Destiny 2 server and maintenance problems

The Destiny server status comes into question when this game runs into problems, which could reveal the servers are unavailable and explain connection issues. Players help to reveal sign-in errors with feedback on this page and will answer those wondering if Destiny servers are down right now, or if the glitches seen when playing this role-playing game are related to your network.

If there is an outage with Destiny or Destiny 2, then it could be Bungie’s servers and be further reaching by impacting other games. Player reports vary with complaints ranging from connection bugs, loading and install freezing, and of course the Destiny servers going down that has been blamed on hackers in the past year within mainstream news.

Please detail problems today by leaving your location and platform details below, or reach official channels to complain by using the links on this page. You will see both updates to download and hot fixes with developers using maintenance windows for the latter.

Destiny status reports for Wednesday 12th of May 2021

To find out if Destiny is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Destiny? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Robert Foraker

    maybe so but the sunbreakers didn’t need to be nerfed they weren’t OP

  • wookie

    Many people fail to realize that Activision/Bungie Destiny is seriously running into financial issues. Trying to raise an in-game money grab on in its Halloween Festival Of The Lost which ended November 8th and now its recent Sparrow Racing Games all which to cover the heavy cost of its servers. Destiny Gamers would have to be extremely naive or completely dumb-ass not to figure this out. Destiny is a game that is losing the interest of gamers. Low Ratings speak for itself as the poor rewards for Bungie’s lame attempt to impress those whom have played Destiny since its release in 2013.

  • Xbox gamertage: DaithDeN0glaV2

    I like how your so dumb saying it’s losing intrested when it’s kne of the top played games of 2025 and the hackers didn’t bring destjny servers down kn Christmas lizard squad took down xbox live and play station network get ur facts right and they arnt in a financial crisis they are making tons of money off the taken king it’s made more money then halo 4 and collection combined and destiny won’t fail because bu gie is awesome and ur not

  • toOldforUyoungins

    this is why children shouldnt have access to adult things lol…

  • Andrew

    Down here on the East Coast. I select my character and get into orbit only to get Error Code: Vulture before getting kicked back to the title screen. Has happened about like 5-6 times in a row now in about the past 10 minutes.

  • Scott

    Down in the Seattle area. Let’s me log in but when I select a character I get an error about permission As usual, other games and X box live are working

  • Dr Awsome

    Am on Xbox at east coast down for hour when press the log in says you have lost connection to servers What is going on was on Orx hard spent hour doing it shadow round were you shoot and get loot all of my team got out because of servers now all the time spent to get loot wasted plz fix server soon

  • Cole

    Central US on the xbox one. Upon character selection I am being told I have lost connection to the destiny servers. This has been going on for about an hour.

  • Philippe Meresse

    France down too

  • MacTurk1149

    In Washington, D.C., I can get through to character select just fine, but after selecting any of my three characters, it shows the loading screen for a minute or two, then an error pops up about Destiny server connection. No error code to go along with it, just the message and a link to the Destiny message board.

  • MacTurk1149

    Slow down there, Mister Awesome. This site doesn’t care about the imaginary rewards you didn’t get due to connection loss. The site also had no control over Destiny servers or anything else about Destiny. It’s just a place for people to report game and server issues, and to share information.

    You could also try using a few punctuation marks here and there… Your long, rambling, run-on attempt at communication is all but incoherent.

  • Brandon Correa

    Yes they did need to be nerved and yes they were OP. Theyre insanely OP.

  • Brandon Correa

    It sounds worse when you read it out loud. Proper grammar is rare nowadays.

  • Joeseph Earl Conger

    Can’t connect to servers in Portland Oregon on ps4

  • Lee Calhoun

    Xbox one 7:18am est you can select a character but after that says lost connection to destiny servers.

  • Vega

    I believe this is an xbox one issue. They said something about it on their page.

  • Bdunks

    Down in Australia too

  • Tymanis81

    Middle Tennessee area, I’m able to pick my character and get to the orbit screen. I can travel to all the planets and do the missions but upon trying to go to the crucible, I wait and wait because it cant find anyone.

  • wookie

    Apparently you don’t read other popular gaming websites that denounce Destiny as being popular as it once was formerly in the past. Despite the fact that I infrequently play the game; it really is a mundane shooter game with no storyline to captivate the interests of hardcore gamers.

  • Techguy

    Ps3 in Missiouri can’t even log in

  • guardian1

    down for us in ct.


    Got all the way to the boss shank at the end of the fallen saber strike for sleeper simulant and two times in a row it said connecting to servers and my screen went black but I could still shoot and hear. This is a week straight of stuff like this. Bungie needs to get it together.

  • Blackdeadly

    On Xbox360 in DC it says can’t connect to servers

  • Jerome Bailey

    Today it wont give me my rewards foer the daily strike after i tried three times

  • Michelle Carey

    Down in denver, co. Constant caterpillar code. Never had these problems until the racing update. Problems left and right.

  • Garrett Luecke

    12-20-15 I haven’t been able to log into destiny. error pops up and says “could not connect to the destiny servers. Please try again later”..ERROR code “marionberry” its been almost a week and I cant find any thing online that says destiny servers are down. what is going on!!!!

  • SaphirasDragon

    Canary kicking me out all day and got marionberry a few times in king fall raid everything is glitching really bad you kill something and it pops back up in front of you with full health. I can’t get my rewards for my daily strikes and it won’t even fill it in saying I did the strike.

  • Hitosha

    Lagging at Oryx. Detonated 16 orbs and hardly anything was done to boss. Constant black screens and teleporting mobs. Have seen NAT errors left and right today. Never had this many problems before most recent patch.

  • Mysterrrii

    I logged in just a few minutes ago, my screen went black and in the top left corner read ” oops, something back happened, please wait a moment “. Its 12/22/15

  • Gamebest

    I’m stuck at character selection screen says no internet connection. I am watching Netflix do I know internet is good. 12/27/2015

  • AnXboxGamer

    Dec 28, 2015. I can’t kill oryx, can’t do the blood in the garden for no time, and can’t even sparrow race without a barrage of error code weasels, baboons, and caterpillars. BungieHelp claims that those are all personal connection issues, but i can do anything else perfectly fine from streaming movies and music on my laptop or playing other online games on my 360.

  • paul

    Cant log in
    Central CA
    360 platform

  • Boba Prince

    Can’t play the game for longer than 5 minutes without being kicked out. My internet is fine and it keeps doing this. PS3 platform.

  • Matthew Pablo Nunez

    Can’t log in connection issue but everything else works fine. No internet issues, wired straight to router with my PS3 in Jamaica.

  • Randy

    This problem needs to be fixed now so people can enjoy their game I can’t even get on the servers in Ragland Alabama it said servers not available

  • Tomerino

    ‘oops something bad happened’, this won’t stop happening, i reset my xbox countless times i uninstalled all destiny content, i reset the internet, i deleted my profile and redownloaded it, and for some reason my profile picture is not showing up, if that was not bad enough star wars battle front and by other games cannot get past the start cart, they just return to the title screen, destiny is the only one that launches but then the ‘oops’ error message just comes up????????? Im in the UK, Xbox One

  • Malik Wright

    Keeps telling me that my online preferences may have changed or my profile MAY be signed on somewhere else…..

  • amendonca

    Same here. I’m in Brazil. A number of friends saying the same thing.

  • Shane

    Hard reset your xbox, thats what I did and it fixed it.

  • Shane

    Same here in canada

  • David Jones

    Connectivity issues again…

  • Dereck Phillips

    Keeps saying I might be logged in elsewhere i live in Phoenix

  • Strom

    This is really annoying with the whole might be “signed in elsewhere” or the “change in my permissions” or the “code vulture” this is starting to piss me off they might lose a destiny player.

  • Pharaohbam

    I think I ruined it by showing too many people how to cheese the totems

  • Peyton

    “Waiting for party stabilization” and not connecting to servers -Norfolk VA

  • Jack

    I’m in ashburn VA same problem. It’s an Xbox live problem.

  • Teej

    Same here try to stabilize connection then it fails.. San Diego

  • Fools_Russian

    Can’t got an hour with having server connection issues. Catapillar, beaver, weasel, baboon codes. PS4 console in Moscow Idaho. Been happening with increasing frequency for about a week.

  • Sean Clayton

    Same in western PA. Keeps saying that I am signed in somewhere else.

  • Young cheezy

    Gettin the same issue for me in New Mexico and a friend in Colorado

  • Ty

    Same here in Florida. They want to be one of the biggest and best games on the market…… (which currently they are) yet they constantly have been having network issues. Maybe they should get the servers that have the capacity to handle current Destiny players before they continue with other projects like Destiny 2. They risk running off too many aggravated people.

  • omgthatsgreat

    Same issue for me. Im in Ontario :/ i was kicking %*$ on PVP when it went down at around 2-3

  • Ridge

    I just got on trying to play and it loaded all the way to orbit and booted me off

  • Ridge

    I did and it still won’t work.

  • Derpy

    They lost me

  • Bill Cosby

    South FL: tried to log in. Lets me choose a character. Then I’m at a loading screen for 3 minutes. Then I’m kicked. It happens the ONE day I want to get things.

  • Derp

    I can’t get past the menu

  • Bob Harper

    I honestly don’t care. I’m a PC gamer myself. Gonna go back to World of Warcraft and Minecraft now…

  • AnAwkwardKitten

    I’m just sitting here after choosing a character just to get an error without a code

  • no one

    anyone know when it is supposed to be up

  • Derp


  • Angry

    Total crap shoot you spend money constantly for expansions and Xbox live and they both keep getting worse. Either destiny has a bug,glitch,nerf,or server issue or Xbox live is totally down to multiplayer options. Total crap shoot guys no one wants to hear your excuses do your jobs.

  • Angry

    When the devil wears ice skates

  • Damnit

    Might be something to do with Xbox live as I can’t seem to play any multiplayer games. Internet is working.

  • Damnit

    MS tweeted this 2 hrs ago: “Our teams are still on the case looking into issues with Xbox Live. Thanks for being patient and stay tuned for more info”.

  • ScootyPuffSr

    World of Tanks is working, but Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny are not.

  • Sniperksa1980

    Same in Saudi Arabia Jeddah city
    I make it to orbit then got kicked out

  • Derp

    Well if its xbox live than I can play PvZ garden warfare 2 beta tomorrow LIKE REALLY M8?

  • Sniperksa1980

    Well I’ll play fallout 4 and I’ll delet destiny game for good

  • Derpy

    Is anyone else STILL having problems? Probably Xbox live, couldn’t play PvZ gw today either

  • Howard J. Clifford

    its the same sh!t here all day xbox one destiny southern illinois

  • Tim

    Still down

  • Derpy

    It’s still down for me, whatever I’ll just play some PvZ gw 2 beta

  • bryman

    My destiny has an error message saying oops something bad happened please wait an it freezes are yall having same prob on Xbox one

  • bryman

    Is urs having a message like oops something bad happened an its on the left hand corner

  • Franki Williams

    Halo 5, no prob. Dragonball Xenoverse, no prob. Destiny? Faaahhget about it.

  • Angela Long

    I keep getting signed out of psn when I am idle for even a minute. It has dc’d me at nearly every finishing quest.

  • jennifer hyndman

    Still can’t log in. 2 days now.

  • Kiyotaka Izumi

    So what I had to do to restore my connection on my Xbox One you may try this with PS4 to see if it helps:

    1. Unplug modem and router (or just your modem router combo) wait 30 sec plug them back in and wait for all the blinking lights to come back on.

    2. Unplug power cable from Xbox 360 or Xbox One console or PS4 and wait 30 sec and plug it back in DO NOT TURN IT ON YET!!!

    3. Once all the blinking lights are on on your modem and router or M/R combo make sure that there is connection by using another device (i.e Smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC etc) on you have made sure that the network is back online then turn your console back on.

    4. Goto your network settings and test to make sure that the network is indeed recognized by the console and try to log back into Destiny.

    This helped me log back into the Destiny servers. I hope this helps all or at least most of the Guardians out there and if it doesn’t I will be awaiting the internet beatings to come.



  • ThisIs NotMe

    I was googling the issue and left it on the error message window and after 2-5 minutes it joined to the server. It’s now downloaded an update.

  • Victor Perez

    My PS3 don’t log in destiny server is there something wrong. With it?

  • Jesse Francis

    Server connection issues. Xbox360, Southern Ontario…..

  • Jamie

    My destiny won’t install the update what do I do ?

  • Kiki_Zinnias

    Tried logging in got message servers were down and then waited a few minutes and it logged in

  • clayguy1

    Tried early this morning.. Down… tried at 11 am mt time.. down still..
    Just tried at 11:54 am.. and signed in with no problem… man their servers really suck

  • Joe Keefe

    I haven’t been able to sign in for 3 days.

  • clayguy1

    Man I hear ya

  • Ramiro Nunez

    Chicago by midway airport s not connecting to servers for 3 days

  • vortexator

    Yes. ..really bad connection problems also from switzerland.
    Just keep trying ull get in eventually Like me

  • Andrew

    Is anyone getting the buffalo error message when playing Destiny? This has caused me to go offline 3 times now.

  • Greggy

    Destiny is down for maintenance right now, Bungie reported this yesterday saying they will start at 8am pst and finish at 2pm pst.

  • Sosic

    Well it’s 2:37 approximately ladies and gents

  • j mez

    Its 3:40pm and they are still down

  • Justin Aaron McClain

    Down 6:32pm Tampa Florida

  • Nite Beard

    Been down since 4:30pm in Chicago

  • Brett

    Down for Xbox one in new york

  • Billy

    Destiny servers down in Atlanta

  • Joey

    Been down in Alabama 3 hours

  • Yup

    Down in Memphis, tn

  • Scott Gordon

    not able to update destiny

  • Mcslap13

    Down in California

  • Xx_Xboxonekiller_xX

    I can’t even play destiny.its not Connecting 🙁

  • Samantha

    Can’t find any guardians to play crucible and now I’m doing strikes by myself because it can’t find anyone to join either.

  • Luis Rafael Garcia Ortiz

    it’s down in puerto rico too

  • Pita Pan

    down in Boston, second day cant connect.

  • Roc14life

    Down in Sacramento CA

  • michelle suzuki

    Was working 15 min ago, then I went to change profile and couldn’t get back in again – is still down. – Honolulu, HI

  • Joshua Smith

    Down on both mine and friends ohio saying trouble connecting 2 server all day

  • Nicholas

    All my friends including me get looged out and contact more then ever on ps4/xbox one and people get there supers instantly after they lose it and use it over and over again we are in jacksonville florida. Please fix the servers we love playing the game its just lagging way to much for us to play on iron banner.

  • Wils Gomes

    Down in toronto

  • Doug Clairday

    Server off line for Wisconsin….3/1/2016 (8:11pm)

  • Sean

    “Destiny character servers has been lost” for the last 4hrs on Xbox One in Mississippi.

  • Corey Phillip Green

    Severs have been kicking me and my friends and constantly losing connection.

  • Gerald Guillory

    Can’t complete a single mission without getting kicked off. Been an all day thing.

  • Simon

    Destiny is down for me, how long is the maintenance for?

  • Onlygameslayer

    Haven’t been able to get past loading screen going on two weeks

  • Onlygameslayer

    Sent ps4 in for repair received a new console opened port’s to router replaced disc and still can’t connect to destiny.If it’s not us but Bungie at least have the decency to let us know ahead of time

  • Matthew Twohig

    Server keeps kicking me out of crucible 8.02am omaha,ne 4,11,16

  • Matthew Twohig

    Anyone else having issues in the ps4

  • Sharhonda Ware

    Servers down for Xbox 360

  • Boom

    Down to Xbox one also

  • Shaun Lebrun

    XB1 says i need internet to play and i am signed and and it wont updat

  • Sky Dancer TheWhale

    XB1 lets me in, I go into a mission solo, then it magically tells me I left the fireteam that doesn’t exist. This has been happening for two days and my multiplayer connection is fine. Please help!!

  • Stephen D Smith

    Lost connection to server. Says I may be logged in somewhere else or I may not have permission to play multi-player games. San Francisco, California area.

  • tyner

    running choppy at the moment on Xbox one for me, did have some error codes like ‘nightingale’ and ‘cattle’ pop up, seems to be running fine right now

  • lbiza

    Its down..
    Origin: CA
    Duration: since 5:20PM EST
    Type: Ms X-bone

  • guy

    Marionberry error code from approx 8am, 4/22/16. Still can’t connect at 11:30am. No other connection issues on Xbox one. Not using WiFi (plugged in) and all network tests on Xbox live are good. Any suggestions?

  • Larry

    I have tried for the last hour to connect with Destiny online, but to no avail.

  • Brent

    Is there a breaking glitch in Destiny?

  • Karl

    I am having issues as well Larry, just a pain in the back side at the moment trying to play online with friends.

  • Tina Frost

    Mine keeps disconnecting sometimes says lost connection and check network configuration

    Or it kicks me out of a stage saying that I lost connection to that world

  • Tina Frost

    Says lost connected check network configuration or in stage lost connection to the world

  • Biff Bifferson

    Disconnected at the very end of Daily Heroic – got nothing. Disconnected again ten minutes later just grinding. I’ve lost connection five or six times over the last week at different times of day. Now I hesitate before playing any hard missions because you can get dropped in level 5 of Prison of Elders and get nothing. This is killing the game experience. Of course Bungle just pretends it isn’t their problem. Funny how I change nothing and they keep updating and connection issues are on my end!

  • Sound_Logic

    Player lagged out while counting down the bomb detonation on hard mode oryx challenge. Later on the platforms wouldn’t spawn for the runner. Pretty irritating. Also I (and others I play with) have had issues with our friends lists not populating inside destiny’s roster.

  • abdulwalee

    Continued server disruptions in Saudi Arabia

  • Motts76

    So I deleted destiny and tried to put it back into my ps4 after downloading the game app and starting it it shows on the bottom left of the start screen “pre-release beta”. When I start it it won’t connect to destiny! And it’s playing the original music not the taken King. Anyone have a solution?

  • Dave

    I just got kicked out 1 hour ago, can’t log on I get “lost connection to destiny server multiplayer or profile change…”

  • Olwen Cuttita

    Cant get tower to load up even though I can hear the background noises. All I get is a black or white screen. I can still pull up menus but I cant do anything else at the tower. I to completely turn off my xbox360 n back on to do anything. Any suggestions?

  • Dennis Parsons

    Can’t even complete a vanguard mission due to ERROR CODE BEETLE

  • Billy Patrick

    I can’t even load any characters. I’m stuck at the title screen.

  • Joannagilbrook

    Yeha same destiny needs to sort it out and stop blaming us when its them unless they sort the problems ile be putting no more money into the game

  • Bryan Clemons

    so many damn times in the last month in a half being in middle or the end of a mission and get kicked off, I like the game but sick of being kick off. how long is it going to take to fix this? how many have been on or middle of a mission and the game freezes?

  • terminator4th

    I live in vancouver BC Canada, it is rather annoying that we continually get server issues. Why do you guys(Bungie) hire people who know what they are doing. I paid big bucks to use this game and spend a lot of hours. check my stats. Today at 10:10AM PST this connecting to server goes wacky. There is nothing wrong with my setting or Xbox one. It is always bungie or who it may be hosting your server. Come on guys get with the plan. Put in dedicated servers for each of your games (e.e crucibles, Iron Banner etc.) put some money into this platform as we know you are making huge bucks. Or should I say someone is making huge bucks.

  • David

    Lost connection right in the middle of daily heroic. I’ve been “offline” for over 30 mins. You would think with all the “updates” they are doing and expansions they are putting out they would have fixed the problems with players being booted from the game. You can’t play the game if you can’t log on to do so… It’s super frustrating I’ve been playing it since year 1 and still problem after problem.

  • Kent

    Be Glad you’re not playing The Division? They are worse off than we are!

  • Tanner


  • wes

    back in…


    I play both on Xbox One and more recently Destiny has had more issues than The Division. Testing The Division right now since i cant login to Destiny cuz the servers are down. Annnddddd…….waiting…waiting…waiting..connecting..connecting..loading..loading..loading…81%…88%…100% and im in. Guess im playing Division and from the looks of this safe house so are a shitload of other people lol. I’d prefer Destiny right now though, my sister and bro in law just got Destiny Taken King and we got her Warlock to level 39 last night was hoping to bump to 40 today.

  • Tanner

    Its up now bro

  • wes


  • Kent

    Yea, but the new patch doesnt seem to have done much for The Div, still falling through the ground, still kicked out of strikes =P still screwed in their loot algorithm that they “fixed” But hey, at least you can play, fair enough 😉

  • Amy Negrete

    Pittsburgh pa still having problems

  • Jake H

    Lansing mi same here

  • Dejah

    It’s kind of working

  • ChicaTheChicken

    Not really

  • Blacksun

    hit and miss Orlando Florida can select character but can’t get anywhere after that.

  • JRH

    I can sign in and get to orbit….but I can’t get anywhere after that

  • Manuel Miranda Jr.

    Puerto Rico can choose character but can’t go anywhere

  • Brian Beasley

    Yeah same here no matter where I try to go it tells me “Unable to find a match for your fireteam, please try again.”

  • Chris Teems

    Georgia. “Contacting Destiny servers”… Over and over.

  • Devo

    Alberta canada cant even choose character

  • Rob Davidson

    Just bought the expansion so excited to play above 34 all the money I just spent and all I get is disappointment even splurged got the digital collectors addition and all now very sad

  • John Wilson

    Denver, Colorado can sign in and chose a character but cannot go anywhere

  • Keegan

    Servers completely down, can’t sign in.-Michigan

  • JohnnyT420

    Can choose character and get to orbit, choose location and then nothing. Just floating in orbot

  • Keegan

    Update: Message stating servers are now under Mantinence

  • Sean Emmons

    what happend?

  • Vince Star

    This is really pissing me off cuz my 2 days off r totaly destroyed cuz of bungie n there server issues. I work my asse off all week n just wanted to relax n play in crucible n now i go back to work n have to wait another week! Thanks Bungie!!!!! This had to occur on my 2 days off really!? STORK AND NEWT! Fix it! At least tell us an estimated timeframe..progress..something

  • Vince Star

    I got kicked out of my psn login n cant even use my companion app to see whats going on. Wont let me so pissed…i hop this isnt gonna take 6 hours again like yesterday..its already been almost 2 hours….any updates please post here…thanks

  • Liz

    Me too in Uk

  • ChicaTheChicken

    Yeah me to

  • Toy Bonnie

    Does it work now

  • Dejah

    The server off again REALLY! OH COME ON

  • ChicaTheChicken


  • Michael Houser

    Guys it’s because they are about to do a maintenance so they kick everyone out of lobbies to do the maintenance give it a hour or 2


    I havent had to many issues with The Division guess im just lucky lol. My two only glitch/bug issues i’ve had was like on day 1 after release, i jumped onto an AC unit on a roof and fell through the top of it and got stuck in it lol had to dashboard and reload. For it being Massives first MMO they havent been too bad, they get a lot of flak. The DZ is trash and broken but the PvE content is pretty solid and we havent even hit actual paid DLC yet. That being said i believe Ubisoft should have chosen a more prepared studio to develop The Division. Destiny feels more fun overall to me, but i havent given up on either games i guess. At one point i wrote Destiny off completely lol thought it was dead. I was wrong and my Sister and Bro in law getting it kinda rekindled my desire to play it. The Division meh its fun and i got the season pass so i’ll just be patient and ride it out lol.

  • Zrrzs343

    It works now

  • JRH

    Seems to be working again….for now

  • Jorden Long

    Everytime I up destiny. I.e when it says sighing in. It completely disconnects mu xbox one from the Internet and then a minute later my internets back. Can still use internet on my phone as this happens. Any help. Wrong prts in modem/router?

  • Jed

    Can someone help me figure out why I can’t play anything multiplayer or even see anyone else in the world of destiny???

  • Maxwell Segatore

    It’s supposed to be over by 5:00 east time u.s

  • Mansoor Wld Ahmed

    why cant i see anyone in destiny like everyone is invisible and im immune

  • Mansoor Wld Ahmed

    dude im having the same issue

  • DARQ

    It’s still down here in the U.S?

  • Christopher Winn

    Everytime I try to play destiny. It says the server is down.

  • Zain

    It keeps saying the server is down and I can’t play.

  • Sanya Jaruwan

    I leave in Indonesia, most of time after the patch, try to log in and say server is busy or I have log in else where. Cannot play for a few days already. Help help help… !!!

  • gabriel

    destiny server offline now

  • Jose

    I think it has to do with iron fist ?

  • austin hayes

    When does it return to normal?

  • austin hayes

    any word as to when it goes back online

  • austin hayes

    im back on iron banner update

  • Joseph

    I can not get in to destiny

  • TitanOfRage

    Dude this is the third day in a row at this time that it has said the servers are down.

  • Lil Luke King

    Just go to help bungie and it will say something retarded but at least it is an estimated time

  • tolletty

    Bah is the garbage programmer parasites who make big money done nothing in Bungie Destiny, and the director of Microsoft and CEO going around the world expending the money you paid to subscription Gold .they don’t care, Bill Gates give the company to a bunch of moron’s

  • Whitebowl

    Keeps saying contacting destiny, and when it does it won’t process any dismantling buying picking up engrams and etc. and sometimes it will kick you completely. Wtf is going on bungie?!

  • Rodney Dyer

    Down on the us east coast

  • Steven Kiem

    dude bungie quit changing the grenades and guns.. just fix the servers u hobbits

  • ScudStormX

    East coast is down. I was winning a game and then got kicked for “Connecting to Destiny Servers”

  • Donovan Morris

    Same here

  • Robert Moran

    I can get in but get kicked out quickly

  • -youjustgotburned-

    I was on the tower and suddenly I got the “server issues” (something like that) message but i didnt put to much attention to it so I tried to change characters and it wouldnt let me but suddlently it took me straight to the “make a new character” menu….if I lost all my 3 characters that where lvl 40 and each had 300+ light bungie you are dead to me!

  • Király Tamás

    Time to do something with servers.Pls guys, hurry. And also time to start thinking on dedicated server.

  • jeremy hann

    It’s ok. Mine was going from characters at light level zero back up to max on and off before the problems

  • your not alone burned!!!

  • I keep getting “chicken” and “weasel” error codes, and if I get into the choose character screen, I keep getting “contacting destiny servers” flashing on the screen constantly ,,,, what gives????

  • down in the WestCoast Cali

  • What an awesome way to start a 3 day weekend Bungie !!!

  • -youjustgotburned-

    You are having the same problem?

  • -youjustgotburned-

    This better just be a glitch because I even went to the destiny app and it said I HAD NO CHARACTERS! So help me god…

  • Yes, I was in the middle of a Flawless raid, and got booted to main screen, when I selected my character again, all 3 characters went to 0 light. shut off my console and tried again, then I saw my characters back again. but still can’t get on.

  • -youjustgotburned-

    Ok so all my characters are ok (thank god) I was able to join the game, still getting the server issue message but I am happy I still have my characters.

  • lamethisis_funitsnot

    From the login screen, won’t let me log in, says it can’t connect to servers, servers are down.
    East coast, PA

  • Miguel Angel

    I’m not getting daily reward marks

  • EvilSoap69

    Is anyone getting disconnected or black screen on Destiny lately? I’m on PS3 btw and I have Comcast as my internet provider.

  • EvilSoap69

    Same here and I keep getting error codes as well.

  • joe mcclintock

    pos bungie

  • ThatGuy

    Atlanta area, Beatled several times.

  • ShadeOfMercy

    unable to find any matches for anything

  • Crystal

    Keep getting baboon!

  • james talay

    Can’t sign in to destiny server on xbox360 in tells me error servers are down

  • Zachary Ewing

    Can’t join fireteam of three. Can join other two players individually but not together as a firetrap of three….

  • Clive

    Can’t even get to the character screen. Would love to see an error message but all I got is connecting…

  • Daniel

    What’s your psn I have destiny on pPS3 well

  • Daniel

    What’s your psn I have a pPSn destiny

  • Luna Vega

    Destiny is down again, what a surprise…

  • Mikemike

    Is it down again today? 10 Aug?

  • Shivell Luebbert

    Won’t let people under the same roof play together? any ideas?

  • Ichigo79981

    Me and my friend live under the roof and it won’t let us play together

  • Sablon

    Aug 16,
    Servers down

  • Slade X

    Its down

  • Jace BearComesOut

    My sparrow is going very slow as if it was a green or a white sparrow. Even though it’s 160 legendary aeon

  • Justin Forino

    I’m on Xbox one and I can’t play iron banner,crucible, or strikes.I know my internet is good because all my other games seem to work fine.i tried everything even seeing if there is anybody in the tower but I’m the only one.Any ideas?
    P.s. This all happened right after maintenance.

  • Justin Forino

    I’m on though

  • Ryan

    It’s currently 11:15am MT (1:15pm ET) on Aug 17th, 2016 and I cannot connect. I fell asleep playing Iron Banner last night. Now, when trying to log on, I receive a message;
    You have lost connection to the destiny servers. Your permissions to access online multiplayer gameplay may have changed or your profile may have been signed in elsewhere.
    Anyone else receiving this message?? I wouldn’t really care so much if Iron Banner wasn’t up right now, but that’s how I gain the most gear and light score.

  • Ryan

    I’m down right now. Can’t get past the character login screen. I just posted my problem above yours..

  • Aaron

    I’m getting the same message

  • Samantha Blair

    It’s always an issue during Iron Banner! I have received this error all morning.

  • Ryan

    Are their many other players on??

  • Justin Forino

    Idk because I can’t find anyone else in the tower or crucible

  • ThanatosOfStyx

    08/21/2016 – Load Iron Banner and get baboon and beaver error messages. I have looked at the packets downloaded as well as uploaded and the uploaded packets are for XBOX and the download packets are PS4. I have been playing on PS4 since I purchased the original game. I believe they are trying to get both platforms to be able to play each other, but they should do the work on their time not ours.

  • CowabugaDude

    I can’t join a fireteam at all, it keeps saying unable to find player.

  • pooh40cal

    It says no internet connection found but I can play all my other games and this just happend a week ago what’s wrong why can’t the keep their stuff working

  • Josh

    It gets to the character screen , but no further. The error it gives me is this, “You have lost connection to the Destiny servers. Your permissions to access online multiplayer gameplay may have changed or your profile may have been signed in elsewhere.”
    What does this mean?

  • Spuds Mckenzie

    Cannot connect to the server. Keep getting an error stating that the server is unavailable. Tested and confirmed the status of my internet connection.

  • Scott H.

    and its also saying i have a high packet loss after trying to connect with the destiny servers…..the code i keep getting is “MARIONBERRY” anyone else?

  • Bphilpott84

    I have been playing destiny this morning (east coast USA) on xbox one, periodically I have gotten booted off saying “check xbox live status”. I can get back into destiny servers fine for a little while, then it happens again (happened 3 times). I reset xbox and the gateway, and playing fine so far, but I think it still may be on destiny server or xbox server side instead of mine, since my Internet speed test showed normal speeds and connection. Anyone else having xbox live or destiny issues? There was a new destiny update this morning (or yesterday).

  • Sara Richey

    Cannot play Crucible again! I have paid, too. What is the matter, Bungie!

  • Tim John Silveira

    Error Code Tapir for 2 days on PS4. PS3 is fine.

  • Lee Z

    Tapir error code since since 9/3. Attempting to character transfer from ps3 to ps4. Still not working as of 9/4.

  • Todd

    Been getting error code chicken since last week thursday ps3 is there a server problem

  • Ryan

    Considering its now a legacy console. There’s not much help for you…

  • Ryan

    It’s not only for ps4. Happening with Xbox as well

  • Lee Z

    Error code Tapir, it’s been 4 days now since Saturday. Cannot transfer characters over from legacy platform.


    I continue to get booted at least 3 times a night. I’m getting so frustrated with Destiny that I think I’m going to quit playing it. Everything else loads just fine.

  • Sherpaderp

    “Destiny servers are not available.” It’s been this way for a few hours. XBONE.

  • ItsGaryMorris <~ GT XboxOne

    Same here homie

  • Styxxer

    They were supposed to be up at 4pm PT, still not up…

  • Amber Love

    Destiny servers still unavailable in the Midwest has been down for 4 hours on Xbox One

  • Gregory Moffatt

    Servers have been down in iowa for 10 hours now

  • daniel welz

    Still down here in Missouri ps4

  • Biff Bifferson

    It’s back up, sort of, in Oregon. I had partial disconnects four times in the last couple of hours. It set me too far back in three missions and one time everything was murky, like the lights had been turned down too low. Total screw-up by Bungie, or should I say a normal day at their office. They’d better get their act together.

  • lee

    i have been disconected about 15 times in the last hour saying error code weasel im in sydney Australia. i have friend in guarm he said it is happenong to him and all his friends too. and i cant see xur in the tower. he is not there on my game. i checked the spot at the door near the speaker

  • Sgtsu1u

    Xurs in the reef

  • Ezekiel Perkins

    In Idaho and keep getting the chicken error code, before that it was weasel. My network is fine and up and running. It’s rediculous bungee tells you to contact them but then you get nowhere. It’s been ongoing since 9:00am this morning

  • EK

    Just got booted in the middle of regular gameplay.
    All of a sudden I got a message on the bottom of my screen that said “Attention: contacting servers”
    Then I got kicked.


  • Aubsky

    I had the exact same problem!!

  • Jesse Dudash

    In ohio and I’m having the same issue. It won’t even load past the title screen! Error code chicken

  • Sammeh Chibi Pandezzbearzz

    I dont know if anyone else is having this problem, but I’ll be playing destiny for about 10 minutes, when suddenly it looks as if it freezes completely and then i’m abruptly kicked out to the dashboard. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m curious.

  • Thickestbear390

    Since midnight I’m having same problem kick me out already 20+
    Ridiculous. Bungie this been going for two years..And when we try to contact them???????

  • Adam Zappala

    I have something saying Destiny Servers are not available what does that mean?

  • Sarah Breivogel

    this is happening to me right now and keeps kicking me out of the nightfall -.-

  • Greg Sargent

    i think that the servers are down for preparation of the Rise of Iron DLC next week. however i come across the servers being down at least twice a month. i tried to log in about 20 minutes ago and half the time i got that destiny couldn’t connect to the servers and if i dismiss that i get random Error Codes ( I.E. Marionberry, Beagle, and centipede). half of them say to uninstall the game and reinstall. or restart the game. my favorite is the error that says that i cant log in because i already am.

  • Brittany Ann Richardson

    Anyone still having problems with joining a fireteam? We used to test our internet connection and it would let me and my husband join up but now ever since the update last week it’s not letting us join up with each other. This is getting ridiclous.I would like to enjoy playing destiny with my husband it’s practically the only game we agree on playing with each other! Really need to fix their on going issues instead of adding more crap!

  • Tyler Silveira

    Anybody have issues with Destiny lately. I started playing again last Saturday and the error code CE 34878-0 keeps popping up after 20-30 mins of game play on my PS4. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Gunther alaerts

    hello, yesterday after 1hr of gameplay was removed from gameworld with beaver code, then trying to log back in and got several times marionberry code… stopt trying after 3 or 4 times… any advice?? will try again later today to see if this persists…

  • Lamaar Fazier

    It just doesn’t let me connect to the game. As soon as I start the game and press A on the main menu. The game won’t start I’ll be locked in the commecting screen for hours I have no idea why

  • Adam

    Bungie’s little un-relenting “Contacting Destiny Servers” act is getting real old, real quick. Not even a single game I am able to complete before the Baboon, Weasel, then Marionberry act begins. Always those three, always that order. And it has been much worse since their latest patch and server maintanance outage. Is this what we get to look forward to come 09/20?

  • Amanda N James

    Ever since the last patch I have been weaseled out of every crucible match i join, and while I’m in a raid just about to kill oryx save thing, my entire fireteam was getting weaseled. It’s to the point if bungle doesn’t fix these problems, I’m done and selling the game. I’ve been an avid player since day one but this is horrible. I live Idaho, I’m hard wired in to my console, I have open Nat type type, all my ports are open, and there shouldn’t be this many issues. Now, tonight while I attempt to log back in to finished the raid loss and behold it says can’t connect to destiny servers.

  • Adam Menist

    Is anyone else hitting odd amounts of lag since yesterday? Seems my crucible and strikes just get plagued with lag. I was able to complete one strike but it’s been wonky since then.

  • Khifan29

    This game is so broken before each DLC. So sick of fruity ass error codes. Can strike, can’t multiplayer, can’t nightfall? Why game this game? I’m going to Bo3. Now I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money on Rise of error codes!

  • MickyMcFinnigan

    Having the “Attention, attempting to contact destiny servers” thing popping up a lot this morning. It also seems to be accompanied by atrocious amounts of lag. At least this was the case in the strike I just went on.

  • Jabell

    I have the game digitally and the apo wont even start up anymore after the 98MB update. Its asking if I own the game. Of course I do! I installed the update for a game I dont own?

  • rhett

    pre loaded the dlc and “destiny servers are not available” 🙁

  • Alan “Pope Salty” Jackson

    Same problem here. Guy in my party having same. I think it’s just everyone trying to get on at once.

  • Dracosx

    pre loaded here, also not able to sign into destiny

  • Nexus

    Yup don’t have the dlc yet but the servers are down

  • CookedWarzone

    Maintainence isn’t done yet lol. Everyone is freaking out.

  • Moon

    i thought it was too many people logging on rather than maintenance lol

  • robertsjohnson

    Was working 10 minutes ago, then I left dreadnaught, watched the iron banner prelude cinemax thing, then attempted to go to the tower and it failed. Logged out and tried logging back in, failure.

  • Joe

    Lol I love how you buy a game and there creator don’t even have it running on open days

  • Arthur


  • Cody

    The servers must be overloaded. I was playing up until 2:01. Tried to grab my Gally from the Postmaster and I got the boot.

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    If it is maintenance how are my friends playing right now?

  • Arthur

    Please work!!!!

  • Jimmy Finnestead


  • Max McNeil

    Same problem can’t sign in

  • Jose Sanchez

    This is just dandy I woke up early to play their game and I expect them to at least let us have it when they said we would but I had to much expectations…

  • Jaden

    Destiny rise of tapir

  • Sarah Campbell

    Must be last min updates. I’m getting the same thing.

  • Jose Sanchez

    Me too

  • Max McNeil

    I woke up early for this?

  • Sarah Campbell

    Me too…sux

  • kirk shelton

    Stayed home from work for this? Wtf?

  • Walt

    TAPIR for 25 min now

  • Kenroy Adams

    The game was working just just half an hour ago. The cheese is real.

  • Jaden

    *phone rings*
    *picks up phone*
    Yes i know the servers are down. Im fixing it.
    *hangs up*
    *.5 seconds later*
    *phone rings*

  • Sarah Campbell

    Yep me too

  • William Nadine Cardinali

    I was in orbit,when the time hit,i went to the tower,went to check my post,and that was the end,kicked out to title screen!:( can’t sign in anymore! Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Walt

    It would be nice if Bungie would acknowledge this problem

  • Max McNeil

    Whatever I’m going back to bed

  • Elijah

    I’m going to go cook an egg for a midnight snack or something. Hopefully this bs will be fixed by the time I’m back. I want to play the content that I paid for and waited weeks for, not to mention stayed up late for.

  • Willie Todd

    I woke up to see the beautiful fel winters peak and……….Error code tapir. WTF D

  • William Nadine Cardinali

    France,same here!

  • bxwhiterabbit


  • Beazy Tweeds

    Great, bought some chronic yesterday and get up early and got Hella baked to see an error code? Why does every Destiny release have to be so terrible? They should have expected high player volume.

  • fiveBEAR

    Does anyone have anb E.T.A on the servers coming back up?

  • jose

    Destiny broke my heart going to bed

  • Sarah Campbell

    I’m with ya there. Been waiting a long time and then this happens. Come on Bungie

  • Matthew Caudill

    Is there a time frame for the down servers???

  • Beazy Tweeds

    Same here bought really good weed for this and set my alarm to wake up now this? Bungie should have expected this. And weird the one comment I replay to happens to have the same name as me lol

  • Christopher Wood

    I had my Alarm set lmao I have to be at work in 2 hour s it better start working

  • JB

    Yep… One friend in list of thirty that are on line is actually playing… This is utter horseshit…

  • Cory

    0530 East Coast can not sign in!!!! But my friends in the midwest are playing just fine. What crap. Been trying to sign in since 0500 i give up. Error code “Tapir”

  • Kenroy Adams

    I’m getting the same tapir error.

  • Beazy Tweeds

    Im in the Midwest and I’m down.

  • Luke

    This fuss it happened with the taken king as well…ridiculous

  • bxwhiterabbit

    Destiny Does it again it never fails called in sick with the FLU “Cough” “cough” for nothing ty bungie.

  • John Baratta

    Tapir error for since 5:00 am. Charlotte. Friends in Philly same thing. We’ve been playing since Beta. Don’t know why we fell for this again.

  • Nick

    Alaska is down

    Any idea when they might be up, did the first mission and went to the tower and it was over from there. Lagged like crazy then crashed

  • Luke

    Bungie needs to get their sh*t together

  • Max McNeil

    Has Bungie said anything yet?

  • Dave Biondolillo

    Nothing yet in Cleveland

  • Sarah Campbell

    I’m in midwest and down as well

  • Dave Morgan

    Only that they are actively investigating…Which means they don’t have any idea why its down.

  • Beazy Tweeds

    Every single new dlc or expansion have messed up to high play volume or other issues, you would think they would plan and make sure things are ready before they release and before they even tweet anything.

  • Cory

    I’m glad i didn’t waste a sick day on this.

  • Cody

    They’re currently doing maintenance to fix the connectivity issue

  • Beazy Tweeds

    I’m wasting the morning of my only day off on this crap :/

  • darshi Das

    Ridiculous. Down in India as well. No one can play. wtf

  • Jim

    I was on then switch my character now can’t get on

  • robertsjohnson

    If this was caused by a server overload, they should do what Riot does with League of Legends and create a Que, with a timer going and what place you are in line…..

  • Jim

    Down in cali

  • annoyed

    Nothing in ky lol guess I’ll watch Deadpool for a bit

  • Matt Reynolds

    you would think after the year one day one debacle they would be ready for this. I have been up since 2 am waiting for this and just made a fresh pot of coffee which is now cold and stale waiting for this to come up. How could they NOT be ready for this???

  • Sigmund Fro

    Portland, OR (0242 Pacific):

    Only one person on my Friends list in thirty that are “in queue” is actually playing… and he had the nerve to say that “It’s so awesome!”

    May hey get herpesyphaloghonnorrehaids and die…

    Meanwhile for the rest of us…

    “servers are down” x 9,000
    “Tapir” x infinity

  • Matt benson

    Only thing I have seen from biggie is there working on it, which amounts not one damn thing lol

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    It just put me in a queue

  • robertsjohnson

    Oh they do have a queue, my bad!

  • Sigmund Fro

    My place in the queue: 50,144

    FU, Bungie…

  • Dave Biondolillo

    They gave me a queue #43419 says I’ll join in order of connection

  • Luke

    I’m in queue now….13408

  • Luke

    10477 now….there’s hope!

  • Jim Cheeseman

    It’s just r crying shame….the big build up just to go down in r screaming heap

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    20334 in front of me

  • Ryan Horan

    Jes got put in queue. 42515…………so a month from now…..I will be at 42514 lol

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    Any day now

  • Luke

    At 8282….it’s going decently quick for me.

  • Jim

    They now are in que

  • Ridiculous

    102635 in front of me

  • Jim


  • Trey j

    “Your place in queue: 108114” holy hell

  • Luke

    Mines jumping by like 2000 at time. It won’t take that long

  • Christopher Wood

    109k in front of me

  • darshi Das

    Ru kidding me 126769 in the queue. Which means never ever, never ever

  • Luke

    I got kicked out of queue twice now

  • Ricky

    Mine is 96407.

  • Luke P

    I’ve jumpjng over 7000 in 5 minutes

  • Luke

    I jumped from 100k to 10k in seconds

  • Jim

    So did I I was under ten thousand and now it’s like 124506

  • matt

    just went from 46,000 down to 30,000 then i got kicked and now im at 140,000. bought to go play in traffic

  • Jim

    F#cking bs

  • Ryan Horan

    Ok. You wanna put me in queue, fine . But don’t boot me out and put me back to the end of the line. Went from 42K to now 139k. Wtf!

  • Matt benson

    Wtf pops up destiny servers are down and now I went from 36000 to 152000 in front of me .

  • DLou

    I just want to play only 126532 people to wait for

  • Luke P

    3353…so hope I don’t kicked lol

  • Dave Biondolillo

    They had to know this was gonna happen

  • fiveBEAR

    are the servers still down?

  • Dave Biondolillo

    What are they gonna do when people get home from work and school later

  • fiveBEAR

    kicked from what?

  • Christopher Wood

    Oh my gawd destiny fix your broke ass game wasn’t at 110 now 172,000

  • fiveBEAR


  • Christopher Wood

    Destiny is in queue right now everybody has a place in line to play lol

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    OMG I was under 1000 in queue then it liked me now over 200000 in front of me wtf

  • Jim

    Yep same thing happened to me

  • Cody

    Went from 80,000 to 188,876…
    I quit.

  • Shayne

    I was down to 15k from 62k and it just stopped and reset me at 173553 fml.

  • James Richardson

    Went from 13000 to 171142 grrrr

  • fiveBEAR

    what? how do i see my place in the queue

  • Luke P

    I’m in! Canada, bc

  • Dave Biondolillo

    Great got that to look forward to at 32276 probably be at 1 mil here soon

  • Jimmy Finnestead


  • Ryan Horan

    Wonder if this queue is just a sham to buy more time, just keep recycling everybody to the back

  • Kane

    destiny error code tapir??????????

  • Matt benson

    Lol now I’m at 198000.

  • Cody

    Sounds like something Bungie would do

  • James Richardson

    Dropped again … now at 206k

  • Jimmy Finnestead

    Da faq total bs

  • fiveBEAR

    how do i see my place in the queue?