Cricket Wireless

Is Cricket Wireless down for you right now, or are you having any problems at all with the service? The prepaid providers of data services, voice and text are a subsidiary of AT&T Inc and now has around 5 million subscribers in the United States. The worst hit for users is when there is an outage or coverage issues.

Cricket Wireless

Users are impacted the most when there is a Cricket Wireless service outage, but there were more complaints from users when AT&T shut down Cricket’s CDMA network from March, 2015, which did mean they will had to purchase a new smartphone.

Are you happy with your Cricket Wireless service? If you have bad signal, coverage, not able to send or receive text messages, have any phone or service issues at all please do share with the community.

Cricket Wireless status reports for Sunday 22nd of January 2017

To find out if Cricket Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Cricket Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • mongatu

    Cricket phone & data service very sporadic in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Eileen Maturi

    Down again.. no service since 10:00 A.M. September 21st

  • White fang lover (anime)

    is down right now what do i do?

  • Mrs. Gibson

    I have no service and it’s been out for bout 2 hours!! Help please
    Sarasota, FL

  • Samantha caylor

    I get a busy signal when I try to call anyone!!!! WTF

  • Maya Smith

    I can’t make calls it keeps saying check network

  • Jason Simrell

    Trying send text to my lady tell her going be home late tonight but kept saying pending so try call her didnt work either said network down i was afraid my cell phone got turned off but that wasnt case thank God because love cricket cell phone

  • Ray

    I had no service from 10 am till now it’s 1:15 WTF

  • Beth Runner

    My phone hasn’t worked for two days ! I am very upset I am handicap and need my phone. I can’t call out or no one can call me . very sad. I couldn’t even call cricket when I tried several times.

  • Lenny Cochrun

    Is anyone else having a problem with no phone service in Round Rock, Texas today?

  • George

    Same problem in Austin. It seems only text messages work, but no calls at all. Have been forced to use Google Voice and Hangout to make calls.

  • Pavan

    Same problem in Connecticut. I am not getting signal in dmv. :(

  • T2k75

    No service in Vine Grove , Kentucky

  • Shaun Obrien

    Cricket Service has been up and down all day, on all my 5 lines. Salem Oregon

  • Katie

    My whole family plan has been having text issues. Most texts won’t send without a resend and some won’t at all.

  • Katie

    I’m in Salem Oregon too with 4 lines which are struggling to send texts and frequently have only 1 or 2 bars

  • Sylvia Barron

    I’m in Iceland and don’t have service for calls or texts, since I landed this am. I can’t communicate home to check on my family or let them know I arrived safely.
    Only 911 calls, worthless if you’re out of the country.

  • Jimi Albert

    Service has been up and down for days now on all my lines, Eastern PA. One minute its fine then the next it’s “Emergency calls only”

  • Franky Panky

    I’m completely down and have been since yesterday at noon, the 8th of November, what the hell is going on, you need to fix this problem now!

  • Juan Frank

    having internet issue right now in Knoxville TN area

  • Tex1967

    Text messages won’t send tonight. East coast of Virginia, eastern Shore, Delmarva Peninsula area


    Cannot send any pictures since 8 pm 24 Nov 16. Text
    Words only. (this 4th time since 21 days ago) please fix it! LW in Mesa, AZ

  • Cricket user

    Issues today (12/13/2016) with phone service dropping calls, calls not connecting or going straight to voicemail, faded or fuzzy signal etc. In Des Moines, IA. Is there some sort of voice outage or issue?? Please fix or provide an ETA! Thank you in advance!

  • Deirdre Smith

    Cricket wireless is down in Putnam county ga until 12:46 am on 12/17/2016

  • Tom Stephenson

    anyone in the Dayton area having trouble with their cricket mobile internet?

  • Diane Holden

    In Spokane no coverage. What is happening?

  • Airyanna

    In Denver and it keeps telling me no network connection this is really inconvenient

  • Alex

    Dec 23 my cricket is down whyyyyyyyy

  • Bom

    Anyone having trouble paying online through their website? I can’t submit any payment at all.

  • Tori Jack

    My entire service is down in Arizona. It’s telling me only ’emergency calls” allowed. What is going on? I’m here for the holiday’s & it’s very inconvenient!

  • Scoot

    Service on and off since middle of December here in San Antonio, Tx. When I am able to call out to customer service, they mention cell tower degradation, and tell me to reset my phone. At least two weeks now with hit and miss service.

  • Cricket sucks

    Its january 3rd in connecticut, i have no service!!!! Wtf

  • Shawn Sparks

    This is getting extremely annoying I pay cricket a good amount of money per month and I expect to get what I pay for fix it!

  • Regina Hulett

    I’m constantly missing calls , txt, and having pop ups every time my phone screen is on. This has been doing this since December! Nicholasville ky. I think I will be looking into a new provider. To pay all this money for a service I am not getting is just crazy! Coustomer service or the store has no answer for it. Just a way to get us all to keep buying new phone after new phone . Well I refuse! My phone works great for anything else so it must be the crappy service.