Dunkin Donuts App Not Working

Getting your fix of the sweet treats is the best feeling in the world, and when you try to open the official Dunkin Donuts App and it is not working this leaves you feeling a little sick and needing somewhere to complain or look for answers – well here we are.

The Dunkin Donuts app has cool features such as DD Perks with rewards & loyalty offers and more, but the best feature is the On-the-Go Ordering with mobile pay. But, if the app is down and not working it is a cause for concern.

If the app is down for you or you are having any type of issue please do post your status below in the comments – we want t hear from you because you may not be the only one having problems. Chat with others and see if they are experiencing the same troubles.

Dunkin Donuts status reports for Saturday 29th of February 2020

To find out if Dunkin Donuts is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Dunkin Donuts? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Simon

    How typical, I am so tired after doing a double shift at work so really do not want to be queuing in line for my donuts, why is the app down…

  • Harriet

    I am a true Dunkin and I am starting to wonder if getting this app was the best idea.. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me.

  • Joe

    Not working

  • AlIna Aydarova

    go to application manager in your phones’ settings and clear catch and data. If doesn’t work -uninstall and re-install

  • Carol Brooks Snopek

    Mine says: app is not supported on my device(galaxy s5) any longer! Now how do i get my free coffees and money back?
    Dont have the original card anymore!

  • Kim John Lyons

    App isn’t letting me order on the go or load card GRRR. I have been having issues for a few weeks now…since around holidays.

  • Maureen Pabich Matz

    First it said not compatible then it was not there at all…..and i tried calling for 3 hours this morning nothing…..this is poor customer service

  • Emma217

    Same with me. Locked out also.

  • Lefty dog

    Not worth hassle of losing money on these apps to get a free coffee after spending $$. Will be using credit card from now on.

  • Jamie

    Same!! So frustrated

  • Allison Lambeth Moore

    Same with me! And email link says access denied to reset password!!

  • Michelle

    my app is not working also. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password. Just checked bank account that app is set up with and noticed $10 was added TODAY! Not possible considering I could not log in.

  • Lefty dog

    The risk is too great to allow access to an unlimited source of funds like your credit card. Think twice since if u preload $$$ and the app crashes you can lose the money or have at least a major headache.

  • Max Tolsky

    Same problem, asking me to login again. Tried resetting password and its not working!!

  • Vincent Napolitano

    Same here. Couldn’t log in with exist g password. Changed password, and still can’t login. Now account is frozen due to too many tries.
    Called customer service and they say due to high call volume, they can’t take my call.
    Sent email and waiting.

  • clifton stillman

    Tried signing into my app it said it was the wrong password I changed my password then I get a message too many logins and now I’m locked out. Nice going Dunkin I’ve got over $65 on that app.

  • Mackenzie

    Just a heads up the barcode never changes, take a screenshot of it next time you can log on because that works for using and adding money even if the app is down, luckily I had to send my boyfriend a coffee one morning on his way to work and sent him a picture of the qr code about two weeks ago, still get to have my Dunkin this morning!

  • Aim

    Told me password is wrong. Locked me out. Won’t send link to reset.

  • Kevin

    Says invalid email or password and then locks account however I am using thumbprint – 2 days in a row now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • App has been giving me the error app4241 and won’t let me add value to my card for about a month. I’ve emailed twice, absolute crickets….not a peep from Dunkin’ Donuts on a resolution. Great customer service right there. Boycotting until they get this fixed.

  • shannon

    App logged me out and will not accept my login information. Now I’m locked out. Completely not working.

  • Kathleen M Patterson

    The app logged me out and is telling me I have an incorrect password. I can’t even get an email sent to reset my password. Is the app down right now?

  • Kathleen M Patterson

    Are you still waiting because I’ve been waiting for 3 days and nothing has changed. I still don’t have a reset password link.

  • Violet Ann

    DD charged my CC twelve times!! Won’t let me log in ,says my info is invalid! On hold phone call one hour thirty eight min!! Now they are not answering any calls!! WTH!

  • Milly

    They changed their password settings. If you reset your password, you can get back into the app.

  • Jeff Snow

    Same as everyone else. Opened app. Was logged out. Logged back in, it says wrong password (which I know is correct). Reset password, and I never receive an email to change it. Got about $20 on there and enough points for free coffees. They won’t take my phone (all lines busy), they ain’t taking any more of my money either. McDonald’s makes a half-decent caramel ice coffee, and it’s cheaper. Not impressed.

  • Vito

    It keeps crashing

  • fedup

    Wont stay open

  • MdMom

    Won’t open. Tried turning off my phone. Tried offloading app. Nothing works. Opens for one second and closes again

  • Kevin/Toby Flanagan

    Won’t open. Any solutions?

  • Not Happy

    It will NOT OPEN! I’m very frustrated, I will not go to Dunkin until my APP opens!!!

  • Haven’t been able to open the app since last night. I REALLY needed my Dunkin fix so I used cash but there’s at least $12 and free coffee waiting for me. What gives?

  • Aggravated

    Same here. Had minor issue 2 days ago, would not let me pay, now it wont stay open. So much for perks.

  • Linda

    Does anyone know when the app will be back up? Is DD doing anything at this point???

  • Linda

    I went to the App Store and the Dunkin’ Donuts app was showing Update. It is now working. Hopefully for good!

  • Angela Morris

    Update the app. Mine didn’t say it needed an update when it was in the list in my App Store but when I clicked on it, the update button was there)

  • Angela Morris

    Update the app.

  • Angela Morris

    Update the app. Mine didn’t say it needed an update when it was in the list in my App Store but when I clicked on it, the update button was there)

  • stacie anastasia

    I have been trying to send a E Gift Card VIA text and I keep getting an error notice..anyone else

  • Lisa

    I had loaded some money on my app. Went to use it and it wouldn’t open. No update was showing. I deleted the app to re-download it (that’s worked on a few other apps) and now it won’t load. Says it requires IOS 11.0. Check my software for update and it says I have the most updated version. So, I guess I’m out…..no DD for me and I’ve lost my money. Tried calling but several minutes wait time —- I don’t have that kind of time to wait on the phone! Sad – they made a lot of money off me!

  • Lisa

    I had loaded some money on my app. Went to use it and it wouldn’t open. No update was showing. I deleted the app to re-download it (that’s worked on a few other apps) and now it won’t load. Says it requires IOS 11.0. Check my software for update and it says I have the most updated version. So, I guess I’m out…..no DD for me and I’ve lost my money. Tried calling but several minutes wait time —- I don’t have that kind of time to wait on the phone! Sad – they made a lot of money off me!

  • samuelmatzen

    Trying to add value to my on-line card for the past 2 days and keep getting APP4241 error. Have added a new card, no luck. Tried setting up VISA checkout, no luck. Tried changing password, no luck. What now?

  • Billie

    I am have the same exact problem with mine. I tried everything and can’t get it to let me load money on it. Would love them to fix it!

  • Sharon

    I haven’t been able to use my app for almost 3weeks. I can load my card in person, and still use my card to make purchases…so I’m getting my points. It’s just a hassle that I can’t load my card online. I even tried to reload the app, and that didnt help 🙁

  • Alexander Azarov

    As of several weeks ago, app says it’s not supported on my device, (Samsung Note 3). Worked just fine for years…

  • Mark

    I contacted DD customer service about APP4205 error code while attempting to add funds or turn on Autoload. They ignored my complaint and sent me instructions how to add more funds and tunn on autoload. I have Samsung Galaxy 9 with plenty of memory.

  • Randy Gulick

    Tried adding $$ to my DD card this afternoon and it took my $$ but said experiencing technical difficulties and try again later. Well, 7 hours later and still no $$ applied to my card and no credit back on my bank balance.

  • Mitchell Kralka

    Are we getting short changed .what the heck can’t do any thing can’t get on the app can’t change pass word can’t see balance can’t even talk to customer service put on hold most of the day 30-45 minutes at a time what the heck is this app run by politicians sure feels that way

  • Gina

    Password issues I cannot create password on my dunkin donuts app

  • Barb Vroman

    Ridiculous- what is happening Dunkin?? Your app is crap! Customer service and help links don’t work – it’s like the entire company has shut down. Can’t login – can’t get help, no one responds. Are you going under???
    Where is the money I have loaded on my DD card???

  • McBinOH

    Tried to add funds this morning & it completely froze.

  • Cchabot2002

    Same here! I loaded and then it froze. I have not been able to get in since adding money. Can’ get into my app on android either

  • Cchabot2002

    I had the same problem. Was able to add my card in order to transfer to my app card, froze up. Got out, tried to log back in and can not get in to computer web site or my app! Changed password 3x and still can’t get in. UGH!!!!

  • edytka1633

    I can’t reset my password i get a page with circle and it’s just circling and not loading anything. It’s like a transparent page i can see under it the reset page where i would fill in the new password but I can’t get pass the circling page. 2 days now and i was on hold with DD and they didn’t help at all. Ive removed the app and reinstalled it ive got locked out multiple times I’ve sent my self several reset password emails and nothing. Any ideas?

  • Denise

    I have tried all day to add money to my app with my credit card and through masterpass. It keeps saying to verify informations, app4241. I have no idea what else to verify. I have always paid this way and have never had issues. Any ideas?

  • Deli

    I have been trying to reload my card for weeks with no avail. Keep getting an error message regarding app and technical issues. What is going on?

  • Phil

    The app will not allow me to add funds. I keep getting error 4205

  • Krystina

    I have not be able to add value for 2 weeks now. I’ve even tried to uninstall the app and re install. nothing.

  • Andi Hughes

    I cannot add money to my account on the app! Second week. It takes the money but automatically refunds it.

  • Leon Cade

    (5/9/19)I have just tried to add money to my app yet again I have not been able to add any money to my app, when I do it’ll notify me on my bank app that it’s been pulled but never shows in the DD app. now I’ve probably done this five to six times in the past two weeks adding the lowest amount seeing how it’ll take but not show up. This is starting to get ridiculous for a major franchise like this to have an issue for this long, especially when this issue jeopardizes their chances of them getting paid. You would think it would be at their top of their list. Since I haven’t been able to collect points and use the app in general, I’ve just been going to Starbucks.

  • Samantha b

    Still cant add funds to my account.

  • Stephanie Jones

    I been trying to use my dunkin app all day trying to add money and its doing nothing but given me a code im so mad cause im so close to my free drink get it together guys

  • Victor Valdez

    The same happen to my but I learn what was the problem … the problem is when you add money more the 5 times in one week the app lock automatically.. if get lock just wait 24 to 48 hours to add money

  • Jennifer Rose Frawley

    I still can’t add money to my account. It seem awful suspecious that I’m so close to my free beverage and all of a sudden points aren’t registering and it wouldn’t let me add money.

  • Cori

    Having the same issue. So frustrating

  • Cori

    I cannot add value to my dd online account. Im getting this error message: APP4209

  • Bryan A Hinson

    I’ve been trying to add money to the account for over a month now. Dunkin Donuts is losing business or especially my business. Thanks for nothing Dunkin!!!

  • Jaden

    I can’t add funds to my account. And I’m new to the app.

  • Sassyc

    I tried to use my app to buy my coffee this morning and the lady said that the card wasn’t working on my app. It has plenty of funds and I was even able to load more. She said to read the DD card number off to her and she would do it manually. I have scoured the app to find the whole number, but can’t find it. Does anyone now how to find it?

  • Lindsay Bernardi

    Always get an error trying to add donuts. Can order anything else but get “technical difficulty” when adding donuts.

  • Jason Diottavio

    Only solution at this point is to turn on auto reload. I was able to add money that way.

  • Anne F.

    I cannot add value to my app. Happens every time I run low and have to add more money. Every time! Annoying.

  • Happyfeet85

    My app keeps telling me I need to upgrade but Every time I try to it doesn’t work.

  • Jacob Whitesell

    The app keeps saying that the online ordering isnt available code 500

  • Fahim

    I am trying to sign up for the exclusive offers and points system but I keep pressing sign up and nothing is happening!

  • Tony Paulinsky

    Mine too. They have zero interest in customers

  • Ders Ekblom

    I’m trying to Accept the terms and conditions but won’t let me accept

  • Jess

    Getting error APP4205 while trying to add $

  • Meranda

    Same here.

  • Lk

    Won’t let me reload card

  • MS

    Can’t scan the bar code on my app, it’s zoomed out.

  • Joe Congelosi

    Can’t reload, reoccurring problem Get app4204

  • Chris Saikyo

    Can’t use my dd card via the app

  • Carrie

    Wont let me sign into my perks with my app

  • Peggy

    This is the worst app. A few months ago I wasn’t able to reset my password. The fix took a long time. Not there are problems with adding money. Error app 4205. Don’t you want my money? I love DD but the constant problems with this app is frustrating.

  • Mike Norcott

    Wont let me add funds this sucks

  • Stan Turtle Silva

    O lovely app4205 error, can’t add funds once again

  • GMen4xSBChamps

    I haven’t been able to add funds for days now. WTF

  • Deedle

    Yep still can t add funds.


    I’m trying to Accept the terms and conditions but won’t let me accept

  • Doug Rocklin

    I haven’t been able to add funds to my app for wks

  • Pamela Williams

    I have not bee able to add funds or even do auto load for 2 weeks now and its a pain that I have to hold up a busy line to use card or cash the app is so much faster. I have re installed app, gone online, logged out and logged back in. Re entered my card information and even added a new card and NOTHING!!

  • Sal

    Haven’t been able to add money since the 20th what’s going on

  • Holley Collier

    Can’t get in. Tried to set up a new acct. That didn’t work either. This app sucks.

  • KT Jones

    Can’t add funds what gives!?!

  • Angel

    ughhh cant add funds either, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried removing card and adding again and nothing.

  • Celeste C

    I’ve been using the app for months with no issues until my last 3 orders. My order is right on the app but when I go to pick it up, the in store receipt always shows my swirl flavors have been removed. I’m using the android app.

  • Kris

    I’ve had this app for 5 years and rarely have a problem. Can’t add funds for several days

  • Terry Alves-Hunter

    Well I loaded 15 dollars and they took it out 5 times

  • Elizabeth Brady

    Just called customer sevice. If you load it more than 5xs a week, they lock you out for suspicious activity. It takes 3-5 days for the lockout to end. If you try to reload during that time it starts over. You can reload app in store with cash to still get points.

  • Jenny Wilson

    Can’t add funds on app or online

  • S B76

    Can’t add funds! Second time this week since Monday morning on my way to work at 630am!! I don’t have time to stand in line at that time. Always some issue with this app, either every week or month. Been using mobile app for 4 years now. Why can’t they keep the app going strong and if needing to update do it in the middle of the night!!

  • Willie Martinez

    Just looking at all of the comments here about the inability to add funds for weeks without any official response from Dunkin’ shows me that this forum is totally off their radar and that they can care less. Period. Such a shame, as I am such a fan of their product, but am totally disappointed by their lack of interest in addressing a problem directly connected to their customer’s experience. Sadly, only other disappointed patrons will wind up reading this and not Dunkin’.

  • Joe Berry

    App is down, can’t add money. Keep getting APP4241 error

  • RobG

    Added funds but when I try to put in an order for tomorrow says having technical difficulties

  • bill

    8/25/19 app still won’t add $$$ too bad.. going to Starbucks from now on

  • Hunter Sanders

    I just uninstalled the app and re-installed it but now it seems my entire profile disappeared when I uninstalled it. :S

    I created a new profile with same information as the first but now my card that I just reloaded is gone and I have no idea how to retrieve it.

  • Maureen Barton

    I just added money to my app, using Google Pay. Every other way does not work!

  • Robert Lee Brown

    Ok I thought it was my cards not going through or something I was doing wrong but yes I’m getting the same message APP4241 error. Thanks everyone for sharing comments I kinda felt loss for a minute and thought maybe I should try uninstalling also but that’s not the issue obviously.

  • Nancy Sharland

    The system has been down for quite a while. You would think Dunks would fix this problem.

  • Sal

    Getting 4247 error

  • Cheryl Baker

    Ne also

  • Angela Michelle

    Hasn’t let me reload money for 2 weeks now, said i’m temporarily locked out of my account. Been having to add money in store and it’s annoying. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Jack

    Don’t be so dramatic.

  • JR

    I can’t open the app at all! Going to have to dig the seats for coffee money$$$$

  • Donald Laliberte

    9/18/2019 Got the new Dunkin’ update on my phone overnight apparently, but now I cannot open it. When I tap it it goes totally black. Very discouraged.

  • VinoForPrez

    Haven’t been able to get into my app for a couple weeks. I’ve reset my password multiple times to no avail. I get the error message “Client could not be found using given access token (01110003).

  • Susan

    For the past week, when I click on the app, a black screen comes up and then it closes. I just want to order my coffee!!!

  • Amber Hajek

    I couldnt reload or add values to my dd rewards and I’m getting.app4247 code ..

    Is there a clinch in the system

  • Yoli Worth

    I try opening the app and a black screen comes up, then the app quits. I haven’t uninstalled, just want my coffee app

  • em1tch

    Been getting the unable to process transaction error message. App241

  • IV13

    Can’t reload my card. Claims “experiencing technical difficulty”. Been happening since Wednesday, 9/18

  • Victor Konopik

    App4241 with multiple cards. Just want coffee. Anyone any luck?

  • Maria

    App4205 error. have not been able to add money to my card for a couple of weeks. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app but still cannot add value to app.

    anyone know what this code is?

  • Ginnie

    Can not add money. Tried to update my credit card a few weeks ago and got blank screen. Thought it was because I was not on secure WiFi, but no. Uninstalled and reinstalled also. Have not tried adding a gift card, but I don’t want to go through all of that for it not to work.

  • Xxmameexx

    The app is down since card information is being stolen on there

  • Amy Karasick

    can’t log in….won’t accept my email or let me try to change password. Getting an error code. I have money on gift cards and I’m annoyed. I uninstalled ad reinstalled twice.

  • Lynn Burbank

    App cannot add items to the cart and will not allow me to check out

  • Josh bloomings

    Me and you both

  • Meryl

    I can not reload my card. Error 4205. Help!

  • Banner Dave

    My app Dunkin will open and flash for 2 seconds and shut off. I have an iPhone and updated it a few days ago though…

  • Joe DiCorpo

    Try this…..Close your Dunkin App. Uninstall the app. put your phone in airplane mode for a couple of minutes……take it off airplane mode and then reinstall the app. This should work. As it did for me. Good Luck

  • Linda

    Feeling annoyed ~ More issues with this app than another other. Won’t even open for me as usual.

  • Doug Darlene Keith

    My app is down lights up and tapped then goes blank – Cant access whats going on? like this for serveral days

  • Diane Crammer

    Why can’t I sign in. Asks for cell number to send a code. I add number hit submit and it says enter number which I already did. SO FRUSTRATING

  • Jp

    App4209 I can’t load a new CC to app it’s been a week of this happening ? I have new IPhone 11 is that the issue ?

  • H

    I cannot reload my app. I use it all the time, but it crapped out. I’ve tried a few different cards, too. I also turned off my phone and rebooted it just in case. Nothing. Beyond frustrated.

  • Caroline Donnelly

    I cannot reload my DD card on my app. I’ve been trying since yesterday. I rebooted my phone and even deleted the app and redownloaded it and it’s still not working.

  • Jennifer

    I am unable to log into my app!!! And I cant figure out how to get to the money I have via website. Logging in on site works fine.

  • Tina Wilson

    Earlier today I had two free drinks and now I have no offers or free drinks. Anyone else having a problem?

  • Guest

    Technical Difficulties??

  • Korin

    I’ve been trying to add a card but it keeps telling me the number or pin isn’t correct but I copied it off the card anyone else having issues

  • Korin

    I keep trying to add a new card that I just bought but it’s telling me the number or pin isn’t correct even though I’ve copied it straight from the card and I’ve triple checked it a thousand times!!!

  • Jonah

    Been trying to reload a card and it’s just keeps saying we can’t process request, please check if information is correct, App4241. Nothing has changed and all my info matches…

  • Danielle Hayes

    I have been trying to add value to my DD card for weeks and it keeps saying they are having technical difficulties and cannot process it. Anyone having the same problem? I tried deleting the app and re downloading it which sometimes helps when other apps aren’t working properly, but I still had the same issue.

  • Janet Cavanaugh

    I still can’t add value to my DD card through the app. It has been about 2 weeks now. This is truly inconveniences to all that use this app. Please get this fix or I will have to switch back to Starbucks where this never occurred!

  • Char

    I have been having trouble with the app as well. It is extremely frustrating. I went online instead of using the app and it still didn’t allow me to reload money.

  • Tom Warrington

    I haven’t been able to use the app once this week. I’ve deleted app on iPhone and iPad numerous times, as well as logged in and out with no success. The store I drive through said that other people have had the same issue.

  • Tony Jones

    Same as everyone else. Would be nice to add money app4241 error

  • Medie

    same here

  • Michelle C

    Same as everyone else, cannot load money

  • Robert Baker

    Can’toad money since Nov. 19 this sucks

  • Charmekia Johnson

    I can’t login to my account at all.

  • Nicholas Thompson

    i was able to load on my app. but my points were at around 190 and after the update it went to zero of 200. no free beverage or email the app just reset my points to zero

  • mary g

    Can’t add funds.

  • Brian

    Been trying to add funds for 2 weeks. Keeps saying technical difficulties APP4205 try later. It charges my credit card then reversed the funds back. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again to no avail. What is going on?

  • Janice Harvey

    App is not working. Same error all the time.

  • Emm

    Can’t add a gift card to my account / add funds

  • Erin

    It’s been 2 weeks and I have not been able to add funds.

  • Wendy McClure

    I tried several times to add money and it has now taken $60.00 from my account since Saturday but not credited the card in my app!! Tried calling and no one answers and still no refund!

  • Michelle ‘Mickie’ Ganzel Hoffm

    My app needs to be updated. When I try to, it says ‘this app cannot be installed’/‘unable to install Dunkin’.

  • Mary Hendrickson

    Mine keeps spinning when I try to order. Has occurred for a week everytime I try to use it

  • Debbie Cook

    All of a sudden it keeps saying that its having technical difficulties.

  • Guest

    Tried several cards all points to ” Not Valid…” even went & got new card. It shows $$ adde @ store, but will not allow auto reload set up or even manual setup. Must go to the store to reload. BOGUS

  • Lisa Mintell

    I keep getting an error code APP4205 when I try to add money. Tried different cards and none work.

  • Tassy07

    Yep, same issue for 2 months now

  • Tassy07

    Same here, been going on for 3 months now. I emailed dunkin 2 days ago, haven’t received a response yet.

  • ALAN

    6 months dunkin app doesn’t work with old flip phones. Screen gives number to call. 17 minute predicted wait time. 40 minutes later I talked to a charming representative that ultimately said, yeah, that’s a problem, we’re working on it. Sorry. Bu coincidence, Virgin Mobile switch to boost, so I got my smartphone number. Tried to change the number on the computer. No option given. On the smartphone. “Call us”! Even when I had the app I had trouble with it. Discounts didn’t show until you hit the order button. And then sometimes were not given. Yes, if you write or call they will rectify it. I just want my coffee and donut.

  • Danielle Hayes

    I realized I hadn’t updated my expiration date on my debit card. Once I did that it worked again and I haven’t had anymore problems.

  • jd

    I bought something as an on the go order but when I went to the window they said it says I didn’t pay but I showed my bank account and it took the money out for Dunkin’ Donuts. Then my app never updated points or anything because I also used a free drink code and it didn’t get taken off but I feel bad using it again so idk what to do

  • Lisa Mintell

    Wow! 3 months? That’s crazy.. I hope you eventually hear something from them soon!

  • Tassy07

    I emailed dunkin 5 days ago about my auto reload and manually adding not working. After no response I replied to my original email. They responded this morning saying my billing information was incorrect. I went into the dunkin app and my CC was my old address from 3 years ago! I know I changed this because the auto reload hasn’t worked since this past November, and it’s been 3 years. No way my CC would approve transactions with an old mailing address. Check yours and see if that’s the issue.

  • Taasy07

    See my response in the new post!

  • Katie Ruiz

    I have been getting this for the past 2 days. I just emailed them today but reading other replies it doesn’t seem like they are very responsive. :(. I don’t like missing out on my points.

  • Cheri Rock Zarnowski

    I can load money using Google pay, which is the same card as my app. But if I try to use the card on file, I get that error message App4241

  • Robert

    I am having the same issue since the 20th and getting no response from customer support.

    Did you ever figure it out?

  • Cheriz143

    No, Customer service is horrible. After 5 days they responded with, our system is not recognizing tour card. Hmmm thats funny, you did 2 weeks ago….so annoyed. They tell you to go to the website, but that doesn’t solve the problem either.

  • Robert

    Customer service is absolutely horrible. Over a week and no response to the case opened. Tried the website too, Doesn’t work either.