Consolidated Communications Service Outage

When there is a Consolidated Communications service outage this can be somewhat of a hindrance when trying to access your phone or Internet etc. That is the bad news, but the good is right here where you can share your troubles. What is your Consolidated status right now?

If you are having issues with your login, trying to access the website, not able to open your financial statements or your Internet is not working then please do report them below. Whatever is wrong with your service you can share with us so others can read them as well to see if they are having the same issues.

This American telecommunications company provides broadband and business services to those living in Kansas City and Greater Sacramento Valley regions. If you have a problem please share today!

Consolidated Communications status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Consolidated Communications is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Consolidated Communications? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Dee

    I am in the area of 77302 and not been able to use Internet for a few hours now. I got told I used too much Internet which is why i am having issues. Customer service is terrible.

  • Michael

    Consolidated Internet has been down for me in Brookshire Texas for two days now.

  • Jan

    In Arden 95821 and got no TV, this is bad as was in the middle of a show.

  • Lacie

    I cannot access the website, been trying for a while now.

  • Nigel

    Consolidated website is down, not opening for me on laptop or mobile phone.

  • Roseville

    phone lines down in Roseville, CA

  • elr0y7

    Down in Carmichael, CA

  • elr0y7

    Back up.

  • Ken

    pitiful service in Lenexa, was hung up on or disconnected 4 times, left without 911 service and they don’t care. in fact it t

    ook them 5 hrs to conclude they had an outage. duh not the first time. someone needs to buy them out and provide real service.

  • Rocky

    Another outage in KS. Everytime this company changes hands it gets worse. If only OP city council hadnt pissed off google fiber we could have a decent isp.

  • Rocky

    Currently down again for the last hour. Not even two weeks later.

  • Sherry

    Internet has not been working since July 12th. I can not use my computer, iPad, or Mobil. I am shopping around for new service.

  • Randy Walker

    514kb down and 31kb up on 6MB connection. What is going on in Roseville? Don’t see any outages online.

  • Me

    Very low (7%) upload and 73% of promised download. Support offered they are serving at 80% of promise and fine but they will order a service call. Intermittent internet availability as well.

    I rest the transceiver and router, bypassed router, new router, all same speed and performance issues. Issue appears on their end.

  • MacBernac

    Since yesterday Consolidated’ servers reject my (correct) email login. Their tech told me it’s on the server side. Still cannot get email via Apple Mail on my Mac. Can login fine to CCI Webmail but really need to be able to get email on my Mac mail client. FRUSTRATING!

  • Diane Rutkowski

    Service cuts out– have to reboot in western Pa— happens at least twice a week

  • Wally Brown

    Checks sent to Consolidated are not being credited to my account and I am being threatened with cut off.

  • Daniel Frazier

    It rained this morning, as usual the TV service is disrupted and internet loading is slowed…Now some 15 hours later, the problem still exists.

  • Crystal

    Nothing but dead silence talk about the start of a Horror film right??? Well that’s all I can think of. I know they have trouble hear and there but if I ever need to call anyone for any reason I can’t. I am not the only one that is paying for phone service all to have a dead line. I am praying that they go to the problem spot in Eddington Maine and fix it and maybe they can fix it so this don’t keep happening or give us $$$ off on our bill for the inconvionce. Ya right like that will ever happen. But no its not kool to get a land line so that way you can call out if you need to and now I can not even do that. Its not fair and its not safe. Plz go and look at it and fix it ASAP so I can have peace of mind. Thank you very much and I bet that I am the only one going to crab about it today.

  • gr33d

    Down in East millinocket. Same time frame as usual. Between 11pm and 4am. Are they trying to save money when they think people are asleep? It’s B.S. connection has been crap ever since they took over from Fairpoint.

  • cjjf

    The interbet is down in a large part of Cheshire County,NH. I don’t know exactly how I found this page but another page has complaints from Fitzwilliam to Alstead and across the region as well. It would be nice to find out what is being done to correct this but I have no time to be on hold for 2 hours to report this issue.

  • Neal

    Apparently statewide for them, Milford too

  • Al Pine

    Tv news said pole fire in milford nh, most have been restored. Update, 12 hours and counting, still no internet connection in rindge nh

  • Kathy Pickett

    Sporadic service last 2 days in Oxford Maine. Will be online and then it cuts off
    Very inconvenient.

  • No wifi today no xbox for my son, were pissed again and again time after time with consolidated. The number of days with no internet or slow speed they should give us free internet for at least 1 year free for all the days I paid them for shitty internet service!

  • Kris

    TV and internet problems for last four days, and totally down for last two days. Tech can’t come out for three more days, yet claim there is no major outage. If no major outage, why so long to get a tech?

  • Elizabeth

    Service has been very spotty for about 4-5 days now around Sacramento, CA. It gets worse around 9pm. I’m trying to get new jobs but with how spotty the net is- it’s almost worthless to go through this service and I’m thinking about going somewhere else at this point due to the constant frustration of the ISP being flicked on and off like a kid with a light.

  • Bobbybooblay

    Been out of phone 3 days in The Forks Maine

  • Greg Hills

    Internet has been out all day in Montville Maine. Consolidated trucks out every where. Customer service says our router needs to be replaced, someone may be out in a day or so.

  • Bala

    Cci has been down since last night in Portsmouth NH

  • Kim Snook Stocker

    Down in Greenland, NH, but they don’t acknowledge it

  • Meghan Jameson

    I finally chatted with someone about it being down in Greenland. No idea when it will be up and running he said.

  • Kim Snook Stocker

    Thank you

  • Shannon Warden

    Service spotty all day, now out completely.

  • Sara

    No internet in jaffrey again, weekly issue, lose it for a minimum of 2 days a week they do nothing. It’s out now and I can’t get through to support how customer centric of them.

  • cjjf

    Alstead internet out now.

  • Jenn

    No Internet where I live in Troy nh, it’s been out at my place since nine thirty am and it’s six thirty now, great job consolidated.
    I’d switch however the only other one to go with is worse then what I have now.

  • Anne

    Almost 9 pm and WiFi still messed up in Troy. Wth do we pay for?

  • Brian Simmons

    Jaffrey still down, 34 hors and counting

  • mbokil

    A construction crew cut through the main fibre cable knocking out service. They are repairing it now. Could be on later today keep restarting the modem until it picks it up.

  • mbokil

    I am in Mason NH. No Internet since Friday evening. I wish I could switch to another company but there really isn’t anyone else who can give me the business DSL I need to work at home.

  • Pete C

    Exeter, nh. Service is slow. I have 1 gb service. Past week its been 2 to 15 mb. Past month 25 to 120 mb. Nothing is consistent with this company. Maybe I need to look elsewhere for service.

  • Otakumom

    Internet down in Westbrook Maine now at 8:40pm. It was working fine half an hour ago, then just stopped completely. Not a bill or router issue, already checked.
    This happens more often than it should. :/

  • Tom Oxford

    Slow and erratic internet in Poland Maine.

  • Tyla Healton

    No service

  • Bill Fitz

    Email has been down in Laconia NH since 4PM today. Cannot reach anyone at Tech Support, cannot get through to messaging at the CCI website.

  • Storm Cloud

    Out in Rockford, IL…