Clash of Clans maintenance break and problems

MMO strategy game Clash of Clans is a highly popular mobile game for tablets and smartphones. You can download the game for free, which also comes with in-app purchases. But playing happily can all change when there is a Clash of Clans maintenance break going on or when other problems occur.

When there is a Clash of Clans update, servers will get rather busy and things can slow down leaving players not being able to open their game. But it is worse when there is a total outage due to a maintenance break, servers being worked on or in rare cases a malicious hack.

Are you having any Clash of Clans problems right now? Other issues include a Clash of Clans Sneak Peek update not loading properly, app keeps crashing when you try to open on your mobile device or an error message popping up on screen or maybe the CoC twitter page is not working.

Clash of Clans status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Clash of Clans is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Clash of Clans? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Lamar

    I tried t install the new update yesterday and it was taking far too long so gave up. I thought I would try again but now the my clash of clans app will not even open.

  • Danish

    I started to download the Clash of Clans update from my Google Play store for my android phone and it took far too long. I tried another update on another game and it was super quick. It has to be a supercell server problem.

  • Billy

    I had a major issue trying to start the game after i installed the latest update, after i done so the app had trouble opening up for me. But after restarting my android phone uninstalling and then reinstalling CoC it worked OK after that.

  • Kelvin

    I tried get the new Clash of Clans update and all i got was “Update Available”. Loading on an iPad using wifi was fine, but on an android phone it was not.

  • Mark

    Clash of Clans is down for an unexpected maintenance break, wonder what is wrong now?

  • Kerry

    Clash of Clans is down again, there are more maintenance breaks than gameplay lately.

  • Carla Dodds

    I hope the going to give us boost barracks and collectors soon seen as we haven’t had any thing tikes that for a while

  • Rick Sinopoli

    Not loading…oh well maybe I can actually get something done today

  • Matthew

    Clash of Clans has been down all day today for me. Whats wrong?

  • Bill

    Was there a maintenance check today with clash of clans? October 29, 2015.

  • Jeffrey Cory Wowk

    I’m down right now screen been paused 25 mins like I’m being hacked by same attacker

  • Seth

    When is the next CoC maintencance break, will there be any more updates this month of November?

  • John Schiwitz

    been down for about 1 hour

  • Ricky

    Scheduled clash of clans maintenance break is underway, they want the servers to run smooth baby.

  • Lee

    How about the servers running smooth with say loot love for my mini and some dead bases.

  • Tina

    How long will i be offline for, i am the impatient one.

  • Mechelle

    Wonder if they are going to delete the replays, this was be madness.

  • Muhammad

    Whenever I open the app it says maintenance break, it’s been doing this for the past month

  • Markie

    Clash of Clans is down for maintenance for the huge incoming update – Get ready for the

    Town Hall 11 (Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery)to hit you because its going to be the biggest upfate you have ever seen and i mean EVER.

  • Chip

    It say update available but it keeps sending me to Google play with no update available

  • Jay

    Me too.

  • H. Mathew Flowers

    me three.

  • H. Mathew Flowers

    I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with no change. I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually. (Probably after I’ve been raided for all my loot.)

  • Leon Smith

    I have done the same thing and isn’t working, uninsulated, reinstalled, not happy :/

  • H. Mathew Flowers

    Just found this and it seems to work:
    Android users who cannot update the app, please try the following: go to Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Cache

  • Vishu Patil

    App is crashing!! When i touch the donate icon in clan wars its closing…i opened in another mobile but it goes the same…..i think there are bugs….anyone please help!!!!!!!

  • chris ward

    Today is Monday December 14th still cannot connect to clash of clans just keeps logging off on my iPad and on google I hear it keeps saying(unfortunately,clash of clans has stop) anyone know what’s going on?

  • Jessica

    The Clash of Clans maintenance break today only lasts like 50 minutes from the time the announce,ent went live on Twitter until completion. No new updates just a general maintenance break it seems.

  • Georgina

    I thought today’s clash of clans maintenance break update was supposed to make the servers run more smoothly, may they should try again because it hasn’t.

  • Morgan

    When I logged on a message popped up saying “maintenance break internal sever error” with a “try again” button. It’s been like this for about 2-3 weeks! What do i do!!!!

  • Remo Williams

    It’s been down the majority of two or three days, crashes at supercell logo

  • Jimmy

    Are you ready for the new balancing update today? Clash of Clans Maintenance is underway getting the servers ready for it.

  • Mickey

    What is a small balancing update for clash of clans?

  • Mark

    You will be able to challenge other players with a special 1-Gem resource
    boost event. This event will last until the Friendly Challenge update goes
    live! Which is apparently today seeing as the maintenance break is about to begin.

  • Kathy

    The Clash of Clans maintenance break is set to begin within minutes, today on 17 May, 2016.

  • Alex

    I have tried the new CoC update and its got stuck 3/4 of the way through.

  • Gertrude

    I have just installed the update and now i cannot open clash of clans on my iPhone.

  • Joshua

    Maintenance break has just begun, not sure how long for though.

  • Trinton

    Do I have to install the new update or is that what their doing right now because of the maintanence break and I was upgrading my town hall to level 6 I had 19 hours and a couple minutes left will this affect my upgrade??

  • Yash

    After the update i installed coc i saw that after a few minutes the game hangs up then i have to close and reopen game to get rid of the prblm very irritating update…

  • Kirk

    The May 25th Clash of Clans maintenance break set to begin soon is for fixing a few bugs. stuff to do with replays and live replays and more.

  • Jobey

    Maintenance break for Clash of Clans today, so hope something good is coming to the game.

  • Alan

    The CoC maintenance break is to sort something out to do with a building placement issue. Not much else i do not think sir.

  • Pacey

    Clash of Clans maintenance is underway 28th June 2016. This will be a quick one apparently.

  • Rafael

    Please DO NOT do the maintenance as i need my replays.

  • Macy

    How long is today’s CoC maintenance break?

  • Brian

    I hope this maintenance break sorts my issues when in battle and while searching, just lags a little.

  • Pauline

    This maintenance is apparently in place to sort out of sync issues.

  • Kate

    The clash of clans maintenance break is on right now, not too sure how long it will be down for but probs not that long.

  • Wotton

    I keep getting internal server error, what does this mean?

  • Greg

    54 minutes ago Clash of Clans Twitter page said they will be starting maintenance break in 20 minutes. So I am guessing lol that they have already started.

  • Jobey

    HURRY ALL The 4th Anniversary one-gem boost is coming to an end. Maintenance will start soon!

  • Eric

    Oh do come on, before the maintenance you could have let us boost twice.

  • Maxine

    CoC maintenance break will begin soon, unless its already underway.

  • Nakul

    coc maintenece break over.. but no changes or updates… then what does it mean

  • Nakul

    am a diehard player of clan of clan… why supercell doing this to us

  • Nakul

    30 minutes maintanence means nothing

  • Kat

    I thought update was to be August 9 is what it said. But 8th. So we can’t boost again. Bummer

  • Mark

    Clash of Clans is down for server maintenance, just a little upkeep peoples.

  • Xelda

    Does anyone have any idea how long coc is going to be down for maintenance?

  • Derek

    Clash of Clans is offline for me, not working and cannot play. Been like this for about 20 minutes now.

  • Bob cornbob

    I have had coc for 2 months and still a maintence break

  • Bob cornbob

    Yes I have been looking for weeks

  • dgf

    guys wait they know when to release and it is not an easy job…

  • Carla

    CoC servers are down for its maintenance break. Seem to always be down for server updates and not game updates.

  • Mike

    How long are the servers going to be down for, i know they are down now but hopefully its a quick update.

  • Klien

    How about working on psychic octopus? Sounds good right?

  • Michael

    Does anyone know when the clash of clans october balancing upgrade is taking place? Date please.

  • Matthew

    For some reason thanks to the new maintenance break I have nt been able to update my iPhone 5S, it will not let me play my game anymore.

  • Jed

    Whilst in war the replays have gone, i was trying to get SS but ya had to ruin the the scouts.

  • Lord Holy

    Clash is just reloading over and over again anyone know why, weird never seen it do this for maintenance breaks.

  • Stella Harvey

    In the middle of war. Our #2 just got 3 starred. It says “replay not available!!” Is there a maintenance break right now??

  • Jameslyle Yatar

    is there maintenance today april 6 2017

  • Alesia

    The Clash of Clans servers are offline for me, anyone else!

  • Carlton

    I have a connection issue when trying to play a game.

  • Joe

    I cannot seem to load my village, right at the start the game starts then just shuts on me.

  • M

    Seems it is down, for both royal clash n clash of clans
    It is stuck at 50% then a word updating appears and then restart, and so on 4ever

  • Bruce

    Mine is not loading at all for me.

  • Jane

    No one really gives a hoot about silly builders hall and clan games, we need NEW updates..

  • Martin

    Is Clash of Clans down for maintenance today Monday 26th Feb?

  • Craig

    Clash of Clans maintenance break is now over so still wondering why I am having issues playing online.Multiplayer seems to be having issues when trying to attack.

  • Laura

    Since today’s CoC maintenance break, which is all back online now, I am unable to see results of clan War league when the regular war is started straight after. After 6 days of playing and now I cannot see the results.

  • Clive

    Earlier was a pain when they decided to do a maintenance break, I was right in the middle of making a potion.

  • Jeremy

    Maintenance break yet again, which is all good if it fixes problems and maybe this one is for the upkeep of the server and database, but wow clock tower boost is now gone.

  • Greg Perry

    Clash is not opening

  • Jeff

    Is clash down 11 nov 2019?
    Black screen, can’t load the game up

  • Robert Shields

    Anyone having trouble logging in?

  • Sidharth Jawale

    Yes. Wifi connection problem.

  • No ‘One

    replays missing on attack and defense. was there a maintenance break today? multiple members with no changes to bases

  • Charlie Campbell

    Tried everything again and still can’t get on COC after update. Servers are still down at supercell!
    Is anyone else having issues?