Citibank Online Login, Mobile App Problems

Citibank offers its customers banking options such as credit cards, savings, checking, loans and mortgages via mobile apps, online and in a branch for businesses and individuals. But when there are issues with Citi services you can come right here on this page to report your service status.

Are you having any issues at all with Citibank services? Some or the major concerns with online and mobile app banking, and these include the website being down, apps crashing, mobile sign on or double cash card not working and website login being down.

In some cases customers have said that they have tried to call the customer service number and being held on the phone too long, credits cards not registering or working when purchasing. Please do let us know what your Citibank issues are along with your location, if you are having issues on your mobile then please let us know what device you are using.

Citibank status reports for Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

To find out if Citibank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Citibank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Marie

    I called customer services because i had a problem with my credit card and was on hold for 40 minutes. My card was compromised i believe and then i am on hold this long.

  • Henry

    I cannot access my account online or via the app, keeps saying my citi password is wrong. Trust me ITS NOT.

  • Bobby

    You call the 0800 number and no one ever answers. re they on strike or something?

  • Maxine

    Cannot access website or ATM, whats wrong with Citi now?

  • Raymond Irizarry

    What’s the point of Citibank having an app when it’s constantly down “error 500” repeatedly this should not be happening with a major bank co. Maybe it’s a sign to bank elsewhere……

  • Ann

    The only time I was able to access my citi mobile account was the day I set it up and that took 6 tries. Haven’t been able to access my info since. Keep getting error 500 message. Useless!!

  • Dashawn

    Yeah this citi app is horrible these guys need
    another update or something been having problems for last 7 days smh

  • Ron

    Citi bank err 104

  • Stephen Miller

    I haven’t been able to log into my Citibank account for two days. When I enter my password and user id it seems to go into the account, but then all I get is the spinning circle.

  • Tina

    I can not login in on the mobile app or online. It keeps saying there are login issues. Try again later. How am I going to pay my bill if I can’t get on?

  • Davey

    I am sorry …the page you requested cannot be found on this server.

    Please contact the administrator.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Genaro Sicaeros

    The app is not letting me login.

  • Rob

    Seriously, this is ridiculous!! Trying to register for online banking and when you try to register the page never comes up. What a joke!! How can technology be this far advanced and you are still working in the stone age!!!!