of those ‘declined’ were valid, one was not. I wanted to be able to search the places to refresh my memory which I could only do AFTER she cancelled the card. Those who buy online realize that a purchase may be legit but the ‘name’ of the payee may be different than expected. This is the most frustrating phone call I have ever had to endure !

  • Digital Dawg

    Can’t log on to Chase via cellphone app now.

  • Jessica

    I have not received my payroll deposit, only seems to be those with Wells Fargo and Bank of America did. I would like my money, so what’s going on?

  • Jo Mi

    can’t sign in then when that worked can’t pay my bill i hate it always have had problem with the online system.

  • Patty

    What is wrong with Chase?

  • Jasnely Navarro

    Why won’t it let me log in am I the only one?

  • roger

    They stink. Paper tiger. Since virus can’t get anyone on phone. Can’t log in. Member for 20 years. Going to dump them

  • Andrea Bryant

    Can’t login why ?

  • Meme finesser

    I cant sign in or change my password

  • Tony FV

    Can’t login from Macbook, and can’t get through to an agent on the phone. No email provided either.

  • Jimmy the C

    I can’t login to Chase because there is a glitch with their Verification screen not giving you a space to type in the verification code! Tried it 3 times with different browser to make sure it’s not that. If you can’t type in the code they send, then you can’t get it. This is a serious inconvenience because they’re also NOT open to take a call. Not sure what this has to due with Covid 19, but I’m seriously going to close my account on Monday and take my money elsewhere. Hey Chase, get your Sh– together!

  • Kathleen

    Cannot sign into Chase App. I put in the correct sign in info, it takes me back to sign in page. I can go to “Contact Us” and set up notifications, fingerprint sign in, etc, but cannot see my accounts or do a deposit.

  • George

    Trouble logging in today. Repeatedly got a message that password didn’t match username. Finally had to reset my password to get in. Nothing seemed to have been tampered with in my account.

  • Hossam

    Cannot login from anything

  • Anna

    I’ve been trying to log in to my Chase mobile account with my new phone since yesterday. I get past the part where you type in the username & password but since this is a new device trying to sign in Chase wants to send me a temporary password to verify it’s me. I entered the code in CORRECTLY but, I keep getting this message saying try entering it again, it incorrect. No matter how many times I reenter it, it still says it’s not correct. I don’t know what to do. I’m not having any issues like that signing into any of my other accounts so I don’t believe it’s an issue with the phone itself

  • Kate Butters

    same here. new phone won’t take in my old password and is asking me to change it but on the computer and my old phone my password works fine

  • Maria-Helena Miranda

    I went to chase in Saint Augustine to open a business account. Everything was fine after finishing with all the info after waiting to be done she gets a man error 500
    I knew it had to be the server. Dough the server doesn’t say what’s the problem usually has to do with them either resetting or maintenance issues, sometime it’s just maintenance or upgrades.
    She says, I’m sorry it could be fixed tomorrow or days from now, I left thinking shouldn’t they know from the upper management that they are having these issues? Why can’t they send a memo to all branches?
    It’s terrible costumer service dough the lady was kind with words it just pissed me driving home went there for nothing
    I say poor management .

  • cc

    It has been a week since i have been able to access my credit card online cannot log in keeps spinning

  • John Crockett Teskey

    Today is November 25, 2020. I cannot remember the last time I was able to log into my Chase online account. Am I alone in this? How much longer is this situation going to last? Chase owes us an explanation. What say you all?

  • IMRokita

    Every time I log in after changing my password, I am notified my password and username are incorrect. It prompts me once again to have to change it. I have probably changed it every month since making payments. It really is ridiculous! If you have to jump through hoops every time, it might make people late in making payments purely out of frustration or avoiding having to go through the password changing process every time. What is the deal chase? I won’t want to use this card if this issue is not fixed..

  • IMRokita

    It is absolutely ridiculous! I’m glad to know it’s not just me, but clearly there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Susan K. Gross

    Have been trying to sign in on my lap-top (Windows) for 2 days now & all I get is: “This section is not working right now – Try again later” And Yet… I can sign in on my phone!?? Is the 1st of the month & I, as well as I’m sure probably most of you, Got Bills To Pay!! So What’s the Deal Here? Is this just a Windows thing & any news on when it’ll be fixed

  • peterson Daniel

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  • KBS

    This is the most idiotically S–L–O–W, insanely clunky website I have EVER tried to use. If you do manage to log in after a half hour of watching the circle go ’round and ’round following each step, you find it won’t do most of the things the bank tellers are forever saying can be done easily online.

  • Allen Hamley

    I always try to log in my Chase account from the same computer. Unfortunately the system never recognizes my computer and sends an additional passcode. HOWEVER, the passcode is not sent to my phone. It goes to my wife’s phone. WHAT A HASSLE. This practice shows almost no regard for the customers of Chase. We are about to switch banks.

  • Cathy Winters

    I am not able to access Chase Mobile. I get a message to Update the app, but it will only update to 98%
    I am so frustrated!!!

  • betty

    after more than 6 months of this ongoing login problem, and after being hung up twice by their service reps. I am switching to another company.

  • betty

    after more than 6 months of trouble loging in, and after being hung up by their service reps twice today I am voting with my feet. changing to different bank