Crossy Road problems

Try and play Crossy Road, it is Frogger without the frog. This game can be played on Amazon devices or via mobile app on Android and iOS. Are you ready to find the new Crossy Road secret characters? In the past gamers have complained about the app crashing on them and not being able to login, do you have any problems at all?

This is where the chicken really does cross the road, but sometimes this doesn’t happen due to Crossy Road problems. Gamers have also been angry due to crashing and not saving the game progress, some characters have been lost and a few have said they had issues when trying to download the game. Another major issue is when there is a new update; apparently it takes forever to download.

Have you got any Crossy Road issues you wish to share?

Crossy Road status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

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Problems with Crossy Road? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Darcy

    Crossy Road characters keep going AWOL, I never told them they could have time out. Why do they go missing?

  • Jason

    Half way through a game the app closes, I open up again only for the same thing to happen. Oh dear.

  • Matthew

    All my data has gone, characters have gone, didn’t save my game, Frogger is so much better. They should never have imitated a already good game. Yes i was playing as i like to try new games out, not a crime.

  • Mark

    Just shutdown on me, i am playing via my iphone 6 plus.

  • Jess

    is anyone having issues loading Crossy Road? Mine will not open at all, it just keeps crashing on my iPhone.

  • Martin

    I have never had any issues at all with Crossy Road, hopefully you had a slight glitch and you do not have any problems now.

  • gjsuap

    After the last update (version 1.9.0 in Android) I can’t use any characeter higer than Pig (102/160). It keeps “bouncing” to pig. I need to use the Lucky Cat but can’t select it.

  • Chatbuddy

    Does anyone else have trouble with Disney crossyroad since ios10.2.1 update? I have rebooted and turned iPad off and on several times yet it continues to crash.

  • charu v ramanan

    Crossy road Disney version is not loading for the past two days.

  • Lana Sundance

    Disney Crossy Road is locked up !! (using Android version on Amazon Fire TV) It did an update and after an hour or so, it locked up while doing the Weekend challenge (Wreck It Ralph) and wouldn’t allow it to close or anything else. Tried force closing it, rebooting my device – yet it is still locked up.

  • Yaboy

    I can’t even get into the game

  • Benjamin Hannah

    Same here. I’m stuck at the Hipster Whale screen on a Kindle Fire.

  • Benjamin Hannah

    We did a force-stop, but still cant get past the Hipster Whale screen on an Amazon Kindle Fire in our kid’s Free Time profile. Called Amazon, and they tried everything short of deleting/reinstalling (which would lose all progress).

  • Fuzzywump2

    I recently got a new Kindle Fire (old one had dead battery) and now can’t get Disney Crossy Road to run. It locks on the opening screen right after Hipster Whale starts bubbling. I am missing the game and all the new characters. This occurred right after the Beauty and the Beast upate.

  • Robski

    I unlocked the Elegant Minnie character yesterday. The game forced itself into shut down. Now it won’t get past the Hipster Whale loading screen.

  • Tim K

    Anyone’s Disney Crossy road not loading after the lilo update?

  • Kris

    Yes, mine won’t load either after the update

  • Tim K

    Makes me feel a bit better

  • Cindy Kruger

    Not loading after the Android 7.0 update (Je 2017)

  • Tim K

    Mine still hasn’t loaded even with 2 (I think) Crossy roads updates

  • Cindy Kruger

    Jeez! I thought it was just me or my phone or the Android update. Sounds like it’s them. Thx for the feedback

  • Tim K

    I’ve emailed hipster whale and they don’t know what is wrong. I have like 500 characters so it’s super frustrating. Maybe next update

  • Dandi Snyder

    Anyone lose their daily missions option? Mine is suddenly gone. 🙁

  • Claire Amanda Whelan

    Yes mine has gone and so has my kids ones

  • Marcelle

    no daily missions and no weekend challenges for two weekends now

  • Tom Stockett

    The Disney Crossy Road Logo stays on the screen when I play?? Also I tried to download it again from Store,but it gives a Error warning every time I try…

  • Racer X

    Android december update broke google play game login..not longer available in settings, lost all game achievements, on settings there is a facebook login – no thanks- and I can’t use buttons to hop anymore on my chromebook.

  • c Roelke

    Sound is default muted on my android Disney Crossy Road. Each time I play I have to toggle to green (on) in the settings to hear sound and music. This is a new thing. All sound works loud in videos shown during play however.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  • Gayle Eastwood

    I keep winning coins, but no “Free Gift” or “Win a Prize” boxes show up.

  • Darin Ramsay

    Yeah, what’s the deal with that???

  • Cindy Kruger

    It’s been like that since at least July 2018 when program bugs started

  • paige

    my game wont even open … it just dtsys showing the chicken

  • Heather Lefort

    I have two Amazon fireboxes and each one I have Disney crossy roads. The one I have in the living room is most played. It keeps crashing after the hipster whale shows up on the start up screen. I haven’t been able to get on it for a week. I tried the one in the bedroom and it worked just fine but I rarely play so it has hardly anything on there. And I’m definitely not starting all over again. I put too much time into it.