DirecTV problems

DirecTV problems main areas of concern include connecting to the Internet, no signal, total outage and in some cases a problem communicating with dish. These happen in certain areas of the USA, and normally when these occur amongst other issues the direct broadcast satellite service provider sorts them out as soon as possible.

DirecTV error codes 775, 771 and 721 have popped up in the past, which are normally fixed after they occurred. More error codes may pop up in the future and when they do you can list and discus them with the DircTV community below. If you are having problems with certain channels, able to watch things you have recorded but nothing else then please list them here.

If you are experiencing a DirecTV outage or any other problems please leave your status update below with your location. These updates you leave will help others in this community.

DirecTV status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if DirecTV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with DirecTV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Kizzey Jackson

    After tonight they say we will not have ABC Orlando fl Tavares Fl angry customer!! That’s a station I watch everyday! Direct tv yall need to resolve the problem quickly! or yall will loose my buisness!! Angry loyal customer since 2012

  • richard woodruff

    I have been with directv for over 30 years and this is the first time I am not able to watch my everyday shows all of this over directv and most of all att wanting a few more dallars for there service well att and directv if you do not bring back are local shows very very soon you will lose more than 55% of your coustomers to dish they are not having any problems and have all the channels so you will lose big big time millions of dallars so get your act together and sign the contract and bring back my tv shows or I will go to dish very angry customer from Stockton ca

  • Phil Reinheimer

    My NBC stations have been down for a week! Channel 3 (KCRA) and Channel 58 (KQCA) Sacramento, California

  • Ann

    My ABC local wMUR channel has been out for a week and it’s not the first time this year. No credit given this is important station local weather and planning for your day. I’m considering this as a breach of contract. I’m a long time customer who’s ready to move on!!

  • Tamara

    My ABC and CW which locally are called KMBC (ch 9) and KCWE (Ch 29) have been out for over a week in Independence, MO! How do we fix this? I watch this local stations all the time and we had to switch to Direct TV/ATT because U-Verse was not going to offered any longer in our area. Not happy losing my local shows.

  • Jan

    My direct tv plays then when it buffers the channel never comes back on, then I get a loading error. If you change the channel it works again.

  • Rachelle

    We live in Garden Plain KS and have had no signal for about 10 hours. Major ice storm heading our way. Would like to be able to watch the weather!

  • Eileen

    Oklahoma- Direct TV Code is 2-1 I have no idea what this means but it has been down all day.

  • bookumdano

    For the last 3-4 days Error Code 771 has popped up on some channels. The message has bounced between Sat In 1 and Sat In 2. The channels out however have been the same. I am under a 2 year contract with AT&T, and they tell me that they need to send out a Tech, at my expense. I am really pissed, since I am paying a monthly fee to use THEIR equipment, and they want an additional $7.99 a month for service coverage,or a $50 fee to send the Tech. The problem appears to be an equipment issue. As soon as the contract is up, about 16 months, I will be switching services to someone else.

  • Having the same issue. All boxes work except the two Genies. No help with DIRECTV same fees.

  • Mark Beidleman

    It was difficult to get a picture, but then there was no sound. I did reboot, but that does not seem to have made a difference. Now we have neither sound nor picture in Red Oak, TX.

  • Aggravated customer

    “No servers were detected” that’s all I’m getting after I try searching for signal. One TV will start working out of no where and then quit again. Can’t find any outages around be right now. So not sure if it’s just me or if anyone else is being effected. Madison ohio 44057

  • this is crap

    No server detected

  • Timothy

    One minute an internet connection: download a movie bam! No internet connection. Hating DIRECTV !

  • Megan Wright

    Ill try that , I hadnt heard that was fixing the issue ty for the post! I will also post when I try this and let people know if it helps

  • Megan Wright

    Okay, I pushed the red reset button in the front panel on the receiver, and waited foreverrrrrrr for it to go through its tests , I then went and searched the channels that weren’t working [just in time to see who won Alone -.-] and it all seems to be working finally! So a BIG Thank you to Kara Greenwell. I am not sure why Directv couldn’t tell me that, but thanks to the internet and the awesome people that live in the usa it is working. Btw, I am in NE Mts. of Washington State , so this might not help everybody . But it is worth the 3 or 4 minutes to give it a try.

  • Teresa

    The page that lists the programming is is full of no information…announcement to be made…lots of mixed up no title stuff. All tvs affected. Emmett, Idaho. Started last night about midnight. Channels still show the programs but are not identified. What do I do?

  • Nytshaed

    Directv down in Nor Cal, 510 area code to be precise. I’m at work and cannot run diagnostics, or say what codes it’s showing, if any. Family just texted me that “Cable had been down all day.”

  • Jennifer Leeds

    Northern Illinois DirecTV out…

  • Propexper

    I was scheduled to have DirecTV install on Feb. 21 in VA, but no one showed up for my 8am-noon window. I called customer service who said they’d call the installer. Still nothing. By 5pm, I called again, this time getting a CSR who told me there was some sort of nationwide outage. She said the next available install appointment date would be March 13. I cancelled. Now forced to re-sign with Cox.

  • Andi

    Once again the on demand channels are not available.

  • Erika

    Apparently people all over the country are having trouble watching their local channels. I had the same problem when I first got up, this is what worked for me: on your remote, press menu, go to Settings & Help, go to Settings, go to satellite, go to repeat satellite setup, press the dash button (under the 7) 3 times, go to continue, go to setup remote later, go to watch DIRECTV. Good luck, hope this helps!!

  • Greg Bellamy

    This helped. Huge thanks!!!

  • Jonelle

    Thanks!!!!!!! This was so helpful

  • Tara Smith Thomas

    Thank you! This really helped

  • Johnny Scott

    i tried rebooting the receiver’s red button… after a lengthy reboot all my local channels were back on Thanks all

  • Dave Gormley

    I have a black screen here in CT. Including anything that was DVRed. Header shows up but that’s it

  • Mollie Leonardini-Coe

    My local channels are not broadcasting- 2 reboots and an hour on the phone with technical service and still not working. Changed preferences to all channels because then it was supposed to show them in SD instead of HD- still not working

  • Joli Daos

    Anyone in las Vegas or north las vegas having issues with signal loss error 771. I got some channels earlier now none. They were going to charge me $99 to have someone come out to look at the problem. Ridiculous since its their dish problem.

  • Tamara Johnson

    On demand channels not showing up on guide. I’m in houston

  • Diana Nelson Pratt

    Diana Pratt
    error code 771 for 312 and 259 so far for over a month. Wa. State Area code 98250

  • Stacie Banks

    Is anyone else having problems with there direct tv ,cw channel . Mine is down and it’s really upsetting me ,cause I just missed two of my favorite shows ,cause of it.

  • Brittany Hicks-Wilkins

    Internet/wifi won’t connect again for the 3rd time this week! The weather is fine, I’ve reset the router, I’ve restarted everything, flushed the DNS, tried connecting to other networks, tried resetting the network to an open server…Nothing is working. This is the 2nd time it’s been out is less than 12 hours! I’m getting fed up!
    Louisville KY 40299 area

  • Donna Strickland Whitacre

    No CBS – Atlanta, GA

  • Jannie

    Why is Fox down? ffs get your shiz together ppl


    My service is down in the City of Colonial Heights. 23834 area code.

  • Lauren Pursley

    DIRECTV completely out South MS 39470 area code. 771 message. Meh…

  • John Dicioccio

    have not been able to download anything for 2 weeks Cols. OH area

  • jennifer patterson

    Every single channel I try to watch – local or not. Works for about 3-10 seconds then freezes and goes black! So frustrating!! NOTHING IS WORKING!

  • Michael Kubanek

    CNN,HGTV, History channel and a few other have a signal failure between 12 Midnight t 8 AM both Sat 1 and Sat 2 All Receivers (6 Receivers). Has been happening for over a week. Error 771

  • John Lyons

    Service is down in Pueblo, Colorado

  • Janet Roberts Gershner

    My service is down in Alma, AR

  • Susan Reynolds

    all local channels are off line in Memphis, TN. Funny – I can watch them on ipad

  • Kevin

    San Diego is offline ….

  • Booz

    771 in North Port, FL. Has been for hours. Service to come between 4 -6 PM.

  • Lauren Pursley

    771 for 2 days (since May 29) . Second month in a row. Yet they expect you to pay for a full month’s service?

  • Patricia Miller

    No access to CNN. I have all other channels, but not CNN. It’s been down for 3 days now. Very frustrating. What’s happening, DirecTV???

  • Robin Whiteman

    Getting error codes 771 and 775 fir several months. Tried rebooting and unplugging the receiver. Tech support didn’t help solve the problem. Offered a credit and advised us to watch TV via our tablets. Said that they were in the process of updating our receiver but their “expiditing team” would solve our issue soon. Don’t really believe them

  • Ronald Martin

    Just changed from dish to direct. It is raining and the signal is lost. Not happy. With dish the signal was only lost when there was a very bad storm. I believe I was misled by the salesperson.

  • Lawrence Kucera

    Can’t watch tv can’t fund server?

  • David

    Not sure what’s going on but Fox News sounds tinny compared to other channels. Is this a problem with just channel 360?.. was not an issue several days ago. Using Sonos sound bar and sub, Dolby dig is on.

  • Rick Jenkins

    Channel 29 , Charlottesville Va . Have not been able to view for several days

  • Dottie Brunette

    Have gotten 772 & 771 for about two weeks. Lousy reception. Have reset numerous times. Now no local channels or news channels. Frustrated

  • Precious Treasure

    My tv has been out for 2 weeks with the message reading 772.
    My. Bill is paid in full and I want credit to my Bill and some service

  • Larry

    NBC on DirecTV has had no sound for a day or so for me.

  • Iwasateenagemother

    MSNBC and CNN freeze up and stop, entering 4th day. Baltimore area.

  • Katherine

    No connection all afternoon. G uses I will go in the bedroom and watch the tv with the cheap antenna. Zip code 80212 -Denver

  • outonthetiles

    completely down in 27405

  • Frances Diaz

    No power for direct tv

  • Frances Diaz

    I’m in Mira Loma ca

  • Lisa Hill Bucher

    I’m in Ivanhoe California and have no signal at all

  • Chuck Heffernan

    Channels 355 and 356 MSNBC not working for last hour!

  • Robert Mc

    Local channels for Grand Rapids, Mi down all afternoon. Message says working on it

  • We are in Roswell nm and we don’t have service at all (since yesterday)

  • Jim May

    Citrus county Florida main receiver is working but none of the other TV’s in bedroom are getting a signal.

  • sherri moury

    Direct TV subscriber here…why does CNN seem to have issues in the last several weeks? Pixelated screen and no audio. Once a random website (I should have written it down) ad was on the screen but no audio. Odd that it’s only CNN????

  • Stacie A. George

    I sometimes watch Direct TV at work on my computer and right now I only get audio sound no video but videos elsewhere I can play. Not sure what the culprit is. I”m in Knoxville, TN.

  • carol hetes

    yes my directtv is out in ga

  • Rick Smith

    In western Washington…started out no signal this am at 6:45. Came back after 15 min have lost signal 2-3 times this afternoon along with of and on garbled audio on signal and recorded programs. I have a wired gene dvr…

  • Stacy Michelle Brown

    No CW (14) in Grand Rapids, MI. Mine has been out for at least six weeks.

  • Greg Skiles

    No DirectV signal in Arvada, Colorado. WTF

  • Vickie Rickman Borneman

    None of the HD channels are working on the program guide, Alva OK.

  • Becky Edwards Shaw

    Cnn & HLN are blacked out in Salinas Ca since 4p.m

  • Hate the Cubs

    its because the Cubs won!

  • E.

    Channels are down, can’t watch any local tv or any channels I actually care about. Only junk channels are coming in. Internet is working sporadically at best.

  • Denise

    Just spent nearly an hour on the phone with DIRECTV because every movie I try to order it tries to load then says it’s not available.

    The supervisor looked up the movies I picked and said they’re not available…so why are they showing up in the menu as available? The only answer she had is that some movies are available and some are not.

    But she could not explain why they show up on the menu.

    I wasn’t even key word searching…just opening up a genre of movies and picking from the list.


    Houston TX

  • calliesdad

    Every channel I checked (a LOT of them) – On Demand is currently not available for [channel]. Bill, in SC

  • Peg Dallowitz

    CBS down in Tampa FL

  • Faye L Dudding

    Directv is not working period. Get 2 error messages. Unknown error (my personal favorite) or sign in issue. Logged out and logged back in . I get a message that login has timed out.

  • David Howard

    i am over this i watch CW and four the past 3 weeks they have blocked Green Arrow in southern Indiana. I will be calling tomorrow and canceling this DirecTV junk ATT you suck.

  • Sandra Moore

    Does anyone know if Direct TV is down in Lancaster, OH?

  • Richard Morgan

    The channel guide has been mostly down all day. Title not available error message. McArthur Ohio.

  • Margie O

    CBS outage Pleasanton CA

  • George

    Fox outage in metro detroit, MI

  • Ed Mang

    Fort Worth texas, some channels keep pixelating getting a 771 code

  • carol fouts

    Arlington 76017 flashing ‘connecting’.

  • Mary Brown

    Same in 56237

  • Jerry Hawkins Sr

    No signal in Paragould Arkansas!!!!!

  • Mike Buice

    DTV has been out all afternoon in Duluth, Ga

  • Dotti Gunn Geiger

    DTV down in Buford, Ga. Error code 771

  • Peter Rojek

    No service Roswell ga

  • Kathryn Kariotis

    No service Dayton NV

  • Elaine Oxford

    No service Seattle today no signal no sevice December 12th. 2017

  • Carole DeCovich Neely

    No service since 12/14/2017 Greenville, Michigan.

  • Kerri Reid

    No service ky 12/22/2017

  • Lou starace

    Zip code 29650 has had issues for at least the last 72 hours, what up with that

  • Emily Kaye

    No signal for a few hours zip 45152

  • Roady

    771 issues Christmas morning 98682.

  • Tom Conley

    No service since 2 pm central 771 code Bloomington Illinois

  • Shirley Smith

    CT local channels not working today – error 771

  • Jim Waters

    Service is out in ny as well. Get some channels not all. Anyone know why

  • Cindy Clark-Schneider

    I’m in Connecticut as well, getting error 771&775, can’t get a straight answer. I’m in SE Connecticut

  • Gerversman

    775 error code 45069

  • Roger Schone

    no signal in Milan Illinois
    …Saturday Jan 13,2018

  • Roger Schone

    no service Sat Jan 13 , 2018 please help

  • Roger Schone

    no service

  • c hudson

    Some channels looked pixeled. Zip code 28431

  • Nicole

    NBC not recording on dvr and guide saying ‘to be announced ‘

  • Scott

    Have same problem for 2 days now

  • Skip

    Loss of signal in Columbus Ohio. Light flurries at best .

  • Richard Guinan

    Down now. All channels. 775 code. 17851 zip code.

  • Richard Guinan

    Back up.

  • Michael Britton

    I being with Directv for 3 months and they turn my service off right after I paid the bill and AT&T Directv told me that they can treat there customers anyway they want to: Directv AT&T has lied to me about 10 to 50 times in the past three months that I have been with the company: I really think the way AT&T and Directv makes it very difficult to be a customer with a company that will lie to a customer:

  • Bill Benjamin

    4 days ago I was not able to get MSNBC . I got a error 40 message and a refresh button which didn’t work. The Help desk suggested I try Chrome Incognito mode. That worked and I get MSNBC OK. Now I have the same problem with CNN and a couple others, even in the incognito Mode. Yesterday I contacted the Help desk. They told me they were going to check their servers and call me back in 2 hours. I am still waiting. I am in New City, N.Y.

  • lookingeast

    no service in pittsburgh

  • Wayne Guthmiller

    No service in North Dakota

  • Jeannine Leslie

    No signal in Streetsboro, Ohio, for @ 24 hrs. It’s not the weather–for once, we had a nice, Spring day!

  • K K

    the Guide says, “To Be Announced” for all channels.

  • Jeannine Leslie

    Can’t access my TV at all–Directv went out with a big thunderstorm we had, but has not returned. For all stations, including my recorded list, it says I don’t have the type of package that supports any of those stations. It’s ALL of them! I’m in Streetsboro, Ohio.

  • txstclairs

    Trying to watch Good morning America and the picture goes off and on!! Very irritating!

  • Glenn Stecher

    I’ve had problems watching Fox news on Directv for weeks its like I have a weak signal but I’m 95% an every other channel works perfect whats UP?

  • McQ

    Fox News keeps going blank on and off for us during the last 2 weeks. And it getting worse every day! Why? When will it be fixed?
    When we call Directv, they just tell us to reboot – which fixes nothing.

  • Rene

    Glendale, Ca direct tv down? No signal happening anybody has the same problems?

  • ontheaccountof

    Bravo channel 237 is frozen

  • Oklahoma

    Im in northeast corner of Oklahoma and the cw channel has not worked since july 2nd called again today july 8 and still down, and im told “they are working on it”

  • DeplorableMe

    No service – just outside of Austin, Tx 7/16/18

  • Winona Ruttman

    Anyone in NP FL. having issues with ID GO?

  • Wendy McGinnis

    No local channels working in Laurel MS

  • cbergens

    Anyone in Tampa having trouble with On Demand working? Ours seems to be dead.

  • susie

    what’s going on with streaming msnbc???

  • Boto salud

    i’ve had problems with directv in the past also. especially when the rain hits and the clouds obstruct signal. has anyone tried online streaming? There is an online streaming company called NuMedia global which offers over 3000HD channels. I imagine this would be the way to go for those of you that have had bad experience with signal loss due to geographic location. if you’re interested in learning more about it let me know.

  • Icefishinglady

    MSNBC has not worked since last night – error 70 on DirecTV. Other channels I’ve checked are fine.

  • Not been able to get it for several hours in Maryland. You can sign up for Pluto for free on Roku which offers the mainstream MSNBC plus other NBC news

  • roaringmouse

    In a hotel right now, remote turns on TV but nothing else. Front desk tells me “DirecTV did an update and made all our smart TVs dumb.”


    no signal. All I get is “connecting”. Keeps flashing.

  • MrLogical

    A bit of rain in central FL – no DirectTV as usual……

  • BeSmarter

    Not streaming in Pittsburgh.

  • Sabrina D. Sapp

    No streaming for the last 90 minutes in Maryland this sucks.

  • Brian Renn

    We haven’t had service for 3 hours now…what is going on?

  • Prepperdaddy

    Same here in Salem, Or

  • RayINLv

    Las Vegas here. Vikings Cardinals game not listed anywhere on Direct TV Schedule. E-Mail said ch# 711, which is not listed on the internet … WTH is going on?

  • K K

    No channel 6 and no channel 33 on Directv. No nascar or NFL

  • Mike

    No ABC,NBC,CBS or FOXS in Bossier City,Louisiana

  • Brenda

    I’m in Franklin Indiana we have no ABC since Sunday October 28, 2018

  • It won’t load the news this morning Martinsville Indiana

  • Stephanie Shostak

    Got error 775. Called Directv, lady told me to wait. She came back and told me to call back in one hour. Tried again in one hour and then it cuts out and I have to call back. Same stuff over and over again. Zip code is 18201.

  • Mark Landy

    Network connectivity for on demand and for network based smart home remote control has stopped since 3:48 AM eastern US. Noticeably right after a 3:46 AM update of the software to version 0x1112. Whole day of support chat and calls – only answer “you pay us $90 we can send out a technician”

    Oh – and here is the cute part… I have run Directv over my FIOS broadband for 5 years. Now Directv has an issue but guess what network hot spot did not – yup my ATT WI-FI hotspot works fine with my Directv receiver.

    Going to capture packets today

  • Blake

    Searching for satellite signal (771) on all my televisions. Unable to get half of the channels. Anyone else having this problem? Called Directv and they said they couldn’t have a technician out for TWO weeks!!! This company has completely fallen apart!!! Time to cancel this service I guess after being a customer for twenty years.

  • Kathy

    Green Bay area the entire thing is down. Is this crappy service what I have to pay for???

  • John Beland

    Screen freeze for past 3 days in Chappell Hill Texas

  • Brenda

    My direct tv says 775 error not sure what’s going on it was working fine one min now this. It is sunny no storms wind etc. franklin Indiana

  • Jeff Leung

    I don’t have any DTV on-demand content. Does anyone else have this problem. I’ve been on the phone for the last hour and AT&T customer support is pathetic.

  • Karen Doherty

    I have had an ongoing issue since day one of my install. No error code. Main TV works fine, mind you its the only one in the home that does. All Seconday small boxes are junk. Have had several service reps come to my home with no clear answers except the last service rep showed me an inter office email explaining there is an issue with the smaller boxes flashing yellow light comes on screen goes blank it reloads and then pictures comes back on, he explained to me they have no answers and they are working to resolve the issue. Well that was two months ago and i am lost as to where to go from here. He even said if the female operator took the information right i would not have even got a service call, which i will add i have not paid for every time because the nice serve reps have taken care of it. Very long story short….. i am frustrated and highly disappointed and would like a clear answer as to why i can not get new boxes. It’s been over a year Please tell me there is help somewhere out there.
    Thank You for any assistance.
    Desperate in Auburn Massachusetts

  • Dennis sandberg

    Direct TV down all day in Paso Robles, Ca. Spend from 11 AM to 12 PM on chat. The 4th person “supervisor” said he would get right on it and call me when it’s ready….3 hours…no call and no service

  • Sunflower

    No national fox channel for 2 days Feb 22 and 23 2019!
    And no eta when it will be restored…direct is a bunch of thieves

  • Mavrick106

    Only local channels in Philadelphia right now.

  • Muriel Szombathy

    My tv froze up. turned off and on, now get check connections message, on both TVs in house.

  • Me

    CNN channel showing TNT ??? WTF?

  • Rose White

    here in north las vegas I am getting nothing on my tv. Directv is my provider.

  • Anita

    Can not get local channels but other channels are working

  • Anita

    Can not get local channels but other channels working

  • Teresa Boardman

    Can not get local channels but other channels working

  • Kevin Kram

    I get NO video, just sound, wondering if it’s the TV?

  • CS

    Having 771 lost signal with my system. No weather issues, tech was out 4/22/19 said dish misaligned. Did not any of the system except dish. Worked fine till 5/6/19 now same issues. Coming out on 8th to check system. Hey

  • OriginsFan

    We noticed yesterday, Friday May 17th (2019) that the Channel Guide Menu lists nearly all programs as “Paid Programming” or “No Title”. I hope they get their guide working again, it is very tiresome to try to guess what program is on. Zip code 23111

  • Doug-Lynne Morgan

    Memphis area Channel 24 has been down everyday for last 5 days due to “technical issues”.

  • Gene Willard

    Down in Baton Rouge, LA

  • Tony Williams

    Black and white in Crestline california

  • Tony Williams

    Had that problem myself. When they did the install they pulled the coax tightly against boards on the underside of our deck. I pulled new coax and problem fixed. Hopefully your problem is repaired by now.

  • roman thomas

    no dtv since 1822 hrs in phelan, ca-92371 on 05/9/2019…called and was told provider not operational (told should be operational by morning),same time power went out (SCE)(SCE said power fix by 2100 hrs)(power was back on within 5 min from 1822 hr)… SOLAR FLARE/MILITA RY TEST??

  • Paula Gerard Clifford

    Message on channel 25 NBC saying the owner of the channel removed it… what is going on??

  • Cheryl Duncan Blackbourn

    Fox Channel 360 is down, my favorite in the morning. What’s up?

  • Brandy

    Currently I have multiple channels that play for a few seconds when I turn to them, but then it stops like someone pushed the pause button. The programming just never starts back.

  • John Mancini

    Having the same problem on DTVN, but not on other firestick channels like CBS. Chatted with helpdesk. NO HELP. They won’t admit to problems and have you do the same troubleshooting steps over and over again with no improvement. Delete Directvnow and reinstall it then clear data and cache. Nothing helps.

  • Rachel Morton

    Nothing, ke er pe flashing off. I have unplugged, credit receivers, checked the satellite dish, nothing. I’m pretty sure they are down.

  • SMoore

    Rachel, we are in South Florida and had same problem but actually 3 times today. We can be watching TV and all of a sudden screen freezes and then it’s blank.

    We have only had Direct TV for less than a week and have had to call service now 4 times.

    I hope this isn’t a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence.

    We had Comcast and hated their customer service and fact you never talked to a human.

  • Peter Draddy

    NO SIGNAL IN ONTARIO CANADA, went down @ 11:20am ? WHY?
    Same thing last night ! Out for OVER 4 hrs! WHATS GOING ON?
    Is it too hard to apply advisement on website?
    Never had this issue before, other than by weather events!

  • Charlie Brown

    Is Directv down right now?

  • Justanotherokie

    Directv Now is hosed too.

  • Jane Bedgood Morris

    I live in East TN and ABC has been off in the Knoxville area since Saturday, 7/6/19. To make it all worse….July was the end of our first year in the imposed 2 year contract. It freaking doubled to $140!!! I had to call and reduce our plan…don’t miss most of those channels….BUT….no ABC when we are assured that all major channels are included. Their notice states that “they share our frustration”. Somehow I, don’t believe that! That notice should also “share” what they will compensate everyone for their breach of contract on a daily basis!

  • Jane Bedgood Morris

    Yes…off since Saturday 7/6/19….we’re in East TN. I posted above.

  • Nancy D

    In Albuquerque NM. Signed up for Century Link Internet service and DirecTV on 7.31.19. Since 8.05.19, only 5 days after signing up, we have no DirecTV service which means no channels at all. We feel totally ripped off!!

  • Jeannie

    In Glenpool, OK (Tulsa suburb). For the past several weeks I get the 771 signal loss on several channels: 229, 282, 312 & 293. There may be others, but these are ones that I regularly watch. This mostly happens in the evening. I have done every single troubleshooting step possible with no solution. This occurs when there is absolutely no bad weather, winds, rain, etc. There is absolutely no tree obstruction around the satellite; everything is clear around it.

  • Barry

    Problems with frozen screen and continues intermittent disconnects since Aug. 8th and today, Aug. 9th.

  • Joe Hernandez

    Im sick of direct tv not having NBC channel and in dec im going to join other people with getting off cable completely and going to buy OTA so i will not have a cable bill anymore. The channels come in crystal clear and there are a few HD channels and your abc cbs and nbc channels. I have one room in my home that has OTA already and i get about 70 channels already so i think im going to tell Att to shove their direct tv and find a cheaper internet service provider also.

  • edward Schipper

    I am about ready to cancel my direct TV i have had enough , going to dish

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    That won’t happen. The contract requires binding arbitration and denies joining a class action suit.

    Ya, the whole binding arbitration thing sucks, but blame the Republicans in Congress for refusing to fix the problem. And yes, it is the Republicans.

  • Terry

    What is OTA?

  • Joyce Bolby

    channel 312 is not working right. is anyone else having issues?

  • Emign

    Same here and a few other channels!! You pay way too much for this to happen!

  • C Kelley

    Yep having issues with certain channels, and I am not happy

  • Nicholas polansky

    It’s all crap people. Been with Direct tv since 2009. Not getting HD channels 220 specifically. Wait 20 minutes and they tell me their tech department is down??? Said they are having their own issues. WTF does that mean. When AT&T took over it has gone to complete crap. They don’t come close to honoring the contract they enforce on the consumer. Mass exodus will continue. I could cite so many issues.
    Getting off this train shortly. I recommend others do the same

  • tom hartnett

    Channel 312 -Hallmark, all pixelated in Florida. No rain or clouds, and certainly no snow–except on my TV. Waited on phone for tech services and they disconnected. ATT needs to be broken up again!

  • Gregory McGee

    Several sports channels have poor reception now, which includes 206, 209, and 219. I am unable to watch college football on these channels. The weather is perfect in Fort Worth, TX, without a cloud in the sky. This is totally unacceptable!

  • Hart Duddy

    Perfect weather…200 channels pixelated….what’s the problem.

  • Jesse Buck Jones

    The day of the Breeders Cup and Channel 220 is pixelated. Having to watch on Sportsmix Channel 205. Been on hold on phone for over a hour

  • Mark Myers

    From 202 to about 219 is pixelated in El Paso, Tx also.

  • KD

    I read on other site directv is aware but no ETA to fix it………….only work around is to hide HD channels in display setting and watch it in SD……………the channels effected seems to be different in different areas.
    I’m in Asheville area…….mostly channels around 240-260 area

  • David C Andrews

    I’m having trouble with Hallmark, Freeform here in the Houston area. Nice sunny day, though there are some clouds.

  • SP

    Anything that has “HD” next to the channel name is messed up, but any HD programming that does not have HD next to the channel name (IE the HD versions if local channels) is working fine.

    Isn’t it coincidental that right above these messed up channels on the guide is an advertisement to upgrade to 4K programming. Anyone else suspicious that DirecTV is screwing with HD reception to make people believe they need to uograde?

  • KD

    I have 4k and I still have the HD problems

  • RH

    Lincoln NE. Sunny day. No clouds, 100% clear and no trees. CNN and a few other channels are pixelated. Others work. Signal strength is 97% or higher across with board. Reset DVR a couple of times. Not fixed.

  • RH

    CNN and a few other channels are pixelated. Many do work. In Lincoln NE, Clear, no clouds. No Trees. Signal is 97% or better. Reset the DVR a couple of times.

  • Omar

    Yes. This is happening in Los Angeles CA too.

  • Beatlearl M

    It happened on nearly all of my favorite channels and man was I pissed.

  • John Catherwood

    They stopped programming to all my receivers yesterday until I did a refresh, did the refresh and none of the genies are working. Called tech support, no answer for 30 min. Called to cancel service and they cant get tech support on phone for last 27 minutes.
    ATT you have ruined another company just like you did with NEXTEL, you suck, I will be canceling Direct TV.

  • Christopher Wittmann

    Evansville, In is still without Directv. It has been over 24 hours, my wife was on hold for 2 hours before we just hung up. ATT get with it and fix your issue!!!!!

  • patrick finn

    I called last night and spoke with a representative. One of their satellites is down. They said it would take a few days for the info to transfer everyone over to the other satelite. Ask them to resend signal to your receivers. This worked for me. The rep also said not to turn off the receiver because it may lose the signal again. I didn’t want to leave my TV’s on all night so i turned them off. This morning same issue. I called back and they resent signal and it is back up again. I am not turning off my receivers now!

  • Beatry L. Huston

    Oceanside Ca,
    Customer since 1996
    Code 771 for the last 8 months off and on,
    ALL HOME UNITS Pixelated on some channels, Loss of signal to shows set to record.

  • 4hhhh

    Same thing is happening in Lancaster, PA. Can’t get certain channels like tennis channel, espn. Keeps coming up 771 with a blank screen. Been happening now for several days.

  • Actually Sprint ruined Nextel just after purchasing the company. I worked for Nextel right before the sale

  • Bobbi Marshall Sundeen

    Our Direct TV is down in Charlotte, NC. Internet is fine.

  • Kathleen Risa

    Direvt TV down in south Pittsburgh PA. Been sketchy for an hour, now totally down.

  • Mark Farrell

    Most local broadcast channels are not coming in. Happened about 1pm today. Alton, NH

  • Robert

    Our local channels are off for the second day now. Way to often we lose all the rest but not the local ones, so this is weird.

  • Shea Swanson

    Just now watching Its a Wonderful Life and we lost the signal!! It then has to reboot and reload. Ut has been doing this everyday for the last 4 or 5 days. It’s ridiculous!!!!

  • Luika

    We have been experieces signal losses to our local channels and some of your preimun channels too over the past 3 to 4 months keep even with very good weather. HEY DIRECT TV CAN YOU PLEASE fix this issue or it sounds like from all the other viewers could lost lots of valuable customers.

  • Luika

    By the way Direct Tv has said has to do with the station signal and not them. Which is a lame excuse you as Direct TV has to make it right please correct the situation. We has customers have access to way many different platforms over than cable. Please fix the issue.

  • Tamra Easley-Harris

    FOX is completely blacked out during Saints -Vikings game. Directv Rep says “according to my resources FOX is having a broadcasting issue, the channel should return in 2-3 days”

  • Pam

    Really getting sick of Direct TV. More channels are not coming in, no weather issues. Can’t get channels 4, 265, 360, 347, 7, 13 and maybe more. Too mad to keep checking. FIX THIS DIRECT TV!!

  • Betty

    My local channel seven CBS out of Wheeling West Va hasn’t been been coming in voice and.picture all messed up. What’s going on with it?

  • Art

    Dish is no better. Buy a antenna

  • Kevin

    Fox News ch 360 is out as of 4:55am eastern.

  • Leslie Gill

    Here in Arizona fox is off also. It’s done this before here. Although Russia Tv news is on along with CNN, MSNBC and others. Very frustrating!!

  • Honey

    MSNBC AND CNN are out in Pensacola FL

  • Brondie

    Fox is out in TN, too.

  • Brian

    Discovery channel has been out for three weeks in central NY.

  • FloridaJim

    I scheduled a Direct TV person to remove my antenna dish so we could have a new roof installed. The person Eric showed and said he would rerun as needed to install the antenna-Dish[ whenever we needed it . Today 2-11 we called to schedule for Saturday and the person” nel” said someone would be here on Saurday215 How can I be sure they will no disappoint me again?Eric the first employee gave me his number to follow up bu that number was a lie or a mistake . Please help.”eric’s” number was supposed to be 313 6825646 please help me get his resolved now. thank you,Jim

  • Beth

    No ABC right now outside of Detroit.

  • toby Crotty

    No abc in Ann Arbor area. Directv is getting really bad!

  • Rob

    Local channels have been out off and on for weeks now.

  • Shanice Williams-Grissett

    Black screen for all channels since the beginning of this week. We have to keep running a system test to get the channels back to normal. Switching to Xfinity real soon.

  • Renee

    HGTV is the only channel I’m currently having issues with. Called yesterday and no one else is reporting an issue. It constantly scrambles and shows me 771 error. It’s happening on all my TV’s in the house. So annoying being stuck home and not being able to watch what you want to watch.

  • DP

    I turned off my TV last night. Woke up this morning and turned it on and I get a no signal error 771.Called tech support and put on speaker phone on hold for over hour. Nothing I have done (resetting, unplugging, checking connections) fixes problem.What’s going on?

  • Ashley Johnson

    Local channels are out this morning in Jackson Kentucky. It says no need to call. Service will be restored as soon as difficulties are resolved.

  • james

    just now, abt 20 mins ago, in Las Vegas area, directtv is down…

  • Joe Parv

    No picture at all nor any channels. Just shows menu and guide. Every channel is black. Trenton,NJ

  • Alberto A Garcia Jr

    MSNBC has been down for about a week. The error indicated by DirectTV is low or no signal level, check your equipment connections. Connections are good so what’s up DirectTV?

  • Jess

    I have Direct tv and since last night? The channels go from 1 to 70. I can’t even watch any of the main network channels.

  • Lois Coyne Prilla

    DirecTV is down at my house for over 6 hours. I live in Baldwin Boro, Pittsburgh PA. Called DirecTV and they were of no help. The woman was supposed to connect me to another person since she couldn’t help me, but then I was disconnected.

  • Gwen Logan

    We have direct tv and channel 29 keeps messing up and distorts the picture…and the sound. Very annoying! We are in Salamanca NY.

  • Hughes

    We have had direct tv since February 24 2020 and there has not been one day that has passes without multiple channels have signal loss due satellite down. I want to call to complain but there is nothing that can be done as we have sign a contract. I was told in the past bad weather was the issue but it happens when the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky. Then there’s the slow internet. I have called to see why it’s so slow. The customer service person I spoke to said I’m sorry you were missed informed but there is nothing else available in your area so there is nothing that can be done. 10 months to go

  • TSH

    I had Fox News last night and this morning its out showing a 721 error code, but I get everything else. Anyone having the same issue?

  • Andrea Jones Torres

    yes – this morning when I turned it on I got that error – did all the troubleshooting a dozen or so times to no avail. Now a tech has to come out. My wifi is too weak to stream so am stuck without any communication to the outside world. If this keeps up I am switching to dish. And I’m able to get everything else too like you are also TSH.

  • Jill

    NBC has been down since yesterday. Everything else works. What is going on? No NBC is a deal breaker for me.

  • butterflybarney

    I can get only one channel-NBC ch7. I cannot change channel AT ALL! The sound button is working, so it isn’t my remote (into which I did change the batteries). Go figure. btw Steven Colbert is on. I ABSOLUTELY HATE-HATE-HATE his propaganda show

  • Keay Allison Nutting

    my direct TV was just frozen for an extended period of time. Couldn’t change channel or do anything. No storms in the area, near Billings Montana. Now it just keeps freezing intermittently.

  • Scott

    For the last three weeks I have a large bar at top and bottom running horizontal across the screen. Only on premium movie channels and not all movies. Has DirecTV AT&T made some changes to broadcasting? I’ve checked settings on TV and boxes, multiple televisions and same damn black bars. DirecTV says they are escalating problem but 3 weeks same black bars. Anyone know what the hell is going on?

  • Cynthia Reeves

    Seems like lately, it’s been one thing after another. Last week some of the local channels were down, there was an error message and then they finally got it fixed. Now 2, 3, 24 and 36 are all down. No error message, just a blank screen. I know they have been down at least the last 2 days. Why?? I live in St. George, SC. I know it’s not the dish, as we had the receiver worked on a few months ago and everything has been fine until now. Anyone else having problems??

  • Wildcat

    I have been a direct tv

  • Ruby Anson Lang

    Local Channels and others gone in Omaha, since Tues 8/11

  • Harper

    Is Direct TV having trouble today with channel 360 Fox News in DeKalb, TX?

  • Jay B. Aiken

    We don’t have NBC in Augusta, GA.

  • Gina Brian Mulcahy

    History Channel has been blank for a week or so. Just a black screen. Anyone else have this or knowf any problems.

  • malika pagalgt

    an error message and then

    they finally got it fixed. Now 2,

    Ⓒⓤⓢⓣⓞⓜⓔⓡ ⓢⓔⓡⓥⓘⓒⓔ ⓗⓔⓛⓟ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ ⓝⓤⓜⓑⓔⓡ    +⃝① ⑧③③ ⑦Ⓞ④ Ⓞ④⑨⑥

    Ⓒⓤⓢⓣⓞⓜⓔⓡ ⓢⓔⓡⓥⓘⓒⓔ ⓗⓔⓛⓟ ⓛⓘⓝⓔ ⓝⓤⓜⓑⓔⓡ    +⃝① ⑧③③ ⑦Ⓞ④ Ⓞ④⑨⑥

    3, 24 and 36 are all down. No error

    message, just a blank screen.History Channel has been blank for a week or s

  • J’Nene Boland

    We don’t have nbc channel in Yakima WA

  • diltodke hasti hoo merea

    nbc chan

    Customer service helpline number +1 833 7O4 O496

    Customer service helpline number +1 833 7O4 O496

    nel in Yghj

  • Candy Land

    Msnbc not showing up on directv. 11/19/2020 6pm. Ohio

  • dreem girl


    Customer service helpline number +1 833 7O4 O496

    Customer service helpline number +1 833 7O4 O496

    up on dinmhj

  • Shantele Marie Strawn


  • Beth Hill

    Out today called twice worked for about 10 minutes off again can not get a direct answer about anything going on

  • DC

    Northeast PA – local channels error code 771z. Reset receiver, still not working. Other channels ok.

  • chote chote pag


    Customer service helpline number +1 835 6 O8 5406

    Customer service helpline number +1 835 6O8 5406


  • Shawn

    I’m in Madisonville Tn and I have the 771 number but I can still watch recorded shows and download a demand show