Cox problems or service outage

Services supplied by Cox Communications include Internet, TV, Email, and with over 6 million customers it is hard to please everyone. But these subscribers will run into issues such as total Internet outage, loss of TV and not being able to login to their emails.

Cox customers have faced issues before, and majority of the issues surround the Internet, email, total outages and loss of TV. This is why we have put together this Cox communications status page, so you can report anything that is untoward.

Read about the Cox Communications issues from other people left on this page, because outages and problems can occur in multiple locations please do let us know what area of residents you live in.

Cox status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Cox is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Cox? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Token

    I am having Cox Interent problems again, I have been told twice not it is my end, but I can assure you it isnt, unless I have to go into my modems security settings and chage a few things, which i do not want to do.

  • Ginny

    My Cox login keeps failing and I have no Internet again, been down for a few hours now.

  • Loraine

    Cox Communications, how can they call it ‘communications’ when i cannot login or access my Internet.

  • Joy

    Is anyone having issues with Cox in MESA AZ?

  • Libby

    My Cox services are down in Henderson.

  • Rob

    I am also down in Henderson, NV, getting stupid now isn’t it Libby?

  • Jules

    Cox down again 85710.

  • Derec

    Cox Internet is down again in 85719.

  • Erik

    Service is down yet again 85040.

  • Holly

    Down in 23692 area, there are issues with both TV and Internet.

  • Autum

    Down is Yorktown, VA 23693 USA.

  • Ben

    Cox is basically a service with poor in front of it, welcome to Poor Cox Service. Always having issues getting to my email and thats just the start. Bored talking about it now to be fair. Sorry just so angry.

  • Jermone

    Cox Internet is not too clever lately, most of the time it has major issues at night. During the day its not too bad but who is home during the day. I only know this as i have had a week of work.

  • Sally

    Got to laugh, customer service said they have no problem their end with the Internet side of things so it must be my gear. This is rubbish because i know its ok because it new for starters. But anyways, they are coming out to check it out to see if they are correct.

  • Jacky

    In Gainesville FL and Cox services are down for me.

  • Marty

    Down in Sierra Vista AZ, is there a total outage or something?

  • James

    I am in Fort Smith Arkansas and do not have any Cox Internet.

  • Debbie

    My wifi has gone down and has been for like an hour, has the cox servers gone down or something?

  • Brady

    I got no internet or cable service in Arizona.

  • Bobbie

    Cox is down in Phoenix

  • Chubbie

    I am in Laveen AZ and my Cox service is down.

  • Kristen

    Yet again i am resetting my modem again because i keep losing my Internet, come on Cox get your act together.

  • Sharita

    Is there an outage in Tucson how long am I gonna be without service. Why don’t we get notified…..wouldn’t that help you? Fix it!!!!

  • Jane

    Wtf.. Internet down Surprise, AZ

  • Warprints

    e-mail is down (smtp server) in Lafayette, Louisiana area

  • Unhappy in Oakton

    Cox is down right now in Oakton, VA…..Been having issues for weeks with TV (screen freezes, etc.) Finally lost majority of channels today. Call Cox Customer Service and was told to wait a couple of hours and call back. Not estimate provided on when service will be available again. No offer to provide a credit for the lost service.

  • RachelD

    Internet and most tv channels down in Surprise, AZ. Again. Channels that are working keep freezing and pixelating. Time to look for a new provider: way too many issues with cox.

  • Bryan

    Cox Internet is down for me in Scottsdale.

  • Juma

    The Internet is also down in Central Phoenix.

  • Mainaz57

    Cox has been down for me In north Phoenix going on 4 days. I know others 20 minutes from here the same

  • Majority of HD (and some SD) channels unavailable in Central Phoenix; internet is fine (for now).

    And I thought Comcast was bad…

  • obama

    Cox Internet timing out constantly in Peoria Arizona area. Techs say no issue.

  • Ron Rickard

    I’m seeing the Cox Internet timeout issue here in Scottsdale, AZ as well. Very frustrating.

  • Shaynaynay

    WIFI down. Fort Smith, Arkansas.

  • Michael

    Cox is down in 85027.

  • Jess

    I am in North Las Vegas 89032 and am now back up, it was down for like 2 hours but now all running ok so far,

  • Catie

    Apparently there is a routine maintenance in North Phoenix, but what I do not understand is that they did not tweet about it on the main Twitter, but they did when replying to people. It was like they wanted to hide it until asked.

  • Jiles

    My Internet is down and it is so frustrating as need to work.

  • Chris

    Avondale, Az 85392 and Internet is down still, been over 2 hours now.

  • Kathryn

    Cox Phoenix internet down, but they say there is a routine maintenance, just funny how i never knew about this.

  • Janie

    I have just looked over on the official outage map and there are 21 reports today. The main areas of concern where there are outage issues include Des Moines, IA, Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.

  • Chris

    I have just been told there is maintenance going on in my area, which is why we are seeing an outage. I am located in South Chandler

  • Ryan

    I am down in Las Vegas 89121, got no service at all.

  • Harry

    Down and out in 89123, what is going on now?

  • Elizabeth

    Cox Internet is out in 89052, not net or tv.

  • Joan

    Get a grip on things Cox, I am out again in 89011.

  • Angel Edword

    Call @customer support 1-844-444-0101 . Fix your problems

  • Jordan

    Fox Sports is offline for me, keeps saying temporarily off air for me.

  • Barry

    My Cox Internet connection seems to be Intermittent a lot lately.

  • Nick

    Cox is down in Mesa 85201.

  • Stefan

    Down in 85209.

  • Tom Edword

    Call cox customer support 1-844-444-0101 . Fix your problems

  • Paddy

    I am in San Diego and using wifi but not been able to get online for a few days now. Is cox down or something?

  • Isla

    The is surely a cox internet outage right now, no service for like 2 hours for me so far.

  • Lisa

    I am located in 85009 and there are Cox Internet issues.

  • Justin

    Cox Internet service is out in 85015

  • Remi Vaughn

    Out in the Bent Tree Dr. Area, 85266. Just died in a middle of a conference… tried everything to get it back up and running, but it’s not on my end.

  • Andy Schrack

    Down in fort walton beach 32548 industrial park.

  • Paul Stuart

    No Cable in Ne Gainesville fl. SUCKS.

  • BlueWhenItsDown

    Cable down, go outside and chase a Pokemon !

  • Sherri A

    internet slower than a snails pace since last night. No end in sight, please fix us!!! 85027

  • Adrian

    Internet has been out for over 24hours 85339

  • aliensgi

    Gainesville fla sw side no Internet

  • Mikey

    Avondale is down. Contour, guide, and basically any channel operation is down. The box is not accepting the signal from the remote… If it does eventually, it literally takes ten min. Then, whaddya know!!! The guide comes on the screen, but note it’s stuck there!

    Thanks cox!

    PS – Will cox not bill for down time? I mean they should right?

    Ahhh… First world problems… What have we done to ourselves that we cry when we can’t change the channel on our tv. Lol

  • JL Gish

    No email service via Cox for going on 6 days now. Area code 85048 Phoenix. Ridiculous They have no answers, no predictions, nothing. Aren’t they suppose to be the experts? Are they going out of business? Why isn’t there more reporting on this?

  • Vik

    It been 7hour that ive noticed my internet been down also it 645pm still no internet they sent a technical services guy out here idk why if it an outage and he was try to figur the problem and 40min later call a lady dispatch for cox tells him it an outage so he like wow ok that why its not working i asked how long he said telephone only at 7pm but i dont have phone with u so what about internet he said IDK it sucks so much it my only day off to paybills and cox worker dont even know what there doing it dont matter if u call they dont know anything

  • Vik

    I live in phx az north side 85051

  • Aileen PLUMB

    I am in Fountain Hills and have had no email for 4 days. Cox initially told me that this was a Microsoft issue but now admits it is a server issue. They have no prediction as to when this will resolve. They reminded me that email through Cox is “free” therefore there will be no compensation for this inconvenience. I love having Outlook but am considering going back to gmail.

  • Mike

    Is Cox services down right now? Because I am facing an Internet outage right now….

  • Lisa

    I have no service at all and not happy. Out of all the days i really need internand the servers go down….

  • Felicia Battley Harvey

    Ive been a cox customer for 8 yrs an im very unhappy and unsatisfied. I plan on spreading the word on every social media site an word of mouth. 3 days no cable phone or internet. Prices up an service down. I think its time to leave…
    Felicia Battley
    [email protected]

  • Sharon

    Internet may be back for some after today’s downtime, but its not for me in Gilbert AZ.

  • Marissa

    Cox Internet has been off and on since 12.20 for me. I am also in Gilbert.

  • Joan

    I am in North Phoenix and i think Cox is undergoing maintenance or have undergone because my net is still offline.

  • Lee Martinez

    North phoenix. Cable and internet down last 4 hrs.
    Was not told about major outage. They tried rebooting my system. Then said it was fixed. Then said their sending trucks back to area. Down detector site shows massive outages coast to coast.

  • Hunt down SPAM

    Down in Tempe for 30 min, 20180523 21:30.

  • Cox Service 1800-343-7179 Toll

    Call us for any help.

  • Paul Miller

    Scam ! Scam ! Scam !
    Real number for Cox is 1855-888-1706

  • Nivi

    In Tempe 85282 it was down for like 15 minutes but now the service is back up again.

  • Jakson

    85042 the whole internet is down, this is a total blackout in USA folks.

  • Alice Boyer

    i’m in Casa Grande AZ and all of a sudden my cable will not connect at night. I have internet phone and cable and internet and phone are fine. Cable tv connects during the day, but it won’t connect at night. Have had service guys out here twice replacing everything, new box, new modem, new wiring. Still having the problem.

  • Kyle Dohn

    In Gilbert 85233 without having internet for almost the entire week….

  • SlowPoke

    I have had reduced speeds and lag spikes for over a month now 85044. Cox keeps texting me no estimate for fixing the issue very frustrating as CenturyLink doesn’t device my area

  • Theresa

    We have been without internet since 6:30 am this morning here in Del City Oklahoma. I called and reported it they could not give me an estimated time I want it might be back on.

  • Margo

    Been out in 85209 area since yesterday morning @9/10 a.m. Entering day 2 Weds July 29,2020. Constant changes in estimated wait time at least a dozen times. Now they are finally admitting they have no clue when it will be fixed. For the money we spend every service man they employ should be out there getting paid overtime!! #Coxcablecoxsuckers