Comcast Xfinity Outage and problems

Is Comcast (Xfinity) down right now for you? If you are experiencing a service outage, or speeds are rather slow then normally you would check the official Comcast service status page. But updates are not always prompt, but YOU are. When you have any problems at all with Comcast, use this as your up-to-date service status area.

Comcast offers many services such as home phone, cable TV and Internet. Customers may see an Internet outage, slow speeds, Comcast email login issues and many more. If you already have the XFINITY My Account app you will know you can check for any Comcast service outage, you can also check by singing in to the official My Account section.

The problem is you cannot check for any service outages, because if servers are completely down you will not be able to check you My Account section, you may even have problems accessing your XFINITY app too.

Please do remember if you are adding a comment below please state your problem and your local area. Report here so that others are kept in the loop if any of Comcast’s services go down.

Comcast status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Comcast is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Comcast? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Alexa

    I am in Kirkland Washington and keep getting connectivity issues.

  • Asher

    In Yuba City, CA and cannot access Internet, connection is terrible.

  • Jeremiah

    It is like 60% of the time Comcast has problems, the other 40% of the time Comcast is working fine.

  • Chrissy

    I was down in Hartford, CT a few hours ago.

  • Pedro

    I am in San Francisco and cannot gain any access to Comcast, problems seem to be persistent lately.

  • Hallie

    Comcast Internet is down in Indianapolis.

  • Lal

    No Internet in Sacramento, been down like 5 hours now Comcast.

  • Rufus

    I have not had TV for like 4 hours now, the service is just a pile of garbage. What am I actually paying money for.

  • Rex

    Is the Comcast X1 platform down? I cannot get no sound or picture. Still waiting on the phone.

  • Sirus

    I am in Union City and Comcast is down for me, how about you?

  • Ryland

    DNS servers are down yet again at Comcast, maybe they need changing to soething else, any ideas anyone?

  • Mary

    Down in Stockton.

  • Sybil

    I am in Contra Costa and Comcast is down, I need Internet.

  • Havai

    Down in San Jose

  • Laura

    No Internet nor TV, this service is dire.

  • Walter

    Comcast Internet service is down in Chicago, been somewhere around two hours now its been down.

  • Jeremy

    Comcast is so slow might as well go back to dial up. Might as well be loading things on the Internet like the Commodore 64 games.

  • Kerry

    My Comcast Internet is still down, 3 hours did seem a little too optimistic to bring it all back online didn’t it?

  • Mikey

    i am in California and Comcast is not working for me.

  • George

    I have been without service in Nashville, TN for four days now…

  • Julie

    My Internet speed is slowing right down dramatically, I reside in Seattle.

  • Summer

    Not letting me play Xbox games online because Comcast Internet is down for me.

  • Kyle

    Comcast!!!! What shall i do with you, do i keep you in my life or should i just say goodbye now and cut my losses?

  • Mills

    In Carlisle PA and Comacast is down yet again. Is it a good idea to switch to an alternative such as CenturyLink?

  • Qiana Wallace

    Why is the Internet still down? It’s been like this since yesterday.

  • Roxy

    My internet with Comcast is not down, but I have not been able to access my Comcast E-mail for hours. My zip code is 98236 in Washington state. Is something going on? Sunday, November 8, 2015.

  • Bob

    Comcast very slow with explorer 11 as well as emails.
    Zip code 06062 Connecticut

  • Robert

    Call Comast,they have no idea, must be your computer.

  • Robert

    Speed is ok on speed test, just connecting through the Explorer 11 and mail through Outlook 2007 very slow or get errors

  • David

    I am down in San Francisco, there seems to be a shaky outage going on at the moment as its on and off all the time.

  • Ian

    I am in San Jose and i have a full Comcast outage.

  • Mason

    The connection is weird today, very sporadic. It is on one minute and then it drops. Just been really bad the last month or so – COMCAST please sort it out.

  • Stryder18

    Down in Tacoma right now.

  • Sean Moch

    I live in Lakewood close to Tillicum. Internet is down. Haven’t check T.V. but no WiFi on my phone for 2 hours and counting.. 2:27am pst as of this message 2-24-2016

  • Jillian

    Is Comcast down right now, because i have no service at all?

  • Craig

    Looks like there is something wrong because loads of people are tweeting on the official comcast twitter page.

  • Billy

    Comcast Internet has been down a few hours for me now, when i say off i mean like on and off. I am in Seattle.

  • Jessica

    I still do not have comcast internet connection, 1 hour and still nothing, hurry up and fix this please its a nightmare. I am also in Seattle, WA. Apparently they are doing some sort of maintenance work on their systems.

  • Carmen

    My internet is totally out in 94526, why is there another Comcast outage?

  • Jarmaine

    I am in zip code area 95811 and my Xfinity internet is down.

  • Chris

    In Vancouver, Wa and got no internet, seems to be going wrong a lot lately.

  • Helen Mullins

    comcast out in vancouver wa 98661,no internet,cable or phones been down over 8 hours, again 🙁

  • Shane

    In Santa Cruz and my Xfinity is down, are there issues with the Comcast servers today?

  • Derreck

    My Internet is down in Indiana, looks like i will not be watching my tv show today.

  • Lin Sierra

    Seattle. Email sent to me on Sunday was delivered on Tuesday (causing me to not know of appt cancellation). Then, yesterday unable to send or receive any email, and it’s still out today at 1pm. Comcast admits nothing when you call (if you are fortunate enough to reach a person). Then, they say a service rep will call back, and they don’t. Unacceptable, especially at such outrageous rates. There is a reason that Comcast is one of the most hated companies.

  • Angel Edword

    Call customer support 1-844-444-0101 . Fix your problems

  • David

    it was very hard to get help. i got the number for help i.e 1-844-444-0101 and all my problems solved.. by the
    suport team..

  • Mikaela Arsenault

    Can’t get on a certain website.

  • Nicole

    In Denver and no Comcast TV.

  • Julianne

    Internet is down in Dixon Illinois, come on Comcast pull yourself together and give us what we pay for. I believe in you, somehow I do.

  • Caine

    Wow, i just saw over on the fficial CComcastCares Twitter account and a customer said, “@comcastcares you guys are taking over the game industry but half the time my Ethernet is out. I would ask for help but I justwishyoudfixit.” But then ComcastCares replies with, ” @ShamanDenney @comcastcares I’m sorry you are dissatisfied with our service. Still bet you don’t switch ISPs.” Do you not think this is a little harsh? But Denney got the better hand becasue the reply came back that the service was dropped lol.

  • Toby

    No Internet or TV from Comcast in Hanover Park, IL.

  • Damien

    I have tried to look for Game of Thrones On Demand and cannot find it, whats wrong?

  • Peter

    I normally love Comcast up until The X1 became so glitchy, not only is it too expensive it is unreliable.

  • Maicey

    TV and WiFi are not working, come on now Comcast please sort this out.

  • Susan

    I have tried to call Comcast customer service a few times now and either have to sit and wait for ages or i get cut off during the call waiting period.

  • Crystal

    Comcast is out completely . Everything. Comcast has great internet and cable but when it comes to customer service they suck!!! I’m at 37914.

  • spokey

    xfinity triple no-play all day for me – 2016-07-18

  • Bruce Mckeighen

    2016 July, for several days the x1 platform would lose connection to the sever and even after unplugging rebooting it never stops, after watching a show it freezes up and remote is unable to do anything, no buttons at all, like no channel changing, no fastforwarding, tv screen going black

  • Domanihatu

    Comcast Xfinity internet service is currently down (and has been for at least the past 4 hours) in Carlisle, PA.

  • ISP Hell

    What is up with the crappy performance of the Xfinity/Comcast network. I have the bundled service with VIOP phone, internet and DVR cable. Very expensive and piss poor performance. Even after multiple technicians come out to fix. Maybe part of the problem is they sub-contract their technical people in this part of Northern CA. It has got to get better than this OMG!!!

  • Rudy

    What are the Comcast customer service hours? I am asking because I cannot get any Internet or TV services.

  • Michael

    Are there Comcast service issues? I am getting the rdk-03031 Xfinity error.

  • Rhonda

    Yet another Comcast Xfinity internet outage. Not good at all, rather frustrating to be honest.

  • Scott

    I have internet and phone services but not X1 cable. Strange.

  • Max

    Yep, its down for me also in shreveport, louisiana

  • charlayne sutton

    Have had email service issues on and off daily for the past week since Xfinity moved to their “improved” email service. Not really an improvement from my perspective. No email service for the past 8 hours.

  • Donna28r

    Our internet is down again. Dunwoody, Ga

  • Tiffany

    Server connection issues on cape cod

  • yep!

    Crap speeds in Nashville area today. Barely getting 250k throughput on average and slower.

  • Brian wahl

    Have had spotty slow service for three days now in galesburg il. I’ve called twice now and they tell me that the service is down for maintenance.

  • Freakanatcha

    in chicago. another comcast screw up. cannot get email after the “new and improved” email client

  • Sherry

    Reading, Pa E-mail has been spotty for a few weeks but now it’s non-existent. Call and get nothing but excuses.

  • D_the_FactMan

    Comcast email has been down here in the Chicago area since 2:03 pm central time. We use Thunderbird as our email client and haven’t been able to download emails since then. Going to Comcast itself results in finding a completely empty email inbox. I know that emails have been sent, but no luck receiving them for now (as of 4:15 pm Central).

    Comcast Internet service, however, is working okay.

  • Comcast Customer Care

    Contact Comcast Support Staff 1844-258-4546 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Kerry Kopp

    Internet outage in Southeast Nashville since ~ 8AM

  • neverendingmods

    Wilmington, De at home DNS not responding issues and sporadic internet freezing….No fixes work. I have same problem at my work plant wide, same DNS errors up north of me outside Philly in Phoenixville, PA. Requires unplugging Ethernet cable and reinserting to get to work until computer freezes again for DNS issues minutes later.
    Comcast, this started right after you began doing upgrades on your websites, and got really bad after the recent snow/ice storm 2 weeks ago.
    Your recommended fixed DNS addresses did not work resolving problem.
    My work uses windows 7 and I have win 10 at home. This is affecting millions of people and getting worse.
    Please fix.

  • Lisette Joanne

    Phoenixville Pa…. all down

  • Alfred Reaume III

    Down in fair haven mi 48023

  • Brandee Berry

    Internet is Super slow in burien, Washington.

  • Kent Russell

    No tv and no internet in orem, ut. Approximately 11:30pm Mountain Time 2017-04-05. Hmmmmm.

  • Lynne Carothers

    No Internet, phone or cable in 48081 for several hours.

  • Wendy Dyment

    No internet, tv or phone most of day in NH. Comcast says a few more hours. Looks like a multicity multi service issue

  • Mary Paul

    Have not been able to bring up tv or computer all day. In 60098 Woodstock IL. I can get on my iPad. Makes no sense. When will this be back. Pay way too much a month for this to keep happening!

  • Michael Doyle

    93274 X1 Platform Not Responding — No Internet – No Cable Channels.

  • CWR0747

    Detroit MI. Since Thurs 5/4 morning, incoming email arriving 2-3+ hours after “sent” time.

  • Michelle Scott Tuneburg

    Beverly ma, my emails wont upload. Havent gotten any emails all day

  • remi fam

    Comcast Cable TV and Internet is down in my area (Minneapolis, MN) for 2 days. Please do something to fix this problem!

  • Garrett Looney

    97386 is without tv and internet what is happening?

  • Please _Die_Everyone

    no Internet. I reboot. fine for a minute. then disconnects.

  • mrusson

    84043 Email has been down all day. Cant send or receive. So much for working today…….HELP.

  • Jeff

    Comcast scheduled maintenance is surely the answer for being down so long. No comcast internet yet again which means day 3 without service.

  • Linda

    I have only neen with Comcast for like a month and now i am on my 2nd outage. Comcast Xfinity maintenance is the only answer I can come up with as no trucks fixing things anywhere in my area.

  • Kathleen Ryan

    Cape Cod: e-mails load but can’t be opened.

  • Artistgirl

    This is the second time this week my cable has been out in Chicago. Do we get a discounted bill for that? What is causing these problems?

  • Jeremy

    I’m in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. My speed test says everything is fine but it is EXTREMELY slow right now.

  • Bryce

    Galesburg il internets been down for hours

  • Tommye G.

    Both my hardwired and wifi have been extraordinarily slow for a week.
    streaming is ridiculously slow on wifi

  • danquet

    48081 no email for 2nd day

  • CWR0747

    Detroit MI internet down Jan 5 7:30pm

  • fcabanski

    Humble TX, near Houston, slow since 1/5/2018.

  • LindaP

    My Xfinity email loads but I can’t open or send anything. I’m in eastern Massachusetts and it’s raining hard.

  • LindaP

    My Xfinity emails load but I can’t open them or send. I live in eastern MA.

  • Harriet Sanders

    my xfinity emails imap server is not loading is there a problem with the server south florida miamidade

  • Berry Ives

    Comcast email download is not working.

  • I have no email since the Thursday afternoon Feb 15th. I’m in central MA. Have called numerous times and been told the “engineers are working on it.” No projected timeframe for service to be restored. I am basically out of business until this is fixed.

  • Renee Spaide

    This concerns me because i have an elderly mother who I have been trying to get ahold of. We have our services bundled? When will we be back on track?

  • Comcast Care 1888-308-3379 Tol

    Call us for any kind of help

  • Marry

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  • Comcast Service 1800-343-7179

    Call us for any kind of help

  • Paul Miller

    Scam ! Scam ! Scam !
    Real number for Comcast is 1855-888-1706

  • Serena

    San Jose Ca got no internet or tv. This is a 7th outage in like a couple of months.

  • Cary

    Noblesville Indiana and at this given time lacking any service, i have been using my phone as a mobile hotspot. Nightmare to say the least.

  • pixiedust92117

    Comcast is always having issues. Do we get a rebate for a days loss of work….no. Pure rubbish. I also think they lie on data usage. My family mysteriously goes over a terrabite since putting caps on data usage. We never did in the past. Because of where I live I’m stuck. Wish I could leave.

  • Tee Darif

    Internet down 2nd night in a row

  • Carl Johnson

    Can’t get into email, when you do, getting duplicate emails of emails already deleted, over and over again!

  • Carl

    WOW The internet has been very bad the last few hours, it’s been so slow it would be quicker to post a letter rather than send in an email.

  • Comcast

    Comcast said 9 pm. Well?

  • Comcast

    Its past 9 pm so when will it “actually” be up and running?

  • Q

    WiFi has been down since about 8pm, It’s 10pm still no internet. San Jose, CA

  • Doc

    Speed check down to 26 mbps from Xfinity servers – Portland, OR. Been slowing down for two weeks now. Nothing seems to help.

  • Spacegrrrl

    Internet in Bellevue WA has been down to 30 mps and last night out about every thirty minutes, it came back up to the megabit I was paying for at around 1:00PM for 30 minutes then back to crap 🙁

  • Nia

    The internet got disconnected and then connected multiple times for the last few days here in Ann Arbor Michigan. Very annoying! The speed of the internet i’m paying for is supposed to allow for 5 simultaneous live streaming but it doesn’t even reliably works for streaming 1. This issue started about a week ago. I called them, but their automatic system doesn’t let me talk to any agent. It just keeps saying that it now resets my modem. So disappointed with their service!! Will switch to some other provider asap