Clash Royale Server Down

Of course you love playing collecting and upgrading Clash of Clans troops as well as spells and defenses, but when the Clash Royale server is down this can cause a little mayhem. This is why this page has been created, so you can have your say below when such problems arise.

One of the main reasons for Clash Royale to go down is a maintenance break, others issues can include a gems glitch, chest order not working as well as when in arena 3 deck the game crashes.

Clash Royale is a free download, which includes in-app purchases, there have been a few issues in the past where buying caused an issue – Has this or any of the above happened to you?

Maybe you are having issues playing duel players from around the world, a reward you just unlock has not been applied. Please do use this Clash Royale community page as your place to come when you are having any problem at all with this game.

Clash Royale status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Clash Royale is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Clash Royale? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Malcom

    There was a clash royale maintenance break earlier today, but for some reason i cannot open the app on my iPhone 6s plus.

  • Harry

    I had a gem glitch yesterday where i could not see the ones i collected. Seems a little strange, I really thought todays maintenance break would have sorted it.

  • Jamie

    Twitter just reported this – We need to have a maintenance break!

    Fixing: Some players weren’t correctly reset to 3000 Trophies after the season ended yesterday.

  • Orson

    New Content: More Rewards, Six New Cards & Live Spectating! according to the official Clash Royale Twitter page.

  • Karla

    Clash Royale maintenance will be making a few changes, such as changes to Royal Giant, Freeze.

  • Jessie

    Looks like clash royale servers are down for maintenance.

  • Grumpy

    My clash royal is not working. Is anyone else’s off still??

  • Pegasus Matt

    its down for maintenance i think

  • Libby

    You are indeed correct Pegasus, there is a small fix happening for the end of season trophy reset.

  • Kerry

    Clash Royale is down for a few moments for a maintenance break.

  • Lance

    Actually things are back online now Kerry. Happy days hey!

  • Billy

    Oh dear, Clash Royale maintenance has been deployed to fix yet again the end of season trophy reset. Thought they did this already.

  • Jo

    Failed to connect, these frequent maintenance breaks are too frequent if you ask me.

  • Nicky

    The Clash Royale maintenance break is underway to adjust the Trophy system.

  • Joe Fitchett

    How long

  • Bruno Davi

    Out now?

  • Karl

    The Clash Royale maintenance break is on right now, something to do with fixing a known bug that caused problems with the challenge chests to contain no cards.

  • Peter

    How long is the maintenance break going to keep servers down as this is boring waiting?

  • Amy Winfield

    Its down right now and has been for a while 🙁

  • Kevin Frame

    Is the game up right now? Just stays black when I start it.

  • shane

    so i am in Thailand and i could not get on to Clash Royale. and it said to wait for 20 minutes and it still doesn’t work

  • Don

    A maintenance break just so they can sort out the clan chest duration to 3 days.

  • Clinton

    Do you think they should remove the Royal giant?

  • Variez SF

    Maintenance Break: We’re adding a few things in preparation for this weekend’s challenge!

  • quickagony

    Anyone having issues with the game ?

    I am.

  • Eugen Habdelić

    Game loading stuck on 50%?? anyone else

  • Taylor

    Yep, it shows that i am no longer in a clan and that i have no friends.

  • Nathan Cantu

    Yes, clans are not showing up

  • Tevan Nichols

    My clan isnt visible at all

  • sorebit

    I’m not I’m in the game so are other people

  • Sai Baba

    really? most of my clan members can’t seem to log in now

  • Loser Sorebit

    Anyone having issues with the game?

  • Annaxo

    Top royales page won’t load it just freezes anyone else having this issue?

  • Riley

    Everything’s fine, but when I go to clan chat everything goes gray and I can’t select anything, anyone else have this issue?

  • Alex

    yes, same problem

  • Alexander Hathaway

    game froze on clan chat page

  • Rob K

    clan page is empty right now….

  • Carlos

    Clan chat isn’t loading at all

  • Josh Hamilton

    Same problem here

  • Blake Whitaker


  • Abnormal

    Anybody have any luck getting clan chat page to work again mine is down

  • Michael Scapp


  • Blake Whitaker


  • Puneeth

    Mine is stopped at 50%

  • JewishNinja

    Mine Stops at 100%

  • Michael Lyon

    Mine stops at 100

  • Lana

    Replays have been deleted `i think, the maintenance has brought a RIP sign with it lol.

  • Peter

    The Lava Loon needs fixing asap. The servers were down for maintenance and for what exactly….

  • Bobby

    Server maintenance my backside, each time i try to open clash royale on my phone it keeps crashing.

  • Julia

    The Clash Royale Maintenance Break was supposed to fix the content updating bug on the loading screen, but for me its still happening.

  • Vlad Alexandru Balaet

    50% and freezes what the fck

  • Kimmy

    Hate the fact when the game is down for maintenance because i cannot get to grips with elite barbs.

  • Mark

    Would very much love to know when they are going to release the next legendary card?

  • Instructor Hala

    Updates till 50% and stops. Oooooh

  • Radovan Sk

    For me Loading is working but If It load then that will instantly crash

  • James

    OMG another maintenance break – this time for challenges, are these new ones or fixes for current ones?

  • Alan

    Not happy at all that i get to 100% and then the game crashes every time!!!! 1 week and counting guys please fix this…

  • Hi

    Clans not working for me right now.

  • Hendrik Smit

    Clash royale isnt working in South Africa on IOS and Android.Whats going on?