CoD AW Ascendance not downloading with Season Pass

CoD AW Ascendance is not downloading with Season Pass today after the DLC was released onto the Xbox. Many gamers are complaining that they cannot the new Zombies map pack with the season pass that they purchased.

“Ascendance” is now available to download for only $15, the DLC pack is available part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass, which purchases all four planned DLC packs for the whole year for $49.99. Season Pass holders are supposed to be getting instant access as well as the bonus weapons found in the “Ascendance” DLC pack.

But, there seems to be many problems for those that own the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare season pass. One gamer said, “Why do I have to pay for the season pass over again? I dont know why this is happening.”

Is your CoD AW Ascendance not downloading with your purchased Season Pass? Please do leave your comments on or Call of Duty brand page.