Cricket Wireless

Is Cricket Wireless down for you right now, or are you having any problems at all with the service? The prepaid providers of data services, voice and text are a subsidiary of AT&T Inc and now has around 5 million subscribers in the United States. The worst hit for users is when there is an outage or coverage issues.

Users are impacted the most when there is a Cricket Wireless service outage, but there were more complaints from users when AT&T shut down Cricket’s CDMA network from March, 2015, which did mean they will had to purchase a new smartphone.

Are you happy with your Cricket Wireless service? If you have bad signal, coverage, not able to send or receive text messages, have any phone or service issues at all please do share with the community.

Cricket Wireless status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Cricket Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Cricket Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Eileen Maturi

    Down again.. no service since 10:00 A.M. September 21st

  • White fang lover (anime)

    is down right now what do i do?

  • Mrs. Gibson

    I have no service and it’s been out for bout 2 hours!! Help please
    Sarasota, FL

  • Samantha caylor

    I get a busy signal when I try to call anyone!!!! WTF

  • Maya Smith

    I can’t make calls it keeps saying check network

  • Jason Simrell

    Trying send text to my lady tell her going be home late tonight but kept saying pending so try call her didnt work either said network down i was afraid my cell phone got turned off but that wasnt case thank God because love cricket cell phone

  • Ray

    I had no service from 10 am till now it’s 1:15 WTF

  • Beth Runner

    My phone hasn’t worked for two days ! I am very upset I am handicap and need my phone. I can’t call out or no one can call me . very sad. I couldn’t even call cricket when I tried several times.

  • Lenny Cochrun

    Is anyone else having a problem with no phone service in Round Rock, Texas today?

  • George

    Same problem in Austin. It seems only text messages work, but no calls at all. Have been forced to use Google Voice and Hangout to make calls.

  • Pavan

    Same problem in Connecticut. I am not getting signal in dmv. 🙁

  • T2k75

    No service in Vine Grove , Kentucky

  • Shaun Obrien

    Cricket Service has been up and down all day, on all my 5 lines. Salem Oregon

  • Katie

    My whole family plan has been having text issues. Most texts won’t send without a resend and some won’t at all.

  • Katie

    I’m in Salem Oregon too with 4 lines which are struggling to send texts and frequently have only 1 or 2 bars

  • Sylvia Barron

    I’m in Iceland and don’t have service for calls or texts, since I landed this am. I can’t communicate home to check on my family or let them know I arrived safely.
    Only 911 calls, worthless if you’re out of the country.

  • Jimi Albert

    Service has been up and down for days now on all my lines, Eastern PA. One minute its fine then the next it’s “Emergency calls only”

  • Franky Panky

    I’m completely down and have been since yesterday at noon, the 8th of November, what the hell is going on, you need to fix this problem now!

  • Juan Frank

    having internet issue right now in Knoxville TN area

  • Tex1967

    Text messages won’t send tonight. East coast of Virginia, eastern Shore, Delmarva Peninsula area


    Cannot send any pictures since 8 pm 24 Nov 16. Text
    Words only. (this 4th time since 21 days ago) please fix it! LW in Mesa, AZ

  • Cricket user

    Issues today (12/13/2016) with phone service dropping calls, calls not connecting or going straight to voicemail, faded or fuzzy signal etc. In Des Moines, IA. Is there some sort of voice outage or issue?? Please fix or provide an ETA! Thank you in advance!

  • Deirdre Smith

    Cricket wireless is down in Putnam county ga until 12:46 am on 12/17/2016

  • Tom Stephenson

    anyone in the Dayton area having trouble with their cricket mobile internet?

  • Diane Holden

    In Spokane no coverage. What is happening?

  • Airyanna

    In Denver and it keeps telling me no network connection this is really inconvenient

  • Alex

    Dec 23 my cricket is down whyyyyyyyy

  • Bom

    Anyone having trouble paying online through their website? I can’t submit any payment at all.

  • Tori Jack

    My entire service is down in Arizona. It’s telling me only ’emergency calls” allowed. What is going on? I’m here for the holiday’s & it’s very inconvenient!

  • Scoot

    Service on and off since middle of December here in San Antonio, Tx. When I am able to call out to customer service, they mention cell tower degradation, and tell me to reset my phone. At least two weeks now with hit and miss service.

  • Cricket sucks

    Its january 3rd in connecticut, i have no service!!!! Wtf

  • Shawn Sparks

    This is getting extremely annoying I pay cricket a good amount of money per month and I expect to get what I pay for fix it!

  • Regina Hulett

    I’m constantly missing calls , txt, and having pop ups every time my phone screen is on. This has been doing this since December! Nicholasville ky. I think I will be looking into a new provider. To pay all this money for a service I am not getting is just crazy! Coustomer service or the store has no answer for it. Just a way to get us all to keep buying new phone after new phone . Well I refuse! My phone works great for anything else so it must be the crappy service.

  • Diane Nutgrass

    my service went out yesterday in louisvill, ky 40215 and is still out this morning. today is 1/24/2017.

  • Civicsr2cool

    No Play store or snapchat while on LTE. 3G and Wifi work just fine. new sim and phones dont help.

  • cross with cricket

    Cricket been down a lot today in Providence Utah. Anyone else notice that?

  • Daniel

    I had cricket service but changed over to metro PC because cricket stores were charging different prices for service and forcing me to purchase larger plans when advertising lower plans. Wanted to change $30 plan said no longer carried but had sign on window offering a $30 plan. When I switch Metro gave me a new phone free of charge and let me keep my cricket # so I ask cricket for my information to unlock my phone in case I wanted to later put service on my phone I purchased from them. I gave the phone to my sister hers got damaged and went to a cricket store to have it turned on and the fool locked the phone now cricket outsourcing customer service is telling me that my phone is on some national lock list and I have to wait a month to receive my service. I already put a new Sim card and paid for the new service and got a phone # from my new provider. But can’t use it until Cricket unlocks my phone from this list. I am Pissed that I purchased a phone that now I have to rely on the company I purchased it from in order to use it and who gave them the authority to put my phone on a block list. I tried to contact the corporate office but the # listed on the BBB is disconnected. I read that cricket was bought out by Cingular who was bought out by AT&T. But when you call AT&T they give you a customer service# of an outsourcing company in the Philippines and sounds like they are reading a script because they repeat the same solution no matter what you try and tell them. So bottom line I can’t use my phone and I lost my money on the new Sim card and new service. I will never again buy a phone from cricket or use there service. Your outsourcing services SUCK.

  • Philip

    Cricket wireless has been down today in Easton, Maryland. Anyone else notice that?

  • Shamaka Phro

    Been down all day for me in western Washington

  • Shamaka Phro

    Phone has been down since yesterday…

  • Blake

    Getting spotty data Northeast Texas really slow data speed to where wont even load youtube

  • Kal-Els

    It’s been down today feb 10 since about 9am in the morning in Bronx NY, 10467

  • Terri Warren

    Can’t send txt or multi media msgs. Called provider it just rings no answer. Not able to send notifications to Customer Service either.

  • no internet nor cal

  • Will


  • Yash

    I currently am experiencing no service on cricket in Atlanta area.

  • david hutchinson

    Data outage manatee county florida

  • Minister Grok

    Almost 2 weeks no data and on and off cell service. Greensboro nc.
    Time to dump Cricket

  • Candace Marie

    Cricket down today in El Paso, TX, as well as AT&T.

  • Marsha Zahnee

    Why is service down today in El Paso, TX?

  • Samantha Salley

    My internet won’t work. No 4g Lou ky

  • Rodolfo

    My tethering not working and just wondering why. I paid for the service I would like to get what I paid for.

  • kari olsen

    Im supposed to have unlimited full speed data but im not my phone is so slow and im so tired of it.

  • Michael Li

    Currently there is no data signal in Washington DC area.

  • Kim Martin

    Theres no service here in Rhode Island

  • Darlene Anderson

    No service in upper penninsula of Michigan, this is happening too often, time to check out other carriers.

  • Texting has been down for cricket in the Memphis TN area for a couple days. I can send iMessages fine. Texting does not work.

  • txriverlady

    Unable to send or receive call in Ensenada BC

  • Diane

    Clermont FL down

  • Diane

    Wow! This is crazy

  • Diane

    Glad there is not a fire

  • Maryann Soriano Castillo

    No service in Corpus Christi, Texas no calling or texting. Whats wrong?????

  • Guest

    Phone has bars and WiFi but it is saying I do not have cellular service. In Charlotte, NC area.

  • Gina Belli

    no calling or texting all day

  • Anna Vallone

    no service

  • george

    on and off service in sw Orlando.. mostly off with no bars

  • brandy

    Can send text messages

  • Robert

    service down in Connecticut i have internet but no phone calls

  • Brandon

    No service at all in Williamston nc area. If I’m lucky I might see 3G with no bars.

  • Jaimee

    Have not had internet all morning in Indianapolis, IN. Anyone else or is it my phone?

  • Joel

    No service at all in Waukegan IL

  • Liza Wheeler

    No service happened in the middle of an important call emergancy calls only. Carson Washington

  • Liza Wheeler

    Cricket cell service down. I have internet on WAVE

  • Rick Hogg

    No service in Montabla, Texas

  • Jesse Valverde

    Having problems making calls & receiving. Able to access web – this sucks

  • Roni

    No 4g in Pueblo West CO. Not like it was great to begin with either. Pay too much for unlimited crap service as is.

  • Robin Lesko

    Not receiving my incoming calls in Dallas Texas

  • Xavi Velasquez

    No servive AT all in chapel hill, North Carolina at

  • Imelda Sauceda

    Not sure if our service went down here in Granada Colorado due to the winter storm we had last night or what but we have no service since 10 am.Does anyone know what’s going on?! My phone says Emergency Calls Only

  • Marcus Glover

    No internet Trinidad CO. 4 days in the last week, no data service

  • Nelson De Los Santos

    No service in Kissimmee Florida , maybe a few hours in the evening. Cricket is becoming a liability and doesn’t even credit its customers for its shortages. My Verizon phone was working, while cricket wasn’t. Time to change.

  • Marcia Joseph

    Paying for data and it’s not working likei it used to. Phone calls not coming through. Terrible service and reception in Weehawken, NJ and NYC. Changing providers. Need reliable service.

  • Jimi Albert

    Had no problem with service in my area up to about a year ago, now very spotty, phone service drops in and out… what happened to their coverage??

  • Matt Williamson

    Cricket cell service has no signal in Modesto and yet the person right beside me who has an ATT phone has 3 bars. WTF??

  • Linda Sherburn

    Im in Trinidad Colorado and have zero connection. Phone worked earlier this morning and has been down for 45 mins now. No network.

  • Sandra Porter

    No network here in Westminster, co.

  • Greg Farley

    No texting service here, intermittent “emergency calls only” daily

  • Tam

    No service here in Northern Colorado. Hearing crickets eh?

  • Cara Horner

    Same… No service in kannapolis nc. Great service for over a year and for the last week i have no service, “emergency calls only” and no incoming calls. Data coverage rarely comes in. Going to have to change carriers if this is not fixed!

  • PY

    No service in Grand Canyon, Arizona

  • Leslie Thompson

    Since “carrier upgrade” service has been spotty — especially outgoing calls. Never above two bars. What happened?

  • Herminio Alicea

    I have been having bad reception for almost 2 weeks. My phone sometimes shows LTE complete bars, but the download speed barely reach 1gb. or even difficult to make and receive calls. Fl.

  • Amanda Ryder

    Nothing in grand rapids Michigan

  • watchmacallit

    No service here in KC MO :[

  • sue laurance

    no service all day and through the night Sunday the 25th. Et is now early Monday in Hawaii, hello is anyone there???

  • Jared

    No service in Lenoir City Tennessee

  • Laurel Lee

    No service Phoenix AZ

  • Sj Howard

    2 days no service in hico, Texas in community of Clairette

  • Lisa Koch-Rocheleau

    Can’t make or receive calls in the area of Madeline and Clyde Morris blvd Port Orange, FL 32129

  • Jason Johnston

    Monday July 10th, 2017 No phone service. Cricket really needs to get their act together. 5 million subscriber’s? I won’t make an impact leaving since I am just one person. But what about 1000? Averaging cheap plans and expensive ones togther, if 1000 left that’d be around 50000 in business each month. I’m going to boycott Cricket, there is just too much of this going on. I use my phone for work. This is screwing me over

  • A. Israel

    No mobile service all day.

  • Sara Millhouse

    Today is the worst, but have noticed in the last 2 months almost everyday at some point I have zero service

  • Felicia Brown

    Text messages failing.

  • Felicia Brown

    Cricket text messages failing

  • WMH

    Not receiving text messages from family in south central PA

  • Kristin

    What’s the ETA?!

  • Cali Carpenter

    I am down now in Virginia Beach, va anyone else?

  • Lonita Lilley

    Haven’t had service since July 29 in normalville pa

  • Melissa Doane Jones

    I noticed this morning I didn’t have service. They said it would be on today! This better not be what happened about a year ago!

  • Eric Perkins

    Down in Asheville, NC for at least the last 6 hours….

  • Marshawn Zoovie Green

    Does anybody know when it will be up because I just payed my bill yesterday and ain’t have no signal

  • Katt Brooks

    Was in n out yesterday n now out totally! Need to call doctors etc.

  • Dudlita Prewitt

    Sorry ass cricket down because their updating their system, no head’s up warning! Unacceptable!!!

  • Angela Dooley

    Second time in a week, absolutely no service for hours, no notice, no announcement, good damn thing I didn’t have emergency!!

  • Clara Odelia Ciutara

    Cannot make phone call at all

  • Jamie donnellan

    I’m suppose to have 4g service at my home but I have no service this phone us useless to me

  • Tom Stucker

    We can’t either. We are in North Carolina. worked Friday, now hit and miss

  • Scramble

    Going on three days with no service in Central Florida. Service is falling apart…


    Haven’t had service all day!!

  • Hex Blood

    Haven’t had service since 3:30 pm today. What the hell is wrong? I’m near Tampa. My phone has been saying “No Service” or “No SIM” at that time and still is right now. You need to fix this right now. I can’t text or call my fiancé. My mom can’t use her phone either.

  • Taylor M. Murphy

    Kissimmee, Florida here.
    Service been sketchy yesterday abd today.
    Hit and miss.
    Can’t text or call..or wifi not unless at home for wifi.

  • get one


  • Anthony Zebrowski

    Out in Broward County Florida.

  • James Kucera

    Our service, which has always been impeccable, is going towards 1995 bad. Our house has become a dead zone with bad reception and dropped calls.

  • Disgusted in Tucson

    I get “Service Unavailable” repeatedly in Tucson, AZ. Since AT&T bought Cricket, the service has gone steadily downhill. I had no problems before AT&T bought them out. I have a business to run and I can’t call out and people can’t reach me. It’s pathetic. I happens more than once a month, mostly on weekends, and lasts for hours. There’s no warning.

    It is extremely frustrating. I won’t have anything to do with AT&T or Cricket when I move and switch companies.

  • Felix Guerrero

    Internet down in Kissimmee, Florida.

  • carol frysinger

    Is cricket phone service down right now? November 15, 2017?

  • Nick TooRaw Law

    Phone bill is due tonight and I have been trying for 2 days to pay the SOB! Can’t make any calls or nothing including EMERGENCY! I hope @cricketwireless plans on Crediting my bill for the next 2 1/2 day instead of just disconnecting me at midnight cuz I’ll be pissed!

  • susan laurance

    Network down in Hawaii. What a wonderful time for this to happen. No one will get my Christmas wishes nor will I get any. Merry frickin Christmas Cricket!

  • catina meggison

    cricket is down right now in texas

  • Jerry Lehman

    Cricket is down in Northeastern Georgia

  • Melissa

    Anyone down now?

  • Ethne

    Down in western Wyoming since Friday May 25.

  • nate

    are services down today just need to know

  • mia

    Cannot get into my account. Keep trying only to get “my account is unavailable try again later”. I need to get into it now or wont have service. This happens a lot.

  • Julie Najim

    I have no data. Cricket says they show no problem yet everyone on my account has no data

  • DC guy

    Cricket data not working in Lavergne Tennessee 37086 since 6pm

  • DC guy

    Cricket data not working in Lavergne Tennessee since 6pm

  • cindy garcia

    is anyones data down right now, in Austin tx

  • cindy garcia

    is anyones data down in Austin tx

  • Warren Hunter

    of course my service is out why wouldn’t it be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Rodriguez

    North Lake Tahoe either no service or spotty at best .

  • Stephanie Ann Derreth-Beverung

    No cell service AGAIN in Hunt Valley Maryland! Why?

  • Ada Bren

    I’m in Lemoore ca and not getting any data connection. I know something’s wrong because I already paid my bill. This is ridiculous

  • Katrina Zar

    Seattle is having a problem with our service being down. Would love it if youd fix our current status right now. Im on call for work and cant tell now if my boss is calling me or not. Thank you!!

  • Richgeana White

    This is ridiculous i live in south jersey got a new phone and everything because my phone just stopped making calls or texts can’t do nothing with it but get on line this is disgusting and they keep saying a tower went down conveniently and they have the damn nerve not to tell people in their stores this sounds suspicious to me samething happened last year with verizon here in south jersey around christmas just seems like no acident to me make sure workers for them like their people in the field have money for the holidays i find it really suspicious that a wide part of the nation that deals with cricket would have this big of an outage and still expect a payment when you robbed everyone of service for the whole month this is disgusting i have a sick mom i can’t be without a phone

  • Richgeana White

    When i make a call it says error message call can’t go through try again keep getting that error message 156p the number they keep repeating over again can’t send text or receive calls or texts

  • Richgeana White

    That would be a yes has been for days

  • Susan Brauer

    ATT just put up a new tower close by, and since then I have no service close to home. People that have ATT have service though. Not sure what is wrong.

  • Keith Higgins

    Been down in tupelo ms

  • Bobby

    Thursday, March 8, 2019. Southwestern Ohio area.
    First got a notice of roaming which I had never seen before. Was not roaming. Then couldn’t make calls at all. by 1:45AM. Called Customer service from another phone. Was told by automated system to reboot the phone. That didn’t work. No answer at customer service at all (closed) till tomorrow when they reopen.? Google maps has quit working for weeks on end. Don’t know why. It’s like maps just gets disconnected and driving directions won’t work. Bill is alway paid on time by auto pay even though there is no service. A few years ago there was an outage that lasted days but no adjustment on the bill. It was hooray! for Cricket and to hell with you. Also phone is swamped with POP up adds for months as soon as I open it and can’t figure out how or why they are getting onto my device.

  • S M

    It’s FRIDAY, MARCH 8th. Is CRICKET service down right now?

  • Carrie

    I cant send or recieve calls or texts. I can use my wifi though but this is rediculous. I have to be able to communicate with my drs and my employer. Setting up a Leave of Absense all this week for a surgery that Im about to have. I have calls that Im suppose to make today by 5pm. This outage has been going on for 2 days for me. GET THIS FIXED!!! This could possibly cost me MY JOB!!!!!!! I pay my bill I expect adequate service or give me my money back so I can go elsewhere!!!!

  • M B

    I can’t dial any calls out, all I get is a busy signal. My mother is having the same issue.

  • rch

    I’m having the same issue I cant make outgoing calls at all ive taken my sim card out to see if it will help

  • rch

    mself and my husband cant make outgoing calls I only get incoming, we have important calls to make TODAY, and this is a huge inconvenience especially when people have children and cant dial out if need be. I’ve taken my sim card out and everything.

  • Just Me

    Same thing is Happening with us. We can’t call out to anyone, but we can receive calls and texts.

  • Just Me

    Mine is working now. Anyone else try?

  • Just Me

    Try now. Mine is back on. Was out all night.

  • Cynthia

    South texas..service going on and data at all for 30 mins then service with weak signal for 20. its almost 11p.m. and its been like that since 6p.m. anyone else having this problem with cricket?

  • Anthony browne

    My phone since Friday the 30th has shown no service for the whole weekend. Just paid my bill and I’m pretty pissed off that I haven’t been able to call, text or use anything on my phone due to no service. Cricket needs to fix this before you start losing customers. I also find it funny after cancelling my insurance after 3 years and phone working perfectly fine now all of a sudden it just isn’t working! That is straight BS, same thing that happened to my last phone. I’m going to get ahold of my attorney to figure out what I can do to get this fixed because cricket thinks they can just F you over and get away with it time after time!! Fix it cricket or your going to start losing customers.

  • Earl Fugett

    I have reception to make phone calls in Ohio but I can’t use my limited unlimited internet I pay WAY TOO MUCH for.

  • Earl Fugett

    Are all AT&T products this worthless?
    Absolute garbage!

  • Dee LaCasse

    My phone service is blocked or down rn

  • Dee LaCasse

    No phone service again. When will I have it

  • Dee LaCasse

    I need phone service please!

  • Esaias Cantù

    There is no service in the Pleasanton Texas area for some cricket and AT&T users please fix your problem. Today is 3rd day



  • Sheila Buchner

    Cricket apps not working properly and phone doing what it wants. Text messages saying something completely different than what the person had typed.

  • Princess Toad

    Received a text message saying that beginning 9+/4/2019, Cricket will discontinue off-network coverage in Northern Slope and Valdez-Cordova Census Areas of Alaska. Why the sudden change when 80% of Valdez-Cordova customers were Cricket subscribers?

  • Cami

    Driving through 7 states and been in the road for 12 hours. 6 of it with out phone service. I am pissed!!!!! It is just my 12 year old son & I. RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • krissi fitz

    I have had no phone service for hours. Emergency calls only.

  • KittyDelAmour

    Two weeks now ZERO LTE coverage, very minimal 4G coverage, most data attempts fall through, can only use phone on WiFi. WHAT IS GOING ON?

  • Cam2

    I live in the Portland, Ore. area, BTW.

  • Krugair

    Currently down in Frisco, Texas. They need to have an “Off-Hours” support team. to investigate outage that occur late in the night/early morning.

  • Sara

    I am having sketchy service in the metroplex too – works one minute, next minute nothing. Not normally an issue for me.

  • Robin Cantu Molina

    Down in ackerly Texas

  • Ama Akoto

    Service has been spotty and pretty shitty for a couple of days now in DC/MD

  • Mauricio Bocanegra

    I had bad connection all day long , internet terrible, Aurora CO .
    I’m considering switching to Verizon

  • Brandon Hale

    No service in Brownwood TX

  • Janet Davis

    What is going on with cricket haven’t had service sends 3 days ago

  • Bradley Stanton III

    Mo service and my dada disappeared right before it went out all my dada left in 12 hours I was on WiFi with data turned off

  • Lynn Urmanski

    Does anyone know why cricket phones arent having any service is there an issue or something are we gonna get survice back anytime soon

  • Jonathan LeathalWeapon Kantola

    0 cell service in Eufaula, OK can only use WiFi this sucks been this way for about 6 hours now

  • M M

    No Connection in Atlanta GA

  • mad

    no connection here in lavernia texas and im mad

  • ER Supervisor

    no connection is Mangun Oklahoma this morning wandering why we dont have service is it something to do with the hurricane?

  • Brenda Frysinger

    Cricket Service Provider: North Central/Northeast Florida, no phone or text service right now. Keep getting a “Restricted access: Voice service is blocked” notification. Texts will not go through. Just happened around 11:30 a.m.

  • Vicent Panepinto


  • Cheri Kidney

    No internet service in Chattanooga Tn?????

  • Andrew Padilla

    was told by support around 9am it would be down 3 to 4 hours. wouldn’t tell me why its down though.

  • StormieRain

    No internet in Philadelphia area as of 1:54pm since 7:30 am. I drive for Lyft and this has destroyed my work shorting me nearly $200 for the day.

  • Relic8hunter

    No internet in southern suburbs of Washington DC since around 7:30 this morn. All other functions working normally. Need internet on my phone for business. I know what you’re going thru, StormieRain.

  • Karen Lewter

    Just got back internet service in Huntsville, Alabama

  • Debby Parker

    Slim to none service out here in Bandera Tx. for about a week now, tried to call customer service but my calls kept getting dropped, thinking about changing carriers

  • Mary Lu Oliva Hunt

    Out again. So tired of this. Cricket does not offer help in finding out the problem.

  • Mary Lu Oliva Hunt

    I should have added..
    This is Gardnerville, Nevada. Running a business without my phone…
    Thankfully, I have Skype for times like this.

  • Kavyasree Chintalapudi

    No network on the cricket wireless service the whole day here in OSU campus area in Columbus, OH

  • Chris Sweeney

    No service at all Audubon MN
    Service has been getting worse and worse for days

  • Norm

    Cumming Ga No signal

  • Sakuragi Mei

    No network over the past weekend and currently for over 48 hours and counting. Customer from Sumter, SC

  • Jennifer Kaack

    No cellular service for several hours today. What’s going on?! Shelbyville Tennessee zip 37160


    Cricket Wireless website has been “temporarily” down for over a week now. Whether I try the app or website through googling them.
    I can’t change my plan, pay my bill, nothing without paying a $3 service fee.
    Fix your sh*t, Cricket.

    Northern California user Zip: 95916

  • 12/19 down in chicago

  • f miller

    9 days with no service here.

  • Mysterious Gamer Dude

    My signal keeps dropping like crazy sense yesterday, like every 10 or 20 minutes or so. Russellville, Alabama, 35654

  • Tiffany England

    I keep dropping phone calls constantly

  • John Portiner

    Off and on for 2 weeks even wifi calling not working this is ridiculous bout to say f this company. Been loyal many years but still

  • Haley

    I’m in Dayton, Ohio. The service is general is just terrible. Nothing is working. It didn’t black out. I’m just unable to make calls or get on the internet. I’m not sure if it’s because of the wind or Cricket in general.

  • Haley

    In general*

  • Krista

    I have no service in Lawrenceburg Tn

  • Kim

    I’m in franklin tn and we don’t have service either. What’s going on

  • Raven

    I’m in Lawrenceburg as well and my service is down. Does this have to do with the bombing in Nashville????

  • Carolyn Anne

    I’m in Florence, AL and my signal strength indicator is just a grayed out, empty triangle. I have to use wifi to use apps and I have to use wifi calling to make calls. WHAT is going on? Does this have something to do with that Christmas Day explosion in Nashville, TN?

  • trout_hunter2001

    Service has been out for most of two days since the cold wave

  • Eric Dillman Jr

    Service in Rancho cucamonga CA had full bars but would not connect to internet at all.

  • Traci Dennis Kistenmacher

    There is no service anywhere in stevens county, Washington.

  • Lynda K Ward

    Unable to call locally in Uvalde County Tx

  • Berto Corzo

    Service has been out for 12 plus hours in Rochester NY

  • Becky Hartline

    My husband and I are on the same plan. He has an Android I have a iPhone so that’s how I know it’s not 1 of our phones ITS CRICKET!! For over a week now we are barely getting text messages and hardly any calls either. I’ve reset my iPhone I’m not able to take out battery and all that other bs they want you to do. But it’s been reset probably 50+ times in tha last week! WTF IS UP CRICKET AND WHEN IS IT GONNA B FIXED? Do we get credits/something 4 all these damn days we can’t even use tha phone? My cellular date is on right now not only my data but I’m connected 2 a very fast wifi…my iPhone keeps popping up my cellular data is turned off and I don’t have any signal. I don’t get it somebody please help

  • Wayne Koch

    I have crickets unlimited everything plan and my internet was working fine when I was at work but as soon as I got home my son said his phone wasn’t working and I checked my phone and it wasn’t working as well. I usually have great coverage at home but today it’s non existant

  • PotterFamily AndFriends

    service sucks in pasadena texas as well. i can’t even get into my online account to drop this awful service.

  • 32142881

    No service at all today says emergency use only usually have no problems