Citibank Online Login, Mobile App Problems

Citibank offers its customers banking options such as credit cards, savings, checking, loans and mortgages via mobile apps, online and in a branch for businesses and individuals. But when there are issues with Citi services you can come right here on this page to report your service status.

Are you having any issues at all with Citibank services? Some or the major concerns with online and mobile app banking, and these include the website being down, apps crashing, mobile sign on or double cash card not working and website login being down.

In some cases customers have said that they have tried to call the customer service number and being held on the phone too long, credits cards not registering or working when purchasing. Please do let us know what your Citibank issues are along with your location, if you are having issues on your mobile then please let us know what device you are using.

Citibank status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Citibank is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Citibank? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Marie

    I called customer services because i had a problem with my credit card and was on hold for 40 minutes. My card was compromised i believe and then i am on hold this long.

  • Henry

    I cannot access my account online or via the app, keeps saying my citi password is wrong. Trust me ITS NOT.

  • Bobby

    You call the 0800 number and no one ever answers. re they on strike or something?

  • Maxine

    Cannot access website or ATM, whats wrong with Citi now?

  • Raymond Irizarry

    What’s the point of Citibank having an app when it’s constantly down “error 500” repeatedly this should not be happening with a major bank co. Maybe it’s a sign to bank elsewhere……

  • Ann

    The only time I was able to access my citi mobile account was the day I set it up and that took 6 tries. Haven’t been able to access my info since. Keep getting error 500 message. Useless!!

  • Dashawn

    Yeah this citi app is horrible these guys need
    another update or something been having problems for last 7 days smh

  • Ron

    Citi bank err 104

  • Stephen Miller

    I haven’t been able to log into my Citibank account for two days. When I enter my password and user id it seems to go into the account, but then all I get is the spinning circle.

  • Tina

    I can not login in on the mobile app or online. It keeps saying there are login issues. Try again later. How am I going to pay my bill if I can’t get on?

  • Davey

    I am sorry …the page you requested cannot be found on this server.

    Please contact the administrator.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Genaro Sicaeros

    The app is not letting me login.

  • Rob

    Seriously, this is ridiculous!! Trying to register for online banking and when you try to register the page never comes up. What a joke!! How can technology be this far advanced and you are still working in the stone age!!!!

  • riyach

    Citibank must have a priority to have their customers pay late fees. They are one of the hardest credit cards to pay. Every month when I make a payment I cannot log in without resetting my password. If you go into a branch, you must use a check or money order for payment. You can use cash at a ATM, but need a password. I’ve tried twice to a password and it must get shipped in the mail. Never received – twice. Back to log in problems – at first it could have been my error but after the 3rd time I wrote down my new password and even saved it on my phone via my thumbprint.. Well today I go to log in and make a payment and “Wham” it doesn’t work. This may be enough for me to close this account. I have other comparable cards and their systems are operational nearly all the times I log in.

  • Michael Alan

    Last two months I have had to reset my password? Very frustrating since this is the only site I have problems with.

  • Neal Monaghan

    Website won’t let me reset my password. According to citibank this is a known problem, with NO estimated timeline for a fix. I was told to try again in 24-36 hours.

  • Kevin Parratt

    I need to view and download bank statements. When it comes to Select Account, Year and Month, I am presentend with an account number that is not mine, and my own two accounts are invisible as though they don’t exist. This happened before a few months back. It took a few calls and emails with screenshots before they managed to fix it.

  • Huy Duc Trinh

    Citibank mobile app deposit check on Android has a problem. When I tried to deposit a check on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus using Citibank mobile app I receive a message “Too far to capture image” only occurs when take photo the back of the check. No problem when I take the photo of the front of the check. I use the same dark background for taking the photo of the check. re-install the Citibank apps and try again and fail with the same message. I try it on Apple mobile app successfully with no problem. Do you know how to fix it?

  • Steven Lipari

    Hi! I could not get into my account through my laptop, as my “account is locked due to multiple failed attempts.” But I had only tried ONCE. Had someone else tried to get in? Then it asked for my ATM number. That’s where I stopped – no one gets that. I have never had this happen before; I will try tomorrow.

  • Keneshia Louis

    Just tried logging on the app and it says temporarily down. I tried to login on my mom phone and it says the same thing. This is very frustrating. I have money and cant use it

  • CStaude

    Just tried to do a balance check on my Citibank Visa account and can’t log in from the website. Their app has been glitchy for ages and so I stopped using it. Now the problem appears to have extended to their website! What a poor level of service!

  • Donna

    Have been trying to log in for days. Site has issues trying to log in.

  • IM Robot

    Home depot account thru citibank. Can’t pay bill either on desktop or wireless.

  • phritzg

    Can’t pay my bill right now; I’ve been trying for over 12 hours, and I keep getting an error message about the date not being in a valid range. I’m working from my Windows 10 desktop computer, using Chrome browser, although I get the same results with Edge browser.

  • Georgia

    Is the Citi mobile app down? will not install

  • John Woodle

    I just tried to make a purchase and got an error and then I tried to login my account and it says technical error on both my accounts. Now it wont even login at all just times out

  • John Woodle

    I hope they are willing to pay for my airline tickets that I am trying to purchase if the prices increase while their server is down and purchases cannot be made.

  • Brittney Hinojosa

    Yes, having trouble logging in from website and from mobile app. I use an android

  • Trish

    Every weekend I have trouble with signing on to the app. I was told the ticket was sent in 15 times. I have to constantly change my password. One US supervisor said that the touch feature gets you locked out on certain accounts. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING about this. It’s pathetic and time consuming. They don’t even notify you.

  • Trish

    Same here. Have to change the password every weekend. I get locked out. It’s unreal.

  • Diane Sue

    Every time I try to get on this site it is down. Going to stop using my citi card and use my discover card instead.

  • mary ann

    This is ridiculous I’ve been trying for days to pay my bill on line – from Edge/Chrome – my phone / Android and get nothing but errors that the site can’t be connected. This to me is unbelievable, apparently Citi doesn’t care about making money or even worse don’t care about their customers – I have a lot of other options; not using their card anymore

  • Light

    Citi’s website doesn’t work in any of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE11). I can’t pay my bill.

  • Annoyed

    Trying to pay my bill and of course I’m getting a “The date is outside the valid range” error. I don’t understand why citibank continually has issues with making payments… do they not want us to promptly make payments? makes no sense. Wish Costco stuck with American Express instead of moving over to citi. Never had any issues with them.

  • Dorothy Meyer

    Can’t pay my bill on Costco Anywhere Citibank Visa. From the sign in, I get the error message, “Your account info is unavailable.” If I get any further I get another error message that says there was a problem processing my payment and to try again later.

  • Steve Petocz

    Can’t login to my account.. keeps wanting me to verify my account by getting a security text then password reset..and still denied access claiming some kind of delay?? Need to see my account balance and pay my bill. Wtf !

  • Khaled Hamadeh

    Are you trying to force us to download the mobile app? I am running out of space. Everybody wants you to use their app. Come on.

  • Robert L Gween

    I been trying to log in for several days and
    every time I keep getting: “We’re experiencing a temporary technical issue. Please try again later.”

  • BD

    Mobile App is down too – that’s what I use

  • Lisa Macedo

    I cant login to my account

  • Nanette Gavaghan

    Citi down now. Have not been able to make a payment in a couple of days had to do it by phone.

  • Jana Dellibovi

    I haven’t been able to get into my Citibank app for a week, what is the problem

  • Arell Lev

    I’m glad I found this website to realize lots of others are having same problems. Can’t logon using Either the website or app. I get a message saying technical issues. So I go thru the procedure to change my password, get the security code and finally get into my account. Then to test it all, I log out then try to log in again with the new password I just set. Guess what? It says technical issues and won’t let me in. I’ve gone thru this 4 times to reset my password. Is anyone at Citibank listening? Can they fix this problem? Its time consuming and nerve wracking.

  • Paul Mokwa

    Beware of making any payments through their app or website!!!! I made a payment a week ago (11-3) and got email notification TODAY (11-8) that my bank returned the payment. Found out from citi rep that wrong account # was associated with my citi account. How did that happen? The account for the payment was the same one I’ve used since 2014. (nothing changed with my account). The account they submitted was not mine nor ever has been. If they can’t protect your payment info who’s to say they can protect anything else? To add insult to injury they charged my account $30+ for returned payment ! I made the payment in question by phone today but will have to get some answers. Citi rep said I should contact my bank since the charge was a pass through. How ridiculous is that, they submitted wrong information to the bank and expect me and/or my bank to pay them?! I’m going to try to access their app again next week and i’m calling back as well to discuss this with a senior account rep. They definitely are having issues and I don’t like the fact that I can’t access my account on demand. My citi account was compromised several years ago and it was a nightmare, even though they made it right I had to closeout that account and start over with a new one, not good for your credit report and I had to resubmit info to accounts associated with it.

  • Ginger Lisenbury

    Been trying to pay my home depot bill for 3 days and cant login, called customer service and sat on hold for almost an hour before I got cut off. Called back and it happened again. Am super pissed off over this whole thing. I have better things to do than sit on hold only to get cut off

  • Mike

    Can not sign in on mobile device for any Citibank card. Just gives the “technical difficulties” blurb. Has been like this at least a month.

  • Baldman

    As of January 1st, all of my Citi accounts won’t fully load the log-in page using Chrome. It comes up with the proper header and footer, but not the log-in info. How do I fix this? I called one of my accounts, and they were oblivious of the problem.

  • Florence Evans

    can’t get on any of my citibank sites for paying three bills! What is the deal?

  • Swolavelli

    Can’t add cash to my cash card cause Citi bank keeps declining the transaction but plenty of cash

  • Rob Shunkwiler

    Has anyone thought that citibank might be intentionally making there apps not work so they can generate more late fees?

  • Rob Shunkwiler

    First, it was my Home Depot acct. Now the exact same issue is happening with my best buy acct. There is something going on here.

  • Parsifal Godtree

    I’m able to pay my credit card using the contact us phone number but can’t login at all using safari, edge or firefox browsers nor the Windows 10 or macOS apps. All I get is the initial website page, then the login page or popup, then either a blank page on the browser or an error message in the app asking if I need help

  • Janet Venceller

    Yes I made a deposit over a week ago and they are still sending me emails saying 0 balance

  • Janet Venceller

    Yes it is I can’t even access my money I am about fed up!!!

  • Alison

    Fed up with Citibank app!! I have been unable to access my account for weeks, and can’t speak to a real person when I call! What are we all supposed to do? So pissed right now! I was charged a $35 late fee on top of all this.

  • ANgel Lopez

    I call and was on hold a whole hour I try using my card and it’s not working I try taking out money from an atm and nothing. I can’t get into my app on my phone and I can’t get in the website on the iPad smh

  • Sandy Perez-Sanchez

    This is the third, maybe fourth time I’ve been kicked out of the CitiBusiness app, then when I try to log back in, an error message says I have the wrong password. They keep bouncing back and forth between the CitiBusiness customer service number and my local branch. Just got off the phone with them again, since I need to pay myself so I can pay rent etc. – was told by the CitiBusiness rep that it was my fault, and that I don’t know how online banking works (even though I design apps for a living). I’m done.

  • Lisa Cohen

    I have not been able to use my Citibank business account for weeks. I had to make a wire transfer through a teller because the website was a train wreck. Now it’s not allowing me to log in. If I call the number, I’m on hold for hours. I was able to use the ATM.

  • Kathryn Crawford

    I have not been able to log on to my account in 5 days now. What is up????????????? I have to print my card bill each month, but I check the balance often. What do I do????????????????????

  • Hunt stone

    Loved their ServiceComplaint-Support_help- 1888-234-2999

  • Kim Grider

    Nothing shows when I log in

  • Zorg Zumo

    Wants me to update my password, but never completes operation.

  • Dennis Yonkin

    Was having same issue. I found solution that worked for me.

    Using Citi app on phone only, don’t try to log in, but hit “forgot password” and go through the steps to change it. Then it would let me login normally on the app AND my MacBook using the new password. Hope this helps.

  • deante watson

    Same here did you ever fix this