Dota 2 server status

Share with the community your Dota 2 server status, if you are having problems with this game in any way shape or form please report below. Main issues that have occurred with Dota 2 include server outages, lagging, loading of the game not responding the way it should as well as troubles with signing in.

Dota 2 now has 11,057,086 players and from time-to-time there will be players experiencing gaming issues, has gone offline a few times and when this happens it really impacts gameplay.

The real-time action strategy game by Valve is an awesome game when up and running the way it should do, but as soon as there is a problem with servers or anything else it takes a rather long time for official news to be reported. So this is why Is Down Right Now USA is here, so you can have your say below.

Dota 2 status reports for Tuesday 15th of June 2021

To find out if Dota 2 is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Dota 2? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Wills

    Sometimes a little slow when playing but other than that its all good man.

  • Clayton

    Dota 2 had a new update hello puppy. Had a little trouble connecting yesterday but not too much of a problem.

  • Tim

    Dota 2 huge v6.84 update with international Compendium. So looking forward to this, does anyone have anymore information please?

  • Elvin

    I am having issues connecting to Dota 2 servers.

  • Jason

    I am having DOTA 2 connection problems, seems like Valve servers are having issues, always crashing as well.

  • Gillie

    The update yesterday was supposed to fix things, but what were they fixing as I cannot get online?

  • Nicky

    Is anyone having problems streaming dota 2 international 2015?

  • Dean

    Hey hey, the new DOTA 2 Reborn update is coming very soon. Server hardware is being upgraded this week, running from August 31 to September 4.

  • Alexandra

    Is it true that the DOTA 2 update is massive, apparently so big its bigger than Windows 10?

  • Nigel

    Is dota 2 down for anyone, and had the new reborn update gone live yet?

  • Marissa

    Is Dota 2 still down for maintenance? Would also like to know if it is a game or server update?

  • Marcus

    It is still down for me Marissa, and I think it is just a server maintenance.

  • Brianna

    Is anyone getting the All regions PING:FAILURE? Seems to be an issue for me.

  • Inbar

    I cannot seem to get a game online, queuing for matchmaking is terrible Valve.

  • Oslo

    The game keeps hanging, not funny when you are in the middle of a successful game.

  • Jason

    Dota 2 coordinator is down, there seems to also be a lot of in-game lag.

  • Mack

    why dota2 coordinator still login in about 2 hrs already and from 10:17 to now… help

  • Vanns

    I have been here a while now looking for the game coordinator but I think there is a fault in the system, where is it?

  • Bruce

    I seem to be having issues playing the Dark Moon Special Event, its running untl Feb 6th now and already not having much luck.

  • Kenny

    Since the DOTA 2 7.06 Gameplay Patch went live i have had an issue with the match starting, basically it crashes each time i try to start one.

  • Brenda

    Game keeps crashing since the patch update, this needs a fix asap. never seems to get any better does it.

  • Glenn

    When is the next DOTA 2 maintenance? I am asking because I have not been able to play for a while.

  • Bob Brown

    any ideas when the maintenance would end? I guess there also needs to be a maintenance turbo mode update : )

  • Jessie

    Dota 2 is still down for me, so they are now really getting the Game Coordinator back online are they!!