DriveClub issues

DriveClub was released for the PS4 only back in 2014, and has been going strong since. But upon release server problems did and still exist today in 2015. The development and the public getting to play the racing game was immense and it was a must have.

Majority of the issues of the DriveClub PS4 launch surrounded server problems, and even though this is still happing today it is a lot more stable. Even the PS Plus edition was delayed due to multiplayer connection problems, which only happened because too many wanted to play at the same time and the servers just couldn’t cope.

Things have improved a lot but things still go wrong for time-to-time, PS4 servers will go down or PSN may not be accessible due to maintenance.

Even the Android and iPhone app MyDRIVECLUB has its difficulties now and then, what is your DriveClub status report today?

Driveclub status reports for Saturday 24th of July 2021

To find out if Driveclub is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Driveclub? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Nancy

    This game online is useless, keep getting disconnected.

  • Perry

    I keep getting told about the 1.15 server upgrade, I am new to this game has this even released yet?

  • Chance

    Hopefully I am not being silly, but have the new live notifications gone live yet or are we still waiting. I am a newbie folks so please go easy on me.

  • Jake

    There is a DriveClub maintenance happening right now on July 7, 2015, but how long will I be offline for?

  • Max

    Hopefully this new maintenance will be finished by the time I finish work.

  • Malcom

    DriveClub is going to be offline for maintenance yet again today on July 9th.

  • Brian

    Not happy that I will not be able to play DriveClub again today because it is having another maintenance.

  • Kerry

    This game was already down on July 7 and now it is happenign today according to Twitter, so not happy.

  • Peter

    For them to take this game offline again they really better giving us something nice in the process, down again which twice in a couple of days. Nightmare.

  • Dunn

    I cannot seem to download Driveclub PS+ edition from the PSN Store: “this content cannot be selected at this time.” why am i getting this message all the time?

  • Turnell

    Having issues right now connecting with servers, which means no online pay for me. Frustrated.

  • Irwin

    Why has DriveClub stopped its Twitter account?

  • Mike

    I seem to be having issues with the camera, i am having what they call the camerea glitch and was wondering if i am the only one. If i spin or drift in VR the s creen goes all funny, it basically plays havoc with your head.