Discord Down with Server Status

If you are a gamer you are well aware that Discord is a very good app to have in your itinerary, not only is it great using on your PC but it is even better on your mobile device as you can always use on the move. But when Discord goes down for whatever reasons it can be a little stressful to say the least.

What is your Discord server status today is the service down for you? Problems do occur and these can include not being able to login, download not loading, app crashing upon opening as well as seeing an update failed for unknown reasons.

Maybe you are seeing all your friends as offline on your app, even though the desktop and browser clients show them online. Users have reported in the past trying to start a chat with other team members but not connecting, notifications not working etc. Please do report any Discord problems you may be having here, have your say because it is important.

Discord status reports for Sunday 25th of July 2021

To find out if Discord is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Discord? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Sheila

    I am not able to connect to Discord, I have tried opening on my phone but no luck, even desktop is down for me.

  • Billy

    The desktop app is brilliant, but for me the mobile version is not good at all thanks to all the bugs within. Most of the time the app does not open on my Android phone.

  • Mark

    It says all Discord services are operational, but I beg to dither because i am down.

  • Wendy

    The discord app seems to be having issues, i am getting nothing showing under announcements.

  • Craig

    What is your Discord server status right now? Mines dead.

  • Kerry

    Is Discord down for anyone else? The app is for me.

  • Kimberly Wrzesinski

    My discord mobile and desktop aren’t working right now.

  • Seafood

    yeh i’m down too halp

  • Billy

    I cannot access the Discord server, is it down right now.

  • Maxine

    Is Discord down for you right now? I am asking people because it is for me, servers are offline.

  • Mark

    Apparently according to the official Discord Twitter page they are having issues with TWC in LAX area.

  • Andrew Brian Stander

    They’re currently experiencing server issues.

  • Jane

    Discord is down with connectivity issues.

  • Daniel

    The is a major server gateway outage at the moment with the discord game.

  • Dean

    Looks like there is a problem with Discord, the service is down for me.

  • Leanne

    Is Discord down for anyone else? Just wondering because my service is offline…

  • Clive

    It seems that direct messages are fine, the problems lies with Guild Chats…..

  • Louise

    Is Discord down because I am getting the error 502 pop up?

  • Jackie

    LOL The Legacy of Discord Facebook page is opening but very slow loading when scrolling.

  • Matterson

    My Discord server status is up and running but just rather slow. Hating the app day by day, unless they can sort a few issues like let me login.

  • Neil

    Is discord down because I am having issues.

  • Mama Terra

    Was fine on my comp but discord has been trying to connect on my phone all day with no success.

  • PikachuRock Playz

    It was removing my friends, kiciking my friends from group chats and more why

  • primalxconvoy

    All discord channels suddenly went down for me l, right now.

  • Gabriel Hlushko

    same here

  • Michelle


    i will HAUNT YOU

  • Marc Parsons

    down here in Canada

  • DreamsOfCyanide


  • Venus

    Discord is getting worse, I have been using the app for a very long time to help me relax. But, the app keeps crashing and will not open for a while, sort your app out please because this is not great for my anxiety.

  • Belgium The Dutch

    can we get an F in rhe chat

  • Ernie Craney


  • Yeah its down :feelsbadman:

  • Clay Baker

    for fuck’s sake if it isn’t windows 10 having a split personality and blackscreening ever since the May updates, its Discord tripping balls! Please get this fixed ASAP….

  • Aj

    Welp I’ve literally contacted the devs of discord they said they’re sorry for the trouble but ya i still can’t fuckin log on when one of my apps doesn’t work i start to panic about the whole situation due to my anxiety i just wanna talk to my online friend’s on here is that so wrong?? ;_; I’ve been waiting since yesterday I’ve tried so many ways to get back on to discord nothing


    is discord laggy right now for y’all?