Dunkin Donuts App Not Working

Getting your fix of the sweet treats is the best feeling in the world, and when you try to open the official Dunkin Donuts App and it is not working this leaves you feeling a little sick and needing somewhere to complain or look for answers – well here we are.

The Dunkin Donuts app has cool features such as DD Perks with rewards & loyalty offers and more, but the best feature is the On-the-Go Ordering with mobile pay. But, if the app is down and not working it is a cause for concern.

If the app is down for you or you are having any type of issue please do post your status below in the comments – we want t hear from you because you may not be the only one having problems. Chat with others and see if they are experiencing the same troubles.

Dunkin Donuts status reports for Saturday 16th of February 2019

To find out if Dunkin Donuts is down right now, see reports below.

Problems with Dunkin Donuts? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers:

  • Simon

    How typical, I am so tired after doing a double shift at work so really do not want to be queuing in line for my donuts, why is the app down…

  • Harriet

    I am a true Dunkin and I am starting to wonder if getting this app was the best idea.. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me.

  • Joe

    Not working

  • AlIna Aydarova

    go to application manager in your phones’ settings and clear catch and data. If doesn’t work -uninstall and re-install

  • Carol Brooks Snopek

    Mine says: app is not supported on my device(galaxy s5) any longer! Now how do i get my free coffees and money back?
    Dont have the original card anymore!

  • Kim John Lyons

    App isn’t letting me order on the go or load card GRRR. I have been having issues for a few weeks now…since around holidays.

  • Maureen Pabich Matz

    First it said not compatible then it was not there at all…..and i tried calling for 3 hours this morning nothing…..this is poor customer service

  • Emma217

    Same with me. Locked out also.

  • Lefty dog

    Not worth hassle of losing money on these apps to get a free coffee after spending $$. Will be using credit card from now on.

  • Jamie

    Same!! So frustrated

  • Allison Lambeth Moore

    Same with me! And email link says access denied to reset password!!

  • Michelle

    my app is not working also. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password. Just checked bank account that app is set up with and noticed $10 was added TODAY! Not possible considering I could not log in.

  • Lefty dog

    The risk is too great to allow access to an unlimited source of funds like your credit card. Think twice since if u preload $$$ and the app crashes you can lose the money or have at least a major headache.

  • Max Tolsky

    Same problem, asking me to login again. Tried resetting password and its not working!!

  • Vincent Napolitano

    Same here. Couldn’t log in with exist g password. Changed password, and still can’t login. Now account is frozen due to too many tries.
    Called customer service and they say due to high call volume, they can’t take my call.
    Sent email and waiting.

  • clifton stillman

    Tried signing into my app it said it was the wrong password I changed my password then I get a message too many logins and now I’m locked out. Nice going Dunkin I’ve got over $65 on that app.

  • Mackenzie

    Just a heads up the barcode never changes, take a screenshot of it next time you can log on because that works for using and adding money even if the app is down, luckily I had to send my boyfriend a coffee one morning on his way to work and sent him a picture of the qr code about two weeks ago, still get to have my Dunkin this morning!

  • Aim

    Told me password is wrong. Locked me out. Won’t send link to reset.

  • Kevin

    Says invalid email or password and then locks account however I am using thumbprint – 2 days in a row now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • App has been giving me the error app4241 and won’t let me add value to my card for about a month. I’ve emailed twice, absolute crickets….not a peep from Dunkin’ Donuts on a resolution. Great customer service right there. Boycotting until they get this fixed.

  • shannon

    App logged me out and will not accept my login information. Now I’m locked out. Completely not working.

  • Kathleen M Patterson

    The app logged me out and is telling me I have an incorrect password. I can’t even get an email sent to reset my password. Is the app down right now?

  • Kathleen M Patterson

    Are you still waiting because I’ve been waiting for 3 days and nothing has changed. I still don’t have a reset password link.

  • Violet Ann

    DD charged my CC twelve times!! Won’t let me log in ,says my info is invalid! On hold phone call one hour thirty eight min!! Now they are not answering any calls!! WTH!

  • Milly

    They changed their password settings. If you reset your password, you can get back into the app.

  • Jeff Snow

    Same as everyone else. Opened app. Was logged out. Logged back in, it says wrong password (which I know is correct). Reset password, and I never receive an email to change it. Got about $20 on there and enough points for free coffees. They won’t take my phone (all lines busy), they ain’t taking any more of my money either. McDonald’s makes a half-decent caramel ice coffee, and it’s cheaper. Not impressed.

  • Vito

    It keeps crashing

  • fedup

    Wont stay open

  • MdMom

    Won’t open. Tried turning off my phone. Tried offloading app. Nothing works. Opens for one second and closes again

  • Kevin/Toby Flanagan

    Won’t open. Any solutions?

  • Not Happy

    It will NOT OPEN! I’m very frustrated, I will not go to Dunkin until my APP opens!!!

  • Haven’t been able to open the app since last night. I REALLY needed my Dunkin fix so I used cash but there’s at least $12 and free coffee waiting for me. What gives?

  • Aggravated

    Same here. Had minor issue 2 days ago, would not let me pay, now it wont stay open. So much for perks.

  • Linda

    Does anyone know when the app will be back up? Is DD doing anything at this point???

  • Linda

    I went to the App Store and the Dunkin’ Donuts app was showing Update. It is now working. Hopefully for good!

  • Angela Morris

    Update the app.

  • Angela Morris

    Update the app. Mine didn’t say it needed an update when it was in the list in my App Store but when I clicked on it, the update button was there)

  • stacie anastasia

    I have been trying to send a E Gift Card VIA text and I keep getting an error notice..anyone else