Cricket Wireless

Is Cricket Wireless down for you right now, or are you having any problems at all with the service? The prepaid providers of data services, voice and text are a subsidiary of AT&T Inc and now has around 5 million subscribers in the United States. The worst hit for users is when there is an outage or coverage issues.

Users are impacted the most when there is a Cricket Wireless service outage, but there were more complaints from users when AT&T shut down Cricket’s CDMA network from March, 2015, which did mean they will had to purchase a new smartphone.

Are you happy with your Cricket Wireless service? If you have bad signal, coverage, not able to send or receive text messages, have any phone or service issues at all please do share with the community.

Cricket Wireless status reports for Saturday 7th of December 2019

To find out if Cricket Wireless is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Cricket Wireless? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • jade


  • Danielle

    I’m definitely switching service for my daughter and myself if there isn’t a credit issued!

  • Haven

    I live in Arkansas and have been out since 4 pm and really bored/mad

  • Jay Jay

    Lol.. Tina don’t lie. Are you a dude?

  • Amy

    I’ve had cricket for over 6 years and never have I seen the service be down for this long.

  • ariel

    still down in dinuba, california….. any new updates from cricket or at&t???? what has been working for me is i turn airplane mode on for like 2 min then i get atleast 5 min of data then complete signal lost again

  • jade

    so it’s done this before?

  • Melissa

    There needs to be compensation for this! It’s been hours and nothing….

  • Keith

    It is 12:10 a.m. june 4th, 2016 here in the Bethlehem, Nazareth, Easton, Pennsylvania area… still no service ( no phone, texting or data, and its going on the 8th area of no service. Something to smile about ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy

    So far just once I’ve seen it happen and it was only for about an hour. This is pretty fricking long..

  • Tina Gina

    ok spellchecking nazi

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve read people have lost their jobs because of this, and Cricket can’t even apologize and say we will make it up to everyone. They should have sent a text out to everyone like they do when it’s time to pay to give us all a heads up.

  • Ms

    I wonder how many dealers were hurt in the process and the DR’s that couldn’t be reached..

  • Michael Jorgensen

    +Danielle Marie i am a loyal cricket customer for over 7 years and this junk has never happened if this continues I’m switching. I was at my best friends house today and he has AT&T and it was fine for him but I have no service. KMON CRICKET PLEASE FIX A.S.A.P

  • Michael Jorgensen

    wait seriously?! in Puerto Rico!!

  • Clarence

    Cricket SUCKS biiig time!

  • Pat White

    Right!! At this time I’m thinking we should all work on a mass exodus as “quickly as possible to another carrier” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tina Gina

    sometimes. depends on who is typing

  • Amy

    I’ve had them that long as well and have always been satisfied with my service ://

  • Kristin

    Its is definitely something wrong with Cricket…but maybe not the whole of Cricket service. I have an LG ZTE and my father has a Samsung. Both of us are on the same plan. His SIM card is reading unrecognized and emergency calls only while I have 4G service but cannot recieve texts. About seven hours ago I could not place them either. Calls that are either incoming or outgoing are down. Stangely enough this all happened after I received a call from a Milwalke phone number. That is the last call my phone received. This was a number that has been reported for fraud, silence on the line, phishing…etc. The number is 414-763-2762. It called me five or six times. After it called me the first time, my text started acting up. After it called me again, my service went wonky. After it called me another time, I answered it. Silence. When it called me for the final time, I answered it angrily and told whomever was there to leave me the hell alone. After that, my text went completely out, my phone calls went down and basically I had a paperweight with WIFI. About two and a half hours ago, the worried messages of my boyfriend came through. 26 messages and 1 missed call from different people came through at once. My phone exploded. About that time, my fathers phone kicked him out and has almost completely shut down. I’m not sure what is up, but I thought id let people know.

  • Kaylei

    Obama phones are working somehow

  • Clarence

    I am switching carrier first thing in the morning!!

  • Tina Gina

    its a CIA conspiracy!

  • Kristin

    These things happen to everyone….and every carrier

  • Michael Jorgensen

    Theres some mumble about a twitter account called TheAnonymousPhantoms or some junk like that claiming they were responsible for taking down cricket and at&t and it also claimed they took down sprint

  • Amy

    True ^ I’ve heard it happen to friends who have other carriers. Lol

  • Diane

    ALL new for me!

  • Kaylei

    Does anyone know whats really going on? Bc I don’t believe that it was just a shortage or blackout. Do you?

  • Michael Jorgensen


  • Diane

    Anyone else too upset to sleep?

  • My Cricket went down at 5:11 pm in Cary, NC (near Raleigh), and was down for at least several hours. I discovered that it was back up shortly after 10 pm.

  • Kristin

    I posted a comment below….anyone recieve a call from an unknown number before your service went out? did anyone answer?

  • Diane

    I believe someone fell asleep at the buttons

  • Michael Jorgensen

    its 9:20 in CA and I haven’t had service since 2:15

  • Haven

    I work in the morning and I can never sleep but I want my phone back on it makes me mad that I can’t even call work or anyone

  • Diane

    Really? How can that be?

  • Kaylei


  • Courtney

    I want compensation for this. This is ridiculous & it does effect everyone with a job or when they have a damn emergency. I’m switching carriers if this is not fixed by morning. I’m not just going to let you guys get my money & not give me service. Not a happy customer.

  • Amy

    No? That’s really strange

  • Kaylei

    Same with my moms phone we in CA

  • Diane

    1221 in FL no service since 6pm yesterday

  • YalldumbAF

    @thephantomsquad is ddosing service providers.

  • Haven

    its 11:23 and haven’t had service since 4 I have to work in the morning and I cant contact any of my family because they all of cricket. I’m 16 and this job is very important to me…. I need my phone and the fact that I can’t have it is making me mad

  • Diane

    I’m sorry 4 u. I’ve been communicating w friends n family through Instagram.

  • Kristin

    Yea it called me and such. I posted about it in the comment I wrote below.

  • Ddoss

    I want compensated for you being a shitty person.

  • tasha

    How long is it suppose to be down? Mine went down like 2 hours ago.

  • charles

    Tacoma wa here 9:26pm here. Stillvno service . I hope my bill is low this month

  • Kristin

    I have 4G but my dad (on same plan) has zilch.

  • kaylei

    yeah same

  • Haven

    I don’t have any social media except facebook and snapchat but my family doesn’t have wifi where they are so they cant talk to me

  • Kaylei<3

    Good night, god bless, I hope everythings better in the morning.

  • Jay Jay

    I guess no service until not sure when. Sucks..

  • GradientDescent

    “We apologize for this inconvenience. We are aware of a service issue affecting some customers, and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”


    “Crap! We know that we have a problem, but we don’t have a damn clue as to how to solve it. Do any of you know?”

  • Diane

    Anybdy know how to restore contacts? Did a factory reset b4 finding out this is ationwude n done lost ALL them jokers n their numbets….

  • Kristin

    if you have your contact backed up in your email, auto backup or something, the moment you connect to a email service, it will prompt you to sync things. sync contacts and it should fix it

  • Haven

    so I’ve officially given up trying to make it work and hopefully I can make it work for tomorrow at work because if not I’ll just stay at my job all day no big deal…except it is..

  • Eddie

    Factory reset means it’s all gone forever. Sorry, I almost did the same thing.

    Still down in East Tennessee at 12:35 am.

  • Mss

    I have NO SERVICE, NO INTERNET, NO. MESSAGE, NO FACETIME. Since 1 pm, wtf…..

  • Ray

    Its all Trumps fault !!!

  • Diane

    Thank you

  • Paul street

    It is 2016 and i.think its pathetic that this sort of problem still happens…I lost a high paying temp assignment because of this…cricket has forever lost my business.

  • El chapo

    K onda putos alv mi trap phone no esta jalando y nesesito garar mi clientes la yesca y perico homeboy

  • She’d like to speak to a manager about these cold fries that she didn’t touch for 10 mins …

  • Amy

    The only way I have service and using my phone is because I’m connected to my home wifi!
    I’ve had one friend receive my Txts all night he has AT&T and an iPhone as well. Super weird. Haven’t been able to call out for hours ๐Ÿ™

  • Stop crying

    Lol at some people screaming to be compensated for technical difficulties.. Foh!

  • UBER Driver

    If i didnt get one month free service for making me loose money for not driving Uber on a friday night..Then am totally changing my network as early as tommorrow 6am.Thank you

  • Diane

    Potugues o espanol

  • Brian Disney

    Brian in Phoenix AZ I haven’t had service since 4:00,im really pissed because I could not get a hold of my wife because of this outage.had dinner plans. Trying to over come A 5 month separation.not cool of me, cricket you made me look bad.

  • Courtney Collins-Weaver

    This is ridiculous! I tried using my phone when I got off work earlier today at 5pm and it said emergency calls only. Now it’s 11:39 pm in Kansas City and I still can’t. I’m now at my part time overnight and thought I go online to see what was going on and to my surprise all of this!!!! Like many others I need to know if I’m going to be reimbursed for my time loss??? And this is my only and major phone line. I was just bragging about Cricket to someone else after having them the last 4 years after being with AT& T for 10 years and then this happens???!!! I might have spoke to soon. I know that various carriers have had outages before but never this long!!!! This is crazy!-

  • Stop crying

    You couldn’t have used Wi-Fi and VOIP VOIP? Stfu

  • Diane


  • Stop crying

    You’re dumb.

  • Jose

    SOUTH TEXAS EVERY CRICKET PHONES DOESNT WORK WHAT THE FUUUUCK!!!! If this isn’t fixed by 12:00 pm I’m gone

  • Stop crying


  • Amy

    Yeah no one will be compensated and As someone else stated down below, other carriers can get this same this issue as well. I’ve literally seen it happen to my friends before..

  • Crow

    Right? It sucks, but tgis os fidatveorld problems… seriously, Imagine being married to that piece of work lol

  • Brian Disney

    Has anyone tries att&t apn

  • Ros

    I just moved to Washington D.C. For an internship (I’m from CA) and I’ve been using my phone to help me get everywhere and back home. I haven’t had service since 8pm today and it sucks because I need it so I can use GPS and Google so I don’t get lost tomorrow ๐Ÿ™ I can’t even call my family to let them know.

  • Crow

    *first world problems

  • Stop crying

    Please tell us more about how your life is over and you want free stuff.

  • Diane

    Sorry 4 u. Try setting up an Instagram acct. I’ve been using mine to contact friends n family

  • Ray

    Omg its so sad to see how technology has everyone wrapped around their finger

  • Diane

    For sure

  • lifletch

    Oh give them a break! Geez, the company has been in business since 1999 and this is their FIRST major outage ever!!! That I am aware of! I know for a fact that other cellular carriers have outages all the time! People crack me up, they have to always gripe about something… Use your FB messenger to call people if you have to call out… It is a momentary thing that will get resolved sooner than later. Until then enjoy the peace and quite…

  • Jason

    Haha haha! Society has become wayyyy too pampered if there is no patience for a mishap, even if it is a big one lol

  • Diane

    You must have service?

  • S0lly

    Los Angeles, Crickets been down for me about 4 hours now. I could get on the website, but it had little information.

  • lifletch

    lol. two thumbs up!

  • Tom K

    I was on Verizon for 13 years, not a single outage. I rely on my phone for my job. I am on call 24x7x365. I switched to Cricket simply because of the price, and the fact that they used the AT&T network. Well, this single outage will cause me to cancel my account. I cannot afford to not have my phone for a single minute, let alone hours!!! The worst part is the COMPLETE lack of ANY communication from Cricket.

  • Diane

    Been using Instagram

  • Stop crying

    Nope, been out for 6 hours.. I do have my home connections.

  • Diane


  • Diane

    100an still nothing in Orlando area since 6pm yesterday…..

  • Ashli Richins

    My phone’s down too but I downloaded an app from google playstore called talkatone and as long as you have internet you can make free calls and texts. It actually works really good and when you run out of minutes you can either buy more or watch short videos to earn free minutes. The only down fall is that a different number than your own shows up when calling out but I just sent texts letting everyone know it was me and most of the world communicates through text these days anyway

  • Diane

    How many mins u get?

  • Tina Gina

    waaa waaa

  • AlwaysGina

    I’ve been with Cricket for years. Love the price and what they offer. I have bad days once in a while. This is the first time Cricket has had a bad day since I’ve been with them. Thank you for putting up with me and my issues and giving me the best service out of all the company’s I’ve been with. I can handle the fact that you are having a bad day. Technical issues happen. Let’s get this fixed and continue on with our lives.

  • Stop crying

    Facebook messenger will allow you to make calls, video calls and text.

  • Stop crying

    If y’all are up on here, I know you have social media.

  • DeeDee

    I say if the loss of your phone is stressing you then you rely too much on it. Go pop some popcorn and play a board game with friends or family, read a book, go out and talk to people face to face or have a movie night. There was life before everyone had cell phones.

  • Matthew Wright

    So true people are complaining too much…learn to enjoy life without a phone

  • AlwaysGina

    OMG… Imagine living without a phone!!!

  • Matthew Wright

    Actually other carriers have had way longer outages than the current cricket outage

  • Terri

    My Cricket Phone has been down, before 4pm. Friday. It’s over 9hours, now. I’m very disappointed. Have to find a New Phone Service Provider, first thing in the Morning.

  • AlwaysGina


  • Tiffany Brown

    Buffalo ny we have been out of service since 330pm yesterday

  • Millie

    I’m have the same problem. for about 7;30 pm

  • Michael Jorgensen

    Dang that long must suck

  • Millie

    I think you are one of the CEO

  • Millie

    Speaking as a person with out a life

  • Millie

    the hell with you guy’s I have family coming tomorrow for out of state I need my cell to be working what kind of people you are

  • Shon

    I’m on my father’s phone at the moment! I don’t have access to messenger or the Internet. I have teenagers who are out of town, I’m traveling to visit sick relatives, and my husband works late hours. I just made it to parents house! I haven’t spoken to my family in 8 hours!!Who has time for peace and quite!!??

  • Millie

    I pay for my cell phone you moron nothing free here

  • Millie

    Wow Tina Gina you are so inconsiderate

  • Ice shattered

    I think I’ll agree with Tina gina, but on the other side hope you make it there safely

  • Dana Alexander

    I’m reading these comments from all of those who are clearly cricket employees and are defending their piece of crap phones with the whole ….you depend too much on technology these days speeches…As if there are still pay phones or emergency call centers on every block. Things happen when you have a real life and real life situations. Maybe you can go home and pop popcorn. Not all of us can. Some people have real life obligations that requires the use of their cell phone. If you don’t congrats but spare those who do your distasteful lack of sympathy.

  • Shawn BlkCherri Stmc

    Wait for service to come back on….if u cs n then login into yo ur Gmail. Only if u synced

  • Dana Alexander

    Idiot jerk

  • ice shattered

    Too bad your life is with your phone and not with your family (ใ‚œoใ‚œ)

  • Ice shattered

    (๏ผ›ยดะ”๏ฝ€) < without a phone

  • Dana Alexander

    A friend of mine was in an accident… No means to call her family. Was stuck outside until after midnight. If you don’t have anything constructive to say other than inconsiderate sarcasm you really shouldn’t be here. Pay phones don’t exist like they use to. People do rely on their technology because that’s the world we live in. Everyone can’t sit on their butts at home and enjoy the luxury of not needing their phones. You really need to google for a clue or better yet….since you’re so non electrical tech savay…look it up

  • AlwaysGina

    Not to minimize your friends accident but I’ve had no problem reaching my family via Facebook messenger. I called my daughter and contacted all my friend’s with no problems at all. Technology is what it is. Computers go down . I’m not trying to minimize the issue. I’m just saying this has always been a good service but things happen. Whether we like it or not. This is the first time anything bad has happened with my cricket service in all the years I’ve been with them. That was my point. I understand your issues and I hope your friend is ok.

  • Confused and Disappointed

    Cell phones are more than just a useful tools. In many cases life and death depends on them. they are utilities just like our landlines. We can only send a powerful message by abandoning this service. Mostly because of how the company has ignored its customers during this outage and for not being prepared. I used to work in the cellular industry as an engineer and I can tell you all that there are failsafes that could easily prevent this…but they cost money and personnel. And yes, cost profits for ATT cricket’s parent company. I wont tolerate how this monopoly has harmed us all and may have cost someone their safety. Goodbye Cricket.

  • Tina B

    My cricket service has been down since 11 pm Friday June 3rd. Still down at 2 am sat. June 4th. This is the first time in 2 yrs that I have had cricket, that I have lost service. I can’t even connect via WiFi….why is that????? Luckily I kept my Samsung S4 that I am on now….connected to my home wifi!!! My HTC cricket phone won’t even connect through WiFi! Not happy!!!!

  • Heather

    Actually, they had this same issue a few years ago.

  • oats

    well too bad I need my phone to talk to my family when they aren’t home

  • Jamila Elliott

    Been down since 2pm PST, still down at 11:15pm…

  • BrendaandBobby Lee

    My service is down and has been down around 3 this Eveening and it’s disappointing considering my friend who has what she calls a government phone is working just fine. For anyone who says that we depend on technology too much is stupid considering you are using technology to write your comment and almost everyone uses their cell phone or computer everyday for something. Life happens and it’s always good to have a phone to reach out, not having a phone for a whole day turning into 2 days is dangerous what if you need help or need to call someone. I tried to call and it won’t even give me the option to dial anything not even emergency numbers it says no mobile network available. Fix it and credit us customers.

  • Nick Pepe

    I was just in a car accident and wasn’t able to call for help. Just wait till I get in touch with cricket. They have alot of explaining to do….


    You milquetoast bunch of whining children. Morons. What do you think is going to happen when N. Korea or some Ickslime (islam) country detonates a nuke above the U.S. and the electromagnetic pulse takes EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL OUT – FOR MONTHS?
    Go cry in your milk!! Stupid sheeple.


    You lived – didn’t you? STOP CRYING.

  • Very Angry Cricket Customer

    I don’t care what nobody have to say, if I’m spending my hard earned money on MY phone bill I should have no problems. If it was an outage for an hour or two that’s different but for the service to be out half a day is ridiculous. No I’m not gonna cut them any slack because some people actually need their phones for work, or kids, or even older family members. Cricket is making all this money so why in the hell is the service out all day.!!!

  • Craig Add

    I have been without service for more that 6 hours! This is ridiculous! We better get some sort of credit for this! If cricket knew this was going to happen because of an Update we should have been warned! It isnt just some customers its hundreds of customer!!!



  • Stop crying

    And I pay for mine? What’s your point? Connect to your home network and figure out a work around until the company can address the DDOS attacks. Stop crying like a damn child, you look stupid.

  • John Werner

    I’ve also been down with service totally for at least 8 hours. Before that it was sluggish and not always passing text messages. This is in central Alabama slightly north of Birmingham.


    Oh the inhumanity!!!
    How did people survive for millions of years without cell phones? Guess getting rid of all those pay phones and land lines wasn’t such a good idea now huh?

  • Elizabeth Miller

    This is total BS! I haven’t had data and phone service for 9 hours! I’ve spent way too much money for this to happen!

  • Stop crying

    How the he’ll would they know this would happen and its not from an update. Please research what a DDOS attack is, then speak

  • Stop crying

    You look stupid.

  • Stop crying

    Credit you for 7 free hours of service?


    Guess you should kill yourself then. Must suck to have to depend on your phone 24/7/365 days a year. You must be psychotic by now. So do yourself in before you go Postal and hurt others.

  • No Small Thing

    If there is a sun spot or magnetic pulse that would knock out all communications, then the national emergency services will be activated. Consider how you would feel if your loved one got into an accident, was attacked, or hurt badly and could not call for help. This is not a problem that could have been prevented. Period. Anyone posting comments to the contrary must work for ATT or Cricket.


    Why don’t you go to the Cricket headquarters and volunteer to fix the problem. Since you slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night – Capt. Obvious.


    $0.25 cents. Credit.

  • Stop crying

    I do not have service yet. But I do have a work around.

  • Bad Friday

    fix it Jesus!!!!

  • tonja

    I understand we have been down since 4 yesterday in Kentucky. And still down it is 2:48 in the morning

  • Merciless

    Love you cricket please hurry my son wants to play clash of clans@ Gauntlet Legend. Lol

  • eab

    this outage is costing some people SOO much money bc they work from their phones! absolutely ridiculious!

  • Mc

    You sad like for real

  • LisaRae_87

    It’s crazy cause I’ve been without service since I got up at 8pm but my husband and his cousin have service and we all have cricket. I’m not trippin, though. It’s all good. Hopefully I have service when I get up in the morning.

  • LisaRae_87

    I’ve been saying that since I woke up and found I was the only one in my house that didn’t have service.

  • Jessica Shuckahosee

    The least they can do is offer an explanation as to what, why and when. This is a great inconvenience and for it being a bigger company, ud think they’d want to satisfy their customers. I’d have to say this is showing to be very poor customer service and would like to know what Cricket plans on doing to rectify the situation.

  • Latrelle Lingard Livenlovelife

    Exactly cause I do hair and my phone is critical to making money

  • Dylan

    Is service down for everyone in Salt Lake City?

  • Latrelle Lingard Livenlovelife

    Parts of Savannah Ga down.. Any update or anyone service back on?

  • Randy Cheek

    My phone has been down for hours now. My girlfriend is on my plan with the same phone . She’s sitting next to me and her’s works. What the Hell?!

  • Ghostlives

    I was waiting patiently for a valued customer to call me and the job that would have let me take next weekend off which is not happened for 5 years. I sat and waited and waited and waited and you know what I did then? I waited some more.
    I realized I had no signal. So off to Cricket I went.
    Store was packed and the two Cricket representatives were very unprofessional,short-tempered mouthy and even swore.
    I turned around walked out Cricket is always had a shaky customer service face I think now it’s just been flushed right down the toilet thanks for letting me lose a chance of taking a vacation this weekend Cricket you f***** me good this opportunity is not going to happen again for a long long time. Not to mention the money I missed out on also and the few of my guys that I was taking with me so you screwed a bunch of people just on this one phone number alone thanks.

  • Ghostlives

    I was also rudely informed NO credits issued, BUT… maybe a $5 coupon towards my next hundred dollar purchase.
    Guess it’s time to try T-Mobile.


    Tonja, down in Virginia Beach as well?

  • LisaRae_87

    Same thing I said about my husband and his cousin. I’m starting to think that it’s certain towers and that their phones weren’t connected to my tower

  • Ghostlives

    You know Cricket just going to say it’s not their fault. It was somebody else’s satellite they were using or some drunk driver slammed into one of their main power converters for a cell tower just to out of giving us a coupon off your next purchase through Credit Union a couple days.

  • josh

    I’m scoping multiple websites looking for real info as to the problem.and all I have to say is has anyone noticed the 5 trollss on this discussion alone. Talk about no lives. All they want to do is crew with everyone’s head. Bet not one off them has cricket or attached. Should be banned ppunks. That right crying and monkey man talking to you. Think I speak for everyone here when I say stfu.

  • Marilynn Rohrbach

    I am the only one I know that hasnt had interrupted service. I can make and receive calls and texts while all my other Cricket friends cannot. Guess I’m just super cool.

  • Rachelle Gebhardt

    Did u talk to someone I called and it was disconnected (friends phone mine is still off) looked a their stock at its at ZERO the site email and chat link disappeared the page literally says cannot be found its been 12 hrs??? Supposed to be 2-4 max someone told me they for on site and not a single mention of the outage anywhere ! Not to mention the response from cricket is automated literally same reply each time.. Cricket uses multiple towers networks that other companies use so why are they not effected ?? Dude something is fishy!! I smell class action law suit

  • Marilynn Rohrbach

    And there’s the rub, isn’t it? Get on FB. I knew there was a hidden agenda behind this.

  • Miranda Hurley

    Still down in Colorado springs this is absolutely bs

  • Dinahsty BlackBeauty

    Service had been out in Chicago since 3:30 pm June 3rd smh just the worst.

  • Miranda Hurley

    That makes 8 or so hrs now

  • BrendaandBobby Lee

    Comment police are always pathetic and annoying individuals.

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    It was all over the news I relie on my phone to but it has been a nice night with out it. I haven’t had service since 3pm. here in Colorado and im sorry for those of you who relie on your phones for income and to get a hold of your loved ones I’m in the same boat I know how you all feel it sucks but what can we do

  • BrendaandBobby Lee

    I agree they are idiots.

  • Amanda Pate

    Seriously? Could have been …. or outage for updating WITHOUT notice? What will be a new theory?

    “DoS” redirects here. For other uses, see DoS (disambiguation).

    DDoS Stacheldraht attack diagram.

    In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.[1] A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is where the attack source is more than one, often thousands of, unique IP addresses. It is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door or gate to a shop or business, and not letting legitimate parties enter into the shop or business, disrupting normal operations.

    Criminal perpetrators of DoS attacks often target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways; but motives of revenge, blackmail[2][3][4] or activism[5] can be behind other attacks.

    The scale of DDOS attacks has continued to rise over recent years, even reaching over 400Gbit/s.[6]

  • Rockey Danger Snow

    Down in Detroit since about 8pm now…

  • RingLeader

    I tried to send my grandmother a text off my boyfriend’s phone but she hasn’t had service since about 7. She spent 2 hours trying to find me or get a hold of me because she never got the message. Cricket needs to tell us what the damn problem is and fix it asap. It’s down in La Vernia and probably the San Anton area. If it’s not fixed soon I’m going to get att or t Mobile

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    It’s down everywhere the whole us is down in just glad it’s not life support because then we’d all be f*****

  • Curtis Copple

    Att is the one with the outage. Cricket uses att network. Switching to att wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Irritated

    Down in San Antonio TX since 4:30 pm yesterday…I have to get myself a plan B in case this stuff starts happening more often…. honestly, this is showing me that I can’t put my complete trust in these companies……because at the end of the day , they don’t care about any of the problems this has caused. ….if they do some type of compensation I’d be very surprised….

  • Tachina Weber

    My last text sent was at 2:51 pm. Realized my phone didn’t have service around 6pm. I still don’t have service and it’s 12:39am. I’m from Eugene, Oregon

  • Curtis Copple

    Well to be honest, it isn’t their fault. It is AT&T that has the outage. Cricket was bought out by them.

  • Marie Alcanter

    But my sons works and mine don’t same phone we are on same plan and we are in sacramento

  • Paula

    My phone has been off for over 10 hours with no services kinda funny you don’t let us go 10 hours with out paying are bill when it’s due… You work hard to shut it off but can’t work hard to get it turned back in what’s up with that . I live in Wichita. Kansas and would like for you guys to At least give some updates to what your not doing.???


    You are a MORON, for certain. Did you even finish 4th grade? Can’t even type one single simple sentence in English. Imbecile.


    Guess they should get a new job then huh?


    I don’t think Jesus had the knowledge to fix technology, 2,000 years after his death. Idiot.




    Sucks to be you huh?


    Yet you can’t type one single sentence in ENGLISH! Get back to me when you finish 4th grade.

  • Indotiger

    In Houston, TX here, Cricket service has been down for almost 12 hours since 3pm CT




    Detoilet has been down for 30 years. What a cesspool.


    Women get turned off all the time, kinda funny you don’t let us men go 10 hours without whining and moaning. Men work hard to get you harlots turned back on – what’s up with that?

  • Rachelle Mendez Meents

    Same with me, my line is on, but my other line is not working… one phone is an android, mine working, one is an I phone, not working.

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    Clearly something you can’t get

  • Jose Gasolina

    No service here in Wyoming for about 10 hours now and cricket has not shared any insight as to when service will be back and running. However, just a few hours ago i did catch a quick signal and some texts did come in.

  • stephen j

    Mine just came back up brunswick ga

  • Kimm L. Rodgers

    Is anyone else service bk up?….I’m in Cleve, OH…..

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    Still off here

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    Still off here in Colorado

  • Kimm L. Rodgers

    I’m still off as well…….

  • Vicky

    Same here in Las Vegas. No phone, no nothing!!!! We all should be reimbursed something. As a show of good faith on Cricket and AT&T parts. This is ridiculous.

  • Kimm L. Rodgers

    Real talk!

  • Stan

    Been out since yesterday afternoon about 4:30 in Missouri

  • fellow user

    No service since 1:30pm Pacific time. It’s a no go in San diego. Not ok with this 12 hour + in going problem

  • Brian Keith Snyder Jr

    The only reason any of us chose Cricket in the first place is because it was affordable my question to all of you is what happens if we switch carriers and it happens to that carrier do we just continue switching

  • Jay Jay

    Still off in ATL.

  • Benjamin MacDuff

    Service still down in Roanoke, VA. It’s been about 11-12hrs.

  • Mona Vento James

    No service for 10 hours in Rochester, Washington. Lost ability to communicate forvwork, phone and text. Changing carrier in the morning. No communication from cricket. If we don’t pay our bill, we don’t get service, I’m paid but no service, so how can cricket make that right? Unacceptable and I’m out.

  • Jay Jay

    Tina!! Where are you?

  • Rob B Ciarpaglini

    I live in South Beloit, Illinois on the border with Wisconsin and have not had Cricket service since 9 am Friday 6/3/16. This is absolutely insane and another example of shoddy service provided by Cricket. Switching to Cricket was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. U.S. Cellular here I come.

  • Jessica Porter

    I’m in medina and I’ve been down since Friday about 5:30pm…I am livid at this point!!

  • Kimm L. Rodgers

    Same here!

  • Shane Foshia

    Down in Kansas City Missouri for over 13hrs now complete by

  • James Reed

    No service here in central ohio urbana chapaign county since 330pm fri

  • James Reed

    Medina ohio?

  • Jeff Kranz

    I live in the D.C. area and haven’t had service since about 4:30pm yesterday. I am not happy. Cricket should offer credits or discounts on affected customers bills.

  • Carolyn Gilbert

    Tucson, Az. No service since 4:00pm Friday

  • Tina

    Still out since 7pm EST. about 10 hours in Raleigh NC

  • Shunta Hamby

    I live in Ball Ground Ga and haven’t had service since 6pm

  • Kandice Kennedy

    First it was xfinity that wasn’t working now it’s cricket. Can’t make or receive phone calls and can’t use the internet or cricket chat. Just paid my bill 2 days ago….Hello cricket! Get it together!

  • Matt

    I live in Miami, Fl. I haven’t had service since 6:00pm Friday evening. This is ridiculous.

  • Colleen Andres

    Still no service in michigan since Friday evening. Not a happy camper. This better reflect on my Bill. I pay on time I expect service. If I don’t get it the I expect compensation.

  • Jeff Kranz

    No updates by Cricket on when problem will be resolved either.

  • katrina hill

    I haven’t had any service since yesterday. What’s going on? Why is the service not working?

  • Chris Dyer

    Boy this is bullcrap people who have their phones for their business I’ve lost so much money that my phone has been down due to no calls no text no nothing for my business they need to get this stuff fixed before it’s time to go to work or I’m going to a new place to get new service and cricket and suck it this is the second time this has happened and mine went out at 5:30 yesterday and here it is 5:12 a.m. still no

  • Diane

    Been asleep. Now it’s 532 n still NOTHING!

  • Diane

    Just woke up n still NOTHING since 6pm yesterdsy

  • Diane

    When pigs fly is my update….lol

  • wchp

    I have 5 lines with Cricket. 2 went totally hard down at 5:40, 1 couldn’t place calls from 5-5:15 EST but other than that has stayed online and functioned all evening and all night and this morning, 1 only has LTE till 6:30 and then went dark till about 1:30 AM. The fifth line had no issues whatsoever. Go figure. All times are EST. 4 of the 5 are now fully back online and get 3G, 4G and LTE. The fifth line is still LTE only as of 5:25 AM EST

  • Ruben

    Down here in Albuquerque New Mexico since 530 pm this sucks

  • Diane

    Almost 12 hours w/o service in Orlando area. ..

  • Rayne

    Person 5 doors down has had service but mine stopped 6pm cst

  • Diane

    They have Cricke?

  • Barb Cast

    They’re trying. I keep getting “cricket” with all the circles empty, then back to “no service”. 12 hrs now here in NYC. I think most of us are mainly pissed because they’re not saying anything about this other than the stupid message on Facebook yesterday.

  • Ms. Dee

    For some reason, I think so too

  • Diane

    The frustration is real.

  • Christina Mahar

    I’m in gainesville ga and pissed. What is going on Cricket. We all need our phones. This sucks.

  • Diane

    U right

  • Diane

    My sister says through Instagram that when she calls me it goes to voicemsil

  • Diane

    Hopefully all of us will have plenty of those cause my txt sure don’t work

  • Rayne

    Yes. Im in apt 102 and myslf and 104 still nothing but 108 has had service since 630 last night

  • Mary Hill

    This is totally unacceptable. Still off in Houston TX afee 12 hours with no resolution in site. This my business line.. Biggest slap in the face is their total lack of communication with customers. Worst customer service ever.

  • Ghostlives

    Yeah I’m in Rochester New York and I went into my Cricket store they don’t do anything but Cricket there and they were still collecting payments and it’s then covered by the news out here the major news outlets Channel 13 7:10 8 I don’t know about the stock or anything but I think of satellite got bumped out of orbit that’s what happens when you’ve got 3,000 satellites circling the earth at 10000 miles an hour LOL be funny though to see if I lost my job but I heard they were trying to call me yesterday so this is going to prove very interesting Cricket is part of AT&T so I doubt they’re going anywhere

  • Ghostlives

    Cricket stock is $36.74 if I didn’t transpose any numbers that fell 2% Monday but they’re still open and being traded

  • Research Specialist

    GO to Boost!

  • Ink addiction

    Wth!! What’s up with cricket?!!! I also use my phone for business!!!!

  • Astral Projection

    At first I thought we were under attack and that our communication tower was cut but I see people using their phones so I guess cricket just wanted to leave me hanging right after I just payed
    My bill..

  • Matt

    Over 12 hours in Oklahoma City as well. Not much media chatter either. We will be parting ways and obtaining a new provider.

  • Tammie Taylor Lewis

    I’m in Erlanger, KY and my service has been down so be 4:30 pm, June 3rd.

  • Matt

    Phone service just came back on in Okc

  • Tammie Taylor Lewis

    My service has been down since 4:30 pm yesterday. What the heck?? I’m in Erlanger, KY.

  • Diane

    There is hope

  • Diane

    Still down since 6pm yesterday Orlando area….

  • Diane

    How long was it down?

  • Kyle

    Full service is back up and running for like 20 minutes now here in lee’s summit, mo just outside or kcmo.

  • Tina Gina

    Sorry! Tina was having some private time with Gina.

  • lindsay

    Just got service back in Chicago IL

  • pink glitter

    Service still down Anderson South Carolina

  • Tara

    In Orlando. Still no service

  • Tina Gina

    Ohhh! I’m going to go try mine now. I’ve been up all night waiting and also playing with my vagina.

  • Lisa B

    My cricket service went out Friday at 4pm. Thought they would’ve had it fixed by now. Very frustrating as its my only source of communication with my daughter who is traveling with her dad. They have Cricket too!!! I don’t have internet and had to borrow a friends phone thinking I’d wake up with service on mine. Crap just real crap!! I’m in west Tennessee.

  • Diane

    No service since 3p yesterday,what’s up,Diane,Ft.Lauderdale

  • corinna

    Car broke down on busy highway – THAT’s when I realized my phone was down. Pushed my car into parking lot and tried to call my husband… no phone service. Went into local business and used their phone, but no one in my family would answer – they didn’t recognize the number and didn’t want solicitation. REALLY needed my phone right then… Cricket let me down : ( I thank God it wasn’t a life threatening emergency! Still down at 6:25 am in Bradenton, FL.

  • Tina Gina

    I know right… ??? This was the weekend Tina Gina was supposed to get approval for a mortgage on her house

  • Diane

    This is terrible

  • Tina Gina

    you need some tina, hun?

  • Tina Gina

    tina’s been listening to this all night. forgive the tina

  • Catrena Alaniz

    Service finally came back on just now here in San Antonio ,tx have been without any phone internet emails anything my phone was basicly worthless in these 12 hours with no service … My daughters been very sick my husband works late I am late in preganacy what if something would have happened and me and my kids were home alone with no dam phone …. I for one am outraged at this reallybhope they do more than just a sorry for the inconvenience text or whatever ..

  • T

    Still down in NC

  • kayla

    Still down here in Maryland! Please resolve this soon!

  • dav

    down in maryland

  • dav

    They should provide monetary pro-rate for this debacle……..

  • melissa

    Still down since 6 pm nyc

  • Johnny

    Still down in the Virgin Islands. Chill out guys, have some rum.

  • Ethan

    Still down in West Mass.

  • Vanessa

    Still down in cali!! Please get it fixed!!

  • Erandi Garcia

    This is bs still down in new jersey :'( my phone is worthless

  • K.Reed

    Down in Louisville since 5 pm yesterday

  • Amy

    Mine is finally up again !!:) in Phoenix. It was out for hours.

  • gtxgohan

    Down still since 7pm vero beach florida

  • Missy

    Up and running now at 6:57am in Bradenton Fl. Been down since 5pm yesterday evening. On the phone with customer service now to complain and see if we will be composated for anything due to the long inconvience.

  • Terryll Rex

    It’s after 7am in Kirkwood, PA and still down. Down since after 3pm yesterday.

  • April Lucero

    I’ve been down since friday at five thirty said two hours and still isn’t on
    Not happy about it but what else is there to do

  • Yoci

    My father, and my sisters phone have started working, but my mother, and I still don’t have any service here in Winter Garden, Florida.

  • Curt

    Still down in South Carolina

  • Lesley

    Working in Detroit, finally after 12+ hrs. I read online that reporter told by several Cricket stores that outage was planned due to an update!!! Jerks! I’m switching to new carrier.

  • Curt

    Hope cricket will give us credit for been down time

  • Lesley

    Trying to contact customer service to complain, have been on hold for 18 mins! Compensation?

  • Miranda Hurley

    Up and running now but 12 hrs without service in Colorado springs wow and CS number is busy wow

  • Shawn Bowen

    Finely up and working

  • Cassie Dudley

    best comment yet

  • Diane

    Back on in Orlando. Hope the best for the rest of you. Goodbye to all

  • Shawn Bowen

    I need some of you

  • Cassie Dudley

    at 6:56 AM EST, a text I tried to send yesterday finally went through. After over 12 hours, the phone works again. I did not die from a lack of a cell phone! Yippeee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mary

    Finally working. Was out from 4:30pm-6:12am12am12am

  • Shawn Bowen

    I can help you with that

  • mary

    In Brownsville, Tx

  • Shawn Bowen

    Anyone in Indy wanna fux

  • Lesley

    29 mins on hold for cs … I am sure they are swamped with irate customers, as they should be. S*** happens, but 12+ hrs? Not cool.

  • Rayne

    Up and running in Dea Moinez IA

  • Tina Gina

    i’ll take you to tinatown

  • Shawn Bowen

    I’m ready

  • Tina Gina


  • Shawn Bowen

    I’m a freak and love nasty wet wild sex

  • Tina Gina

    set your phone to vibrate

  • Shawn Bowen

    Where are you

  • Shawn Bowen

    I got a vibrating cockring

  • Tina Gina

    wear it on your nut sack and then stick it to gina

  • Shawn Bowen
  • John New

    Finally, service is back.. 4:15am Jackson, CA. I sure hope this is a one time thing. Just subscribed last month. :-[

  • Lafeit Frierson

    Phone still not working in new Jersey

  • Anthony Rezendes

    Still have no service in Rhode island. Been like this since 330 yesterday….

  • Kimberly Lefcowitz

    Back up and running here in Maryland on the DC line

  • Ethan

    Back up in West Mass at 7:48 EST, after 12+ hrs….

  • Muhammad Khan

    We got our network back. Chicago, IL

  • Stacie Lewis

    In VA and MD my whole family was without service and thanks to this crap my husband missed our nephew’s graduation because he couldn’t get in touch with us on where to meet and waited around for 2 hours!! I know that some thing’s can’t be helped but he will never get this day back!! Ridiculous!!

  • Robert Smith

    Back up. In zuni va

  • Anthony Rezendes

    Now I’m going in and out of service

  • Shaquonia Perry

    I still cant use my phone for 2 days now this is awful. I hope cricket not expecting a FULL payment from me. No can call, text nothing my daughter birthday is today and if someone needs directions i cant even give them without a phone
    SUCKS! Anyone else in ohio still out

  • Brandon crawford

    Restarted phone this morning and wal ahh back in the saddle again. Ft worth, TX

  • Leah

    Just started receiving service in NJ. I sure hope Cricket compensate their customers!! Many people lost wages and special events that they could never get back!! Please share if word gets out concerning some sort of compensation.

  • David H

    Saw your post. Did same. Ft worth here also. Thanks dude.

  • Mary Garza

    I got my service back its 7:30 am now so since 4 o’ clock yesterday …im in corpus christi Texas ….

  • Dana Alexander

    Without a phone she was stranded for hours and believe me in Miami there’s some places where you don’t want to be stranded without any means to contact your family. She couldn’t use any form of social media because of the phones being down. If it wasn’t for me having Cricket and knowing what the deal was when her family called me frantic because they didnt know where she was or what happened she would have really been in a horrible situation. My problem with cricket didn’t just start yesterday. I’ve had issues with them for months now. Their data expires too fast, their payment sites are too complicated to get to. Their ZTE phone sucks and always freezes up and after yesterday I’m so done with them. They never went on any social media or their website to inform their customers of what was going on or to say anything to rectify the situation. Which could have cut back on all the complaints. When you give people feedback or just a we understand. We’re working on it attitude you get less argumentative people. Other carriers have done that when their service is out. They never did. That’s bad business and customer service. Sometimes it only takes one screw up to cause a relationship to fail….. This was #4 for me and I’m switching today. FYI…. My friend is fine. She was scared and sore but is home safe.

  • Shane

    Up and running in San Antonio…thanks for 14 hours of CRICKETS!

  • Chloe

    Got service back. But my husband’s phone still is not working

  • Jayne

    I’m also in TN and my service came back after I reatarted my phone this morning.

  • Shane

    IMine was down too in San Antonio. I missed business calls from work and my daughter …… RIDICULOUS!

  • Kaykay

    my phone stopped working around 4pm yesterday & still not on! #chicago

  • Stupidcricket I wanta credit

    Buffalo NY..I found by restarting my phone this morning Its back! I just gotta find that credit on my bill?

  • GradientDescent

    “#CricketNation, we apologize for the interruption of some of your services.”

    Some? How ’bout an interruption in everything that I pay Cricket to do for me?!

    I’m not nearly as concerned about a credit as I am having some assurance that Cricket’s social media director receives remedial training on how not to be a bonehead.

  • John Bozeman

    Thanks for the tip! My phone was dead until about 9am, when I read your tip, I rebooted my iPhone and service came back right away.

  • merouane ali

    I live in spring valley my, no cricket service since yesterday Friday 7:00 pm till now. I was thinking problem is my phone, I almost bought a new iphone.

  • merouane ali

    I live in spring valley ny, no cricket service since yesterday Friday 7:00 pm till now. I was thinking problem is my phone, I almost bought a new iphone

  • merouane ali

    I get some signal now but weak.

  • John

    This is now posted on their website: “Service Update
    We apologize again for any loss of
    service. Our teams have resolved the issue. Customers may need to power
    their phones off and then back on to restore service.”

  • Melanie Gibson

    I restarted my phone and can make and receive phone calls. I can now send a text but I’m still not able to receive texts. I have a signal but it’s weak.

  • Melanie Gibson

    I can now receive a text.

  • Melanie Gibson

    I want a credit Cricket. I always pay you on time. This left me stranded and cost me way more than it should have to make it home on a Friday evening with an approaching thunder storm.

  • Ivan Grom

    Pull over and ask for directions like people use to do before smart phones did all the thinking for you.

  • Carolyn Gilbert

    I have partial service back but still unable to access websites or some apps.

  • Brian Farrell

    I have restarted my phone several times, and although I can finally receive texts and make calls I am unable to access any of my apps that require internet connection. So, with that being said, the statements by Cricket regarding a resolution to the problem is totally inaccurate. I have also been unable to reach Cricket customer service. This is in Denver, CO.

  • Jeff Kranz

    Houston we have a problem!!!

  • Randy Cheek

    Moo. Just inconvenient. stop being an evil troll.

    Sent from my HTC

    —– Reply message —–

  • Harold Bennett

    I finally have full use and can text call and use my internet it started yesterday around 2:30 or 3 who did not come back on until between 9 and noon

  • Danielle Simpson

    I lost money due to this outage, the fact that no explanation has been been given, and what they plan to do to prevent it from happening again is ridiculous. Thanks at&t and cricket for your crappie customer service.

  • Brian Farrell

    Still no 4G… Seriously Cricket, I was on hold for 45 minutes before i gave up. Get it together, or at least let us know what’s happening!

  • Michelle Stanfield Hinderberge

    I have phone service now but no data. I had lost all services for 6 hours yesterday

  • Brian Farrell

    Still on hold… Customer Service must not realize there is actual service that comes with the position. In the meantime I get to enjoy some elevator rock that sounds like it was released by Zack Attack from Saved By The Bell.

  • Tbone

    NW Indiana ….. my phone kind of works, off and on. My wife’s not at all and we have the same phone as well. it’s 7 pm sat night.

  • Ice shattered

    A day or two isn’t going to harm you… A month maybe but INTILL then things happened and life goes on and sorry about the lazy service..

  • neil

    i got $10 compensation for the outage. via chat, the first agent i spoke with said the ceo of cricket was waiting for reports to show how long the outage was and from that he would determine the amount of compensation to be sent to us, the customers. i said that wasn’t good enough and asked to speak to his supervisor. his supervisor said he could offer me $5 credit. i explained that the previous agent lied to me then. he apologized and raised the credit to $10. here’s the thing…in order for us to get fairly compensated for the outage and not being able to reach a customer service operator like we are supposed to….you have to speak to cricket in way they will listen to you…..cost them money. every transfer to a supervisor costs the company considerably more money and raises flags. only a fraction of the cricket customer base would have to call and ask to speak to a supervisor, asking for compensation, until it would become more financially prudent for them to just issue a blanket credit for a proper amount…$5 and $10 is a joke. additionally, mention that when you dial 611 and try to dial 0 to speak to a live cricket rep….it hangs up on you…at least it did for me…several times. it’s in our agreement that we can speak to a rep by dialing 611. failure to do so, is not fulfilling the service that we pay for…but then again, so was the outage, lol.

  • christie watson

    I lost my downloads and had to redo everything. I also was on the phone waiting for customer services for 40 mins and spent over 30 mins arguing with her because she tried to blame me for losing everything when the outage happened. I asked for them to restore stuff and she told me that they would only do it if I “upgraded” my plan to the next plan which would cost more money. Needless to say we are now switching to verizon because we are over it.

  • Charlene Rod

    Yeah. My guess this happened because cricket was acquired by AT&T about a year ago (maybe the updates are what caused service interference). Honestly pretty pleased with services.

  • Elaine Maltby

    I got the text about the service being back up and I texted back asking if there was going to be a credit for the loss of service and the only reply I received was that it didn’t understand the code that I was sending….what code? I wanted an answer!!!

  • Elaine Maltby

    And now the phone alerted me that the service is down once again. Really!?

  • Helen Vanairsdale

    By not alerting me to the issues, I am the emergency contact for my mother who is dying, and now all of our family communication has to be re-routed through another service. Thanks a lot. I thought my phone service was shut off due to me paying my bill for June on May 25th and not getting a confirmation via tex acknowledging the payment was for June. My service has now been down for at least a week, I want compensation towards my next billing cycle. Bill paid for June 2016 in the amount of 50.00 on 5/25/2016,
    Tracking# 208-771-9727., invoice 65495BP3100. Bill was paid at Cricket, 305 w. Kathleen Ave., Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83815, clerk Amy K.
    Helen A Vanairsdale

  • whatever

    randall stephenson, is this your way of treating cricket customers as 3rd rate customers, this is what happens when one telecom giant buys up the competition

  • whatever

    t-mobil is offering great deals to cricket customers who want real wireless service

  • Cathie Sebastian

    I am in Ft Worth TX and have been dealing with no 4G part of the time text taking a long time to send and my signal has been maybe 1 or 2 bars and I have never had that issue before. So many people are telling me they are having a hard time hearing me. Cricket what is the issue. When I talked with a rep on Chat I got no help.

  • Theguy

    This is the 2nd time I’ve completely lost data now. Last month their tower that I was on went down. I’m wondering what bs story they will have now? This is getting to be very annoying. Sure, Cricket didn’t have the greatest coverage before at&t bought them out, but at least their towers didn’t go down all the time like they do now apparently. Are we going to be compensated for our inconvenience? NO! We won’t even get the days we didn’t have service knocked off our bill. All we’ll get is an apology in the form of a text message. Working towards providing better service, my ***!

  • yuwannawriteme

    Really bad signal. One or two bars or no service. Can’t use it in the office while other carriers have no issues. Maybe time to go back to T-Mobile.

  • Jennystrat

    In Tama Iowa, phone has no service, AGAIN. I don’t even have the Cricket logo at the top just like a couple of weeks ago. This is ridiculous!

  • Yesi

    Watsford north Dakota no signal!!!

  • Vicky Bryan

    It is not just cricket folks…this is an issue with several providers

  • Vicky Bryan

    You can call customer service and get a $5 credit per line. This is an ongoing issue with multiple carriers.

  • LarryPaulPritchard

    No service in SE Ohio

  • Enrique Cortes

    No service Inverness fl

  • EddyEd

    I have NO SERVICE in NEW YORK CITY! Why is that? Went to a Wedding yesterday and needed to GPS an hour drive back home but had to figure out how to get around an area I had no clue about. I GET SOME CALLING and TEXT but definitely NO INTERNET service, and MY BILL IS PAID IN FULL.

  • Yoyo

    I have been having issues since this New Cricket service. I am ready to switch service. I’ve been with Cricket over 10 years. But I rather switch service at this point. And if I want a better phone I have to pay an arm and a leg.

  • Lea

    I’ve been having issues with cricket since yesterday….and really, since their merger. Bestie is having a baby today but her messages are not downloading for me to read and my texts are failing when sending ๐Ÿ™
    Denver, CO

  • Nsherry

    I have no service here in muskogee Oklahoma what is going on? Most of the time data drags anyway but service is weak all the time!

  • Nsherry

    Why have this site if no ones going to respond? Connect us with a temp service then because we’ve gotten zero compensation yet stayed with cricket and have experienced problems since march!!!

  • This site isn’t run by Cricket…

  • KJP

    Network connection issues. Port Charlotte FL. 8/2/16. Cannot make or receive calls.

  • Drea

    Can’t pay my bill online.
    I’m getting really upset about this.
    Keeps saying MyAccount is unavailable.

  • katrina

    My phone keeps cutting off

  • BeautyToLove

    Cricket cell network down in Youngstown, Florida (Panama City). I have not been able to make any outgoing calls or receive any calls for over 50 minutes so far — and counting! I’m very upset because my Mother is at the hospital and I can’t even get ahold of her to find out if she’s ok! Absolutely ridiculous!

  • Jorge

    Long Island NY my phone has been stuck on searching for 30 minutes. Not happy

  • Mary

    Horrible. I had perfect service until the blackout occurred. Since then no phone service, data WHEN able to use it. Notified today that towers are down in Marion county to Florida and one near Leesburg, FL and not expected back up until August 29th. They refused to credit me. The store is more then helpful when purchasing their phones but do nothing when you have problems. Our two kids saved up to buy ZTE grand x3 phones last month that and our service is not working so they are worthless.

  • Bill Wagner

    current outage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the Cricket customer service number is NOT being answered.

  • Karan Channon

    My service is off right now, when I woke this morning my phone was in airplane mode,I could not remove it, I had to restart the phone. I missed an important call. What’s going on? How do I fix this

  • koalaluver 247365

    My service has been wonky since Friday. No texts or calls will go through but it says I am still using data? It keeps telling me I need to turn my sim card on but it won’t turn on

  • Will Brown

    I use my phone a lot to text a friend in another state who is also a cricket customer and since that huge nationwide outage back in June, I keep running into periods where my texts are not being received by my friend and vice a versa. I called and spoke to cricket customer service and the rep had me create another access point name. Once I did that, the phone worked great for about a week and is now back to doing the same thing (missing texts that are lost in limbo). Has anyone else run into this issue? Its really infuriating

  • Will Brown

    I smell a cricket rep…

  • John Koether

    I have cricket service in North Phoenix and I have not been able to get Internet via cricket all day today 28th August. I can make and receive calls but no Internet unless I’m connected to a wireless spot.

  • Dan

    I can not dial out or receive phone calls this morning. Texts both outgoing or incoming are taking forever. Are there problems again?

  • Jeff Lush

    I’m having the same issue in the east valley. Customer support (india) told me the towers are “downgraded” what ever that means.

  • Jeff Lush

    I’m in east Phoenix and have had the same problem. The last couple days I can not make or receive calls.

  • mrbarry

    Cricket is a no good rotten mthrfkg non service cell phone business and needs to be shut down as it is s Fkg scam

  • Kelly

    Just lost service in Cincinnati 20 mins ago


    No service since yesterday morning.

  • Jess hall

    No service in SC for 2 days now

  • Jess hall

    I’ve called… thinking my an setting was but still not resolved .when will this be back to the service I love??

  • Geeezer

    Service isn’t recognizing sim – and website is down.

  • Geovannimarcel

    My service has been out since about 2 today. Can’t make calls.

  • MTV Catfish

    me too, I can’t even pay my service, wtf?? lol

  • mongatu

    Cricket phone & data service very sporadic in Honolulu, Hawaii.