Dish Network

When it comes to main Dish Network problems these can include the likes of login issues, Internet speed’s slowing right down, as well as channels lost without any explanation. The American service provider provides satellite internet / television and audio programming, as well as interactive TV services going out to both residential and commercial customers.

Dish Network customers in the past have had issues with error codes such as 04, 05, 041, 775 and many more and even problems with their email setup. Maybe you are having these troubles and wish to share them with others, if you are having the above problems or anything else such as local channels in your area, multi switch etc then please do scroll a little below and have your say.

Remember to add your area you are in so we can visualize a map of the troublesome areas.

DishWorld was introduced in May 2012, so if you are having any problems at all with this IPTV service on your Roku device then please do share. Dish Network also unveiled Sling TV and yet again, any problems use the comments here.

Dish Network status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Dish Network is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Dish Network? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Clareece

    Dish doesnt seem to be working to its full potential today for me, Internet is all over the place. One minute it is downa and the next minute it is up. Most of the time sitting here biting finger nails.

  • Patterson

    DirecTV or Dish Network, which is better?

  • Luke

    Is anyone having issues with their Fox5 channel on Dish?

  • Ranata

    I can only use Dish in my area so have no other options. But with service always down due to outages this is rather annoying. I live in Geneseo, Illinois do I actually have any other options to switch to another compnay, i think now but hey worth a shot.

  • Steve

    In Michigan and Dish TV went down for about an hour, not stressing as it came back up.

  • Una

    TV seems a little bitty today, in that I mean when i try to watch something it keeps jumping.

  • Mica

    Both TV and Internet keep freezing on me.

  • Lewis

    Half way through watching Game Of Thrones and then my signal drops. This really annoyed me as was gripped with the storyline. Not funny, not happy.

  • Sofie

    DISH is down in North Georgia all day- July 3, 2015.

  • Kicki

    My Dish TV signal seems to be very weak at the moment, keep losing channels.

  • Aubrey

    I have been paying my bills since day one (Three years now) and all of a sudden my account gets blocked, how is this so? I cannot login.

  • Randy Cullinan

    No service to outer banks, NC since about 9:30 am this morning. Most channels including all of network tv gone.

  • dontbelievemedia

    No internet at all in vestaburg Michigan area

  • metalneck

    Sporadic service in Wilson, NC area (20 mile radius) since noon. Comes on for 30 seconds then off for an hour. Since 11:30 am Friday, Jan.22- I realize weather is a factor, but it’s freezing rain- is that as bad as rain or snow?

  • Travis Duprey

    Internet goes down for awhile and then pops on for a few hours and then down again,over and over.Casco,wisconsin

  • Marge Mika

    No channels total outage Hayward, Wi. No signal Satellite 119, 110, 126

  • Cara Steen

    Out in Sonoma County (north of SF), CA

  • Rossa Johnson

    Sporadic service in Bozeman, Mt or really slow connecting. Bill paid to date and not close to using data. At Starbucks tofigure it out!

  • Gina Fogelsonger

    No service in mid-Michigan. Chatted with Rep who confirmed a widespread outage.

  • Lee

    Complete signal loss on some channels mostly HD. In RI

  • Sue

    Madison, WI down for about 30 minutes….Nothing. I want to watch the Packers!

  • Richard

    Lexington ky 7:00pm 12/10/2016

  • altos

    No signal, complete loss. Mountain View, CA. Again.

  • J. Alec West

    No signal, complete loss in Vader, WA.

  • copperlisa

    USA channel in Boise, ID/

  • Bruce Burkins

    29 palms Ca. No dish.,,

  • James Hansen

    hd out in carson city, nv.

  • Faye Higgs-Raney

    It won’t record shows that I have set on a timer on ABC. This started 2 days ago.

  • Craven

    All y recordings have now been deleted, after the new update they have gone off my DVR. Not a good move Dish.

  • Jon

    Ohio is where I am and got no DISH service at all, completely dead. The storm has been and gone and yet 4 days on still no service.

  • Sally Siebert

    Down now in Nicholasville

  • Ed Yeary

    Most channels have been off all night. I’ve never seen it this bad before. It’s thick overhead but never experienced an outage like this.

  • Jody Cummings

    Dish TV has been totally down in east-central AZ since before dawn. Diagnostics showing no satellite reception at all, even though the app clearly shows 3 satellites, unobstructed.

  • Ellen Davis

    Dish has been down the past month in Easley SC. Checking switch says OK but no signal to TV. Have lost guide and access to DVR most of the time. Does no good to unplug. It still has no signal.

  • Linda Holmes Rohner

    Why all of a sudden we can’t get regular channels(CBS, etc)? The other cable channels work fine.

  • Dan

    Dish Internet has been out for about a week now. Upload speeds are acceptable, we had a tech out and he ran through the tests from noc to home. All okay 7-8mbps download from the noc. If you run a speed test from home to a server on the Internet, speeds drop to around .01 – .16mbps a page will load slowly but forget any data down loads or streaming. Is this the result of net neutrality shenanigans or other?

  • Seve Sanjay

    Stop watching so much pron…..

  • Seve Sanjay

    Its a loose nut behind the channel changer……

  • Seve Sanjay

    You broke it when Clemson beat the Gamecocks……

  • Seve Sanjay

    probably puff puff pass…….

  • Seve Sanjay

    because you guys hired a crook like Urban to coach……..

  • Seve Sanjay

    Sorry you lost your pron…….

  • speck

    Nothing on Netflix will load. It keeps buffering and never gets to 100%.
    Also cannot get any of my DVR recordings to play. Screen goes black.

  • we just lost all our channels?? it states it’s weather related, we’re NOT having weather issues?? what’s going on Dish??? in Oregon

  • Vickiet53

    Dish constantly giving error message Signal Loss due to weather since last Thursday. Today is Monday. What’s up with this? You will still charge for service I am not receiving.

  • Gloria

    I have been trying to log in to Dish for the past week (June 2019) to pay my bill and/or get into my account. The message I get is “This site can’t be reached.” What is going on???

  • Dan Seigars

    If you want to be a troll, 1 be funny and creative and 2 at least know how to spell PORN. Twice you did this type of reply on the comment thread. Idiot

  • Ken Olson

    “The system is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

    Can’t login to re-verify my Roku account. Thanks a bunch Dish.

  • No TV, no website. Tech support can’t help w/o website.

  • RobertJohns

    As of 2:10 PM 9/22/2019, cannot login to use Dish Anywhere on PC. Latest version on PC already sucks to begin with. Sluggish, command delays, no fast forward or reverse. Now, it’s all just plain broken.