CNN Website, App Outage and Problems

When it comes to CNN you can rely on all the latest news in America thanks to its cable / satellite channels, as well as its accompanying apps and radio station. All is well until viewers experience problems, such as the CNN website being down or apps crashing upon opening etc.

When the Cable News Network (CNN) website goes down this can cause a little annoyance those waiting for the latest news headlines, with 24 hours coverage no one wishes to miss out.

Main issues include CNN apps crashing, not downloading or updates not updating, live streaming not working, performing rather slowly or being offline totally. Maybe you are having issues with its social media channels such Facebook or Twitter, in some cases the popular CNN YouTube channel videos do not play. Please do share below your problems with this news group.

CNN status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if CNN is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with CNN? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Paula

    When I try to open CNN on my iPhone it just keeps crashing. This has been going on for a few days now and have no idea what’s happening seeing has I have not changed anything.

  • Martha

    I have tried to load CNN in Firefox with DirecTV and nothing it opening. I am AT&T Uverse service.

  • Ruth Mathews-Morris

    Cannot get CNN on tv right now

  • Burdock Root

    And this is a “bad” thing….let DNCNN stay down!

  • Fi Mackenzie

    Cannot get the App to open. Sticks on the ‘know…. number of notification ‘ page. Can’t scroll up to get to any ‘accept’ or ‘next’ button?

  • Justin Crane

    CNN app down today and have not been able to access it. Website okay.

  • Justin Crane

    CNN…what the bloody hell is going on with your app????

  • NotSoMildMannered

    No longer putting Twitter icon link next to its commentaries and news stories. Pages download improperly and links often take me to the wrong article. Lots of jumping up and down.

  • Linda

    In South Africa, and have had constant problems downloading CNN news on wi-if, but not on 4G . If anyone has a solution to the problem, please advise!

  • Michael

    The social media bar has not been loading for more than a month.

  • Steve Berk

    Network connection failure. Also, directs to sign-in steps but not responsive

  • John Bricker

    As of Dec. 17 & 18 2019 CNN app responds that an update is needed. If there is one the app store doesn’t have it. Must be a website problem on their end.

  • John

    CNN app down, states that there is no network connection even though I’m on line. Been experiencing this for the last 2 days as well.

  • Grace

    I’m having the same issue. Did you resolve it

  • Bruce Hogman

    CNN iPhone app says “No network connection”.
    All other news apps on phone work fine, but not CNN iPhone app I downloaded from Apple Store
    Recent issue.

  • crazymominNJ

    Down for me too on East Coast. Page is populating with stories from Jan. 15th, 2020 instead of March 5, 2020…..or not loading at all.

  • Esther Sawyer

    Philadelphia cream cheese commercial on CNN looping and looping. Right now. Earlier the video was frozen.

  • gcs210

    This may very well be the start of a revolution!!!! This killing Black men has gotten old and the fact that innocent police may be killed because of the few rotten apples in their departments….is sad!

  • Judy Frantz

    As soon as trump’s name comes up the feed goes out. Like it’s being jammed.

  • tomkeenan

    CNN-go is down on my AppleTVs (both a 4K device and an HD device.)
    I’ve tried reloading the app and also rebooting the ATV. No go. It starts to come up then quickly reverts to the Apple main menu.

  • Lucky

    My app has been down all day. It says no connection.

  • Karen Kissel Lasch

    Same here

  • Conrad

    Same here, app on my Samsung Galaxy s8 says no connection after clearing data and cache + reinstall and reboot.

  • samantix

    Same on Android and on Roku

  • TJ

    Thank you. I’ve been experiencing the same problem all morning. I couldn’t figure out if it was on my end or their end. Good to know. Hope the get it resolved quickly

  • Thomas

    The CNN app will not open on iPhone XR. This issue started yesterday. Is anyone else having the same problem ?

  • Thomas

    CNN app starts to open then immediately closes.

  • Same, here.

  • Same issue.

  • Pablo_Owings Mills

    Same problem. Already deleted and uploaded anew 3 times, cleared Siri memory, rebooted

  • Robbie Simon

    CNN app on my android takes 5 minutes to load.

  • Robbie Simon

    Takes 5 minutes to open CNN app on my android

  • Robbie Simon

    CNN takes 5 minutes to load on my andorid