DirecTV problems

DirecTV problems main areas of concern include connecting to the Internet, no signal, total outage and in some cases a problem communicating with dish. These happen in certain areas of the USA, and normally when these occur amongst other issues the direct broadcast satellite service provider sorts them out as soon as possible.

DirecTV error codes 775, 771 and 721 have popped up in the past, which are normally fixed after they occurred. More error codes may pop up in the future and when they do you can list and discus them with the DircTV community below. If you are having problems with certain channels, able to watch things you have recorded but nothing else then please list them here.

If you are experiencing a DirecTV outage or any other problems please leave your status update below with your location. These updates you leave will help others in this community.

DirecTV status reports for Friday 29th of May 2020

To find out if DirecTV is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with DirecTV? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Easton

    How come I can only watch things I have recorded but nothing else. I live in Kentucky.

  • Eleanor

    DirecTV local channels are not working for me in Columbus, Ohio. All I can see is a black screen, i am not getting any error code so whats going on?

  • Nevaeh

    I got directv error codes ext 771 and 775. Today seems fine, this happened yesterday.

  • Elise

    Signal issues in Arlington Texas, I seriously need to think about changing over to someone else.

  • Raymond

    Local channels seem to be playing up today, I keep getting code pop up saying 771.

  • Todd

    I am not getting an TV service at all, been like 5 hours now. I am in Las Vegas.

  • Mel

    No service in Bonsall, CA, it was rubbish last week and now again. Its not often it happens its just been over the last week so i will not go mad just yet.

  • Grant

    Pictures are not showing up for me today, no matter what i want to watch nothing shows. Blank screen and that’s it. I will, pretend i am watching the invisible man shall i.

  • Howard

    Number 5 and 9 are both down in Los Angeles. The screen on DirecTV are blank.

  • Jessie

    I am having DirecTV problems with number 13, 9 and 5 with black screens in Tujunga, Ca.

  • Kaine

    I have no channels locally, this has been bad since like 9am.

  • bfuentes

    No HD for CBS, ABC or Fox

  • David Wasickanin

    Complete outage in milton fl 32583

  • John Maddox

    Outage in Parkersburg WV SINCE 8:40 PM

  • John Maddox

    Local channels are down.

  • Wanda

    Error 771, no live TV, can watch recorded program

  • Allan

    Here’s one for you. During the day my service works perfectly,. Come night time all my programing channels go down one by one until all I can watch is commercial and info channels… Is anyone else experiencing this???

  • Mike Stillwell

    thats happened to me

  • David

    Nbc channel show the blindspot always shakes like crazy when I watch it, anyone else having this problem?

  • Ashley

    775 error code. Tried unplugging and rebooting everything and still nothing. Did this the past two nights but works during the day, what’s up?

  • shirley

    Long intermittent outage in Pasadena, Tx with clear skies and cables well connected. Worked fine until 30 minutes ago. Disappointed with service.

  • jacalicasa

    Woodland Hills CA, Trouble connecting with the satellite. It is very windy here, trees uprooted, etc.

  • Brookhaven

    Trouble connecting with satellite error 775 for the last 5 hours in Norman ok

  • Flappy McFlipperton

    Out in Portland during Blazers game. Just raining.

  • Proud Conservative

    WOW When DTV merged with AT&T they also merged with AT&T’s lousy service as well

  • carole

    All 3 rooms is out with code 775 no clouds clear sky everything is connected here in Glendale az

  • Scott W Foster

    I lost all service last night and am still down. Also unable to get through to customer service. Not happy.

  • James Shelby

    I live in Southern Illinois and I have lost signal off and on all day on Monday and it is still going out and picture all messed up still right now at 12:35 AM. I checked to see if there was a solar storm going on but the sites say no.

  • Bob Lombardo

    North Las Vegas Nevada, this is the second day of loss of signal and the unit rebooting over and over. It’s not just me, its all over my neighborhood

  • Bob Lombardo

    This service really suck, almost 48 hours of off and on 10 or more times a day and all the rebooting, WiFi TV is looking better and better.

  • Bob Lombardo

    I worked for years in the Telecom and IT industry, we always had back-up or stand-bye equipment in case of system failure, where the hell is theirs, Is the fact that we “only” pay over $130 a month for service too little for them to be able to provide uninterruptible service?

  • Rebecca

    No Signal for about two hours!

  • Arthur Phillips

    Out in 40047

  • Mike Chaney

    NO SERVICE in 43204, NONE, ZIP, NADA total black screen

  • Mike Chaney

    Welcome to Direct tv

  • KC

    no locals in portland, oregon

  • Christopher HOLTON

    Ridiculous. Amazon Fire here I come.

  • Kay

    My tv in the bedroom has no service while the one in 5he living is fine.makes no sense.

  • Kerry k Knowlton

    No service they better be discounting some bills

  • J

    Every channel works EXCEPT ESPN, and it’s College Gameday!!! No bad weather but still says 771 on channel and have walked through troubleshooting with tech. No problems with connection. Tech says it’s the weather, but there is no rain, wind NOTHING!
    What is the problem DIRECTV??????

  • Northernlights13

    All of my local channels have black screen code 771. This has been going on for the whole month of August and now into Sept. Last few nights “No Title available” on most channels that do work.
    I talked to a person from my area Grant Pass, Oregon yesterday and they are having the same experience.
    Is DIRECTV just falling apart?
    Tech is coming out today. They wanted to charge me for this house call and I told them I’d go to Dish before I would pay for their problem.
    I’ve unplugged everything there is to unplug. Reset my card…all of these routines dozens of time.
    Pictures might pixilate for awhile and then just go out.
    On Saturday night suddenly everything worked perfectly. Problem solved itself?
    Right back to no signal and not “No Title Available”.
    We’re paying for this non-service!

  • Larry

    I’ve been having the same issue since we started months ago. Just a couple weeks ago they finally told me that it is software problems and they are working on s fix. No date when that will be. They gave me $75 off my bill as I insisted on some compensation or I will stop my service.

  • Bob Lombardo

    I’m tired of this problem, I went out and bought a Roku and Prime, I don’t need 500 channels of someone else’s religious ideals and a lot of other crap I don’t watch, I’ll be saving over $130 a month. Sick of Cable and Satellites. As long as I have my WiFi I’m good. Bye-Bye heartless Corporation.

  • IQ140

    Nine channels between 202 and 311 started breaking up and 771 error two days ago. Can be fine during the day but get worse in evening. Today, more channels started breaking up and the original nine were just blank screens with 771 code.
    Called Directv twice, checked connections, no bad weather, no dish obstructions, and ran through tests — ended up scheduling service call.

    I think the problem is the satellite, not my end. Why would a channel be fine at 10 am and terrible at 6 pm if nothing here was changed? And do the same thing the next day? And then deteriorate further? Either the satellite is the issue or my DVR receiver is failing.

  • Craig

    No local channels in Twin Cities

  • Linanne

    No local channels in the Twin Cities for me either. Can get 2 & 45 but everything else is down.

  • Eileen

    Down in Harnett County NC but only on CBS

  • Brad Woolard

    No CBS affiliate being received in Bloomfield, Iowa

  • Miasmom

    Off and on outages and can’t record for two weeks. in Northeastern Nevada. Stupid CS had me doing all kinds of stupid things and then said it was fixed forever! One hour later, freezes, no signal, no recording again. THANKS, I missed a 2 hour season finale, and two other shows! I only watch one or two days a frickin week! They said it was a nationwide issue with satellite software and engineers were working on it. Sure………….

  • Dave

    Outage in san diego at 1030 pm 10/17/2016 missed a bunch of shows and could not record

  • Sharon Hennis

    No signal in Winston salem, nc!

  • Paulette Daniels

    Unable to connect to the dish. Since last night and seemingly no way to get ahold of customer service. Not thrilled right now on all fronts

  • Miss CA

    Marin County Marinwood 94903 – No Satellite! Please fix – I need my TCM.

  • Old curmudgeon

    Down in Walnut Creek California. Box works as it shows title bar but no network. Checked, my ROKU works so not the TV set. Data outage due to hacking?

  • ChristinaBistes

    No local Dallas channels giving 771 signal loss error All other channels work.

  • Sharon

    Direct tv is ridiculously slow on all my receivers today and this evening. 3-4 minutes to connect to a channel or menu.

  • Robin

    Lost signal zip 02019 Mass

  • golfmage

    problems in Charlotte NC with the HD channels and long delays between channel changes. WTF DTV?

  • Lcbroker

    No signal 98230

  • Pamela

    Fox News Channel only channel 360 down on Hilton Head Island, SC. Anyone else?

  • Cynthia

    Fox News and CNN out in Texas!!!

  • Mike Stenhouse

    Fox News and CNN out in Rhode Island

  • John Smith

    Fox Nrws near Dayton Ohio

  • Roland Bennett

    Fox News out in Madison Heights, VA

  • Tiffany Neal

    Blind Spot was replaced by Law and Order SVU tonight 11/2/16 but it showed that it was airing on the guide, and my dvr recorded the series thinking it was airing, but it was recording SVU episode that was airing instead. WTF? I’m in Eagle Colorado

  • Chad Owens

    All national news out in Georgia. Again

  • Greg Smith

    Fox News went down at exactly 6:00 AM Eastern Time two days ago and again today at 6:00 AM in Charlotte, NC

  • Debra Norwood

    Fox News technical difficulties the last 2 mornings! Wtf? Another day of this and we will leave direct tv because obviously they are for Hillary!

  • r3sons

    Fox News also out in Chicago area. Just checked CNN…they are out, too. However MSNBC is on.
    What is going on?!

  • Rod Smith

    Fox News in HD is out, but the non-HD channel works

  • Shannon Wirtjes

    What I can’t figure out is why FNC isn’t making headlines of this??

  • Ann Marie Smith

    Every morning channel 360 won’t one on. I have to go thru hell to try to talk to someone. I’m sure there will be no deduction on my bill! This is crazy!!!

  • bing

    FNC channel out again – This is really pissing me off

  • Tilly

    which is the non HD channel? tx.

  • If you have the DirecTv app, you can watch it on your iPhone. You’ll need your Acct user name and PW to sign in after installation. Downside is you use up data unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Thomi Hooton

    Fox news channel is out. I am in Loganville, GA

  • guest

    Fox News channel out in NJ. Mainstream channels working

  • ~Sierranne~

    Turned TV on have a message saying “We are experiencing technical difficulties please stand by,” it’s been half hour, and its not loading guide

  • Guest

    Fox News out in Chesapeake VA. CNN says I need to pay to subscribe. No thanks. All other CNN stations are fine. Will cancel subscription all together ans switch to cable if it’s not fixed real soon. Not cool around an election. Freedom of the Press much??

  • Danette

    Fox News Channel 360 out in Screven Ga. Any idea when this will be corrected?

  • Sally

    Fox news channel is out “temporary technical difficulties”! Ugh! I live in Maryland.

  • Rosalie Cale

    No Fox or CNN in PA……at least south central PA

  • Ann Marie Smith

    When I thru to tech said it would be 9mins, that was 45mins ago. Mine has gotten to acquiring data up to 98% then stops. I can watch recorded shows but that’s it. Go thru this BS every morning!!! At first I could get other channels now I can’t get one


    Hmmm! Wonder if it’s a conspiracy with the elections next week. I couldn’t get foxnews this morning so I did a reset now I can’t get anything. Guide won’t load. Tried calling Tech support but all I get is a busy signal. In Albuquerque New Mexico.

  • Kim Penner Darrah

    I’m in Missouri…no Fox or CNN also

  • Kim Penner Darrah

    No Fox or CNN …I live in Missouri; this happened this past Wednesday also!!

  • Billy Bong

    Fox News Channel not working in Chicago. I might call comcast to switch.

  • Mark D

    Same thing in South Dakota. DTV is tired of politics?

  • bryan

    Fox news has been out for hours in Connecticut..really 4 days before the election..fix this!!!! No reason for it to be out for this long!!!

  • Mark D

    I went to the non hd channels and everything appears to be working. Menu,Settings, Preferences, show all channels.

  • Kevin Turzinski

    Foxnews and CNN down in Minneapolis area too. This is intentional…hopefully the party responsible gets exposed.

  • Constance Smith

    Fox News down for HOURS for 2nd day in Kansas City.

  • Lisa White

    Fox and CNN are out in Phoenix too!!! This is BS!!!

  • Chris Rose

    Me too! Exactly the same for me. I reset now I cant get connected…

  • johnhaskell

    Here in South Carolina, too, but broadcast channels are working. This last week Fox would periodically blank out for a few seconds then come back, now there just the message “Experiencing technical difficulties…”

  • BY

    This worked in Littleton, CO also. Thanks!! The SD channel comes through fine. My tin-foil helmet is rattling……..

  • Zippiii

    Fox News Channel out in Boise, Idaho!

  • Scott Forrester

    Don’t care about CNN being down. But must have Fox News!

  • foxnews watcher

    Fox new channel out in Houston Tx, msnbc is up and running!!!:(

  • studstuff

    Nothing is work for me @84655

  • Pat

    Not CNN in NC??

  • foxnews watcher

    Worked in Houston Tx, thanks

  • Rod Smith

    It’s the same channel 360. Open up your guide and go to channel 360 you should see two of them, one HD, and one other. If you only see the HD channel, you may have to go into your settings and make a change to see all HD and Non-HD channels

  • Rod Smith

    Reset your Direct Tv box. The channel will still be out, but it should allow your guide to load.

  • kenny

    FOX only down in Santa Fe NM, but all you can stomach of MSM.

  • Jody Black

    Surprise surprise, Direct TV suddenly has problems broadcasting Fox News. Seems to be ON GOING purported technical difficulties, just before the election in Idaho too. Make me wonder if they will just as mysteriously have the technical difficulties problem solved by the DAY AFTER the election. Very odd and or not surprising indeed.

  • Kim

    REALLY??? AGAIN!!!!!! with Fox news being out! none of the mainstream media channels are out!!

  • Speaking The Truth

    Down in Oh will be cancelling after no help!

  • bryan

    Direct TV are you going to respond to the massive wave of comments regarding fox and cnn being down or just ignore them all. Just called fox and left a message hope everyone does the same so they can cover this seems to be down throughout the country with 0 response from direct tv..msnbc up and running!!!

  • Speaking The Truth

    Talk 2 4 reps got runaround Ohio, canceling, getting Dish

  • ~Sierranne~

    yes that is what I did, all working except Fox news

  • Kim

    AND…….. you can’t get a call through for technical support! A bit suspicious to me! Not sure we will continue our service with Direct TV!

  • nanotweezer .

    Fox News was missing, did a reset, now I have no channels at all. Got busy signals twice when the call was switched to technical support. The app on iPad 2 video quality sucks when it works at all. My monthly bill is over $100 with no premium channels. WAY TO GO ATT&T

  • Maria

    this is very confusing CNN and FOX all of a sudden off the air and no explanation or help from directtv..
    OUT IN R I

  • Randall

    FNC went out at exactly 6 a.m. this morning. Sounds a little strangel. Almost 10 now and still not up. Did you say DISH!!!!

  • Speaking The Truth

    CNN part of the rigged system!

  • shannon

    guide was not receiving data. did an reset and now nothing. it says trying to acquire data

  • Art Moore

    FOX NEWS completely down. NOW…no signal at all after red button reset. Busy signal on all Direct tech lines. One word: DISH!!!!!!

  • Daniel Rouse

    same here

  • xutocoga

    big mistake to reset. unacceptable.

  • mumsy241

    All news channels down in SC too. It said it was HD, but that you could watch non HD? Umm and where would those be?

  • Arlo

    OHIO is down also.Way to go.Dish is sounding better..

  • HK__Man

    Fox News and some other channels are not there this morning. Just a screen saying DirecTV is having technical difficulties.

  • Billy Bong

    I found this on facebook and it works

    (on your direct tv remote)
    You can then go back and select the non HD version of channel 360 on your guide.

  • Arlo

    Use SD channels,in your settings they said??

  • Chrissie Keffler

    Everything down in Richardson, Texas. Disconnected 3 times on phone after waiting 20 minutes. Russians?

  • Rick

    Everything down, won’t load guide during boot process. Stops at 98%, then stops. All of DirecTV down here, not just the news channels.

  • Jody C

    Down in Virginia also. Strange this is twice this week and at exactly 6:00 am. I guess Fox News needs to do a story about this and how Direct-TV and AT&T are censoring them and not any other news channels

  • Elaine Charlot- Henry

    Hmmmm … can you say hacked ? Receiver frozen before 8:00 ct … reset receiver 3 times … no channels… can’t get customer service …
    central Louisiana

  • xutocoga

    for you tinfoilers its not just FOX but CNN as well. stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Elaine Charlot- Henry

    Same here … La

  • Rick

    722 Error….no connection- Virginia- Wait time forever on Customer service line- gave up after 1 hour…these guys SUCK!

  • Rick

    Same in Virginia-

  • Janice Hoffman Mullis

    Yes this worked!! Thanks!!

  • Speaking The Truth

    Going back to Dish, should not have left for Direct sucker bait!

  • Speaking The Truth

    Talked to 4 reps got the runaround. And they knew all along what they were doing was running me around, Waited for ever and no help ever picked up! And they could not even articulate the langue, shameful, Directv, gone!

  • John A. Miner

    Well Misery loves company and I see I am not alone. I’ve been having the 772 error since 7Am ET. Whateeeeever

  • xutocoga

    finally got through. its an outage that theyve been working on since 7am est with no ETA for when it will be fixed. DO NOT RESET.

  • Felix Valenzuela

    My service went out since 9pm last night and yet 12 hours later no service. Im in southwest New Mexico. When will service be up and running and are we going to be credited on our account?!

  • Rocky

    Florida down since 8:00 am no CNN or Fox no nothing still on phone with DIRECTV no one picked up!

  • Jim

    I’ve been out with CNN and FOX since 6am and now I have a complete outage here in northeast Pa

  • sbell123

    Whatever you do DO NOT RESET YOUR RECEIVER you will have no tv. Trust me, I have no tv now…….

  • Kara Greenwell

    Kentucky here… power went out due to accident down the road and when it came back on our satellite was out. Tv in living room said it couldn’t connect to satellite and tv in bedroom said it can’t connect to network. Called in, busy a few times and then the automated service couldn’t find my account info, got transferred and then given the busy signal.

  • Nikki Hensley

    No service. Reset receiver, only have DVR & unable to get through to customer service.
    Wise, Va

  • sbell123

    This has been going on for a few days. I noticed the same circumstance a few days ago. Think it is time to make a switch but which company? All I want is what I am paying for but that is too much to ask from corporations these days………

  • Rob

    ATT Has Shut Them Down !

  • Eva in FL

    Down in Florida too. No channel guide. No live tv. Can watch from recorded list.
    Can’t get to CS. I guess this is a nation wide issue.

  • Стефен Эберт

    Hey, I think it is a bad idea to interfere with someone in the state of psychosis…so, go easy…

  • gary

    Down in Warrenton, VA. Reset receiver, stuck on downloading guide…

  • Стефен Эберт

    Only if you have not like most of us used to this done a hard reset. Alas, I did this like many another’s and ALL except DVD is down…

  • Стефен Эберт

    Right, conspiracy…but they goofed and took out CNN…and if one did a reset, then all…and since there is of course a vast left wing conspiracy, funny how they took ALL channels off…Trump needs to send them more help.

  • Bruce LaHargoue

    They are having problems with one of the HD satellites. The SD channels are working just fine. (Satellite 101). Change your display setting from “Hide HD Duplicates” to “Show all.” Then select the SD channels by changing your guide to “All channels.” Might not help all of you but I’m now watching Fox news and others that have been down.

  • Jill mckelvey

    CNN does not work, says I have to order it but we already have it and they won’t answer there phone ugggggh

  • Bruce LaHargoue

    Just switch to the SD channels and both FOX and CNN will come in.

  • Lori Lathan Evans

    I’ve done a hard reset as well, so nothing will come up except the shows I’ve recorded on the DVR.

  • Bruce LaHargoue

    Yup. Working great for me.

  • Earlsmama

    Oh, shut up.

  • Dave Clark

    No service in N Georgia. Going to switch to DISH, as soon as DTV starts taking calls again.

  • Dave Clark

    Same here.

  • frances

    been down in texas since 6 am this morning please hurry and fix the issue direct tv

  • Dora Baisden

    DirecTV down in Georgia. Stuck on loading guide, tried to called but tells me try my call again later.

  • Walter

    What if this happens on election night (assuming they have it fixed before then), Better get DISH on the phone now…

  • Sharon

    Same here also in St Louis..

  • gstewy

    Total outage all day for DTV. I’m in Metro Denver. Errors 771 and 772. Talked to technical support and was told that “it’s a distribution issue on DTV’s end”. Unfortunately, no ETA for when service will be restored.

  • Donna

    Tell us the problem!

  • frances

    this is bs we pay for cable to watch it not look at a black screen

  • Lori Moran Cowell

    From NJ. NO FOX news this am, 2nd day this week before election. NO service at all since 9am. Unable to reach directv via internet or Phone lines

  • gstewy

    One tip for contacting DTV when there is an outage. As most have discovered, getting through on the phone can take a significant time, if you get through at all. In my case, I was on hold for 35 minutes. While I was waiting, I got on DTV’s web site and selected the “Chat” option. I was 108 in line. It took only 15 minutes to get connected to a rep. So by the time I got through on the phone, I already had one “answer” from DTV. To their credit, the person on the phone provided exactly the same answer. So, rather that throw your phone across the room, give “Chat” a try. Hope this is helpful.

  • T

    Complete outage here in NJ. Receivers had error “could not download guide data for over 4 hours”. Have been trying since 9am and calls to directv result in busy signal or dropped call.
    Reset receivers and now I can not get any operational features at all. Receiver just sits at “acquiring guide data”

  • Mark in Houston

    How do you use that? Mine is stuck in “Select a Server” screen.

  • Kevsh

    Directv has got some serious issues I cannot get anything. I have put my meter inline and have excellent signal quality.

  • Jane Ramirez

    No service at all up here in Monterey, Ca …could not get through on the phone and online the chat is disabled as well. Have a feeling they are out for thousands of customers???

  • frances

    having the same problem if you have record you can watch your recorded shows and thats it

  • Kara Greenwell

    Could we get lucky they give us some promotion or even a credit on our bill…. doubtful but if they want to keep customers they need to start deciding how to make this up to us!

  • gstewy

    Jane. The rep that I talked to this morning said that her particular call center had gotten over 1,000 calls just today.

  • KMoore

    Houston. Error 920. Do not reset your receiver – you won’t get anything at all. Can’t get through to support. Can’t view online.

  • Jane Ramirez

    LOL that’s what I figured! Thanks!

  • frances

    I agree we should get some kind of credit for this interruption

  • frances

    I know i messed up and reset mine now nothing, in Houston too

  • disillusioned

    No Fox news in Georgia either.

  • Citizen Emperor

    I am in Memphis, TN. For me, only CNN-HD and Fox News-HD are knocked out right now. (Fortunately I did not reset the receiver!) Getting the warning message about guide not updating; System Test resulted in Code 920. Tried to call DTV Customer Support as directed, but line is busy. (Not even a recording.) This appears to be nationwide, and DTV Customer Support is swamped. Patience is a virtue, I suppose…

  • Rick Staebler

    Great suggestion, it works. Thanks Bruce

  • Vicki Weiler

    Vermontville, Michigan – cannot get directv to come up at all other than shows previously recorded. started a little before 10 am this morning

  • Ronald

    Virginia’s Eastern shore is down, reset after CNN wouldn’t work, following instructions, now nothing. Called DTV and got a busy signal.

  • Randy Marsh

    It’s NOT just FoxNews (ch 360) that’s down, but also CNN (ch 202) and some movie channels in the 500’s. It’s NOT a conspiracy against FoxNews people and viewers! This has been an ongoing problem this whole week because DTV has been force upgrading your satellite receiver 3 times this week at around 3-4am CST. If you look at signal strength on each satellite, you’ll notice one transponder is dead showing 000 for signal strength. For all you FoxNews channel viewers, follow the onscreen instruction to unblock all SD (Standard Definition) channels and watch the SD feed/channel. DO NOT reset your receiver or unplug it from the wall outlet. The satellite/transponder that feeds the program guide is also down, your receiver won’t pass all the boot tests if it can’t receive the program guide data, so again don’t reboot or reset your receiver.

  • Jim Scofield

    Good luck talking to a machine! Oh, & remember, “this conversation will be recorded for quality!” Just before it drops your call.workin’ real well in Colorado!

  • Billy Bong

    I did not do a hard reset, so the standard def channel works.

  • MuffinTop

    DON’T HIT THE RED RESET BUTTON OR REMOVE CARD!! Sorry to yell but IF you follow the DirectTV instructions you’ll be out of luck with NO reception. I wish someone would have warned me because as of now I cannot view any election updates…DAMN!

  • Randy Marsh

    This problem is a satellite / transponder failure. It just so happens FoxNews and CNN and some movie channels in HD are down. Follow the onscreen directions to unhide the “SD Duplicates” and watch Fox/CNN in SD. Watching in low definition (SD) is better than nothing. Just DO NOT unplug or reset your receiver, doing so will make all channels HD or SD fail because the receiver can not receive the program guide.

  • Robert Ericsson

    Fox news ONLY has been down since this morning 11/4 @6 AM EST. CNN fine, all others FINE. This is clearly targeting Fox news. DONT believe anyone in this forum saying it’s just a universal outage. This is on purpose – Friday is the most influential week left before voting day.

  • Richard51

    yeah i did too and got nowhere with the language barrier. i will call comcast and get them and tell dtv to come get there garbage

  • Barbara Jean O’Bryan-Young

    It has been down all day here in Bangor, Maine…anyone know what the issue is?

  • Kevsh

    Thats right, when you reset or power cycle you clear the ram inside the receiver. I did it anyway to see if I can reload my account information. I do contract work for directv and it looks like this is effecting accounts the satellite is working. I checked signal with my meter and have excellent signal quality.

  • Kara Greenwell

    I had fine signal until power went out, had no plans on hitting the red button or resetting… happened not be choice.

  • Richard51

    they are having a service outage so do not hit the red reset button or you will lose everything i did and upset will go to comcast

  • Ruby McDonald Townsend

    Well, I’ve hit the red reset button about 4 times since 3:30 AM.
    I have No service. Just the acquiring guide data msg.

  • Randy Marsh

    FoxNews is NOT the only channel down. CNN on ch 202 is also down as well as some movie channels. Follow the onscreen instructions to show SD channels and you’ll have your FoxNews and CNN back in standard definition. Dtv is having problems all week with their 110 and 119 orbit satellites.

  • Richard51

    directv outage in about 80% of the country whatever you do don’t push the red reset button or you will lose everything

  • Kathy Tracy

    yes cnn also im getting msbn news thank goodness

  • Rethinking Cable

    Unable to get DirecTV now in Oklahoma City area. Messages 771 and 772. Receiver cannot acquire satellites. Cannot contact Customer Service by phone either. Too late on the warning not to reset or unplug equipment. I already did that along with trying to “refresh” via the internet. Nothing worked then I found this thread

  • frances

    to late im sure most people have already tried this and trust me im pissed about it. I have to stare at this black screen and for what. This is not what im paying for.

  • Randy Marsh

    This whole problem happened after DTV forced a receiver upgrade around 3-4AM cst. It’s NOT a conspiracy against FoxNews viewers! Other channels like CNN are down as well. Some movie channels on the 500’s are also down. Follow the onscreen instructions to switch to SD channels and you will have all channels back, albeit in standard definition. Low quality (SD) is better than a black screen.

  • Barb

    Once the issue is resolved at your end, be sure to provide instructions for customers that tried to reset the receiver and are stuck at “Acquiring guide data”.

  • Bruce LaHargoue

    I’m not sure what your issue is. Sounds like you are locked up on a setup or reboot process. Tech support might be able to walk you thru that issue. For those who are just missing the channels, my previous posting should help you out.

  • Randy Marsh

    FoxNews HD is down, but FoxNews SD has never gone down. Don’t reset your receiver! Go into the menu and select “show all channels”. Then tune to 360 (foxnews) and when you see the error screen, press the up channel button to see the standard definition (SD) channel. The problem is with the HD channels, while the SD channels are working fine.

  • Eb Raptski


  • Eb Raptski

    they suck just as well

  • frances

    didnt work I just tried

  • Billy Bong

    FNC standard def is out now in Chicago.

  • frances


  • Randy Marsh

    You are correct, I was watching it in SD mode and it just went to a black screen. No error message. DTV, get your stuff together! Other channels in HD and SD are dropping fast now with a black screen!

  • Joyce Venables

    Still off — called twice and disconnected twice on call transfer. What is going on with you people???? Why is nothing posted when there is an outage???

  • Joyce Venables



    Real bad PR for directv. No info no customer service support. How many subscribers are they going to lose. Still out in Albuquerque.

  • FrenchLozenge

    The Hildabeast likes when fox is down.. her friends in state/nsa r doing their best to help her.. BLACK SCREEN…yeah, nothing to c here

  • Billy Bong

    I think I am going to call Layer3, AT&T came in an ruined a fine company.

  • Dennis

    just talked to directv person in Florida; she said nationwide outage; don’t reset if still have a few channels working, otherwise you will get error codes 721 and 722 and the info guide will not download; they are working the issue; difficult to get through on the phone because nationwide outage;service has been down for more then 6 hours; I guess the Russians are to blame:):)

  • FrenchLozenge

    It’ll be back on Wednesday lol

  • Randy Marsh

    Dennis is 100% correct. DO NOT reset your receiver! Every hour, on the hour I get an error message saying my receiver can not receive the Program Guide.

  • Carl

    So… after this nonsense is done, can some of you help those of us that hit the reset button and went black. Mine all started with missing guide data

  • Randy Marsh

    Problem is many of us are under a 2 year contract, so we can not cancel service. If you read the fine print, service outage is not grounds for DTV to let you out of their contract. So if your thinking of canceling service, and still under their 2 year contract, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee up to $400.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Direct TV needs to make a public statement, should have done that by now. Looking bad on them for not.

  • Rhe221

    I’m in Allentown pa and everything is down. Haven’t been able to see any live tv this morning at all

  • Kevsh

    if you hit the reset button you will have to wait. The people that did not hit the reset button their service will eventually be effected, it will just take longer. AT&T knows its a serious issue this is why their hanging up on people lol.

  • Randy Marsh

    I agree! Dtv needs to admit publicly on their main site about the service outage and create a blog being updated every 15 minutes with what they are doing to solve the problem.

    Humans are forgiving, if people admit there is a problem. By not saying anything on their website makes people more and more mad and less apt to forgive.

  • Karen

    My SD Fox News Channel is not working now. St Louis MO

  • Randy Marsh

    My FoxNews channel 360 SD just came back in Chicago. FNC is on the nationwide satellite footprint, so if your not receiving it now, it’s your receiver having problems now.

  • Mary Chalberg

    I was told to reset my reciever! Now it’s totally honked up. Not a happy camper!

  • John Gammon

    If you have rebooted how do you get around Acquiring guide date

  • MaxL

    My Directv is down. Tried a reset both with the remote and the red button and when it gets to 98% iof downloading satellite data in step 2/2, I get error 772. I live in Denver.

  • Bill Kilgore

    Down in SW Florida.

  • TCguest

    Funny how this happens just days before the election. I’ve already voted for Trump instead of crooked Hillary, so it doesn’t matter to me. I just hate it for the undecided.

  • Kara Greenwell


  • Kevin

    Same as everyone else, tried to reset to load guide and now nothing. It worked before the reset. Error 771. Northern NY 13615

  • Bill b

    Satellite is totally down in Joliet Illinois since 0900. Error 772. Never had this problem before

  • Lily Joy Data

    Live in NE Iowa, zip code 52160, started with being told I needed to pay for Fox (not so, I have Fox in my package), then went to reset and now, I have noting. On Internet I see that Dish customers are reporting same problem. Waited on phone for over 90 minutes with no answer. Tried web page for Direct TV – no help. This is huge, who is going to pay for service like this?

  • gstewy

    You don’t, John. That’s the problem.

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    Me also. We just moved to Oxnard and for the first time since the late 1970’s don’t have Comcast. We got Direct 2 days ago and now it’s down and they don’t have any information after many hours. My guess it’s because crooked Klinton is starting to be exposed despite the communist channels and is losing. Everything is political these days so it’s possible.

  • Aile Eagle Bear

    no service in Goldendale WA

  • Dre

    Vernon Hills, Il just north of Chicago trying to watch the Cubs celebration and direct tv completely craps out. It would be nice if they would send you a notice that they’re having issues. They seem to be able to tell you that you owe them money. They never seem to have issues with taking money out of my bank account?

  • Kara Greenwell

    Interesting that dish is having issues a well

  • Randy Marsh

    True that!!!

  • Michelle P

    Unbelievable! I’m pretty sure this is intentional and disgusting, to have FNC be the only one out this morning and now after doing what I was told to do by Directv, I have no Directv at all! Everytime I call it is busy or I get disconnected!! Is there no integrity left in this country or are we all going to be forced to become liberal fools!?
    I may be canceling my contract and I have 3 of them with Directv.

  • Michelle P

    Another thing, if you have the Directv app on your laptop or tablet, you can watch FNC….nobody cares about CNN anymore as they are now known as the Clinton News Network!

  • Randy Marsh

    Read your contract with DTV. They are not responsible for technical or service outages. So unless your past your 2 year contract, it will cost you money to cancel DTV service. I know, it’s not right, but it’s in the contract everyone signed.

    Knowing this, I bought all my receivers from eBay and Craigslist. That way I’m not under any contract seeing as I own my receivers and can cancel anytime without early service termination fees.

  • MFish1

    Out in Athol Idaho. Error 771. The only channel out was Fox News. When we reset on the receiver, no channels are available. Suspicious this is occurring as the Dept of homeland security announces treason allegations for you know who. Second time this week!

  • Randy Marsh

    Maybe you don’t care for CNN, but many others do care! This outage has nothing to do with politics what so ever, but a satellite transponder failure on DTV’s side OR an uplink to DTV from the channels that are suffering the outage.

  • David

    Same thing in Churchville NY 14428

  • Ron Still

    Smart move, didn’t know you could do that.

  • Citizen Emperor


    I’ve lost hi-def CNN, Fox News, and BBC World News — that’s all. Am getting the “Guide Failed to Update” message and Error Code 902 if I run a System Test. Otherwise things are okay. I did NOT reset my receiver… People who did are reporting that they lost ALL channels after doing so.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Wasn’t too many days ago that DNS servers were down… coincidence?

  • Cindy Cranfill-Denison

    in hurricane utah 84737 nothing on tv since 7 am this morning on tv it say select a server and we hit select and it say try again in one bedroom it say erro 772

  • Randy Marsh

    You can get FoxNews information and news stores from their webpage. This is a technical satellite problem, not a political thing. FoxNews is still working on their SD feed.

  • Randy Marsh

    On my receiver when I reset it and the program guide failed to download, I went to the menu and turned off all the HD channels. Working since I did that. We may have to suffer with low def channels for the day. But low def is better than no tv.

  • gstewy

    Not the satellite. Both my tuners have 97% signal strength, yet no reception. I talked to DTV this morning and they said that they “have a distribution issue.” Well, yes, it appears that they do.

  • tiffany rosbury

    We started by not having CNN,FOX…after resetting receiver we lost everything on our hd box..however our regular non hd receiver is still working but without CNN, FOX, and BBC. Customer service will not help and I am not able to get anyone to answer the phone…just a recorded message saying do not reset your boxes manually and they are trying to fix the problem. Convenient 4 days before a major election for cnn and fox to be blacked out and seems like a hack with all the hd receivers not working. I am near detroit mi

  • Randy Marsh

    Everything was working a week ago. We have a serious election coming up in a few days. Why would DTV mess with things this close to the election? Dumb move DTV, and you owe us a refund on at least one days of service. Do the right thing DTV or you may face a class action lawsuit.

  • tiffany rosbury

    FOX was not the only one out!! CNN and BBC were also out. Get your facts straight!

  • Mickey Miller

    Down in Longview TX for several hours. “Acquiring guide data”. Then they thank me for my patience. How nice.

  • Scott walker

    See my post Tiffany. When the tech tried rebooting my genie he was unable to complete the configuration because of the solar storm. Century link guy told me the same thing as I asked out of curiosity. This is probably happening with all providers and it looks like across the country. Many channels are out but if you try to reboot you’re then screwed

  • Kara Greenwell

    From what I understand dish network is having issues as well.

  • Anthony W Johnson

    Yes in West Hollywood, it’s down , did a reset and lost all channels.

  • Randy Marsh

    Try hitting the menu button and go to display option and select SD channels only. It worked on my non-DVR HD receiver.

  • Scott walker

    Kara and Lily, see my post above

  • Hubert Anderson

    I did the reset as advised on the screen. It kept my movies on the DVR. Watching that now.

  • Hubert Anderson

    Everything else is down. Looks like there was a firmware update early this morning. Cant be sure.
    The date shows as 12/31 and the time shows as 9:04am

  • Kara Greenwell

    Mine says 12/31 9:38pm

  • Hubert Anderson

    My bad…it is PM.

  • Scott walker

    All, see my post from earlier. As crazy as it sounds this is all due to “solar storm”. You may be missing news channels but don’t reset cuz you won’t be able to re connect. Had technician in my living room this am and we couldn’t get thru the set up because we were unable to connect to server/satellite ??

  • tiffany rosbury

    I was wondering if it was a solar storm as I know solar flares can happen and interrupt satellites. However DTV is supposed to be a part of AT&T now and you would think they would be more involved in finding some sort of fix to the problem..perhaps backup satellites to redirect to. People with AT&T u-verse are fine (they also have better credit and make more money on average)…just very odd occurrence during a very convenient time.

  • Randy Marsh

    There was an update early this morning. I was watching around 3-4 am and my receiver reset itself, then proceeded to update the firmware. Once the firmware upgrade was done, I lost CNN HD which I had been watching before being rudely interrupted with the firmware update. Dtv has been trying all week to fix this problem with early morning firmware updates, but as we all know, they failed bigtime.

  • Kara Greenwell

    If his is the case then why hasn’t this solar storm been made known more

  • rwclwn

    after reset cant change settings

  • Hubert Anderson

    The solar index shows 23 sun spots. The have been no level 5 flares that may disrupt sat signals or communications. If this issue is as you think, go out to your car and see if your GPS is working. If it is then that is not the problem
    The K is at 0-3, no affect.

  • Randy Marsh

    From what I see on the transponder list and signal strength, it shows one transponder that should have high signal across the lower 48 states has a signal strength of 000. This tells me that the satellite has not failed, but one transponder has failed or having bigtime problems.

  • rwclwn

    outages seem to always happen on friday

  • Scott walker

    That is a great point! Only putting out there what the technician told me and what the century link/prism guy told me in Apps parking lot. The issues being reported here are consistent with what both technicians told me. I’m staring at me tv that has said “acquiring guide data” since tech left at 10am central

  • Michelle Schneider

    I finally got fox back, it’s on channel 342 in northern Wisconsin

  • Michelle P

    I don’t really care about CNN and BBC, so I didn’t check those channels, but the fact that this happened today is ridiculous for all of them. You don’t need to be so rude Tiffany.

  • Michelle Schneider

    CNN is the golf channel, don’t know for sure what else is screwed up

  • Kara Greenwell

    Is that the normal channel it’s on?

  • Michelle P

    Thanks Randy I appreciate the info. You probably did it the right way. We have had DirecTV since they first started and I love DirecTV. For this to happen so close to the election I find it a little hard to believe, that this was not intentional. You can’t reach anyone on the phone or email. I’m having to watch it on my iPad.

  • Michelle P

    Wouldn’t count on that….

  • Scott

    It’s all way over my head Hubert, literally and figuratively. Only stating what was briefly explained to me by two different techs. Not sure two different cable providers would e telling the same line of BS??

  • Sky Pilot

    Down in South Orange County, CA… unfortunately I made the mistake of rebooting and now it’s ALL gone.

  • Randy Marsh

    This problem is being caused by the 101 satellite with transponders 4,12,20 transmitting no signal. All other transponders on the 101 bird are operating properly.

    Just speculating that seeing as the rest of the 101 bird is working properly, maybe some space junk hit a few of the transponders and killed them.

    Dtv has been forcing receiver upgrades 3 times this week in the wee early morning hours to remap the channels off these failed transponders. As we all can see, their efforts fixing the problem hasn’t been addressed and solved.

  • Michelle P

    Exactly!! My thoughts indeed!

  • Kara Greenwell

    Unless that’s the line that they were told to say to cover something up.

  • Kara Greenwell

    This is what’s causing Dish networks issues as well?

  • Randy Marsh

    Ya, I noticed the same thing! Weird. I pressed my CNN hot button many times and was baffled why I was seeing a golf channel. Thought my remote was messing up

  • Brenda Lindstrom

    Fox News Channel is broadcasting The Fusion Channel in WA State

  • Scott

    Thought that too after directv guy stood in my living room for 30 minutes waiting for it to reboot (only to get to 98% download. Thought maybe he was feeding me a line to get out of here. But when I asked the century link/ prism tech if there was a known issue, he was pretty straight faced that it was happening and that they were dealing with it too

  • Randy Marsh

    Try pressing;
    Settings & Help

    Under Guide HD channels, select “show all channels”.

    Now wait about 5 minutes for the SD satellite fill the channel guide. Once the guide is filled, press the Guide button and scroll through the channel guide and select the NON HD channels.

    Worked for me

  • frances

    its back on!!!!!!

  • Kara Greenwell

    Some people are excellent liars

  • Kara Greenwell

    Still nothing here

  • Randy Marsh

    This problem could be an uplink problem with the satellite company responsible for the channels we are all having problems. From my troubleshooting the HD channels are the problem, while the SD seem fine.

  • rwclwn

    most channels work. reset issue is most likely a software glitch. hackers?

  • KMoore

    Houston. Back on. CNN and Fox News are both viewable. Local channels not yet accessible.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Went to run system test and it pops up saying “alerting network” then changes to “all resources are being used for a network operation”

  • Kara Greenwell

    Doesn’t explain why resetting knocks everything out. As long my SD recieved in kids room hasn’t been working even before reset.

  • Randy Marsh

    They are frantically trying to remap the transponders as to effect the least amount of people. The problem is when they remap the transponders, our Receivers need to be reprogrammed to match the new transponder map.

    So if your watching DTV today and your receiver abruptly stops and goes to firmware update/upgrade mode, let it do it and do not interrupt it. Let it do its thing and cross your fingers.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Ok most of my channels are now back but no HD.

  • Tury Apodaca

    Back on after reset?

  • rwclwn

    back up in DC area

  • Daniel Metzler

    It’s been off since about 10am in Asheboro, NC

  • Meow

    So if we were a dummy and rebooted because our receiver told us too, then what? We lost almost all our channels! Directv won’t even answer the phone.

  • Randy Marsh

    FoxNews HD is back on, but showing Fusion channel!

    DTV is clearly remapping their transponders right now. My suggestion is to let your receiver be and don’t reset it. Let DTV force a receiver firmware upgrade that will fix the channels that have been remapped off the problem transponders.

  • Drew

    I saw others had come back. If you were hanging in the “waiting for Guide to download” zone, you might try rebooting / restarting again, since that’s where I was, yet restarting got the full guide finally.

  • downinAZ

    HD for FOX, CNN, BBC down in AZ. HD versions sometimes on Golf channel, Fusion etc

  • Randy Marsh

    FoxNews HD is now showing Fusion channel, while FoxNews SD is showing the real true FoxNews. I hate FoxNews, but feel that there are folks that love the channel. Who am I to judge, watch what you want (as long as dtv lets ya)

  • Daniel Metzler

    Back up in Asheboro, but no HD

  • Tury Apodaca

    System just came back. All channels.

  • Kara Greenwell

    I rebooted. Once ppl started saying theirs were back in turned my recieved off and back on and within a few moments mine channels were back, not in HD but still back.

  • Fred Simmons

    Back up in BIrmingham, and no HD

  • Sky Pilot

    It just came back up…

  • tiffany rosbury

    Problem fixed here now.

  • Randy Marsh

    No change here. FoxNews HD is still showing the Fusion channel. CNN HD is showing NBC Golf channel

  • Randy Marsh

    The channels are back, but the wrong channels. This says DTV is remapping channels from one transponder to another. The only way for these wrong channels to get fixed once the remapping is done is for a new firmware update. So if your receiver wants to upgrade its firmware, let it so the remapped channels are set to the proper channels.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Believe hd is still down because I currently have no HD channels but everything else is fine.

  • Drew

    yes, and the transponder channel that supports the Guide download must be either back or already remapped, since my SD system is all the way back after a reboot now.

  • Randy Marsh

    I guess we can be thankful this major problem isn’t happening on Election Day.

    To DTV: once you get this problem solved, don’t touch a thing till the election is over.

  • Kara Greenwell

    And somehow make this up to us…. (credit or something)

  • Randy Marsh

    Since this problem started around 6 am this morning, I’ve always had the SD feed of Fox and CNN. It was just the HD feed.

    However there are so many different DTV receivers out there, some may be acting differently than a different model is acting.

  • Randy Marsh

    Don’t think this will happen. If you read the fine print on your contract, DTV is not responsible for outages like this. They call it a “technical glitch” and won’t credit anyone. I know this is unfair.

    However with Comcast Internet or TV, they will credit your account once a month if you loose service for part of the day. It’s not much money for 1 days outage, but it makes ya feel better they are not taking advantage of their customers.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Still say more to it… yall watching the news? Horrible stuff going on out there today!

  • Alan Wilson

    Mine in Michigan is back now, my locals were missing and I don’t know how many others. I pressed the reset button and when it came back on everything looks fine. It’s 3:50 pm now.

  • Randy Marsh

    FoxNews has acknowledged this problem on their website. I’ve noticed they are updating their webpage faster and more offen today because of the outage.

    Not sure if it’s legal (due to contracts with all the providers like Comcast, Dish) but they could start a free live stream on their website till this issue is solved.

  • Randy Marsh

    Today, bad news? Seems like everyday it’s nothing but bad news.

  • Randy Marsh

    Reports were that 8 HD nationwide channels went down. Apparent it’s not just the national channels were and are effected. Your comment about loosing locals says that DTV is having more problems than their 110 degree satellite. Locals are on 93 and 99 and 101 degree birds.

    Thanks for the reply Alan

  • Kara Greenwell

    I tend to steer clear of news channels because of all the horriblness but everyone here was talking about news channels so I turned them on to check.

  • Lee

    I work for Directv, I was told it was a solar storm. Search solar storm and check it out, was discovered 8 hrs ago. This is bigger than the election all.

  • Billb

    All channels back up but no HD.. 1430 CDT IN Joliet Illinois

  • Nick Hill

    Working now in OK.

  • Randy Marsh

    I call BS! Looking back at the solar weather for the past 24 hours have showed nothing out of the ordinary. Being a ham radio operator, we monitor the solar storms religiously to predict radio conditions in the HF band.

  • Nick Hill

    All ch back up in OK

  • Lee

    Sounds like your not missing your Directv then.

  • Randy Marsh

    CNN HD is still showing a golf channel and FauxNews HD is still showing Fusion channel in the Chicagoland area.

  • David Slowinski

    Channels back on,but no HD in Oconomowoc,WI.

  • Lee

    Also you only use the 99,101&103. 110&119 are for Spanish programming. It’s the 99 that they are having problems with, also they’ve been working on the 99 for 4K programming.

  • Randy Marsh

    I’m not missing a thing because I’m watching the SD channels. It’s not a big deal for me to watch SD channels for a few channels I like. Just happy the SD channels are not messed up.

  • Mark

    Dtv response is “technical difficulties.” Hmm, so if I don’t pay my bill I can tell them “financial difficulties” and they’ll be good, right?

  • Randy Marsh

    Dtv is far superior to Dish with customer service and technology. I commend DTV for taking on the 4K content.

    When it’s all said and done, DTV has been great for me vs. Dish, even with this last week’s problems. Not going to cancel my sub.

  • Kara Greenwell

    Mediacom is that way.

  • Randy Marsh

    My suggestion to DTV is to take the top 12 watched channels and reserve space on a different bird for situations like this. That way when FoxNews/CNN transponders fail, you can put a message onscreen to turn to the backup reserve channels. I know this is easier said than done, but DTV does have the best technology for satellite TV.

  • Randy Marsh

    My IRD was upgraded at 3-4 am CST while I was falling asleep. When the upgrade was done, CNN was gone. How can a solar storm cause this?

  • Randy Marsh

    Wishful thinking. Read the fine print on your DTV contract. They are not responsible for technical problems, even if they caused the problems.

  • Randy Marsh

    3:30 pm CST, An error message popped up about not receiving the program guide. The only option was “OK”. Receiver has reset and attempting to acquire the program guide.

    All is back to normal on FoxNews HD and CNN HD.

    So it’s apparent DTV technical staff is working hard to fix this problem, which may be solved now!

  • Lee

    There was 2 teams on it by 9AM.

  • Randy Marsh

    Well the team seems to have solved the problem, at least for me. My suggestion is once confirmed fixed, don’t touch a thing till after the election is over.

  • Tom

    No HD channels available after 2 reboots in Louisville.

  • Kara Greenwell

    It’ll probably be awhile for those to come back. Be happy that we got anything back, even if it is just sd.

  • Doug

    Missing channels.

  • Suzanne

    Signal completely went out and now showing no signal…even after several reboots. Been on hold for an hour and been disconnected from customer service three times!!!!!!! BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!!! Toledo, Ohio area

  • Kate

    It all began yesterday morning when I had no FOX news. This morning the same and I tried to reboot and I then lost all channels. Error message 772 and it didn’t come back on until 7 hours later. I tried calling DIRECT at least 10 times when always ended in a dropped call. As soon as my contract is up I’m going with Dish. I’m so done with Direct tv.

  • Randy Marsh

    From approx 5PM-8:30 pm cst, CNN has been dropping out to a black screen for about 4 seconds, then comes right back on. During this period, it’s dropped out about 10 times. No error message, just a drop out. After all that’s taken place today, I can deal with this for today.

  • Satchfan

    Signal strength has nothing to do with broadcasting. Satellites broadcast blank channels and dead air all the time. Anyone you actually talk to with DTV are just “screen readers”, not tech’s. The’ll give you any excuse to get off the phone.

  • Stang88

    Channels back but NO HD on ANY channel!

  • Wkndwarr

    Was watching the PPV BlizzCon which was a 9 hour event. I recorded it but had to change the channel from HD to the other channel. As I was watching the recording it prompted me to pay for it again!!! This is a 2 day event and now I am not able to finish what I had recorded. What the heck…

  • BarbVa

    Same here NO HD only SD. Better than nothing I guess. Afraid to reset it again in case I loose the guide again.

  • wvu fan

    No local stations in Charleston WV since yesterday. Not showing in guide either. Had tons of trouble getting anything to show in guide so I am afraid to mess with it right now reading the other comments seeing that I believe I am getting everything’s other than the locals inclu g no PBS stations. Called customer service , left on hold for ever finally gave up.

  • BarbVa

    I saw a fix on Facebook with Directv and one of the tech posted this. I did it and mine is fixed. I did not have to change resolution on mine, but you may have to. It took affect about 10-15 min later for me. So be patient and hope it fixes your TV.
    Rickey H. Doster Kathleen
    A. Thomas-Bezik …For those of you that have channels but not in HD
    and missing channels such as the locals or guide not reflecting HD band
    of channels……

    Saw this on another post. It worked perfectly…HD is back, guide is right and my local channels are restored….

    to menu. Settings and help. Settings. Satellite. Repeat satellite
    setup. Dash button. Continue. Wait for configuration. Setup remote
    later. Watch directv.

    After this, you will still need to select the proper resolution…720/1080 etc

  • L Martin

    Still no hd Sunday 11-6-16 at 7:00PM. I can not change vresolution. It is stuck at 480. Dallas, TX

  • Flor V

    Fresno CA! No HD channels!

  • glenda b stallings

    I live in Virginia, lost service Friday Nov. 4th, now Monday the 7th, still have no LOCAL channels. I called last
    Friday, was on hold for 40 min. they said it would be back up in 24-48 hrs.No real explanation as to what had happened, I asked “Hacked?’, sabotage , satellite out of orbit or what? they told me not to flip the door down on the receiver and DO NOT push the little red button, that just makes everything worse to for the techs to find out what was going on, she apologized many times. No service with the election on Tues, Nov 8th and we have none of our local channels.

  • Geoff C St John

    I’m getting nothing in Reno, NV

  • Ron Still

    CNN HD is finally working but now CNBC HD is sporadic here in Windsor Colorado.

  • Helpmeplease

    I’m trying to help my grandparents. They cannot get local channel 11 in Chicago. Just this channel, every other local channel seems fine. I’ve rebooted the modem, and rescanned channels. Any ideas?

  • Bunkyk

    I haven’t read all these comments, but I did have this happen on election night. Today is 12, tech coming tomorrow. What is going on. I accused them of fox news conspiracy. 🙂

  • Playing Along

    Direct TV has periodic blackouts & vol loss with ABC programming. Anyone experiencing same. Watching Designated Survivor happened 8 times throughout program.

  • ohplz

    Maineville, ohio no tv service for over 2 hours

  • ohplz

    Its not even raining

  • I’ve been out since 12:20 cent. time Dec. 2. Called techs….ran all sorts of tests, no storms or clouds for that matter, checked cables, nothing blocking dish. It seems like someones turned off the satellite dish. Here in southern Missouri

  • USMC

    Visalia Ca, No local channels on directv no sat signal, something went wrong with their satellite…..

  • Patti Brisco

    Fox news Channel and Fox Business Channel went to black screen appx. 4:20 pm, PDT. All other channels appear ok. It’s now 6:30 pm and no resolution of problem. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Janice Kinney

    Our Directv is down in Bolivar, Ohio since 8:37 p.m. Sunday evening 12/11/16 so has been down for way over an hour.

  • Tyrone Howard

    Same here in Elyria Ohio we are down and have been for the last 1 hour +…,.

  • Tyrone Howard

    Are you still down Janice? We are I tried rebooting but that did not work…

  • Randall

    Down in Bellevue Michigan (South Central) any word on why or when it’ll be back up.

    Internet seems fine for now’

  • Frank Molinelli

    NO CHANNELS.No Storms.Long island New york.This is PATHETIC.I paid more for cable but never had these CONSTANT issues.

  • blade

    this is what happens when you let at&t into your company

  • Judy


  • Judy

    Been down for two days!!

  • Diana Sanchez

    No servers were detected. Check your network connections.
    I’ve rebooted and still same error.

  • Dinah Edwards

    For the last 4 days, nbc and its channels and also kxan and its channels have gone off the air at 12:30am in Austin Tx. Anybody know whats up with this?

  • Brown

    Having problems with Direct TV since last night 775 error

  • Kim kuwatch

    Won’t connect to a server, been trying to reset all day it’ll work and then it ends up screwing up again. Receivers have been very slow responding when changing channels. Annoyed!

  • Bruce Williams

    DTV down yet again. 5th time since I got it about a month ago. Getting old fast – they need to pay me for garbagy service!

  • Cliff

    Service down in Prescott valley AZ for past hour or so anyone else.

  • Carlos Shepherd

    Service is down in San Antonio, TX right at the end of the Steelers/Ravens game when it was on the line! Sooomebeetch!

  • Veronica

    Anyone else having issues with their service freezing constantly?! Ours does at least once a day if not more. It’s getting old and fast….

  • Anita

    It says no need to call us, service will be restored as soon as technical difficulties are resolved

  • Alfred Charron

    Having issues with other boxes in the house not being able to change the channel and box will no longer connect to the internet. Is anyone else having issues?

  • RGC

    Channel 206 espn signal loss….what’s up?

  • Manuel

    Coppell, TX. ESPN signal keeps losing nag signal during Alamo bowl

  • Casey Harris Sr

    Phoenix AZ-unit cannot communicate with any satellites. It tried to talk to sats for 10 minutes, then when it tried to retrieve sats’ data, the following error message appeared, “,,,We apologize for the inconvenience…”. Russia retaliation for Obama’s temper tantrum?

  • Lucie Stace

    so, people welcomed the cyber attacks when it fit their political agenda, giving the green light to the behavior, not realizing they were being used. now that it is happening to them, by the same actors, they suddenly want to cry about it?! you made your own bed, now sleep in it. low-information and naive idiots.

  • Rae Taylor

    Channel 2 in Atlanta GA has a message that says…
    The owner of this channel has removed it from the DIRECTV line-up despite our repeated request to keep it available to you.

  • Robin McDaniel

    In Pittsburgh, Pa
    as well, both channels 11 and 4, NBC and ABC are off as of 1/1/17.

  • Lee Anne

    I can’t get abc…did you solve this problem?