DirecTV problems

DirecTV problems main areas of concern include connecting to the Internet, no signal, total outage and in some cases a problem communicating with dish. These happen in certain areas of the USA, and normally when these occur amongst other issues the direct broadcast satellite service provider sorts them out as soon as possible.

DirecTV problems

DirecTV error codes 775, 771 and 721 have popped up in the past, which are normally fixed after they occurred. More error codes may pop up in the future and when they do you can list and discus them with the DircTV community below. If you are having problems with certain channels, able to watch things you have recorded but nothing else then please list them here.

If you are experiencing a DirecTV outage or any other problems please leave your status update below with your location. These updates you leave will help others in this community.

DirecTV status reports for Sunday 30th of April 2017

To find out if DirecTV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with DirecTV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kizzey Jackson

    After tonight they say we will not have ABC Orlando fl Tavares Fl angry customer!! That’s a station I watch everyday! Direct tv yall need to resolve the problem quickly! or yall will loose my buisness!! Angry loyal customer since 2012

  • richard woodruff

    I have been with directv for over 30 years and this is the first time I am not able to watch my everyday shows all of this over directv and most of all att wanting a few more dallars for there service well att and directv if you do not bring back are local shows very very soon you will lose more than 55% of your coustomers to dish they are not having any problems and have all the channels so you will lose big big time millions of dallars so get your act together and sign the contract and bring back my tv shows or I will go to dish very angry customer from Stockton ca

  • Phil Reinheimer

    My NBC stations have been down for a week! Channel 3 (KCRA) and Channel 58 (KQCA) Sacramento, California

  • Ann

    My ABC local wMUR channel has been out for a week and it’s not the first time this year. No credit given this is important station local weather and planning for your day. I’m considering this as a breach of contract. I’m a long time customer who’s ready to move on!!

  • Tamara

    My ABC and CW which locally are called KMBC (ch 9) and KCWE (Ch 29) have been out for over a week in Independence, MO! How do we fix this? I watch this local stations all the time and we had to switch to Direct TV/ATT because U-Verse was not going to offered any longer in our area. Not happy losing my local shows.

  • Jan

    My direct tv plays then when it buffers the channel never comes back on, then I get a loading error. If you change the channel it works again.

  • Rachelle

    We live in Garden Plain KS and have had no signal for about 10 hours. Major ice storm heading our way. Would like to be able to watch the weather!

  • Eileen

    Oklahoma- Direct TV Code is 2-1 I have no idea what this means but it has been down all day.

  • bookumdano

    For the last 3-4 days Error Code 771 has popped up on some channels. The message has bounced between Sat In 1 and Sat In 2. The channels out however have been the same. I am under a 2 year contract with AT&T, and they tell me that they need to send out a Tech, at my expense. I am really pissed, since I am paying a monthly fee to use THEIR equipment, and they want an additional $7.99 a month for service coverage,or a $50 fee to send the Tech. The problem appears to be an equipment issue. As soon as the contract is up, about 16 months, I will be switching services to someone else.

  • JenStarGirl

    Having the same issue. All boxes work except the two Genies. No help with DIRECTV same fees.

  • Mark Beidleman

    It was difficult to get a picture, but then there was no sound. I did reboot, but that does not seem to have made a difference. Now we have neither sound nor picture in Red Oak, TX.

  • Aggravated customer

    “No servers were detected” that’s all I’m getting after I try searching for signal. One TV will start working out of no where and then quit again. Can’t find any outages around be right now. So not sure if it’s just me or if anyone else is being effected. Madison ohio 44057

  • this is crap

    No server detected

  • Timothy

    One minute an internet connection: download a movie bam! No internet connection. Hating DIRECTV !

  • Megan Wright

    Ill try that , I hadnt heard that was fixing the issue ty for the post! I will also post when I try this and let people know if it helps

  • Megan Wright

    Okay, I pushed the red reset button in the front panel on the receiver, and waited foreverrrrrrr for it to go through its tests , I then went and searched the channels that weren’t working [just in time to see who won Alone -.-] and it all seems to be working finally! So a BIG Thank you to Kara Greenwell. I am not sure why Directv couldn’t tell me that, but thanks to the internet and the awesome people that live in the usa it is working. Btw, I am in NE Mts. of Washington State , so this might not help everybody . But it is worth the 3 or 4 minutes to give it a try.

  • Teresa

    The page that lists the programming is is full of no information…announcement to be made…lots of mixed up no title stuff. All tvs affected. Emmett, Idaho. Started last night about midnight. Channels still show the programs but are not identified. What do I do?

  • Nytshaed

    Directv down in Nor Cal, 510 area code to be precise. I’m at work and cannot run diagnostics, or say what codes it’s showing, if any. Family just texted me that “Cable had been down all day.”

  • Jennifer Leeds

    Northern Illinois DirecTV out…

  • Propexper

    I was scheduled to have DirecTV install on Feb. 21 in VA, but no one showed up for my 8am-noon window. I called customer service who said they’d call the installer. Still nothing. By 5pm, I called again, this time getting a CSR who told me there was some sort of nationwide outage. She said the next available install appointment date would be March 13. I cancelled. Now forced to re-sign with Cox.

  • Andi

    Once again the on demand channels are not available.

  • Erika

    Apparently people all over the country are having trouble watching their local channels. I had the same problem when I first got up, this is what worked for me: on your remote, press menu, go to Settings & Help, go to Settings, go to satellite, go to repeat satellite setup, press the dash button (under the 7) 3 times, go to continue, go to setup remote later, go to watch DIRECTV. Good luck, hope this helps!!

  • Greg Bellamy

    This helped. Huge thanks!!!

  • Jonelle

    Thanks!!!!!!! This was so helpful

  • Tara Smith Thomas

    Thank you! This really helped

  • Johnny Scott

    i tried rebooting the receiver’s red button… after a lengthy reboot all my local channels were back on Thanks all

  • Dave Gormley

    I have a black screen here in CT. Including anything that was DVRed. Header shows up but that’s it

  • Mollie Leonardini-Coe

    My local channels are not broadcasting- 2 reboots and an hour on the phone with technical service and still not working. Changed preferences to all channels because then it was supposed to show them in SD instead of HD- still not working

  • Joli Daos

    Anyone in las Vegas or north las vegas having issues with signal loss error 771. I got some channels earlier now none. They were going to charge me $99 to have someone come out to look at the problem. Ridiculous since its their dish problem.

  • Tamara Johnson

    On demand channels not showing up on guide. I’m in houston

  • Diana Nelson Pratt

    Diana Pratt
    error code 771 for 312 and 259 so far for over a month. Wa. State Area code 98250

  • Stacie Banks

    Is anyone else having problems with there direct tv ,cw channel . Mine is down and it’s really upsetting me ,cause I just missed two of my favorite shows ,cause of it.

  • Brittany Hicks-Wilkins

    Internet/wifi won’t connect again for the 3rd time this week! The weather is fine, I’ve reset the router, I’ve restarted everything, flushed the DNS, tried connecting to other networks, tried resetting the network to an open server…Nothing is working. This is the 2nd time it’s been out is less than 12 hours! I’m getting fed up!
    Louisville KY 40299 area

  • Donna Strickland Whitacre

    No CBS – Atlanta, GA

  • Jannie

    Why is Fox down? ffs get your shiz together ppl


    My service is down in the City of Colonial Heights. 23834 area code.

  • Lauren Pursley

    DIRECTV completely out South MS 39470 area code. 771 message. Meh…

  • John Dicioccio

    have not been able to download anything for 2 weeks Cols. OH area

  • jennifer patterson

    Every single channel I try to watch – local or not. Works for about 3-10 seconds then freezes and goes black! So frustrating!! NOTHING IS WORKING!

  • Michael Kubanek

    CNN,HGTV, History channel and a few other have a signal failure between 12 Midnight t 8 AM both Sat 1 and Sat 2 All Receivers (6 Receivers). Has been happening for over a week. Error 771

  • John Lyons

    Service is down in Pueblo, Colorado

  • Janet Roberts Gershner

    My service is down in Alma, AR